World Predictions 2018 & Beyond

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Latest Predictions made September 17, August 20, 2018, and April 29

  1. Complete Predictions Made September 17 (going through Inauguration 2021)

First: Messages from an Angel – We meditated together and heard these messages:

  • Fight, don’t give up. Fight! (Bright Opal)
  • Do not despair. You came to do good work and you have the opportunity to do it now!  It is an honor to be here. You get to rise. You are rising. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Hold on for dear life, the waves are rough but a new world is coming, the new sun is rising, don’t focus on the chatter and the birth pangs. Focus and create the kind of world you want. During the next 10 years, the storm washes the sacred boat to a new and beautiful shore leaving the old world behind.” (Howard)
  • Work together and not against each other. We are all in this life and on this earth together. (Betty)
  • I see light streaming down upon us, and people caring. I hear, wake up world! Open your eyes to what is taking place. [This next part of the message is for our whole collective, including the Trump people]: You cannot go back to an earlier time. You can only go forward. The current effort to make America white and return to the 1950’s is like Nazi Germany. It will fail and those involved will go down in infamy. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • There is a heart that understands you. There is someone who understands your emotions. (Betty)
  • Go for it, dive in. I hear “We are coming.” A new world is coming where there will be more justice and fairness for everyone, including the animals, plants and the planet. (Doris)
  • I had a vision of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and received a message. I  heard nature sounds and saw a narrow scoped view of a lush green rainforest and a flowing river through the greenery. I smelled a musty, earthy odor and felt  moisture in the air and the peace of an untouched landscape. I asked for the message and heard, “It is alive and becoming more powerful, stronger and more resplendent. Humanity needs to tap into its strength to find its way forward. It is all coming together. It has many gifts to give humanity yet.”
    I then consciously expanded the narrow view; saw men with medical booties over their shoes entering the rain forest. I interpret this as researchers gleaning information but trying not to disturb the environment or leave a large footprint.  (MaryEllen)
  • Be Light. Do not be afraid. There are many prayers being offered that promote expansion of inward Light. Let the Light shine outward. This is a time of action. (MaryEllen)
  • I hear the words, “Clean your house.” We need to clear out the garbage in order to make room for something good. (Doris) We have to clean our own house. There is garbage to take out.
  • Look for the good qualities in others.  The negative will fall away. (K.Z.)
  • Create, create, create. New stuff, new ideas bring joy to all. (Muriel)
  • Act now! A huge spiritual awakening is beginning. There is a window of opportunity for spiritual growth. (Carissa)
  • Connect to the land. See that it is alive together with you and that you cannot breathe or live without it. Stop covering the land with tarmac and let the plants grow. Plant mangroves along the coastlines. Plant trees along your fields. Trees are the lungs. The plants are your food. Without the land you have no food. Care for your land and your plants. Write to your politicians. They don’t get what is coming. (Paula)
  • Hang in there. It will get better. Change is coming. We won’t let you down. We have planted the seeds and light workers will predominate. (Carol)
  • I see an image of a sun with a triangle-shaped compass over it. The message is, “The world is what you make of it, how you sculpt it, plan it out. But plans are everything. Without good plans, the project won’t work.” (Arianne)
  • The Earth is an active school, a learning center with complex interactions. (Siobhan)
  • I heard: “We smile upon you. You are doing good work. Don’t give up. We are with you. Don’t fear. You are protected. All will be right at the end. You are here for a reason. I realized we chose to be here at this moment of chaos and awakening on the planet. We are here to witness and help bring ourselves to a higher level of existence. (Doris)

Visions of our world:

SEPTEMBER 17th for rest of month & some of this also applies to early October 2018

  • Kavanaugh hampered.  The man is becoming increasingly nervous and conflicted. (Jeanne Mayell) Confirmation delayed due to scrutiny of candidate’s drinking and alleged assaults. 
  • I hear a lot of commotion in Congress and among politicians and the press. They are up all night trying to plan their next move on confirming the SCOTUS nominee. A lot of spin masters working, lawyers and experts advising, coaching, and writing speeches, questions and answers. The GOP is divining an assault on the accuser. (Jeanne)
  • Slowing down of all dark work. (Jeanne Mayell)  Delayed confirmation.
  • Dig in our heels to hold the positive. A lot of political turmoil. (Howard)
  • I see a blue wave and Trump getting desperate. (Meg)
  • I see blue waves. (Frannie)
  • Men in suits with their heads in their hands looking down. Hearing the word, “Whoa.” (Jessica)  GOP senators frustrated at outcry against Kavanaugh.  
  • Journalist Ronan Farrow (son of Mia Farrow) breaks more news and helps clean out the system. (Frannie)
  • More progressive people swinging into action, getting involved, communicating. (Muriel)  Massive protest against Kavanaugh
  • Total and utter chaos as this president implodes. He brings himself down by his reckless acts. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump’s tower is falling. (Sally)
  • Trump is panicking, he’s lying. Trump is in charcoal grey suit, looking over his right shoulder. He is looking back from the corner or his eyes. He’s not smiling. (Bright Opal)
  • We are changing, continuing to gear up for change. The rest of the world is standing in the gap for America. We have help from the globe in lifting ourselves up. (Jessica)
  • I hear humor from higher beings: “Man, you guys need help.” (Carissa)
  • It might get bad, but there will be immense beauty and hope in helping each other and working together. (Cris)
  • Chaos. We are trying to make sense of what doesn’t make sense anymore. (Doris)
  • More exposure of dark undercurrents in government activities. (Muriel)
  • I saw a big crystal blue ocean wave pouring over me as it was rising towards the shore. (Glori)
  • I see a world tied in knots; there is pressure from all sides.  We are at a knot, a point of tension. Feeling that there’s no way to untangle the mess of our lives and our politics. But we are wrong. These are all feelings, and feelings change. It’s not necessarily reality. (Bluebelle)
  • More scientific discoveries concerning health. (Betty)
  • I hear the word “Juicy” and “feel “something juicy. This is a reward. I feel this is something good waiting for us all. (Doris)
  • There’s a shift away from fast food. I don’t know if this is literal or symbolic. (Ann)
  • I hear, “Finally! Now we’re getting somewhere,” indicating some kind of progress is being made. (Ann)


  • The Arctic looking blue on a map. (Bright Opal) [Jeanne’s note: this  indicates it is melted. In the past it was white on a map.]
  • Consciousness will rise because the storms will be stronger. Things will get clearer, people will know what to do, how to act how to vote. (Paula)
  • Water everywhere. (Betty)  Two large hurricanes hit the southeast. 
  • People carrying children and injured up a hillside. I am not sure if it was a result of the water rising or if there was a landslide. (Glori)
  • Positive Cooler weather. (Sally)
  • Dolphin fins. The fish of the seas are hurting. (Doris)
  • I hear the trees.  They are patient, but they are giving off a signal.  They can bend and adjust to a point, but some are distressed and all are trying to deal with the changing chaotic weather.  Some species will not make it, spruce are in trouble, some of our most cherished tree species are not going to survive. The most flexible will take over and we will see more homogeneous tree population.  It will be the weed trees that take over our landscape.  A new landscape is coming.  Shorter height, more tropical, jungle like in some areas, desert in other areas. Scrub. Over the next few decades many of the majestic trees will die out, except in a few places. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see the color orange for the energy of this time. It stands for warning. (Jeanne)
  • There is a chain of people going around the world, smiling, holding each other or holding hands. It’s like a child’s drawing people holding hands around the globe, singing the John Lennon song “Give Peace a Chance.” (Bright Opal)


  • There will be some kind of war because of Trump.  US is completely dark.  (Bright Opal)
  • I get the message that there will be “Great promise for the Middle East. (Arianne)
  • I see a sunset with mosque like the Taj Mahal (a domed building). (Arianne)
  • China, Russia, North Korea and India uniting against Trump… or with Trump?  (Bright Opal)
  • Putin is looking to the right feeling pretty sure of himself.  Actually, he’s very pleased.  (Bright Opal)
  • I see Russia, kind of dark.  It’s allying with China.  North Korea is darker than Russia.  North Korea is following along because it doesn’t have much of a choice.  Also they want to. (Bright Opal)
  • Parade in North Korea, Kim Jung Un is saluting but there was only one row of a platoon and only one bomb and it’s empty.  (Bright Opal)
  • North Western Africa is bright but it’s not okay.  On the North African coast in the Mediterranean Sea there are a lot of people on a beach, pressing one another.  I see boats and people wanting to flee.  (Bright Opal)
  • Canada is in the light. (Bright Opal)
  • Europe is bright. Like a beige color on a map. (Bright Opal)



  • Difficult time. People working to exhaustion. (Jeanne Mayell)  Kavanaugh confirmation means dems must win in Congress. 
  • Something is going to happen. Something that changes everything, that makes turning out to vote so very imperative. I’ve been feeling this for a while and can’t quite see it. (Bluebelle)  Kavanaugh confirmation means GOP has total control. 
  • Some Republicans break ranks and turn against Trump. The Republican Senators block him. (Bluebelle)
  • When I think of this time period, I immediately felt a rush of negative energy and a pit in my stomach.  It was almost as a dark cloud immediately passed overhead, darkening everything.  (Elaine) Kavanaugh confirmation means GOP has control.
  • Trump tries to distract with something. It doesn’t work. (Muriel)
  • Election: “War of the words.” A lot of hateful campaign chatter. Fear and hope all at the same time. (Howard)
  • Preparing for the midterm elections, people getting active, activists moving masses to vote. (Paula)
  • I ask for relevant names for October events, and I get Trump and Doug Jones. (Arianne)
  • Republicans desperate. Last minute over-the-top voter suppression being planned. Putin more dark and devilish than ever. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Concern rising about Pence: I’ve always gotten a very bad feeling when looking at Pence. It will feel saner than it is with Trump, but we will learn that he is really bad news. I immediately think of the characters in the movie The Devil’s Advocate where their faces temporarily shape-shift to show their dark motives. (Elaine)
  • Congress starts listening to the people. (Meg)  This was a short-lived GOP agreement to allow alleged Kavanaugh assault victim be heard and FBI fake investigation. 
  • Truth, fairness is coming to the surface. (Doris)  Kavanaugh hearings allowed Kavanaugh’s main alleged victim to speak. 
  • Things are moving fast.  (Bright Opal)
  • Fear and tension rising over the coming election. (Sally)
  • I feel people are going to be more feverish in their work. More belief that progressives can turn it around. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see a lamb. (I think of Connor Lamb) (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Great deal of turmoil, anger, street riots. No deaths though. (Muriel)
  • I see things painted over beginning to crack. (Kristen)
  • Trump getting more erratic, and trying to distract from the investigation. (Meg)
  • Children are freed. Some of the immigrant children are released from their detention camps. They are reunited with their families. (Bluebelle)
  • There are voices of reason in the midst of chaos. Leaders emerge. (Bluebelle)
  • Violence erupts in a riot, somewhere in a U.S. city. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • My back feels heavy. I see a man on the ground. Another is standing over him with a boot on his neck. This may be at a protest in the east or south. (Julie)
  • We need to deal with the shadows that we have created. We created this mess and now we need to deal with it. (Doris)
  • Hospitals in the news, especially medicines. I see a medical building, yellow bricks. (Doris)
  • Large jet going over a city (could be New York) and the engines were smoking but it seems to have landed safely with limited injuries. (Glori) 


  • I hear sirens, the British kind, and see people running to, not away from, the site of the incident. I feel this is an event in London. (Ann)
  • I’m in a stone tunnel, on horseback, galloping.  I’m not afraid, but the sunlight isn’t visible yet. I feel determined to ride to the opening, to the sunshine no matter how long it takes. Thus far I’m not tired, but I have no idea how long the ride will be. It feels as if I already know and am prepared for a very long journey. (Debbie)
  • Japan is recovering. (Paula)
  • I get a metaphor of Pizza Hut because it’s cheap, the quality isn’t good, but it’s satisfying. I also ask for a relevant location, and I see South Africa. (Arianne) 


  • Climate change is surging. But light workers are working feverishly to push for sustainability. People are starting to hear that we need to act. (Jeanne Mayell)  Research news is grim.  IPCC (intergovernmental panel on climate change) in uncharacteristic bad news published very grim worst case scenarios. 
  • Flood water receding. (Betty)
  • Cooler weather moves in abruptly. A short fall season. (Julie)
  • Orange skies. Dark nights. Doesn’t feel good. (Betty)
  • More problems with the environment due to deregulation. (Meg)
  • There is a dark wind or energy coming in on the ground. It is blowing in from afar, but it is really coming from our own hearts. (Doris)
  • I see tornados happening. (Muriel)
  • Waters are getting noticeably warmer. (Bernie)
  • I feel a chill coming. Instant cold, when it was hot a few days before. Wild temperature swings. (Julie)
  • Whales caught in something. (Bernie)
  • Birds are confused. Migration patterns are disrupted by changes in earth’s tilt. (Jeanne Mayell)

While darkness is peaking and descending, these positive events are rising up:

  • There is volatility and yet we are here, serene in our moment, in our intuition. There’s more about to happen than we realize. Perhaps it’s not as dark as we think. There are children brightening our world. (Bluebelle)
  • The energy is both destructive and transformative. The feminine is rising. (Melanie)
  • Cracks in the wall let the light shine through. (Julie)
  • Light workers getting hopeful, and working feverishly now.  Gaining momentum.
  • Women rising, rising, rising. (Jeanne Mayell)  Unprecedented number of women running for democratic office.  Two women win Nobel prize. 
  • While the dark stuff is happening, we are awakening. The light workers are awakening.  It’s an amazing thing. (Bluebelle)
  • I sense panic. I sense peace too. We need to learn to accept these opposites are happening in our swirling world. There is hope amid pain and conflict. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Democracy is working. (Jeanne)
  • We have a long way to go but the light is rising. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Individuals and private groups extending help to those who need it. (Julie)
  • Feeling of tension/nervousness, but people continue to plow on and get through each day. (Julie)
  • Innovations replacing old paradigms. People are action oriented instead of institution oriented. (Muriel)
  • Women rising up. We have foreseen this and now it is truly happening. Women are empowered. Women realize that if there is going to be change, they need to make it happen. (Bluebelle)
  • Women are rising and determining their own destinies. (Meg)
  • I see a meadow full of wildflowers and birds singing. I feel a wave of love coming in, enveloping the planet and all that live on it. The planet is surrounded with loving light. There is good in the world. The guardians are watching. (Doris)
  • California is a beacon. (Frannie)
  • The world we see here is a veneer. It is very different underneath, where it is hidden. A lot of good is hidden. (Howard)
  • A lot of bad things are surfacing. They need to be healed. (Howard)c


Midterm Elections – [Note that in the Senate only 9 Republicans are up for reelection but 24 Democrats are up for reelection.]

  • House blue. (Jeanne Mayell, Ann, Bluebelle, Meg, Debbie, Donna, Sally, Doris, Donna, Carol)
  • Senate red (Jeanne Mayell,Debbie)
  • Senate purple (split evenly red and blue). (Ann, Meg, Doris, Donna, Sally)
  • Senate blue. (Carol)
  • Red House. Red Senate. (Jim)
  • Trump is angry and claiming election fraud. House of Representative is mostly blue. (Siobhan)
  • The House and Senate feel battered. (Bluebelle)
  • I see a fight for the Senate.  There’s something wrong with the votes in one of the states. There’s a recount. No one knows which way it will go. There’s been cheating. (Debbie)
  • People will be happy with the election results. They are celebrating. (Betty)
  • Dancing in the streets. (Sally)
  • Turmoil, but good turmoil. (Muriel)
  • Crazy elections. Voters disenfranchised, much discord. (Julie)
  • Massive voter turnout. No longer the minority ruling. (Meg)
  • Women working hard to help other women. Suzie Orman in the news. (Joy)
  • A greater sense of solidarity. We are in this together. (Carissa)
  • Country shifts. White House tilted. (Donna)
  • A huge wind blows through the country, clearing the land of disease and dark forces. (Bluebelle)
  • The elections are a mess and there is no direction for the country. (Jim)
  • Change is afoot, but people are freaked out.  Politically we are in uncharted territory now. (Bluebelle)
  • It’s like the lid popped off and the steam shoots out of the government. (Muriel)
  • Blue rising up to join red: the government starts to become more purple. (Sally)
  • People in the US are feeling more optimistic regarding the election. (Sally)

Other events in November 2018: 

  • Angry crowds are yelling and protesting in the streets. (Ann)
  • Students taking interest in Government. (Meg)
  • Mueller is reporting on things no one suspected. (Meg)
  • Facts come out about all sorts of hidden stuff. (Muriel)
  • Some won’t believe Manafort but he’s going to open a lot of secrets. (Jeanne)
  • Shenanigans at play in the political arena; rumors driven by lots of purposeful talk but only vague evidence at present. Hearts say that evidence will be contrary to popular belief. (MaryEllen)
  • Seeing rats hiding, running into holes in walls. (Donna)
  • More Washington drama.  Every day more ugly revelations. One after another. (Julie)
  • The stock market takes a huge hit. (Jim)
  • Political agitation due to change. (Sally)
  • I see a large sunset. (Donna) [Note: something is ending.]
  • I get this message: War is coming. But it is all right. You will be safe. It’s a war of ideologies, as well as of force. I ask about the tank I saw earlier, and I get an image of Southeast Europe; also Northwest Russia, near Scandinavia. (Arianne)
  • Dems and Reps begin to want to work together: many don’t and won’t, some will begin. (Howard)
  • I see cars in darkness, like there’s no power anywhere, and Tinkerbell comes to mind. (Ann)
  • There is an emphasis or campaign on feeding the nation/world. (Siobhan)

 Winter Holidays

  • A real Thanksgiving. (Sally)
  • People in the US making increased efforts to reconnect with loved ones at the holiday out of greater appreciate of each other. Increased travel, more than usual at Thanksgiving, to make the connections. (MaryEllen)
  • Nice Thanksgivings. Warm, home. (Julie)
  • The energy of this time is bright. I think of Thanksgiving and football games. The weather is cold.


  • Wedge shaped planes in the air. Lots of them. (Muriel)
  • A stone room.  A barred window. Looking out I see soldiers fighting. I am waiting to be rescued. (Debbie)
  • Japan and Shinzo Abe will prove to be important. (Arianne)


  • Volcano rumbling or threatening. (Betty)
  • Bubbling ocean. (Betty) [Jeanne’s note: This has already started happening in the Arctic due to release of methane gas which is very bad for climate.]
  • I hear a foghorn blowing. Huge waves. Very high winds. Very dangerous seas. (Doris)
  • Very windy. The winds of change. Change is coming. (Doris)
  • Tumbleweeds rolling across a barren landscape. (Bluebelle)
  • Dark times, really dark times with the weather. I keep seeing a big storm and floods in Europe. So much rain its unbelievable. (Paula)


  • Everyone is tired, kind of post partum bluish. (Muriel)
  • I see purple. Unexpected, not what either side wanted. Politicians will be forced to govern together, or stay stalled. (Cris)
  • Republicans reconcile to their loss. Many try to salvage their reputations, claiming they were working to block Trump. Pretending they were courageous and brave. They were not. (Bluebelle)
  • Republicans are trying to get laws passed and regulations changed before January. There’s a frenzied activity as they try to protect their waning power. (Bluebelle)
  • A confusing court case reversed. Possibly a conviction in favor of justice? (Melanie)
  • People pensive, contemplating what is going on like never before. (Doris)
  • Voices are calling out, “Good news!” (Ann)
  • People are feeling inflation. (Joy)
  • Trade wars take their toll on retail. (Julie)
  • People walking, on the move, scared. (Betty)
  • The energy of this time is of laying low. It is calm and quiet. (Carol)
  • Medical breakthroughs. Cancer progress. Also possible ALS progress. (Carol)

White House

  • Many are going to be prosecuted. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More guilty pleas in Muller investigation. (Betty)
  • Tape on White House workers mouths. (Donna)
  • Trump has been contained. (Meg)
  • Trump’s teeth are chattering. (Debbie)
  • Trump in trouble. (Jeanne)
  • Trump by himself. (Bernie)
  • A lot of criticism of Trump for trade wars. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • His whole family is in trouble. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Something is happening with Mueller. Not sure if he is sick or threatened in some way. (Julie)
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders looks like a puppet with strings coming out of her. Her mouth is moving but it’s not her voice. (Debbie)
  • The White House is empty.  No one home. We are rudderless now. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump: “That’s it! I quit. ” (Carissa)

Winer Holidays

  • A renewed sense of optimism in country in the midst of difficult and sometimes angry times. People will spend more money and hope things are going to get better. (Howard)
  • Many politicians quiet, avoiding constituents. (Cris)
  • Christmas is more focused on others. (Sally)
  • A breath of fresh air, hope. (Muriel)
  • Holidays more focused on love, less on stuff. (Jeanne)
  • The energy of this period is dark ethereal purple. (Melanie)
  • Less focus on material at Christmas. Retailers doing well, but not as much as usual. (Julie)
  • I hear the cheery Christmas song, “Carol of the Bells.” I get the impression that Christmas came late this season. The lyrics are about throwing cares away and good cheer for all. (Ann)


  • A pound note ripped up. (Kristen)
  • Frozen Queen Elsa. (Frannie)
  • The London eye rolling. (Kristen)
  • EU finds a way forward in regard to approaching Brexit. Heard: “Unilateral agreement.” Less focus on commercialism at the holidays; more on personal connection. (MaryEllen)
  • A war will come closer to home, and I get an image of the Bering Straight near Alaska and Russia. (Arianne)
  • I see Mexican farmworkers with grapes. This could be about immigration issues or NAFTA. (Arianne)
  • Canadians glad they are in Canada. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Threat of civil war in an African country. (Julie)
  • War comes closer to home. “But don’t worry, it will be ok,” is a message of reassurance for me. I see an image of the Bering Strait. (Arianne)


  • Desolate, white day, snowing with the wind blowing. (Doris)
  • A white Christmas. I’m in the northeast U.S. (Jeanne)
  • I was standing in 6-inch snow while the snow kept coming down. It seemed like upper eastern seaboard. (Glori)
  • It’s bitter cold in the Northeast. (Debbie)
  • A geyser purging crude oil from within. (Jessica)
  • Cold, crazy weather. One big storm. My driveway is heavy with snow. I’m in the Boston area. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I hear “we escaped this time.” (Doris)
  • Recovering from the floods in Europe. Recovering. Getting dry. (Paula)
  • Land has to be restored, was lost to the floods. Houses drenched. I see houses drenched but don’t see where. Could be UK, Germany or other European nation. (Paula)


  • News about the artificial islands in the China Sea. There are runways all over the China Sea on the artificial islands built by China. I see US war boats there. The armada is not very strong. They don’t care. They are going there against their will, meaning they don’t like the orders given to them. (Bright Opal)


  • I see more blue from the election. (Siobhan)
  • I sense a new movement in early 2019, similar to #me-too, but more inclusive, to include all marginalized groups. (Melanie)
  • The Democrat donkey is in the news. (Debbie)
  • There’s hustle and bustle in Congress, and I hear “Let’s get down to business.” (Ann)
  • I see a new treaty, a new beginning. (Carol)
  • Accountability, being made to take responsibility for actions. (Doris)
  • Trump in trouble. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump on a chair and being told what to do. Being talked down to, being told to behave, “otherwise he cannot play anymore.” (Paula)
  • Calmness, quiet. (Muriel)
  • Political shift to the left is palpable and audible. Events are cumulative. Republicans are shaken up; Democrats are resurgent, buoyant, energized. (MaryEllen)
  • An uprising that is good. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Health care for everyone is in the news. (Betty)
  • (Julie)
  • Mueller is still at work. He’s still bringing indictments. He’s still uncovering the plots and the traitors. (Bluebelle)
  • Getting down to brass tacks. Getting started. (Sally)
  • People becoming more tolerant. (Meg)
  • A dove with branch in mouth like peace symbol. (Bernie)
  • Pence in trouble too. (Meg)
  • Congress is in total disarray. (Jim)
  • Dems get to work, and work very fast. (Muriel)
  • Trouble in the White House. (Howard)
  • Funeral around White House. (Donna)
  • Trump slumped over with failures and exhaustion. (Betty)
  • Clarity in the US elections. (Paula)
  • Everyone knows Trump is sick. (Paula)
  • New discovery in science. (Cris)
  • Congress is like a mob scene. GOP will not give up power. They are so vicious. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I hear the word “Accountability”. We will be made to take responsibility for our actions. (Doris)


  • De-escalation needed. (Arianne)
  • Forgiveness in store. Things will stop; then things will get better and escalate. There will be peace for a time, peace and happiness. A clown image comes. It seems sinister, like the peace is a joke. (Arianne)
  • Tanks rolling in, army boots, somewhere in a dry, dessert area. Feels like the Middle East. Feeling anxious, like something bad is going to happen. (Doris)
  • Earthquake which did a lot of damage to the ‘Ring of Fire’ area and Japan or China. (Glori)


  • White snow, beautiful on streets of cities. (Betty)
  • Very cold. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Very cold January throughout the US. (Julie)
  • I see ripples of water moving from the Midwest toward the Southwest. (Ann)


  • World is a bit more still and quiet. Peace for now. (Joy)
  • I hear song fevers. (Frannie)
  • Wine bottle uncorked. Celebrating. (Carissa)
  • MLK Day really celebrated. (Sally)
  • Valentines Day is really about love this time. More emphasis on love and giving. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Less shaming and more educating with compassion. (Melanie)
  • Celebration of love. (Julie)
  • The world is becoming more caring. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Revelations from a financial center with be disclosed. (Arianne)
  • Health care passes. No longer catering to big businesses. (Meg)
  • Trump is no longer respected or tolerated. He is sitting down and being told what to do. (Paula)
  • Trump’s family is shaking. (Betty)
  • Trump locked in a corner. Apoplectic. (Jeanne)
  • Tantrums in the White House. (Muriel)
  • I see Melania holding a handgun. She is angry and yelling inside the White House. (Siobhan)
  • Manafort in the news. More actions. (Jeanne)
  • I see a plain white piece of paper. The tide has turned. It’s a new day, and history is ours to write. (Julie)
  • Dems in control. (Meg)
  • More people value MLK celebration. (Sally)
  • News quiets down a little. (Cris)
  • Russian submarines off the east coast. Putin is angry. Putin starts a power play. (Bluebelle)
  • Something is coming to pass. Something is over. (Doris)
  • Getting out of White House. Leaving. (Donna)
  • Popcorn in the White House, things are jumping. (Betty)
  • From February to May 2019 many begin to feel a new president is on the horizon. VP Pence? (Howard)
  • Ivanka sick. Jared indicted. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Tea, teabags, taxes. Something is wrong with the tax cuts. (Debbie)
  • Trade problems, fights over walk backs. (Muriel)
  • Change so quick.  I’m dizzy. (Julie)
  • I hear “Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting.” The lyrics are: Everybody was Kung Fu fighting. Those kicks were fast as lightning. In fact, it was a little bit frightening, but they fought with expert timing. (Ann)
  • A bridge falls. (Debbie)


  • Progress is in the making.” Kim is called on his deception, which is easily transparent. No holds barred.” (MaryEllen)
  • Aboriginals dancing. (Bernie)
  • Enemies become friends. Russian/Putin and China/Xi Jinping. Russian and China are forging a relationship. Trade begins anew and flourishes. Then I saw Trump and Kim Jong Un I deepening talks.
  • UK news: I see a short, dark, box and think of Theresa May. (Carol)
  • Kim Jong Un and North Korea are in the news. (Siobhan)


  • I see white, snowy capital city. (Doris)
  • Tropical storm with lots of rain, lightening and heavy winds. There were lots of palm trees at were set on a beach. Lots of debris was washing up onto the shore. It seemed like southern US state such as Florida. (Glori)
  • I see an umbrella. Watch out for rain. (Arianne)
  • Birds hungry. (Julie)
  • Cherry blossoms on tree. Very beautiful. (Doris)
  • Earth changes, unexpected weather patterns. (Muriel)
  • Mercury rising. (Bluebelle)
  • I see flowers and apples. A basket representing a harvest. (Doris)
  • Blustering winds and flights cancelled in Europe. The wind is very strong. Very strong winds affecting all the flights in Europe. (I can hear the wind as I write this) (Paula)
  • Flights delayed due to a storm. (Doris)

MARCH 2019

  • Economy nervous. Tax transfer made. Deficit can’t balance. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A grass roots effort worldwide to build community through devotional gatherings; children’s classes teaching values, love, and diversity. Youth rising in positive reinforcement groups teaching each other kindness, oneness, expressed through the arts and lots of songs and music. Friendships transcending all races. No more prejudice of any kind, race, gender, financial. (KZ)
  • States are controlling their own destinies. (Meg)
  • Beware the Ides of March. (Muriel)
  • Things feel lighter. (Donna)
  •  Not sure why we are so happy, but doesn’t matter. Parties everywhere. (Julie)
  • Failure of federal government to pay bills. Investors nervous. (Jeanne)
  • Closure of a major retailer. (Julie)
  • I see orcas swimming in the sea on a nice sunny day on the west coast. (Doris)


  • India in the news. It may have something to do with Myanmar, India getting involved in their affairs. (Bright Opal)
  • Brexit will be stopped. People don’t want to be lemmings and fall of an Alt Right cliff to destruction. Johnson and Farage will be called up and made to take responsibility for lying and misleading their people. The reason why they did it will become clear. I hear they were bribed, promised more money. (Paula)
  • I see a very large cruise ship out in the open water of the ocean. A large fire started on what looked like a lower deck. (Glori)
  • Brexit: I see a turtle and then a young woman with red lips and animal print in the news. (Carol)
  • Blessings abound. The Pope is blessing those who were abused by priests. The Catholic Church is acknowledging their failure and offering compensation. (Bluebelle)
  • Heard lyrics from “Over the rainbow” Holding out hope for a reunion of brothers from long ago. But it will not reunify.This is about North and South Korea. I see the dotted line between the Koreas on a map rather than a solid line of demarcation. Dotted line represents continued separation but increased transparency and perhaps travel, between the countries. (MaryEllen)
  • I see an old Chinese coin with square hole in the middle. (Kristen)
  • I see two hands holding an apple. Previously forbidden fruits will be eaten. Happiness and prosperity won’t matter anymore, since people will be too consumed by this fruit. (Arianne)


  • All quiet on the western front. (Debbie)
  • Seals of California in trouble. (Betty)
  • Looking at the skies. Aliens. (Sally)
  • Still bitter cold in the Northeast. (Debbie)
  • Pink, early flowers. (Muriel)
  • Flight delays due to storm. (Doris) 

APRIL 2019

  • Hong Kong Hurricane again. Image of strong winds battering down on modern buildings. No deaths, but very strong message. (Paula)
  • Our vibrations have risen. (KZ)
  • Dilbert in the news. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Lilacs!  Purple sea. (Julie)
  • People waking up and feeling more in touch with themselves. (Cris)
  • Financial crisis. “Here we go again.” (Carissa)
  • A small town sheriff makes news. (Julie)
  • A Native American chief in the news. Negotiating to stop drilling. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Waves crashing. Debris from a plane crash washing ashore. (Bluebelle)
  • I hear the word “transit.” (Doris)
  • Apple trees in bloom. (Doris)
  • An early spring. (Doris)
  • Thousands of miles away, more trouble brewing in the Middle East. Something bigger and larger than before, something unexpected. All sorts of issues will pop up involving trees dying. (Arianne)

May 2019

  • A lot of protest.  People shaking their fists. People celebrating. My heart is pounding. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The younger women of Congress have been working all winter. Their labors are now coming to the fore. They’re moving in step together. They’re a force to be reckoned with. (Debbie)
  • Trump is in the hospital. I see white bed sheets. (Siobhan)
  • I saw the front of the White House and all kinds of tulips and trees blossoming.
  • I saw an Air Force plane with a number of soldiers jumping down onto the tarmac wearing full gear and helmets. (Glori)
  • More people helping people in need. (Donna)
  • I see Donald Trump standing outside in a line of middle-aged men, all wearing dark overcoats. It feels like winter. Trump’s hair is blowing in the wind. I don’t recognize anyone next to him. But they’re white and middle-aged. (Debbie)
  • White flag with dove. (Bernie)
  • Some sort of agreement or treaty with Germany and Western Europe. (Melanie)
  • Pathways opening up. (Muriel)
  • More hope. (Meg)
  • A rose is blooming. (Sally)
  • I see an African American male comedian spreading positive sentiments. (Carol)
  • People are buying houses. After an economic downturn, people are spending money and investing in land. (Bluebelle)
  • Security issues. (Muriel)
  • A spiritual awakening is taking place. (KZ)
  • The sun is on fire. (Betty)
  • Reworking of immigration problem. (Meg)
  • The issue of torture is in the news. (Muriel)


  • The Pope or maybe another major religious figure stepping down. (Julie)
  • Space debris is flying. (Betty)
  • Good time for joyful gratitude. Children playing May Day. Sporting event prominent. Cricket. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Church spires, a small European village in the news. (Doris)
  • Spring is mild in Europe; trees in blossom. Cows in fields. Pretty pastures. (Paula)
  • Europe is stronger together. People realise that they need to unite. For the economy and to stop the adversity from climate change. (Paula)
  • Brexit is coming to a head. Something is not right with the government of the UK. (Doris)
  • A boat on the sea. Like a fishing boat bobbing with the waves. (Doris)


  • In a view from space, I see the Earth spinning, and energy is swirling outward into space from the North Pole. (Ann)
  • I am seeing the continent of South America. Floods or some natural disaster. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Climate issues going on in Germany. (Melanie)
  • Very warm already. Not even summer. Heat wave in NY. (Julie)
  • Very warm May. (Betty)
  • Greener pastures. A large river flowing. (Carissa)


  • Very hot. The heat will spark the beginning of mass migrations in some parts of the world. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see branches from a tree, an old tree is feeling sad about the planet. (Doris)
  • All sorts of issues will pop up involving trees dying. (Arianne)
  • Fire, smoke but rain to drench it. (Doris)
  • Very hot summer. As hot as 2018, if not hotter in some areas. (Bright Opal)
  • California is on fire; the whole state is on fire. (Bright Opal)
  • Fire and smoke, but rain to drench it. (Doris)
  • Stability, settling, comfort. (Muriel)
  • Renewed priorities. Sciences regain stature lost under Trump. (Possibly through private funding.) (MaryEllen)
    Pluto regains status as a planet. (MaryEllen)
  • People want to explore more out of their zone. Tavel. (Joy)
  • Economy picking up. (Julie)
  • Trump is out of the White House. (Jim)
  • I see firecrackers of change. (Sally)
  • Social unrest. Need for police maybe National Guard. Change is coming. (Howard)
  • In Europe: This trend is catching on; people walking through fields and ploughing communally. No one really listening to politicians. (Paula)
  • I hear disappointment or sad trombone sound effect. (Ann)
  • I see traffic in a downtown area of a city. It is very fast, much too fast for such a busy city center. I do not know which city this is.I hear the word “transit”. It feels like something is in transition and only temporary. (Doris)
  • I see church spires. A small European village or town. I do not know where it is but it feels like it is in central or eastern Europe. (Doris)
  • I see clouds. Is it smoke or a volcano? I can’t tell but it is very thick and grey and very dense. I do not know where it is. (Doris)
  • I hear the words “Open your heart”. I feel this means we must listen to our inner voices and not be so judgmental. (Doris)
  • More trouble brewing in the Middle East. Something bigger and larger than before, something unexpected. (Arianne)

June 2019

  • Graduations speeches in the news: anti Trump. Young people protesting some commencement speaker (a Republican). (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Graduation ceremony. Something goes wrong. People injured. (Julie)
  • Thousands of miles away, more trouble brewing in the Middle East.
  • June 2019: I hear the song “Stop! In the Name of Love.” (Ann)
  • The women in Congress are smiling. They’re happy. They’re excited. They’re all speaking to the press. Taking victory laps. Not sure what achievements have been won. (Debbie)
  • #Me-too movement again. More revelations, more accusations. More women come forward and demand justice. (Bluebelle)
  • Big fights in Congress. (Debbie)
  • We see the world globally not just locally. We reach out and help our brothers and sisters all over the world. Send love, light, and prayer. (KZ)
  • Tribal drums. This is a prelude to war. It seems like a regional conflict in the Middle East or Africa. (Julie)
  • Flowers, children singing. (Betty)
  • I see a cheetah running, trying to get away from hunters, feeling targeted. I see a shotgun being held in the hands of someone. He is waiting for his target, he’s hunting humans. (Doris) similar to deleted above?
  • Suddenly everyone is rushing around. What happened? (Kristen)
  • Trump feels finished. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People moving into nature and growing their own potatoes. (Paula)
  • Rain and then strong heat in Europe. (Paula)
  • Oceans rising. (Carol)

JULY 2019

  • Hot. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Farmers are happy. (Muriel)
  • Visiting heads of state. (Tim)
  • The men in Congress are being trampled on. They’re not used to not being in power. No one is taking them seriously anymore. No one is afraid of them anymore. (Debbie)
  • A lot of rain. (Muriel)
  • Cigars and smokes. (Bernie)
  • Creativity in the air, bright colors. California is strong and powerful and the rest of the country acknowledges their leadership. (Bluebelle)
  • Statue of liberty is joining with farmers. They choose democracy now.
  • Done with Trump. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Grand Canyon in the news. (Cris)
  • New animals discovered somewhere. (Muriel)
  • California and environmental breakthroughs. (Bluebelle)
  • People taking a breath. There’s a feeling in the air we deserve to rest and take a breath. (Debbie)
  • Heat waves again. Terrible heat waves. Affecting crops again. “How do we prevent this next year?” (Paula)
  • Freedom becomes an illusion. People don’t yearn for freedom. People yearn for peace and harmony. (Arianne)
  • A conflict in the Middle East: I see trucks with missiles. People fighting over land shortages, water rights. An unexpected turn of events. Religion isn’t as relevant to this conflict. (Arianne)


  • Republicans control everything. Donkey is bound up.  (Jeanne Mayell)  Predicted in 2015.
  • I see a crowning, a coronation, UK?. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A flux capacitor? Like back to the future. (Kristen)
  • Populations wearing white clothes and grouped together. (Betty)
  • Just hear “Noooooo!” (Julie)
  • August west is all smoke and fires.  Canadian Rockies too. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Someone in state lying on a purple pillow. (Bernie)
  • Drought in the Midwest severe. Water running out. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Pulse wave of some sort. (Muriel)
  • Loving/kindness is key. People distribute flowers. Peace is in the air, but not the soil. (Arianne)
  • India is too hot. People have to leave. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Impressive technology. (Cris)
  • Listen to your heart. Listen to your heart. Act on conscience. Some kind of protests. (Bluebelle)
  • In Europe this trend is catching on: people walking through fields and ploughing communally. No one really listening to politicians. (Paula)
  • Portuguese heat again all over Europe. Devastating the trees again. This will stop fuel based cars (is the question I hear in my head) (Paula)
  • A large group of men carrying large wooden crosses down a sandy dirt road. They looked tired and are close to dragging themselves because of the heat. (Glori)
  • John McCain is remembered in a memorial service. (Bluebelle)
  • Again, earth rejuvenating. (Carissa)
  • Heard: “Renewed priorities. Sciences regain stature lost under Trump.” Possibly through private funding. (MaryEllen)
    Pluto regains status as a planet. (MaryEllen)
  • Beams light from sky, lots of light breaking through. (Donna)
  • Clean white board, fresh start. (Kristen)
  • A new song is being sung: a song of hope. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Very hot. The heat will spark the beginning of mass migrations in some parts of the world. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trying to clean up the mess our politicians have made. It is a slow process. (Julie)
  • I keep on seeing these same middle-aged white men, still wearing their winter overcoats. Trump is in the middle. They’re standing as if immobile. They’re all chained together in a heavy metal chain. (Debbie)
  • Active hurricane season. Again. (Julie)
  • People are separating from the rat race and changing their paths. I see a new hopeful youth. Beautiful young people. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More love and unity. Less prejudice. Kindness. Peace. Oneness. (KZ)
  •  Bumper crops coming. (Bluebelle)
  • I hear, “Taxes rise and fall, but wealth will not be destroyed. True wealth is in the heart.” (Arianne)
  • Unexpected cooler weather–a relief. (Sally)
  • Loving kindness is key. People distribute flowers. Peace is in the air, but not the soil, which is suffering from drought. (Arianne)


  • The U.S. collective is more relaxed than the year before (2018). (Siobhan)
  • I hear someone walking in the bushes. It is very dry. (Doris)
  • It’s hot. Very hot. (Debbie)
  • This prediction applies to all of Fall 2019: Heard these words: “Bernie is running again. Joe Biden’s candidacy falters under Bernie’s candidacy. Momentum not there. Corey Booker is in the running. Kamala Harris is unseated. She fades from view but arises again. Crowded field but reduced to a lone male candidate. Liz Warren not defeated (presumably in the Senate) but will not run (presumably for the presidency).”
    “Joe Biden lost the (primary) race but comes from behind to win something else. He has a place in history.”  (MaryEllen)
  • Lots of things we assume will happen in the distant future are happening sooner. (Arianne)
  • Recovering economically. (Carissa)
  • Some special elections will turn blue. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • California falling into the sea. It feels like it’s a relief. (Bright Opal)
  • Problem in the electrical grid. May be sabotage. (Julie)
  • People told to stay inside. (Muriel)
  • More sex scandals with GOP. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Gearing up for a fight. (Debbie)
  • Japan in the news. (Julie)
  • Trees are not being cut down in the Netherlands. People know that they have to make way for green and stop building roads. The storms have been game changers this year. (Paula)
  • For all of fall 2019: I feel fresh air. I can breathe better compared to before. Something has changed. I can’t’ tell if it is the weather or the political situation but it is a significant change from before and it feels good. (Doris)
  • The winds of change are coming. It’s about time. People are fed up. The tide has turned for the better. (Doris)
  • I hear someone walking in the bushes or woods. The area is very dry. The leaves are crackling under his boots. (Doris)


  • In the news is a new drug that treats cancer; possibly for melanoma. (Carol)
  • Cowboys in the news. (Bernie)
  • I hear the words “calamity avoided.” (Doris)
  • Good harvest in us. (Cris)
  • Walk back Trump changes: back to protecting the people. (Meg)
  • War of the roses. (Kristen)
  • The resistance is organizing again. There’s a big fight over women’s rights. (Debbie)
  • The U.S. Capitol has a baseball bat on it. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see a cowboy hat, white and large. Represents some figure or figures in the news. (Doris)
  • Bannon gets stopped. The youth have had enough of his dark negativity and chaos. Opportunist. (Paula)
  • It is very windy. The winds of change are blowing. (Doris)
  • Ladybugs are flying away to greener pastures. (Arianne)


  • An impeachment in the news. Something is revealed about Pence. (Bluebelle)
  • GOP scared. (Debbie)
  • Turkey shortage. (Bernie)
  • Crisp, clean, fresh, sparkling air. (Muriel)
  • Father figure dies. (Betty)
  • Juggling many things. People are trying to hold up many things at once. (Doris)
  • Dirty laundry from Washington. No surprise. Yawn! (Julie)
  • I see the Statue of Liberty. They are trying to rewrite the Constitution. Founding fathers, Ben Franklin, is there in spirit. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • McConnell is losing his grip. It’s all falling apart. (Debbie)
  • Dog farms in news. (Cris)
  • There’s civil discourse among politicians. This is a welcome relief. (Ann)
  • It’s the Wild West. People are looting and shooting. It’s sad that it has to happen this way, but it’s not the worst outcome. Oil spills and trouble in the oil market. (Arianne)
  • Hyacinths in November.  Out of season and yet blooming. It makes the news. (Bluebelle)
  • Angels are here. We are being watched and helped by celestial beings who are loving. (Doris)
  • I hear a foghorn blowing. I can’t tell where it is. I see huge waves and very high winds and dangerous seas. Feels like a hurricane or typhoon. The waves made it too dangerous to be near the beach. (Doris)


  • Founding fathers in spirit leading the way to the Capitol. Their sleeves are rolled up. They are going to save our democracy. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Problem with the economy. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see some type of missile somewhere in the ocean. (Doris)
  • A new king. People giving three cheers of hooray. (Bernie)
  • Scientific discovery related to travel. Revolutionary. (Julie)
  • I hear, “We’re in the clear.” (Doris)
  • The twin messages are celebrated. (KZ)
  • Productive year. (Muriel)
  • Men are shouting. They are very angry. They are American politicians. They are showing deep disrespect to each other, the country, and those who elected them. There is a huge political divide-taking place. (Doris)
  • Mexican economy begins to tank. This gives Trump the upper hand. (Arianne)


  • Typhoons, hurricanes, winds, natural disasters hitting us left, right and centre. Centre of everyone’s political agenda now. No one denies climate change and everyone is in action to protect their land. It is pretty extreme and a bit too late. Despite this, don’t give up and do persevere. (Paula)
  • I hear, “We’re in the clear. We escaped this time.” (Doris)
  • December 2019:  The earth is shaking, and there are massive mudslides. (Ann)


  • Trump is gone, but not in jail. His name will live on as a curse. Some of his family will change their names and try to hide. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump? Where is he? He looks forlorn and tired. Beaten. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see Trump as if he is pacing the Oval Office, except that it’s his mind that is pacing. He is nervous. He sees no one, nothing. (Bright Opal)
  • I see Trump and then Obama. Obama is in the news and it’s very important. He’s present in everything. He’s front or in the doorframe of the oval office looking in. He doesn’t look happy and he’s taking a lot of room. Trump is there, looking on the right side, away from Obama, doing nothing. He looks like he doesn’t care. Obama wants to re-establish his legacy. As if everything that was undone by Trump will be put back in place. (Bright Opal)
  • Trump seems to be fading away but he’s still in the Oval Office. (Bright Opal)
  • Union soldiers walking in front of the White House with a Confederate flag. (Bright Opal)
  • Supreme Court is dark. [I think this means that either it is evil or just not working or both.] (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Heard: “Result of the 2020 election will not meet the highest hopes of Democrats but there will be takeaways, other successes that will keep them invigorated and hopeful of shifting the country’s direction. Still, there will be limited movement for a while.” (MaryEllen)
  • Big changes. There’s a move to clean up Congress, and finally start to drain the swamp of all the old white men who enabled Trump. (Bluebelle)
  • Fresh air. Able to breathe better compared to before. (Doris)
  • A woman standing tall on a podium. People are smiling and clapping. (Bernie)
  • Perfect vision. People’s eyes are opened and a new era emerges. (Julie)
  • Eyes are open. (Frannie)
  • Trump and his gaggle of men he’s chained to are floating away. There’s either a cloud or smoke under them. (Debbie)
  • A presidential race that is confusing. Internet is being attacked in some way-making it hard to know truth. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A lot of people basking in the light of the sun together. More people embracing unity. (Sally)
  • Many new choices. A kind of reversal of interactions or connectedness. Different ways of being in community. (Muriel)
  • Looking forward to the future not trying to reclaim the past. People demanding better health care and education. (Meg)
  • Collapse will bring needed change. Financial collapse. Collapse in coal and oil industries. (Arianne)
  • People becoming more focused on integrity. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Lots of happy Democrats. I see Joe Biden at a picnic. Pink short sleeve shirt, plaid shorts, smiling. (Donna)
  • People moving to the land; leaving technology, Facebook, Instagram. (Paula)
  • The world is in a maze. It’s like we are all running around inside a snowflake. (Betty)
  • How do we begin? (Debbie)
  • New types of technology entering on the scene. (Bernie)
  • The collective is becoming more intuitive. (Muriel)
  • A new generation takes over. Climate and gun regulations come into affect once more in 2020. (Tim)
  • People are really questioning consumerism in Christmas season. (Cris)
  • Congress in the news every day. It seems to be running the government. Not much coming from the White House. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see waves of energy. Some good and some negative. (Doris)
  • Massive waves of hope. (Cris)
  • Big holes. Celluloid being hit with acid. Everything disintegrating. (Debbie)
  • NRA has lost power and guns are regulated. (Meg)
  • There is light coming. It is in the distance; but it is definitely coming. (Anon)
  • Women rising, not taking no for an answer. Girls are rising and becoming much more aware of the crap women must put up with in society. They are determined to change things and make a difference. (Doris)
  • Change is here. I see waves of energy, some good and some negative coming our way. In the distance I see light is coming. It’s in the distance but it is definitely coming. (Doris)
  • The population is standing up and taking back power. (Betty)
  • Celebrity appearances. Some sort of telethon. (Julie)
  • Shame about political conduct. Public is tired of the vitriol. (Cris)
  • Big election time both for Congress and President. People are tired and many are discouraged, but they won’t give up.  ACLU is busy and well funded. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • People moving to the land; leaving technology, Facebook, Instagram. (Paula)
  • I keep seeing China, I see the Chinese border, red, very well defined against Russia and North Korea which is grey. The border is there to keep people from coming in. (Bright Opal)
  • A new world is being unveiled. It is beautiful. We celebrate oneness globally. (KZ)
  • Putin is disgruntled. (Betty)


  • New discovery concerning the oceans. (Julie)
  • Asteroid passes near earth. (Julie)
  • More people are getting interested in trees and nature, animals and plants. The sun keeps shining for them. Their bodies and movement is relaxed, more connection between themselves and the land they live on. Depression lifts for them. They feel alive. (Paula)
  • Very unstable weather with hurricanes, tropical storms etc. (Glori)
  • Sunflowers blooming and brilliant. (Kristen)
  • More concern over ways of trying to clean up the environment. (Joy)
  • Whales are moving. Big herds of whales. We learn something new about their communication. They are conscious and so aware of us. They have emotions. (Bluebelle)
  • Game changer on the level of climate change. Massive realisation that our planet does not serve us, realise we have to serve our planet. “Potatoes come from the land, not from a grocery store” (Paula)



  • It is not Trump! (Jim)
  • I see a woman with dark hair being sworn in. Kamala (Bluebelle, Jessica, Betty, Debbie)
  • Calm demeanor. (Cris)
  • I see Kamala Harris in a dark royal blue suit. (Debbie)
  • A lady with brown shoulder length hair holding hands with others on stage and the hands up in air. She has a suit skirt and jacket. (Bernie)
  • I see a woman in a red suit. (Julie)
  • I see a man with white hair in the crowd on the stand. I don’t know if this person is the president but he has very white hair and he is a male. (Doris)
  • I see a woman with dark hair at the podium. I’m too far away to see her clearly, but I hear the calm, measured voice of Kamala Harris speaking. There’s a man beside her. I don’t know which one is the president. (Ann)
  • Harris is VP. (Donna)
  • Beto O’Rourke. (Meg)
  • Stands tall, FDR-like aura. (Cris)
  • I see a court jester, a fool. It’s the hanged man. It hangs in the balance. Congress is tipped to one side, ineffectual. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Everyone in the mall is wearing white hats. (Jessica)
  • I see Donald Trump sitting on the left of the pulpit. Obama is at the pulpit. He’s not able to run again so I feel he will have a lot of influence over the next president. (Bright Opal)
  • Freedom is now back at the forefront. Joy, singin’ in the rain. When asked about the White House color, I see a flag raised with a circle of stars. (Arianne)
  • The color of the executive branch in the U.S. is pink! (Siobhan)
  • Remote Viewing of the U.S. Inauguration:  I see a woman with short, dark brown hair. She is wearing a dark royal blue suit, fitted jacket and skirt, and wearing a red bun hat. She represents both political parties. (Siobhan)
  • Blue House and Senate. (Muriel)
  • I see blue for the inauguration, but those are the people in the audience, The president has a blue jacket as well. (Anon)
  • Some people unhappy with this election. Heightened security. Threats. (Julie)
  • There is a blockage of some sort. (Doris)
  • Lightworkers are part of the push back, take back of the government.  By sending their positive energy out into the world. (Bluebelle)
  • Everyone happy Trump is gone, but not completely positive the new president has what it takes. (Debbie)
  • Crowds are cheering wildly, but maybe something is not right. (Betty)
  • Democrats learn lessons from majority in 2009. (Cris)
  • I see the symbol from the Yosho Zen deck of integration. It means that the new government is a balance of many factions in the country. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • There’s a feeling of change, people need some air to breathe. (Doris)
  • Joy, a sense of relaxing, partisan easing. (Muriel)
  • Local governments have a more spiritual base. (KZ)
  • I see many people connecting to their environment in a new a spiritual way. (Kristen)
  • I saw Obama at the pulpit on Inauguration Day. He has influence on the new president. (Bright Opal)
  • Obama will be needed to help the country heal. (Donna)
  • I saw a female with short, dark brown hair wearing a medium blue suit and a small red hat, like a “bun” hat. (Audree)
  • I saw the executive branch as PINK. (Audree)
  • I see blue, but I feel some difficulty. Something is not quite right.  I sense there’s been someone tinkering with things of importance in the background. Hidden from view. The tinkerers do not want to be known or found. It’s evil. (Doris)

