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04/20/2019 11:28 am  

Great post Cindy.  Most of my relatives are Republicans with the exception of my brother who is Dem like me.  They are all scared of the changes in the world or angry that "they" are getting free stuff that "they" don't deserve.  None of them can tell you who "they" are but they are getting stuff for free!  I have one cousin I was at one time quite clase too that I don't visit anymore.  All she does is sit by herself in her apartment and search the internet for reasons to hate people while listening to Fox news.  SHe has no compassion and no empathy for anyone.  She lost her daughter to cancer 25 years ago and has never recovered.  She calls herself a Christian and can quote the Bible all day but she hates everyone who isn't just like her.  It makes me so sad.  I have a group of ladies I worked with that get together twice a year for lunch.  The last time one of them started the Rep talk and whipped out her gun she carries for personal protection.  This is the same gal that got up from her desk and tripped over her bottom desk drawer she had just opened!  I excused myself and left after I got the lecture of how it was her right and if I didn't like it it was my problem.  I will not return for anymore lunches.

I don't understand who these people are afraid of!  Why do they think they are so important that someone is going to come and try to kill them?  It's sad but I don't want that in my life.  As I have exibited on here a number of times I have a tendency toward depression.  Being around people like that either makes me angry or sad so I stay away.  I recently have returned to my Yoga practice.  This gives me a lot of peace.

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04/20/2019 11:48 am  

    Not surprisingly, Fox News Channel hosts are lying thru their teeth from here to doomsday about what is actually in the Mueller report.  They rely on people being intellectually lazy and not going to the trouble of getting the report and reading it themselves. The only reason that Robert Mueller did not indict Donald Trump on criminal charges is because of a ridiculous DOJ rule that says you cannot indict a sitting president. This effectively places the president above the law, something the founding fathers never intended.

    Mueller's report outlines overwhelming evidence that Donald Trump repeatedly obstructed efforts to properly investigate meddling in the 2016 election and learn the truth.  Trump would be answering criminal charges for obstruction of justice except for the ridiculous DOJ rule.  There is a strong likelihood that there could be a sealed indictment against Trump on exactly that charge effective January 20th, 2020. There might also be sealed indictments for tax evasion and money laundering as well that won't be effective until January 20th, 2020.

     Just because Mueller could not prove that the Trump campaign was actually involved in the Russian meddling doesn't get Trump off the hook. Mueller proved that the Trump campaign expected to benefit greatly from the Russian meddling and there were extensive contacts with the Russians so they could benefit.

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04/20/2019 1:31 pm  

I love Lawrence's vision. I believe it too. Take heart 5LeafClover, Faux News viewers are in for a surprise this weekend. There are ads being run by the group The Republicans for the Rule of Law on their favorite channel: Newsweek article or you can see the ad itself here: Obstruction of Justice ad

Republicans are seeing the train wreck coming, and they are starting to disassociate and condemn: Kerry statement

Imagine how many more will be on board if they hold hearings and hear Rumpelstiltskin's aids and law enforcement community members telling everyone how they were told to break laws or obstruct justice. How many more will join when his taxes and business records are reviewed and show other crimes. 

It's the beginning of the end. 

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04/20/2019 5:12 pm  

I was in the liquor store today (!) and the owner had Fox on as loud as it would go.  I tried to tune it out but the vibration was just disgusting.  I finally just turned around and left.  Why should I buy products from smeone who hates what I stand for?  The little bit of the dialogue I did let in was that the American people are sick of this report and support Trump 100%.  They had a Rep senator on who said The reps want justice too and secruity but blab,blab, blab.  T hat's when I stopped listening.

As for Romney, he lost all credibility when he stood up to Trump when he too was running, then backed down and kissed up to him after the election.  Romney is wishy washy and only wants to get his face on TV and his name in the papers.

I forgot to mention in my earlier post how much I love the nicknames!  I laughed myself silly at some of them.  Donny little fingers made me snort!

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04/20/2019 9:50 pm  



In response to the woman who whipped a gun out at lunch and proclaimed its for her protection, this is the logic I cant make sense of. Its almost a phallic power they are using to cover up for other insecurities. A majority not only need to have the gun, but they also have an overwhelming need to let everyone know they have one and defend their ownership of it. Excuse the brashness of the coming analogy, but it really seems to be the same mindset. How would surrounding people take it if, at lunch, I took out my manhood and proclaimed it was my biological right to have one? Aside from the audible chuckles(self deprecating humor is fun at times), everyone would be appalled. "But it is for my protection in case I start on fire. I need it to put the fire out!" How is that any different, and much less threatening and dangerous, than pulling out a gun at a lunch table? 

