I showed people how to read the future and this happened.

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Six years ago I began teaching people to read the future.

With eyes closed, we write down everything we see, feel, and hear inwardly, as I call out the months and years into the future. I gather their notes, including my own, and post on this website.  While it is true that my own visions are included in these predictions, and I am a professional, many are from my students.

Since our first meditation in 2011, hundreds of visions have come true. No one is more surprised than they are.

Over the years, students come and go, but the results continue.

While some people are more skilled than others, studies show that humans are wired for prophecy.   Also reading together helps to amplify our visions.  [Note: two individuals deserve special mention for contributing so many accurate visions for several years: Yaeko and Bill Mahan. Yaeko gives private readings. Bill just does this for fun].

For anyone who is afraid of seeing the future, consider that precognition is an internal guidance system that has enabled our species to survive. With the world becoming more uncertain, we need our intuition more than ever.

For anyone who complains that some visions are too vague, while some are indeed vague scraps of information– we have predicted to the month, the departure of the last pope, the stock market rally of 2011 (from the crash of 2008), and the discovery of a new planet, the Great Snows of the New England winter of 2015 and the phenomenal lack of snow in Alaska, during the same winter — all rare occurrences. In the last year, my own visions are coming more often and with greater accuracy, so stay tuned to my postings. 

Our goal, however, is not to perform parlor tricks, but to gain understanding of the extraordinary capacity of the human mind.  Perhaps more important is to understand the pitfalls in the road ahead so we can avert them.

Scroll down further below to see the many predictions  that have come true.

This is what I have noticed since working with prophecy:

1. People tend to predict those events that matter to them or that they will be encountering in the press.  I tend to see American politics, financial markets, because they reflect the nervous system of our collective,  the state of our natural world (because I love nature), and the emotional feelings of our collective (love, anxiety, fear, caring).  Some people see mainly celebrity news. Others focus on the Middle East. Still others on disasters. Some people are especially good at weather.

2. Our visions are often less about the actual events themselves than about public perception of the events as transmitted through media coverage. This phenomenon demonstrates the point made by modern biocentrists that there are no objective events in the world, only subjective experience of those events.

Other than the New England weather, which we experience first hand, most events that appear to us in visions  have come from the media.  For the Newtown tragedy we’d seen “Tears” and “children in a line,” the latter had become the replayed image of the tragedy. Bill had seen the January 2015 Sidney terrorist attack as simply an image of the Sidney Opera House, a photo that replayed in the news every time the event was reported.

Pam had seen the Boston Marathon bombing as a feeling she would experience first-hand when authorities shut down all traffic in Boston for a week. “No one is going to understand any of this stuff,” she said looking around the room with a frightened look.  When I saw the look on her face, I felt she had tapped into a  bombing event that would shock the world.

3. This process leads one to wonder if an event is never reported in the media, is it possible to see it? Yes, as long as someone out there experiences the event, in which case we focus on that person’s consciousness for our vision.  But the events that jump out at us as we meditate are probably going to be those that make the biggest splash in the media that we follow.

People who are mainly reading celebrity news will be good at foreseeing those events. People who follow climate change news (like me)) or the financial markets, will see those events. And then there are those events we see that, while in the news, are not events that most people know about. Like the discovery of one of King Tut’s queens in a newly found room in his tomb. Why did we see it? I sometimes wonder if she, the queen, wanted us to find her at this time in history when women are rising.

4. Group energy amplifies the gift of prophecy.  Studies show that psychic energy is more potent when people work together. If those people are particularly bonded, such as twins, lovers, family members, and friends, the power is even greater. Before we make predictions, I have my group spend an hour reading each other’s cards and then engaging in a powerful group meditation where we send healing to each other and our loved ones. The feeling of connection among us is palpable.  Then when we begin meditating to visions of the future, the visions flow readily.






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