Other visions for 2021

  • Mueller’s investigation is winding down. He has exposed conspiracies unimagined. (Bluebelle)
  • So much voter suppression happened. It will take years to clean up. (Anon)
  • It feels as if the country just got over an extremely bad case of the flu.  It’s the first day of feeling better. Still feeling unsteady, but the mind is clear. (Debbie)
  • Politicians are embarrassed by citizens calling them out, both sides. (Cris)
  • Risk taking becomes fashionable, new things become available. (Muriel)
  • Huge changes have begun. (KZ)
  • A scam revealed. Everyone feels duped, stupid, fooled. It was all a figment of our imagination. It was all a show put on by the powerful men to fool us into submission. (Debbie)
  • I see Wall Street. I see an empty and quiet trading floor. The video screens are blue with numbers only in the upper right-hand corner. (Ann)
  • The new generation is leading the way for a new world. (Doris)
  • We will continue to work hard and have hope. We know the full breadth of our task and we are willing to do the work. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Fewer instances of police racism and brutality.  Taking a knee is socially accepted. (Bluebelle)
  • The world is generally more peaceful but there are still pockets of conflict.
  • Heard: “The president has abdicated but the Republicans have the seat. Not clear at this time who will fill it. Pence’s chances are negligible. There is a rearrangement of power.” (MaryEllen)
  • Electric cars developing and growing in numbers throughout the world. (Paula)
  • African Americans are feeling more empowered after the Trumps’ embrace and enabling of racism. (Bluebelle)
  • More people are finding spirituality and joyful. (Betty)
  • Swift changes in medicine. Possible cancer cured. (Carissa)
  • Love is more important now. (Muriel)
  • A global awareness of the oneness of mankind/womankind. Equality in all areas. (KZ)
  • Winds of change are coming, It’s about time, people are fed up. (Doris)
  • House of Representatives: Blue. Senate: Blue. Blue woman. Beautiful and strong and blue. (Paula)
  • Remote viewing: a white woman, with blond hair who is honest and has her heart in the right place. She looks like Kirsten Gillibrand, the senator from New York. Oprah Winfrey is supporting her and looks up to her. The woman is young but is determined. It’s all about learning to grow your own potatoes. (Paula)
  • We have had two years of revolution. Getting rid of the egotistical masculine aggressive energy and ending up with honest female energy, in men and women. (Paula)
  • Less income tax. (Betty)
  • Tea party gone. Republicans reinventing themselves. (Meg)
  • Ups and downs in the economy. Change in all spheres of our lives. Dynamic is the new normal. (Julie)
  • People can see more easily when politicians are lying to them. (Muriel)
  • People growing their own food.  Moving to the country. (Sally)
  • The tide has turned for the better. (Doris)
  • Kindness is the new norm. (KZ)
  • The way we use medicine changing. (Bernie)
  • Young people are more progressive and innovative. (Joy)
  • “Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Key on the pursuit of happiness. Happiness becomes a goal for more people. (Arianne)
  • We are being watched and helped by celestial beings who are very loving. (Doris)
  • We are seeing a new generation of beautiful children rising up on this planet, and going forth with bravery. (Jeanne)
  • Everything feels new. A day after a sun shower. Innocence. Children. (Debbie)
  • A new type of car revealed. (Bernie)
  • Major shift in power here, but Europe struggling. (Meg)
  • I smell and see roses. Things are turning. (Doris)
  • Another big push of new technologies. (Tim)
  • In a radically different place of consciousness. (Muriel)
  • There’s a movement of reaching toward the sky and expanding into space. I hear the Star Trek theme. (Ann)
  • New leader emerges. North Korea not happy. (Julie)
  • The new generation is leading the way for a new world. (Doris)
  • It’s a new beginning for the US. (Jim)
  • Western Australia, Warship, democracy, Australia, warship, democracy, fighting in the Indian Ocean. (Bright Opal)

Messages people received during this Read the Future event:

  • You can save your planet. You have the capacity to turn things around. (Bluebelle)
  • Fight the urge to go back into your corners. (Debbie)
  • Take care of the environment. Help your neighbor. (Meg)
  • We smile upon you. You are doing such great work. Don’t give up. We are with you. (Doris)
  • Be a Light to all. (KZ)
  • Don’t shut your doors. (Debbie)
  • Come together. There is much work to be done, and we cannot do it alone. (Julie)
  • Open your windows. (Debbie)
  • All will be ok. This was supposed to happen to learn. Be calm be positive. (Donna)
  • Help others to let go of the fear holding them down; driving them away. Reach in and help them out. We need to be out in hope together. (Kristen)
  • You will feel unprecedented closeness to your fellow light workers. (Jeanne)
  • Keep at it. Leave the negative behind. All is love. (Doris)
  • Just be. Respect ourselves and each other. Give yourselves and each other space to shine. (Muriel)
  • You will learn to love even those you have hated. (Jeanne)
  • Walk in the meadow. (Debbie)
  • I see an image of a sun with a triangle shaped compass over it. The world is what you make of it; how you sculpt it, and plan it out. (Arianne)
  • Work together and not against each other. You are in this life, on this planet, together. (Betty)
  • You are protected. We are here. (Doris)
  • Don’t fear. All will be right at the end. (Doris)
  • I see and feel a circle of arms and hear, “Love and embrace others. Tolerance.” (Ann)
  • Know that it all has purpose and direction. There is no us vs. them. We truly are all one, and when we come together in unity, love lights up the world. (Tim)
  • Plans are everything. Without good plans, the project won’t work. (Arianne)
  • Know that there is God. Worship God and carry forward an ever advancing civilization. (KZ)
  • This, too, shall pass. You are here for a reason. (Doris)
  • Know that anything is possible if we can imagine it (Muriel)
  • Lightworkers have made a difference; even if most of the world doesn’t know of our existence. (Bluebelle)
  • There is enough for everyone, know this truth. (Kristen)
  • There is a time for us. (Anne)
  • Supporting others. Sharing to survive and to thrive. This is a wonder time to be alive.  People are sharing. A new way to live is evolving. Enlightenment. (Sally)
  • The air will become thicker and more nourishing. Enjoy it. (Muriel)


For remainder of 2018:

  • See a small but meaningful movement back to political center. At the same time, see energy in progressive movement.  (Brian)
  • What we are going through is in part a purging and clearing of the negative. There is continued opening up and expansion of awareness. (Brian)Concern and medical care for children. (Brian)
  • What we are going through is in part a purging and clearing of the negative. There is continued opening up and expansion of awareness.  (Brian) 

August – September 2018

  • Manafort is guilty, but he’s not going to be found guilty on all counts. There is a juror who is honestly not certain of what is going on.  (Bright Opal) [This prediction was made a week before the jurors returned their verdict, in which one juror had held out so that he could not be found guilty on all counts.]
  • Brazil is coming back to mind, Northern east corner South America, it’s bright but at the same time it’s off. Things are looking as if everything is OK but it’s not. (Bright Opal)
  • I see some shadow moving towards Australia. Populist government?  Becoming our go-to guy for democracy.  (Bright Opal)

September 2018

  • Trump’s problems evolving quickly in September. Then in October changes will begin to take place.  (Bright Opal)
  • Women rising up more than ever, spirit guides helping them. More women will run for office than ever before and more women will win office than ever in U.S. history. (Jeanne Mayell)
    I see down the road, a women’s caucus in Congress, then later in the next decade a women’s G summit of international women leaders planning the future of the world, especially how to feed the world.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see angels with native feathers on their heads rising over the land. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The ancients know that great evil is afoot.  They swirl above the land and our country, protecting us. There will be surprises ahead. Good things will happen, too. Republicans who have been spineless will start speaking out against Trump.  Not every Republican is indebted to the Russians, but they are afraid of the power of the Trump voters.  They will resist the autocratic challenges that Trump throws down.  The ancients are moving across the land and changing hearts. Hearts that have been brainwashed will start to see reason.  (Bluebelle)
  • Significantly more people will begin to question Trump’s sanity. (Bright Opal)
  • Grace. Not by our own deeds, but by grace, our democracy will prevail.  I see irises, although they are not in season.  Signs of spring and renewal in the midst of approaching autumn. (Bluebelle)
  • The world is not worried about Americans; they are worried about a few within the government and mostly Trump. (Bright Opal)
  • Cohen flips.  He has no choice, really.  Roger Stone wants to flip.  He’s in serious danger of going to prison. (Bluebelle)  [Editor’s note, since this prediction was made, Manifort had his first set of convictions and is asking to make a deal with Mueller.]
  • Tornado:  very dark across the horizon high up in the sky and swirling. (Anon)
  • Vision of diverse animals gathering around a watering hole. This may mean that a shared and common interest brings us together. (Brian)
  • Hope and more concern for children in our collective.  Rocking horses. Children’s pencils sharpened. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People enjoying ice cream cones.  Common joys continue throughout the collective. (Jeanne Mayell)

October 2018

  • A small dry bouquet of flowers.  Represents small positive developments.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Something will happen this month that will energize people like never before. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A map of the U.S. with an elephant lumbering along over it . They control the country.  They run the show.  But they are clumsy and will lose power. Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump is raging, raging.  It’s clear to everyone that he’s losing his mind.  He makes very little sense.  (Bluebelle)
  • Trump’s problems evolving very quickly in September but it’s in October that the real changes will happen. Congress will start doing something only in December – which will be good not only for the country but for the world.(Bright Opal)
  • Quebec election: Legault will win but he’s not ready.  (Bright Opal)  Hit: Legault won.

 November 2018

  • There is an enormous outcry across the nation as Dems surge to the polls.  There’s never been anything like this turnout before.  The blue wave is real. Blue House.  I just see blue.  Something has happened in October that makes voting imperative.  People who never vote decide they must.  Huge turnout.  (Bluebelle)
  • I ask my cards to see the color of the House of Representatives after the Midterms and got the Star Card in the Thoth deck which is more blue but also some purple and is a message of hope and optimism. It also means that the spirits from beyond the earth are helping.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Cold, rainy days in Washington.  White House staffers leaving in droves.  Rats abandoning ship.  (Bluebelle)
  • Two heads together – men with red faces, who are plotting, conferring. Red stands for Republican, Russian. I got the sense these men were stressed and making unprecedented decisions to do something drastic.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • For November I see a map of the U.S. with California dominant. The events in California will be felt in this country.  I see so much fire and red and a lot of intensity and resolve. Californians will make a big stand. They have had enough.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Midtermelections:  Color is Purple (combination of blue and red).  Lots of Republicans will lose, Kinzinger being one of them. Of those Republicans who win, many of whom were honest when first elected, are now crooked. (Bright Opal)
  • Also on midterm elections:  Diagonal line southeastern to northwestern, dark line divides the country in three. Southwest and northeast in the Democrats, the middle in the Republican.  The Republican section is in the greyish dark, due to dissatisfaction with the state of affairs.  Canada is in the light, sticking to its guns.  (Bright Opal)
  • House of Representatives is red in November and Blue in January. (Anon)
  • Regarding Trump: Congress will start taking action only in December, which will be good not only for the country but for the world.  (Bright Opal)
  • God is telling our community that he is proud of us – He smiles down on us – We are making a difference.  (Bright Opal)
  • A time of celebration and hope.  I see a turtle which represents slowing down and calming down. People are calming down.  The turtle is a sacred symbol of change. The ancient Hindus believed the world was being carried by a tortoise.  So this image is a message that we are progressing and moving forward all in good timing. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I need more air, something is wrong with the air. It’s stuffy, heavy air.  (Bright Opal)


Whole Year:

  • Lightening striking and cleansing. It’s going to be a cleansing, defining year. I see a man with bandaged head blowing a trumpet.  He’s alerting people to begin a big change. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • See a symbol of a shaman showing way to a more expanded and cosmic consciousness. (Brian)
  • Storm clouds across the country, but above the clouds are angels, angels with power to protect out country.  (Bluebelle)
  • The families and the children who were separated at the border in 2018, pursue legal action against the US government.  (Anon)

January 2019

  • It’s quiet.  The government turns over to the Dems.  (Bluebelle)
  • I am feeling so hopeful.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • January is bright; things are getting brighter because things are moving more and more in the right direction. (Bright Opal)

February 2019

  • Someone getting married prominent family in US, past president’s family member.  (Bright Opal)

March 2019

  • It’s orderly and businesslike.  Little fanfare, just the business at hand of correcting the excesses. (Bluebelle)
  • Cold weather.  (Anon)
  • Greenland is losing ice.  A big iceberg is moving south. Could be due to the poles shifting.  (Bright Opal)
  • Boy Scouts in the news.  Bluebelle)
  • I see three women and a winged horse.  It’s Pegasus. It’s an act on a stage but it’s symbolic of the rising spirituality in our collective. (Jeanne Mayell)

April 2019

  • There’s a backlash against the US because of our tariff policies.    The economy suffers.  Plants close. (Bluebelle)
  • I see light southeastern edge of South America moving towards Antarctica light, there is too much light but that’s nice.  (Bright Opal)
  • I see a man with a white beard and a top hat. It’s Uncle Sam. I see the president in the form of a lion kissing a woman. More is revealed about the president’s unwanted advances towards women. (Jeanne Mayell)

May 2019

  • In the Midwest, I see water spigots going dry.  More places are running out of water and also polluted water coming out of spigots in people’s homes. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The economy slows even more.  There’s some panic.  Loss of jobs. (Bluebelle)
  • Populist movement in southern hemisphere around Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand.  (Bright Opal)
  • Putin doesn’t know where to go or what to do.  (Bright Opal)

June 2019

  • Mueller brings more indictments.  Trump’s family members are targeted.  (Bluebelle)
  • Melania falling apart.  Her hair may be falling out.  She’s gotten so skinny, and frazzled.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • France, Gaulle, close to Belgium a tunnel is crashing, many victims, I want to say it’s the tunnel in the channel between GB and France.  (Bright Opal)

July 2019

  •  The world goes on.  I see lions being herded. A cowboy in trouble about this. This may refer to White Nationalists facing greater adversity now.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Race cars in the news.  (Bluebelle)

August 2019

  • Alien in the news.  An ET type figure.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Donald Trump Jr. is arrested.  (Bluebelle)

September 2019

  • Norway’s leaders are scared; Putin doesn’t know what to do.  (Bright Opal)
  • There is something going on close to Greenland.  (Bright Opal)
  • I’ve noticed Greenland coming up a lot in my visions since January.
  • Arctic circle – Norway, Russia, Greenland, oil spill and I’m seeing that Putin doesn’t know what to do.  (Bright Opal)

October 2019

  • Military is showing off its weapons. (Jeanne Mayell)

September 2019:  -December, 2019.

  •  It’s very solemn in Washington.  More corruption is exposed.  (Bluebelle)

December 2019

  • The end of December is bright and things are looking good.  (Bright Opal)
  • Trump: Mueller will get his man. (I don’t know the time frame, I think it is earlier than 2020).  (Bright Opal)


  • I see Trump holding an empty bag. The bottom of the bag has fallen out.
  • An arrow through a heart – people kissing, love reining supreme. I see a couple marrying – he’s in uniform. symbolic of the importance of love.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Bright and nice.  (Bright Opal)
  • Mueller will get his man, i.e. Trump (I don’t know the time frame, I think it is earlier than 2020).  (Bright Opal)
  • People are so bloody tired of politics.  Everyone groans when the subject comes up.  People are not so blinded by Fox News.  (Bluebelle)

2020-2030 The Decade

  • We will be okay.  We are going to be changing.  It will be like WWII in all the changes, rationing, ups and downs but we will be okay. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A hot sun. (Climate change.)  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see broader hats to shelter us from the sun, more farming, more earth consciousness. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The decade is going to be about love and love of each other and family and a huge revolution of love.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Not so much interest in wars or federal government. more local initiation.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • By 2028, the excesses and corruption of the government are over. There’s been a shift in demographics. The U.S. is much more diverse and diversity is the norm now.    (Bluebelle)
  • The Arctic Circle will be a focus in the news.  I saw it so bright, I could only see bright.  (Bright Opal)
  • Also saw something about the Arctic Circle, but didn’t know what it meant.  (Bluebelle)
  • The Arctic Circle will transform completely in the next decade. The snow will all be melted and it will have a hot sun.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • For the next decade,  I saw a train on a pulley, two wheels coming together, like pulley wheels.  There will be  innovation in locomotion.  (Gracesinger)
  • Things are coming around for the world.  (Bright Opal)
  • Lots of desert, when looking at the earth from space, where we used to see green forest is now like a desert, mostly in Africa.  (Bright Opal)


Part 1: During meditation, I asked meditators to listen for a message from spirit.  They sent me these messages which I divided into three groups:

  1. You are loved. Be true to your Self.  Be brave.
  • You are okay. You are enough. Keep going. Be brave. You will be glad. “Is the world going to be okay?” I asked.  She replies, “Yes. There will be a wave that will go through the earth and across the land. It will shift the collective. But the people will prevail.” When I heard this message, I thought of the song and music video, “Brave,” by Sarah Bareillis.  It is a message to be your self, be who you really are inside. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The Universe is a safe place; be brave. (Rayna)
  • You are love. You are joy. Right now. Peace. (Stacie)
  • The angel sees people who want to be loved. Everyone has a deep longing to be loved and love in return. She sees a great yearning for love. (Bluebelle)
  • You are loved, supported, protected, will see you through this, hang on, we are here. Keep driving, don’t give up, follow the light, go higher, raise your vibration, meditation, go into nature because it is good for your soul, reconnect with the land, ground yourself, let your spirit rise, let it sing. (Doris)
  • Relax, and all will be well in the end. As long as you keep holding space for Love, Light, and Kindness your dreams, and accomplishments will come true. (Carson)
  • The angel sees an explosion and then a contraction of good and evil as one ebbs and the other flows. She is encouraging the good in all of us, and in each nation, to expand like lungs when they take in air.  As the evil rises up, the good will ride it to a new level for us all. (Andrew)
  • You are loved, supported, protected, will see you through this, hang on, we are here. Keep driving, don’t give up, follow the light, go higher, raise your vibration, meditation, go into nature because it is good for your soul, reconnect with the land, ground yourself, let your spirit rise, let it sing. (Doris)
  • There is nothing to fear for I am with you and you are well loved. The world is full of lovely beings. You are all so bright and beautiful. You are all similar, so You shimmer like fire flies on a summer night. (Luminata)
  • I see a hand with a colorful set of balloons. (Arianne)
  • “You already know what is going on with the planet. The world is heating up.” My spirit shows me a vision I understand, of a black dog (my dog is black and she means everything to me) shaking off her parasites, ticks and fleas, who live off her and make her ill. She shakes them all off violently. The only organisms that stay on my dog are her gut bacteria that work together with her and help her digest her food and keep her healthy.  (Paula)
  • You have to adapt and change, also biologically to cope physically with the heat and food changes. Change your gut. No more Western diet.” (Paula)
  • Whatever you see, feel. It is good. (Jeanne Mayell)

2. Connect with the earth, with the ancients, and with each other

  • Listen to the songs of the ancient ones. They will give some answers we need to hear. Dance the dances of the ancient ones. Pray for Mother Earth. She needs it now. She needs to know you care. Community will rise naturally. You don’t need to make it happen. It will unfold. (Karen)
  • Look inward first and then to others. We return to our centers and together we are stronger. We are resilient when we are together. (Julie K)
  • The human race is beginning to move to a higher more unified consciousness through the process of natural disasters. Within a few years we will all share ways to improve life on earth for everyone. There will be suffering before we reach that time. Stay grounded through the changes occurring on earth and in our conscious awareness. (Ann)

3. Go do the work

  • Continue down the path you are on. (Mary Lo)
  • Go do the work. Keep going. (Kelly)
  • The message from the angel is to move forward. (Adrianne)
  • Take the time to nurture yourself. Plant seeds for the future. (Shelley)
  • Cleanse your hearts. (Bar)
  • Know that hardships serve a positive purpose. (Audree)
  • I see solar flares, dark horizons, North American brown bear, and division of the earth on the east coast from east to west. (Cheryl)
  • We can’t just sit back and think someone else is going to take care of us. Embrace the change. (Rebecca)
  • Believe in what you can’t see. Let go of what you have. Stop doubting yourself. There is much suffering and there is work for all of us to do. Now is not the time to lose your head or your heart. Now is what we have all been waiting for.  Now is the time before it all gets better. (Andrew)
  • I see visions of an angel in Israel, South America, Turkey and California. (Kelly)
  • The angel sees the world spinning too fast, and all the animals with it. She wishes for us to stop this race.  (Andrew)

May 2018 – Positive Visions – shows the seeds being planted and the direction we are headed

  • Hearts opening. Voices rising. (Bar)
  • Eureka, someone is shouting. Hitting a jackpot. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Cherry blossoms symbolize more people are waking up. (Christina)
  • Lots of gatherings. It is a more relaxed time. (Julie K)
  • White petticoats. Lively fun. Blossoms blooming, flower energy. The power of the flower, so light and delicate, is the beginning of the seeds of the future. (Karen)
  • Millions are awakening like spring flowers, they want guidance. This is for May-June. (Howard)
  • Peaceful Protest including black clergy and church members singing “We Shall Overcome.” (Stacie)
  • Building and planning for the future in progress. Many new sturdier bridges and earthquake-safe buildings, Elon Musk tubes, high speed trains for land across/under land or water and hands across land and seas between people and nations. Leaders coming together more than before, at least trying to work together for our world, especially in North and South Korea. (Michele)
  • Symbols of power, birth, death and rebirth, represented by little Prince Louis, by Prince Philip and John McCain’s decline/and their deaths as foreshadowing of the decline of royalty, changes in power. (Michele)
  • The marriage of Harry and Megan and the joy and hope for the future are all huge symbols of the changes to come as we face major life changes, Love is stronger than hatred and will persevere when all else is gone. (Michele)
  • Spring is coming to Boston where the mood is lighter. I see college students outside in Boston. Celebrating. Protesting. Feeling alive and vibrant. In Cambridge, I see lots of students celebrating. (Bluebelle)
  • Birds everywhere happy songs. Graduations new beginnings. (Luminata)
  • Flowers blossoming after a rain. (Bin)

May 2018 – U.S.

  • I see a pyramid with an eye, like on a dollar bill. It’s the eye of Provenance.  Then I see images of Italy on the map and of Big Ben in London and am thinking that something is going to happen involving Brexit negotiations. (Arianne)  On May 29, the financial markets dropped sharply due to Italy’s political crisis in which there are fears that Italy will withdraw from the EU, similar to Brexit. 
  • War is coming. (Alisa)
  • Military planes buzzing overhead. Not in the U.S. I see a grey sky.  People die.  Shouting. Bombs. Tan camouflage uniforms. (May to December) (Stacie)
  • Decisions are now being made which makes some more comfortable and others not. Some hard-core followers of Trump are starting to waiver in their support. (Wayne)  Child separation policy shocks and offends people on both sides of the aisle.
  • The big pharmacies are beginning to be held accountable. (Wayne)
  • Selfish, greedy people at the top trying to squeeze out even more for themselves at the expense of the poor, disabled, and children. (Julie K)  While tax cut gave 90% to the wealthiest, Trump now cutting housing for poor and lower middle income, education, healthcare.  
  • The pace of the news cycles continues to be so fast that they can’t keep up. (Julie K)  Trump’s shifts on North Korea, health care, his version of Don Jr. meeting, and other changes in the “truth” speeds upon the news cycle. Also two major volcanos in the West. 
  • I see people in houses, with picket fences, subdivisions around the country. I sense that people just want to be loved and have community.  People are inherently good. (Jeanne Mayell)  This vision occurred together with the next one as a part of the American dream that many Central American immigrants are hoping to achieve.
  • I see children behind barriers, being held. There are fences they have to look through. They also only want to love. They only want to belong. They only want to breath freely. (Jeanne Mayell) Trump cages and locks away very young immigrant children.  1,000 kept in a Texas former Walmart box building. No outsiders allowed to view the conditions. 
  • I sense heart trouble for Trump. (Adrianne)
  • Trump is getting sicker and breaking more from reality. (Ann)
  • Trump is hiding. (John T)
  • The US is tired. Even though it’s springtime and all is new. People are tired of drama and conflict and ready for normalcy and peace. Corruption is rampant. People are aware of it. Some are in denial but the majority is becoming more aware.  (Bluebelle)
  • I see the freeway and am reminded that the rat race continues unabated for now. (Sarah)
  • An increased focus on privacy as breach after breach happens. New solutions are coming. (Julie K)  Europe passes strict privacy laws that all international websites must follow by May 31. Explosion of privacy notices emerge in people’s in-boxes.
  • Eruptions and dissent increase especially over immigration issues and at worldwide borders of exclusion. (Michele)  Internment of immigrant children under age 12 reaches barbaric proportions. Public and democrats are alarmed and outraged. 
  • John Boehner in the news. I see prayer and a rosary. (Karen) In an interview, the former Speaker says the GOP is taking a nap somewhere, and his pivotal moment was meeting the Pope. 
  • FBI moves forward, more conflict in the news. (Andrew)  Judge orders Cohen lawyers to complete their review of seized documents by June 15. Manafort indicts Russian nationals in a strategy to keep investigation open even if Trump pardons his staffers.  (The public will never allow him to pardon the Russian nationals). 
  • High school football tragedy. Someone gets a broken neck, very sad.  (Andrew)
  • Visual of a Swastika. Based on the way it was pointing, it’s a Nazi Swastika, not an Indian/Aryan Swastika. (Arianne)  Vandal paints Swastikas on 200 veterans’ graves in Illinois on May 27.
  • Military in the countryside. They might harm some young people (teenagers and early 20’s). (Stacie)  ICE goes after people aggressively.
  • I see large ships coming from another country to the U.S. I can’t tell if they are battleships or ocean liners. (Mary Lo)
  • I see the movie, The Post, which is about the newspaper the Washington Post releasing hidden Pentagon documents that revealed massive government wrong-doing.  I expect more revelations about political scandals. (Rayna)  Mueller  probe revealing more scandals. 
  • Ivanka standing on a desolate plane. (Luminata)
  • Sunset meeting of army intelligence in the desert. (Luminata)

Congress/Politics (May 2018)

  • Mueller makes another arrest/indictment. (Bluebelle)  Indictments piling up. 
  • Trump-Melania conflict more apparent (Rayna)  Melania hospitalized then disappears from public for weeks. 
  • Stormy Daniels has an accident. Maybe it wasn’t an accident. A car involved. (Bluebelle)   Not Stormy Daniels, but in June, a female political figure (Kate Arrington) made news when she beat a GOP- opponent (Sanford) in the S.C. primary after Trump disparaged her opponent.  Two weeks later, she was seriously injured in a car accident.
  • My ears hurt there is a feeling a rising rage among the progressive population, and also on the other side. I keep hearing the words, “We call B.S.!” (Jeanne Mayell)  This vision/prediction, as well as the next four, are about the public outrage against Trump’s child separation ban.
  • There is a growing public resentment of government. (Andrew)
  • Members of Congress going back and forth across the aisle, something unexpected has happened and they are trying to deal with it. Seems like something positive for the Democrats. (Mary Lo)
  • Bad events in the South. Clashes, public violence in Texas but further south as well. (Luminata)
  • Democrats getting ready for Midterms. (Sarah)
  • The Democrats believe they are winning. (Jeanne Mayell)

International  (May 2018)

  • I see a bright light around the North Korea and Russia border moving into Russia.. It’s a positive development. Kim Jong Un is as opened as he’s ever going to be. (Bright Opal)
  • War is coming. (Alissa)
  • Iran deal does not fall apart. The world holds it together. (Ann)   [Note: this is interesting, given that Trump has reneged on the Iran deal, but we’ve seen predictions that the EU will try to fix it.]
  • North and South Koreas will be more peaceful toward each other. (Howard)
  • Turkey comes on the scene in the Middle East and stirs it up. (Luminata)
  • I keep going back to NK, and continue to believe Russia is mixed up into this whole opening of North Korea to the world. Kim Jong Un smiles, satisfied with himself. I see a link between Pyongyang to somewhere South South East of it in South Korea where there is a bright light. (Bright Opal) 
  • Hunger continues in Venezuela. (Sarah W)  Venezuela in the news in June when Supreme Court accept Trump’s third version of an immigration ban by adding Venezuela to a list of banned Muslim countries. 
  • Children suffering from poverty throughout the southern hemisphere. (Grace)  Immigration controversy shines light on the plight of immigrant children.
  • I see a mountain avalanche of rock, and a rare bird falling out of the sky. (Cheryl)
  • I see Italy on the map. It reminds me that great civilizations fall. (Arianne) I also see a building that looks like Big Ben and it reminds me that Brexit negotiations will be in the news again soon. (Arianne)  Italian political crisis (a nationalism surge) causes markets to plunge.
  • I see a puppy for the royal family (Donna)
  • Good news in Brazil and Argentina. There is the birth of a baby. There is good news in India. There is a development in terms of human rights, and advances in that area that were previously unheard of. (Andrew)
  • I see the Taj Mahal which signifies love. (Arianne) This prediction came true a week after it was made: In the news – the Taj Mahal is turning green due to pollution.
  • The population is opening up, and not so gullible. It is starting to doubt what is being said in the media and elsewhere. (Doris)  Trump and his lawyers reverse themselves on important collusion story. First they say Trump weighed in on Trump Tower Russian agent meeting during the campaign , the they deny it.
    • There is consciousness rising, naivety is being lost in a lot of people.  (Doris) 
  • Flowers blooming, youth coming up, there is a lot of cooperation like working together for the good of others. This may be behind the scenes or not being reported in the mainstream news but it is happening nonetheless.
  • Environmental consciousness is rising among not just the youth but people of all ages. This is starting to make a difference even though it may be small steps. (Doris)

Climate/Earth (May 2018)

  • US farming not doing as well. (Donna)  Trump’s tariffs hurting farmers.
  • I see a dark silhouette of a tree. The bushy “top” of the tree is round, like an apple tree in shape. (Arianne) Note: this vision may involve news that is coming about fruit trees, especially apple trees, that are suffering from climate change.
  • Climate change, polar ice cap melting. People are scrambling, trying to help each other out. (Alisa)
  • Monkeys are getting sick. There is illness in jungle (Donna)  Ebola strain outbreak in Africa.
  • I feel anxiety in the collective mixed with wildfires across the forests. (Carson)
  • Raging wildfires out west, hitting hard on national parks. (Carson)
  • People in California getting their animals on trucks, etc. to get away from fires. (Mary Lo) Not California but Colorado.
  • I am seeing a huge black dust storm across the Midwest. (Liz)
  • Something is opening up and the water is flooding a town very slowly. The water is smooth, the people are canoeing on it. (Karen)
  • I see the importance of a mosquito in the news. (Grace S) Tick and Mosquito-borne illness on the rise in U.S. 
  • I see mud-encrusted rocks with water bursting forth. (Karen)
  • Increasingly young people are successfully suing the government for failure to do something about climate change. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Oceans in need. (Rayna)
  • Livestock break through – there is some cute sort of animal that’s born. (Andrew)
  • Nuclear contamination in the Western US. (Mary Lo)
  • Finally, we have beautiful weather on the east coast, good for crops, and lots of healthy rain. (Jeanne Mayell) As of June 6, this has come true.
  • More sun in the Northeast in May. Warming and lighter energy. (Ann)  June weather is sunny and clear. 
  • This spring is bringing forth a new vibration. It is in the flowers. The Sun is harsh, and the heat is hard on the grass, but the insects will do well. Some places have too much water, others not enough. (Karen)
  • Tightness in the grass. This refers to grassroots. (Karen)  Huge protests and activism due to the child separation policy.
  • More lava fire in Hawaii and then another volcano soon to erupt. A volcano in Italy, and Yellowstone rumblings. These worldwide volcanoes are connected to each other.  People become more interested in fault lines this summer, in volcanoes, cracking earth, earthquakes, and tsunamis. (Christina)  Hawaii volcano worsens and then Guatemala volcano erupts.
  • I am seeing Trump as Donald Duck. I’m seeing the feet of a dock, and the tracks of a duck in mud. The investigation continues in examining his footprints.  He’s left a lot of tracks. And he is covered in mud, which he cannot get off of himself. There is some significance in his clothing and the tracks.  There may be DNA testing involved as well. (Christina)
  • The first thing I see is a horse race in the news. An injury. (Wayne)
  • I see a graph that dips, either the economy, or housing or the markets take a dip by month’s end. It is related to China. (Wayne)   This vision in part involves market reaction to Trump’s tariff war, as Harley Davidson announces it will move production overseas to avoid tariffs imposed on U.S. goods in response to Trump’s new policy.
  • I see grey clouds moving in. I see grey, naval ships on the move. I don’t know from which country they are from but they are military ships.  There is a blockade stemming form a political disagreement. I feel it is in the Middle East but could also be in the Pacific region with China. (Doris)

June 2018

Positive – Shows the seeds being planted and the direction we are headed

  • A rise of feminine energy. The Cosby verdict gives positive feedback to #MeToo.
  • A lot of shuffling in the Middle East. So much misery but some higher power at work. (Rayna)
  • A chorus of voices heard as one. (Julie)  Widespread revulsion to Trump’s child separation policy.
  • A supermarket is reaching out to poor neighborhoods to give them food. (Karen)
  • Swallows or some kind of birds are circling the sky, a giant cloud of birds. Eventually they land and sing in a positive expression. It makes me think of the phrase, “Chickens coming home to roost,” meaning consequences will be felt. (Wayne)
  • I see lots of birds. (Liz
  • Positivity in the Boston area. People on the move rallying and protesting for change. (Ann) Immigration rally.
  • A bridge crossed in June. Humanity has reached a positive milestone. (Shelley)  Charitable activism on the rise in response to child separation policy.
  • The news is less crazy. Welcome relief. (Rayna)
  • Rising tides, excitement, there is some joy in that I hear the laughter of children released. (Andrew)  Refers to child separation ban and the efforts to reunite families. 
  • Together. United. I see kids on a merry-go-round. (Stacie)  Refers to child separation ban and efforts to reunite families. 
  • Farming – vast green fields of bountiful corn, then fast forward to
    harvest time where people are laughing, celebrating, and dancing in the fields.(Luminata)
  • I see a love clinic. People are starting to see love as medicine. (Christina)
  • I see a room full of owls. It is a gathering in other dimensions of groups seeking wisdom and solutions that can be shared with us on earth. They see our group as productive and positive and would like to help seed ideas to create a better future. So people take heart and be brave. (Wayne)


  • Some progress with gun control. (Andrew) Public health expert and gun lobbyist agree that in Utah higher suicides were caused by availability of guns in the home. 
  • I see another special race for Congress. A Democrat wins. (Jeanne Mayell) Not Congress, but state legislative race in Mo.
  • Trump is furious with Mueller again.(Lorie/Bluebelle)
  • I hear the words, “Guess who is coming to visit?” (Julie)  This could be about Kim Jung Un being invited. 
  • Secrets being revealed about the CIA. (Shelley)
  • I see a scene from what seems like a war zone. A woman is being pulled out of a manhole. People are lying in the street. (Jeanne)  Quatemala volcano. 
  • Children are laughing in the Midwest, there is cheering, there is a national title, there is a young girl and she’s a real hero. There is also news about corn in the Midwest. (Andrew)
  • Trump has his cabinet and is using it.  He is striking back against the press at unprecedented levels. (Luminata)  DOJ hacks phone records of NY Times reporter and indicts former Senate Intelligence staffer on leaks. 


  • I see a group of people crowded into a rickety boat, they are close to shore in shallow water about to take off on a journey, but their boat is too crowded and and not seaworthy. They are immigrants trying to escape to a better place. (Jeanne Mayell)  112 people perish as largest immigrant boat disaster takes place in the Mediteranean Sea on Sunday June 3.
  • Something is settling in and coming together. It is the completion of a movement. The world is working hard, even frantically, to meet a deadline. I felt this was Europe or the EU working behind the scenes to help the Korean talks and the Middle East. (Doris)
  • The word “Cataclysmic” comes to mind.   Kim Jung-un is laughing. “Got you”. “I win.” He knew all along that he would win over the U.S. (Doris)
  • Significant military action in the Middle East. The main contenders are Iran on one side, Israel and the US on the other. The main battlefield is Syria. Some action over Iranian territory as well. (Maria White)
  • Military incident in Syria involving Russian forces, Israeli forces and drones that sparks a serious diplomatic crisis. (Maria White)
  • In North Korea talks, the US rejects proposal that is acceptable to both Koreas and China. (Maria White)
  • Kim Jong Un is excited about his talks with South Korea. Not sure about Trump. (Bluebelle)  This is part of the ongoing roller coaster with NK where Trump is naively enabling the NK leader. 
  • Rio de Janeiro in the news, something big happens there. (Michele)
  • I see a train wreck, possibly in Germany or Austria, and a terrible bicycle accident makes the news. (Michele)
  • I am seeing sand storms in Africa, and seas of starving people. I am seeing hordes of people and animals migrating across Africa. I see the sins of government, the sins of leadership, coming to bear. (Andrew)
  • People dying in Israel. (Christina)
  • There may be an issue with the G7 meeting scheduled in early June in Charlevoix (Quebec, Canada). (Bright Opal)  Leaders oppose and isolate Trump. Then Trump tries to bring Russia into this group, ever kowtowing to Putin. 


  • Northern Europe. The heat is rising. Adapting to the weather. We are listening to the scientific weather channel that issues alarm codes to warn us (green, yellow, orange and red) and taking it seriously. No joke. Taking the rainstorms seriously. (Paula)
  • I see dark clouds. It’s a sign of severe tornado weather for this time. (Bar)
  • Tornadoes in the news. (Shelly)
  • Unusual activity of jellyfish in the news or large death of jellies.   (Christina)
  • Something of significance found in the ocean that makes the news. (Christina)
  • More volcanic activity. More lava. More heat. (Christina)   Quatemala earthquake kills hundreds. 

July 2018

Positive (July 2018) – shows the direction we are headed

  • More women rising, the women’s movement has catapulted forward. It is here to stay. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see more growth in city gardens, especially Detroit. (Karen) Urban farms now grow one-fifth of world food.For profit city gardens growing in Cleveland. 
  • I see a white picket fence around a pasture. The community, including the children, is building it together. (Karen)  The Growth of Urban Gardens.
  • Kids playing and running in the sunshine. (Stacie)
  • I see music playing and people singing. (Bar)
  • Some countries in Europe are working together, cooperating, behind the scene. There is something happening concerning Hungary’s election results; many are trying to defeat right wing ideologies. (Doris)
  • In Europe: The sun is really shining. People’s spirit rise. Good crops. People adapt to the rains and rising rivers. Vegan festivals on the rise. The Vegetarian Butcher (Dutch company) is on the rise not only in organics- biological stores but also in mainstream stores. Came true in July as predicted. Climate skeptics are seeing that climate change is real. The rivers are rising, but people get together, government of northern Europe are meeting to look for ways to help the economy adapt to more rains and rising rivers. (Paula)


  • Distress in America at same time as independence celebrations. (Howard)
  • Fourth of July is different this year. I see some parades are for truth. I see a revolutionary parade with people dressed as colonists and crying liberty from Trump and GOP lies. So many protests! (Jeanne Mayell)  Massive protests July 2  in every state on Immigration ban and child separation policy.
  • Tensions brewing in the collective. (Shelley)  Widespread protests in every state on July 2.
  • Lots of major energy eruptions and disruptions. Power failures, anger thrusting outward shutting things down emotionally and physically. Big fight for power and control over differences of opinion and legalities. (Michele)
  • I see the Pyramid with the Eye of Provenance that is displayed on the dollar bill. However, there is a split, so the top is disconnected from the rest. (Arianne) [Editor note: This is not a good sign for the economy and the state of the world.]  Market drop in June from Trump tariffs.
  • I see aggressive police during a peaceful protest. (Stacie)  July 2 protests in every state.
  • People are voicing their displeasure with government protests loud and clear. (Luminata)  July 2 protests in every state.
  • Congregation in Texas, a big barbeque celebration. (Luminata)

Congress/Politics (July 2018) 

  • Congress sings karaoke. (Bluebelle)
  • More trouble in Congress: another corruption comes to light. (Luminata)
  • Significant hearings in the news. (Donna)  GOP attacks Rosenstein and another FBI official in hearings. 
  • A settlement is reached between Kim Jong Un and US. Trump is delighted and obnoxious. It’s not real. (Bluebelle)  This prediction fits Trump’s trip to NK and claim of an accord which happens to be much less of a NK concession than NK had previously signed and breached.
  • Trump yelling at someone. He is under so much pressure. (Julie K)
  • Trump or his spokesperson coming to the microphone to announce something of a surprise. (Mary Lo)  Trump reverses child separation policy.
  • New revelations about Trump. He’s apoplectic with anger. (Bluebelle)
  • Mueller is winning. Much information comes out from Manafort trial. (Luminata)

International (July 2018)

  • Trade wars with U.S. erupt:
    • I see everything is going well in China and neighboring countries. Then moving eastward, towards Europe, it gets darker and darker.  It’s really dark and not good at all. 
    • The US is in the dark as well, Canada is ok.  There is a well defined, fat, dark, sharp, stark line separating the two countries.  It is very very very dark!  It has to do with free trade!  (Bright Opal)
    • It’s like the US is invading Canada but we are able to stop them because of Trudeau’s determination.  It’s like Canada fights the US with light.  I can see dark against the light.  It has to do with the economy.  Very cold relationship between the two countries.  Trudeau has had enough! He will stand his ground. (Bright Opal)
  • In the U.N. China and Russia give a strongly worded warning to the U.S., saying they won’t tolerate the US stance towards both Iran and North Korea. (Maria White)
  • Frantic diplomatic activity to prevent conflict between Russia and U.S., led by E.U. countries. (Maria White)
  • Turkey declares that it will leave NATO. (Maria White)
  • India percolating. (Rayna)
  • North and South Korea are harmonious finally coming together. (Luminata)
  • Houses burned in areas of disaster due to earth shifting. (Christina)
  • It looks like there is a party in the streets of Brazil and the other countries surrounding it. Women dressed and dancing as if there is a carnival.  It looks happy, but I feel something dark going on in the back streets unknown to everyone.  (Bright Opal)
  • There are tense negotiations going on. Trudeau knows the decision with the oil pipeline is not good but felt he had no choice in the matter. (This has to do with the Kinder Morgan pipeline controversy between Alberta and British Columbia).  It’s politics and he had to play the game. He hopes the courts will decide against it so that the situation becomes out of his control. (Doris)

Climate/Earth (July 2018)

  • Weather is extremely hot, and Africa is on fire. Australia also very hot, and there is climate trouble in Cape Town, South Africa. (Andrew)
  • Hot sun, sprinklers, a beetle or grasshopper in news for feeding people. (Karen)
  • Permaculture is on the rise. People are growing their own food everywhere. (Shelley)
  • People having fun with big wheel races along beaches or roads. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trees in the news, and the need to care for them. (Shelley)
  • Record heat. (Christina)
  • July is so hot that some people will not make it in Delhi. (Karen)
  • There is something happening in the heavens; a new star or a comet. (Andrew)
  • I see clouds surrounding the Earth. They are darker toward the Earth and lighter as they move up. There is sun and there is the feeling the sun can come through. I see the seas where huge waves are crashing on a shoreline making a very loud surf sound. (Mary Lo)
  • I see a fire in the West, posing serious problems in California, and a possible earthquake. (Luminata)
  • Clouds merging together to form monster clouds, then pouring out rain, flooding in parts of US, especially Texas and the Southeast. In the U.S., people have either too much or too little water. In Asian countries too, especially Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, and Japan. (Christina)
  • I feel the earth shaking and sense volcanoes are on the rise. (Christina)  Guatemala earthquake spews new lava and buries a village in early July.

August 2018

Positive – these show the seeds being planted and the direction we are headed

  • Lights coming on and seeking to reach out into the darkness. Candles being lit everywhere as signs of hope, children’s’ voices raised up, begin to lead us by examples around in the world. I see a giant angelic or other worldly presence over us. Wings unfurled and spreading protection and guidance. (Michele)
  • Our world (The planetary consciousness) is moving on to newer vibrations and a portion of the population will move with it while another portion will not. (Wayne)


  • Wall Street feels off. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • An angel says everything is happening according to schedule. It’s a plan and it’s going to be okay but we have to go through some tough times. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Tensions increasing. Financial worries on the rise. (Rayna)
  • Increasing financial worries among the masses. Polarization between the haves and the have-nots. (Michele)
  • Heated feeling in the collective, not just the weather. (Anita)
  • Sean Hannity really defending himself, waving his hands and arms wildly. (Mary Lo)
  • Plane flying backwards. (Grace)
  • I see the month dark on the calendar. (Stacie)
  • UFO sighting witnessed by many people in Washington State and the area just north of Washington State in Canada—Alberta/British Columbia. (Audree)
  • Death of an important patriarch. (Andrew)
  • The heat is increasing and there are storms again in the South and the tropics. (Andrew)
  • I see high tides and race troubles in Portland, Oregon. (Andrew)
  • Something in the sky that causes concern. It might be missiles, but the smoke is in a rainbow shape and I am not sure what this means. Objects are being fired off from earth upwards and then they come back down on us. We hurt ourselves. (Christina)


  • South African drought worsens. Dire straits. Running out of water. (Bluebelle)
  • I see the Sphinx. Something happens in Egypt, involving a change of Government. (Shelley)
  • Bangkok is in the news. (Arianne)
  • Also in the news: I see a castle on a mountain. (Arianne)
  • Serious trouble in the Middle East. Israel is attacking the Libyan border. (Luminata)
  • August to December: First nations from Manitoba and Saskatchewan are rallying about test results, moving towards the U.S. like a funnel.Looks like they are going to North and South Dakota.  It’s about the pipeline.  (Bright Opal)
  • I hear “Guns of war.” There is a war looming and a preparation for war. I feel this is in the Middle East.  I see roses and guns. I have no idea what this means or where it is. I hear the rumbling sound of tanks moving in the desert and dusty place. I keep seeing the Middle East. (Doris)

September 2018

  • I see schools barricaded. Colleges are going to become hotbeds of dissent. Like the 1960’s. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I hear a white noise sound.  A sonar sound coming from a submarine.  I feel the submarine may be waiting to detect something. I can’t tell where it is but I feel it is Russian. It is looking for something in the Atlantic Ocean. (Doris)
  • Stock market is volatile. People are anxious, but not full panic. Yet. (Bluebelle)
  • Change is happening in the financial world. (Shelley)
  • Huge news starting to pour out many more involved in Russia investigation, many Republicans who were protecting Trump knew things. (Donna)
  • It is calmer than August, but Putin is busy. (Rayna)
  • Russia bombs someone and that starts a world reaction. (Andrew)
  • It is a dark, depressing time. (Bar)
  • Fall is beautiful and the weather is crazy. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Stock market, Congress, other groups and market places acting up and much fear in the collective. Anger rises. Seeing mobs shouting, people screaming. Floods abound, in the streets and over the land. Forest fires in abundance on the West Coast. Internal flooding and fire in outbursts by others. Congressional and legislative chaos abounds. (Michele)
  • A bad sadness, world mourning, a horrible event that saddens all. It might be a big explosion in a major city. (Andrew)
  • A plague, I think it’s in Europe, many dead. (Andrew)
  • Iran fires back at Israel. We watch in dread. (Luminata)
  • Looks like we will send troops, but to no avail. (Luminata)
  • Anxiety in the collective. People migrating across the USA. People are giving each other little candles, lights of hope. (Christina)

October 2018


  • This time feels heavy. (Rayna)
  • Elections are ramping up. Trump still has a strong foothold. His minions are scrambling to protect their own interests and avoid responsibility. (Wayne)
  • The anticipated blue wave is weaker than expected. People have become tired of the whole thing and distrustful of the outcomes. (Wayne)
  • People are in the streets. We have had enough. It must stop and we don’t trust elections. (Luminata)
  • Massive uprising in California. (Luminata)
  • Women joining together in a circle lifting arms in a celebration. (Grace)
  • A breath of relief, something averted. (Shelley)
  • Mueller exposes findings on Trump. (Donna)
  • Trump is silent. (Bluebelle)
  • I see young people gathered (teenagers or lower 20’s). (Stacie)
  • Joe Biden is in the news. (Wayne)
  • Vaccinations appear as a slight blip in the news, to become a much bigger issue in coming months. (Wayne)
  • The greed and disregard for children is becoming apparent and is found to be appalling. (Wayne)
  • Money issues rising in the economy. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see a baseball game in a stadium.  Cincinnati. I see a baseball flying in the air, into the stand. Hands reaching for it. (Doris) [Editor’s note: Sounds like Cincinnati is in the World Series or at least they are in the playoffs.]