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04/21/2019 11:03 am  

LOL, MAS1581!  I don't understand it either.  It must fulfill some need i don't get.  I have gotten to the point when they start the it's my constitutional right BS that I reply it's my constitutional right to choose not to be around them.  Then they start sputtering!  One time I whipped out my pocket size copy of the US Constitution and said show me where it says that.  I have read the Constitution and half of theBS they say is in there isn't.

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04/21/2019 12:10 pm  

This has nothing to do with the Mueller report, but I wanted to recommend an excellent, 2-part PBS series that some of you may find of interest.  I wasn’t sure where to post this recommendation, but thought it was worth mentioning here.  It’s called “Reconstruction:  America After the Civil War” by Henry Louis Gates Jr.  It’s really worth watching.  So much we were never taught in school and still don’t know.   Our country has never honestly faced the sins of our past and healed from it.  The series explains a lot about our current divisions and where we are now.  I pray that as we face our truths as a country, we will face our divisions and heal together.

Wishing you all a beautiful and peaceful Sunday.


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04/21/2019 12:39 pm  

Thank you for mentioning this deetoo. I fully agree that our entire nation needs to face a reckoning of sorts--even if we or our family were not personally involved in the sins of our past, we still have the power to do what we can to right the wrongs. I have been encouraged by the reparations movement that is beginning to get notice in a few pockets around the country. That, and where I live we are replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day. 

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04/22/2019 7:50 pm  

Our full moon meditation session is now posted on this page. Posting it in two short pieces.  Part 1: healing ourselves - do this first - it will make you strong (6 min). Part 2: healing our world. (12 min)

If you would like to do another one in about a month, let me know.  The attendance was very high and the feeling was powerful. Many reported feeling high as kites, strong, hopeful.  There are other groups out there in the world.  We have joined with them in spirit. 

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04/23/2019 5:14 pm  


Thank you for sharing the Pink Full Moon mediations on Vimeo. I rewatched both immediately. Just lovely 

I truly hope that anyone reading and commenting here who is picking up fear or anger or angst of any kind justs heads right over to listen to Jeanne's words of wisdom and empowerment and meditates with all of us through the magic of the Internet and video access. 

It will help you to let go of so many triggers and negativity, now and in any challenging times ahead.

I for one have only missed one predictions group experience in 2 years here and that one prediction's night, we were helping family. 

But fortunately Jeanne had it available on line at that time and I therefore still participated, still felt part of its energy with my viewing and sharing of the group experience and energy!

I can say after being part of the original full moon meditaion and then watching it and meditating during the video reviewing, that the energies were just as lovely and just as strengthening as far as empowering positively and group participation.


Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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05/01/2019 1:14 am  

Anyone have updated thoughts, predictions or readings on Mueller/Barr?  I keep re-reading Jeanne's article on how everything Mueller has done will come to light, despite the best effort of the traitors to keep it hidden.

It's looking like Mr. Barr is in big trouble.

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05/01/2019 9:52 am  

Polarberry, I need to update my reading on the Mueller but am waiting for something to percolate.  I keep seeing that his work was stymied back in February and so I believe he is done now.   He either chose or was forced not to draw conclusions that would implicate the president and his family.  He failed to publish or even look at Trump's tax returns.  He failed to subpoena Don Jr or other family members.  When he interviewed Sarah Sanders, she admitted she lied and lied and lied. 

The work is out there, but whether it will bring  the perpetrators to justice depends on a blue wave in the Senate.  Meanwhile the insurgents in the Supreme Court are going to do their best to prevent a blue wave. 

I struggle with where it is all going.  As long as Mitch McConnell is in charge of the Senate, the light is clouded over.

The battle for our democracy is ongoing, and the insurgents have the advantage at the moment, but that will change. I continue to remember that 2014 reading I had that showed a descent in late 2019 or 2020 that lasts until the mid 2020's.  I thought it was the financial markets but as it unfolds, it looks more like it was the spirits of the Collective.

Every once in a while a  friend or family member utters some right wing propaganda that reminds me how deeply divided we have become.  They utter  nonsense they've been fed that they want to believe. I struggle with how to find a path to healing. We need to have more Circle of Light meetings because it helps rise above the darkness. 

