We live in a sea of consciousness. While our minds generate and transmit our own thoughts, we are in an equal, and perhaps greater, sense, radio receivers of consciousness. Every thought, act, and word that we utter is in some way a channeling of the consciousness around us.

When you read for yourself, you are tuning into a combination of your own and higher consciousness. You look at the cards and ask yourself a question and suddenly a wiser you emerges.

When you give a reading to another person, you are tuning into a combination of that person, yourself, and higher consciousness. It feels wise and powerful because you have connected to a consciousness greater than your own.

When you read someone”s thoughts, you are channeling that other person”s feelings. You only need think of that other person and the thoughts start coming. Soon you find yourself thinking and saying words  that only that person would think and say.

Channeling divine energy is the same as reading another person, only you are directing your reading towards a higher divine consciousness.

The deeper into meditation we go, the more we access universal consciousness or what some call the divine.

There are just two conditions to make this work:

  • (1) Put yourself in a relaxed meditative state, and
  • (2) Set your intention to receive the highest form of energy you can imagine.


  • Find a quiet place where there are no distractions. Remove any phones, radios or clocks and be sure to remove your watch. If it helps, lower the lights, light candles, burn incense, play meditative music, and create a mood of mystery and divinity.
  •  Sit comfortably. If necessary, stretch first, as one does for  meditation, for channelling is done while in meditation.   Spine straight but shoulders and whole body relaxed.   Straight spine allows for good transmission from the universe.   Shake out any tension.   Get yourself in a wonderful mood of inspiration and love. You want to attract the highest of energies.
  •  Go into  meditation, following steps down to your deepest level. Try my guided meditation on the left hand column of my home page. Pretend that you are your spirit guide or a great angel. Become this wonderful being.
  • Begin speaking even if you don”t know if he or she is within you.   Begin with a simple greeting and keep talking as if you are channeling while you allow the spirit to join you.
  • Avoid judging and being right. Pretend, if you must, and allow yourself to start speaking.
  •  Transmit what you receive by speaking or automatic writing.  Record it with a recording device or note taking. You may not remember what you said later, so keeping a record is important.