  • Mississippi in the news. Could be flooding. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Flooding getting worse. Sandbags and barricades not holding. Floating cars, people, animals, and houses. We can hear universal cries for help worldwide. (Michelle)
  • I hear the words, “flies everywhere”, as in meaning, there are flies (bugs) everywhere. (Arianne)
  • A cold snap hits early in the mid-south area of the U.S. Very cold. (Audree)

November 2018

  • This month is dark on the calendar. (Stacie)
  • November and December are bad months, especially in the US. (Bright Opal)
  • Democrats have their blue wave. (Bluebelle)
  • Much dissonance around the vote. (Luminata)
  • Flooding now blue, blue waves coming in state by state. Will these sandbags of change hold? (Michele)
  • Many women elected both Republican and Democrat, but control of Congress does not change contrary to expectations of press. (Howard)
  • Tall building, Two Pillars, Shaking, in city environs. (Anon)
  • House of Representatives reclaimed by Democrats. (Bin)
  • People are experimenting with new crops to deal with drought. Some are seeing food as prayer, especially beans and corn. (Christina)
  • Weather is icy cold in the southeast U.S. (Shelley)
  • Snow in Arkansas. It’s colder than normal for this time of year. (Audree)
  • Snowing in November, time to rest and let the dust settle from all the changes. (Mary Lo)
  • Dead leaves in New England. Sleepy Hollow country. Desolate, wet and depressed, like the people living there. (Doris)
  • I see a blue Congress. (Bin)

December 2018


  • Christmas is changing. Spending is down. People changing to less materialism. Gifts are more oriented towards experiences and being together rather than stuff, doing things for each other. It is the beginning of the end of stuff.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Quieter, different holiday seasons for all faiths this December. Emphasis on family, faith, and community. (Michele)
  • All is quiet almost an eerie quiet. (Luminata)
  • Not a good shopping season. People are staying home. (Luminata)
  • Hunkering down. Everyone gets serious. (Rayna)
  • News in Florida. Scandal, arrests (Shelley)
  • Scientists amp up alarm about the climate and the natural world. (Rayna)


  • White House
    • Trump?Still there. So disappointing that he’s still there, but Mueller is in court with people. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • Trump decaying, not getting what he wants. He is feeling dark. His energy is dark. It’s low frequency. He’s a dark body. (Doris)
    • Trump in a scandal of pardons. (Andrew)
    • They ignore the public. The public becomes cynical. (Andrew)
    • We realize we have no leaders (Andrew)
    • A race to the bottom (Andrew)
    • Trump still there. (Donna)
    • Trump is still silent. Melania becomes more visible. She’s out and about while there’s no sign of Trump. (Bluebelle)
  • The House is determined to get bills passed before the Republicans lose control. (Bluebelle)
  • Republicans losing power, losing control, acting out, not understanding, seeking to re-frame themselves. But they have “no legs to stand on.” I feel a sense of paralysis, numbness, not being able to go forward. (Michelle)


  • I see Christmas decorations, lights hanging outside in a European outdoor market. People happy, shopping, with the feeling of goodwill in the air. Feels like Germany or Austria. It is cold but there is not much snow on the ground. (Doris)


  • There are clouds in the northwestern Caribbean, I also see churning water. It’s not looking good. (Bright Opal
  • Rain in Arkansas. It is warmer now than in November. (Audree)

Positive Visions for the rest of 2018 (May – December 2018) – showing the seeds being planted and where we are headed

  • Women, minorities, and immigrants are speaking out. They have strength in numbers and are headed for the voting booth.(Wayne)
  • There is a sharp divide in consciousness among the peoples of the world. I don’t mean along national, social, or racial lines. It’s about conscious awareness. (Wayne)
  • I still see a return to simplicity. Maybe all of the lies and manipulation of the past and present finally cause us to look for a better way. The turnout of young people at the polls will be large and some of the brightest will enter politics to our benefit. Superficiality becomes unpopular. (Wayne)
  • From the sky I see pockets of green sprouting around the world. Circles of green and life and vibrancy. I don’t know if this represents actual greenery or if it shows the birth of new thought worldwide beginning to spread. (Wayne)
  • Muller still working. (Bin)
  • A golden cord reaching around many. (Karen)
  • Angel sees hope. Democracy is working. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The shift of animal migration will have some positives for herds of animals. (Karen)
  • The voices of light are rising and being heard. Children’s voices are being heard. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Healing centers replacing tradition hospitals, healing using vibrations and crystals. (Liz)
  • The whole Trump fiasco is inspiring personal power and the power of the collective. (Rayna)
  • I see the American flag waving. And the Statue of Liberty. I sense a renewed feeling of pride in our country. (Shelley)
  • A lot of protests. People demanding justice. People demanding positive change. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People standing together. Mad as heck and not gonna take it anymore! (Julie K)
  • New ways to produce food are emerging that will sustain the earth. (Ann)
  • The water will be healing and changing things. (Karen)
  • House reclaimed by Democrats. (Bin)
  • Dark clouds coming in, but we will be okay. People are uneasy, but we will be okay. This year and forward. We will get through what’s ahead. We need to have confidence in our work ethic, in our character, in our history. We need to recognize that we are bigger and better than what happens in the fall of 2018. (Bluebelle)
  • Science – more sustainable inventions. Batteries for sustainable power. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People will be protecting the water. People will begin to listen (Karen)
  • Congress looks more honest and is slowly and quietly trying to fix things (Donna)

Other visions for the rest of 2018 (May – December)

  • Greater stress in American politics greater division at the same time greater hope by each faction. (Howard)
  • Something shocking or surprising discovered in the ocean. I think this is off the coast of Japan. (Julie)
  • A giant rooster whose foot is on top of a mountain. (Arianne)
  • More people travelling in U.S., needing to relax, get away from stressful environments. (Adrianne)
  • In the fall, an active hurricane season. (Julie)
  • Wolves and coyote will be at odds. (Karen)
  • More Democrats vocalizing a message that resonates in July and August. One person emerges as a leader in the Democratic Party. (Ann)

2019  (Whole Year)

Positive – shows the seeds being planted and the direction we are going

  • I see someone looking down from the Universe, they are seeing green pastures. (Bar)
  • I see the Eye of Horus, which watches over us. (Emerald)
  • More sightings of angels, crowds of people seeing them. (Liz)
  • People are growing in awareness. They are caring more about the planet. New organizations are starting. People are rolling up their sleeves. We feel love, are conscious of our effect on others, not all people but a significant number. I feel a heart opening in 2019 and a massive turning of the tide. (Shelley)
  • We see things we never thought were possible. Things happening beyond our vision. We need to stay grounded and know it is going to be great. It is like when the Iron Curtain came down in Germany. (Rebecca)
  • The vibrations created in the water will begin to take effect. The prayer work that people have been doing will vibrate into the world. There will be suffering, but it will be for the good of all humanity and for the earth. Many light beings will be there to assist when asked. (Karen)
  • People helping one another in their communities. (Bar)
  • I see the GOP with a white flag. (Bin)
  • Angel wings protecting us. It’s a difficult road ahead. Seeds of change begin to sprout. We see new leaders and new types of leaders emerge in politics. (Julie K)
  • People are tired of the way it has been going. They realize that they are the change they want to see. Empowerment grows. (Shelley)
  • More people meditating and going within. (Bar)
  • We have the ability to raise the vibration of human consciousness worldwide through our meditation and practice. We can make a difference as light workers. (Bluebelle)
  • This is a time of consequences. A rising intensity that reaches an apex in 2020 or 21. I can’t see how complex it is being able to settle down into what will be the new normal. (Andrew)
  • What is positive it that all is changing; how it changes the angel can only watch and assist as we show up with actions that this angel can support.  The game of human will and the outcome of entitlement and action have never been more important. It is a solemn watching. She believes she will win. She is golden but the dark is hot. (Andrew)
  • Big party in the fall. Progressives empowered. GOP reputation destroyed beyond repair. (Bin)
  • The U.S. Congress is in the news.  There is protection, supporting the despair in the collective. Angel wings are wrapped around people giving them hope and solace. There are many grass root movements working to turn things around in the US and Europe.  In Russia, the underground movement is alive. It is working behind the scene, in isolation, hiding from authorities. They can’t get caught if it is to survive. Their survival depends on hiding for now. They are trying to do good. They work in basements, networking with like minds. There is a secret network.  Some of these grassroots movements (not necessarily in Russia but in other parts of the world) are trying to prevent war in some areas of the globe. (Doris)


  • 2019 will be challenging. I have a headache and feel pressure and tears, yet I know that we are in a storm that will wash us all clean. There is so much love.  People are basically so good. They are going to weather it. It looks like a storm, with shipwrecks, but people survive and rebuild. So much strength coming from people. The angel is smiling. She is pleased with the strength of heart warriors. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see the US in the same darkness as that of the 1930s.  Very tough going for US but Canada doing OK.  It has something to do with Trump.  (Bright Opal
  • Obama will try to bring light back to the country.  Bush will assist him.  Clinton will be along for the ride, only shining the Obama/Bush light back to the Americans. It’ll start from south east US (Florida).  Their movement will go towards the north west, it’s trying to erase the blackness left by Trump and his office, to clean things up.  The words ashes and coal come to mind, like a very bad pollution. (Bright Opal)
  • Shift begins. We need new ways of dealing with many issues. (Rayna)
  • I feel we are on the precipice of big shifts in fortune. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Serious struggle, but again, the spiritual urge is to use love, care, and joint effort to create foundational change. (Rayna)
  • Glimpses of financial stress world wide, at the same to greater prosperity. (Howard)
  • War is in the offing, but is rejected by the people. It feels like the 1960’s, but with more intelligent purpose.  The idea is, “Lets make things better for everyone.”  (Wayne)
  • This is a year of challenges, but some wise decisions are made and we come out better for it. (Wayne)
  • Looking down, the planet is still going through dramatic changes, but they settle and we adapt. Adapting is the key accomplishment this year — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. (Wayne)
  • Great shifts happening on planet earth. Earth movement, volcano, physical and psychological changes. Learning to cope with change and chaos. (Alisa)
  • I see the water coming from the west. A torrent. Its timing is unknown, but it will wash away much. This will be a cleansing. The Mississippi will flood onto the banks and up into farms. The land will not hold it this time. The change in gravity will pull the water south in mass. (Karen)
  • A huge shock in 2019. It’s going to change everything militarily and economically.  It’s like a combination of bad things happening all at once. Financial instability.  Markets volatile. Military action. Political unrest. We are still a divided country, but there are signs of compromise. The worst of times brings out the best in people. (Bluebelle)
  • In April I heard the words “foo” or foo-foo which is likely a reference to foo-fighters which were WWII unidentified flying aircraft.
  • Storm is clearing. (Stacie)
  • Fewer military and planes. Quieter. Sun. (Stacie)
  • UFO’s, some afraid (Bar)
  • I see people in a chair lift at a ski resort or some kind of resort. This will be in the news for some reason. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Gavin Newsom elected Governor of California. New inventions, technology, medical advances helping make life better. (Alisa)
  • Monsanto in the news. People by the thousands protesting Monsanto and Big Agriculture.  (Mary Lo)
  • People turning from government and tending themselves. (Luminata)
  • A rise of children’s groups – more people focused on schools and childcare. (Luminata)
  • A melding of child care and elderly care in one facility. (Luminata)
  • People moving out of big business and the stock market turning to community in jobs and money. (Luminata)
  • People all over the world have had enough of income inequality and the use of scapegoats by leaders of the world to cover up for greed. Not going to take it any longer in 2019. (Ann)
  • The focus is shifting away from Washington D.C. politics and Donald Trump. People are working together to find common ground, address problems without regard to politics, make a real difference, solving major issues due to climate, homelessness, and poverty (Alisa)
  • There is positive energy coming from Southeast U.S. up towards Northwest US. (Maria White)



  • NATO disintegrates. (Maria White)
  • Middle East, dry windy desert, compassion, suffering, barbed wire. People coming together to help. It’s not a positive situation. (Kelly)
  • There will be human folly in 2019, a possible world war. It’s a war in the Middle East, but it doesn’t spread. However the US and Russia use Middle Eastern countries as surrogates. (Bluebelle)
  • I see the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula in the news. This may involve the Saudi-Yemen war. (Arianne)
  • Switzerland in the news. (Audree)
  • Good news from North Korea. Peace on the peninsula. (Ann)
  • Russia launches an attack on the electrical grid of mainland USA, leaving millions without electricity. (Maria White)
  • I see a man with a Roman-style chested helmet, in a small boat. I get the impression he may be Charon, the ferryman of the dead. This need not be negative as death could be a symbol for change. It’s interesting that he’s wearing a military helmet perhaps signifying that these wars are going to ultimately bring positive change. (Arianne)
  • Saw the borders between U.S. and Canada. Dark energy coming from the U.S. pushing against the light energy in Canada. Trudeau has lost patience with Trump.


  • In Northern Europe:
    • Rain and rivers rising. (Paula)
    • Floating homes being developed, smaller homes. (Paula)
    • Education in schools is changing, citizenship and democracy being taught, and knowledge of adapting to climate change becoming widespread. Children being taught to take responsibility and they are clearing up plastic too. (Paula)
  • A lot of snow. People slogging through the snow. (Mary Lo)
  • Tons of snow. (Shelley)
  • Weather is strange (Donna)


January 2019

  • A hot month according to world averages. Climate change is increasing. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A soccer ball. Perhaps a reference to the Women’s World Cup. (Arianne)
  • The FBI investigation is in full swing. (Andrew)
  • Snowy winter in the Northeast U.S. (Bin)
  • The economy is depressed and going down. (Doris)
  • There is now a greater focus on inequality in the media, and on trying to remedy it. The media is finally looking at it and saying it’s not working for most people. We must do something to prevent an uprising. There is anger in the population. The more we talk about it, the more there is a conscious effort to understand it and deal with it. (Doris)

2020 Positive visions – These are the seeds being planted that show our direction

  • More protests and rising up. Congress knows they can’t fool the people any more. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see a great library. Many people are storing knowledge there. The children will be singing. Some will have no shoes. (Karen)
  • Old processes are no longer applicable. Need to find new paths but many rise to the challenge. (Rayna)
  • Going beyond space and time (Bar)
  • Cleaning oceans with new technology and people doing shamanic healing over all waters. (Shelley)
  • So many new wonderful inventions to help us. (Rebecca)
  • New sounds on a planetary level. (Shelley)
  • More light, like a suction cup; Louisiana. (Grace)
  • Scorched earth and renewal (metaphorically). (Rayna)
  • A huge sense of relief in U.S. as we have come through a storm. Things are still not great, but people are pulling together for a common purpose despite their past political differences. People are focusing on their local communities more than the Federal Government. Everyone is over that. (Bluebelle)
  • Dems with at least 300 electoral votes. Alt Right dying down. Big crowd cheering on election night.  (Bin)
  • Sunshine. Fields. Quiet. Countryside. Lots of people in the countryside. Together. Fields of Wheat. Crops. (Stacie)
  • More small farms that are sustainable. (Luminata)
  • Small harmonious groups of people sharing their goods and joy. (Luminata)
  • More small markets, street markets, flea markets. (Luminata)
  • People feel the weight of it all. Everyone saying, “This is crazy.” People are seeking spiritual answers because nothing makes sense. I see large efforts to help those in need, seeing Easter baskets of food and care packages being handed to people. (Christina)



  • People have given up on the Federal Government. It is too corrupt. (Luminata)
  • War in the Middle East continues. It is here for a while. (Luminata)
  • Issues with mass migration, disease and plague. (Alisa)
  • Transition begins as we feel the fulcrum shift. The seesaw of change heads downhill as challenges begin. We see changes in our supermarkets as produce aisles are empty and our favorite fruits and vegetables becoming scarce. Prices begin to rise more and more noticeably. Storefronts are empty and vacant everywhere we look. Nothing to buy, nothing to buy it with. (Michele)
  • 2020 Elections: Diagonal line from north east going down to Arizona.  It’s pushing the darkness away.  Bush is definitely working with Obama.  (Bright Opal)


  • Obama, Bush 43 with Clinton riding and leading the wave of light. A major earthquake in the West US (Julie K)
  • Stress along some of coasts, weather related (Bar)
  • Soup lines, food scarcity, people helping in their community. Feels a bit like the depression but we are making do and and learning resilience. (Alisa F)
  • When I asked for a name associated with 2020, I got “Bill Gates” (Arianne)
  • I see wide white shoestrings and then solid white tennis shoes. (Audree)
  • I see a crowd of women on the street dressed all in brown. They look like they are from the 1940s. I sense New York City. (Audree)
  • America with 239 medals in Olympics. (Bin)
  • Speed racing accident in Daytona. (Bin)
  • I’m seeing a pole with a transmitter at the end sending signals.It looks like an upside down golf club. I see flashes of light between these antennae.  Energy channeled from above is sent across the land from one antenna to another with lightning speed.  I see many of these antennae popping up out of the ground. (Christina).
  • Volcanoes darken the skies and the polluters try to take advantage of that. “See? It’s not us. Pollution is natural.” (Wayne)
  • The opioid issue is now front and center. The big pharmacies try to blame the doctors who prescribe the meds, but the doctors have relied on the false information provided by the pharmacies. (Wayne)
  • Government officials are still chasing wealth and power over others, but the positive side is that the public now recognizes greed in its many forms. People band together to fight it and to protect one another. (Wayne)


  • Congress people who have betrayed the people are now paying the price. They sense a turnaround. They don’t have words to explain themselves.  The people cry B.S.! (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Change in political power, female energies rising higher and higher. (Michele)
  • Millennials coming out to vote. (Bin)
  • People cheering at Time Square on Election Day. (Bin)
  • White House
    • I see Trump laughing, disconnected from Congress and laughing, “I knew it would be this way!” (Mary Lo)
    • Where’s Trump? He is there but he’s got a mask. I see a Trump mask and that’s what we now see. I see scissors. He’s doing arts and crafts. Ivanka is quiet and gone. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • What is going on with Mueller? He is still working. Trump looks bad, crying, alone. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • Trump family in seclusion more and more. More disruptions, more accusations, more indictments, more separations and disagreements especially with the president. He is walking around in circles, endlessly pacing and talking to himself when he isn’t paralyzed and numb almost comatose. Doesn’t understand what is happening or why. (Michele)
    • Trump is walking along and roaring, angry, ferocious, and snarling. He’s like an animal. He is walking through an airport. (Stacie)


  • A communist sickle and hammer symbol of Russia. (Arianne)
  • Potential Middle East war, short time frame, a few days. Possible nuclear exchange. (Howard)
  • Image of a glowing orb floating above barrels of oil. Perhaps the Arabian incident for 2019 affects oil prices in 2020? (Arianne)
  • There’s a crisis rising in the land. The economy is going down. People are supported by their communities, by others, by their neighbors. The local and state governments are ignoring what goes on elsewhere and taking care of their citizens. They are taking care of children who are innocent and getting caught in the politics of the times. I see children behind bars looking sad and upset. (Doris)


  • Bigger, bigger, bigger, storms. Flights are no longer reliable (rescheduling due to storms). People in Europe staying home for their holidays. Weather centres are giving off Code Orange and Red. Weather warnings are becoming common way of life. (Paula) Predicted June 6
  • I see winter. There is a strong wind, a snowstorm. A blizzard. Everything white and cold. The winter is severe in the northeast of North America as well as Europe. There is global cooling due to some type of natural event or volcanic eruption. I see ice. In northern Russia or Scandinavia there is a submarine sticking its periscope through the ice. I feel it’s a Russian submarine. (Doris)
  • I see many earthquakes. Mother Earth needs our love. This starts the Green revolution, this year. (Shelley)

2021 positive visions – Where we are headed

  • A new dawn. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Reaching the breaking point but after the struggle and earthly damage new societies emerge for the care of each other all over the world. It will not be easy but things will be better in the future. (Ann)
  • Communities are taking care of the poor and less fortunate because government programs are either gone or failing. (Bluebelle)
  • The earth undergoes change but new approaches try to adapt and cope. (Rayna)
  • I feel heaviness in my heart. My head wants to explode. I can’t believe what is happening. I hear “You must know there are others who are working hard to change the situation.  Don’t lose hope.  Hang on; there is light at the end of it all.  It will come through, don’t despair.” We’re being encouraged. (Doris)
  • Peace is breaking out all over! (Ann)
  • I see a rooster and that symbol means working hard. I see people working with the earth. (Shelley)
  • Change in government, at last working for the people (Donna)
  • People are coping with food shortages. People will be growing their own food, sharing their food, and eating less but being healthier. (Karen)
  • Our world is waking up. (Rebecca)
  • Angel is watching the changes unfolding. More caring, MUCH more reaching out to those in need than ever before. Women’s movement is cemented now once and for all. We will never go back. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Great efforts at world peace and more cooperation internationally. (Howard)
  • Rebuilding, slow, difficult but determined. (Rayna)
  • The American people are bigger and better and stronger than the Federal government. From local governments and communities upwards we transform the country. (Bluebelle)
  • People are so active and busy. They finally know it’s up to the grassroots to make change and they are doing it. Hard at work. Preparing to migrate. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The SD pipeline is dismantled and the middle of the country healed. (Luminata)
  • People moving in from the coastlines. (Luminata)
  • Trump loses. Regulations reinstated. GOP a dying party. Progressives rising. (Bin)

2021 general visions

  • The right-wingers are fighting for their ideology. They are being attacked and there is a backlash against them. (Doris)
  • Many storms, people flocking to the center of the country. (Luminata)
  • Still raining but storm is abated. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Great Lakes flood? Mississippi really flooding (Mary Lo)
  • Mother Earth is sobbing, waters pouring down, massive floods, winter storms, non-stop. Island Nations going under symbolically and literally as waters rise. (Michele)
  • I see a great rift in the sand along the Florida beaches. Wreckage in Mar-a-Lago.The coast guard will be called to save it. The flooding will reach up into the roads around it. People will be taking boat rides in the streets and laughing. I see boating in the streets of South Florida. It is like Venice in Miami. (Karen)
  • Climate – the worst-case scenario is unfolding. People are finally paying attention. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Lots of movement… people (Shelley)
  • Lots of trees being planted…global (Shelley)
  • Something has changed. Colder? Less green. Still quiet. Setting sun. (Stacie)
  • I see plowed rows of bare soil on a U.S. farm. (Audree)
  • New forms of money (Shelley)
  • We see animals as ourselves and fewer people eat them. (Andrew)
  • Americans are finally starting to lose weight. (Andrew)
  • Disney world is losing money.  (Andrew)
  • The Catholic Church continues to lose ground. (Andrew)
  • The mass consciousness is moving past politics. In many ways it does not seem relevant to daily life, even though the nonsense is still going on. There is a definite struggle between, not so much good and evil, but physical vs. spiritual awareness. (Wayne)
  • The Internet and WIFI in general are taking an ominous turn. It is about control and marketing with total disregard for the health of the population. There is a sea of frequencies and radiation that is enveloping the earth, by design, that sacrifices the health of the individual for the sake of control. (Wayne)
  • Health, wellness and the environment are moving to the top of the issues of the day. (Wayne)


  • Washington D.C. in crisis mode, feeling brunt of its actions now in reactions by mad and by natural repercussions. Everyone, even in Congress, feeling the need to work together before it’s too late, but dissension and anger rises and they try to agree and disagree over and over. (Michele)
  • Running for congress someone from the news (Donna)


  • White light coming up from India. (Grace)

2022 Positive – These are the seeds of the future

  • We’re in the home stretch. I hear “Keep your eye on the prize, it is coming. You are doing good work. You will be rewarded. You are laying the foundation for something greater for all of us.” (Doris)
  • Goddess energy will be in the collective. It will be reflected in film, new stories and old. (Karen)
  • Feminine power rising, balance of male and female energy. Women making a difference, narrowing of pay gap. (Alisa F)
  • I feel a certain sense of calm and I’m seeing calm in the Midwest to the west.”We can get to work now.” (Mary Lo)
  • People doing things they never knew they could. And it is wonderful. (Rebecca)
  • Spirit Guides helping up out in times of stress (Bar)
  • Storms bad storms, but at least people are working hard to help the climate. I see a tree down, it’s roots pulled up. People are concerned for the trees. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Money much less meaningful. (Ann)
  • Restlessness in population leads to innovation, all kinds of amazing breakthroughs. (Shelley)
  • We are remembering our founding fathers and the hard work of the early colonists and citizens of the young US. Hard work, hard work, hard work. And try satisfying to make a difference. We did it before and we can do it again.Rebuilding our country. (Bluebelle)
  • Major shift in consciousness, new growth, opening of the rose (Alisa)
  • A carnival. (Arianne)
  • We are here to seed a new reality on earth, knowing that we are one in consciousness. (Alisa F)
  • Busy bees, hard work needed, but need to confront challenges unites people. Bubbling up of a collective energy. (Rayna)
  • The world feels more optimistic, new technology, new medicine; cancer can be cured, ethics being more important. (Alisa F)
  • I see Noah’s Ark. There is a worldwide effort to protect and preserve all animal species, especially the mammals that for some reason seem the most endangered. This is not just groups of concerned citizens, but this is the national priority for many countries. (Wayne)
  • There is a movement among hunters to switch from guns to cameras that look like guns. You can aim and shoot a picture and it is digitally recorded as a hit, miss or kill. There is the excitement of the hunt without the carnage. Brilliant! (Wayne)

2022 General

  • I see and hear the sound of a flute. Then there is silence. I see the flatline of an electrocardiogram. Then dead silence. Nothing is moving. We are waiting. Waiting for what? Now what? We ask. (Doris)
  • Politics has receded from the news. The real power seems to be at the local level. The federal government, while important in its role, is a nuisance to most people now. (Wayne)
  • An emphasis on farming and communities working of them. (Luminata)
  • We have focused on our bounty as opposed to big business. (Luminata)
  • I see men on horses riding across the plains maybe Montana, carrying a flag. Could be Native American flag. (Mary Lo)
  • New forms of housing (Shelley)
  • I hear “unfurling” but not sure what it means. (Rayna)
  • I see domes… could be new type of greenhouse. (Shelley)
  • The eye of a pyramid again. This time, it looked like it was being surrounded by a flying star, swirling around it. I think of a toy I had, which was of a robot that could “eat” a coin you fed it (the coins would be stored at the base of the robot, like a piggy bank). This confirms my suspicion that the pyramid w/ eye symbol has to do with money. (Arianne)
  • I’m steering a wheel of a ship and I see that the economy is down, people are making do with less. People are migrating to cheaper and more community-orients living situations. Housing market has crashed, But we are okay. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • New president. A woman. (Lorie/Bluebelle)
  • Woman in the news, place, places of power. Many standing at podiums giving their visions for change, cooperation, earth as a family in a new, better world to come. Many white suits everywhere in place of power and importance. Speaking out, bringing change, energy, feminine powers of creativity and growth. Children, especially girls and girl power in the news.”Equality and fairness with representation for all” is the new transitional era energy. (Michele)
  • See the symbol of a barbell; representing weights of the world, our country, and two ends fighting for balance versus opposition and imbalance. (Michele)
  • Bartering begins in earnest, among people for financial exchange, among opponents to share power, seeking balance of tipping power points. (Michele)
  • It is illegal to be offline. Where? US? (Andrew)
  • Hay bales. Farms. Horse drawn wagon. Helicopters. Fields of wheat. Sunshine. Quiet. Country. People together in fields of wheat. (Stacie)
  • Uprising in Africa – the people overthrow an oppressive government. (Luminata)
  • Trump with dementia. (Bin)
  • Canada will bring light from the north west spreading it towards the other half (south east) US to reach the other light from Obama-Bush. (Bright Opal)


  • People motivated, building, farming, migrating., collective energy rising. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A beautiful soul of the people can be felt. and people know it, and are forming more coalitions. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Breaking free of things that held us back…momentum…you get young people not backing down…creating new pathways. (Shelley)
  • Greening of America. Everyone is growing crops. There’s a worldwide food shortage. Everyone wants to help. (Bluebelle)
  • Winds of time (Arianne)
  • I hear singing… (Shelley)
  • Gun control bill is passed. (Bluebelle)
  • I see fighter jets. (Audree)
  • Snow and ice capped mountains crumbling. (Stacie)
  • World wide crashing of governments, finances, people in power, businesses, closing of more businesses, farms etc. Hard times, hard challenges everywhere. People are thinking this is as bad as it comes, but in their hearts they know we have many more years to fix all that we have broken or destroyed. Hard year but we are determined to get through it, knowing it will get better. (Michele)
  • Much more peaceful coexistence among us in the US. (Luminata)
  • We are working together to care for one another. (Luminata)
  • A new president is coming. He goes public this year. One who has the best interests of the people at heart. I think it’s a man with sandy hair. (Wayne)
  • I see people laughing and celebrating. They are happy because of a victory. They have achieved what they worked for. I don’t know what it is or where it is but I feel it has to do with an environmental win. (Doris)
  • This year brings sweeping changes to our government, changes that happen smoothly without much trouble. I think it will be a good year. (Wayne)


  • Focus is on food and crops. People are ignoring Congress. Many people, especially the youth, are not paying their Federal taxes. Maybe it’s because they aren’t earning regular money and maybe it’s a protest. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People’s lives are more balanced, more time for family. (Donna)
  • A new party forming. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Joyful hearts opening, like flowers blooming in the desert. (Shelley)
  • Angels are singing to us. The Celestial Sphere and their beautiful energies are being heard by many. Depending on personal belief systems, we see angels, aliens or the angels of other dimensions ready now to be of service to us.  (Michele)
  • Mountains of ice and snow leads to water. Oceans (and water) rising everywhere. (Stacie)
  • The popluation seems to be highly concentrated in the West, in Wyoming, Arizona, Montana, and Colorado, but not California. (Luminata)
  • GOP Defunct, multi-party government. Female president. (Bin)
  • Fishermen with a big catch. (Bin)
  • I see a rose. I see Texas. I see the pink rose of Alberta. This is a message about oil and our weaning from it. Green or alternative energy finally coming to the forefront. (Doris)


Positive  – Where we are headed

  • There is something looming. It’s the beginning of a new dawn. It is better for us all. I see roots geminating and shooting through the soil. It is like a movie that is being fast forwarded to let us see what it’s like to witness a plant grow and reach the sunlight. We’re finally seeing what we planted. It is happening and there is no stopping it now. I see green shoots, the green movement, the environment. A complete turn around of the old ways of doing things. Finally something good for the Earth. (Doris)
  • The Parkland High School activists are still working and making a difference. (Bluebelle)
  • Green farms everywhere, small ones almost like Hobbit farms, feels good. (Mary Lo)
  • Universal healthcare for all in U.S. (Donna)
  • A new earth, shift in consciousness, balance and harmony over self interest and greed. (Alisa)
  • New visions of the future. The earth will not be the same but more positive approaches will yield positive results. (Rayna)
  • Soul awakening everywhere. More people hear the Earth Mother speaking. (Shelley)
  • ET disclosure and contact. Not from the government but from families who tell their stories of contact through the generations. It is now acceptable to speak openly and to consider our place in the universe in light of the new information these families reveal. (Wayne)
  • Contact with the dead, becomes common as well. (Wayne)


  • Election seems irrelevant. Not so desperate about it. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Nationwide turning away from the Congress. Want them out. GOP in 2025 is struggling to stay afloat. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump in 2025? Dead. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • There’s a connection between the U.S. in 2025 and the Revolutionary War period and the strength it took to start a new government. (Bluebelle)
  • Extraterrestrial contact (Shelley)
  • Rice farmers and mango trees. (Arianne)
  • Bamboo place the I ching (Karen P)
  • I kept seeing people in fields of wheat holding hands. (Stacie)
  • My first and last thought during this whole season involved trees. (Arianne)
  • Tipping point. Will get much worse before it gets better. Much damage to earth, water, life forms before we run out of all time. Crisis point on fulcrum. Could go either way now. (Michele)
  • I still believe many of us can, and will create a heaven on earth no matter how big the challenge or how long it takes. May even be a dimensional shift where the New Earth leaves the old. Hope lives on no matter where we are in our beliefs. Some will hold the energies and space for those who cannot. (Michele)
  • People running from the water, then flying through the air. It’s unclear whether people’s souls are being released from their bodies or they are being rescued from the floods. (Stacie)
  • I see large outdoor gatherings with long tables full of food. (Luminata)


  • I see the entire country of Italy as if from a globe. There is a problem in Italy. (Audree)

More Positive Messages about the Future – from 2018 onward

A Coming Peace and the Rise of Love

  • A greater call for peace in the world. At the same time a greater hidden undercurrent of competition and posturing. (Howard)
  • I see a dove of peace. (Shelly)
  • I see some people who love this land. They love this earth. I see love everywhere. I also see fear. (Jeanne Mayell)

The Rise of Courage and Hope to Push Through the Dark

  • We are standing up, the good is finding its voice and finding a way to push through.(Andrew)
  • I feel hope. (Donna)
  • I see an angel hovering over the land. She sees people need hope because there is so much fear. She wants to give them hope. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Underneath the fear, I feel a pulse of love. (Rayna)
  • I feel big changes in Congress that are initially bad for the county. But positive changes are coming within two years. (Ann)
  • Finding gratitude every day, in every way, as we seek to move in a more positive, uplifting direction and out of the huge negativity of the past two years.
  • Feeling great inner determination that we can beat this by staying the course, believing in ourselves and the presence of higher beings who are helping us and want us to succeed. (Michele)
  • I can feel hearts that were once closed and stuck now beginning to open and see each other and our world with new eyes. I feel energies reaching out from light workers to encourage others in all ways with each encounter and in their dreams at night. (Michele)

Healing the Earth

  • I’m seeing flowers blooming; tulips; reawakening! (Carson S)
  • Dirt is hard, sun is hot, flowers bloom, bees are buzzing. Winds blow. The heat of the day feels rays that cut through and are hardening dirt. (Karen
  • I see the color green. It means healing is happening. (Bar)
  • Shining light becomes the top point on the Star of David. (Grace S)
  • Waves of energy fill us, pass through us and spread. This may manifest physically as oceans swell up and waters rise but it will result in a cleansing and purification of Mother Earth that is badly needed for rebirth into a New World. (Michele)
  • I hear the word Hushtahli, which refers to a sun worshipping native American tribe in the southeast U.S. (Karen)
  • I see more people able to communicate with animals. (Liz)
  • There is electricity beginning to crackle as positive energies build up. It may manifest in the weather with lightning storms and thunder because of the intensity of energies needed to pass onto and create change in humanity. Mother Earth is speaking to our hearts and angelic beings are helping us to open them to celestial visioning. “It’s all happening for a reason.” (Michele)
  • I see a crack in Mother Earth. She is shedding a skin. (Karen)

The Rise of Women

  • A great woman in the news. (Shelley)
  • I see dignified and beautiful black women sitting in the gallery of Congress. She is a seed who will become known to us later. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see fish in the news. Shelley)
  • I feel the USA is breaking up. (Shelley)

Spiritual Healing

  • I see diamonds, sparkling in a beautiful white light. (Julie K)
  • Know you are divine share your Light (Howard E)
  • We are becoming butterflies. (Shelley)
  • Bodies of water; like they’re cleansing the souls of the people. Preparing us for more shifts to come, in a more positive direction. (Carson)
  • The Native American Indian movement will be rising up. I see the words, “It has begun.” The Standing Rock movement will be working to save the water. Water Ceremony will be enlivening the water and then the spirit of the water will rise up.  Women will be the water carriers. The grandmothers will carry the water, and their teachings will be held in great love. (Karen)

Return to Community and an Understanding of Interconnectedness of all beings

  • I see a small start to understanding we are all in this together. (John T)
  • I feel the reality of our interconnectedness. (Sarah W)
  • I feel the profound need for global compassion (Rayna)
  • Finding individual ways to help others, share with others, even just a kind word or a hug, taking time to truly listen to one another, talk from the heart to others.
  • I see women supporting each other, the animals, and the Earth. (Shelley)
  • There will be a return to community. The rich will be living in their own world.Everyone else banding together. (Sarah)
  • I feel affection and camaraderie among people who are soiled and dirty but beaming with affect. (D Elizabeth)
  • A human chain keeps repeating over & over in my mind. (Cheryl)
  • The rise of light workers with open minds and hearts can feel the contact and communion between all sentient forms of consciousness. We listen to the trees, to the wind, to the rocks and crystals. We hear the animals talking to us as we join our energies and share our awareness. We are truly in this together. (Michele)

The Rise of Activism and Revolution (non violent)

  • I see the words, “Revolutions”, “Revelations”, “Clarity”, and “Deception” coming to the forefront. (Carson)
  • I see crowds of people with signs, they are protesting and they are riled.(Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see more and more people in the streets, huge protests again. (Mary Lo)
  • I see huge waves of people. (Kelly)
  • I see a growing wave of young people getting involved in the US. (John T)
  • Children all over the world coming together to speak up about what is important to them, demanding change. They are tired of adults who fail them. (Adrianne)
  • I see the people rising up, and having their voices heard. (Carson S)
  • Growing awareness of our own power to protest, to affect change in all ways, people standing up for beliefs, standing together, locking arms with purpose, not just opposition, but with positivity that we are all stronger together. (Michele)
  • Something is rising, rising. It is a groundswell of progressive sentiment. A new dawn. (Jeanne  Mayell)
  • A new dawn is rising. (Julie K)
  • More protests, resistance to Trump grows and spreads out into the streets and other celebrations. The shadow is coming out in abundance and overshadowing much of the world as part of the healing process to usher in the future of hope and light. (Michele)
  • Conflicts are being resolved, slowly, but surely. (Carson)
  • I see a gathering by a beautiful sparkling pond. People are responding to the environment. (Julie K)
  • Still beautiful natural places. (Grace S)

Scientific Cures and Healing Solutions

  • New discoveries in medicine and hopeful cures for diseases coming. Advancesin CRSPR discoveries and uses skyrockets. (Michele)
  • Science dramatically speeds up new advances and discoveries. New technology for transportation in the news, new ways for creating and using power. (Michele)

The Rise and Fall of Pluto in the U.S.  – posted 11/10/16, updated when events come true.

Ovcrview: The fall of our democratic system will be replaced by an age of enlightenment. This sounds like a paradox, but our system has been corrupted and this loss will cause a new generation of light workers to rise up.

  • In a vision four days before the 2016 election, I saw a psychic storm in front of the Statue of Liberty, a whirlwind of battling forces. Emerging in the storm I saw a force that will operate until 2025 to 2028.
  • It was the symbol of Pluto, the Roman God of the Underworld, God of authoritative power, God of death and ruler of the darkness, but also the ruler of the unconscious. Next to Pluto was a small flower, symbol of Springtime and the Greek Goddess Percephone.
  • In Greek mythology, Pluto stole Percephone, the Goddess of Springtime (symbolized as a flower) and carried her off to the underworld. Percephone, an innocent girl, represents kindness, caring, and life-affirming forces towards people, animals, and the earth. Pluto brings winter and darkness to our land, but he also takes us into the depths of our own unconscious desires that we must explore and bring to the surface in order to prevent them from ruling.
  • Pluto energy is in full force now, and, if our predictions are correct, it will dominate for another decade. It is a death spiral, a last hurrah of patriarchy that treats the earth and its inhabitants as separate, not as one, for private personal gain, rather than for the gain of all. The positive aspect of this death spiral is that it will cause us to evolve, and hasten the end of a system that has been unproductive and hurtful. . It will make way for a more life-affirming caring world.
  • True to the Greek myth, humanity will demand that Percephone be returned to earth, bringing back the spring, because, as in the Greek myth, her grieving mother Demeter, the goddess of the grains will bring famine to the land.  (Note: This prediction already started coming true in December 2017) with the femininist  “Me too” campaign.  The Demeter goddesses of our world, i.e., mature women, are speaking up to protect the Percephones of our world, i.e., young vulnerable women who were perpetrated upon by powerful men.)
  • These calamities will cause people to turn away from the old system and embrace a more life-affirming way of life. We have seen that climate devastation will hit harder during the mid 2020’s. Countries will pass laws banning the common use of fossil fuels, there will be a world wide rail system. People will scramble to adjust to the surge in heat. Many will migrate. See our positive predictions to determine how light workers are working feverishly to counteract these devastating events.
  • Throughout this time of winter, the seeds of spring are germinating below the frost, as more people are turning to a more humane and life-affirming way of life. Don’t despair or think that the direction our government has taken is a permanent state. It is not. Life always wins. True to the Greek myth, Percephone will be returned to us and springtime will come again.
  • Be one of the seeds, and you will find you are guided to safety. Embrace a more life-affirming style of living now and help lead the way for others. Spring will return in earnest in the mid to late 2020’s.

Long-range Visions

  • Something causes our country to change radically during late 2019 and 2020. In meditation I saw an image of lightening striking, followed by a symbol of rebirth. Check out the visions of this period and decide for yourself what the lightening strike will be. Some possibilities based on our visions:
    • A recession in the U.S., in late 2019 or during 2020.
    • War on several fronts.
    • Climate and earth events that devastate pockets of the country: Plains state drought, repeated monster storms in the southeast, earthquakes in the west.
    • Whatever the lightening strike will be, the U.S. declines on the world stage.  The days of prosperity and world power will end.
    • The people lose confidence in central government leadership and the country’s divisiveness weakens it on the world stage.
  • After the lightening strike, people’s values change. Life and government in America becomes more locally oriented, with states and cities taking over from the federal government the role of caring for its people. People will turn away from the news hype and the hate, and turn towards their families and communities, sustainable living, local and farming, and living a quieter life.  The country will be poorer and the U.S. will lose power on the world stage.  My hope is that we will be happier than we were during the prosperity years.

U.S. Predictions

Robert Mueller and the Russia Investigation

Go here for readings done on Mueller, what he knows and what he is planning.   Indictments will begin rolling out July through September.  The GOP has concocted a scheme to muffle Mueller. They will not fire him if they can muffle him.  But if Mueller continues to bring Trump to justice, Trump and his politicians will take illegal steps to stop him.


  • Impeachment: No impeachment seen up ahead. We had a vision back in 2014 that the American president would come close to impeachment in 2018, but it would not be fulfilled.
    • In December 2017, there will be nationwide debate about what to do with the president.  (came true)
    • Then in January 2018 I saw a  thumb up which I took to mean that the Congress chose not to impeach or remove him. (came true)
  •  In 2018, the Congressional branch will see increased activity and then become even more dominant in 2020. (true as of this update – July 2018)
  • The GOP will continue to support Trump until supporting him begins to bring down the whole party. We have not seen him ever impeached.
  • Erik Prince. Watch out for the president’s close relationship with the disgraced Blackwater founder Erik Prince, brother to Betsy Devos, the Education Secretary. Prince has international ties that are counter to U.S. National Security. I am concerned about how his relationship with Trump could harm national security.  He could end out leading a false flag violent event to help Trump distract people from Mueller and even possibly declare Marshall Law.
  • Paul Manafort is ground zero in the Russia investigation. As I predicted in late 2016, he was indicted.  If they feel they can get away with protecting Trump without firing Mueller, the GOP will allow a scapegoat to be prosecuted as a way to convince the public that some justice is being done.
  • During this period in U.S. history, thousands of people will emerge as heroes, willing to protect their countrymen and women, fiercely protesting for human rights. Heroes will be borne. Perhaps one of them will be you. (Jeanne posted 2/28/17)

Great Lakes Region For two years I’ve had visions of this part of the country highlighted in maps as an area of future economic prosperity – because we are going to be in drought conditions for growing food, and the Great Lakes is the largest body of fresh water in the world. It is also inland, away from coasts where rising ocean waters are causing instability for cities and towns. (Jeanne 12/15/16)

Climate predictions (posted 9/16, recently updated 7/18)

It doesn’t take a psychic to predict that climate change is happening and accelerating. Science has already shown that.  But science has been lagging in the timing of events. In 2010 I posted that climate events would happen much much faster than predicted. I saw 20 foot sea level rise on the eastern seaboard by 2100, and the desert conditions in the Midwest plains states by late 2020’s.  During the summer of 2012, I kept hearing the word “surge” in my head.  This means that we will start noticing climate events worldwide.

Once everyone starts noticing the surge, it may be too late to stop it from increasing much faster and more dramatically. We will get serious about reducing green house gas emissions by 2030. This may save the species but probably  not the majority of lives on earth.

We know that climate change is logarithmic not linear.  Again this is not psychic. It is science. When something progresses logarithmically, it is difficult to notice how fast it is increasing until it reaches a point where the change is big enough for us to start noticing. Once it gets large enough for common people to notice, it is getting too late to do anything except run.

Science has shown how much we have to cut greenhouse gases to survive.  But the GOP in the U.S. and the world’s rogue oligarchs, like Vladimir Putin and Charles Koch, are doing their best to keep greenhouse gases at record high levels. The oil and gas industry, these oligarchs,  and their puppet politicians will go down in history as the greatest rogues of our time, perhaps of all time.

I predicted a surge in 2016 and it happened — surge in surface temperatures, storms, forest fires, ocean expansion, and earthquakes due to ocean expansion.

In 2018 there will also be a surge in heat during July and August.  Polar melting will accelerate and we will see a spike in fires around the world. I had thought previously that the Arctic would be melted in 2018, but that has not happened so far, so perhaps the Arctic will be safe a while longer.  But I feel there will be a surge in glacial melting in both poles, as well as species death.

Climate change will force humanity to come into balance with nature. During the 2020’s, climate concerns will dominate the news and political focus.

More scientists will become politicians and help direct the national focus. During the 2030’s, laws will be passed in many places banning the burning of fossil fuels altogether. All fossil fuel use will be strictly limited to emergency efforts.

Sustainability will become the world’s highest priority. A global rail system will replace car and air travel. A tariff on goods transported by trucks and air will limit these industries to the most expensive goods and to essentials for remote areas. The devastation the climate will cause will  end  the abundance we have all grown accustomed to.

  • In the mid 2020’s the mid West succumbs to a permanent drought that ends this region’s ability to produce one-sixth of the world’s grain. [This prediction, made on this site in 2010, is now starting to come true– in 2017 scientists are reporting that the mid West aquifer is running dry.]
  • In 2017 we will pass a global warming milestone, putting our world in the angels’ hands. [Note, this prediction has come true. Scientists now say that we are into Climate Change Runaway. This is a condition where the melting of permafrost is inevitable, which will release massive quantities of methane gas into the atmosphere.
  • The melting of the Antarctica ice sheets will escalate over the next decade in fits and starts sending surges in sea level rise that will prompt people to leave their coastal towns.
  • After 2050, there will be unprecedented starvation in parts of the world that are already living close to the margin as drought-driven crop failures fail to keep pace with population growth.
  • How these changes will affect the majority of people who read this blog is unclear but we are likely to see rising incidence of super storms, and a rise in food prices that has many people starting their own gardens, planting  fruit trees trees and even keeping small farm animals to manage food prices.
  • There will also be migration north and away from coasts.
  • There will be devastating storms that flood major cities and concerns about the climate will finally move to the front of people’s minds during the 2020’s.
  • Sea levels: I get the inner message that sea level rise is exponential, not linear, so small rises now will turn into large rises starting in about 20 years. Exactly what the exponent is, is still unknown, and of course, that will determine how fast it will escalate.
  • Cities will build sea walls and hurricane barriers, at great cost, to protect from the sea.
  • I see 20 foot sea level rise by end of century. In some hot spots, including the U.S. eastern seaboard, the seas will rise much higher. Even before the seas inundate the coasts, storms will make it impossible to live in many coastal cities.
  • Since my first vision of a 2017 surge, scientists announced that winter 2017 Arctic temperatures were suddenly up an unprecedented 36 degrees above normal – even while in total darkness. In the winter of 2018, again the Arctic temperatures soared to above freezing during the months of total darkness. Since the poles regulate global weather, this surge in temperatures will effect worldwide weather in 2018 and beyond, making our visions for a greater climate surge in 2018 likely. (2.17.17 Update: Manhattan-sized ice sheet breaks off and falls into the sea. In July 2017, an ice sheet the size of Delaware broke off). July 2018 update, a Greenland ice sheet half the size of Manhattan, broke off.

Drought: There will be a catastrophic drought in the Plains States in the mid to late 2020’s. Other food baskets around the world will be in trouble. Studies now show they expect many global aquifers to dry out by 2050. I feel it will happen much sooner. Food prices will skyrocket. Small farms and vegetable gardens will appear everywhere.

  • I see in my mind’s eye, miles of green houses to grow food in controlled environments. People will also grow food in their homes using technology to regulate moisture, temperature, and sunlight.

The Economy

  • The current highs in the stock market are like a cocaine high. If a person is depleted of energy, a shot of caffeine or cocaine can provide a burst of energy and euphoria. But a crash is inevitable.  In 2019 or 2020, the country experiences a downward spiral of some kind that affects the markets.  In the late 2020’s, the American collective’s strength and vigor returns, and this will be reflected in the economy. However, while the people are happier than during the dark days of 2019, the country remains much poorer than it used to be.

2018 Predictions

Overview (by Jeanne Mayell)

  • The jitters in our Collective continues a few more years, and they seem to be escalating, like the climate changes. All natural systems evolve this way. They follow an accelerating curve that surges upwards near the end, after which there is a shift to a new way.
  • We have visions that seem to indicate that Donald Trump will not be impeached, but rather sidelined around late 2018 to late 2019. The GOP Congress will spare him, but get him to lay low. Leadership will rest more with GOP Congressional leaders, especially Paul Ryan.
  • It’s hard to tell from the readings exactly when the negativity peaks, but some time around the end of 2018 to the end of 2021 the stress in our Collective reaches a height, then drops. After that, we seem to stop and take stock. It’s quieter, calmer, starting around 2022 or 23. And the U.S. seems less powerful on the world stage too. Throughout it all, our readers felt a positive strength in the U.S. and a rising sense of spiritual guidance. Perhaps people just get tired of being stressed by this president and his Congress and focus on creating a more positive, caring, and responsible world.
  • Beginning in 2025 and maturing in 2028, the political spectrum is shifting back to center from the extreme right – a more progressive, humanitarian mood. Is this because the whole country shifts or because the progressive states start doing their own thing? Either way, Congress is in a shambles, and will need years to find its center again.
  • Climate problems continue to ramp up in the late 2020’s, becoming a top priority. In the 2030’s, science is finding ways of adjusting to the new climate.
  • The period of the late 2020’s feels like a post war recovery period for the U.S.
  • We get some glimpses of the later periods of 2050, 2075 to 2100.  The spoiler is that we are still here, although life is slower, quieter, and feels more rural.


  • Do take time to read through the positive visions. Seeing these seeds of light will help them germinate.
  • Often predictions happen in different months than listed, so check earlier and later months. August and September 2017 predictions are still coming true in November.
  • The future is not cast in concrete. These are visions of where the road we are on right now will take us in the future . If those visions are onerous enough, we may collectively take a different road.

If you are especially afraid of bad things happening, be careful how you interpret psychic predictions. Our imaginations rush to the worst case scenario when we interpret scraps of information. While we find when looking back that many of our predictions came true, they tend to come true in a way that is more benign than are interpretations lead us to believe.

2018 POSITIVE VISIONS FOR WHOLE YEAR (scroll further down for visions by month)

Positive Visions for 2018 – The Whole Year

Note: These visions came spontaneously from a meditation.  I then grouped them according to the following categories. — JM

Greater understanding about events, people are wiser:

  • Looking back at at year and seeing why it happened and needed to happen. Feeling more spirituality, needing that viewpoint more and more in collective. (Michele)
  • People begin to understand where to look now. Realizing where the deceptions lie. Opting out of what can’t be changed. (Wayne)
  • We are seeing what we are made of, both good and bad. It was necessary for the changes coming to go through what we’ve gone through. (Kathryn)
  • 2018 was the year of a huge wake up call in a good way. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • 2018 Congress has shown its true colors. People will really see now. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are waking up in waves. They are seeing the larger picture. Consciousness is expanding in this country. People are focusing more on gratitude.
  • Green hornet (masked crime fighter) – Mueller continues, despite obstacles. (DeeMarie)
  • Light exposing darkness. (DeeMarie)

Rise of caring and understanding of others

  • People begin to understand each other more. (Donna)
  • More love in the collective. Hearts are opening like never before, more compassion, candles burning, groups of people singing.
  • I see a public that realizes it is entitled.  (Andrew Posey)

Women rising:

  • Beautiful woman wearing head scarves in support of Muslim women, the society’s most gorgeous women are wearing head a fashion statement to support their Muslim sisters. (Jeanne Mayell) (Vogue Magazine doing a Muslim women fashion issue).
  • Feminine rising, lightness spreading among the people.  (Charisse)
  • Women rising to power, taking office across the country. (Bluebelle)  Record numbers of women entering politics and winning races.
  • Women continue to successfully step up in all areas. (Harriet). This is still unfolding, yet in the first 3 months of the year we are seeing more women running for public office, a young woman became the voice of the teen Fight for Our Lives march, and more women joining the Me Too movement.
  • Women rising, girls watching and starting to believe they will make a difference when they grow up. Angry at what they see but they will make it better for everyone. (Doris). Parkland High School students speaking up in anger, especially a female leader, Emma Gonzales.
  • Women are feeling genuinely powerful, embracing a womanly form of leadership that men can emulate, rather than trying to gain power by emulating men. (Ginny)
  • More women in more industries speak out against sexual harassment, changing cultural views and norms. (Bluebelle). “Me Too” movement keeps growing.
  • African women of Central Africa united walking arm and arm. (Gail)

People realizing their strength – Fight for Our Lives  in March showed strength in solidarity.

  • It’s chaotic.  We know we need to be strong and centered like an old cedar tree while the foxes fight around us. (Kathryn)
  •  Slugging, work is hard but will pay off, keeping the eye on the prize will pay off. (Doris)
  •  2018 was the year of new possibilities. (Jeanne Mayell)

Rise of inner peace and a kind of spirituality

  • Spiritual consciousness shift happening in the midst of so many problems. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Cheering, relief, white light, spaciousness in the center of the USA.  (Beccay)
  • People prayerful. I see the peace sign. (Billie)
  • Huge increase in spiritual awareness. (Jeanne Mayell).
  • Things are better, things are different. (Andrew Posey)
  • A sense of peace. (Ginney)
  • More peaceful in America, people feeling strong, united working together. Fighting for rights, I saw women coming into their own, smiling, but determined.  I heard the words, “we are in it for the long term.”  (Lola)
  • I do feel like I’m going to cry, cry for the better.  (Ming)
  • Life goes on. Parents and children window-shopping in NYC. (Jeanne Mayell)
  •  A newer normal, there is nothing solid, but there is a huge shift away from the extremes and to the middle. This is good news, but also bad, that the bad forces are still active. At least it is less partisan. (Andrew Posey).
  • Fireworks, family gathering eating a warm dish. (Bin)
  • England, Scotland to Norway: something happy about Queen Elizabeth II’s crown.  (Sophie). Prince Harry’s engagement to American woman with African American heritage is encouraging for the diversity movement. 
  • I saw the Christ statue over Rio. (Karen)
  • I feel my spiritual guide Babuji Maharaj, creating peace. (Kathleen)
  • I saw a Native American on horseback. The Native American spirit is rising across the land. They will give us hope and show us how to thrive amidst adversity. (Jeanne Mayell)   The ban on new uranium mining near the Grand Canyon was upheld on Monday when the US supreme court declined to hear a challenge from the industry
  • I got an image of the Hanged Man which is an archetype in the Tarot of a man hanging upside down by his toes. It means that people at times may feel they have no control over what is happening, but this is not all bad. The message of the Hanged Man is to surrender to what is, to focus on the now, and let go of worrying. It is a lesson for those who wish to evolve during difficult times. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • As loss of control increases, there will be more surrender to what is, and a rise in spirituality.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Genetic breakthrough.
  • Russia calms down and stretches more trade with European countries. (Helena)
  • Even when the news is bad, there are more positive experiences going on in individuals. (Andrew Posey)
  • All the negative Trump behavior is bringing out positive gestures and feelings in people. (Ming)
  • I see prince Harry with Diana standing behind him, her hands on his shoulders, smiling proudly at her grown son. (Mary)
  • Love in the collective. People giving more because the government is pulling back. (Jeanne Mayell) Large fund raisers for immigrants separated from their children at the border. ACLU donations continue rising.
  • Angels, big time. More making appearances to people. (Meghan)
  • Women of Central Africa united walking arm and arm. (Gail)
  • The program has been slightly changed which causes larger changes later, like the butterfly effect, a blip in the matrix. Now is the seed for change. (Heather)
  • Feeling sense of calm acceptance. “All will be resolved.” (Prem)
  • Native American with big feather headdress watching, speaking, about the land, about justice. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People collectively resolving to get going and get positive things done. (Brian)
  • Stars and lights over the Great Lakes region– a promising part of the U.S. for the future (probably due to drought elsewhere and abundance of fresh water). (Jeanne Mayell)

January 2018 Positive Visions

  • Fragile, clear glass heart with candle flame inside. We shelter and protect the flame of hope in our hearts, even when it looks like hope is lost. (RunestoneOne)
  • Mueller perseveres. Grimly clenched jaws and Davy Crockett in ‘coonskin cap. It’s tough slogging in the wilderness, but the hunt continues. (RunestoneOne)
  • Excitement, horses in procession. Probably U.K. Royals. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Angels everywhere, heros abound. (Jeanne) I see angels. (Bin)
  • I see children playing and laughing. (Molly)
  • I see a man with mustache and another with a Mexican hat being funny. Comedians save the day. (Jeanne) Jokes, good jokes. (Tracy)
  • Social justice prevails. (Christopher)
  • Women marching in Florida. More people show up than expected. (Christopher)
  • People in DC trying to do something good, something positive for America. (Graciela)
  • More people rising above differences and coming together, seeds of common ground starting to germinate. (Jilli)
  • Groups of young people getting involved. (Donna)
  • Positive news involving the Queen of England. (Elvera)
  • Bells chiming. (NJF)
  • I see clear stars burning bright. (Donna)
  • Yellow flowers breaking through snow, melting snow, warm sunshine. (Graciela). Sun is still shining. (Jo) I see “sunny” in top left corner of January calendar. (Sophie)
  • Tired but hopeful. Peaceful. Waiting. (Toi Lynn)
  • States moving away from Federal Government. (Molly)
  • Europeans waking up and being conscious of climate change. Solar panels going on the roofs. (Paula)
  • People are waking up spiritually. Audree)
  • Spiritual awakening. Angels stationed throughout the world like an army. An energetic grid in place to raise the vibration of the planet. (Kathleen)
  • Trumpets herald of good news for many. Feels biblical in nature, not political or geographic. (Lisa P.)
  • There will be a really great song coming out, a ballad that will unite people. (Frannie)
  • I see a woman’s face in the sky. At first I thought it was Hillary Clinton, then I thought it was Jeanne, but I really think it has to do with working with spirit guides and getting a clear view of what is going on. (Alex)
  • An increasing sense of community, and the rise of small communities. (Lorie)
  • An increase in love, solidarity, compassion and concern for those who are suffering. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The promise of children, loving, holding the rest of us up. (Frannie)
  • Veganism expanding leaps and bounds out of concern for animals. (Jeanne Mayell). Over 100,000 people have pledged to go vegan in America. 
  • Love of nature growing. Understanding of nature growing. Lions and other exotic animals considered precious, like gold. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More people learning to grow vegetables. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More gardens and sense of community. (Kathleen)
  • Desalination plants on the rise. Using the ocean for hydropower. (Kathleen)
  • New car model, record low fuel needs. (Gerti)
  • I see the light at the end of the tunnel. (Bar)
  • There’s a “green” happening. (David)
  • Good news from the Caribbean. (Andrew Posey)
  • A rise in gardens, and non genetically modified foods as people care more about what they eat. (Colette)
  • An awakening is happening. (Diana N.)
  • Spiritual awakening in the Collective consciousness beginning in 2018. (Peter A.)
  • Strong local communities in America. (Lorie)
  • I hear bells and people ringing in the New Year. (Alex)
  • New York City looks great. (Andrew Posey)
  • There is a path forward. (Brian)
  • Many flowers, representing goodness. Sign of infinity and unicorn which symbolizes the magic of believing in infinite possibilities.(Jeanne Mayell)
  • Much caring for children. Allowing for preservation of a childlike vision of the world. Many will stand up to protect children so that they will not suffer. (Jeanne Mayell)

February 2018 – Positive Visions

  • Barred shadows and light. The light shines through prison bars. (RunestoneOne)
  • Hearts, lots of love everywhere, caring, a quiet joy. (Graciela)
  • Exaggerated hearts moving, like a screensaver. (Meghan N)Light blue sky, a weight lifting. (NJF)
  • Iris-like flowers under snow beginning to peek out. Bright sunshine. Cold. Clear. (Toi Lynn)Valentine’s Day takes on new meaning:
  • Love and compassion, kids enjoying Valentine parties, a sense of connection with each other, a desire to be kind. (Graciela)
  • Love healing us. (Molly)
  • People giving new meaning to St. Valentine’s Day – want holiday to be more about love than commercialism. (Christopher)
  • People making home made Valentine’s Day cards. (Miriam)
  • People trying to make sense of Valentine’s day, in the context of “un-love” of everyone. (Miriam)
  • Karma is coming to get those who hurt us all. (Molly)
  • Some changes are talked about in some blue states. I see governors, mayors– state leaders talking to each other discussing strategies to recover revenue from the tax “reform” bill and CHIP expiration. (Kathleen)
  • Books, communication, information gets communicated quicker. (Elvera)
  • Heart energy more profound than usual. (Michele B.)
  • I see the earth being converged upon by bright rays of light. Lights feel angelic. (Lisa)
  • Wings of Horus. (Lauren) Note: this ancient Egyptian symbol represents rebirth from wisdom.

