At my Thursday Night Tarot class, we designed these short spreads to answer questions about ourselves. Try them, then try designing your own spread. Finding the right questions, can be the most important part of getting a powerful reading.

Inner Peace Spread by Jeanne

  • Card 1: Quality within me that leads me to inner peace.
  • Card 2: Obstacle within me to attaining inner peace.
  • Card 3: If there is any one thing I should be doing to achieve inner peace, what is it?
  • Card 4: Something in my environment that helps or blocks me.
  • Card 5: Outcome

Health Spread by Peggy T

  • Card 1: What is the overall state of my health?
  • Card 2: What is the overall state of my mind?
  • Card 3: What is the overall state of my body?
  • Card 4: What is the overall state of my spirit?
  • Card 5: How do I integrate these   parts of myself?

Empowerment Spread by Bill

  • Card 1: This is my power.
  • Card 2: How it is best used?
  • Card 3: What inhibits this power within me?
  • Card 4: How can I bring it out more?

Chakra Spread by Barbara–Tells you the condition and key issues within each of your body’s energy centers

  • Card 1: Root chakra ”“ physical, including sexual, health
  • Card 2: Hara ”“ center of your being, digestion, overall life force
  • Card 3: Solar Plexus ”“ strength of will
  • Card 5: Heart chakra ”“ your love
  • Card 6: Throat Chakra ”“ communication center
  • Card 7: Intellect Chakra ”“ intellectual center

Card 8: Crown Chakra ”“   center

My Focus at this Time in My Life by Peggy M

  • Card 1: The issue that”s upper most in my mind.
  • Card 2: Something more to know about it.
  • Card 3: Obstacle to my focus.
  • Card 4: What to do about it?
  • Card 5: Outcome

Finding A Life Mate by Jeanne

  • 1. What I need to know about myself in partnership.
  • 2. What I should be looking for in a partner.
  • 3. How my present environment affects my search.
  • 4. Obstacles within myself to finding the right partner.
  • 5. What will help me find a new partner.
  • 6. Outcome

Career Spread (Finding My True Work) by Jeanne

  • 1. What I am good at doing.
  • 2. What I enjoy doing.
  • 3. My true calling.
  • 4. Biggest challenge within myself.
  • 5. Issues in my environment affecting my search.
  • 6. Anything else I should understand about finding my right work.
  • 7. Next step to finding my true work.
  • 8. Someone who will help me along the way.
  • 9. Outcome

Relationship Spread (for a specific loved one) by Jeanne

  • 1. General situation between you and your object of desire.
  • 2. How he/she feels about you.
  • 3. How you feel about him/her.
  • 4. Obstacles to a relationship with this person.
  • 5. Outcome