Whether you know it or not, you are creating the direction of your life every minute with your thoughts. I started noticing this phenomenon many years ago when using the Tarot to see the direction a person’s life was taking.  I’d sometimes see lives unfolding according to the person’s unconscious expectations, i.e., the subliminal thoughts they were radiating out from childhood programming, rather than what they said they wanted. We can free ourselves from old limiting thoughts by “willing our way” with inner visioning.

So take a minute to create the best life!

  • Close your eyes. Take some deep relaxing breaths. Be in your body right now.  
  • Bring into your imagination the life you really want.  See it in a picture or create the feeling of it. Go ahead, I’ll wait….
  • Done! You’ve just beamed out a wave of energy that changes every atom in the universe.  
  • Try this activity once a day. Watch your vision grow and unfold.

Not sure what you want for your life?

  • Tip: Focus on the feeling you want, such as inner peace or lovability, rather than specific material achievements, such as money or fame.  
  • There’s nothing wrong with focusing on specific material achievements, though. If you want to get a parking space, visualize a free parking space. If you want to make a great presentation at work, visual it happening. The process will hone your intuition into guiding you to the right space or the perfect presentation.  
  • But when you are focusing on the king of desires, i.e., what you most want for your life, it’s best to go for the feeling rather than limiting yourself to a specific material achievement.
  • Thoughts are powerful and you will get what you visualize, especially if you visualize it often and with concentration.
  • So go for it! Create your best life.