March 2018 Positive Visions

  • Sustainability movement is taking off in the U.S. and abroad. People moving off the grid in droves, college students learning to live off the grid. Farming, gardening skyrockets.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Truth is coming to light making people happy, sun shining bright, I see truth. (Diana)
  • An image of a family living life in a warm and cozy glass bubble. (Gracesinger)
  • Boston, protests, unity in the city. (Bluebelle)
  • A sense of something finally moving forward. Whirling maple leaves. Beautiful. (Toi Lynn)
  • Large groups of people paying tribute to our earth and environment. (Molly)
  • Circus closings, more humanity towards animals. (Elvera)
  • Parades, Our Gang comedy. Kids in racing carts. More abundance. (Bill)
  • Empowerment in ways we have not previously experienced among us. (Michele B.)

April 2018 – Positive visions

  • Justice is done. Heard the words, “April showers bring May flowers.” Feeling is happy, joy, rejoicing, party in the streets, happiness. (Diana)
  • Happy faces. (Bin)
  • Big positive push in April, people feel happy. (Meghan)
  • Sense of excitement, people smiling, banding together, people amused in a good way, as in, “Wow, is this really happening?” (Graciela)
  • Positive energy flowing, people moving forward quickly with plans, ideas, almost feeling back to normal this month, lots of excitement and a desire to move forward. (Graciela)
  • Atlas (the god) in bronze. A strange excitement. (Toi Lynn)
  • Recovery (Bin)
  • Surgeons working, new discovery or famous surgery (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Horses running in the desert, they are out of their pastures, running free (Bluebelle)
  • More returning to whole foods, gardening, simplier living (Jilli)
  • People getting really ready for Earth Day. Community competition on doing less and on a lower carbon footprint. (Miriam) Spring festivities involving a new awareness to environmental conservation. (Christopher)
  • Giddy with excitement. The action is all in local movements. (Jeanne)  Increase of political engagement in communities. There is a focus on local needs. (Kathleen)
  • Television shows expanding in new movements off the grid and in other countries. Young people creative and very  liberal (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People optimistic. (Christopher), People are laughing together, enjoying themselves (NJF), Pop off the champagne people are celebrating (Meghan N), Parade of celebration. Confetti. Joy. A sense of commonality world wide. We are not alone. (Toi Lynn)
  • Sunshine breaking through the clouds. Happiness. (Bluebelle) Crocus flowers breaking through the snow. (Jo)
  • Exciting energy, people with plans and ideas, everyone wanting to do something good, ready to roll up sleeves and work hard to make great things happen in all sectors. (Graciela)
  • More peace and abundance. Trash pouring out of a building (draining the swamp?) (Bill)
  • People are turning to God, consciousness and seeking a deeper meaning in life. (Paula)
  • White crosses (not KKK) but a spiritual symbol. (Gracesinger)
  • Stability, people more stable. Families making solid plans. (Helena)
  • Actually looks like a pleasant month. I feel positive vibes around it. (Pamela)
  • A human hand making the peace sign pops up from under the water. This is a positive symbol of change. (Gail)
  • More spirit guides are helping and the planetary vibration is shifting. The dark is losing. (Kathleen)
  • Beautiful sun shining on green grass, like after a rainstorm when grass is still wet. This may be symbolic of the collective coming out of a period where the truth has been repressed. (Meghan)
  • Sense of hope in the Collective. (Frannie
  • Note to people: It is going to be okay. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are happy again in April, depression lifts for a month. (Laura)
  • Vacation, waves, a parade, and happy people. (Andrew Posey)
  • The Sun is bright and people are happy. (Meghan)

May 2018 Positive

  • People of different backgrounds/races holding hands and laughing together, embracing each other. (Diana)
  • I sense angels all around guiding us, guiding light, bright bright guiding light, some kind of spiritual shift. (Diana)
  • Aurora Borealis light shining down on Russia from Murmansk, Arkhangelsk. It is more than simple light.  (RunestoneOne)
  • Progressive grassroots movements all over the country. (Christopher)
  • People throwing flowers and confetti in the air in a street parade. (Toi Lynn)
  • Resistance fatigue dissolving into new optimism and rising stronger. (Jilli)
  • I see a lot of pink.  (Meghan) Women’s marches continue.
  • Shaolin monk meditating, peace and prosperity. (Bin)
  • Artists making beautiful art on the earth. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Guidance from our angels, heros rising to help us all. (Molly)
  • Venus smiling down on us. (Meghan)
  • People are introspective, reflective. (Graciela)
  • Less TV! (Miriam)
  • Strength in the air, good people becoming heard. (Donna)
  • A toddler is rescued in her pram chair. (Paula) Dramatic rescue in Paris.
  • Youth involvement,  politically active. (DeeMarie)

June 2018 (Positive)

  • Progressive Democrats win primaries in many states. (Christopher)
  • A squirrel with a nut, looks like Scrat. Archaeological discovery?  (RunestoneOne)
  • A huge stop, something dramatic happening, we have crossed a line that represents the end of patriarchy, although it will continue for some time. The ending has begun. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Females rising. (Bar) Women rising. (Jilli) Wonder woman to the rescue. (Meghan N) Women gathering together in masses. (Elvera)
  • Empowerment in new ways that we haven’t experienced before, individually as well as globally. A feeling of being surrounded by angels. We only need to connect and ask to receive the help they want to give us. A metaphor in the double meanings of the words maze and maize which mean “sustenance.” In Indian mythology, the maze that many of us feel we’re are in could be maize – we transform it from being lost in the maze to being nourished in the journey. The Great Turning begins in earnest. (Michele)
  • A smart blonde woman with high cheekbones leads her tribe. (RunestoneOne)
  • Many young people, millennials, gathered, as at Woodstock, but they’re more wholesome, and they’re playing on the grass and sitting on white quilts with colors. It’s not dark and druggy. It’s bright and pastoral, and they’re having fun playing together. (Gracesinger)
  • The color for this time period is pink. It feels good, and hopeful. (NJF)Heart symbol, showing love. (Bin)
  • Financial prosperity enjoyed. (NJF)
  • More UFO disclosure in the U.S. (Audree)
  • People coming together. (Jo) People helping each other. (NJF)
  • A local movement. People finding ways to create better communities. Migration happening.(Jeanne Mayell)
  • Bicycles on the news.  (Tracy)
  • The young are an incredible people. (Jeanne) The young people feeling empowered. (Christopher)
  • Balloon races in the Southwest (Bluebelle)
  • Sunshine, vacations, happiness, flowers everywhere, playfulness, joy. (Graciela)
  • I see a ladder. People are climbing out of depths of despair. (NJF)
  • A dance with pots and pans. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A strong coalition is formed by several countries. Merkel connected. Strength. Resolution. Integrity. (Toi Lynn)
  • Watching the night sky’s and the star. It’s time to turn off more lights so we can see the Galaxy. It’s time to sit outside more and listen to the crickets. (Miriam)
  • Split in the collective:  half happy, half not. Split in two by Sun or sun ray, West sunny, east grey. (Sophie)
  • Rising awareness of animal suffering; many young people becoming Vegans. (Paula)
  • Stability, people more stable. Families making solid plans. (Helena)
  • Actually looks like a pleasant month. I feel positive vibes around it. (Pamela)
  • A human hand making the peace sign pops up from under the water. This is a positive symbol
  • Stars twinkling for 2018. (Meghan)
  • Hearts expanding, cohesiveness in group or population. (Joy)
  • Like minded people are more networked, coming together. (Laura F.)
  • Light, strength in numbers, hope for parts of the world beyond D.C. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The people are resolute, determined. (Joy)
  • The US. An escalator going up. A slow but steady improvement for the year. (Jan)
  • Medical advances, with children and their hearts. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A beam of light shining down the year. (Jeann Mayell)
  • People have health coverage. (Andrew Posey)
  • Many people engaged in helping others. We will see more efforts at bridging the divide, and although it will be fringe at first, people will begin addressing the pain of people with actual help. (Natalie)
  • The people are becoming resolute, determined. (Doris)

July 2018 (Positive)

  • Dollars flying through the air in a city, as if they have been thrown from above. (Bluebelle)
  • Statue of Liberty crown shines gold. (NJF)
  • No more analyzing of political leaders. People are ignoring them now to have a calmer life. (Molly)
  • Big round golden sun in July (Meghan N). Lots of sunshine (Graciela)
  • People playing in beaches, going on picnics, families together. (Graciela)
  • Justice is happening and democrats are rising. (Bin)
  • Good news in Europe. (Jo)
  • A medical breakthrough is in the news. (Audree)
  • Americans are building expanded and new public transportation systems.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • New leaders emerging, doesn’t matter the age. (Miriam)
  • A wheel on axle in the news.  (Donna)
  • Dramatic rise in state and local movements. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Aretha Franklin Pink Cadillac. She is singing strongly. Powerful. (Toi Lynn)
  • Clues lifting, sun bright. (NJF)
  • Shining bright yellow light on D.C. Looks like an exposure. (Meghan N)
  • Trumpers are starting to wise up to the fact that they’ve been conned. (Bluebelle)
  • Discovering your personal spiritual power and how to connect is becoming a more mainstream activity.  (Diana)
  • The rise of caring and charity. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I hear the words, “The world is going to hell in a hand basket.” But then I hear, “ But don’t worry; it is part of a process.” (Jeanne Mayell)
  • It’s going to be okay. It’s like going to the dentist. It hurts but ultimately we will be better for it. (Jeanne Mayell)

August 2018 (Positive)

  • Someone speaking that everyone looks up to and likes, black man inspiring others. (Diana)
  • Sunny, happy, summer. People relieved. An overall brightness and lightness. People want to have fun. (Graciela)
  • Families taking care of their own. (Toi Lynn)
  • Quiet month, we need a break. (Tracy)
  • Liberalism expands in the Midwest. (Christopher)
  • Groups that used to not like each other, unite for a common good. (Elvera)
  • Good people moving into local leadership, spreading out. (Jilli)
  • Calmer, beach visits. (Meghan N)
  • Lamp on, showing light. (Bin)
  • I’m seeing families coming closer. (Toi Lynn)
  • Quiet month, people stop complaining about the heat. (Tracy)
  • As if the sun is rising from the north on Greenland. (Sophie)
  • Agriculture will be changed to adjust to the heat. (Paula)
  • Much urban renewal and repair of infrastructure. (Bill)
  • Out of darkness comes courage to face new challenges, some planetary sky events. (Helena)
  • Light is returning. (NJ)

September 2018 (positive visions)

  • Big money accumulating for sustainability. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Sigh of relief, catastrophe averted. (Diana)
  • World comes together on important issue. (Elvera)
  • Energy rises, things moving faster. Still really hot weather. (Tracy)
  • More concerts on the Esplanade in Boston. More picnics with friends, sharing space. (Miriam)
  • People making plans for themselves (in a good way), crops tall and green, maybe being used for biofuels as well. (Graciela)
  • Wonderful candidates running for office. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Celebrities coming out for Democrats. A lot of excitement. (Christopher)
  • The women’s #metoo movement is stronger than ever. It is now cemented. (Jeanne)
  • Early snow, but then back to normal. Stability. Practical mindedness. Gorgeous fall colors. (Graciela)
  • Tall pine trees, forest returning strong. (NJF)
  • Bomb, but discovered, renews sense of safety, and being taken care of. (Toi Lynn)
  • California has become a bastion of positive movements at a grand scale (Jeanne Mayell)
  • New kids heading to school. They will have more mentors to help the transition. (Miriam)
  • Grassroots movements to help us all. (Molly)
  • Yin yang, balance of good and evil. (Bin)
  • Moderates and progressives working together. (Christopher)
  • Night sky full of stars, calm reflection. (Meghan N)
  • There is more collective prayer, raising hope, with people joining together to help one another. Feels like a hippie movement, down to the earth and roots. (Heather)
  • There will be more marches, more charitable giving, and not looking to the federal government, more local government. People asking how they can join together in the knowledge that we all need each other. (Heather)

October 2018 (positive visions)

  • Good cheer, people smiling, cozy worlds, all together. (Diana
  • A Soviet style poster of heroic boys and girls looking fiercely up into the sky. Youth are activated. (RunestoneOne)
  • Beautiful fall colors, early cold but then back to warm again. (Graciela)
  • Some people working hard on projects, things feel stable, somewhat sense of normalcy. (Graciela)
  • Energy feels lightened but subdued. (Meghan N)
  • Underneath bad news there is hope.  (Molly)
  • A wave of light crossing the globe. There is darkness but it is cleansin.g (Toi Lynn)

Positive (November 2018)

  • Monsters are almost all gone, in handcuffs, heading to jail, people cheering for justice has been done. (Diana)
  • Handmade mittens, strong hands going back to the basics. Do it yourself movement, less reliance on social media. Hands clasping hands, pulling each other up. (RunestoneOne)
  • Yay! yay! yay! (Jeanne), Celebrate! (Meghan N). Happiness. (Donna) Deep sigh of relief. (Toi Lynn Relief. (Jo) Hearts lifting. (Kathleen)
  • Lots of lights, business, happy, plans again, lots of motion and activity (similar to April) but with a greater sense of determination. (Graciela)
  • Families getting together more often to pool holiday resources, trying to cheer each other up, more family- group Thanksgivings, more vegetables. (Miriam)
  • Some anxiety but with a hopefulness running throughout, as in, if we can overcome this hurdle, good things are coming. (Graciela)
  • Greatest month of activism in the U.S ever. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Feels a burst of lightning energy (Meghan N)
  • Lots of activity in political arenas, lots of plans, talking, restructuring, votes for the right people, changes coming, young people in political positions, ready to do good. (Graciela) A stirring of some kind. (Kim)
  • Shoes for everyone. (Elvera)
  • Children eating cotton candy (NJF)
  • More caring attitude in the collective. (Natalie)

December 2018 (Positive)

  • New hope, everything is right again, the world is in the right place. (Diana)
  • Snow, crisp chill in the air, feeling of excitement/anticipation, excitement in the air (Jo)
  • Lots of bright smiles and relief, people relax into the holiday season with smiles (Meghan N).  People cheering. (Donna)  I feel like I can finally stop worrying. (Tracy). Sunshine, feels lighter, brighter. (NJF) Energy of relief. (Meghan N) Renewed hope. (Jo) Tension is gone. people seem genuinely happy. (Elvera)
  • Relief. Refocus. People coming together. So much connection world wide. Community. (Toi Lynn)
  • Something big politically, changes, reconstruction, younger voices in Washington DC, things changing in DC. Big change. People rejoicing. Something good is happening politically in the US. (Graciela)
  • It is financially difficult but people are supporting each other. Lots of community care. (Toi Lynn)
  • People holding hands and working together. (Molly)
  • Hearing the song, Put a little love in your Heart.  (Kathleen)
  • New skies. Ideas for helping cool the planet. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see women and children stretching their necks out of a plane looking over a landscape of farmland.  It’s a promise land. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More charities, more people doing community service. (Christopher)
  • More orphan pet adoptions. (Miriam)
  • Squirrels sharing secrets. (NJF)

To see other visions for 2018, not specifically positive visions, including by month, go to next section. 

U.S. POLITICS (2018 whole year)

  • One month tall, like a skyscraper in 2018, the rest not nearly as tall. (Meghan)
  • Image of Capitol Building larger – Congress playing much larger role. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • War with U.S. overseas.
  • Elephants very fat, restless. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I just see night, meaning it’s a dark time.
  • Power – the idea of a rigid controlling order in charge.
  • Elephants everywhere – the strong influence this year of the GOP. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Feverish in their activity, people throwing rocks at GOP from the Congressional balcony. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Collective resolve to take action and get things done.  (Jeanne)  Gun control advocates on the move after Florida school shooting; Democrats winning special election races.
  • A retro style in automobiles, back to the fifties look.  (Jeanne Mayell)

INTERNATIONAL (2018 whole year – mostly made in early 2016)

  • Theresa May will not remain prime minister of the UK till the end of 2018. (Maria White)
  • There won’t be any world war this year though tensions and conflicts between nations will rise up. (Asian)
  • This is the year of Russian election. Russia will be busy protecting Putin from Western mechanisms. So, during the first half of the year they will remain mostly quiet. They will again become active in international arena at the end of the year. (Asian)
  • China and Russia have a silent understanding between them. Otherwise Russia would not have entered Syria. As both countries relationship begins to turns cold with USA it will take a shape of an alliance in coming years. (Asian)
  • In Middle East Jerusalem will continue to be a controversial issue. Israel won’t agree to any type of compromise. Rather they will tighten their grip on Jerusalem. It will make them more isolated in international arena. US will continue to support Israel. Palestinian authorities may go to international court. In Middle East public opinion will turn increasingly against Israel as more casualities happens in protest against Israeli government. Even in friendly countries like Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia etc. Relation between Qatar and Saudi & UAE will deteriorate more. (Asian)
  • Europe and Middle East become divided into Anti-USA and Pro-USA camp. It is the result of the waning global influence of USA. (Asian)
  • China-India relation will remain mostly cool this year, however a border incident may occur between two countries. In both countries leadership there will be lots of confusion regarding each other. In coming years however their relationship will continue to deteriorate rapidly. (Asian)
  • Another important area is Afghanistan-Pakistan area. In Afghanistan, the Jihadi influence will continue to rise, although media probably won’t give importance to this. In coming years due to close proximity to Afghanistan, central Asia will flare up. (Asian)
  • Both the UK and France will continue to be the terror hotspots in Europe for long time to come. Australia will begin to see lone-wolf attacks which will continue into the future. (Asian)
  • Terrorist attacks will also increase in Israel and India including one major attack in Israel. Jewish synagogues in Europe may come under attack from terrorists. The leadership will take tough stands against terrorists. After March, terrorist attacks will continue to rise in Kashmir and the state will continue to boil for next few months. The India Pakistan relationship will take downward turn because of this. But despite bloodshed, India will be able to rein in cross-border terrorism somewhat. (Asian)
  • President Putin will win this time too, despite many Western attempts. (Asian)
  • Chancellor Angela Markel won’t serve full term this time. She would be out of office by 2019 at earliest. (Asian)
  • Egypt will see a new president this year. (Asian)
  • PM Modi will continue to be a popular and strong leader. His party will continue to win elections although they will begin to suffer setbacks. Also, there will be increasing inner fighting within his party. Women will get higher posts in his party and in the government. (Asian)
  • Protesting crowds gathered but fenced off, people reaching over the fence for food. Refugees trying to get into new country. Lots of people standing behind a fence with blank looking faces; hands reaching out; then same picture with winter coats on. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A heavy dark feeling surrounding the areas between India and Australia–dark looking in mind map. (Lucy)
  • Chaos, wars, terrorism, America unsteady, Europe unsteady, worldwide turmoil. (Lucy)
  • A vision of Europe with lightening striking. Feels like war. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Deals are being made, the Capitol Building is in the distance. Church is involved. Feels ominous. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • War, genocide. (Julia)

CLIMATE (2018 whole year)

  • I see a great melting in Alaska. It’s melting into the ocean, like great tears. (Jeanne Mayell) Early 2018 temperatures spiking above freezing even while the Arctic is in total darkness.
  • Attention to the Arctic where all the ice is gone. (Jeanne Mayell). (prediction made 3 years prior)


  • Square root sign in the stock market movement for February. But no crash in 2018. (Jeanne Mayell) Market dropped 665 points February 3, 2018.
  • Stock market is like a roller coaster throughout the year, ends down. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Bitcoin will suffer a crash this year but will recover well by the end of the year. But rising incidents of cyber-crime will make people worry. Other than that new crypto-currencies will continue to emerge as digital cash becomes more popular.  (Asian)
  • There won’t be economic crash although economy will take many hits through out the year. (Asian)
  • American economy will stay strong most of the year due tax bill. But, eventually only large corporations would benefit from this tax cut. It will boost economy and employment for a short time but will ultimately fail to reach its objective. In longer term it will increase economic inequality and create a market bubble. I see from late 2019 people will begin to feel negative consequences of this bill. (Asian)
  • China will continue to have internal economic issues with their rising debt level, but outwardly China will look strong, signing more treaties, and in this way creating a cushion to survive upcoming economic and financial collapse and spreading their geopolitical clout in Asia. This year is their last chance to handle this problem correctly. Because when geopolitical tensions begins to escalate next year there won’t be any room to maneuver. Their vulnerability to debt may come to light in second-half of the year. (Asian)
  • Indian economy will take a sharp turn upwards this year and will see rise of GDP returning to above 7% by second quarter of financial year. They will end the year stronger. Real estate markets in new developing cities will begin to thrive. But in big cities market will collapse. (Asian)
  • European economy will continue to stagnate. Italy and Greece both will continue to be sore spots. Both of them will become major economic headache for EU in next year if they don’t leave this year. (Asian)

January 2018  (Also applies to early February)


  • The White House:
    • I see a big question mark. I see a villain with dark hair and a damsel in distress. The villain is made up of several people. This week it’s Devin Nunes who is a liar and a creepy little punk servant to Trump, Koch, and the darkest part of the GOP leadership. He’s trying to shut down the Mueller investigation.  (Jeanne Mayell)  Why GOP followed Trump off a cliff. 
    • Muller is determined. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • Trump with his arms raised on a podium.  His suit jacket is stretched so far up his body and arms that he gets stuck in its sleeves, which twist him up and bind him like a straight jacket he can’t get out of. (Gracesinger) This is a symbol of how Trump ensnares himself with public remarks he makes. 
    • Clocks ticking, ticking. Reminds me of the political exposé show Sixty Minutes. Someone is being exposed. (Jeanne Mayell)  In late Dec. a fearful Trump rescinds agreement to appear on Sixty Minutes show.
    • Saw Trump in this heavy coat and was trying to keep money hidden inside his coat, and it kept falling outside of his coat, He couldn’t bend over and get it or more would fall out. (Judy) 
    • Trump down. GOP up. (Natalie)  Passage of Tax package helps GOP; latest public gaffe (“Shithole countries” remark) hurts Trump.
    • Tillerson getting ready to leave. (MaryEllen) News emerged in December that Tillerson had been ready to leave in July, then is fired in March. 
    • Attention on Mike Pence. (Barry)
    • Trump quieter, lower profile. (Susan)  Press notices that  Trump is quiet after Stormy Daniels interview.
    • Rainbow of hope, waiting for something good to happen. Podium. Trump. (Michele)
    • A large V shape. (Terry) (Editor: could be symbol for alt right movement)
    • Symbol of elongated V. (Jeanne Mayell) (one reader suggested it may refer to Vril & Donald Marshall and a sci-fi book about a subterranean race of angels.) This symbol surfaced in late Spring 2017 over Trump White House Terror Advisor Sebastian Gorka who belonged to the Vitezzi Rend Nazi group who used the elongated V as their symbol.
    • Russia’s influence. (Symbol of a hammer). (Bar)  Trump meets secretly with Russian heads of Russian spy agency.
    • Kellyanne Conway in news, making appearances. (Meghan)
  • January or February: An outbreak in the water supply, probably  in Boston area. The government won’t say what is causing it, but it is an act of terror. (Yaeko)
  • Congress
    • Contention, bargaining, in Congress, demonstrations. (Kathleen)
    • Lots of yelling and blaming going on in Congress. (Meghan N)
    • A woman with dyed red brown hair, glasses, the Capitol building. She is testifying. Melania is behind her. The woman was shown naked before. (Jeanne Mayell)  This turns out to be Playboy centerfold star Karen McDougal who was came forward about her affair with Trump and how he silenced her with money.
    • It is raining. Washington is dismal and depressing. There is an emerging order. (Andrew Posey)
    • Light blue mist-like fog covering all of Washington (Mary L)
    • There is much attention on the U.S. Congress. The Democrats are grim. Quiet. They have to endure this. Even Ryan is grim faced in spite of his triumphs. Trump has to speak there. It’s probably the State of the Union. The Democrats are not going to acknowledge him. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • U.S. Congress meeting. White haired men. Grey suits and chaos. Trying to keep appearances. I see Pence taking the lead. The other men in Congress are not visible. This man tries to be friendly but he is weak and thin. (Clara)
    • Politics are intense. Hunger programs hit. (Audree)
    • Resignations going on. (Julie)  FBI McCabe and others all related to GOP pressure to obstruct the Mueller investigation. 
    • GOP Congress enthusiastic. Paul Ryan visible and actively trying to pass legislation. Trump on the outside looking in—more isolated from Washington D.C. and Congress. (Susan)
    • Republicans and high government officials standing in a group in front of a podium, announcing something as a group. It feels like they are curtailing the right to publish certain points of view as well as freedom of assembly in groups, protests, demonstrations. (Doris)
    • Congress in session, but a bit more blue this time. Reds still in power. (Meghan)  Blue victories for the House last November. Blue victory in the Senate for Alabama.
    • New legislation on climate issues. (Lynn)
    • U.S. political situation heating up. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • It’s time for a show down. Two people coming forward to testify. They look like the twins from the horror movie, The Shining. They are women. (Jeanne Mayell)  The two women are stripper Stormy Daniels and Playmate Karen McDougal reporting on their affairs with Trump and payments made to silence them.  This prediction was made months before either of these women were in the news.
    • Senator McCain passes (MaryEllen)
      • Big ‘send off’ for Senator McCain; memorialized in a big way. (Maryellen)
      • Political figure funeral, people shaken up. (Gerti)
    • Paul Ryan prominent. (Susan)  Ryan gives approval for publishing false memo. Pretends he doesn’t know what it’s for. 
    • Congress feeling “new light” and actively trying to move ahead new bills/agenda. (Susan)
    • Congress tangled, a mess.(Meghan)
    • A senator’s daughter in the news, something about her leg or legs. (Bluebelle)  First Senator to give birth while in office announced.
  • The U.S. People
    • Fire in a cathedral. (Elvera)
    • People hunker down. (DeeMarie)
    • I feel a headache during this period.  (Sophie)
    • Sensing the mean-spirited government in the US. (Molly)
    • Another wave of evacuees from Puerto Rico fleeing to Florida. Housing shortages for them. (Christopher)
    • Baby chicks being killed. (NJF)  In the news — how baby chicks are ground up live for food.
    • People are so tired of the news. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • People trying so hard to be nice to each other, but there are many angry outbursts.  I hear people screaming in parking lots. (Tracy)  Division between Trumpies and others are causing social divisions.
    • There is a feeling of oppression in the air, of being held down. (Patti)  Constant criticism of those who the powerful don’t agree with. Fear of the state keeps people in check. 
    • Calm quiet unsure something, people can’t voice their opinions. (Natalie)
    • Media chaos – about freedom of speech. (Natalie)
    • Small communities of free thinkers. (Natalie)
    • Underground resistance starting. (Natalie
    • Some sort of segregation. (Joy)
    • People depressed. (Joy)
    • MLK legacy tainted. (Frannie)
    • We’ve got to get it back – democracy! (Toni)
    • Anxious, anxiety in the collective, how we will feed ourselves. So many people at the top have money and so many have very little. How to bridge the gap. People that were once middle class sliding down the bottom because of policies. (Heather)
    • Skiing having a good year among rich. They don’t care about poor. (Frannie)  Ivanka and Jared seen having lavish vacation on ski slopes while immigrants and poor suffer and their policies oppress millions in the U.S. and abroad.
    • Lincoln in the news. Also the Constitution and the National Archives. (Frannie)
    • Rebuilding going on. (Karen)
    • A mix of optimism and dread. Economic and foreign policy issues are problematic. GOP attempts an agenda restart. (David)
    • Fight back establishment. This feels like it’s a fight for normalcy – being tugged on all sides – trying to maintain composure in insane situations. I think it’s about the Democratic party having to fight Trump as well as its own base which has turned against them. (Natalie)
    • Huge traffic jams. Could be all across America but probably at the border wall where trade is being disrupted. (Michele)
    • Eyes opened about economy; people still carrying onward in the US. (Susan)
    • Big stop. Something is happening. Death and dying symbols. ( Michele B.)  Not January but February another school shooting.
    • Automation! Robots making pizzas, cake, sushi. (Ann)
    • I see Michelle Obama and a dark blue boat, looking fantastic and being noteworthy. (Andrew)
    • Space exploration. (Ann)
    • Stock market- volatility due to world events. (Maryellen)
    • Military action in U.S. (KB)
    • The energy of January is white and clean, but empty. (Melissa F.)


  • Middle East
    • Saudi Arabia negotiations. (Yaeko)
    • Egypt is not on the map. (Andrew Posey)
    • In Israel and Palestine there is an explosion. (Andrew Posey)
    • There is a regime change in the Middle East. (Andrew Posey)
    • Tourism in Egypt increasing. (Andrew Posey)
  • Russia:
    • Russia, cold grey, North Korea DPRK and Russia working together, East Russia close to China-Strong (Sophie)
    • Russian aggressions are in the news. (Julie)
    • Cold and a lot of people are hungry…I see these problems in Russia, especially Siberia. (Andrew Posey)
  • Terror attack in Europe, possibly Luxembourg.
  • I see an image of surgeons working hard to save people. I don’t know where this is. (Jeanne Mayell) Terrorist attack
  • North Korea:
    • White noise, a missile over water, like a torpedo but skimming just over the water, not so much in the air, a few meters over the water. (Doris)
    • Pushing bundles covered in tarps up a mountain. They are very heavy and are not budging. I heard phrase, “Rome was not built in a day.” I don’t know where this is. (Gail) [Editor: could these bundles be missiles?]
    • January 18th: Gut wrenching feeling. Japan looking far right with eyes to the sky. (Bar)
    • Missile flying over water. (Doris)
    • North Korea staging big event (stirring the pot to a higher degree than normal) that may be a trigger for military retaliation. (Maryellen)
    • Kim Jong-un: sometime this year he may be removed from power, North Korea borders will be rearranged. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • Korea: issues with Kim Jong Un. (Lisa)
  • Nationalism in Japan. (Bin)
  • War, genocide happening. Prediction made in 2014. (Report that As many as 13,000 people have been hanged in Saydnaya between September 2011 and December 2015.)
  • South America, Peru, and Chile, a major conference. (Andrew Posey)
  • G-20 and Paris in the news. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Big agreement signed.
  • Scotland in the news. (Barry & Frannie)
  • African children in the news. (Lorie)
  • Hunger on various fronts on the rise. (Lorie)


  • Light brown dust going over California freeways (not smoke), lots of dust. (Mary)
  • Rain and wet in northern Europe.  This is for the whole year.  (Paula)
  • Lots of water everywhere. (Elvera)
  • White and gray colors; bleak cold weather, but feels like a blank page, a fresh start. (Meghan)  Massive snow storm blankets eastern U.S.
  • Peaceful in Colorado, people going about their day to day tasks, warmer than usual. (Graciela)
  • More fires out West. (Ginny)
  • Cold wind blowing. Angry, Furious winds. A feeling of gold rising. (Mary K)
  • More fires out west. (Ginny)
  • Blizzard (probably in New England.) (Ginny)
  • Corn in the news (Melanie)
  • Wild fires popping up all over the place. (Anais)
  • Power outage in part of the U.S. (Peter)
  • Lots of snow, quiet month. (Joy)
  • In Europe: wind, wind, wind. (Clara)
  • Siberian ice flows in the news. I see a polar bear walking in the snow, and white seal pups. First Nation people in Canada are effected. (Andrew)
  • Energy feels lighter. Snowflakes falling peacefully. (NJ)
  • I see the ground moving in wave shape under grids of houses. The location is mid-north California. (Svetlana)
  • Flickering lights, tornado warning alarms going off. It looks like a scene from Stranger Things. (Lauren)
  • Galapagos in a cauldron of fire. (Mary L.) (Sounds like volcanic activity)
  • Town with tall steeples, then big fissure, earthquake.(see vision below that later in the year the fault line of the western U.S. is accentuated with the name San Bernardino). (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Bad storms in the U.S., feels like Texas. (Frannie)
  • Water in Africa reaching crisis levels. (Andrew)
  • More positive advances in technology. Floating houses with solar panels. (Ann)
  • Earthquake on the north island of New Zealand. (Jan)
  • Attention on North Pole: ice is gone.(Jeanne Mayell) Animal extinction at the North Pole especially polar bears. (Naghmeh)
  • An island country swamped, barely alive. (Jeanne Mayell


  • Farms struggling in the U.S. (Bill)
  • Markets in a square root sign. Sharp drop then some rebound. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Market volatile, much movement. (Jeanne Mayell
  • Many super storms in the U.S.
  • Chemicals raining into the ocean from a U.S. geo engineering project. (Jeanne Mayell)


Florida High School Shooting seen in advance:  

  • Children crying, Noooo! (Jeanne Mayell) Predicted January 22 for February 2018.
  • Tension, anger, my heart is beating quickly, I feel like I want to cry. (Kathryn)
  • Anger at Congress. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A lot of stress. (Barbara)
  • Broken heart – feels like U.S. (DeeMarie)  17 Dead in Florida High School Shooting
  • The color orange.  (Melanie) [This usually refers to warnings.]
  • Fear in the collective. (Alisa)
  • An eagle gargoyle s sticking out of the walls of a building, looks like the Chrysler building  An ominous sign from the halls of corporate power.   (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Flags half-mast, marble steps, mausoleum like. Someone important has died. White hair, blue eyes, rosy face, old.  (Michele)
  • Vicious attacks on Democrats by Republicans.  Breaks all norms. (Bluebelle)
  • Coming together. People vs. government. Trying to create chaos and revolution out of resistance. The resistance is targeting people. The Government is coming after resistance. (Natalie)  Gun control activist high school student victims are targeted.
  • Prayers, heads bowed in prayer. (Lorie)  Florida high school shooting prayers, vigils.
  • Acceptance of what is, but sadness. This did not have to happen.  Florida High School shooting.
  • Media being cut off, opposing opinions squelched, new forms of media taking hold where the real news occurs. (Heather)
  • Exaggerated red and pink hearts, an in-your-face Valentine’s Day. (Meghan)  Florida shooting on valentines day hits the media.
  • Push by leaders to instill and promote calm under increased chaos. (Maryellen)  Post highschool shooting causes rage against NRA and politicians and corporations who support them, need for calm.

Other U.S. Predictions:

  • I see a lot of old people leaving the U.S. in 2018. (Andrew Posey)  Statistics show elderly are moving to more affordable countries. 
  •  Chaos instigated by group of men from the U.S. government. (Doris) A GOP plot involving Trump, Nunes,
  •  Moon shining with dark clouds behind it.  (Doris)  [This is a foreboding symbol].
  •  Explosions in the U.S. (Billie). In Austin, a bomber in March.
  • Koch brothers are afraid. (Bin)  Koch pledges $300 million to local races out of concern for Blue backlash.
  • Religious leader passes. (Wayne)  Evangelist Billy Graham dies. 
  • In the news: An issue with the Empire State Building and electricity.
  • Kochs, McCarthy, and Ryan to destroy the rule of law. (Bin)
  • Calm seas but something is looming in the Pacific. There is tension, anxiety, and military ships. The ships are grey in colour. I cannot see any ensigns or flags but feel they are American. Their mission is to race to a specific location at full speed in order to get there as soon as possible. (Doris)Man in handcuffs. (Toi Lynn)  Nevada governors arrested and led away in handcuffs.Hammer and sickle (Russia) on U.S. map. (AR)  Mueller indicts 13 Russian hackers.  Also new evidence emerges against Manafort. 
  • Political ads, there is an election coming up (Kathleen)
  • Barred shadows and light. The light shines through prison bars. (RunestoneOne)
  • US and Olympics, grey cold grim. (Sophie)  U.S. in Korea Olympics, U.S. VP Refuses to Stand for Korean Athletes during Opening Ceremonies. 
  • A Cadillac, dark haired villain (represents inner circle of GOP schemers who include Ryan, Nunes, Trump) is trying to end health care. Everything he does is designed to increase wealth to those already fabulously wealthy. ( Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see a set of keys. The GOP want the keys to the whole house. Congress, Executive Branch, DOJ, and Supreme Court. The villain is a combination of people but their leader is Paul Ryan.  Their actions are so going to back-fire on them. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump
    • People are encouraged by Mueller investigation. (Bluebelle)  Mueller files additional indictments against Manafort as his partner Rick Gates pleads guilty and cooperates with investigation. 
    • Lying, lying, lying. (Molly) WH Update: “Everyone continues to lie to everybody about everything.”
    • Mueller investigation reaches its peak. (Sophie)
    • Mueller, Trump, angel, ICE. (Melissa)
    • A man who looks like Jared Kushner, standing, looks blindfolded or maybe it’s that he looks blindsided, no expression at all (although this is admittedly his usual look). They are asking questions. He’s silent. “I told you everything already,” he says. His wife is watching from the sidelines. He looks like a deer in the headlights. (Jeanne Mayell) Jared Kushner looks like he is being slow-rolled. White House Chief of Staff John Kelly wants to revoke Kushner’s security clearance. 
    • Someone in the government is peeking out behind the blinds, as if someone were looking for them and they were in hiding. (Anais)
    • Mr. Magoo walking with a cane. (NJ).  Trump lashes out at Sessions calling him Mr. McGoo.  This fuels the Mueller investigation that Trump is trying to obstruct justice by tearing down his Attorney General. 
    • Congress is in the news, big time. (Jeanne Mayell)  New pressure on Congress due to Valentine’s Day school massacre and GOP’s continual support for public sale of automatic weapons.
    • Trump hits a snag, government inquiry. There is a huge public breakdown of trust due to an incident of the government incompetence and mishandling again. (Andrew) Trump repealed Obama gun control measures.  FBI failed to respond to warnings of school shooter.
    • Trump comeuppance, frenetically hiding, found out. (Mary L)
    • Something big is uncovered in the political sphere. (Julie)
    • U.S. general brought to his knees with despair. (Kathleen) .Former Spy Chief General Hayden tweeted his disgust about Trump: “If this is who we are or who we are becoming, I have wasted 40 years of my life,
    • Justice department big time in the news. (Jeanne Mayell) Trump attacking Jeff Sessions, U.S. Attorney General.
    • More news about that blond woman and a scandal.  It’s the stripper Trump paid off Stormy Daniels.
    • Hidden files in the closet. (Toni) (editor: this is one of three visions different readers have had about hidden files in a closet, related to Trump/Russia collusion)
    • Trump is gone. (Audree)
  • Congress:
    • Congress under public attack  for protecting  NRA profits/gun sales of assault weapons while trying to handle public demand to stop enabling the mass killings of children:
      • The Capitol (Congress) appears now to be an iron fortress. Impenetrable. Not good. (Jeanne)
      • Washington D.C. is dark, quiet and cold. Congress trying to assess and play cards correctly with public this time. It is all for political gain, i.e., profits for the ultra rich.  (Jeanne)
      • Deliberations in Congress; arguments. (Susan)
      • GOP digging heels in regarding their agenda. (Susan)
      • Transgender leader in the news. (Kathy)  Parkland High School student activist Emma Gonzales,. whose cropped hair gives her an ambiguous gender, becomes the voice of children criticizing the GOP and the President for taking money and enabling the slaughter of children. 
      • Men in suits. Again someone from the U.S. government standing in front of a podium. Solidarity from this group. Almost as if they needed each other for support because what they were announcing or telling the world was not what the world wanted to hear and they knew it. Their audience would not approve and they needed the security in numbers for the announcement. Almost felt as if it was something to do with the Constitution or some change in the law that everyone takes for granted. Significant controversial announcement. (Doris)  Congress and GOP throughout the country refuses to ban the public sale of assault weapons.
      • Congress’s hair on fire! (Toni)  Children speaking out against politicians who take money from the NRA after another school shooting.

The People of the U.S.

  • Very stressful feeling about this time. (Jeanne)
  • People staying in their houses. (Joy)
  • Scared elites – I got the sense that this was when the oligarchs would first begin to think they could lose. It may be that this is when they get scared and so to protect themselves they up the repression which in the long-term hastens their end. (Natalie)  Worried about a coming blue wave, Koch pledging $400 million for local elections.
  • A lot of black, and it is spreading, becoming bigger. (Meghan and Laura)
  • Knife in the heart of the U.S., cutting the U.S. apart. (KB)  17 killed in Florida shooting but GOP holds firm on supporting NRA.
  • Swirly spirals in people’s eyes, heads spinning, people confused. (Melissa F.)
  • Freedom rings. (Lynn)
  • Underground resistance strong feeling especially in New York – it begins in New York. (Natalie)
  • Citizens feeling disenfranchised from the US government. (Susan)
  • People in the US are uniting and mobilizing; renewed activism. (Susan)  Gun control activism on the rise. 
  • An outbreak in the water supply, probably  in Boston area. The government won’t say what is causing it, but it is an act of terror. (Yaeko)  Another reader saw a similar attack in Boston, but was on the Mass Transit system.


  • News about beef production. (Lisa P.)
  • Long road to recovery. (NJ)
  • A big crash financial crash beginning of February, followed by calm silence, more peace relaxation. People not caring as much anymore about money. (Helena)
  • Image of helicopters off to war.
  • Vision of chains and a noose. Heard the description: “like bulls locking horns.” There is some kind of disruption on Wall Street. Bulls locking down Wall Street as market begins reactive countersuing downwards. (Michele)
  • Storms, Thunderstorm, heard “Lightning strikes”. (Michele) Editor note: unsure if this is symbolic or literal.
  • Garfield the cat in the news. (Anais)

INTERNATIONAL (February 2018)

  • Iran becomes a threat now. (Bluebelle)
  • Assad in the news. (Kathryn)  World accuses Assad of another chemical weapons attack.
  • North Korea soldiers busy.  (Ming)
  • Activity in the Middle East desert. (Kathryn)
  • World Problems in the Middle East, desert, southern peninsula. (Kathryn)
  • Large boat crash in the Atlantic; military, not cruise ship. (Lisa P.) This might be the Argentine submarine that exploded in November in the South Atlantic.
  • Soldiers hanging off a cliff, holding onto each other. (Gail)
  • North Korean president Kim Jong Un in the news. (Laura F.)  Kim Jong Un’s face. (Ming)  Winter Olympics brings Kim Jong Un back in the news. He cancels talks with Pence.
  • Scandal with Dennis Coderre, Montreal ex-mayor. (Sophie)
  • U.K.
    • Big Royals affair. Young woman in a long ruffled light dress. Hat’s.
    • Issues of Britain and Ireland. Lots of unhappiness. (Frannie)
  • East Asia: Lotus flower blooming: In Tibet there is a miracle birth. (Gerti)
  • Australia: A boy riding a horse. The animal is skin and bones. They are coming out of the water. I think this is in Australia. (Jeanne)
  • Philippines’ Duerto may be outed. (Ann
  • Tanks rolling over human carnage. Don’t know where. Could be U.S. or elsewhere. (Alex)

CLIMATE/EARTH (February 2018)

  • More snow, Russia snow, cold. Bitter cold in Afghanistan.  (Andrew Posey)  Moscow has greatest snow in 24 hours in decades.
  • Seismic shifts in the West beginning in California. (Bluebelle)
  • Very high up snow capped mountain, rounded at top then snow.  I think this is about possible earth changes coming. I don’t know where this is, although it feels like the American Northwest.   (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Distant thunder and a narrow pathway. (Skye)
  • I see the color red. I see fire, bomb, volcano. (Ginny)
  • I saw the Atacama Desert in Chile and heard the words, “ the earth will shake”.  (Paula)     A discovery in the Atacama Desert rocks the science world.
  • Floods on the Mississippi: I’m seeing the Mississippi river, a brown river, I’m high above the ground and the river appears like the thread of a vein on the arm of a human, and I’m seeing winds.  There are winds on the plains and tears in my eyes.  I am seeing white and snow and whitewater and I am seeing this in the Great Lakes area and now I’m understanding that the Mississippi has turned brown from these floods. So I’m seeing floods on the Mississippi and that makes my stomach flighty. (Andrew Posey). Midwest flooding may be worst since 1997. 
  • In Greenland, big pieces of ice falling in the sea.  The land underneath is small. (Sophie)
  • Elephant graveyards. (Andrew Posey)
  •  In the news: Canada is losing land mass due to climate change.  Water is rising.  (Sophie)
  •  Cold snap in the Northeast. (Wayne)
  • An old Inuit woman is smiling wisely. She likes Trudeau.  The river is overflowing on land, she knows it is supposed to happen as this is a new age beginning.  (Sophie)
  • Northern Chile earth shaking. (I am hearing a folk song called Cacharpaya, and this stamping of feet is shaking the earth). (Paula)
  • Dark stormy weather, sheets of rain coming down. (Mary)
  • Caribbean still a disaster area. (Christopher)
  • U.S.
    • Roar of the lion from the plains. (NJF)
    • Gentle rain in California. Much needed.  (Graciela)
    • Chilled to the bone. (Julie)
    • Very cold in Eastern U.S. (Jeanne)
    • United Nations very active. (Karen) Problems with food shortages and health care. (Andrew)
    • No rain in the Midwest. (Bob)
    • The U.S. Plains States are very dry. (Svetlana)
    • Map of the U.S. with parched spot in the middle where it is very dry. This is the beginning of the Heartland desert. (Jeanne)
    • Severe weather issues. Northern half of country experiences above average extreme wind, snow, cold. Southeast extreme cold and wind. Trump and GOP falters. (David)
    • Not a cold February (New England). (Yaeko)
    • Forests tallest trees will be saved. GOP can’t have our forests. (Jeanne)
    • New seeds being planted. (Molly)
    • There is a porcupine in the news. (I also see Punxsutawney Phil in the news.). (Audree)
    • Hummingbirds in the news, probably related to climate change or other environmental pollution. (Jeanne)
  • Concern about new insect infestation in Latin America.
  • Big Snow falling on Europe. Snow in Japan . Japanese images of snow falling leaving all covered. (Clara)
  • I see a fire-breathing dragon consuming everything. This may be a symbol of flood or fire. Also of China or other far eastern nation. (Jeanne)
  • I see a swath of green in South American and people in Brazil protesting but happy. (Andrew)
  • Moon obscured by a fog/dark cloud. (Gerti)
  • Very cold and another scandal. (Sue. S)
  • Big earthquake possibly in Italy or a place where women who wear scarves on their heads and carry bowls. Could be South America,
  • Tiny eggs in which there is something wrong with the life inside. (Jan)
  • Herds of sheep and cattle on light green fields, wolves hiding in metal coverings. Thumper the rabbit, from Bambi, is in trouble, Red skies over China. (Andrew)

March 2018

U.S. (March 2018)

  • A show-down in the Mueller investigation. Mueller is still here. The GOP wants him out and has been creating and issuing conspiracy theories to get the public permission to fire him. My head hurts. My arms feel weak (a sign of helplessness amidst this onslaught against the truth). However,  Mueller is uncovering the whole story. The GOP is involved in using Russia throw an election.  Ryan, is connected.  It’s a well-organized effort. I can hear the GOP operatives scheming as to how they can squash the investigation without a public uprising.  They can’t. (Jeanne Mayell). . Renewed effort by GOP media to discredit Mueller.  Trump making case for firing Sessions who has recused self from interfering with Mueller investigation.
  • The wind is still blowing and it’s sweeping across the prairie and I see tumbleweeds and I see the mothers of lost children and I see Utah and a dryness and a reckoning of sorts. (Andrew Posey)  Parents of children killed in schools are speaking out.
  • In NYC trains brakes fail, jerking, throwing passengers, screaming.   (Michele)
  • Demonstrations and government retaliations.(Wayne) ICE retaliating against critics by detaining them.
  • Tornado through the center of the White House. (Skye). In one week, Four White House scandals. 
  • Crowds of happy people in a march. (Kathryn)  Gun control marches (March for Our Lives) following Florida shooting.
  • This time makes me feel anxious.(Doris)  Anxiety rising in the U.S.
  • Crowds of people. It looks like a march, but it’s happy.(Kathryn)  March for Our Lives march.
  • There is a political indictment.  More indictments for Manafort, former Trump campaign manager. Does not look good for Trump. The news spotlight is on Pence. (Audree)
  • Mining in the news. I’m seeing 12 foot tall truck tires of mining vehicles. This is not good. (RunestoneOne)  Aluminum and Steel tariffs bring mining into the news.
  • Democrats feeling motivated. (Christopher)  Gun control compromise passed in Florida. Dems win another special election (in heavily red district). 
  • Trying to adapt to new rules and lack of freedoms. (Molly)
  • The Republicans are stymied in their efforts to cut entitlements. (Bluebelle).
  • March & April:Congress prominent in the news. GOP doing what it can to thwart Muller investigation.  House Investigation Committee headed by Trump loyalist Devin Nunes finds no collusion between Trump and Russia.
  • A large ugly beast is eating everything – like a giant dark wild dog with fangs, from hell. Is this a movie? Reminds me of one of the beasts in Ghostbusters. (Jeanne Mayell)  
  • Fear rising in the collective:
    • Feeling nervous. Something is keeping us on our tiptoes. (Yaeko)  Trump’s increasingly chaotic firings,  tweets are increasing and causing fear as well as his hiring of hawkish Pompeo and torturer for CIA head and his agreement to talk with NK, which experts say could be hazardous.
    • Stress and anxiety in the collective. (Bar)
    • Nervousness, jitters among the population. (Joy)
  • Activism, marching, people being more vocal in the U.S. People want equality, fairness, etc. and are taking it to the streets. Four-leaf clover; St. Patrick’s Day prominent. (Susan)  Latest school shooting sparks strongest wave ever of activism. 
  • The idea of people going more rural and agrarian, more grounded, slower pace. (Helena)
  • Mickey Mouse in the news. (Joy)
  • In the Midwest it feels like fewer people. People are migrating. (Andrew Posey)

White House:

  • More turnover in the White House. (Luminata).Purge: Secretary of State Tillerson fired, Trump’s lead lawyer fired, Director of Intelligence McMaster fired, Presidential advisor Porter fired, Kushner loses security clearance which reduces his job. FBI Deputy Director fired., John Kelly fired.
  • Dissension brewing in the deep South. Intensity in Georgia and Alabama. (Susan)
  • Paul Ryan in trouble.Wrongdoings exposed.  (Bluebell). Teens organize 50 mile march to Ryan’s home to demand Gun Control Accountability.  Predicted January 22, 2018 for March 2018.
  • Trump repressing voices. (Barbara)   ICE targeting immigrant protestors.
  • The feeling of darkness in the White House.(Kathryn)  Trump getting ready to push out McMaster, Kelly, and Javanka. Says he doesn’t want to be constrained by advisors.
  • Mueller trying to meet with Trump. (Ginny)
  • Trump can’t reach agreement with his people. (Wayne)  Trump getting ready to push out McMaster, Kelly, and Javanka. Says he doesn’t want to be constrained by advisors. Predicted January 22, 2018 for March 2018.
  • Kushner’s 666 Park Avenue Debt-ridden building in the news:
  • New prototype introduced in aviation/air flight. (Maryellen)  A firm funded by Google founder Larry Page has unveiled an electric, self-flying air taxi that can travel at up to 180 km/h (110mph). Predicted in fall 2017 for March 2018. LGBT upset. (Meghan)
  • Spring; feeling of new life. (Susan)
  • Military or police in streets in the US. (Susan)
  • GOP looking for protesters. People are silent. (Natalie) ICE retaliating against its critics. Nunes calls a celebrity comedian dangerous.  Predicted in fall 2017 for March 2018.
  • Government and oligarchs want to control how people think and react and communicate. (Natalie)  Predicted in fall 2017 for March 2018. Trump Firing FBI director McCabe sends message to anyone who would speak out against Trump or work on the investigation  in the government. Predicted in fall 2017 for March 2018.
  • Tin mug. An army waiting. (Jan)
  • Explosion cloud. Almost a mushroom cloud but grey and dusty in colour. Like blowing up something big. A major demolition of a building creating a lot of dark, grey dust. (Doris)
  • Good fortune, winnings. (Marilyn)
  • Wendy’s hamburgers in trouble. (Bill)
  • A carnival ride when the lights go out. (Anais)


  • Russia and North Pole activities.  Canada is watching.  (Sophie)
  • Calm seas but something is looming in the Pacific.  There is tension, anxiety, and military ships. (Doris)
  • Large glow. People are shielding their eyes.(Terry)
  • Shanghai, parade, human rights celebrated. (Bluebelle)
  • Grey recovering in Korea. (Sophie)
  • Businesses delivering new products that will help deal with changing environment, like rubber boots for the rain. (Paula)
  • March 20th, Santa Catalina Island. Korean sub. (Zoron)
  • China is opening to Tibet; Dalai Lama visits amidst a big procession of dignitaries. (Gerti)
  • Possible war between India and Pakistan. (Ann)
  • Boots on the ground in Middle East (build up). (Maryellen)
  • Kim in North Korea on the move. (Grace)  Kim asks for talks with Trump. Predicted in fall 2017 for March 2018.
  • Japan’s defense force in the news. (Ann)
  • Russians trying to tell U.S. leaders what to do. U.S. leaders are sitting in the laps of generals who are in charge. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A Pacific Rim war underway. (Laura F.)
  • The Bermuda Triangle in the news. (Anais)  Amelia Earhart body may have been found on remote island. Predicted in summer 2017 for March 2018.

