Sessions Fired: Trump/Whitaker Versus Mueller What will Happen?  

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11/17/2018 9:45 pm  

Jaidy, I did open a thread that asks for ideas and help with  myths and especially the hydra myth in understanding more about our world.  

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11/18/2018 5:25 am  


I read with much interest AND relief with all that has been written on this thread. I don't know the tarot very well, but I can at least breath a sigh of relief after reading this thread in particular. There is so much valuable insight to gain from each post!

I did want to add one thing about Mr. Mueller and this investigation. According to his chart and his numbers, he is a 33/6 birth force, which, as VestraLux told us in another thread - 33/6 is Master Number, and thus more powerful than a regular six. Mueller is now in a 6 essence, so he is indeed doing the job he was incarnated to do, which is to protect the USA from Trump. And while people are wondering if Whitaker will fire him, he's currently in an eight year - which is one of karma, especially in regards to power and money - and I think we all agree it's Mueller's KARMA that will save our country! Next year he goes into a completion year- the ninth year - but I doubt he'll step down or get fired. On his birthday of this year on 8/7, he began transiting a W - which is a bumpy road - with sudden happenings bringing surprises - but life goes forward. This W fits with what Jeanne and the others have said about what Mueller is currently experiencing. I don't see him stepping down or getting fired either - but he will be experiencing some setbacks, especially with Whitaker and whatever else Trump throws his way. But Mueller does have Divine protection, and I don't see this process ending any time soon - once Trump and his henchmen are all indicted and taken down, the trials will start, and this will take years to complete - perhaps until 2023.(?)

Anyway, the tarot cards are singing and seem to be on point with how things are unfolding with Trump. And then there is so much synchronicity with the tarot cards and Mueller's numerology chart! It's all so fascinating and enlightening!! I'm so thankful for this website and for the wisdom I have learned from it!!

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11/18/2018 9:16 am  


It is incredibly fascinating and you are such a gift to this website!

Each person here is part of the whole and the holy and bit by bit, all of the numbers the cards and the stars are pointing our way into a new vision of a brighter world of hope and promise.

So delighted you and the others all joined us at such a pivotal time in all of our lives and in our planet's future. 

Together we are stronger, wiser, braver, and filled with the positive energies we need to catalyze and transmute fears and negativity into the pure essence of creative manifestation.

Hope abides and love and peace will someday prevail.

Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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11/18/2018 2:20 pm  

Washington Post columnist explains why he believes Trump has lost the ability to stop Mueller.  Encouraging and fits many of our predictions:

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11/18/2018 3:47 pm  

Here is some disturbing news from an interview with Trump today, regarding the acting Attorney General:

Everyone please send light to the situation. I hope that they do not get away with this.

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11/20/2018 7:03 pm  

Trump wanted Prosecute Hillary Clinton and Comey. He was told he could not it would cause impeachment. Do you think that is why he got rid of Session and put in Whitaker. So his he wanted to go after his political enemies

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11/25/2018 10:13 pm  

December 10th is going to see some interesting astrological transits which will create powerful "irritating" aspects between Trump's, Don Jr.'s, and Jared Kushner's natal charts. 

It's possible that Mueller issued sealed indictments on Don Jr., Jared, and others before the Midterms. This would allow his team to avoid violating the code against potential or perceived election interference, as well as mitigate the possibility that Sessions' impending departure could restrict or prevent indictments issued after the election. 

There's a Uranus situation that could help Trump that day. Uranus is twists, shocks, and sudden surprises, and it's well and heavily aspected in his chart. (And was positively transiting for him on election day, 2016.) Regardless, Don and Jared should feel some kind of heat that day. We can all hope it's the intense legal variety, which is one area emphasized by these alignments.

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11/25/2018 10:24 pm  

Also, Mueller has apparently been issuing "speaking indictments," which go above and beyond to spell out the story of the case as he sees it, rather than just a dry rundown of facts (all that's required, as I understand it). 

So, if any of those sealed indictments sitting on the federal docket were issued by Mueller, we'll probably learn a great deal about the crimes they detail, whether or not anyone is ever sentenced for them. (That's if they're unsealed in our lifetimes, though I think they will be—at least some. If not in December, then maybe after Congress shifts in January?)

P.S. Going solely by the stars, Whitaker looks to have a less-than-amazing time ahead too. Fingers crossed.

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11/25/2018 10:39 pm  

Tomorrow is supposed to be a big day for Mueller as well. On Nov. 15 he got a ten day pause before he has to update federal court on the Manafort situation. This means that tomorrow, Nov. 26, he either has to request an extension or start taking concrete actions.

When I think on it, I get that Mueller is feeling like it's time to get the ball rolling. He has done everything he can to protect all the gathered info, has finished the sealed indictments, and is mentally prepared to pilot the ship through the coming storms.

Let's all send Mueller a little extra love and light tonight. Can't hurt, might help!

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11/26/2018 12:27 am  

That's amazing, Laura. I didn't know about the ten-day pause starting on 11/15, but here's something very cool:

Tomorrow/later today, the sun will make an exact conjunction with Jupiter and Mercury in Sagittarius. This is highly fortuitous for justice and truth. Sagittarius is about truth-seeking; Mercury is about communication (journalism, news, release of information, etc.); and Jupiter (happy to have entered its own sign) is about justice, wisdom, and expansion. 

This aspect kickstarts a new beginning. And since Jupiter will hang out in Sagittarius for the next 13 months, hopefully truth and justice will just keep rolling . 


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11/26/2018 2:39 am  

I had a dream overnight that I was working on the Mueller investigation and there was someone who was desperately trying to find out what was happening within it, had bad intentions and was trying to pry information out of me. When I consulted with Mr. Mueller he told me to keep working, keep my head down and talk about it as little as possible to others. I know that it isn’t a surprising dream as such, but it did surprise me that I had it. May today be a good day for the investigation!

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11/26/2018 9:39 am  

Thank you, Laura F. Vestralux and Baba.

My eyes literally teared up and energy of love filled my heart with gratitude for Mueller, our lion energy hero, as I read these posts. 

Sending him lots of support and gratitude while visioning blocks and barriers to all who oppose him. 

May truth and justice prevail!

Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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12/03/2018 8:28 pm  

I had no idea where else to put this! But I wanted to post this article by Michael Isikoff, who is a respected journalist. 

Are we going to get the big reveal on Friday?

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12/11/2018 5:37 pm  

I'm getting a strong feeling that things aren't going to go well at all for the Trump family once the Mueller investigation is finished (and my feeling is that it really doesn't have much longer to go, weeks rather than months). I mean actual jail time for Don Jr and Jared.


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12/11/2018 7:45 pm  

Maria, totally fits. In 2017, we  got several messages that Jared goes to jail in 2019. They are posted on World Prediction Page

In March 2017, I heard a voice in my mind say, "Jared Kushner is going to jail." 

For the year 2019, two people got these visions: 

  • I see a drawing, like a New Yorker sketch, of Jared Kushner all shaded in black. (Mary Lo)
  • Jared Kushner in jail. He fought it but he’s convicted. (Bluebelle)

For January 2019, I got this vision: 

  • Capitol all eyes are on the capitol. Where is the president?   Donald Trump in Jan 2019 is in the back of a car with Ivanka who holds a bouquet of flowers, Jared is gone.  (Jeanne Mayell)  Predicted in December 2017

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