CLIMATE/EARTH (March 2018)

  • I’m seeing a map of South America with an emphasis on the West Coast, southerly section, which would be Chile. It is about the faults in that area. Portends earthquake. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The earth is quaking. It feels like Chile. It is happening in a dry, desert-like place, fairly narrow and not far from water. (Doris)  Chile earthquake.
  • Mountains in the news. (Ming)
  • Thick snow in the Himalyans.  (Ming)
  • Spring is green. The feeling is of happiness, flowers and art, like 60’s style art and hippies. (Kathryn)
  • Birds crashing, dying, navigation off, eagles dying, pigeons not homing, many lying on steps in (Michele)
  • Snow or ash raining down. (Alisa)
  • Oil spill. (Ginny)
  • Crazy weather: big snowstorm in the middle of warm days. First come warm days, then a ton of snow, then warm days again. Everyone is talking about it. (Tracy)  In New England two historically large snow storms in a row, a third on the way. Predicted in fall 2017 for March 2018.
  • Storm at sea, violent water. (Diana). Huge Nor-easter brewing in North Atlantic, landfall expected March 2.  Predicted in fall 2017 for March 2018.
  • Elephants in the news.  (Also Rhinos in the news – build an arc). (Jeanne Mayell) In the NYTimes on Feb 12: Five elephants killed by train. The last of the male white Rhinos dies in March, leaving just two females in the whole world.
  • Warmer than usual in northern Europe. (Paula)
  • The earth is waking and shaking strongly. This does not mean earthquakes per se, but nature’s many reactions to what we have done to it. (Paula)
  • Flowers under snow. Hope. (Toi Lynn)
  • Early spring (Kathleen), Sunshine, flowers, green fields, baby rabbits, some rain (Graciela), Sunshine over the Midwest, sunny calm. (Mary)
  • Sun shining after a rain, grass sparkling and wet. First time seen sun in a while (Meghan)
  • Sprouting seeds indoors, in basement’s protected warmth before taking the healthy growth out to plant later. There are a lot of new seeds being nurtured in society, in ‘underground’ places outside the conventional media eye. The new growth is strong.  (RunestoneOne)
  • I see a white polar bear on frozen lake looking back at destruction. (Gail)
  • Volcano in Europe. (Doris)
  • Skyline burning forest fires. (Patti)
  • Spring comes early: blue skies & bright green grass. (Meghan)
  • Grey, rain. Crocuses open up in Holland. (Clara)
  • Large winged bird in the news. (Terry)
  • Early spring in New England, but still one big snowstorm possible for New England and east coast. (Maryellen)
  • Fracking in the news on public lands. (Toni)
  • Trees blowing over due to strong weather. (Toni)  In New England two historically strong winter storms knock down trees, drop several feet of snow and leave thousands without power. Predicted in fall 2017 for March 2018.
  • Hearing the words, “We are here to help.” Contact with alien species. Reports across the US and world of contacts with the watchers. They say they are here to help. Say they are benevolent. New energy technology being passed down. (Heather)
  • Nothing but grey here. A white piece of paper covering the grey, as if something in writing is trying to repress the sad feeling underneath. (Meghan)
  • Oceans, waters rising. (Susan)
  • High winds in the news. (Kathy)
  • Fields of spiky, dry grass. Signs of drought. (Melissa F.)
  • Spring is green and they begin to pull out the black, but it is just the beginning. (Meghan)

ECONOMIC (March 2018)

  • Negative economic news and bad developments. Significant disagreements within GOP rank and file. (David)

April 2018 (Predictions are put in bold when they come true. Help us track our predictions by letting us know when they come true.) 


  • Congress
    • People are protesting the Republican policies that favor the rich. (Bluebelle)
    • The Republican Party feeling uncertain about their future. (Christopher) See this article in the Washington Examiner.
    •  GOP blaming each other. (Bin)  Farm state lawmakers, including Republicans blaming Trump for China tariffs. 
    • Visual of Paul Ryan and US Congress. Ryan is enjoying powerful role and smiling from the podium. (Susan)
    • GOP strategizing to move their agenda forward. (Susan)  GOP donors commit $250 million to Midterm races. 
    • All hell breaks loose. Congress has become so ugly. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • Panoramic view of Capitol, CSPAN – focus on Congress. (Meghan)
    • White haired man, not Pence, an investigator? A man with a cowboy hat is prominent. He might be the new senator from Alabama or another from the cowboy crowd. People pressing together, all with cowboy hats, they are in a situation with marshals and cops. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • Tax reform creates money concerns. Since it’s Tax Month, people are worrying about the tax bill just passed. The reality is settling in. (Miriam)
  • Public’s ears being cleaned out, senses returning. (Melissa F.)  Comey interview poll: Americans find Comey more trustworthy than Trump. 
  • Angry, defiant press corps/journalists, fighting suppression. Press will prevail. (DeeMarie)
  • White House:
    • Written messages open for the world to see. (Donna)  Comey’s book shows notes from Trump meetings.
    • A woman who is key. (Melanie). Stripper Stormy Daniels speaks on 60 minutes about her affair with Trump and how he threatened her and silenced her with a payoff.  Her lawyer has succeeded in getting Trump’s personal lawyer under investigation and in a corner.
    • White House more chaotic. Alot of yelling. People afraid of the commander in chief. He’s touchy. He’s at the edge. (Jeanne Mayell). Mental health experts concerned for Trump’s sanity.
    • So much anger and stress in White House.  (Bar)  See Fox & Friends April 26 broadcast with Trump in crazy state.
    • McMaster is ousted. Mueller is still in place but treading water. (Luminata). Despite denials that this would happen, McMaster was ousted 3 days after the prediction. Predicted March 19 for March 2018
    • Gen Mattis in the news.  (Susan)  Mattis in the news when Trump ordered Syria air strikes. 
    • I see a picture of Mike Flynn standing on a balcony like a dictator. (Susan)
    • Trump’s tax return leaked. (Bluebelle)
    • Melania looks angry. (Bluebelle). Melania disappears from public view. Hospitalized, the released. Still out of view. We don’t know if she is angry, but she’s definitely in an attitude.
    • I see Trump front and center. He feels heavy and dark and I hear loud noise in my ears, like something is closing in. The whole White House feels dark. (Kathryn)  Trump’s public rage against Sessions fuels Mueller investigation. Mueller raids Trump’s lawyer’s offices and he waits now to be drawn into the investigation.
    • Jared Kushner is in so much stress. (Barbara). Kushner’s security clearance is revoked following revelations, now he is being further investigated by Mueller for foreign collusion and secret meetings he’s held.  Kushner named in lawsuit by DNC.
    • Ivanka is sideways in April.  (Jeanne Mayell)  Jared named in DNC lawsuit. Mueller has ensnared people close to Trump, and has her father’s private correspondence with his fixer lawyer. Her brother is also named in lawsuit.
    • Trump speaking to crowd then walking away. (AR)  Trump responds to pardon question saying it’s a stupid question.
    • Trump knows more people see what he’s done and are turning away from him. (Donna)  It’s a bad month for Trump with Cohen raid and Comey book and book tour.
    • I’m seeing a keyhole. People are looking into a room leading to money. Information and stashed documents will be revealed. (Jeanne)  Manafort’s storage locker is on Mueller’s sights. 
    • Trump making speech from a podium. Don, Jr. in handcuffs. Got a flash of Paul Manafort looking like a deer in the headlights. (Melissa) Has Manafort turned state’s evidence on Don. Jr.?  This is about two events that have both come true: 1. Trump team stumbles in their credibility  by reversing  their well-stated positions that Trump had dictated Don Jr.’s story about the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russian agents. 2, Manafort caught in witness tampering.
    • Big derriere sitting. (Terry) [Editor: could refer to Donald Trump]
    • The FBI operations are in the news. I am looking from above, down across office cubicles. They continue to work in spite of firings and replacements at the top.
    • Trump quieter and out of sight. Someone stepping forward in leadership prominence, may be a general (Mattis?). Others passed or looked over in Congress. (Susan). After Stormy Daniels and Playmate of the Year expose their affairs with Trump, he is strangely quiet.
    • Trump caught in lies. (Joy)  Trump’s flight record undercuts his refutation of Steele Dossier. 
    • An issue around a pin-up girl. (Jeanne Mayell –  predicted in mid 2017 for April 2018)  Trump’s lovers stripper Stormy Daniels and playmate of the year Karen McDougal were paid off for silence about their affairs. The funds used to pay off Daniels may have broken campaign laws.
    • Trump on crutches, broken leg, in a motorcade. (Melissa)   [This is symbolic of Trump not having a leg to stand on.]
    • The secret is out. Trump can’t stop it. (Bob)  Comey book damaging for Trump.  Cohen raid also bad for Trump. 
    • This will not be a good month for the family of Trump. They panic, are overwhelmed and feel doomed. (Mary L.)
    • Trump is crazy he has a mental breakdown. (Natalie) Experts say Trump increasingly isolated and irrational.
    • Ivanka – I see her reflection in a mirror that shatters – her psyche and controlled self-image crashes – she has a breakdown. (Natalie)
    • Trump quiet. (Susan). Trump strangely quiet after Stormy Daniels Sixty Minutes interview.
    • Kushner running from the law with Trump Jr. (Natalie)
    • Line of people walking out of the White House. (Toni)
    • Ivanka Trump looking very distressed walking near White House, flashbulbs going off. Increasingly in spotlight but definitely doesn’t want this particular attention. The situation may involve her husband. She can’t escape this mess, there is no turning back now. (Traci)
    • In the news: jail for some GOP. Some Republicans hiding. (Kathy) Manafort goes to jail in June 2018.
  • Big in the news: something going on in northern Louisiana. (Susan)
  • Clearer findings on Russia investigation. (Ginny)  Manafort further indictments as his partner Rick Gates turns state’s evidence. 
  • I see George Washington’s face on Rushmore. This is in the news for some reason. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Cleansing, people holding hands, linking arms, big march. (Frannie)
  • Supreme Court in the news. (Toni)  Justice Gorsuch joins Supreme Court Liberals to Strike down part of Immigration Rule. Predicted December 21, 2017 for April 2018.
  • The GOP kind of wins a battle against Mueller (but not the war).  They find a scapegoat to give to the American people who is not important to them.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Something very shocking happens, people are very upset. Turbulent time. Civil rights being taken away from people who protest. We will not allow this! (Heather)  Trump deleting opposition tweets. His action is ruled unconstitutional. 
  • Repeal of income tax. (Bob). This prediction was made in mid 2017 and while the tax was not repealed, it was overhauled in the GOP tax package.
  • Something very serious will happen in the southeastern U.S., it felt like Georgia or Florida and it felt like an outside attack on the coast. Saw a bomb go off. Feels black and dark. (Natalie)
  • Viewing the whole of 2018 as a bar graph, the month of April shoots very high compared to the others. (Meghan predicted in September 2017 for April 2018)  April is the month Trump implemented a zero-tolerance, child separation immigration policy. 
  • Cracks in the systemic wall.  Probably related to Trump’s zero tolerance Immigration ban.
  • The Indian from Tootsie pop wrappers, shooting an arrow, full headdress. (Anais)
  • Hot weather, balmy nights, stars, and brass artifact. (Lauren)
  • Tourism is way down. (Yaeko)  Tourism to the U.S. is down due to Trump’s xenophobic policies at the borders. People are afraid to go through customs.
  • Stock market volatility. (Julie)
  • People remain tense and on edge, especially on West Coast. Possibility of a threat to US on US soil. US citizens headed to a different time on how we view security and safety in the US. High alert. (Susan)  Fear of North Korea missile tests widespread on West Coast.  Also fear of volcanos on the rise.
  • Baseball slow ticket sales at Fenway. (Yaeko)


  • Helicopter down, person down, not in this country (Jeanne Mayell)
  • African refugee boats on rough seas. They are still, have no hope. They couldn’t stay at home, but they know that nothing good awaits them in Europe. An African woman looks at the waves and waits for it to take her. (Paula)  Refugee deaths in the Mediteranean.
  • North Korea
    • Man in police officer’s hat in North Korea. Something is up with Kim. Also, I saw that something gets blown up, which indicates more testing. The potential is becoming great for Kim to be deposed. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • North Korea meeting going on. Kim smiling. (Ming)  News emerges that Trump’s CIA director Mike Pompeo  met secretly with Kim.
    • Heightened world issues around threat of war. Other countries on alarm. (Susan)
    • South Korean people (or possibly Japanese, not sure) people running in panic. (Ming)
    • Kim Jong Un is shackled. We hear no more about him. (Prem)
  • Middle East:
    • Military vehicles among the pyramids. (Anais)
    • Corruption of Middle East rulers is being exposed. (Svetlana)
  • Landslide in China. (Andrew Posey)
  • Action by huge population. Riots, streets filled. Rebellion. (Sue S.) Not sure if this is U.S. or elsewhere.  Nicaragua riots and bloody shootings. 
  • China flag waving. (Bluebelle)
  • A plane explodes in mid air. (Andrew)
  • There’s a battle in the ocean. China is taking a stand to help. There is betrayal here, makes me think of the traitor Shylock in the Merchant of Venice. Egypt may be involved. (Andrew Posey)
  • Europe:
    • British royal family in the news. Harry gets married or Kate gives birth. (Lisa P)  Harry gets married.
    • The Pope having trouble. (Karen)
    • Europe airport and luggage belt area. Big white truck(s) attack. I see the word Merck. (Svetlana)
    • Dry land. Seville streets empty. (Clara)
    • Europe, beautiful cities full of history and art, culture, affected by immigration and refugees. I think of Angela Merkel. (Svetlana)
    • A hand that comes out of nowhere to grab something from a population, something unexpected, something not welcomed. (Doris)
  • Something happening in Peru. People are marching, chanting, and holding arms. (Doris)
  • I saw a huge Red Cross flag and heard the words, “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” (Gail)
  • The world takes a breath.

CLIMATE/NEWS (April 2018)

  • Lots of sun in April (Tracy).  Huge sun shining down on us. (Meghan)
  • April 15, 22, 23, 24, 25 sunny bottom left corner of April calendar. (Sophie)
  • Bad allergy season or something, my head started to hurt above my left eye/forehead, like sinuses (Kathleen), Pressure in eyes (JO)
  • Much too hot, and dry. (Bob)
  • Heavy rain and flooding, probably in U.S. (Audree)
  • Storms and flooding in Sri Lanka. (Andrew Posey)
  • Portugal, Spain heat wave.
  • April – May: Possible earthquake in U.S. west coast. (Jeanne Mayell)  Not West coast, but Hawaii.
  • Cactus in the middle of the U.S. and the West, which means serious drought. (Jeanne Mayell).  Media discussing severe drought in Colorado and New Mexico.
  • Alaska pipeline in the news. Problems with sea lions who are sensitive (and loving) animals. They are in pain. (Svetlana)
  • The ice cap of Greenland land is disappearing and the land beneath it is exposed. (Svetlana)
  • Lots of rain. (Joy)
  • Earth is upset. I see volcano, seas and fish in trouble, and forest and trees on fire. Hawaii volcano keeps erupting. 
  • Logging business in the news and its detrimental effect on climate change. (Maryellen)
  • Australia has record heat; there is something odd about climate, some news about climate that is surprising. (Andrew Posey)
  • A rain cloud is unloading. There are floods in Bangladesh. (Gerti)
  • Plague of yellow caterpillars in North America.(Bill) (This may fit earlier prediction of yellow goo floating on West Coast)
  • Fool on a Hill (the song) is in the news.(Jill)

ECONOMIC (April 2018)

  • Tax reform creates money concerns. Since it’s tax month, people are worrying about the awful tax bill just passed. The reality is settling in. (Miriam)  Polls show tax reform package is unpopular. Predicted January 22 for April 2018.
  • In the news: U.S. Treasury makes a move. (Mary)  Interest rates raised.
  • U.S. economy is being noticed globally. (Joy)

May 2018

U.S. (May 2018)

  • In May a rose, and much hope. How’s Ivanka in May? Not happy. How’s Jared in May?   Cornered. Sometimes going to jail is a good solution, he thinks. (Jeanne Mayell) Don’t know if this came true, but their social standing has been shaky due to Trump policies and Kushner’s bad press as a foreign policy adviser.
  • I keep seeing a smiling Paul Ryan in the news.  But there is a sense of inevitability surrounding him that he doesn’t yet know. (Toi Lynn)
  • My head starts aching as I focus on this time period. There is a feeling of sadness now. (Jeanne Mayell, predicted in January 2018 for May 2018) Child separation policy creates upset and pain in the collective.
  • Big event in May, loss of life, doesn’t seem gun-related. (Tracy)  The event turned out to be gun related – Texas school shooting. 
  • People are asking when will this nightmare end? (Molly)  Texas school shooting happens
  • Republicans are cutting even more. I’m now worried. (Jeanne Mayell) New cuts in housing, health care and education.
  • Two doors open and a big rush of white light comes in. (Anais)  Massive Collective protest to child separation policy, as well as fund raising for families.
  • The country (U.S.) is not enthusiastic. (Yaeko)
  • Airport snags. Travel ban again? (Julie)  Supreme Court upholds travel ban.
  • Malia Obama speaks out. (Karen)
  • Something going on in housing market. (Joy)
  • Tension around war. US in difficult position. People on edge. (Susan)   With Bolton on board, U.S. heading for war in Middle East.
  • It is time to turn around and see what was done. (Gail)
  • Young political leaders emerging with new ideas. A female is prominent again in the political arena. (Gail)
  • Finally some real talk about climate change and progress toward thinking about sustainability. There is some joy in collective. (Kathleen)
  • An issue with the housing market. (Joy)
  • Voltron on a parachute. (Terry)
  • White House:
    • Trump seems like a smaller man. Ivanka, Melania and family seem smaller in size. (Svetlana, predicted in December 2017 for May 2018) Child Separation policy causes widespread criticism of Trump family members. Ivanka disparaged on Father’s Day for her mother and child photo; Don Jr.’s wife disparaged for her Father’s Day tweet. Trump forced to overturn his policy.
    • All eyes on White House. (Natalie)  Public revulsion  to child separation ban.
    • Jared gone. (Jeanne Mayell) Jared loses high security clearance (but then gets it back later)
    • Ivanka sick and tired. (Jeanne Mayell, predicted April 2018 for  May 2018)  Ivanka uncharacteristically silent on her pet issue of parenting during child separation ban.
    • People protesting. (Natalie)  Child separation ban sparks unprecedented protests.
    • GOP panicking. (Natalie)  More democrats elected in special elections.  More Republicans concerned about Trump’s assertions that he can pardon himself and thus is above the law. More Trump lies that some Republicans can’t support. Child separation ban causes widespread outrage at GOP.
    • Revolution on the ground crushed. (Natalie)
  • False flag distraction at sea – a crash/boom or explosion off the south eastern coast. (Natalie)
  • Submarine off the West Coast. (Bluebelle)  Navy releases news about UFO in the ocean off the West Coast.
  • Supreme court Justice Kennedy retiring, handing off gavel. (Frannie)  Kennedy announces he will leave in June 2018. This was predicted long before he made that announcement.
  • New drug announced, perhaps for MS or Parkinson or some other neurological based disease. (Maryellen)
  • Gavel of justice. Judges in black robes. (Frannie)
  • Attempt made to invite Blues to table. (Sue S.)
  • People feeling disenfranchised from US government (again). (Susan)
  • Communities mobilizing at the local level; feeling of freedom. (Susan)
  • People being kind to one another; looking after each other. Heightened sense of community. (Susan)
  • Old fire engines with very shiny fireman’s hats on hood (have no idea what this is about lol) (Bill)

International (May 2018)

  • Images in the news of many colorful hot air balloons in the air, like a festival; new regulation about their piloting or navigation. (Maryellen)
  • Russia is very pissed off with the U.S. president. (Jeanne Mayell)  Trump’s stand against NK and Syria angers Putin.
  • North Korea back in trouble for US; something going wrong. (Meghan) On again, off again summit.
  • France in the news. (Susan)  Mali immigrant makes world news with Spiderman rescue of toddler from Paris balcony. 
  • Toddler rescued. (Paula)   Mali immigrant makes world news with Spiderman rescue of toddler from Paris balcony. 
  • British Royal Family
    • Royals back in the news. (Toni)
    • A baby girl. Black hair, very cute, and blue eyes. Royals. (Andrew)  Was a boy, but he was accurate about the birth, predicted before Kate conceived.
    • UK, royal children in public, some kind welcoming ceremony. (Gerti)  Royal wedding, and also a baby.
    • Publicity surrounding Diana memoir. Images of Royal Family-Prince Phillip, Prince Harry, Megan Markle, Diana, George, Charlotte. (Michele)  Diana stories accompany Royal wedding.
  • War in Africa, helping people and causes. (Michele)
  • Images of Royal Family-Prince Phillip, Prince Harry, Megan Markle, Diana, George, Charlotte. (Michele) – publicity surrounding Princess Di’s memoir. – Rise of Diana consciousness – goddess. She was into aides and Africa. Deity Diana was the goddess of childbirth. (Michele)  Royal wedding brings royal family to new forefront.
  • In Italy the earth is shaking. I am seeing Parmesan cheese.   (Paula) Italy nationalist political crisis causes global markets to drop 500 points; could cause an Italian BREXIT.


  • Gorillas/chimpanzees, or orangutans in trouble as well as small mammals . (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More people taking global warming seriously. (Elvera)
  • Climate change receiving more attention with more countries fighting harder to make changes. (Christopher)
  • Smoke, fire. (JO)
  • Purple skies over the West coast. (Bluebelle)  [editor’s note: sounds like fires.]
  • May feels very hot all of a sudden. (Meghan N)  In the NE U.S., weather went from cold April and early May, to 90 degree days.
  • Everyone walking more. The weather is favorable. (Miriam)
  • Good weather for planting fields in the U.S. (Audree)
  • Great weather, lots of lettuce because weather is conducive to lettuce crop. (Tracy)
  • Early heat on the East Coast.  (DeeMarie)  After cold spring, suddenly there are two days over 90 degrees.
  • Strong rainfall in the U.S. My ears hurt from the low pressure and there’s a lot of lightening. (Jeanne Mayell)  Tropical weather brings rain.
  • Environmental and/or climate problems in California and the Baja Peninsula. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Hot — feels like summer. (Meghan)  Heat wave on east coast. 
  • Floods in the UK. Maybe the Thames and London. (Jeanne)
  • I hear the words “Climate” and “Corn Revolution.” Then I heard the words “Ancient Ways/Practices.” I think this was a reference to the fact that we are so dependent on corn, and this food source may be compromised). (Alex)
  • Feels hotter, summer comes early, global warming in some parts. Eco system is disrupted by early summer, spring is skipped and summer arrives. (Heather)
  • Flowering cherry trees with flowers big and nice but there was clear crystal icicle’s hanging down everywhere. A wide area, like trees on one side. An unseasonal freeze. (Judy)
  • Map of Western U.S. and West coast of Latin America;  western fault line accentuated, name of place called San Bernardino accentuated. (Jeanne Mayell)  Guatemalean volcano is worst in decades.

June 2018


  • Congress
    • In Congress, something comes to a screeching halt. (Mary)
    • GOP Congress is losing more races. (Jeanne Mayell)  Two races lost in June.
  • White House
    • No noise from Trump. He has stopped.(Paula)
    • Mueller in the news. (Kathleen)  In late May, Mueller tells court they can sentence Papadopoulos. 
    • Trump making speech from a podium. Don, Jr. in handcuffs. Got a flash of Paul Manafort looking like a deer in the headlights. (Melissa)
    • Big derriere sitting. (Terry) [Editor: could refer to Donald Trump]
    • Calls for impeachment grow louder. (Toni)
    • Anxiety, information comes out about Trump, in trouble big time. (Heather)   Trump caught in lies. (Joy)  Trump’s lawyers, spokesperson (Huckabee) and Trump all change their story about Trump weighing in on Don Jr.’s infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russian agents.
    • I hear the words, “twilight and Trump.” I see the famous photograph of the American soldiers raising the flag on Iwo Jima during WWII. (Alex)
    • An issue around a pin-up girl. (Jeanne Mayell)  This refers to the Playboy centerfold who spoke opening about Trump’s lawyer silencing her.  This prediction was made in September 2017 for June 2018.
  • America is preparing for war. People are told that the war must happen for security. (Natalie) 
  • Anger, ferocious feelings.  (Meghan N)
  • People on megaphones, very loud. (Donna)  People calling for impeachment.
  • Guns in a big pile. (Toi Lynn)
  • A blond haired girl with pony tail being comforted. Flowers. Something has happened. Terrorist event or widow of soldier? (Jeanne Mayell)  Fallen soldier’s wife is comforted and supported by her late husband’s fellow soldiers as she celeb rates their daughter’s birth.  Predicted January 22, 2018  for June 2018.
  • White hot heat in June. (Meghan N)
  • No noise from Trump. He has stopped.(Paula)
  • A gathering, people brought together. (Kim)
  • How to stop this? (DeeMarie)
  • A lucky break avoids a mishap, a near collision (not transportation related) that would have a significant impact on life. Caused by misunderstanding, mistake, misinterpretation and/or poor judgment by leadership. (Maryellen)
  • Obama in the news. (Toni)
  • No dignity, forced resolve which only temporarily buries the problem. (Sue S.)
  • A time of wonder. Something new is on the horizon. There is great curiosity about an outcome from making a decision from two choices. (Mary Ellen)
  • A possible China/ Taiwan reconciliation in the news. (Ann)
  • Black, ink-like, smoke covering floor at White House with Trump coming down the stairs into the smoke. (Danielle)
  • Attack on Trump’s life. (LB)
  • Paper boats, meaning boats not presenting any threat. This is the U.S. Navy. Although in what could be a warlike stance, they actually present no threat. (Jan)
  • Something unknown becomes known; feeling of being duped, disillusionment, eyes now wide open, general mood of revolt. (KB)
  • The rest of 2018 – it felt like there was a war – can’t say more than that. War keeps going in 2019. (Natalie)
  • Election process has GOP on the defensive. (David)
  • Tourism is way down. (Yaeko)
  • Stock market volatility. (Julie)
  • People remain tense and on edge, especially on West Coast. Possibility of a threat to US on US soil. US citizens headed to a different time on how we view security and safety in the US. High alert. (Susan)


  • Europe:
    •  I see a girl in a long fancy dress. A wedding. Probably the Royals.  (Jeanne)  Meghan Markle weds Prince Harry. 
    • British royal family in the news. Harry gets married or Kate gives birth. (Lisa P)  Royal wedding in late May.
    • Death in the Royal Family, possibly the queen.  I saw Buckingham Palace stained in blue, meaning they were feeling the blues. July is a white lily, the kind used for funerals. (Bill)
    • Europe airport and luggage belt area. Big white truck(s) attack. I see the word Merck. (Svetlana)
    • Dry land. Seville streets empty. (Clara)
    • Europe, beautiful cities full of history and art, culture, affected by immigration and refugees. I think of Angela Merkel. (Svetlana)
  • Nova Scotia in the news. (Elvera)
  • A hand that comes out of nowhere to grab something from a population, something unexpected, something not welcomed. (Doris)
  • South Korean people (or possibly Japanese, not sure) people running in panic. (Ming)
  • The world takes a breath. I’m in Pasadena where it’s green and pleasant. (Andrew Posey)
  • A ferryboat incident in the news. (Bluebelle)
  • Refugees clamoring at a fence, hungry, holding out bowls. Looks like India or Yemen, not Africa. Floods in the area. (Frannie)
  • Disappointment, anger, population and masses demonstrating, something unfair, not what they asked for (felt this was the U.K. with Brexit). (Doris)
  • A possible China/ Taiwan reconciliation in the news. (Ann)
  • Military vehicles among the pyramids. (Anais)


  • Smelling new growth, flowers, feeling grass growing, and praying for rain. (Miriam)
  • Welcome rain in Colorado.  (Graciela)
  • Peaceful but hot, forward motion has stopped a bit, people more introspective, working on ideas but from the inside. Happiness, beaches, travel, but some caution too. Overall sunny and bright. (Graciela)
  • Cloudy days in early June, end of month very hot in New England. (Tracy)
  • Swallows nesting. (Toi Lynn)
  • Many fires in Portugal.(Paula)
  • Storms and flooding in Sri Lanka. (Andrew Posey)
  • Portugal, Spain heat wave. Much too hot, and dry. (Bob)
  • Hot weather, balmy nights, stars, and brass artifact. (Lauren)
  • Seismic readings off the charts in the Heartland. (Andrew Posey)
  • Storms and flooding in Sri Lanka. (Andrew Posey)
  • Portugal, Spain heat wave. (Andrew Posey)
  • Much too hot, and dry. (Bob)
  • Weather is once again an issue. (Jeanne Posey)
  • The streets lights of Paris in the news. (Andrew Posey)
  • Oceans warm; fish racing. (Susan)
  • Hot weather; people awakening to climate change. (Susan)
  • U.S.: Blistering summer especially in the center of the country. (David)

ECONOMY (June 2018)

  • Markets falling.  But not a crash.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Feeling an economic depression. (Meghan)
  • Saw people standing in lines or crowds, five or six thick on the sidewalk. They were pulling their pockets inside out. There were 2-3 story buildings, not skyscrapers, a U.S. town of about 60,000 population. At the same time, I saw a car exploding and going off the road and laying with back end out. Hot, bright sunlight. (Judy)

Predictions that Cover All of the Second Half of 2018 (there are more predictions further down by month).


  • Angels making more appearances than ever. (Meghan)  Editor’s note: this one is
  • Love rising. A chain of love that goes around the world. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More people seeking and finding their true path now. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Celebration of John McCain’s life. A reminder of the need for bipartisanship. A major outpouring of love for and recognition of McCain. (Bluebelle)
  • Improvements in electric car efficiency. (Svetlana)
  • People moving and traveling to beautiful places. (Svetlana)
  • U.S. trying to steady its bearings as a country. (Susan)
  • Birth defects deferred through early diagnosis in pregnant females. (Gail)
  • I see the flags of many countries coming together as one. (Julie)
  • Between the cracks there is a richness of experience. (Andrew Posey) Editor: “It’s from the cracks that the light gets in.”
  • More medical advances in 2017. (Andrew Posey)
  • Presidents 41, 42, 43, and 44 working closely together now to bring positives to the people. (Corine)
  • Together we conquer. Divided we are conquered. So we are moving towards unify. (Ming)
  • More people realize it’s up to them to help their communities and their world. I see a rise in solidarity. (Jeanne Mayell)  More state and local efforts to make up for Federal regressive policies.
  • Additional reserves of natural resources discovered. (Julie)
  • A rising devotion to the earth. (Mary L.)
  • People coming together in community, realizing that local deeds have an effect nationally and internationally; a “change begins with me” attitude. (Doris)
  • Humanity helping one another more. (Bar)
  • Growing united resistance to dark forces, and reconnection with self and others. (Andrew Posey)
  • Rise in yoga practice to fight stress. (Corine)
  • Aliens discoveries happening. (Meghan)
  • A beam of light shining down the year. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Sustainable power takes over jobs. Coal turns to solar in small minded town that are now open to new possibilities. (Kathy)
  • Stars twinkling for 2018. (Meghan)
  • Hearts expanding, cohesiveness in group or population. (Joy)
  • Like minded people are more networked, coming together. (Laura F.)
  • Light, strength in numbers, hope for parts of the world beyond D.C. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The people are resolute, determined. (Joy)
  • The US. An escalator going up. A slow but steady improvement for the year. (Jan)
  • Empowerment in new ways that we haven’t experienced before, individually as well as globally. Surrounded by angels- we need to connect and ask to receive it. they want to help us. Maze, Sustenance – Indian mythology, the maze that many of us feel we’re are in could be maize – we transform it from being lost in the maze to giving in the other kind of maze. The Great Dinner begins in earnest. (Michele)
  • Medical advances, with children and their hearts. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People have health coverage. (Andrew Posey)  As of August, Ryan has failed to kill Obamacare.
  • Females rising. (Bar)
  • Many people engaged in helping others. We will see more efforts at bridging the divide, and although it will be fringe at first, people will begin addressing the pain of people with actual help. (Natalie)
  • The people being resolute, determined. (Doris)


  • Map of the U.S. is changing behind the scenes.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Stocks low (Susan)
  • Congress cut off from the people (Susan)
  • People depressed. (Jeanne Mayell)  Suicides up.  
  • Attack on Trump’s life. (KB)
  • Black, ink-like, smoke covering floor at White House with Trump coming down the stairs into the smoke. (Danielle)
  • A huge stop, something dramatic happening, we have crossed a line that represents the end of patriarchy, although it may continue for some time. The ending has begun. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Medical concerns and advances. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Massive change. “The party’s over”. The oceans make the news. Water is rising. (Ron)
  • One month tall, like a skyscraper in 2018, the rest not nearly as tall. (Meghan)
  • Something unknown becomes known; feeling of being duped, disillusionment, eyes now wide open, general mood of revolt. (KB)
  • It feels like there is a war – can’t say more than that. War keeps going in 2019. (Natalie)
  • Giant iron pressing down on the backs of the population. (Melissa F.)
  • More discord within GOP. (David)
  • Economic activity slows. (David)


  • Cool winds blow…CHINA!!! again. (Andrew Posey)  China fires back at Trump’s tariffs.  Investment in the U.S. from China slows.
  • Disappointment, anger, population and masses demonstrating, something unfair, not what they asked for (felt this was the U.K. with Brexit). (Joy)
  • Tanks firing at people, people running away. Feels like this is happening in Europe. (Prem)


  • The rhino and the zebra are in danger and are an issue. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The oceans make the news. Water is rising. (Ron)
  • Flooding in New England. (David)

July 2018  Predictions 


  • Men huddled together in meetings; male Latino youths and many other people running for their lives down a narrow urban street with tall buildings on either side, away from a terrible fire behind them. (Gracesinger)  Guatemala volcano has people running for their lives.
  • Mass protests. (Elvera)  A month of protests. First July 2 protest in every state against child separation policy.  Then mass protests after Trump turns against the U.S. in favor of Putin at Helsinki summit.
  • Aretha Franklin Pink Cadillac. (Toi Lynn)
  • Power struggle in the Southern states, claims of voter suppression. (Christopher)
  • White House
    • There is a large crowd in front of the White House. Something big happening. (Audree) Protestors show up every day  after Putin summit. 
    • Sad White House, lights off, nobody home. Spending the holiday away again. (Lauren) Kelly accidentally turns off the lights while Trump is speaking. 
    • I hear chants, almost like silly alliterations, “Trunk, Bump, Dump, Trump.” It reminds me of a people chanting, like you might see at a political rally, but there is no formal rally; more like growing public unrest in the masses and disdain of Trump and the economic travails. (Alex)  London protest Trump with Trunk, Bump, Dump, Trump. 
    • Trump out of the picture and new leadership emerging trying to bring order to the chaos. (Maryellen)
    • Pence relegated to the background. (Maryellen)

U.S. Congress:

  • People yelling at each other – Congress fighting, mad, faces getting beet red. (Jeanne Mayell) Extreme conservatives try to impeach Justine Deputy director Rosenstein.
  • Capitol on its side. (Sophie) Fighting in the Capitol as extreme conservatives seek to impeach Justice Deputy Director so they can overturn Investigation of Trump.
  • Golden sunlight, a panoramic view of the Capitol building. Perhaps a reprieve. (Meghan)
  • Someone rising in the GOP. (Natalie) Extreme conservative Jordan gets attention as he aggressively attacking Justice Department Deputy Rosenstein.
  • Paul Ryan prominent again and “more of the same” feeling among the population regarding US government. (Susan)
  • Much finger pointing. (Terry) President Trump, blames U.S. for bad relationship with Vladimir Putin.
  • War begins – U.S. fighting overseas – Iran. Those in power tell the people that war is necessary for security, although the people don’t believe them. (Natalie)
  • Congress scurrying and actively trying to pass bills as they are in need of funding for U.S. security (Susan).  Congress trying to actively pass bills to please donors and assure GOP security with donors.
  • The Capitol is on fire (figuratively). They are under tremendous stress and people are yelling from the balcony. (Jeanne Mayell). This happened when GOP tried to confirm Kavanaugh without releasing 45,000 emails.

U.S. People

  • Stress and fear in the U.S. Population:
    • Fear returning. (Frannie)
    • People taking matters into their own hands; local politics. (Susan)
    • Feeling of chaos, anxiety, feeling frantic. (Melissa)
    • People stressed, movies becoming more arcane. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • Explosions/riots in Washington D.C or Philadelphia. NYC police security is tight as a drum.
  • Low Fourth of July turnout in various cities. (Yaeko)
  • Person found in the trunk of a car. (Toni)
  • Image of a scorpion. Motor speedway event incident. (Anais)
  • New engine invented. New type of car. (Natalie)
  • Issue of recount is raised, for accountability. (Sue S.)  Ohio race so close that dam is demanding recount but needs to raise the funds.


  • I hear the word, “Stocks,” and see three large arrows going down. (Alex)
  • Markets going wild. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • U.S. car manufacturer goes under. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Missiles again. Thoughts of North Korea. Makes my stomach drop. (Jeanne Mayell)  North Korea detected proceeding with missile build-up and thus showing that Trump’s agreement did not work.
  • Wonder woman in the news. (Meghan)  Wonder Woman makes the news by unexpectedly shows up at a NYC child foster facility.
  • False prophets throwing ancient books away. (Gail)


  • Russia, image of the Egyptian monkey God shaking his fist. This is about Russia’s influence. (Jeanne Mayell)  This prediction came true when Trump met with Putin in Helsinki in which he disrespected the U.S. in favor of Russia..
  • Big event involving Russia. (Jeanne Mayell)  Trump’s meeting with Putin in Helsinki in which he disrespected the U.S. in favor of Russia.
  • I saw a white lily for this month. Felt it involved the British Royals and the kind used for funerals. (Bill)  This prediction turned out to be about the Queen of England’s broach that she wore to greet Trump, a broach that Obama gave her, and the possible meaning of her choice.
  • White truck(s), a beach , sand, and lots of people, like Nice attack. (Svetlana)
  • In France, immigrants are being ejected. A French nationalist movement that is causing Jews to leave France. Tension in Tel Aviv. (Andrew Posey)
  • Cubans in the news. I see Cubans of South Florida celebrating. (Audree)
  • War images in the news. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Significance of the Great Wall of China.  (Jeanne Mayell)  Refers to China’s tariffs on U.S. goods.
  • A thawing of Iran. A more open society. (Andrew Posey)

Earth/Climate (July 2018)

  • A good wheat crop in Mexico.  It looked like an Aztec drawing. Possibly a drought resistant crop. (RunestoneOne)
  • Fires in Europe, lots of cattle running, a lot of smoke, people can’t see where to run. (Paula) Fire in Netherlands surround cattle. 
  • Predictions about heat:
    • Big golden sun in July. (Meghan N)  Hot, I see cracked sand. (Kathleen).  Very hot July. (Tracy).
    • A  summer hotter than before (Miriam)
    • Hot, hot,  on the East Coast. (DeeMarie)
  • Pipeline in the news. (Toni)
  • Rain pouring down. Non-stop pouring rain in Europe. Germany, Holland, Britain. (Clara)
  • Uncle Sam on stilts. (Melissa)
  • Oil leak in the ocean. I see dead seagulls. (Andrew Posey)
  • A scorching month. Hottest month on record. (Frannie)
  • Some regions are too hot and others are too cold. Early summer has gone wrong, more weather anomalies occurring around the globe. (Heather)
  • In the news: more trees like Singapore’s solar panel trees. (Ann)
  • Climate is worsening to the point where many more people are waking up. (Frannie)

August 2018

U.S. (Aug. 2018)

  • Midterm races heat up. Fighting, lying , Russian bots helping the GOP, money being spent on election promotion, mainstream press helping the dems.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Mixed weather, turbulent in some areas, mixed feelings/emotions, some pride, some detachment, some people just feeling resigned. (Graciela)
  • Grieving parents of children killed by guns (Molly)
  • My head hurts some more, I want to cry, just sad, feel let down. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Feeling deflated, like a balloon. (Meghan)
  • Horses running in a stampede; armed officers on horseback side by side on a wide urban street pushing people back; a city scape against a fuchsia sky, it seems quieted by something, a portrait of aftermath after a terrible violence. (Gracesinger)
  • I see a ship, could be a cruise ship (Kathleen)
  • White House
    • Trump is still there, quieter but he’s still there. (Jeanne Mayell)  Not quieter, but still there. This prediction was made in 2017.
    • President Trump ill and out of sight. (Maryellen)
    • Steve Mnuchin in the news again regarding Jared, Don. Jr., and the Trump-Russia money laundering. (Michele)
    • Trump in trouble. (Yaeko) Trump posturing. (Ming)
    • I heard, “That’s All Folks!” from Bugs Bunny. Trumps out of office! Trump says, “The Good Life is Gone. I gave it my best shot!” (Gail)
    • Trump in background—he is remote and quiet. Naval ships moving and U.S. citizens feeling scared. Some from the Western U.S. are moving toward the middle of the country. (Susan)
  • GOP in tatters. Paul Ryan looks frantic. (Mary L.)
  • Big upset in government, not sure what, but people at the top are anxious. (Mary K.)  Betrayal of Trump from within.
  • Volatility in the market with stocks down. Terrorism with people running in the streets in the US. (Susan)
  • Cape rentals in the news. (Melissa)  Women’s rights activists are renting red capes and wearing them at protests to depict the Handmaid’s Tale is happening in the Trump age. 
  • Basketball, cheer leader, a big boat leaving the shore, people are being released to freedom from prison and form them selves. (Helena
  • Brown grasses. Drought in the Midwest. Flooding in the south. (Julie)
  • I see straw baskets, wheat fields, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. (Audree) In the news: issue with wheat crop.
  • Markets still acting up. Not good. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Police, marshals, a man is on the ground, a display of right wing law and order that we’ve come to expect from this administration. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I hear the words, “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” (Alex) Editor’s Note: Juliet spoke these words to her doomed lover, Romeo, as they said goodnight to each other while struggling to part.
  • I hear the words, “Alphabet or Alphabet soup.” Alphabet is the parent company for google. Google’s holding company, Alphabet, is in the news for illegal or shady actions. Will create a sandstorm of confusion and erupt in holding company’s transition and change. (Michele)
  • Hearing the words, “Storms, storming.” Visions of signs, protests, Germany. WWII imagery and Reischtag. Reischtag is where the parliament met. (Michele) Editor note: The Reischtag went up in flames when the government created a false terrorist attack and blamed it on outsiders in order to gain power. It worked, and Hitler rose in power. It’s a common tactic in authoritarian regimes for gaining power over the people. The media has expressed concern that Trump or part of his team might stage a Reischtag Fire to save his presidency.
  • Paul Ryan prominent in the news. (Bluebelle)
  • Washington DC: City is dark and feels distant/isolated from what is going on in with the people within the country. (Susan)
  • People look tired. One man, a politician I don’t recognize, looks very tired, a former Secretary of State. (Jeanne Mayell)  This is probably about James Brennan, former CIA Director.
  • Lightening strikes. This is a sign of something bad happening. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Hope and despair at the same time. (Heather)
  • A bubble is bursting. Could be housing and/or interest rates. (Gerti)
  • Snake rising, represents GOP. (Natalie)
  • Americans unsure what to believe. (Natalie)
  • People are scared. Health insurance is being taken away, only provided for select people. (Natalie)
  • Rights stripped. If you protest, you lose your rights immediately. (Natalie)  Trump punishing legislators who speak out against him.
  • Congress trying to lead, but is woefully inadequate. There is a minor shift to the left either in its new makeup or in some legislators not voting along party lines. But it’s not enough to make a difference. (Maryellen)
  • New leader emerges from the left. (Maryellen) New younger group of progressives running for office.
  • People stock-piling food. (Andrew Posey)  In the UK, people are suggesting stock-piling to prepare for Brexit.
  • Gerrymandering and voting rights a prominent issue. (Toni)
  • I hear the words “shopping” and “quiet”. I think this matched another woman’s reading about the Wal-mart shelves being full but only a few shoppers being in the store. (Alex)
  • I see a black Madonna stone on the earth and above her are two swords. The earth is trembling. The two swords are the gobinsing. Cutting through the sword of truth. There’s a lot of truth in September that will shake our country. (Judy S)

International (Aug. 2018)

  • Latin America discovers food that helps. (Clara)
  • Images of people in another country, pushing a boat, young men, orange hair – (the color of malnutrition). Painful feeling about this refugee situation. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • War images in the news. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Rage in Middle East. Vengeance promised against the U.S. This is very serious. (Natalie)
  • There’s a war somewhere and we are sending food there. (Andrew)
  • Canada is a light; a beacon of hope. Trudeau is smiling. (Frannie)  Canada stands firm against Trump, even with trade deal.
  • European Union a big concern. (Toni) Concern about Brexit heating up.
  • Space missile shot. (Dumbledorbob)  Private space expedition in the news.
  • Cheaper international flights. (Ann)

Earth/Climate (Aug. 2018)

U.S. Earth/Climate

  • Flat map of the world piece chipped off in the upper left.  (Terry)  Using the Pacific map, the upper left is a peace of Greenland.  This month a large ice sheet broke off in Greenland.
  • A large hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, headed for Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama area. (Audree)
  • Hurricanes again. Not again! (Clara)
  • Floods in the Mid-West. (Frannie)
  • Fireball, hot, hot, hot (NJF), Still very hot in August. (Meghan N)
  • Fires fires fires, can’t stop the fires. (Jeanne Mayell)  California fire largest in its history.
  • Hot cowboy on the Plains. (Terry)  Former Canadian PM, Harper, from Alberta the plains state, visits Trump to lend support. 
  • Disease in the redwoods of California. (Lisa P.)
  • U.S. map with cross over it. A lot of fire across the western U.S. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Weather in the news, due to the heat. (Meghan)
  • Snowfall, unusually early and yet predicted by climate change. (Bluebelle)
  • Depends on how much rain we get in Boston, already I am seeing a reservoir really low and I’m very worried, means we’re prone to fires. (Miriam)
  • Drought in the U.S.
  • Increasing awareness among people that fresh water is a precious resource; visual of lakes. (Susan)

Earth/Climate in Other parts of the world:

  • Vision of two whales alongside one another swimming fast in the ocean (Susan)  This was a story that emerged about a mother orca and her baby.
  • Dry wheat; hot and parched in the Plains region. (Susan)
  • Wildlife issues in the news.  (Elvera),
  • Cars lined up for gas. (Toi Lynn)
  • Gray cloud with thunderbolt. (Donna)
  • Birds in the news.  (Jeanne Mayell)  On an Alabama protected barrier island, vacationers unwittingly kill hundreds of birds.
  • Too hot in Europe, sweltering heat; Red bull, inferno, feels like Spain. (Paula)  Record heat in Europe this summer.
  • A rough, heavy, gray llama wool blanket for cold in South America. It’s bad. (RunestoneOne)
  • Everyone is too busy trying to cope with weather disorders and food shortages. (Clara)
  • Anxiety, fear, devastation in another country. (Doris)
  • There is heat. I see an old woman crawling. (Andrew Posey)
  • Greece in the news. (Julie)
  • Belgium incident. (Karen)
  • African refugees, from Somalia, or maybe Sudan, starving thin tired people, beautiful people with baskets on heads trying so hard, suffering, walking with children, in the heat and dust, like Biafra/famine, dry, hard to get supplies in, this is nothing new but it continues, warlords harming their own people there. (Svetlana)
  • Zebras, possibly hunted. (Bin), Coyotes in the news. (Bluebelle)
  • Flooding of islands, Marshall Islands and Fiji. Islands drowning, going under water. (Frannie)

September 2018


    • War and golden apple; string breaking off of a harp, mayhem, Looney Tunes gone wrong, pig head on a stick as in the novel Lord of the Flies. (Lauren)
    • A beautiful wedding. (Anais)
    • Lincoln statute is dismissed. (NJ)
    • Genetic mutations in the news. (Pamela)
    • Something going on in Middle East and/or North Africa. Feeling of controversy and talk of war. Heard the country, Algeria.
    • Weary people – exhausted – feel repressed. Tears in the population. (Natalie)
    • US highlighted on the world stage due to many world domino events and struggling to lead due to much competition for power. (Mary Ellen)
    • Food made from electricity. (Ann)
    • Aircraft carriers. (Frannie)
    • Soldiers who look Roman, with shields, lined up. This is in Europe. (Jeanne Mayell)
      • The feeling of this month is anxiety. (DeeMarie)
      • Trump White House
        • Struggling to lead. Much competition for power.
        • Trump afraid. (Melissa)
        • Trump casinos in trouble in the news. (Michele)
        • Trump is either shot or has a heart attack standing behind an outdoor podium in D.C. (Audree)
        • Trump has a mental breakdown. (Yaeko)
        • Kushner indicted-again. (Bluebelle)
        • A hidden tube comprised of a strange structured type of fabric (could be a fiber optic cable) is coming out of Trump Tower. Might be an information back channel for hidden communications. (Svetlana)
        • Divorce in the White House. (Andrew)
      • Plague, some kind of contagious illness. (Bluebelle)
        • Exhausted, choking sensation. (Kathleen)
        • Feeling sick. (Molly)
      • Midterm elections
        • Thinking about the midterms, the political lies are outrageous. So many new candidates, more schlock candidates in the GOP. (Jeanne Mayell)
      • U.S. People
        • Civil unrest in the USA. (NJF)
        • People becoming extra cautious about money, they are worried about the future.  (Bluebelle)
        • More shock and disbelief. (Kim)
        • People feeling defeated, street crime is up. (Miriam)
        • Young people rioting in waves across the country. Looting and much chaos. They want to overthrow the government. (Gail)
        • Feels ominous, dark and sinister, in the U.S., there is fear. (Audree)
        • NYC crowds screaming like crazy. People really hate Trump there. (Jeanne Mayell)
        • Hardheaded people’s opinions are changing. (Joy)
        • Flu epidemic. Flu season starts early in Arkansas.
      • Can’t see anything after September 2018. My brain doesn’t want to show me. (Meghan)
      • A two-toned face, painted in gold/black greasepaint. A powerful performance by minorities. (RunestoneOne)
      • The word bomb repeated many times, but no explosion. (Toi Lynn)
      • Celebrity dies in an accident or non natural way suddenly. (Tracy)
      • Something important concerning a ventriloquist. (Bill)
      • Urine-powered. (Ann)

International  (September 2018)

  • Sun is rising and people are catching their breath. Respite from intensity around security threat and war. Some help from allies while Europeans demonstrating compassion toward American citizens. (Susan)
  • Unrest in China. Large groups chanting in unison like a wave. (Kathleen)
  • Putin sits watching the whole mess unfold. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Japan at risk. (Karen)  Typhoon largest in 25 years hits Japan, also earthquake the next day. 
  • I feel like the world pulls together with less of a focus on the U.S., and more on Europe (Pamela)

Earth/Climate  (September 2018)

  • More rain, less fires in the west. (Jilli)
  • Trembling earth, earthquake, feels like the Pacific Northwest, earth rumbling. (Diana)
  • Iceberg floating south.
  • A calm hurricane season, despite climate change. (Christopher)
  • Long summer with a few cold spells. (Graciela)
  • Very wet and floods in Germany. I am seeing Bavaria beer. (Paula) [Editor’s note: it may be that the floods are going to be centered in Bavaria.]
  • Whales calling. (NJF)  New study shows pollution will doom killer whales in various parts of the globe. 
  • Israel is hot, very hot. But they are prepared for it. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Water problems in the west, especially California, bringing anger. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Frogs in trouble. (Julie)
  • War in a Spanish speaking country, either Venezuela or Spain. Disruption, revolt, strong feelings, chaos . (Doris)
  • A very hot month in Southern California. (Andrew)
  • A very cold September in the U.K. (Mary K.)
  • Storms and hurricanes again in U.S.A and Central America. (Mary K.)
  • Big hurricane. Big water. Puerto Rico again and bigger. I get the number 6. Enough! Poor people can’t cope. Dogs drown. (Clara)
  • Wheat harvested. A bit of a rest in the Midwest before a difficult fall. (Helena)
  • Generators selling like crazy. (Julie)

October – December 2018 (visions apply to all three months)


  • Trump
    • October: There is underground work on the northside of Trump Tower, maybe under the street. This is related to my September 2018 tube vision which  could be a fiber optic cable.  Might there be a vault there, (a locked electronic item) (Svetlana)
    • Impeachment talk in U.S. (Doris)  As more crimes are alleged, including tax evasion, impeachment is becoming a serious discussion.
    • Trump no longer relevant. (Prem)
    • Trump gone, not sure how or why, but Pence doesn’t become president. (Mary K.)
  • All eyes on the Capitol.  Statue of liberty pouring water on people’s heads anointing her new sons and daughters. (Jeanne Mayell)  Midterm elections bring new democratic men and women into Congress.
  •  People are disillusioned, shocked. (Yaeko).  Supreme Court Justice likely to be confirmed in spite of sexual assault testimony, lying, and bad behavior.
  • A rough year. But nothing like the next one. (Jeanne Mayell)
  •  A great gathering of people, for good. (Lisa P.)
  • All governments speeding up. “It’s all too much. One pipe bursts in the house, and the next pipe is bursting. House is collapsing under water and we are nearly too late to stop the collapse.” (Clara). Kavanaugh confirmation.
  • Rich people making lots of money and holding parties like Gatsby. (Kathleen). Tax income transfer to ultra rich, stock market increases all for the rich. 
  • US citizens still somewhat in shock. U.S. is humbled on the world stage. (Susan). Kavanaugh confirmed.
  • Medical advancement. FDA approval on a long needed drug. (Julie)
  • Paul Ryan ascending but not for too long. (Bob)
  • Computer hacking of very large or important databases. (Julie)
  • America ruled by conservatives. Save the court! (Bob)  GOP approves SCOTUS pick in spite of lying, sexual assault allegations, excessive drinking and opposition from multiple prominent groups, including the American Bar Association and the National Coalition of Churches..
  • Chemical fire. (Julie)
  • October: Something happening here I don’t want to see. (Meghan). SCOTUS confirmation.


  • Global power shift with China and Russia being prominent. U.S. is weakened, but trying to steady itself. (Susan)
  • A new peace of sorts in Mexico. I see true celebration in the streets. (Andrew Posey)
  • Protest in Russia. Resentment in the collective. People unable to have free speech without repercussions under Putin. (Helena)
  • North Korea seems to be more reasonable. (Ming)
  • North Korea still out of control. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Horizon is red (a warning light). (Bar). New climate news from the conservative scientists (IPCC) showing calamitous outlook for rest of. century, Kavanaugh confirmation, Saudi journalist murder, climate related devastation in Gulf hurricane and earth quakes also related to climate change.


  • Snow. (Clara)
  • Strong feeling carried through end of year. STRONG emotion, a little scary. (Meghan). New devastating climate news from conservative scientists of the IPCC.
  • A lot of fire and stress at this time. (Jeanne Mayell). Bad climate news plus Kavanaugh hearings and sudden historically powerful hurricane in the Florida panhandle.  
  • Wishing for rain in the western U.S. (Jeanne Mayell). Fires and drought continue.
  • October: Bad weather maybe hurricane. (Joy). Hurricane Florence devastates the Carolinas.  Second hurricane hits Florida panhandle with unprecendent wind speeds. 

October 2018 (visions are just for the month of October)

U.S. (10/18)

  • Image of the world going sideways. This is very bad. (Jeanne Mayell). Kavanaugh hearings, Saudi journalist murder, devastating climate news that it is close to too late to avoid worst case scenario.
  • White House
    • Tension in the Collective. Someone shouting, “Liar, liar!” (Jeanne Mayell). Kavanaugh hearing people who knew Kavanaugh personally say he is lying.
    • Light at the end of the tunnel (time of struggle, darkness and uncertainty) but uphill battle as US tries to re-emerge as a world power.
    • Still in the shadow of Trump. (Maryellen). In the news: Trump threatens women accusers, anyone who opposes Kavanaugh.
    • I’m asking myself, where is Trump? The answer is, “Gone.” (Jeanne Mayell). This did not happen as predicted.
  • October has some trickery. There is a hidden GOP plot to win. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Not giving up – the American people and the Middle East. (Natalie)
  • Civil Rights movement, things have gone backward taking a stand. (Heather)
  • No kill, cell-cultured meat. (Ann)
  • Too many candidates and politicians. (Sue S.)  Hundreds of candidates running.
  • A sad and quiet Halloween. Candles lit. I see a dark night with lots of candles held high. (Andrew Posey)
  • Shakedowns, shake up, tragedy. (Michele)
  • Ready for fall weather, delayed. There is a lot of campaigning (Kathleen)
  • Discussions about healthcare and social security. (Christopher)
  • Sickness, early flu season. (Kim)
  • October stock market crash (Bluebelle). Dow crashes two days in a row. 
  • Stock market crash, could be a major reality. (Miriam)
  • Exhausted, want relief (Molly), frustrations mounting (Elvera)  Kavanaugh hearings, Florida storm, GOP dominance, Market drop all piling up, but mostly it’s the GOP dominance that is exhausting people. 
  • Paul Ryan, smiling. (Bin)
  • Blonde women in news going after Trump. (Donna).  Strippers still after Trump. 
  • The old antebellum South in the media with plantation slaves on porch coming forth. (Mary)
  • Mount Vesuvius erupts. (NJF)
  • A lot of people clinging to a wall – wrapped in army clothes. A big man with jowls in 50’s is there (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Swirling wind from man standing into clouds. Feels like an alien contact.  (Toi Lynn)
  • Subdued, quiet, some stress especially for students (midterms), some fun too (Halloween), but some sense of being on guard. (Graciela)
  • Look out GOP, you are dust. There is a massive grassroots political movement for House of Representatives (Jeanne Mayell)
  • America and Germany in agreement on something (Elvera)
  • Boston common in a jacket, breezy with thousands of people. (Tracy)
  • U.S. packages prepared and U.S. stamps. Sounds like C.A.R.E. packages. (Gail).  Refers to mail bombs.


  • Middle east fighting off invasion. (Natalie)
  • Russia in trouble. (Bluebelle)
  • I am seeing the channel tunnel, from France to London. There are  long lines of traffic, all stuck in an enormous traffic jam due to thick fog. (Paula)  This is about Brexit negotiations that have been referred to as the tunnel from UK to France.
  • Protests worldwide. (Toni)
  • Heard “Franco” and saw Imagery of WW2, Italy.  This may be about Putin’s dictatorship, use of hit men erupts in flames as Russian people take to the streets in uproar over more deaths. (Michele) 

Earth/Climate (10/18)

  • Floods in Indonesia. Whole forests flooded.  (Jeanne Mayell)  Tsunami hits Indonesia. 
  • Meteor shower and comet. (Gerti)
  • Oil contaminating water.

November 2018


  • I see large groups, power blocks for the good. (Donna)
  • Dems gain ground. Republicans still hold power but more tenuously. (Wayne)
  • Feel sadness about the election.  (Sophie)
  • Donkey standing in front of red wall, looking at me. (Mary)
  • Senate remains red, some races look crooked and are contested, House bluer. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The people are powerful and will not take it lying down! (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Chuck Shumer (Democratic Minority leader) smiling and looking up. (Donna)
  • Trump is fading away. (Bluebelle) This weekend is an example of how Trump will fade away and become irrelevent.  Signs of new form of government beginning. (Harriet)
  • Stock market in  the shape of a square root sign. This means it is down then back up, higher.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see a split line. Very delineated. Lots of choices. (Kathryn)
  • I see dancing.  Looks like a Spanish flamenco dancer. There are parties. This is political celebrating or rallying. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Liberals now know that elections are rigged. Fox News-watching public still in the dark like in Russia where many think Putin is legit. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Vote is disrupted, only half were able to actually vote due to massive voter suppression. (Sue S.)
  • Puppets win. (Bev)
  • Fewer democrats elected than expected. There is corruption that we don’t know about yet. (Bob)
  • Rachel Maddow looks disheartened. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Dems take over either Senate or House. I lean toward Senate but gains in House. (Charisse)
  • People in the U.S. are scared their country is gone completely. (Natalie)
  • Mood dark. (Kathleen)
  • The Statue of Liberty can barely keep her head above water. A sign that liberty is all but gone at this point. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • November is dark definitely! Something big and bad, international coming from US. Things are getting greyer in October then dark in November and consequences in December. Again it seems coming from the US (Sophie)
  • Small communities clinging together. (Natalie)
  • People moving north. I see people in the woods migrating north east and west. (Natalie)
  • Stagnancy, little accomplished in the U.S., the World, or both. (Maryellen)
  • Feels more peaceful but desolate. A sense of anarchy. (Heather)
  • An image of soldiers in armor at the polls. When I looked for the winners, I saw neither red nor blue, but the color purple. It is a close race for Congressional control. But there is cheating, voter suppression and manipulation going on. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Financial markets dip then rise higher. This is a sign that the GOP swept again. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Death to Trump, see him dead in a coffin. Could be symbolic or literal, but he’s done, last nail in the coffin. (Diana)
  • Early snowfall in the Plains is in the news. (Audree)
  • People asking how did this happen? Why? This is fascism. (Molly)
  • Something happens that dominates the news but is later found to be fake. (Tracy)
  • Democrats take control of the House. (Bluebelle).
  • Democrats win many Congressional races, by slim margins. More Democratic governors elected around country (Christopher)
  • Democrats keep most Senate seats and pick up at least one in the West. (Christopher)
  • Ryan looks ashamed. Sanders is  smiling. (Bin)
  • Kmart closes. (Elvera)
  • Big explosion. (Meghan N)
  • Energy just goes off. (Meghan N)
  • Very nervous people, hard to talk to people and no one meets my eyes (Tracy)
  • He is gone. (Toi Lynn)
  • Trump is gone (Bluebelle)
  • Hoards of people carrying stuff demonstrating, some of this might be an unruly mob. I see rolling pins.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump outed. (Ann)
  • An enormous powerful  green dragon is gaining strength and is stamping the earth and spitting  fire from her mouth. People are afraid of her power, she is angry. It’s like the power of the earth is turning on the people and none of us can stop her anger. (Paula)
  • Democrats poised to take control of Congress. (Bluebelle)
  • Results are showing shift towards blues inspite of suppressing voters, stealing votes and cyber warfare. Liberals rush to the polls to make sure it’s fair. Still, there’s cheating going on in the digital system that no one can see. Russians helping with this. Senate races too close to call.  House  outcome is close, but more blue.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Donald Trump has his hands on face, head shaking side to side.(Billie)
  • War images. Image of a pretty  young woman, a young madonna.  This is probably a news image that goes viral. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Scotsman has an issue with his kilt (bottom bared). (Bill)

Climate/Earth (November 2018)

  • Contaminated food, fruit from a tropical locale, mangoes for bananas. (Melanie)
  • The snows are here again.  I see Boston in frigid cold.  There is a boat off shore, bobbing in the ocean.  I see grey waves and really cold weather.  It’s November so we are thankful. I feel the election is positive. A kernel of hope. But I also see that it’s a shuffle; it’s more a battle. (Andrew Posey)
  • Too hot, not good. (Frannie)
  • Snow covered New England. L.A. is dry. (Andrew)

December 2018



  • Bad politicians hiding under desk. (Donna)
  • War threat involving the U.S.
  • Hillary Clinton and Obama feeling relieved. (Christopher)
  • Republicans feeling confused. (Christopher)
  • Refugees under rubble peeping out. (Gail)
  • Jeb Bushes eldest son in the news. (Melissa)

U.S. People

  • Capitol is more blue.  But there is rage among the population. They don’t believe the election results are correct. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Lots of traveling to more liberal areas. (Natalie)
  • People are afraid of the government. (Natalie)
  • US trying to end the year on at least a level footing – diminished. (Maryellen)
  • Major political unrest from voter suppression. People are angry. (Sue. S)
  • Lost in the woods – people coming from the south U.S. are looking for hope. (Natalie)
  • Collective conscience is changing, more unified, more emphasis on grassroots, earth, family, rather than materialism and money. (Heather)
  • The U.S. is wearing dirty, worn down sneakers. We’ve been on our feet forever.  (RunestoneOne)
  • Darkness of mood. (Bluebelle)
  • Huge cut down center of US. People are not talking and families split apart from all this political mess. (Molly)
  • Feeling the consequences of what happened in November. (Sophie)


  • Christmas is good in the old manner. Simple, not flashy.
  • This is a good Christmas for all.  There is a soldier who is celebrated. There is a red rose and red ornaments on the Christmas tree or perhaps that spattered blood on the trees. (Andrew Posey)
  • spending a little less but enjoying time together. (Wayne)
  • Merry making, lots of parties, happiness but underneath a tinge of worry.  (Heather)
  • Presents wrapped but they are empty. (Andrew)
  • Holiday feeling: There is going to be a lot of work. I get the feeling of getting ready for battle. (Kathleen)
  • Downsizing Christmas shopping madness. People are learning the material stuff is stupid! (Miriam)

White House

  • Trump is silent.  He can’t or won’t speak.  Odd. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump less relevant. (Charisse).  Trump is less powerful. (Donna)
  • People are yelling at the Capitol steps. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see men in front of a microphone podium, men with suits and ties, all men. (Doris)
  • One house of Congress won over by dems. (Donna)
  • Washington continues in turmoil. (Bluebelle)
  • Someone important commits suicide. (Ginny)
  • Where’s Trump? Still there? Oh Jesus, I hope not. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Yay! He’s finally gone. Many people celebrating. (Toi Lynn)
  • Where is Mueller? Still working. Putin also still there conniving behind the scenes. (Jeanne Mayell)

International (December 2018)

  • Israel flexing their muscles, chests out, standing tall. (Barbara)
  • Big royal ceremony. (Alisa)
  • Bittersweet time in the markets. Perhaps gold is doing well. (Ming)
  • I see Africa and I see dust and I see elephants and they are thirsty and sad and being lost in dust as they walk to elephant grave yards. (Andrew Posey)
  • Canada pipeline conflict with Native Tribe. (John)
  • Much fighting, moguls (oligarchs) organizing people. Short corpulent man with extra large top hat counting his troops. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Millions crying. (Toni)
  • Choppy waves, a barge. Calling out “hail there.” Possibly an accident at sea involving immigrants. (Michele)

Economy (December 2018)

  • The Market is up but an alarm clock shows that it’s going to go off at some point soon. Not yet, but the hours are ticking away towards a problem. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Weather event due to climate change. (Sophie)
  • Tsunami in Indonesia. (Paula)  This happened in September, death toll in the thousands.
  • People planting mangroves in Asia. (Paula)
  • Early snowfall in the Plains is in the news. (Audree)
  • Rain, black umbrellas. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The water is still. There are no waves, but something underneath is not good. Stealth. (Doris)
  • Dry heat and South America shakes. Fireworks, like a missile threat (but it is a threat only). I see no wars.

2019 Predictions



Hope rising in the young:

  • Lots of healthy, happy children well fed. Green growth. (Beccay)
  • Young people feel strong, robust, beautiful!  Working on the land. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The youth do not want to play the old corporate game any moe. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Many youth are leaving corporate world (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Children are growing up kinder. (Ginny)

A positive shift in consciousness

  • Consciousness is rising. People are becoming more self sufficient internally. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • In some positive ways we’ve grown wiser as a people, and tapped into our own personal wisdom. We can see through B.S. more easily.  (Kathryn)
  • We have come to the center and moved away from the sides and while there is no cohesion, there is also not the confusion. We are no longer shocked and we are no longer stunned but we are not sure of what to do next and there is still this sense of entitlement by those who have and a growing sense by those that do not that they are not getting their fair share. (Andrew Posey)
  • There is more light and more room and a feeling not so much as if we are falling but we have fallen, or that we are used to falling. So things are not better but people aren’t freaked out.  I see bluer skies and rolling hills. (Andrew Posey)
  • The years feels brighter, a higher vibration, but still chaotic. (Kathryn)

A positive form of activism

  • A lot of chanting, meditation, sit-ins, protests, people are determined. We shall overcome. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are tired but not giving up.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A good year for the end of patriarchy. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Sanders spreading positive message. (Bin)
  • More racial empowerment, greater justice at the grassroots level. (Ginny)
  • People continue to wake up and become more aware of their power. (Charisse)
  • People coming together, more cooperation with groups, working for a coming good, leaving their differences aside (Doris)
  • Feels better more quality people being the voice of reason.  (Donna)
  • People are helping their neighbors.  It’s a national movement.  Grassroots. (Bluebelle)
  • Tide is turning, however slow it is. (Ming)

Caring for the earth:

  • Multiple states have signed on to the Paris Climate agreement despite what Trump has done (Ginny)
  • Good harvests.  Food prices come down. (Bluebelle)
  • Feeling like land or landscape is getting cleaned up, like a crew of people picking up litter and junk. (Kathryn)
  • Big reality check on climate change hits many, beginning of turn towards one another instead of away, in it together now, hearts and helpers rising in the light of unity begins. (Michele)
  • Pelosi standing beside an inner door to the House; she is relaxed, happy, warm, smiling and greeting new representatives as they walk into the chamber. I feel like I’m walking through the door and looking into her face. I’m with other new representatives and feel like I’m a younger, tall, broad shouldered athletic woman followed by others, like I’m on an athletic team. (Gracesinger)
  • There is a new frontier. Americans moving to live off the grid. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The wheel of life is turning. (Kirsten)
  • Change of powers. (Joy)
  • Abundant corn crops. (Bluebelle) Carrot crops good. (NJF)
  • Justice is moving along, Mueller working and no one is bothering him anymore with accusations. (Diana)
  • Community gardens everywhere, resurgence of returning to earth (Toi Lynn), more organic farms… more people are moving off the grid (Miriam), local organic food movements growing. (Jilli)
  • Science fixing bones faster. (Donna)
  • Bright sunshine behind black clouds, finally feeling hope.  (Molly)
  • Happy Christmas season. (NJF)
  • Pockets of progress. Groups working hard to make positive changes. Also pockets of resistance, people trying to resist change. But overall positive forward motion, making progress in numerous arenas. Lots of resolute people quietly fighting (without violence) for what’s right. (Graciela)
  • Big movements formed.  Protests. Determined to take back the planet and the country. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Breakthrough in technology for electric cars (Bluebelle)
  • Breakthroughs in space exploration. Another planet with life. (Bill)
  • Lots of chatter everywhere, people mobilized to change things for good (Graciela)
  • Some “bad” people die, giving more hope. (Elvera)
  • Men stepping up to help heal sexual violence. (Jilli)
  • Positive energy flowing. (Kim)
  • Positive energy forward momentum, local movements for the positive, we must help each other, there’s help all around even if you don’t have money, everyone cares about everyone else. (Diana)
  • I see a sunset sky. It’s going to become more peaceful. (Patti)
  • Greater energy of spirit, kindness, humanity. (Karen)
  • A positive shift is happening. I see orange and dark spots fighting each other. But silver and bright lights appear at the end. (Linda)
  • Advancements in Alzheimer’s treatment. (Julie)
  • Florida starting to demand climate action. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Progressives getting more organized. (Andrew)
  • Mindfulness taught in public schools. (Bluebelle)
  • Technology coming to the aid of humanity more, despite some resistance from certain groups. (Doris)
  • More attention and solutions to the homeless. (Ming)
  • Greater unity of purpose across the board. (Andrew Posey)
  • Therapists healing trauma. (Clara)
  • Changes in America under the new leadership Compromise, order, people more accepting (Mary K.)
  • Republic of the People. A new government formed. (Gail)
  • People are becoming more introspective. This is a good thing. (Bob)
  • In spite of all the turmoil, I’m feeing safe here. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People looking up to the sky, watching a glimmer of hope, more people gathering and noticing there is another way. (Melissa F.)
  • Local farms thrive. Industrial farms going out. Sheep herds and abundance. (Kathy)
  • Letting go of selfishness. People will be learning to be more altruistic and begin helping each other. They will be forced to learn to help each other for survival. This will herald a new way of life which will cause people to breathe a sigh of relief. (Natalie)
  • Trains, Routes, creating ways to move forward. Rails as power to not be derailed towards our goals. (Michele B.)
  • Big gasp. Angelic guides and others are guiding people, awareness grows. Awareness of big changes needed ahead.
  • Children a concern. The elderly speaking up en masses. They will be heard! (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Shackles coming loose, we are beginning to become free from our own shackles. (Kim)
  • The concept put forth of teachers getting paid more and being allow to teach. (Kathy)
  • The earth, the landscape. People are paying attention. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A maypole. Focus on the children of the world and their health, safety, food, and overall well being. (Jan)
  • More peaceful protests. Feels like the sixties with people singing. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Business people quitting jobs in realization of awakening (Shannon)

U.S. (2019)

  • Pelosi standing beside an inner door to the House; she is relaxed, happy, warm, smiling and greeting new representatives as they walk into the chamber. I feel like I’m walking through the door and looking into her face. I’m with other new representatives and feel like I’m a younger, tall, broad shouldered athletic woman followed by others, like I’m on an athletic team. (Gracesinger)
  • Mueller wrapping up. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump & White House
    • Trump speechless with no expression. (Ming)
    • Trump dementia in the news. (Gerti)
    • Trump on airplane flying away overseas, surrounded by fiercely determined female nurses. (RunestoneOne)
    • President taken down due to mental illness. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • 2019 year of planning, feels barren. Where’s Trump? Sick. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • Mike Pence in prominent in the news. (Barry)
    • Trump is out. (Gretchen)
    • New American leader, probably the new president, likely not Mike Pence or Paul Ryan, but someone who is not under the radar at the time of this vision. Probably a man. (Prem)
    • A ruby ring and other pretty rings in the news. (Gracesinger)
  • Paul Ryan
    • Paul Ryan at the forefront — podium, white button down, no tie or jacket. (Meghan)
    • August 2019: Paul Ryan, he looked like he was wearing a top hat and a suit that was too big for him and he was smiling grimace a forced smile, like he was making himself smile. Then I saw his face melt away and I could see his skeleton and he was standing there with a skeleton face. (Judy)
  • Political darkness but it is showing the light. (Toi Lynn)
  • Democrats plan the future. (Bin)

Earlier readings for this period:

  • Not a comfortable time:
    • I feel such tightness at this time, and headaches. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • Still unsettled. (Jilli)
    • The Tarot card I picked for this time is XV, The Devil.  Holding it I sensed disease. (Kathleen)
    • It’s scary at this time. People are paranoid and very watchful. (Elvera)
  • More concern over a major flu epidemic. More precautions being taken, given lesser health care. (Miriam)
  • There is a new frontier. Americans moving to live off the grid. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Abundant corn crops. (Bluebelle) Carrot crops good. (NJF)
  • Problems with food. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People waiting, it’s crowded, like on a train. (Jeanne)
  • Financially unstable. People turning from money to what is important (Toi Lynn)
  • The population is either lower or quieter, the chatter is much less loud. (Tracy)
  • California breaking from U.S. in many ways. (Molly)
  • U.S. looks smaller, not geographically, but shrinking as a world power. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Economy – bank notes failing. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see a keyhole, which means this time provides a glimpse of what is coming. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A room full of investigators from the military. My heart is pounding. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Submarines. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • It’s a mess. A wake-up call. (Yaeko)
  • The wheel of life is turning. (Kirsten)
  • Change of powers. (Joy)
  • War, economic slowdown, but not a depression. The war is limited and does not expand. (Bluebelle)
  • American soldiers fixing the storms. Running through the drought. Evacuating. (Clara)
  • The civilization had gotten too loud. I’m see the world as a sphere and as I get closer the voices are shrill and loud, It’s a noisy world and it’s spinning and accelerating faster, and the people on this sphere are dizzy. (Andrew Posey)
  • Restless in U.S. in November. People are angry. (Helena)
  • Seeing a vision involving education, focus on an elementary school. (Audree)
  • Strength and determination in 2019. I see an arm in a fist, like Rosie the Riveter. (Frannie)
  • Orange horizon. (Peter)
  • Leadership is pushing and shoving. It’s chaos and there’s no clear leader who is the grown up. (Frannie)
  • Underneath the leadership vacuum, I keep seeing a man with a top hat. He is Uncle Sam, but he is an oligarch, not of the people. He actually wants the economy to crash and has been trying to make it crash. He is counting on the price of gold increasing and the value of stocks decreasing. Then he can get cheap labor and buy up depressed properties. He is actually made up of several oligarchs. (Jeanne) (Sounds like Grapes of Wrath years)
  • Schumer sick. (Gerti)
  • Pile up of cars hitting one another. It’s a metaphor for how life has become. (Andrew)
  • Strike on U.S. soil. (Natalie)
  • War sucking strength out of the people and the country. People are exhausted. (Natalie)
  • Hillary in the news. (Toni)
  • Supreme Court issue in the forefront. (Toni)
  • People coming together after crisis. (Toni)
  • Putting away guns in America. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are scared. (Natalie)
  • People desperate to make their homes feel safe. (Bev)
  • YouTube adding a tipping option. (Ann)
  • Accident causing devastation somewhere in Western Hemisphere. Feels like a poison. (Maryellen)
  • Aliens come. (Dumbledorbob)
  • I see moving, people moving through space. It has never been this fast and it has never been this fantastic. (Andrew Posey)
  • Bear energy is strong, could be sign of Putin. (Michele)
  • Many people will be giving up. They will begin to accept what cannot be changed and move on. (Natalie)
  • Hillary tries to weigh in for Democratic party, it takes protests and rallies to get her to back down.
  • Child abuse in the news in the U.S.  (Gretchen)
  • The year feels dark, like the downward spiral is almost at the bottom. Ugh, it feels like people are exhausted with all this chaos, but the hope hasn’t come yet. (Natalie)
  • Market seen as a bar graph shows, the end of the year tilted up for 2019, a sign that the year ends better than it started using some objective measure. Could be financial markets. (Meghan)
  • Heavy hearts, a difficult year. (Bar)
  • Statutes falling, lions in charge (fascists). (MaryAnn)
  • Everyone’s talking about Texas, not good. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People know the world cannot survive like this, new ideas, new concepts, must take over.
  • Masses pushing forward in V formation (Carissa)
  • Shopping box in the sky (Stuart) (Could be referring to the use of drones to deliver packages.) Articles appearing that Amazon has applied for patten to use drone warehouses in the future).
  • New technological discoveries bridging quantum physics. (Julia)


  • The two governments are cooperating on Korean peninsula, there is friendly exchange between the two countries like between the U.S. and Canada. (Audree)
  • Putin:
    • Not so focused on the U.S. He’s got his own troubles. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • Putin exposed. Plot to overthrow Putin. (Bluebelle)
    • Putin out. (Meghan)
    • Putin – focus is now more overtly on him – no mistaking now his aggression and vengeance toward U.S. He remains physically afar but threat of tangible aggression, including possibly missiles, both obvious and certain. Congress distressed but uncertain how to contain him and maybe cannot. Republicans finally get that they have created conditions for this by looking the other way when dealings have benefited them, even indirectly. Lion let out of cage and now cannot get him back in. This will have to run its course. Things will have to come to a frightening head. No secret now regarding his negative intentions, hatred, and rage. Trump is irrelevant now, barely a figurehead, effectively neutralized and metaphorically castrated, impotent in government. More people finally see him for the incompetent, doddering fool he is. Also cognitive decline becomes more evident, and this is a process that has probably been going on in him for some time. (Traci S.)
  • Hope in June. I see white birds of peace in Israel, Jordan, and Palestine. (Helena)
  • Panic in March. People fleeing Sudan in Africa. (Helena)
  • Oil explosion in February in Middle East. (Helena)
  • Military aircrafts take off… a big sweep of airplanes. (Gail)
  • Erratic like pulling taffy. WTF. Shaking head back and forth really fast. Hold on to something sturdy. (Terry)
  • World crisis. World doesn’t know who the U.S. is and the U.S. doesn’t know who it is. (KB) This problem has already started by fall of 2017 due to the Trump administration policies.
  • The world: finally it breaks, a high intensity, if it’s not breaking, it is moving so fast, the world seen from outer space is spinning fast. (Andrew)
  • Contact, between realms. (Ron)
  • War, people holding hands, war, children born with gifts. (Joy)
  • Spain is in for a big surprise involving the bull fight. (Andrea)
  • Lighthouse tragedy in Scotland. (Vicky)
  • More peace in Middle East. U.S. is safe from attacks. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Middle east, biblical event. (John)
  • Feels like war, seeing soldiers marching, not sure if in the US. British uniforms, guns. (Heather)
  • North Korea resolution. Kim Jong Un “neutralized”, deceased or out of power. (Maryellen)
  • War overseas. (Natalie)
  • Canada shocked crying scared of America. (Natalie)
  • People coming together. (Natalie)
  • Floating travel vehicles. Japan, U.S. and China involved in this innovation. (Ann)
  • Bamboo forest, people strong. (Bin)
  • U.S. Navy ship is assisting disaster victims in a coastal area of Asia; could be Bangladesh or Myanmar. (Audree)
  • Year of the horse. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More awareness to deforestation in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (Christopher)
  • Prince Charles takes on more responsibilities. Has Queen Elizabeth stepped down? (Christopher)  [in June & July 2018, Bill saw the signs of a death in the Royal family.]
  • Matryoshka dolls (painted nesting Russian dolls, looks like a person within a person within a person. Which one is the real doll?). A blond woman wearing a heavily pearled Russian headdress


  • Trees in trouble (too hot). (Clara)
  • More space exploration. (Donna)
  • Alien spaceship seen and known. (NJ)
  • Mosquito-borne virus in the news. (Julie)
  • I see a sunset sky. It’s going to become more peaceful. (Patti)
  • Poor countries struggling, heartbroken parents with young children. (Ming)
  • Climate issues are improving. News is not as bad as before. (Mary L.)
  • Wet spring, climate extremes everywhere, strong hurricanes. (Laura)
  • I see a red warning signal, flashing and beeping. (Meghan)
  • The word “ford”, but more like the original meaning of the word: a shallow place in a river to allow someone to pass or crossover or the word “fjord” like a deep inlet. (Doris)
  • A river flowing in the north where there there was formerly a frozen tundra. Now the permafrost is melting. (Doris)
  • Drought (Yaeko)
  • Elephants and other beloved exotic animals disappearing. Build an ark! (Pam)
  • Big oil fire on an ocean rig.(Jeanne)
  • Too much water – flooding; huge storm with highway signs sideways.(Jeanne Mayell)
  • Western part of U.S. under stress due to drought. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Huge fire (Suzana)
  • More space exploration. (Donna)
  • Poor countries struggling, heartbroken parents with young children. (Ming)
  • Climate issues are improving. News is not as bad as before. (Mary L.)
  • Waters starting to rise in NYC (Toni)
  • People demanding climate justice. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Using ocean waves for power. This water is cleaner. (Andrew Posey)
  • Water abundance technology being developed. (Gerti)
  • Giant mechanical battles. Innovative food growth. Solar panel trees.

ECONOMY (2019)

  • In some places (not in U.S.) — people living on the streets, stray dogs, people looking for food in trash.
  • Feels black. (Frannie)
  • Economy dripping, over ripe, rotting and filled with decadence and corruption. Not good. Seems ready for bubble to burst. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Chaos lots of poor people who have never previously been poor – a real tumbling down for some. (Natalie)
  • Great depression again. (Natalie)
  • Economy is bad. (Ann)
  • U.S. jobs situation is causing heartache. (Bar)
  • Stocks stable, little movement. Heard, “Which direction are we going in?” Feels like a time of uncertainty about the direction of the future, for the better or the worse. (Maryellen)
  • Heard these words: “Doom, gloom, crushed, dire, angst, pain, driven, pummeled, debased.” (Alex)
  • Recession. Gold bars, Gold Standard. Heard song, “Candle in the Wind.” and “Hold on, hold on.” (Michele)
  • Stress in the markets, serious volatility (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Women called upon to lead us out of so much trouble.
  • Minority report on economy:
    • Economy is not bad, more people relying on the Internet and even virtual reality in their jobs. Much more staying home and to work virtually. More technology but more rely on gardens and self-sufficiency to grow food. (Heather)

2019-2020 These visions were done before 2015 when we would group years together).

  • U.S. A slippery dip. The loss of some gains.(Jan)
  • Bear market – markets drop down steadily like in 2008.Market moving
  • “I told you so,” repetition of history, not learning from our mistakes (sounds like another market crash for same reasons as 1929 and 2008 crashes).

January 2019 

  • Throughout 2019 – I keep seeing a white arm coming across my vision, barring everyone else from seeing.  I think this is cyber censorship – is feels like a fake person made up by thousands of bots that impersonate human feelings and crowd out real news. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Pelosi standing beside an inner door to the House; she is relaxed, happy, warm, and smiling and greeting new representatives as they walk into the chamber; I feel like I’m walking through the door and looking into her face: I’m with other new representatives and feel like I’m a younger, tall, broad shouldered athletic woman followed by others, like I’m on an athletic team. (Gracesinger)
  • Cyber attacks of a mountain region. I think it is California.  (Barbara)The US is under threat of war.  Not sure that it’s North Korea, maybe a surprising new enemy. (Bluebelle)
  • Iran has become a threat now. (Bluebelle)
  • Activity in the Middle East desert.  (Kathryn)
  • Palm trees and desert, see a hill in a desert. Sand cloud, dust storm. (Kathryn)
  • The old Congress nervous about the newbies. (Kathryn)
  • Mueller has damning evidence about Trump and the GOP. (Bin)
  • Truth rising, secrets revealed. (Michele)
  • People feeling some relief. (Lola)
  • An automobile revs up but then stalls. (Wayne)
  • Kim Jung Un looking forward. He rules over an unpopulated country. No one is there.  (Sophie)
  • A newer normal.  There is nothing solid. but there is a political shift away from the sides and to the middle which means it is less partisan. But the bad forces are still active. (Andrew Posey)
  • Seeing the color lavender. (Melanie) [a color of peace]
  • A kind of new beginning, though not completely. (Ming)
  • Still major dysfunction in the government.  (Harriet)
  • Quieter January in the White House. (Donna)
  • On MLK day, something big happens, not clear if it’s good or bad, but much bigger than usual. (Ginny)
  • Lots of new kids in the school (meaning Congress). Lots of excitement. The color is purple, a combination of red and blue. (Kathryn)
  • Feeling the sentiment that we must not give up.  It is hard but it will be worth it in the end. People are giving encouragement to each other.  (Doris)
  • Scuffle in the U.K. A man on horseback horses rearing up, a redcoat down on the ground. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Getting headache.  My scalp is crawling around this month.  (Sophie)
  • Nunavut territory in Canada suffering.  (Sophie)
  • I’m seeing an image of people in the UK.  It’s a woman and a man trying to figure out how to move forward in their present situation. I see images of nineteenth century Britain. This period is comparable to the economy of nineteenth century England. (Jeanne Mayell)

February 2019

  • I see a desert with many helicopters rising up out of the sand, stirring sand into the winds.  It feels like preparations for war in the Middle East.  (Bluebelle)
  • Secret keepers filled with fear, hiding papers, crazed.   (Michele)
  • Truth revealed about Putin and Russia. (Lola)
  • Mexico is suffering. US openly refuses to help. This is likely climate related. The world is watching. (Wayne)
  • It looks like early 1900s late 1890s in Quebec City.  People living like they did in those days.  Back to basics, simple living.  Slush in the street.  Survival situation, but we’re OK.  (Sophie)
  • The fear of a North Korea bombing is down. (Kathryn)
  • Quebec city mayor’s tramway project not going well at all.  (Sophie)
  • Mardi Gras is slow. (Terry)
  • The fearful feeling I had in 2018 with N korea and the bombing isn’t there anymore. (Ming)
  • Russia in the news, more meddling in U.S. business. (Charisse)
  • I see red fire, not sure if it is a bomb or volcano. (Ginny)
  • I see a child’s face relaxing more. (Ming)
  • Elephant graveyards. (Andrew Posey)


March 2019

  • I am in the tropics, there is a no sense of danger.  And I look up and there is a huge comet a huge comet that streaks across the sky. (Andrew Posey)
  • Warmer than usual, drought in California. (Donna)
  • Hearing a buzzing sound, white noise. (Doris)
  • Many new faces in Congress getting interviewed. (Donna)
  • Trump can’t reach agreement with his people. (Wayne)

April 2019

  • I’m still seeing desert sands. I see scorpions scurrying across the desert floor.  I think there’s war brewing in desert countries. (Bluebelle)
  • Thinking of Trump.  He’s quiet and confused. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Flowers are blooming in North Korea. (Ming)
    I see submarines. (Charisse)
  • A lot of rain. (Lola)

May 2019

  • Stock market in trouble.  The top of the market was reached and now it’s in decline. (Bluebelle)
  • Trump is in Florida, sulking. (Andrew Posey)
  • The Capitol (Congress) looks smaller and in disarray. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A very feminine woman in Texas takes a leadership role. (Ginny)
  • Something big. Feels intense. Makes my neck and shoulders hurt. Possibly related to Trump. A feeling of confusion or not knowing what is going on. (Kathryn)
  • I sense a North Korea watchful eye. (Barbara)
  • I see Germany’s Andrea Merkel, she is shaking hands with a dark force, it looks like she is shaking hands with death, and behind her she holds this pink flower (Andrew Posey)
  • Images of UK men in white wigs gathered together trying to decide what to do. This is about Brexit and their trade disaster. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Image of soldiers marching in a line. This is an image of war.  (Ginny)
  • Trade problems in the UK. Affects the US. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • I see a long desert road, going down the center of it for a long way. (Kathryn)
  • Rushing rivers from floods. (Ginny)
  • Flood in Southeast Asia (Ming)
  • Water, flooding, submerged, animals dying, people depressed, power gone.  (Michele)
  • The southwest is struggling. Thought of Santa Anna winds. (Wayne)

June 2019

  • Another very large, very long rock like asteroid appears (like the one that was from outside our solar system). (Beccay)
  • Something falling from the sky. (Terry)
  • There are many tears in the collective.  (Barbara)
  • New moon significant.  Someone is taking money from the till and it is now discovered. Feels related to Trump. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I sense evil afoot.  Greed has gone hog wild. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are scared.  Frightened for their future. (Bluebelle)
  • The southwest is struggling. (Wayne)
  • The countries of Syria and Turkey are in the news. (Kathryn)
  • I see a glow in the sky. (Ming)
  • Very, very hot, sun is very bright.  (Ginny)
  • Independence for some group or country. (Doris)
  • Celebration, someone banging on an instrument like a metallic drum. Somewhere in Philippines or Africa or Indian subcontinent. Dark skinned people with colorful clothes (Doris)
  • I see the World Bank and what is going on in Geneva. There is a conference here involving Nestle or some company related to Nestle. (Andrew Posey)

July 2019

  • Stock market down (Barbara)
  • Saudis at war. (Bluebelle)
  • Bombs hitting oil fields. (Bluebelle)
  • Sweltering humidity.  (Melanie)
  • Getting ready to move out of the White House. (Donna)
  • Wildfires in Nevada and Utah. (Ginny)
  • Plane in the air over high mountain, feels and looks like the Andes (Doris)
  • See large march by US Capitol, large US flags waving.  (Kathryn)
  • Russia involved through Syrian alliance. (Bluebelle)
  • The feeling at this time is jubilant but serious. (Kathryn)
  • UFO information coming to the surface.  (Ming)
  • Thick silver, mercury like liquid streams from the sky. (Beccay)
  • Something good for the US.  A win. There is a March: I see one-legged people.  I see people who have lost arms and legs, I see people and behind them glows a light a bright luminous light. I see a silver horse and a shield with a seal with a red splash of color and iron. (Andrew Posey)

August 2019

  • Mueller is in the news (Donna)
  • I see Mueller talking at a podium. ( Kathryn)
  • I see so much decadence in the U.S. capital. Babylon. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Petula Clark in the news. (Michele)
  • Outdoor cafes with umbrellas over the tables.  No people at the cafes or on the street.  Down a long boulevard the Statue of Liberty is seen from a distance. (Beccay)
  • A resolution between the parties in DC. (Wayne)
  • I see a scene in the cornfields of the US.  I see dogs on the porch and I see a homecoming.  It is an ending to something and a happy homecoming coming for someone who is very tired and glad to be home. (Andrew Posey)
  • Rains are coming. Then it is lush and green after the droughts. (Ginny)
  • I hear the words Jerusalem, Jerusalem. (Bluebelle)
  • Intense interest about outer space. (Ming)
  • More in the news about aliens. (Doris)

September 2019

  • Trump is sitting down. Confused. Can’t figure out his own thoughts. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • When I think of what is going on with Trump at this time, I see the fallen burning tower of the Tarot. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A graph with a W shape and then a very long line up.  Might be the stock market. (Beccay)
  • Super storms worse than before.  (Michele)
  • Hear the phrase “quiet before the storm.” (Lola)
  • Mercedes Benz company under fire. (Wayne)
  • Throne Alien (like in the movie Ragnagarok). (Terry)
  • There is a photo in the newspaper of two children laughing.  They are Royals. (Andrew Posey)
  • Flood in Southeast Asia.  (Ming)
  • More happening in the Middle East. I see a desert, mosque, people, official heads of state talking. (Kathryn)
  • Middle east prominent in the news.  (Kathryn)

October 2019

  • I keep seeing a white arm coming across my vision, barring everyone else from seeing. I also see so much stress in the Capitol.  I think this is a kind of ccensorship. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Europe is spilt in two by a sunbeam.  The West is sunny. The East is dark.  Netherlands light, getting closer to Russia is in dark. France is OK, but anything north of it is dark.  Hungary, Austria is dark.  Countries north east of Italy are in the dark.  It’s all related to Russia.  (Sophie)
  • A large black cliff of monolithic shining black rock facing left.  Could be from outside our solar system. (Beccay)
  • Something is happening in Washington State. It might be an earthquake. (Bluebelle)
  • Gray, sense of mourning, a popular figure dies, large funeral and open-air memorial. (Ginny)
  • Russia in the news at this time.  (Kathryn)
  • People nerves, U.S. still off balance. (Donna)
  • Helping others, compassion rises.  (Michele)
  • See an image, like a double developed film of the US Capitol. (Kathryn)
  • The word “Jewish” in the news, something happening with Jews. (Doris)

October 2018

  • Everyone is looking at Russia, worrying that they are meddling in elections. (Bluebelle)
  • People on the steps of the Capitol, protesting, black and red. (Melanie)
  • Trump gets his parade but it is raining. (Donna)
  • It’s the great pumpkin Charlie Brown. (Luminata)
  • Mueller and the Russia investigation still in play. (Audree)

November 2019

  • Midterm Elections:
    • People making big donations for the blues. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • I don’t think it’s going to be a giant blue wave, but they will get a majority to get Trump out. (Donna)
    • I am pleased with the Midterms. More blue seats. (Audree)
    • Blue won more seats. (Donna)
    • Blue wave in the House. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • Dems are smiling. I am neutral. (NJ)
    • How am I feeling about the Midterms? Elated. (Jeanne Mayell)
    • I feel satisfied with the Midterms. (Bluebelle)
    • Female with short blonde hair wins a prominent political seat. (Audree)
  • Big clover on the White House. (NJ)
  • Sad, dark, quiet Thanksgiving. Left for Midterms. (Bar)
  • After Nov. 2018 elections, stock market fluctuates, then drops for good. (Harriet)
  • US going through a bad crash.  May not be related to money, but the country is in the dark. (Sophie)
  • News being blocked and crowded out. Bots controlling. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The people are sick of politics and power plays. (Wayne)
  • The people are upset. I see a lot of pushing and shoving. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • It’s as if we don’t have a functioning federal government. (Bluebelle)
  • The people are powerful and will not take it lying down! (Jeanne) Mayell)
  • I asked “where is Donald Trump?”  I see a large rectangular slab of black granite in a grave yard. Then I see him in a black overcoat looking down at the grave from the foot of the slab.  I think he is there in spirit visiting himself. (Beccay)
  • Very cold and dreary in New York, and not as active as it had been in the late teens. I feel that there has been a A subway is flooded. (Donna)
  • The subways are flooded in New York.  There is also flooding in Miami and the lower part of Florida there is no power. (Andrew Posey)
  • I see a parachutist fall to earth. (Wayne)
  • Disney World 2000 leagues under the sea in the news.  (Kathryn)
  • People with hands tied go down into a well or cave. (Terry)
  • Bloated carcasses, many deaths in the news. (Michele)
  • Attention on the Middle East, the desert, Arab men in white. (Lola)

December 2019

  • Silent night, holy night. There is a breather here, an actual pause for Grace. Angels are holding us, cradling us in their wings. (Luminata)
  • Mueller nearly fired. (Susan)
  • Lots of things to clean up in Florida, I see counts of the dead and fallen trees in piles, I smell dead animals I see the heat raising off the road.  I see an army tank in a place it shouldn’t be.  (Andrew Posey)
  • I see bandages and surgical strips. (Kathryn)
  • Serious looking people in NY City. It might be a problem with the economy.  (Ming)
  • Trump is in serious trouble. (Ginny)
  • Something scandalous, perhaps a murder, happens at the Trump Hotel. (Ginny)
  • Melania leaves Washington, taking her son.  She’s done. (Bluebelle)
  • Washington monument in the dark. (Donna)
  • The U.S. Congress is the center of government but it feels small and in the distance. The people are angry. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Political tide turning noticeably. (Ming)
  • Deep freeze in South US. (Charisse)
  • Recovering from the November crash. (Sophie)
  • No money for Christmas. (Sophie)
  • Christmas tree on it side on the ground with no ornaments (Lola)
  • Small pink flowers peeking through snow. (Beccay)
  • A dog chases his tail. Maybe a Youtube video? Or maybe a metaphor for the government. (Wayne)
  • A football team in the news. Players are standing around looking at their hands.  It is about a scandal. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Riots or demonstrations in an African equatorial country. (Doris)

2020-2100 Predictions



  • Spirit guides being heard. People standing up. Increase in people who channel spirits. Golden spirits standing up. they look like they are made of gold like the academy award statues. They are everywhere. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Spirituality and personal conviction on the rise. Organized religions falling away. Our connection to spirit and the earth becomes more evident in daily life activities. We are simplifying our personal lives while the government babbles. (Wayne)
  • A new style in men’s hair, ponytails and Colonial day hair and outfits. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People are much less enamored of technology. Facebook is declining, strong movement to get people interacting with one another as a way of improving mental health–like public service announcements. (Ginny)
  • Silent protests, non-violent resistance. (Doris)
    There’s a push for alternative energy. Coal and old energy fighting it, but they won’t win. (Kathryn)
  • People are more aware, and they care. (Donna)
  • More honesty everywhere, more people riding bikes, people planting more flowers, trying to gain control in their little corner of life. (Elvera)
  • Help from unexpected places. (Jilli)
  • Rays of light shining down on us, on the world. Things looking sunnier. Light illuminates mountains covered in snow, a sense that we’re on the right track again, light pouring down on mountains and oceans. (Graciela)
  • Finger or arrow pointing right, forward, progressive thinking. (Bin)
  • More planetary discoveries. (NJF)
  • People relocating to better use their expertise and passons. (Jilli)
  • Innumerable hot air balloons rising. A return to simplicity, older ways of doing things out of necessity as well as awareness. (Toi Lynn), Simpler living, back to nature. (Jo)
  • Some way of being is dying, something we depend upon, sparking innovation, workaround. (Toi Lynn)
  • Daniel Craig in “Defiance.” The year of Resistance. Frothy, gold-lit, cleansing bubbles pour out instead of bullets. Uttermost prayers. Archangel’s wings spread wide over the U.S. (RunestoneOne)
  • Lots of weddings. (NJF)
  • Lights from above, plus city lights glowing brightly, twinkling. Earth is lit up from above and from within its communities. (Graciela)
  • I’m seeing the Priestess card. A heightening awareness of intuitive gifts. (Bluebelle)
  • Beings of light. People are recognizing their greatness. (Graciela)
  • Women feeling empowered. (Christopher)
  • We have turned the corner to a better place. (Molly)
  • Thankful, blessed, people are feeling more love. (Kim)
  • I heard the words, “It’s a surprise!” The timeline is up to us. What do we want? The future is as bright as we make it. We’re coming into being co-creators for real. (Diana)
  • cIt’s going to be okay. Not as bad as we’d thought it would be. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Below the surface, the collective is calming down. Bar chart shows downward growth, more stability. Fossil fuel burning is declining worldwide. (Jeanne)
  • Spiritual awareness increasing. (Joy)
  • New civics attitude starting to bud, realizing that you need to vote in elections and speak up. (Doris)
  • In Holland: Cleaning up Dutch dikes. Weather: snow and water. (Clara)
  • Female political leader with brown hair emerging. May be Kamala Harris. Rise of the feminine, although female may not win. Feminine energy bolder in political arena. People in US are seeking a fresh start in their lives which includes moving to other cities. The sun is out symbolizing happier times beginning. (Susan)
  • More brotherly love. United/ sharing. More peace and mixing together. (Gail)
  • We will not repeat the past. We forge ahead. (Gail)
  • Peace becoming stronger. (Donna)
  • Relief about healthcare in the U.S. (Mary K )
  • Holy orders of nuns recognized for sacrifice. (Bluebelle)
  • Rise of the super hero. (Ann)
  • More compassion and understanding from those who are awake. Less dualistic, polarized thinking. (Lisa)
  • Significant improvements in technology. (Melissa)
  • Local governments taking over protecting their communities. (Meghan)
  • Health automated. Housing okay. (Ann)
  • A shift away from more traditional politics, which inspires many people. (John)
  • Less use of oil. (Andrew Posey)
  • People are farming more. (Natalie)
  • Finding new water sources. (Natalie)
  • World events begin to calm, new growth, positive direction, in the world. Increased sentiment of positive future perspective. (Maryellen)
  • New England trying to come together build something new, California too. (Natalie)
  • Children becoming more psychic. (Bar)
  • Focus on non violence, inner city healing and community. (Kathleen)
  • Appreciation for India and other countries suffocating from climate change. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People becoming accustomed to protesting and taking collective action. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Contact has occurred. Benevolent beings that have been watching us step forward. (Melissa)
  • People turn off news, turn on hearts. (Kathy)
  • Power to the people, reaching across the divide, power to girls, and women and children. We have each other, we won’t let anyone go without. The
  • Woman voted in as president. (Kathy)
  • We will be building our own small communities, and creating a sustainable sharing economy, inch by inch. I think this is when it gets started. (Natalie)
  • A smiley face like the yellow emoji, Twitter but felt it was cleaning up its act over what is being posted, (bullies are being stopped (Doris)
  • Vast majority liberal & Life supporting America turns toward Love and light. (Kathy)
  • Heard these phrases: “The momentum is ours. Let’s do this thing.” Then saw people surfing on top of the waves. Implied they were learning how to navigate the political climate and not get knocked down by it. (Melissa F.)

U.S. (2020)

  • We are still in the middle of a shift.  There are people without and there is a struggle to keep what we have.  There is more acceptance. It is good for some but bad for many others. (Andrew Posey)
  • Merging of goals, needs, desires for our world, seeds planted in spirit of cooperation. (Michele)
  • Barack Obama is taking center stage for the election campaign.  (Sophie)
  • I saw people escaping on boats, climate refugees and other refugees – large scale. (Alisa)
  • The jet pack, finally! (As in the Jetsons.) It took long enough. (I ask for one every Christmas). (Wayne)
  • A lot of young people, and people just deciding to move to a better life (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Determination among the crowds, one purpose, to get rid politicians who don’t serve well. (Doris)
  • Corporations are still trying to keep us in stranglehold, but people starting to ignore it and turn their back on it.  (Kathryn)
  • People are disillusioned with federal government, apathetic.  They don’t think their voices are heard after all the corruption by Congress.
  • Bridge with lights. People coming over. (Terry)
  • More of the people cleaning up, like a litter crew, but are  everyday citizens. (Kathryn)
  • Not that much different than above, we are still in the middle of a shift, there are people without and there is a struggle to keep what we have, there is an acceptance.
  • Russian oligarch is exposed. (Bluebelle)
  • US beaches getting cleaned up. (Charisse)
  • Power struggle. (Christopher)
  • LIke a grayscale, starting sunny in January and getting darker reaching it peak around May and then getting light grey for July and AUgust and then going darker again until the end. (Sophie)
  • In 2019, I had a headache and feeling very tired as soon as it was mentioned. (Sophie)
  • Scary year. Storm clouds of war are brewing. (Bluebelle)
  • Fighter jets across a skyline. (Gracesinger)
  • Moderates and progressives unite, but still problems. (Christopher)
  • People clapping their hands before hachiman, god of war, seeing good (Bin)
  • My card for 2020 is The Lovers VI (Kathleen)
  • More on aliens in 2020. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trump wins again. (Sophie)
  • Democrat Doug Jones  making the newst, possibly a VP pick? (Christopher)
  • For the election, my card is The High Priestess, maybe a female president. (Kathleen)
  • Woman candidate throws a wrench into election process unfortunately. The woman candidate has brown hair…looks like either Nikki Haley or Tulsi Gabbard (Tracy)
  • Regarding the presidential election—new balance; it seems like a very narrow change is reflected in one of the chambers of Congress; I am reassuring someone and saying, “It will be okay.” I feel larger change will be ahead. (Gracesinger)
  • Minorities and young people voting for liberals. (Molly)
  • Farms are in trouble. (NJF)
  • More concerns about GMOs which are becoming a major discussion issue among Democrats in election. (Christopher)
  • Economy might be stalling as people realized stuff  isn’t the key to happiness.  What will the White House do?  How will Wall Street react? (Miriam)
  • People are spending less. Conserving their money. Cautious. Prudent. (Bluebelle)
  • Adjusting to new world. (Molly)
  • Many elderly Americans moving to cheaper countries where they can afford to live on less. (Jeanne)
  • South Pacific islands are in the news. Hydro-electricity expands (Bill)
  • Less money in 2020. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Feels like there is beginning to be some light, but the oligarchs still have almost all of the money. (Jeanne)
  • People refuse to pay their taxes! A big tax evasion movement going on! (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Less “fake news” (Miriam)
  • Northwestern U.S. national park is in the news; could be Yellowstone. (Audree)
  • An apple eaten to the core. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Hardship across the U.S. People are learning to live with less. (Karen)
  • Where’s Donald Trump? Answer: Silence. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The U.S., how’s it doing? Sick. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • How are we doing in Massachusetts? Hanging on. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Time to clean up the mess. (Yaeko)
  • A major earthquake, California? (Anais)
  • Riots in the U.S.A. (Lisa P.)
  • Medical breakthrough for a type of cancer treatment. (Lisa P.)
  • Positive: life is still here. Hope, learning, (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Many people finally seeing through the lies and government red tape. (Julie)
  • People resigned to reality, we have to live with it, it’s bad but that is the way it is. (Doris)
  • Exhausted, mad, fighting, cursing, tired. (Terry)
  • Something happening in the Great Lakes. (Michele)
  • Dark haired man appears when I look at the election. This means it wouldn’t be Trump. Could be Paul Ryan or another person we don’t yet know. (Jeanne)
  • Tiredness in the masses. (Alex)
  • Heard the words, “Trump, Trumpet, Triumphant.” (Alex)
  • Wasteland, desert in some areas, other parts luxurious. The gap has widened greatly. (Heather)
  • Migration begins. (Michele)
  • Panic in the streets. (Michele)
  • Building(s) crumble. No foundation, collapse of things. (Michele)
  • 2020 feels like a return of depressed energy. Red alert warning signal, flashing and beeping, feels especially for first 3-4 months if the year. The feeling that something just cannot continue. (Meghan)
  • This year starts in downward position then then ends on an up note. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Federal government is at its lowest point. Like a banana republic or Russia. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • U.S. in full crisis mode. (KB)
  • Voices not being heard. (Bar)
  • I see a couple standing on a stage outdoors, with black hair and in black outfits. They are so tall and thin that they seem stretched. The man’s clothes are a rough black weave. She had on a black suit. These two are not well-liked. There was tension and anxiety around them. Between 2019 and 2023 (Judy)
  • Hate is hiding, no longer allowed to be spoken openly like before. (Kathy)
  • Congress still at a stalemate. (Maryellen)
  • Congress attempting to come together. (Toni)
  • Focus on guns. Women looking at them to arm selves? (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Electric railways in the news. (Audree)
  • Moving through the stages of grief it can’t be happening. (Natalie)
  • Want to end the war we’re losing. (Natalie)
  • Something happening in the Great Lakes. This might be discovery and concern over water pollution in Great Lakes. (Michele)

International (2020)

  • The Panama Canal is in the news. The seas are rising. Hearing the song, House of the Rising Sun. (Kirsten)
  • Europe threatened by Russia. Putin does not succeed. N.AT.O. stands firm. U.S. is strong N.A.T.O. ally. (Bluebelle)
  • I see some men are planning a terrorist attack in the Netherlands. I felt it was Amsterdam but I also see the name of the City of Bruges. I see at least two maybe three, possibly more, dark-haired men. I see even a little bit what one of them is wearing – it’s a kind of an army type jacket like the kind that come from an Army Navy store, with the zipper all the way up the front and a little bit of an elasticated waistband indicator around the middle. It’s semi quilted. I am sorry to say that they do look Middle Eastern although it might be a mix of grown-up former refugees and newer imports. I see them walking along a canal toward a footbridge in the neighborhood of low Amsterdam type city buildings. The word Bruges keeps popping up. I see a white medium sized truck, a black pipe. The back of the truck is open and there seem to be pale brown sacks on the floor of the truck that are about 4 inches deep with a few areas that are not covered exposing the old metal floor. I see the Ayatollah Khomeini, the former leader of Iran. I see IRAN in big letters. Where will they attack? I see water, similar to the Bataclan, by a canal maybe… is there a busy street by a canal in Amsterdam? What is this Bruges connection? I think there is a relationship between them and people in Bruges, other people, and maybe they were also there. In the end, I feel (and hope) that the attack will be thwarted. (Svetlana)
  • Focus on mother and children and especially on Africa. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • World is moving through a lot of conflicts that had been building for a long time. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Brown grass, drought. (Michele)
  • William crowned King of England. (Gerti)
  • Much needed in UK, which is a depressed country. (Gerti)
  • Good news from the international space station (no idea what, though). (Laura F.)
  • UK flag. A rallying cry. (Jan)
  • No food on shelves, no gas in cars, no electricity. Doesn’t say where this is happening. (KB.)


  • Energy of this world is deteriorating towards chaos, confusion, needle of a meter reaching highest point, going into the red zone, overheating. (Doris)
  • Red warning signal. Green landmass, like on a (satellite) map. (Meghan)
  • America map on fire. (NJ)
  • Whale dolphins in the deep Ocean saving the world from cataclysms. (Helena)
  • I see a hippopotamus in the news. Image of hippo in a zoo. (Audree)
  • Water issues in the news, water not clean or drinkable. (John)
  • Fire, fire, a cowboy hat is held over the fire. The West is burning. This means there are prolonged fires and the land is hot and in a permanent state of drought. Also feel this is happening in other parts of the world where there are cowboys. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Red light flashing and beeping, like at a nuclear site. It’s a major warning. (Meghan)
  • Desalination becoming a big issue. (Ann)
  • Ashen color in the land, dark. (Alex)
  • Oceans rising. An image of the Statue of Liberty with waters rising up. (Michele B.)
  • The climate has now gone nuts, people are now going to try and fix it. An energy of creating solutions to problems, everyday problems especially, but also a desire to solve global problems. I think this is just a wish at this point, the elites are still in control. (Natalie)



  • We are  now half way down the ramp we have been on. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Woman speaking out and having power. (Molly) Women celebrating their power in politics. There is more social justice (Christopher)
  • Majestic eagle with broken wing, being healed by compassionate people. (Toi Lynn)
  • Angels lifting up children to help us all. (Molly)
  • More focus on children. (Donna)
  • Uprising of caring for those in need. (Toi Lynn)
  • Hatred and bigotry subsides, and people become more accepting and tolerant of one another. (Christopher)
  • Talks about Space travel in the future. (Kim)
  • White light covers everything. (Meghan)
  • More light comes through, my heart becomes warmer, positive change. (Ming)
  • A quiet year, fixing the damage. (Clara)
  • Children holding hands. (Donna)
  • More people feeling that the purpose of life connected to fulfilling their purpose rather than conspicuous consumption. (Ming)
  • Feeling a sense of cool breezes. (Bar)
  • People sleeping more peacefully. (Patti)
  • Progressive groups joining other groups to make a bigger difference. (Doris)
  • Young political leaders emerging with new ideas. A female is prominent again in the political arena. People are happier as new leadership emerging, which is more representative of US citizens. (Susan)
  • More people going back to church, places of worship for a collective peace. (Gail)
  • People healing themselves and each other – alternative medical practices. (Natalie)
  • More and more people turn to spirituality and the earth, less materialistic. (Heather)
  • Activism at an all time high. Concern about Africa and an appreciation for Africa. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • New paradigm pendulum swinging back. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • White, light energy is radiating out into the population, seeping through cracks, reaching more people who were once closed-minded. (Melissa F.)
  • The pieces start coming together to figure out how to make our government work and how to experience joy again.(KB)
  • World economy thrives on sustainability. USA tries to catch up.
    Good People doing even MORE good. (Kathy)
  • The kids (younger generation) are brilliant with new ideas and inventions. (Gretchen)
  • Freedom, a chalice, a horse and buggy. Sounds like a break from the modern world and a return to earlier more simple and sustainable times. (Joy)
  • Advances in science and space. (Joy)
  • People are more aware. (Joy)
  • Concept of free college is put forth, for profit colleges on the way on. (Kathy)
  • Getting back on our feet. (Yaeko)
  • Politically country is becoming greener, as in pro environment. (Brian)

U.S. (2021)

  • I see the map of the U.S. People are making plans to migrate to new areas. New parts of the country are becoming more desirable and people are starting new communities in these places. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Women are rising. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Organic farming surging. (Jeanne Mayell)
    People moving a lot. Many people moving out of the U.S. to more affordable places.
    (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More American elderly moving to other countries. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Republicans win (unsure if Trump is still around), another rigged election. (Will check again later on this question to see if it still holds in the future).(Jeanne Mayell)
  • I have seen a dark haired military general riding a horse to the platform.  I’m not sure if he’s the new president but I did not see at this time who the president was. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • U.S. elections rigged and everyone knows it but they can’t do anything about it. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People becoming politically greener, as in a rising movement. More being put into legislation and action. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Boys walking along road in rural America, like homeless in a war movie. (Jeanne Mayell, seen in 2014)
  • State of Texas in crisis.(Jeanne Mayell, seen in 2014)
  • Cars that drive themselves. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Several species are taken off the endangered list. (Ginny)
  • I want to see it all good, but it’s no.  It’s cynical the election and it’s a joke and while I want to be positive I feel like I am in Gotham City. We are in a Marvel Comic book and we are at risk and not okay. I see Fascist Art work of a 1984 world.  (Andrew Posey)
  • Male President. (Barbara)
  • The mood is somber.  The old status quo is maintained. (Bluebelle)
  • I don’t see Trump around for the Inauguration. (Sophie)
  • An unknown Democratic woman soundly beats Trump, GOP support of Trump is lukewarm, Pence declines to run.  (Ginny)
  • I see Kamala Harris at the Inauguration, maybe being sworn in.  (Lola)
  • People are resolute, willing to accept some limitations but not others. Another white male president, someone not in the spotlight now. Seems a good man. We’ll see. Peace movements become serious now. People not willing to make war for profit. (Wayne)
  • Barack Obama is in the news. Biden is there in the background.  (Sophie)
  • Blonde woman, blue suit, white shoes, pushing eyeglasses up onto her head, in the news. (Michele)
  • Joy! Jubilant! Man President. Not Trump. Happy people. (Billie)
  • Trump bloated up, tantrum inside, seething.  (Michele)
  • Feels feminine, strong, older female. Or older wiser person. (Kathryn)
  • Mood is somber. (Kathryn)
  • GOP splits into traditional and radical (Ginny)
  • I see a Nazi symbol over white building. (Doris)
  • Another white male president, someone not in the spotlight now. Seems a good man. We’ll see (Wayne)
  • Happy hopeful time, the worst is over! (Lola)
  • Beautiful red electric race cars. (Beccay)
  • Overall feeling for 2021 is clean and safe. (Beccay)
  • I see a long flowing robe or scarf. The scarf is long and purple, and it looks like a judge’s robe. (Kathryn)Happy with new president first week good then beginning of 2020 is chaotic something happens. (Bluebelle)
  • Tremors. Gazing at 1880’s map of the West Coast through a magnifying glass. The image warps, shifts, like when you get your vision tested at the optometrist’s. California heads east. (RunestoneOne)
  • Ripping stock market page in newspaper in half.  (Michele)
  • Gloomy but working through it. It will end one day. (Doris)
  • Blue skies over a green prairie. Rain in US. Fertile. (Andrew Posey)
  • Hospitals set up free clinics where doctors and nurses volunteer .(Bluebelle)
    Finally calm people are getting their footing back, but they have less. (Donna)
  • I see a Nazi symbol over white building. I felt this was a USA government building with white steps leading to its front door. I definitely felt the people in the building were really Nazis but trying to appear otherwise to the general public. Hiding their true colors. (Doris)
  • A shuttlecock. (Gracesinger)
  • I see a new planet or star. (Bin)
  • 2021 feels old and brittle. (Tracy)
  • My ear is ringing loudly when I meditate on this period. I feel lots of pressure too.  (Elvera)
  • 2021’s card is the 10 of Pentacles. (Kathleen)
  • Closed door meetings, concerns about money, finance. New rules being created. (Kathleen)
  • Roller skating craze. (Bluebelle)
  • U.S. landscape has changed, water is everywhere overtaking land. I see a lot of water, bigger rivers, NASA showing the new US map. and helping us understand how to proceed. (Diana)
  • You Say You Want a Revolution (Beatles song). Feels country is evolving, change for the better. People, especially young and minorities, becoming more involved, proactive. (DeeMarie)
  • Washington D.C. no longer relevant, a tiny factor in all that’s going on, separated from the rest of the country and out of touch. A Gotham. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Barbed wire fences, borders, people thrown into jail who aren’t legal – harsh response to illegal aliens. (Julia, seen in 2014) (On 2/17/17, Associated Press reported that a draft White House memo surfaced proposing to use 100,000 National Guard troops to detain and deport unauthorized aliens. A week later, White House called up 100,000 National Guardsmen to patrol the U.S. borders, stories of civil rights abuses ensued.)
  • We will be okay but it’s tough. Hoards of people, mothers and children, pressing in for care and attention. (Jeanne)
  • U.S.A. national newscaster personality in scandal. (Lisa P.)
  • U.S. trying to get credibility back on the world stage. (Kirsten)
  • Trump out, that was definitive. Ryan in. (Svetlana)
  • The rich are richer. (Andrew)
  • Left and right are still split. (Linda)
  • U.S. not so important on the world stage right now. (Bob)
  • I see a clown with a pointed clowns hat, he’s here to make the kids smile. but he is sad. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Many candles as a vigil. (Julie)
  • Quiet, manual labor, no machines. (Terry)
  • From here to 2025, I had hot flashes and was sweating. I only get those when I’m overwhelmed with a negative emotion that I can’t release/undo. (Terry)
  • Oligarchs still in charge. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • New year, new leader. All seems calm on surface, but roiling underneath. (Meghan)
  • Prices skyrocketing. Families are learning to save money, working together, making due with what they have. (Michele)
  • USA Today and other newspapers going out of business. (Gerti)
  • War is going badly, but it can’t be ended. (Natalie)
  • Discovery about migraines. (Michele)
  • Black hole. (Sue S.)
  • Medicine unavailable causing panic. (Bluebelle)
  • Middle of America red, on fire. (Toni)
  • Hair is out of fashion. I see a lot of bald heads and clean air. (Andrew)
  • Heard the words, “Unknown. Silence. Shhhh.” (Alex)
  • I feel like it’s a science fiction movie, I see like shooting through the sky in a space ship and stars and stars and stars …I see myself shooting toward earth, and I see space debris. (Andrew Posey)
  • Contact. A reference to connecting with aliens. (RoLooking inward . Out of necessity, people will begin to look inward for survival. (Natalie)
  • 2021 feels nailed to the ground, 2022 feels lifting up off of the nailed down part. (Meghan)


  • Hoards of people at borders clambering to get through. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • China is the world leader now. (Audree)
  • South Korea/ North Korea may be united. (Ann)
  • This year I get a feeling of having survived something horrible, and relief that it’s over. People are taking sustainability very seriously and it’s reflected in the political landscape – politics and life becomes more green. (Natalie)
  • I see a parade down the streets of Paris, empty towns in the great plains, and finally I see San Francisco as a bright light and a great place for the real estate. (Andrew)
  • I see a Malaysian dictator making speeches. (AndreFascist symbols. Putin off his horse. Someone else rises to power now. (MicheleDuterte in Phillipines – assassination attempt? (Laura)
  • World leaders take a hit to their faces as people stand up to them. (Jan)
  • A contraction across the world, not very positive. (Jan)
  • I’m getting a vision that looks like a scene from a war movie, with thousands of soldier crowded together. Unsure where this is, but the U.S. ini involved and it’s boots on the ground. (Jeanne, seen in 2014)


  • Africa very bad heat. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Farmers trying to adjust to climate, cattle can not stay in this dry heat, a concern, they are rushing to make new advances in farming that will accommodate the dramatic weather shift. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Global concerns about the environment, environmental awareness has increased. Weather becoming a big focus. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Heavy rains, mudslides, floods, tornadoes.(Jeanne Mayell)
  • Scientists beginning to see that trees are suffering in their roots. This means that trees are dying. (Jeanne)
  • Greenland becoming greener. Villages along the coast. (Svetlana)
  • Major bird migration changes. (Elvera)
  • Famine increasing.  Food shortages. (Toi Lynn)
  • People are reserved, resolute, working hard to fix the climate. A seriousness over populations as we come together to work diligently and efficiently to fix the planet. (Graciela)
  • I see the ExxonMobil and the winged horse symbol; energy grid improvement. (Audree)
  • Feeling of being in a New Age. Beginning to return to forward progress and reversing damage to ecosystem and earth. I heard the words, “Stem the bleeding,” which appears to be, at least initially, filled with stop gap measures. (Maryellen)
  • Fukushima nuclear water in the ocean. (Ann)
  • Massive iceberg on the cover of NY Times Magazine. (Andrew Posey)
  • Hydraulic houses that rise with the water. (Sue)
  • Heard words, “Unknown. Silence. Shhh.” And “Quickening, quakes.” (Alex)
  • Saw lots of heads shaking, “No!” Palm trees bent over in strong hurricane winds. (Melissa F.)
  • Arctic melting intensifies. Polar bears dying out. Earthquakes. The earth cracks. That’s how the light gets in. (Michele B.)
  • Vegetable growing is gaining as a way to offset costs and lack. (Jan)
  • Heavy rain in the US, pounding onto tents, so much mud. (Jan)
  • Smoking in all forms, cigarettes, cigars, and pot will become unacceptable. (Jan)
  • Mountains and meadows in bloom, lakes up north (northern Canada, U.S. Russia, etc.) where there should not be lakes at all, permafrost melting, temperature to high for latitude. (Doris)

ECONOMY (2021)

  • More market upset.(Jeanne Mayell)



  • Big celebration in the streets…ecstatic happiness. (Elvera)
  • Major discovery regarding universe/planets/space travel. This is the year we finally start to come out of the black hole in several ways. (Tracy)
  • Cake, dessert, sweetness. (Bin)
  • Balloons. (Jo)
  • An underground rising of resistance, worldwide. (Toi Lynn)
  • Societies becoming more progressive. (Christopher)
  • Technology makes breakthroughs for climate change help. (Molly)
  • Dragon energy. (NJF)

U.S. (2022)

  • A lot of women in politics.  Women, women, women. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Stress in the Capitol – decadence, drinking, parties, the new Babylon. (Jeanne Mayell, seen in 2014)
  • Tears shed everywhere especially outside the U.S. Why? Probably down markets, shortages, and war. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Feeling that the nervous energy of the collective is calming down. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Women rising in U.S. politics. (Bluebelle) 2017 Alabama Senate race signifies importance on both sides of the aisles of protecting women.
  • The Democrats are walking away. They have taken their ball and gone home to play among themselves. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Feels like a transition year. It is quiet and people are so tired of working to overturn all the damage the GOP and the oligarchs have done. Yet they know they have to take control of the dismembering of our institutions. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People breaking down borders. (Julia)
  • It seems like a dark and somber time. Something has happened to this country and people are disillusioned. (Bluebelle)
  • Dry spell, east coast in America. (Lola)
  •  It’s not what the people want but it’s what the people need. (Sophie)
  • A resistance like movement is on the rise.  (Sophie)
  • New normal, working really, really hard now, collective is merging in purpose, (Michele)
  • Intent for and toward the land, sweat equity new stock market. (Michele)
  • Guardian angels around each of us, multitudes of them giving guidance, we begin to self correct from judgment, anger, darker emotions. Heart lights grow, the golden egg of our future planet is beginning.  (Michele)
  • Spirituality and personal conviction on the rise. Organized religions falling away. Our connection to spirit and the earth becomes more evident in daily life activities. We are simplifying our personal lives while the government babbles. (Wayne)
  • Blue skies over a green plain. I see weldome rain in US.  It’s a quiet life like a Rockwell painting. Government is not relevant and not connected to the people. (Andrew Posey)
  • King Kong on the New Year’s Ball Drop Tower. (Terry)
  • Military people, generals, in a hurry to go to MARS. (Terry)
  • Recluse, going inward, inside, meditations, people re-evaluating their lives and commitments, making choices.  Gun control legislation (Ginny)
  • Peace movements become serious now. People unwilling to make war for profit. (Wayne)
  • More LGBT people in elected positions. (Ginny)
  • People jumping off the cliffs, people in boats below trying to catch them and telling them to jump. Looks like the white cliffs of Dover. (Kathryn)
    Putting a flower inside a gun barrel. (Doris)
  • People are focusing on what matters the most, their families, their communities, their friends. (Bluebelle)
    Too much mining. (Kathryn)
    Learning new things about solar system and everyone excited. (Donna)
  • Innovation in cleaner air. (Charisse)
  • A balding, grey haired magnate roars. It’s a lion in decline. Cowboys lasso him. (RunestoneOne)
  • A long, fiery line in the earth; it feels like a gap outlined by molten fire. (Gracesinger)
  • Dark cloud hovering only over Washington D.C., not entire U.S. anymore. (Molly)
  • I see green, money. More money for sustainability. (Bin)
  • We still have despots and dictators, but people worldwide are preparing to take care of the planet.. (Toi Lynn)
  • Synchronicity. People marveling at what it means to be in this world during 2022. Introspective year, with people quietly spreading light and cleaning up the air and land. (Graciela)
  • More people living off the earth. (Meghan N)
  • Damp, cold, violent storms near water, gray skies, nonstop rains, grim outlook.
  • An influx of immigrants to the U.S. (Julie)
  • A man with a beard, a man who looks like Pence or John moccasin, a holy man like Jesus, (Jeanne)
  • Bombs. (Kirsten)
  • Red, seething energy. (Meghan)
  • Fewer trees. (Donna)
  • No more digital. (Andrew Posey)
  • Light energy around us. (Bar)
  • A lof of new metal machines. (Julie)
  • Magnetic train tracks. (Meghan)
  • Not enough food. No water in dry lands. (Clara)
  • More electric cars.
  • The earth is fragile. (Gail)
  • New president, a new comer and male (not clear why this info for a ‘new’ president was received for 2022 – near midterm). May be Hispanic. Trying to salvage the Republican party. (MaryEllen)
  • Economy picks up. (Dumbledorbob)
  • War almost over; devastation everywhere. (Natalie)
  • A major scary feeling of panic. (Meghan)
  • America much poorer. People are crying. (Natalie)
  • New transportation method invented. (Natalie)
  • Important Canadian death. (Toni)
  • Africa in the news. (Toni)
  • Beware of eastern bloc disinformation sweeping over the land in the field of psychological studies via computer sophistication. (Sue S.)
  • Contact with aliens has occurred in many areas of the globe. (Heather)
  • Heard the words, “Tranquil. Shamans. South America and the Amazon.” A coming together, possibly the union of North and South America. (Alex)
  • Heard words: “Quake, shake, earthquake. Boom.” Possibly in California or Yellowstone. (Alex)
  • People ignoring the power structures, they live in their own communities, not bothering with global government and asking little of it. A sense of “leave us alone and we’ll leave you alone.” (Natalie)
  • Eagle flying high, symbol of patriotism or nationalism. (Michele)
  • A new flag rising in the U.S. (KB)


  • Very bad storms, Trees blowing sideways. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • New Life, new world. I see California, and the western states, important new directions there. They needto build massive desalination facilities or find another way to have enough fresh water there. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Climate awareness and steps to care for the earth reaches new heights. Everyone knows it’s for real now. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Crops are growing well. (Karen)
  • People are aging more healthfully. (Helena)
  • I love my neighbor as myself…We are all here to reap the benefits and share with one another. The bullies are gone now. (Gail)
  • Children of this time are more self-aware. (Julie)
  • Attitude that working together cooperatively is the way to go locally and nationally. (Doris)
  • A new attitude in which others’ needs are important. (Donna)
  • A renaissance. Focus on the arts. (Julie)
  • Hudson river water rising. (Svetlana)
  • Space travel begins. (Laura)

2023 – 2025

  • Heads will be spinning with changes at all levels. Which way to look? Who to believe? (Jan)
  • Young people engaged, caring, determined. (Doris)
  • A bell ringing, a Japanese bell being rung at a Japanese temple with a beam as if to announce something significant (like on New Year’s Eve when the Japanese believe ringing bells can get rid of their sins during the previous year). (Doris)
  • Massive vibrational rising, an uplifting feeling, we are in this together. (Ron)
  • Heads will be spinning with changes at all levels. Which way to look? Who to believe? (Jan)
  • Young people engaged, caring, determined. (Doris)
  • A bell ringing, a Japanese bell being rung at a Japanese temple with a beam as if to announce something significant (like on New Year’s Eve when the Japanese believe ringing bells can get rid of their sins during the previous year). (Doris)
  • Massive vibrational rising, an uplifting feeling, we are in this together. (Ron)

2023 (many of these visions were made in 2015 & early 2016)


  • New hope, there could be and end to the tunnel, light is starting to come through. (Doris)
  • A line of solidarity. (Gail)
  • Life is slowing down. Like parts of a chopped up plant that can live on their own. (Andrew)
  • Shift in energy. Everything feels lighter. (Meghan)
  • Energy in the Collective is calmer. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Rebirth continues. Many will bow out of the new direction because they cannot relate to the new way the world is going. (Michele)
  • Fashion takes a conservative turn. (Julie)
  • Not quite there, but getting there. (Doris)
  • I am much happier during 2023. (Ming)
  • We have hope, and have had to do a lot of letting go. (Jeanne)
  • Big parties, joyous celebrations outside of the U.S., in Western Europe. (Lisa P.)
  • Sleepy energy. Tired. (Bar)
  • Changing landscape. (Kirsten)
  • World is uniting, there is harmony and goodwill. (Audree)
  • Life feels more rural. We are not connected to the whole nation. We are like the Waltons. We still have a civilization. But much of what was noise isn’t making anymore noise. (Andrew)
  • Heard words, “Shhh. Awaken, shake off debris, revival.” (Alex)
  • A woman who looks like Elizabeth Warren is prominent. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • New promising trials start for HIV/AIDS cure. (Maryellen)
  • People wanting strength. Dreams of the past. Wanting future prosperity. (Natalie)
  • Farming on the rise. (Bar)


  • We are still here. No nukes. (Jeanne Mayell)People are busy working, hands-on work. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More volcanos. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Major technological, energy news, seeing ideas of solar powered cars, harnessing powers of wind storms for good.  (Michele)
  • Scientific breakthroughs in America. Saw planet Mars and space travel. (Lola)
  • Iran is safe.  The outdoor markets are open and lively. (Beccay)
  • East and West Malaysia connected by land. Prayerful. (Billie)
  • Strong vision of women coming into power and taking leadership roles in the US. They held up their arms like the statue of liberty to light the way.  (Alysa)
  • I see a lot of my friends have died.  I see the sounds of the dead across a river and they are wearing robes of shinning white. I see a choir of angels and I see the earth, despite us all, still spinning. (Andrew Posey)
  • Marijuana is legalized nationally. (Ginny)
  • The dome on the capitol building is beginning to look straight again. (Jeanne Mayell)
    Plans for major infrastructure in NY. (Donna)
  • I see Trump, he’s in sweat pants and lounging in a lazy chair. (Kathryn)
  • Sweeping changes happening, people trying to keep up, some making it and others not. (Doris)
  • New free energy, or the concept of it. (Ming)
    Resources in Ireland are scarce, most of Europe too. (Wayne)
  • Climate storms and fires are higher more frequent. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • People go their own way.  Chart their own course. (Harriet)
  • This was the last presidential election. (Harriet))
  • Iran in the news. I see women in hijabs in a crowd. (Doris)
    Mid air airplane explosion. (Ginny)
  • The younger people have a whole different reality than we did, completely. (Kathryn)
  • Many people learning new trade with renewable energy. (Donna)
  • Fresh green growth. A green belt is planted. Athena’s clear grey eyes fill with light. (RunestoneOne)
  • Starry skies. There’s a great darkness. Maybe electricity is out. The stars are brighter in the night skies. People marvel. In our electrified world, we are not so used to appreciating the glory of a natural night sky. (Bluebelle)
  • Ejected into outer space, a whole new world in 2023. (Meghan N)
  • A table of fruits, abundance, shamanism. The feeling is joyful (Bin)
  • Major political shifts world wide. (Elvera)
  • Millennials are more progressive, taking more power. (Christopher)
  • We see. We see. Propaganda does not work. Surrounded by support everywhere, earth and other. (Toi Lynn)
  • Great knowledge comes to us in 2023 that helps us heal. (Tracy)
  • In the home stretch. Gentler energy. A sense of lightness, both in energy and visually. Light coming down in specific places, as if a final healing is happening in certain hot spots. (Graciela)
  • LIfe! Recovering, peace has been reached. (Sophie)
  • More people are happier to be working together to make the earth a better place. (Kim)
  • Lots of changes blowing in this year.  (NJF)
  • Collective consciousness is much more relaxed now. (Audree)
  • Annoyed at government, not taking things seriously, we need to do something or we’ll all die, people taking matters into their own hands about the weather and climate. (Diana)
  • Conflict and fighting; old ways versus. new ways, duking it out with each other. (Meghan)
  • Sleepy energy. Tired. (Bar)
  • The new president (again, odd reference to ‘new’ in 2022 near midterm) is woefully inadequate. (Maryellen)
  • Revolution in the air, rage people don’t care about the government, will take it down. (Natalie)
  • Tragedy involving Mel Gibson. (Michele)
  • Cutting the cord from government. We are done with the government. Hot air balloon government. Full of hot air. (Michele)
  • New school invented for everyone, a high quality education. (Natalie)
  • The US is losing stature, not to be regained for some time. (Maryellen)
  • California independent. (Toni)
  • Trump in jail. (Heather)
  • Few cars on the highways. I saw eight lane highway (four lanes each way). The highway had very few cars and the grass was not trimmed. It felt like the plains states. (Judy)
  • Many people migrating to Alaska. The search for good water is on. (Kathy)
  • The idea of no more taxes. What it felt like was not that people weren’t paying taxes, but that people were ignoring federal taxes and investing more of their money into their local communities. (Natalie)
  • U.S. city states armed. Some cities would create their own militias to protect themselves from the federal government or other authorities. It felt like a real conflict – whereby cities try to keep the feds out by force – Baltimore stood out in my mind during this impression. (Natalie)
  • Dark night skies, Swiss-like design of airports sleek and modern, but there’s a coldness there, and a quiet. (Andrew)
  • Americans trying to flee, desperate for new lives, can’t tell if it’s climate or political. (Laura F.)
  • Hurling into the unknown. Like into outer space. (Meghan)
  • People living with less. (Joy)
  • Ancient parchment discovered, rattling religions. (JanPeople crouched on floor with bent knees, taking shelter, more storms. (Melissa F.)
  • Elephants (Republicans) fill the field in politics. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • War-like period, soldiers, guns in America. (Jeanne, seen in 2014)
  • Massachusetts: map of state in the shape of a strong arm – not going along with federal authority, revolutionary spirit abounds. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Matriarchal woman winking. Attitude of “We’ve got this now.” (Brian)
  • Survival, disparities in income greater than ever. (Julia)
  • U.S. getting smaller in its standing in the world. Are we becoming a third world country? President’s private deals with Russia, U.S. economic decline due to Republican policies and rule by oligarchs, devastation of the American middle class all contributed to decline.


  • A bomb. (Clara)
  • Putin’s ‘power’ has been neutralized. I’m not sure if he is still present. (Maryellen)
  • Greece in the news. (Toni)
  • World leaders and businesses traveling to China and India to learn about cutting edge clean energy programs. (Lisa)
  • Image of German coat of arms bird, tilted at an angle.
  • India subcontinent under stress, connected to U.S. issues. (Jeanne)
  • Europe upset.


  • Green lizards everywhere. (Julie)
  • India subcontinent: climate getting to be too much. Typhoons. (Jeanne)
  • Dinosaurs in the news. (Jeanne)
  • Plains states, the Heartland, dry yellow. (Svetlana)
  • Australia is fiery hot. (Jeanne)
  • Super storms on the rise – hard rains, high winds. (Jeanne)
  • Vision of the U.S. West, California, Baja Penninsula, and horses. Something is going on with them. I think it’s climate related. (Jeanne)
  • Dark waters in the U.S. Rivers are contaminated and the fish are dead. (Prem)
  • Coastal properties condemned at massive rates due to rising seas. (Jeanne)
  • Seals in trouble.
  • Silence, a scene from after a storm: flooding has ceased, people in awe of devastation. (Jeanne, seen in 2014)
  • Problems with birds, their numbers are diminishing. (Brian)
  • Cows in Florida (Florida is the biggest cattle state) need to be moved. Too hot for them? (Jeanne)


  • Improved economy. People back at work. (Bluebelle)
  • Market volatility.(Jeanne)
  • Market drop slowing up, have hit bottom. (Jeanne)
  • Markets slowly moving up but not enough, have hit bottom.


Positive (2024)

  • Former presidents gathered. I see George W. Bush, Clinton, Obama, smiling. Also Michele Obama. But I don’t see Melania. Where is she? She can’t show her face? (Svetlana)
  • I see my grandchildren more often now. (Ming)
  • The whole field is almost all bright beautiful light compared to how it was before. (Linda)
  • Change in the cash system. (Julie)
  • There is an issue with alligators in Florida. (Jeanne)
  • I see light coming through people’s hearts. (Bar)
  • Someone new in U.S. politics giving hope to the masses. A female energy, young, could have been hidden previously. (Doris)
  • A new development with airplanes. A new way to fly. (Pamela)
  • Jews exiting Palestine and regrouping in their own land. More peace there, Shaking hands. (Helena)
  • Golden light. (Julie)
  • We have more clarity, moving forward, adjusted, climate is crazy, seas are rough, refugees on little boats trying to get to a better place. (Jeanne)
  • Change in the cash system. (Julie)
  • Farming gets creative. Improvements. (Karen)
  • I see it looking like forest and quiet roads. It is more peaceful, no more noise, no more focus on wealth and those that don’t have it. (Andrew)
  • Futuristic Wal-Mart. Automation taking over jobs. (Meghan)
  • A great lightening in people’s hearts, realising so many of us are banding together in our consciousness. (Jan)
  • A rise in the number of monks. (Dumbledorbob)
  • Life goes on. Life is much quieter, but there is still technology. (Andrew)
  • Trump totally gone and forgotten. (Jeanne)
  • Something major and good happens in orbit. (Dumbledorbob)
  • Robots have taken over many jobs, jobs are more specialized and having to do with the arts and intuition because many automated ones have been replaced by robots. (Heather)
  • There is a universal wage for basic needs. (Heather)
  • Optimism resurfaces and gains momentum. (Maryellen)
  • Women rule. (Toni)
  • Small organic farming on the rise. (Toni)
  • Traveling common. More people working remotely than ever before. (Ann)
  • Good farming practices: Save water. Feed waste to fishes. (Ann)
  • Heard words, “Songs, Swan song, peaceful.” Could mean the end of one era and the beginning of a new one. (Alex)
  • Medical advances. (So the modern world is still operational). (Jeanne)
  • Oligarch is disappointed. He can’t control everything like before. Voters are deciding – the important of the vote of people of color. This is the beginning of change but it doesn’t happen all at once. (Jeanne)
  • More night sky…it’s dark, like twilight all the time, LA doesn’t seem to exist…or i see it being just desert. (Andrew)
  • Big slow pendulum (as big as a building) swings to the other side. (Melissa F.)

U.S. (2024)

  • Women taking a leadership role.  A woman president. (Sophie)
  • A fat Chinese nun in a black head covering and white robe is really a man – Kim Jong Un escapes from North Korea in disguise. (Beccay)
  • Water levels continue to rise forcing people from the coasts. (Wayne)
  • As the earth turns in space and it is still here and also are we and as I fly over the surface of the earth, above it like a satellite. I see the lights of man still there, but there are less lights, there are fewer lights made by humans as I fly over the earth at night. So we are still here, but not as many of us. (Andrew Posey)
  • The new Amazon type grocery store is the norm (Kathryn)
  • Water levels continue to rise forcing many people from the coasts. (Wayne)
  • More spirituality. (Bluebelle)
  • Effective treatment for opiate addiction that is affordable. (Ginny)
  • It’s clear to people that the old ways aren’t sustainable.  Water problems.  Storms. (Kathryn)
  • PARTY! Like post WWII celebrations with tickertape and confetti, dancing and crying, kissing the sacred ground of victory.  (RunestoneOne)
  • I have less energy but I see there is a lot of hoopla, election ferver. (Jeanne)
  • People don’t trust the establishment. Seeking anti-establishment candidates who are on the left, the lie machine doesn’t work any more. (Jeanne)
  • Female President, people are wild with huge celebration, champagne flows. (Meghan)
  • Female present, maybe African American, reminds me of Sanders, but much stronger message. (Bin)
  • We finally get our progressive female president and it feels like its no one we’ve really heard of right now. (Tracy)
  • People thankful for each other. Been through so much sadness. A feeling of joy.  (Molly)
  • Balance. Calm oceans. Beauty. People crying tears of joy … we’ve made it! We’ve arrived. Sense of calm and accomplishment. (Graciela)
  • Calm seas. (NJF)
  • Something good comes from the sea. (RunestoneOne)
  • Old ways feeding us, technology healing us. The tide is turning. There is hope for mankind. (Toi Lynn)
  • Both hard time and easier times, I feel like there is some strife but that the wheels are better greased to resolve some problems. (Kathleen)
  • Weight on state, good people trying to fix for the better but it going to take time, movement in other areas like renewable energy at a faster pace. (Donna)
  • People communicating differently, almost telepathically.  (Elvera)
  • World looks different, more technologically advanced. (NJF)
  • Industry is picking up again. People are back at work and feeling productive. People are finding the strength to put their lives back together. A sense of normalcy is a joyful thing. ( Bluebelle)
  • Net neutrality is back.  (Jeanne)
  • Rreligion, guns, abortion, evil no longer an issue. (Molly)
  • Managing things, we’re getting better at this, many people have died, but the survivors are strong and know what to do. (Diana)
  • Large field of candidates. (Jeanne)
  • Elections still problematic due to poll hacking. (Jeanne)
  • Kushner in jail. Ivanka divorces him. Ivanka wearing sunglasses, tabloid fodder. (Gerti)
  • Paul Ryan – smiling, shaking lots of hands. (Jeanne)
  • Nicky Haley, Republican V.P. candidate. (David)
  • Everything changing with political parties. (Michele)
  • People are amassing arms and are refusing to be cowed. Fighting for your life. Calm fear. (Natalie)
  • Government trying to fight the people. Government hiding. (Natalie)
  • Refugees from the south of the U.S. (Natalie)
  • A futuristic Wal-Mart. (Meghan)
  • Democrats regain the White House via unexpected female candidate. She may have risen through the ranks possibly from state senator. (Maryellen)
  • European Union finances a big issue. (Toni)
  • Heard words, “Arrest, promise, peace, maybe international. (Alex)
  • There is a serious conflict between people and government – the people mostly give up – it’s too painful to keep going, but not everyone gives up. Government asserts itself strongly. (Natalie)
  • Radically new governing body; people centered movement, no corruption, swamp is really and finally drained. (KB.)
  • More political turmoil, wars have been taking their tolls, utter corruption at the highest levels continues. (Laura)
  • People l migrating en masse. (Ron)
  • US and Canada holding hands. Trump is either dead or missing. GOP out. Less Borders. (Kathy)
  • Markets continued distress. (Jeanne)
  • Nuclear power plants by the sea in trouble.(Jeanne)
  • Sun blazing like never before.(Jeanne)
  • Wind gusts, rain, eruptions, Mother Nature rebelling. (Julia)
  • Settling in; a new groove. (Brian)
  • Huge ship, probably an air craft carrier or oil tanker in the news. (Jeanne)
  • Australia animals, the koala, muskrats and other small mammals, and kangaroos, are suffering. (Jeanne)


  • Soldiers in Bangladesh getting people out of water. Cyclone ravaged land. (Clara)
  • Men with beards, a military tank in a dessert like area or in a very dry, sandy place, like Pakistan, Afghanistan or country whose name ends in ‘stan. (Doris)
  • Muslim men gathering in public to make a statement. (Jeanne)



  • See a black woman president.  (Katherine)
  • 2020 to 2025 Everything is more local. Communuities connect across the country but in a person-to-person way. (Wayne)
  • There is so much hope. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The economy is better (Bluebelle)
  • I hear cheers. (Jeanne)
  • Screaming & wild celebration over the new president. (Meghan)
  • Life is much better. (Joy)
  • Women more prominent. (Donna)
  • Change for the better in American politics. (Doris)
  • Sunshine on the horizon. (NJ)
  • Sun shining, wheat growing. Beautiful wheat fields growing in the cool north. (Clara)
  • Calmer organized. (Terry)
  • Job security returns to US. (Bluebelle)
  • Outpouring of love for fellow citizens. (Bluebelle)
  • Barriers come down. No more Republicans or Democrats. No more ugly division. Reconstruction of government. (Bluebelle)
  • Parliament judge trying to rectify things. He may be waiving Brexit due to fraudulent beginnings. (Jeanne)
  • Important reptile species goes extinct. (Lisa P.)
  • Hope arising, (I saw a plant growing in the desert). (Kirsten)
  • Bright eyes open in surprise, then smile, as if coming out of the darkness. (Melissa F.)
  • New era beginning. Green movement. Hope for the environment. All one family. School of learning and teaching is strong. (Michele
  • Over the hill. The worst seems to be over. (Doris)
  • A new law developed in geometry. (Ron Q.)
  • Resentment under the surface is huge. Not everyone had given up during those years. There is a spirit of revolution, but not necessarily an actual revolution. (Natalie)
  • Living in the woodlands are Native Americans, and people with huge physiques who have become adapt at living in the wilderness. A new breed of physically strong people developing in order to live off the grid. (Jeanne)
  • Pride and happiness with what has been accomplished (in our government) hopeful it’s been cleaned up. (KB)
  • Lightness, conscious awareness. (Joy)
  • The moon, shining onto the earth. Sounds, radio waves picked up from there. (Jan)
  • New beginning, new start. (Meghan)
  • There are fewer people in areas where there used to be dense populations, more sparsely populated, not a bad thing. (Andrew)
  • The world finally gets serious about climate. (Andrew)
  • Light green colored skies. Although this vision could be a symbol of a more environmentally green earth, it is more likely that it is a literal vision of a contaminated atmosphere. (Prem)
  • Something that brightens everyone and opens hearts. (Jeanne)
  • Railroads revived.(Jeanne)
  • Seen in 2013 for this time period: I saw a pair of young lovers wading in a river in a peaceful countryside scene. Then I saw a flower and realized it was the end of winter. Percephone, the goddess of springtime whom Pluto had abducted back in 2016, was being returned to the land. (Jeanne)
  • Seen in 2013 for this time period:People finding happiness in the simple joys of living. I saw people who were living in the country, growing food and finding a comfortable way of life. It would still be some time before the majority felt this alive and free, but many people will have left an old life and found a happier one. Eventually others will follow. I heard the word “enlightenment.” I believe the movement begins in 2021 and picks up momentum after that, culminating in a power shift in 2028. (Jeanne)


  • Fires in California are over the top. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Sustainable greenhouses and food grown there. (Kathryn)
  • New understanding. (Donna)
  • A female president and vice president in 2025. (Charisse)
    Food and energy are cheaper due to new technology.  (Ming)
  • Female rising to full powers begins now.  (Michele)
  • There is hard, aggressive and strong assertiveness in the collective. (Sophie)
  • Women are still fighting to gain credibility despite having taken a leadership role. (Sophie)
  • A black woman is in the news. (Sophie)
  • Two submarines collide nose to nose and shoot out of the water in a pyramid shape.  (Beccay)
  • Capitol looks smaller in power and significance.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A dark haired woman is elected president. (BlueBelle)
  • The U.S. Government is more impotent now. (Wayne)
  • I see a focus on fields, growing and harvesting wheat. (Barbara)
  • My heart leaps. This is a happy time. (Ming)
  • Major break through on breast cancer treatment. (Ginny)
  • Ability to breathe again. (Doris)
  • We’ve had crazy weather over the last several years in the US. (Kathryn)
  • Something invented called “bounce suit” for workers. It’s a safety suit. (Donna)
  • People are more upbeat and happy.  They have hope again. (Bluebelle)
  • An Obama-like person, trustworthy, stable. (Ginny)
  • New form of government. No president. (Harriet)
  • New President:
    • Woman president inaugurated. She carries the weight of so many who passed as her sacred trust. We’ve poured ourselves into her. The Shire after the Fall of Mordor, a careful reconstruction and a reconciliation. (RunestoneOne)
    • Democrat, female. (Toi Lynn) A female. (Molly)  A great celebration over the first woman president. (Bluebelle) I see a woman president, a progressive, possibly Kamala Harris. (Christopher)  Black female president. (Angela) Elizabeth Warren 2025  President. (Kay)  A woman president I think on the platform. (Jeanne)
    • President has 3 year old grandson or child (Donna)
    • President starts with an N in name, but not sure if its first or last name. (Elvera)
    • Woman president, blond, 40’s, progressive. (Diana)
    • Inauguration is packed, holy crap, the crowds! D.C. stretched to security limit. (Meghan)
    • I see a military man in a black uniform with red trim dangling. He’s riding a donkey or wild horse and arriving for the ceremony. I’m unsure who this man is.  (Jeanne)
    • The year is  positive.   I pulled Queen of Pentacles which implies female ascendancy. (Kathleen)
    • U.S. has a female president. America is emerging from the darkness. I see the outdoor hanging lantern over the main White House door. (Audree)
    • The term limits for the presidency are rescinded. Trump gets a third term. (Bill)  [Editor’s note: this is a minority report, for sure.]
    • We’ve made it! Turned corner in the U.S. (DeeMarie)
  • Congress and Senate gone as we know it today. (Molly)
  • So many women in politics that it is changing every decision for the better. Caring.  Community. Co-creation. Cooperation. Non-hierarchical. The patriarchy is dying now. Coequals with others. (Toi Lynn)
  • Electoral college perhaps has been disassembled. (Jilli)
  • Abraham Lincoln’s image (JO)
  • I got the Tower for 2024.  (Kathleen)  [Ed. note: the tower is a painful toppling of all major structures]
  • Peace has returned (NJF)
  • Hear a Japanese song about a big catch (Bin)
  • Flag being waved. (AR)
  • Ready to go! People excited about following their dreams. The interruption is over; we’re on track again to live the way we’re meant to. (Graciela)
  • Farms, pigs.  This is the new focus in America.  (Jeanne)
  • White Nationalism subsides. They are losing power (Christopher)
  • A hand reaching out for autographs, a lot of love. (Jeanne)
  • The masses feeling their collective power. (Elvera)
  • Solar everywhere. Electric cars. (Molly)
  • Free college, minimum income. (Bin)
  • Following dreams, making plans, finally able to proceed with our life paths and journeys. (Graciela)
  • Russia and China are friends. (NJF)
  • Huge local movements have transformed America, happier. (Jeanne)
  • Textiles or clothing manufacturing has come back to the United States.  (Diana)
  • Woman power. Women are taking over everything.  (Diana)
  • I see falcons, birds of prey that are trained to do something. (Diana)
  • New can-do energy powered by women. (Diana)
  • Facebook is done. (Julie)
  • New President [Cautionary note from Jeanne: It is possible that we are not seeing yet who wins but the actual campaigning images where people are cheering and excited over a woman candidate.]
    • People wildly happy over who gets elected, past right wing junta over, feels like Obama inauguration on crack, bigger than that. (Meghan)
    • African American Woman on the inauguration platform. (Natalie)
    • She fought a war to win. (Natalie)
    • Many body guards around the president. Oligarchs want to kill her. (Natalie)
    • Women rising. (Natalie)
    • Heard the words, “She will be president for all people.” (Maryellen)
    • A new energy, thoughts afoot, a lot of work to do to reverse the damage. (Maryellen)
    • A blond woman who looks like Princess Di has been sworn in as one of U.S. leaders. (Heather)
    • Inauguration: a blond woman at the podium. (Toni)
    • A woman on the platform. (Kathleen)
    • Female POTUS. (Bar)
    • Blond hair in a blue coat on the Inaugural Platform. (Frannie)
    • January: Woman, blonde with lots of energy, sworn into office. (Michele)
    • Heard name “Ann”. (Michele)
    • At the Inauguration, a man in a grey suit and blue tie. (Dumbledorbob)
    • Caroline Kennedy being sworn in. (Audree
    • Dark-haired woman on the podium. (Bluebelle)
    • Majorly happy and wild clapping for new president who feels relieved. (Meghan)
    • Image of Hillary Clinton with hand on heart. Red, white and blue sequined flag attire, no pant suit. Not sure who wins, but it’s a woman and Hillary is happy. (Alex)
  • Sweden is the star. (Ann)
  • Underwater homes. Hoverboards common. (Ann)
  • Congress is in shambles. People are looking to the president for leadership. (Maryellen)
  • A cure is found for HIV/AIDS. (Maryellen)
  • Grocery stores come to you. You can wear your clothes virtually before you buy. (Ann)
  • Automated cars that fly and sail. (Ann)
  • Multi-use clothing. (Ann)
  • Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are working on a project together. (Lisa)
  • 2024-5: Technology and communication greatly improves. (Heather)
  • 2024-5: No more gas driven cars, replaced with clean energy, even for flying. (Heather)
  • Bees and bee farms in the news. (Kathy)
  • Government controlling masses. (Jeanne)
  • No electricity, finding light. (Julia)
  • Vision of Che Guevara on horseback, symbolizing the rise of revolutionaries.(Jeanne)
  • This is the future now. Coming to terms with how things are (climate and economy). (Brian)
  • Washington D.C. people just drinking wine and doing nothing for the country. (Jeanne)
  • State of Louisiana in the news. (Jeanne)


  • Hungary and Czechoslovakia in the news. I see it is cold, people are in uniforms and making salutes. I’m not sure what this is about. (Svetlana)
  • Hundreds of Muslim men gathered together, concerned, praying, making a stand, trying to save their religion from world persecution. (Jeanne)

ECONOMY (2025)

  • Markets have come to be regarded as the nervous system of the western world. (Jeanne)
  • New ways to grow food. (Gail)
  • Measles eradicated. (Cheryl)
  • Brilliant scientists at the forefront. (Julie)
  • The energy of the collective is lighter and more laid back even though people are also engaged in the work that is needed. (Jeanne)
  • Smiling more, laughing. (Bar)
  • A new normal in the collective. More heart and soul than just intellect. (Ming)
  • Aliens’ technology being discovered to help the planet. (Doris)



  • Simpler life in many ways, happier, picking ourselves out of a big hole. (Molly)
  • Gritty pride. Millennials ascendent.  (RunestoneOne)
  • Moms go to school with young kids and stay there with them. (Gracesinger)
  • Self driving electric cars. (Jo)  There are flying cars, though none driving on the streets. (NJF)
  • Taiko drum beating, festive, Trump may be passing away. (Bin)
  • People eager for change, have been through a lot and know it can’t get any worse, so must get better. (Elvera)
  • How amazing we got through this. Looking back we see why it all happened. We did it.  We did it! Feeling strong.  Feeling powerful.  Feeling energized.(Toi Lynn)
  • There is a cult following of Bernie Sanders. (Bin)
  • The culture of Greenland is peaceful and holistic! There’s hope.  (Christopher)
  • For 2026 I pulled the Star Tarot card, which stands for hope, redemption, protection from the heavens. (Kathleen)
  • People are stronger, working out, farming, robust.  Dressy fashions are out.  Forest gear, farm gear is in. (Jeanne)
  • Intuition starts to become second nature in 2026, and our thought processes are very different. (Tracy)
  • Yin/Yang symbol. Means that things have changed into their opposite. Life has slowed down. (Jeanne)
  • World less material, simpler times. (Julie)
  • I see a U.S. Navy ship giving aid to a country in Asia that has experienced a disaster. (Audree)
  • Whole new ball game. World almost alien in technology. (Meghan)
  • Still soldiers evacuating lands. (Clara)
  • Farming flourishes. Everyone grows crops. Everyone with a piece of land grows food. (Bluebelle)
  • Bees come back. No longer threatened. (Bluebelle)
  • India, too many people to help. Problems with electricity, technology, food, water, drought, heat, crowded, a huge transportation problem. People are hungry. (Svetlana)
  • The worst is over. Some politicians exposed. (Doris)
  • Sharing economy is prevalent. (Julie)
  • Not the year of greatest change, but will be a better world. (Mary L.)
  • More peace, activists hugging. (Helena)
  • Planning, increase movement, progress underway. (Terry)
  • The Great Lakes region is the soft landing for many. (I saw a vision of the kind of trampoline that firemen use to save people.) (Jeanne)
  • Media report many incidents of guns, shootings, and other incidents of lawlessness. (Jeanne)
  • People coming together out of necessity to survive. (Julia)
  • Lazy in the yard, rakes, rural scene, migration to farming areas.(Jeanne)
  • Drought more severe in the U.S. Likely it is more severe in many parts of the world, but I saw a vision only of the U.S. (Jeanne)
  • There are refugees all over the place. (Jeanne)
  • A build-up. (Brian)
  • Most industrialized countries have adopted organic farming methods. GMOs banned in western countries. (Christopher)
  • More people have moved to Canada, British Columbia very popular. (Jeanne)
  • Migration is big right now. I see people moving around everywhere, they are migrating, not visiting. Lots of plane activity, sense of purpose in the moving. (Diana)


  • 2026 is healthier but it’s hotter, heat in the heartland is strong and there are more powerful storms.  We are living with new weather. (Jeanne)
  • Sky bluer, land greener, ice reserves replenishing. Cooler world. Resplendent. (Graciela)
  • Frozen lake, dark ice, with cracks, an accident. (Bluebelle)
  • In the news: a big fleshy fish with an open mouth and no teeth. (RunestoneOne)


  • Many cities copy the Detroit model with urban farms replacing bombed out, burned down areas. Destroyed areas repurposed. Smaller scale businesses. Evil corporate masters gone.  (RunestoneOne)
  • Sparkling, a sense that the angels are pleased with us. The land and sea are beautiful. Greens, blues, clean. Happiness again. People smiling. Goodness overall. People genuinely love and respect each other. Accepting of others. (Graciela)
  • Enormous lifting of energy, feels as if we’ve evolved to a higher level. Awareness ascension, we are further up now. (Meghan N)
  • America feels good.  People are laughing and celebrating and feeling empowered. (Jeanne)
  • The United States has lost its hubris. Maybe that’s a good thing. (Bluebelle)
  • Hateful people isolated now, not accepted. (Molly)
  • US becoming more like Europe with more socialist government and somewhat capitalist society. (Bin)
  • Weights lifted off people’s shoulders. (Molly)
  • Hand waving in air working most devices. (Donna)
  • Fast paced transportation everywhere. (Elvera)
  • Much rail travel. (Jeanne)
  • Fewer cars,  more sneakers, safer walking places. BMI going down. (Miriam
  • We’re back baby. Coming from women. Feels ancient, the returning. (Toi Lynn)
  • Bernie may have passed.  He’s remembered as a hero. (Jeanne)
  • Obama being recognized as a positive leader. (Molly)
  • Nothing less than a person of the people will be elected. More people going into politics while also working the land. (Jeanne)More respect, more equal (Donna)
  • More normal people, less radicals, more folks on same page. (Elvera)
  • Chain links to nowhere. (NJF)
  • World
    • Greenland becomes the mascot or symbol of an environmental conservation movement in the Americas and in Europe. (Christopher)
    • A sense of aliens in our presence, walking up stairs. We go to them, or they come to us. (Elvera)


    • Looking out on a quiet ocean of shallow water; there’s no vegetation around; the beach is like moist mud with rivulets made by small, gentle waves; a man comes and stands on my right and he’s moving on some kind of white, styrofoam-like footboards: they’re about a foot and a half tall and there’s one for each foot and he uses them to move across the water. (Gracesinger)
    • Researchers figuring how to remove chemicals from water in the Midwest. (Miriam)
    • Science is busy working on sustainability. (Jeanne
    • The grocery store shelves in the U.S. are sparsely stocked. Food prices are high.(Audree)
    • Farming at home is big. A lot of hydro farming. Almost everyone grows their own stuff. (Diana
    • My region is experiencing a resurgence. Possibly because climate change has made it more amenable in winter. We have a lot of water. (Kathleen)

    Women in the U.S. very active. People seem gentler. A lot of meditation. (Jeanne)

  • Trouble hits. Water. Floods. (Meghan)
  • Animals in Africa are too hot. Giraffe is heating up. (Clara)
  • Automobile is funny. Looks like a space ship. Very flat, like a stingray. (Jeanne)
  • More happiness. (Donna)
  • Robots everywhere. (Ming)
  • Local farming, rooftop gardens. (Julie)
  • New method of transportation. Faster and more efficient. (Julie)
  • Mugabe or Zimbabwe in the news, something stirring there, riots, change, uprising, people are fed up. (Doris)
  • Problems with penguins due to climate change I see them drifting on the ice. (Doris)
  • Alien influence. Metal is back. (Terry)
  • Waking up as if from a bad dream. A man rises up from lying down position. Makes me think of Shakespeare, rising from the dead. (Jeanne)
  • Banana shortage. (Lisa P.)
  • Railroad change…safety regulations. (Lisa P.)
  • The ocean is contaminated with sewage somewhere, perhaps the result of a disaster. (Audree)
  • Market extremes, which means large swings from low to high and back again.(Jeanne)
  • I see a peace pigeon in my inner screen which I believe represents a greater peace in the collective. (jeanne)
  • Mustaches are in fashion.(Jeanne)
  • I am seeing a restructuring underway in the U.S. culture. (Julia)
  • An elephant is crying. Republicans are suffering a big loss. They are a dying party. (Jeanne)
  • A fish is scaled and hung upside down. This is a symbol of loss of power. It’s also a symbol of Christianity. I’d say this vision is about the loss of power of the U.S. in the world. (Jeanne)


  • News image of big, white, almost cloud-like aircraft bearing an unusual visitor. This is not a zeppelin, but it’s enormous. (RunestoneOne)
  • A physician holding a syringe and squirting some kind of liquid into the air–a new vaccine. (Gracesinger)
  • Very long, thin gliders in the sky. (Gracesinger)
  • We all embrace each other. We feel our connectedness as one people, one humanity. Big changes. Big dreams. Big projects. Big love. Life as we’ve never known before. Brings tears of joy to my eyes. (Graciela)
  • There is still hunger. (Sophie)
  • Worse than 2027, people are dying. (Elvera)
  • Song for a game series, possibly contemporary song for Pokemon using a shamisen and shakuhachi to play (Bin)
  • Changes being made for better. (Molly)
  • Many animals are just gone. (NJF)
  • Country is more basic. And it is dignified not to have money. Women are more equal. (Jeanne)
  • Small communities in new open spaces, geodesic dome communities. (Jeanne)
  • Some kind of hydroponic farming, growing food in controlled climates in warehouses. (Meghan N)
  • Indigenous peoples in the Americas are being heard. They are warning us about the environment. (Christopher)
  • There’s no longer any debate over climate change because the old right wing propaganda machine is broken. (Bluebelle/
  • Great Lakes region of US has become more powerful, like California is now (Tracy)
  • Health care for all, medical system vastly different, overhauled. (Meghan N)
  • People getting healthier. Animals being protected. More and more vegetarians.
  • Medicine is so far ahead now. All have access. (Toi Lynn)
  • No more guns. (Molly)
  • The end of the the extreme right wing in the US. (Bluebell)
  • Some gains get lost in this year. (Elvera)
  • There are fewer cars on the road in the U.S. (Audree)
  • We have arrived, we are here, this is the moment we have been waiting for, the new earth is here, golden people, shining like stars. (Diana)
  • Olympics are in India. (Andrew)
  • Eastern Europe very cold. (Julie)
  • Young president brings hope. (Karen)
  • A cup overflowing. (Doris)
  • Focus on animals, seals, and the seas. (Jeanne)
  • More souls ascending. (Ming)
  • Making fruit preserve to survive. (Helena)
  • Darkness hits, time to act, no time left. (Meghan)
  • Too hot, people moving north. (Clara)
  • People are more protective of the environment, starting with their own property. (Bluebelle)
  • I see Putin, looking very small, hobbling with a cane, in his underwear. (Svetlana) (Editor: lol)
  • New beginning. (Terry)
  • A bow. Bow hunting in the news. (Jeanne)
  • A new bread of dog accepted into the ACA. (Lisa P.)
  • Everything is smaller more local. (Natalie)
  • WIFI is everywhere. (Jeanne)
  • Feels like a right wing Junta over the new president. (Meghan)
  • Black woman, spiritual warrior, in high leadership position. (Gerti)
  • Not a lot of long distance travel. (Natalie)
  • President holding it together keeping the country going and helping people recover. (Natalie)
  • Becoming free. (Natalie)
  • Virtual reality has exploded. Helidecks like in Star Trek is new pastime. (Heather)
  • Icebergs melting. (Michele)
  • Good News.
  • Community, family, rise of personal power. New family units forming “It’s not just DNA.”((Michele)
  • Liberty Gardens flourishing, community gardens increase. Cows, chickens small farms forming. (Michele)
  • A green mountain, fewer people. (Andrew)
  • Russia no longer a threat. (Frannie)
  • Bull market – recovery
  • Market rallies, up, up, up. (Jeanne)
  • Awakening from bad dream.
  • Men in life vests doing work, a scene from a flood. (Jeanne)
  • Power shift flip. (Julia)
  • Two women emerging as prominent leaders and running for president. (Jeanne)
  • Women are in power. (Lora)
  • Migration in U.S. in north westerly direction, from southern and eastern cities.
  • We are seeing the building of a new structure for a new way of life and governing being put into place .(Jeanne)
  • Image of the Capitol building looking very tiny. This represents the loss of power of the Capitol in the U.S. The people have set up their own programs and power in local governments and stripped the Congress of any significant role. (Jeanne)
  • Shift in attention from Europe and Middle east to heartland and West of the U.S. where there is a huge expanse of land that is parched. (Jeanne)
  • Rockets ready to seed clouds and/or create a cloud cover around the earth to slow the warming. (Jeanne)


  • Arctic is now brown. Herds of caribou running.  (RunestoneOne)
  • Harsh sun and evergreen trees are scorched by it; they only have a few branches. (Gracesinger)
  • There is more peace, but there are still wars. U.S. feels safer and poorer. (Jeanne)
  • A new normal that’s progressive. People working hard for social changes. Everyone watching out for each other. New policies in place to help everyone. Dignity of every single person. (Graciela)
  • Stock market had crashed is now a new economy, rebuilding, more basic. (Jeanne)
  • The West is pressuring the developing world to fight climate change and deforestation. (Christopher)
  • Major puzzles solved. (Elvera)
  • Space travel. I keep seeing people in uniforms, like on Star Trek. Environment now being taken care of for the first time. Air cleaner. I keep hearing the word “clean.” Clean, clean. (Toi Lynn)
  • I hear song, Age of Aquarius, happy year, happy time. (Diana)
  • I feel that these years (2029-2030) is a period of recovery, like after WW2. (Andrew)
  • New hope for the young generation, a change of mind set all over the world. Children singing. (Doris)
  • Water shortage. (Julie)
  • A time of relaxation. (Julie)
  • Schools opening to educate children how to live on the lands and on this planet, and grow food. (Clara)
  • I see Ivanka and Jared looking dissipated. (Svetlana)
  • U.S. map with image of FDR – a New Deal. (This is a sign that the country is now taking care of people). (Jeanne)
  • Stock market goes up, up, up (Jeanne)
  • War breaks out. (Jeanne)
  • Arguing about new structures, people resistant to new ways. (Julia)
  • Women dominate. (Jeanne)
  • 30 livestock animals of concern for survival. People are selling property cheap. Cows need water but cannot get it. (Jeanne)

2029- 2032: Refugees from another country, babies crying. (Jeanne)


  • I see the Congress. I’m looking down at them from a balcony. They are actually working on real projects to help the world. They are busy working with plans.  Real public servants in Congress trying to do productive work. It’s been half a century since we’ve seen this.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A mass of people working as one, determined to ensure that they do things differently to how they were done before. They see how those past ways turned out to be wrong and caused so much harm and they are notgoing to follow that path again. It’s a hive mind working together for the good of the whole. (Blue)
  • Britain’s global power diminished. (Blue)
  • Self-driving cars are the norm. (Ginny)
  • More serene, less hectic, more pastoral by choice, back to the land. (Doris)
  • Seas have risen noticeably now. Most of the expansion is due to heat but glacial melting is also a factor. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Lightweight space suits are the style. (Donna)
  • I’m wearing some kind of “intelligent bracelet”.  Somehow it’s used for communication and to monitor health. (Kathryn)
  • There is a push to make healthcare and healthcare technology available to everyone in the US (Kathryn)
  • NYC drenched and flooded. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Physical world is in bad shape.  Space travel to other worlds. (Harriet)
  • Mass transit becoming high priority in the US. (Jeanne Mayell)
  •  We know ourselves better.  Visions are broader, more tolerant. (Doris)
  • We are busy seriously working on zero fossil fuel emissions. (Jeanne)
  • Healers more prominent. (Donna)
  • Roads are blue and white from crushed gravel like sodalite because it is cooler than black tarmac. (Beccay)
  • There will be medicines to improve the aging process, like human growth hormone, that make aging slower and more comfortable. (Ginny)
  • More people heal with their hands. (Donna)
  • People doing what they need to in 2030. Connecting more with each other. Hands on work, taking care of each other and adapting to climate change. (Charisse)
  • We are becoming way more psychic now, even the older folks .(Kathryn)
  • Housing is more modular. Extremely energy efficient. The sun is hot people protect themselves from the environment and strive to find ways to improve weather conditions. (Wayne)
  • The world is so different from what we had imagined.  It’s as though progress stopped.  It’s like the 1950’s, as in a simpler lifestyle.  Not as technology driven as today.  But not as repressed as the Trumpian years either. (Bluebelle)
  • My bones ache.  I walk a lot.  The world is different now.  I don’t drive much.   (Andrew Posey)
  • Large communication screens everywhere broadcasting. (Donna)
    Climate cooler in some places.  (Barbara)
  • Reforestation everywhere, fields planted instead of fallow.
  • New ways to create food, climate control, working on universal health care.
  • I heard a siren to warn people of something.  (Sophie)
  • Province of Quebec bankrupt.  Party Quebecois runs the province to the ground. (Sophie)
  • The sun is hot, People protect themselves from the environment and strive to find ways to improve weather conditions. (Wayne)
  • I see beautiful Rockies – like Lake Jenny near Jackson Hole… I see a wolf and a fox.  I am in a cabin.  My bones ache.  I walk a lot.  The world is different now.  I don’t drive much. (Andrew Posey)
  • Question: Who is running the U.S.? Answer: We are. (Jeanne)
  • I see an advance aerial craft landing in the U.S.; it could be of alien origin or include alien engineering. (Audree)
  • An eye looks back at us looking at them. It is not a human eye, but it is intelligent, sapient. (RunestoneOne)
  • Army used to help people bring food and shelter, a lot of storm disasters in the U.S. and everywhere. Army is used to protect and help with natural disasters. (Jeanne)
  • New prosperity. (NJF)
  • Things appear surprisingly calm. (Christopher)
  • Drew the star card, stands for new beginnings, redemption, and hope. (Kathleen)
  • Sense of freedom. (Elvera)
  • Oligarchs gone. (Molly)
  • Feels like the edge of a big cliff, steep drop. we’re looking over the edge. (Meghan N)
  • Assistance has come from elsewhere, it provided the change, insight, energy we needed. (Toi Lynn)
  • Sunshine, joy, complete reversal of where we are today, with government working for the people, and people enjoying dignity. There isn’t overabundance, there is enough for everyone. (Graciela)
  • We ride in “bubble cars” which are more safe. .(Donna)
  • World more green, young men who had been marginalized are now trying to get more involved in society. (Tracy)
  • Blue skies, clean air finally, fewer people, smaller communities. U.S. not a super power, much smaller on the world stage. (Diana)
  • No cars. (Clara)
  • Warm and fuzzy world. (Ming)
  • I see hill goats. More people are going to the mountains to live. (Helena)
  • Midwest is sun scorched. (Patti)
  • Young people coming together for the good of humanity and the planet. (Doris)
  • Brexit 2030? Gone. A new cooperation has been forged. (Jeanne)
  • The Trump kids are dissipated. Paul Ryan is also dissipated. The GOP is retreating into the plains of America where it is in a perpetual crisis of drought. They need water. California. (Svetlana)
  • Trains in the U.S. in the news and mass transit. (Audree)
  • U.S. reunited. (Bluebelle)
  • New Congress. (Michele)
  • Things become much more settled, quieter. (Michele)
  • Collective consciousness rises. (Michele)
  • “Knowledge is power.” (Michele)
  • “Love is the answer. ” (Michele)
  • Lots of celebrations, women, farmers, people dressed simply and smiling. (Jeanne)
  • Man-made food. Healthy. (Ann)
  • Fish dead. (Ann)
  • Science and technological breakthroughs. Stem cells, and better prosthetic limbs. (Kathleen)
  • Feels like a lot less people. (Andrew)
  • Feels like a brand new world. A totally different human after 2025. (Diana)
  • I have seen the freeways of DC being reversed – with all traffic exiting in one direction away from the city – with army directing traffic. (Andrew)
  • Something coming out of Africa new threat people movement. (Natalie)
  • People work at jobs less because of Artificial Intelligence. (Michele)
  • I see in the sea something like a fire. It could be a bomb or or it could be the results of something natural, but it’s hot and it’s smoking. I see a boy in a white shirt. (Andrew)
  • Bombing in Java, or maybe the Philippines, seeing smoke and fire. (Andrew)
  • Trouble in Southeast Asia. (Andrew)
  • Visions of cucumbers and produce, much of which is from Mexico. Probably referring to a problem with U.S. trade with Mexico brought about by Trump’s border restrictions. (Michele)
  • We are not alone. Beings from other worlds are watching us. Seeing ETs, people called Grays; non humans with large eyes and small mouths. (Alex)
  • So many animals going extinct. Fires affecting koala bears 🙁 (Jeanne)
  • Image of a gun or rifle, representing lawlessness, vigilantes abound.(Jeanne)
  • The spiritual tipping point. Global spritural awakening. (Jeanne)
  • This is it, a new day. Feels like coming home to the divine. (Brian)
  • Elephants (Republicans) sweating bullets. People are holding the Republican Party accountable for destroying the environment, creating runaway climate change, and collapsing the U.S. economy in such a way that it will never fully recover and has lost its power in the world. (Jeanne)
  • New leader emerges, brings unity, not centered around greed. (Julia)

2029- 2032: Refugees from another country, babies crying. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • The rise of rail travel around the globe. Jeanne Mayell)
  • Oil and gas-fueled travel banned in many places. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Trees dying, huge forests appear swamped. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Map of U.S., a Continental Congress meets (symbolic of new grass roots legislative body that is an alternative to Congress.) (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Image of sideways panels of men talking, but they are irrelevant to what is going on in the country and no one is listening to them. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Revolution. (Julia)
  • Panels of white men talking, but they are irrelevant, no one is listening to them. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Image U.S. overlaid with an axel and the wheel. Symbolic of efforts to move economy forward without fossil fuel. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • The Statue of Liberty, the Capitol Building, and the elephant diminishing. (Republican Party) have shrunk. They have lost power, and no one cares about them. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Right wing powers lose control. (Julia)


  • Native American victory for freedom/amnesty/respect. (Lisa P.)
  • The Capitol (Congress) is censored. Is this some kind of quiet revolution? (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Man and dog by big river – that rural wilderness feeling. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Purple flags swaying, reminds me of Tibet. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Fragmentation (not centralization) in the economy and government. (Julia)
  • The Baja Peninsula is under water. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Stress coming up from the land in summer. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • We find intelligent life on an other planet. (Lora)


  • New generation of technology. (Julia)
  • Importance of China. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Robin Hood bands of green-clothed young men (and women) hunting with bows and arrows and with guns raised. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Increased use of robots. (Julia)


  • Pacific Rim the focus of attention. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Tom Sawyer images – return to rural living in America. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Statue of Liberty up to her upper thighs in water. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Fish swimming past NYC airport, airport signs under water. Large fish swimming past sunken cars. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Collective seeking to understand how to find balance between technology and human emotions. (Julia)

2039: Women in leadership – widespread. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Flying cars! (Lola)
  • An architectural overhaul. I see communities that look like large pods, solariums self contained environments.(Lola)
  • Truly modern alternative cities. (Lola)
  • Heard the phrase, “less is more. ”(Lola)
  • Smaller villages.  Buildings are clad in colorful adobe. (Beccay)
  • I am seeing a water world, or like little islands and lots of water and it’s warm. (Andrew Posey)
  • People living in the northern most regions of Canada. (Andrew Posey)
  • Life is about living, and not about wondering if it’s hard or not.  It is just what is it. (Andrew Posey)
  • I see giraffes  in the news. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I see settlements on Mars, space colonies. Planet Mars. (Doris)
  • Very little fossil fuels burning.  Clean energy.  (Charisse)
  • A solution has been found for the opiod crises. It feels more humane, they are compassionately trying to help people.(Kathryn)
  • A landmark building is swaying, a white tower is decaying. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Humane leadership is the norm; old boys network is taboo. (Ginny)
  • Interplanetary settlements. (Doris)
  • Technology rises again.  More innovations in transportation.  Cars are fueled by solar and plants. (Bluebelle)
  • US less internationally focused, and more focused on internal affairs, tech and healthcare. (Kathryn)
  • Our energy is much more inline with peace. There is the knowledge that there is “enough for all” is the state of mind for most. (Donna)
  • There’s contact with aliens. (Doris)
  • China big and important. (Kathryn)
  • Car museums.  We have less. We are okay with this. We look at the 1950-60 cars as so strange. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Happier days. No struggling to live, People have time to contemplate their place in the universe. Healing is the biggest interest and vocation. (Wayne)
  • China biggest world power and India more important too. (Kathryn) China is a dominant power. (Alisa)
  • Voice-activated robots do everything in the home, but worries about hacking. (Ginny)
  • Young people see new ways of doing things, they think bigger. (Kathryn)
  • More world cohesion but some part of the planet still resisting. (Doris)
  • People are too busy rebuilding to worry about the GOP and what they did. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Concerns and attention to the ocean. (Kathryn)
  • Ocean is now a focus, had been a bit forgotten.  (Kathryn)
  • Government has less importance. (Harriet)
    I’m on the moon.  And it’s a thin purple blue atmosphere and the earth looks huge. (Andrew Posey)
  • Happy days, No struggling to live, People have time to contemplate their place in the universe. Healing is the biggest interest and vocation. (Wayne)
  • Mountain range exposed under melted ice, massive fish death. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Problem with trees, need for trees that can survive these harsh conditions. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Hoping for a chance to recover. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • A need for trees that can survive drought conditions. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Severe drought and floods. (Jeanne Mayell)

2048 Largescale bird and fish migrations. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Greenland turning green. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Something whirling around buildings an energy whirling around skyscrapers. A new kind of energy. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • More food is being drawn from the oceans.  Surprising new sources of food.  (Bluebelle)
  • Largely agricultural. Not the high tech sci-fi world I would imagine. No taste for aggression and wars. Everyone just gets along. (Wayne)
  • Only one Korea by then. (Sophie)
  • Pie in the sky, equal pieces for all.  (Michele)
  • Yellow wafers for food. (Beccay)
  • Space and multicolored cubed lights. (Billie)
  • Some type of algae helping. (Doris)
  • Food is more scarce. Less processed foods.  Less obesity is the benefit. (Bluebelle)
  • I see ladders and construction equipment. Everyone is working and building.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Arctic circle: energy mining or exploration. I see ships there.  (Kathryn)
  • Personal robots. (Barbara)
  • Chickens abound.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • I’m watching from the moon and I see shooting stars. They are planes landing to and from the planet.  (Andrew Posey)
    Not much ice on the poles. (Kathryn)
  • More women in powerful posts. (Doris)
  • Looks like the Jetsons with people flying in individual planes.  (Ginny)
  • The kids who are being raised to be kinder to one another now will have grown up and brought that into the workplace. The workplace culture will be transformed from what we know it. Work hours will be family friendly.  (Ginny)
  • I didn’t see a pandemic but it feels like so many fewer people. People are not striving, just living and being glad for it.  Earth rated once again as one of the best places to live in the solar system.  (Andrew Posey)
  • The U.S. Capitol is small. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Less population, more cooperation among countries. (Alissa)
  • Plants grown in clear glass with gel. (Donna)
  • I’m on the moon.  and it’s a thin purple blue atmosphere and the earth looks huge. (Andrew Posey)
  • People must stay centered. There are many places in the world that are good, but other places are really rough due to climate change. (Kathryn)
  • Acid rain burning. (Louli)
  • Green growing on the sides of tall sky scrapers. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Lots of water canals in some places, need boats to get around. (Barbara)
  • I see tanks and hear motors.  (Kathryn)
  • Tropical weather, Gilligan’s Island. (Audree)
  • I see a wilting bouquet of roses. Then they shift and look like a different type of flower. Speaks to the change in flowers in our world. Some will not make it in the 2050 world, others will become more prominent. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Cars, roads, train travel totally different! Upper West Side of Manhattan buildings look taller, as if they were raised up. (Svetlana)
  • The world is so different. There has been a lot of migration. People build differently to protect from super storms and reduce need for fuel consumption. More below ground homes for temperature moderation. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • We’ve trashed the planet in a lot of places. Trying to learn from those mistakes. (Julie)
  • 2050 +: Trees grow again in the Colorado mountains, cooler climate bears happy sleeping. Bee’s pollinating more. (Helena)
  • Ruins of flooded coastal cities, overgrown and picturesque, have become tourist attractions. We live in smaller communities with cleaner technology land less people. (Andrew)
  • Materialism not so emphasized. (Doris)
  • Shaking off antiquity. (Ming).
  • Aliens helping us farm. (Meghan)

2051: Black cloud around the U.S. Capitol. It is disconnected from the rest of the country. (Jeanne Mayell)

2058: Small boat filled with people, some armed, crossing body of water to get to better living conditions. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • A band of people are ice picking up steep mountains. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Man in robes and beard looms over Capitol in rage. Brings fire and brimstone down on it. Capitol burns. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • I see a lot of old people, implies life extension, age, sex, gender, race, and cultural blending. I sense wisdom in the collective.  (Michele)
  • Everyone is wearing uniforms, are dark blue, very military. (Lola)
  • Cities floating on the ocean in international waters. (Beccay)
  • Images that I don’t understand. Swirling dance like energies at play. (Wayne)
  • Life spans double what they are now. There are ET outposts in remote areas. (Wayne)
  • 2058-2061 another World War.  Feels like people are living in late WWII Germany ghettos.  China, and other Asian countries and Japan allied against Australia and its allies.  (Sophie)
  • Indonesian countries are in the dark.  The Philippines are free of the Duterte-like regime.  But they are flooded.  Feels like Venice! But it is worst than a third world (Sophie)
  • Bad decade, people suffering.  But it ends on the lighter side. (Sophie)
  • I must be living in the boondocks. It’s quiet and rural. (Andrew Posey)
  • Did we live through something in which balance was restored?  Less people, more life. (Andrew Posey)
  • Bow Hunting more prevalent now. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Flying pods. (Doris)
  • Nuclear warfare is banned everywhere. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Space travel, inter-dimensional awareness, knowledge of other dimensions. (Alisa)
  • Sky highways not just for the planet, but for going into space. (Doris)
  • Human and animals are considered equals. (Louli)
  • We finally took climate change seriously and tried to reverse it. Spending more time outdoors instead of in front of the computer.  (Ginny)
  • Greenhouse plant culture with well controlled conditions. (Ming)
  • People cook less.  They buy their meals at machines or communal kitchens.  It’s more economical that way. (Bluebelle)
  • All content will be streamed, no more television signals. (Ginny)
  • Our homes are high up in dome like building, lots of plants for oxygen. (Donna)
  • People can communicate by telepathy. (Ming)

Image of bow hunting. (Jeanne Mayell)

2064: Thick clouds covering the Eastern Seaboard. (Jeanne Mayell)

2068: Mushroom shaped cloud. A nuclear explosion to block the heat of the sun? (Jeanne Mayell)

2072: Coast of eastern U.S. flooded 20-30 miles inland, mudflats. (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Bright, sunny.  Good decade.  Reminds me of the ideal life depicted in the 1950s.  (Sophie)
  • No longer, “when pigs fly,” but “pigs can fly!” (Michele)
  • The sky is yellow. (Beccay)
  • The U.S. capital still here. People in space suits protecting from elements. A woman in the market with long hair, a baby sleeping in her arms. Life goes on. People have farm animals.  Baby sheep.  (Jeanne Mayell)
  • China at the forefront of technology, they rule and make major decisions, leaders overall (Doris)
  • I see a beach and sand, quiet and close up. (Kathryn)
    Some cities are redesigned to minimize commuting. (Ginny)
  • Swirling dance-like energies at play. (Wayne)
  • Strengths of the northern hemisphere has shifted to the southern hemisphere.  Australia and New Zealand are the only democratic countries.  Antarctica is allied with the Australian continent.  (Sophie)
  • US has no international influence at all.  The decline of the American empire began with Bush.  Trump made it so much worse that it could not recover.  (Sophie)

Peaceful scene of village in forested mountain region. Homes high in the mountains. Look like tree houses. Looks like ancient Japan. Are these villages that have found a hospitable climate? (Jeanne Mayell)


  • Meatless society. People don’t eat meat anymore. (Audree)
  • Center of U.S. is brown and barren, like Australia, in that most of population lives along coasts. (Bluebelle)
  • Aircraft holding 1-2 people, as common as cars, but much safer. (Bluebelle)
  • Europe changing city landscapes interwoven with diversity of land and architecture. Refugees brought their cultures, a mélange of new culture that is more open. (Svetlana)
  • New map, new divides, new borders and country shapes. (Gail)
  • Women in power. (Julie)
  • About 75% fewer people, but are healthier, and world is wilder than before. (Andrew)
  • I see a cello in a music room. So life does go on, art goes on, and some things are the same. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Caribbean islands are sparse, some empty. (Jeanne Mayell)

2080’s to 90’s: Atlantic seaboard feels and looks tropical and surprisingly beautiful and orderly, palm trees far north of where they used to grow, wind mills on the landscape – the old fashioned kind. U.S. becoming more rural again. A peaceful feeling. (Jeanne Mayell)


    • No cars. (Ginny)
    • I see men with beards and suits. We are still here! (Jeanne Mayell)
    • Giant, healthy forests again.  Something has been done to protect our environment. (Bluebelle)
    • People have a lot more pleasure in life, a healthy kind of pleasure, and their minds are cleaner.  (Ming)
    • Psychic phenomena are recognized and accepted (Ginny)
    • Mother Earth rises, Atonement circle is manifest.  (Michele)
    • I saw spaceships, a lot of astral travel. (Lola)
    • I hear Gregorian monks chanting. (Beccay)
    • 2100 It doesn’t seem completely physical to me, as if we moved up a notch or two energetically. (Wayne)
    • I feel we lived through something. (Andrew Posey)
    • Integrated with aliens, they live among us. (Doris)
    • The picture that popped into my head is a lush green jungle and dinosaurs. (Kathryn)

    Artificial trees with white feather-like fronds gather C02 from the atmosphere. They flow in the wind, are considered beautiful.  (RunestoneOne)

  • Society is mosaic, smaller in scale, but very complex and colorful. (RunestoneOne)
  • Adequate nutrition for pregnant women, will continue to be a major gateway problem.  You can’t build good kids’ brain when a mom is starving! (Miriam)
  • Robots integral to our lives.  (Jo)
  • Aliens are now our neighbors, helping us farm. Assisting in technologies. (Meghan N)
  • Igloo, penguins, Inuits. (Bin)
  • LIght, sunny. (Sophie)
  • Foggy… air quality much worse. (Elvera)
  • Small communities scattered. People huddled more together in small communities. Alaska fully settled, and northern Canada too. Rainy, very rainy in the northern latitudes. (Jeanne)
  • New York City only in history records, underwater building did not work. (Tracy)
  • World population declining. (Christopher)
  • Population much smaller. Animals precious. We are not alone. Aliens. Space travel normal. A devastation occurred which destroyed so much and woke us up completely. (Toi Lynn)
  • There is some kind of protective bubble over the earth, protecting our atmosphere, protecting us from global warming. (Bluebell)
  • Forests starting re-grow. (Christopher)
  • People are not seen. In homes that are made of cold, steel color. (NJF)
  • Personal spacecrafts, new ocean vessels accessible to everyone. A symbiotic relationship between nature, humans, and tech. (Graciela)
  • There is more respect for animals living among humans. I see a small monkey, the body is about a foot long, in a jungle setting near a house. People are adapting their home surroundings to include the habitat necessary to support wildlife. We are all living together. (Audree)
  • Feels more matriarchal, but definition of masculinity feels renewed, different. not toxic. (Meghan N)
  • Flying cars, holograms, instant connect with people by thinking about them, almost robotic humans or maybe they are robots. (Diana)
  • Most of Florida covered in water, has become a sailboat playground. (If only Rick Scott were around to see this). (Jeanne)
  • I see a map of the U.S. New weather patterns. There is a wind or weather shift more northeast to southwest, then the other way around. (Jeanne)
  • People more in tune with their intuition. (Bluebelle)
  • Eastern seaboard of the U.S. is quiet, palm trees along southeastern seaboard. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • U.S. is still here but feels broken up. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Huge migration to Canada. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • Palm trees and a vast plain. (Svetlana)
  • I see light, small flying vehicles that have replaced cars. They are very safe transportation. There maybe no guns at all. Food is more controlled, cleaner, better healthcare, and there are fewer people in the whole world. Pollution is cleaned up nearly almost entirely, and white bears roaring large like angels in white icy snowy light. (Svetlana)
  • The Earth’s air is clean all over the planet! There is a focus on growing food. Everyone knows how to grow food. There is also an emphasis on the development of each individual. It’s a well-rounded approach involving the “whole” person. (Audree)
  • Happier children. (Ming)
  • Most of the planet is without people. (Andrew)
  • I see a girl with a broad straw black hat. Smiling, lovely. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • France is still here. (Jeanne Mayell)
  • New language being spoken. (Julie)
  • Rural lifestyles. (Julie)
  • It’s like By the Waters of Babylon. (Julie)
  • It’s not space age, but sustainable housing that is super tech, sparsely populated, living not in big cities but small communities.
  • Much migration from India. China is a major world power.
  • Regrowth for the planet through artificial means, which helps recovery. (Donna)
  • I see an image of a family in 1900, back to a simpler time.
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  1. Francie 11/16/2018 at 11:33 am - Reply

    Just out:
    Jim Acosta should be reinstated. However, we will see how the WH responds to these news real soon.

  2. Rachael 11/16/2018 at 2:56 am - Reply

    Marianne Williamson has announced she’s considering running for presidency! Any readings on this?

  3. Valerie 11/15/2018 at 12:20 pm - Reply

    Young people leading the way…
    I have more faith and confidence in the young individuals changing our country and the world…
    Look at the kids from Parkland…

  4. Chris Romero 11/15/2018 at 5:26 am - Reply

    I just can’t believe how everything has turned into such a hot mess here in Florida.

    Both the Governor and U.S. Senate races are still too close too call. Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott are both declaring “victory” even before all of the votes have been counted. Senator Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum have filed lawsuits. Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump are all making false accusations against Democrats claiming “fraud” and they’re encouraging right-wing protesters to harass various supervisor of elections offices all over Florida.

    Something just doesn’t seem right about this election. I remember about a month ago, Senator Bill Nelson announced something about him having evidence that the Russians had penetrated our voting systems here in Florida – this was mentioned a few times on the national news networks…but then nothing more was ever said about it.

    –It does seem awfully suspicious that both Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott would win. –Andrew Gillum was ahead of Ron DeSantis in EVERY poll.
    –Bill Nelson was ahead of Rick Scott is most polls too.
    –Also, some off-the-wall source claimed that data showed 12% of African-American and Afro-Caribbean women here in Florida voted for Ron DeSantis….which is absolutely ridiculous. There is NO way 12% of African-American / Afro-Caribbean women would vote for a racist scumbag like Ron DeSantis.

    Also, it’s odd that Amendment 4 (which will restore voter rights to former non-violent convicted felons) would pass here in Florida by almost 65% of the vote….but again, both Gillum and Nelson would come up short in votes.

    Most Republicans and conservatives don’t support Amendment 4. So, it was mostly progressive Independents and Democrats who voted in favor of it…and there’s no way they would vote for DeSantis and Scott.

    We Democrats were able to flip two Republican U.S. Congressional districts here in Florida: Florida 26th (which was held by Republican Carlos Curbelo…but went to Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell) and Florida 27th (which went to Democrat Donna Shalala). It appears we flipped one Florida Senate District too: Florida State Senate District 18 was held by Republican Dana Young….but it’s likely going to go to Democrat Janet Cruz.

    Last but not least, Democrat Nikki Fried is declaring victory in the Florida Agriculture Commissioner race. So..she’s the only Democrat in a statewide race who is currently ahead in the votes.

    All in all, given everything I just mentioned…I find it hard to believe Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott would be the winners. I really hope the manual recounts reveal the truth.

    Jeanne, I’m curious as to what your thoughts or insights are to all of this. Have you done any reading with regards to the U.S. Senate between Senator Bill Nelson and Rick Scott or the Governor’s race between Andrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis? If so, what do you see?

    • Anonymous 11/15/2018 at 12:22 pm - Reply

      I hear you!
      I recently read a headline on a news site: “Why, oh why, does it always come down to Florida!”

    • Carlos Benitez 11/15/2018 at 1:02 pm - Reply

      I also live in FL and have similar concerns regarding the Senate and Govenors Race.

      Something is off with these totals. Gillum and Nelson had been trending up in the most recent polls (I think in the +6 range as late as the Sunday before the election) yet somehow both DeSantis and Scott are leading in their respective elections.

      What makes me skeptical in these results is The fact that Scott, Gaetz, Trump and Rubio have been screaming about fraud for the last week, almost as if they are laying a foundation for their base that might explain the uncovering of altered votes. My questions are the same as Chris.

      Were votes altered?
      Will the current recounts help uncover the frauds?

    • Kelly Clover 11/15/2018 at 4:43 pm - Reply

      I blame faulty Florida election laws as well as Donald Trump for many of these problems. Florida election law is faulty because it doesn’t fully take into account the problems that heavily populated counties around Miami face. There is a huge difference between counting 1,000,000 votes in a densely populated area as opposed to counting only 10,000 votes in a far more sparsely populated area. They really need to grant more time for vote counting in the heavily populated areas. Failure to modernize voting equipment is another issue. There has been a total lack of support for doing this in the GOP and machine malfunction issues are causing unwanted problems that were preventable had the proper legislation and procedures been implemented in advance.
      One of the bad things I see for the foreseeable future is a GOP stranglehold on the judiciary because Republicans control the senate and may continue to control it for a very long period of time. I looked at the 2020 senate matchups. Although Republicans will be defending 22 seats, nearly all of the seats are in obvious GOP stronghold states and it will be extremely difficult to defeat any of these incumbents. A likely scenario is that Republicans will have a 53-47 advantage in the senate going into the 2020 elections with no more than 4 GOP seats where the prospects of a flip are realistic. To make matters worse, Democrats will be defending one seat in an obvious GOP stronghold state where they are extremely likely to lose.

  5. Belle 11/14/2018 at 11:51 pm - Reply

    Jeanne in your reading into Mueller’s investigation into Trumps affairs, you talked about King Henry VIII’s daughter becoming England’s greatest monarch. You said this woman was Catherine, don’t you mean Elizabeth I?

  6. Jeanne Mayell 11/14/2018 at 7:27 pm - Reply

    This is for Kelly Clover who asked that I update my Mueller predictions. Here you go:

    • Pat 11/14/2018 at 9:48 pm - Reply

      All, please read Proof of Collusion by Seth Abramson. Newly released this week 11/13/18. Lays our research to show collusion was bribery by money laundering in exchange for pro-Russia friendly policy at cost of US interests. Jeanne your readings on Mueller and Trump are eerily close to findings of this book.

    • Kelly Clover 11/15/2018 at 7:02 pm - Reply

      Thanks Jeanne for the Mueller investigation update. I have a question to ask: Is there any possibility that the 2020 presidential election will not happen at all because Donald Trump will have become a totalitarian dictator. I’m trying to account for why you can’t see what happens in 2020 when Donald Trump’s first term expires.

      • Jeanne Mayell 11/16/2018 at 11:14 am - Reply

        Sorry, Kelly, that is a great question. But I don’t know the answer to that and can’t read it right now. It’s not that there’s anything to why I can’t read it, but that I just can’t read everything that everyone asks or my head and psyche become clogged. Hard to believe it would be occur, though. This country’s democracy is too strong to hold back something as sacrosanct as an election.

        • Kelly Clover 11/16/2018 at 10:18 pm - Reply

          Donald Trump’s actions are very consistent with someone who is trying to destroy our democracy and set up a dictatorship. An excuse to impose martial law is one way he could become a full-blown dictator. YouTube sites like that of Mark Taylor are egging him on to do exactly that! And you have seen he will never accept defeat or admit being wrong and he’s got plenty of people that will blindly support him no matter what. Your past predictions say that he and his supporters will try to rig elections thru voter suppression or otherwise. I’m sure that huge numbers of people who lived in Germany during the 1920s and 1930s thought that someone as evil as Adolf Hitler could not seize the reins of power. But it happened!
          Among other things I think there is something supernatural connected with Donald Trump which enables him to get away with great evil just as there was something supernatural connected with Hitler that partly explains his unbelievable evil. Both men made fiery public speeches where they tried to stir up hatred against certain groups of people they wished to marginalize. Both men relentlessly attacked the press until the press became subservient puppets of the dictator. And you have seen under Trump that there are detention camps where people are treated inhumanely just as there were under Adolf Hitler. Since Republicans control the senate I fully expect that Trump will try to stack the courts with judges who are extremely partisan in favor of the dictator! Trump’s minions will try to intimidate and force out judges who don’t support his policies. This might be what happened to Anthony Kennedy.

  7. Valerie 11/13/2018 at 9:06 pm - Reply

    This may be a hit.
    I saw that someone predicted that UFOs will be making themselves more known, at least to more people.
    Here is a story about UFOs off the coast of Ireland.

    This gives me hope, as we need all the help we can get…even if from “little green people”

  8. Michelle 11/13/2018 at 6:11 pm - Reply
    • Valerie 11/14/2018 at 7:24 pm - Reply

      Great find! I hope this continues!

  9. Lovendures 11/13/2018 at 5:05 am - Reply

    As I was looking at the updated prediction hits I actually gasped a little when I saw Oct. 27th and the mail bomber prediction hit. That was barely over 2 weeks ago and it seems a lifetime.

    This is not normal.

    Seriously, so much has happened since the mail bombings. Sessions was fired and Whitaker took over, (someone who Trump knew very well and yet not at all.) the historic and devastating California fires, massive Trump Paris armistice failure, lunch with Putin, election drama, 2 mass shootings, Ginsberg breaking ribs, federal judge halting Keystone XL pipeline, the US is being invaded by a migrant caravan and orders the military prediction to the border to save us all.
    Trump blaming everyone and everything including: fire, rain, California, every republican who didn’t support him and lost, how Arizona runs elections, how Florida runs elections, Obama and the military, France and Macron, Jim Acosta hitting the intern, Acosta is rude and terrible person, black female reporters are nasty, wants a new election do over, doesn’t want to count veteran votes, birthright citizens should not be citizens, and blames the stock market slide on “Presidential harassment by the Dems”.

    My brain is exhausted.

    I can only imagine what will take place between now and Thanksgiving.

    • Lynn 11/13/2018 at 8:23 am - Reply

      So true, but we’re at the half way point, so there’s reason to be optimistic. We’ve made it through two whole years (which have felt like decade) but now we’re going to have some congressional oversight, the Mueller report coming out at some point in the near future, and the 2020 presidential campaign starting. I think there’s reason to feel better folks!

      • Bin Zhao 11/13/2018 at 10:11 am - Reply

        How much damning evidence against the GOP will Mueller uncover in 2019 and 2020?

      • Allyn 11/13/2018 at 7:46 pm - Reply

        There is a lot of reason to feel optimistic. While Democrats took the House, the Democratic losses in the Senate may not be as bad as previously thought. With Arizona declared as a win for Democrats, that leaves Florida and Mississippi left. And if Florida and Mississippi should somehow go Democrat, then guess what happens?

        Basically, the Senate count would be 51 Republicans and 49 Democrats, which was the exact same number of members prior to the midterms.

        And if that happens (especially with the fact that the map was in favor of the Republicans this time), then at least a few Republican officials will start to reassess the situation of their party. After all, if you can’t keep Congress and/or make significant gains in either house with the economy being what it is and the map entirely in your favor, then what will happen when (1) a recession eventually hits, (2) the 2020 Senate map flips completely to where it is the Republicans who are disadvantaged, (3) the public suffers from “Trump fatigue” because they are sick to death of him insulting and abusing everyone in sight, and (4) Mueller finally releases the results of his investigation as to Trump’s activities?

        There is still a lot more drama left to deal with, and it will probably get worse before it gets better, but at least there is an actual reason to be optimistic. Because now there is an actual chance that (1) we have some people in Congress that will actually fight back and (2) some Republicans may actually wake up and purge their party of its negative influences to the point that this country can actually encourage bipartisanship and corporation again.

  10. Kelly Clover 11/12/2018 at 2:33 pm - Reply

    I am extremely troubled by Donald Trump’s heavy-handed meddling and bullying in the Arizona and Florida vote counts and re-counts. Dictator Don has no respect whatsoever for constitutional limits on his power. He has no right to interfere with the democratic processes in these states. Thanks to Dictator Don no one is going to accept the final results in either state because they will know the results are because of the heavy-handed meddling and bullying by Dictator Don, not the actual vote counts.

  11. Jeanne Mayell 11/10/2018 at 6:13 pm - Reply

    On a lighter note, someone posted this in the forum under the thread The lies of Donald Trump

  12. Kelly Clover 11/08/2018 at 9:34 pm - Reply

    This message is for Jeanne Mayell. Can you update your section on Robert Mueller? It pretty much cuts out at the end of this year. We know that the current acting attorney general is a tool that Trump is using to scuttle any attempts to hold the president accountable for any horrible crimes that he has committed. We know that GOP senators who said there would be hell to pay if Trump fired Sessions were liars who in fact will still fight to protect Trump instead of making him accountable for wrongdoing.

    • Jeanne Mayell 11/08/2018 at 9:54 pm - Reply

      Kelly, Thanks for reminding me. I will try to do some updating tomorrow, or Sunday.

  13. Lynn Ventura 11/08/2018 at 1:23 pm - Reply

    Another hit re: recount. Bill Nelson (Senator from FLA) is requesting a recount. Gillum has said he’s open to anything:

  14. Francie 11/08/2018 at 10:35 am - Reply

    It is simply amazing how Trump gets away with his treatment of the Press in US. Look at Jim Acosta’s handling by Trump.

    What really gets my goat on this one is how he stated that Jim had put his hands on the young aide! That is a total lie. When the segment is played on the network, it is clearly apparent that the aide was trying to remove the mike but Jim simply held on to it and never put a finger on the aide’s arm or hands! That should alarm the masses on this: it is a flagrant, demented lie. How can you work with someone like this? When it is predicted that he will loose his mind, it is quite apparent it is already happening. No sane man or woman would do this. I’m so glad the Dems have won the House – they should start soon to keep him under control. He is extremely dangerous to himself and the nation at large.

    • Jeanne Mayell 11/08/2018 at 9:56 pm - Reply

      Francie, the GOP chaos has really ramped up in the last few days. Regarding how the WH has lied about the WH reporter, Jim Acosta, even FOX has called out Sarah Sanders on this one for posting a doctored video of Acosta’s interaction with a WH intern who tried to forcibly take his mic from him:
      The doctored video of the incident that the White House postered came fro a conspiracy website Infowars. It’s a new low, even for Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

      • Francie 11/09/2018 at 4:03 pm - Reply

        Yes, you are right. I find myself extremely impatient to see him gone. I have to admit that watching CNN is becoming more infrequent by the week as I cannot watch it every day anymore. I actually feel sorry for Sarah. She seems to have no choice but to follow what is going on, continue to be loyal to a mob boss. As you corrected, it was altered to fit the extreme right mandate and his manipulative hatred of the media, particularly CNN. This man does not belong in that office. As you pointed out, since the elections, it would seem he is even more chaotic and rambling – do anyone sense that he is frightened now to the point that his reaction toward the media is a direct result of his feelings?

  15. Jeanne Mayell 11/08/2018 at 8:01 am - Reply

    Now that Jeff sessions has been replaced with a trump loyalist who has openly stated he is against the mueller probe, people are mobilizing and taking to three streets today at 5 pm eastern time for a nationwide protest. If anyone wants to participate here is a link to where to go in your area.

  16. Lovendures 11/08/2018 at 4:12 am - Reply

    There is currently an active shooter situation in Thousand Oaks, CA at Boarderline C&W Bar and Grill. It was College Night. At least 6 injured including a sheriff deputy. 100’S inside at the time.

  17. Jessi1978 11/07/2018 at 3:19 pm - Reply
  18. Francie 11/07/2018 at 3:11 pm - Reply

    Just out: AG Jeff Sessions is now out – he gave his letter of resignation to CoS John Kelly today. Effectively, Trump fired him! Who else will go on the chopping block?

  19. Lynn 11/06/2018 at 11:28 pm - Reply

    Dems are taking the house. Some painful losses, like Florida, but the results so far are pretty much in line with the predictions made on this site.

    • Kelly Clover 11/07/2018 at 4:03 am - Reply

      It’s about 3am Central time. I’m seeing something extremely suspicious that looks like it could be rampant cheating by the Republicans. On CNN the number of House races projected to have been won by the Democrats mysteriously shrank from 224 to 220. I believe that Republicans with or without assistance from the Russians have doctored vote totals in a large number of races. What happened in Georgia looks extremely suspicious to me at least for the governor’s race. I also suspect that late reporting totals from the Miami area may have been doctored to help Rick Scott and Ron Desantis win. Something is not right and proper. I believe that Republicans intend to steal the House victory away from the Democrats thru rampant cheating among all the other crap they have likely done!

  20. Kelly Clover 11/06/2018 at 9:18 pm - Reply

    I’m watching election returns on CNN. At this point it looks like a disappointment for the Democrats. Any hopes of a huge blue wave are not materializing although there might be some gains for the party. The 2 major Florida races seem likely headed for recounts. Both the senate and governor’s races are extremely close. The Texas senate contest is much closer than several polls suggested. CNN just projected that Democrats will not win the senate race in Tennessee.

    • Allyn 11/06/2018 at 9:47 pm - Reply

      I just feel sick to my stomach. I knew we couldn’t win the Senate, but I was hoping to win the House. If the Republicans win the House, then what is the point? Trump will be unstoppable. He will continue his divisive rhetoric, continue to hurt and marginalize people, separate children at the border (and possibly kill migrants at the border), the government will continue to fund corrupt rich people at the expense of the lower class and the environment, the culture of rape and violence against women will continue to flourish, and the America that we once loved no longer exists. I honestly don’t think I can take any more. Why is God so cruel that he allows such evil being done in his name? Why do those who claim to be Christians support such evil? Yes, I know the Bible says that God uses flawed people for His plan (King David as a classic example), but David was also brought low when he committed adultery (with the lose of his child) and when he refused to punish his son Ammon after Ammon raped his sister (which resulted in Absolom, Ammon’s brother, killing Ammon and almost taking David’s kingdom). So why do these people continue to embrace hatred? I am finding it impossible to see the light right now.
      If the Democrats could just win the House, even by a few seats, they could have a little negotiation power and at least be a force to keep Trump in check. But if they lose, then I fear that Trump will take that as a message that his way is acceptable and become even worse. And when that happens, all I see is our country spiraling into violence and chaos. I really need some light right now, because I don’t feel it. At all.

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