I had a dream in which I saw a map of Kentucky as something I need to understand.  I now realize that the time of the dream coincided with the day the Supreme Court listened to arguments on the citizenship census question.  They will make their decision in June. They are expected  to rule in favor of adding the question, even though lower courts ruled against it.  That ruling will depress the minority and therefore urban representation in Congress and in the Electoral College.  The insurgents are trying to give greater representation to rural states. The citizenship question will help them do that.

It will push us towards the vision I saw long ago of our country breaking up into regions.  I will continue this discussion in this thread - How the Scotus Census question will affect our next elections.

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05/01/2019 2:55 pm  

     Jeanne, when you talk about America breaking up into regions it reminds me of predictions previously made by A psychic who claimed to have been visited by extraterrestrials. His predictions say that America breaks up into 5 regions as a result of not 1 but 2 American civil wars. It's abundantly clear that the GOP has a maintain-power-at-any-cost mentality,  ethics, morals, and the law be damned. It's also clear that because of propaganda outlets like many of the hosts on Fox News, millions of Americans are completely out of touch with reality concerning the truth.  And Donald Trump more than any previous president is deliberately inciting people to hate certain groups of people.

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05/01/2019 6:43 pm  

We need to have more Circle of Light meetings because it helps rise above the darkness. 

I wholeheartedly agree, Jeanne.


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05/01/2019 8:57 pm  

I probably sound like a scratched record, but I still believe that the reason Mueller didn't interview Twitler's kids is because they are indicted targets.  Time will tell and I hope I'm right.  Bill Barr will try to meddle and obstruct those cases as well-he said today that he had spoken with cheetolini about ongoing investigations.  Lying, obstructing justice and breaking laws means nothing to these people.

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05/01/2019 10:07 pm  

For the past two years I've been holding on to the April 23rd, 2017 edition of the New York Times Magazine because of a column written by Nitsuh Abebe labelled "Panic Attack," about the anxiety-saturated state of American politics and culture. Abebe writes:

"What make might humans less anxious, it seems, is having a firmer sense of what in the world is happening and what's likely to happen next. We seem temporarily short on both. A quarter century ago, in the Prozac-not-Xanax era after the end of the first gulf war, we were worrying at these same uncertainties. In the 1991 novel 'Generation X,' one of Douglas Coupland's characters ventures that 'the world has gotten too big - way beyond our capacity to tell stories about it, and so all we're stuck with are these blips and chunks and snippets on bumpers.' A pressing national worry, right now, is that our dueling bumper-sticker snippets have nothing productive to say to one another. An unpleasant thought follows: that maybe the only thing that could relieve our national anxieties is something bad happening to us - something so clarifyingly awful that we're forced to become solemn and still agree about it."

I was of the same mind as Abebe even before election day in 2016. So to answer your question, Jeanne, I think a path of healing will necessarily involve a "clarifyingly awful" national crisis, and right now the likeliest source of that reckoning will be a financial crisis that will dwarf what happened in 2008. This is not a cynical outlook. Rather, systems science, cybernetics, and even the study of ecology tells us that in the face of existential threats, sudden discontinuity/disorientation gives rise to new, more resilient regimes that are better equipped to counter those threats. Or we can look to our bodies, which respond to infections by running a high fever. As miserable as a fever might be, the inflammation serves a purgative purpose and is therefore part of the healing process.

 So yes, more Circle of Light meetings might be in order. I could be wrong about a catastrophic economic failure, but in general, affairs in this country are probably going to get worse before they get better.

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05/02/2019 12:13 am  


Like you, I believe Trump's offspring will be indicted.

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05/02/2019 12:35 am  

Feeling love and gratitude for you guys right now. 

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05/02/2019 9:46 am  

I too agree with Polarberry .  why do we insist on calling them kids?  they are traitorist lying adults!  rumor has it Ms Ivanka wants to be the first women president.  Good luck wiht that girl.  

As for the turtle man, Mitch.  his approval rating in Kentucky as of last week was 18%. Both the state main newpapers have trashed him bigtime in the last month.  he lied to everyone and people are embarressed by his behavior or lack there of.  So far the only Dem candidate for his seat hasn't offically announced.  I hope she does.  Amy McGraff (?) is a retired fighter pilot.  Mother of two down to earth no nonesense WOMEN!!!!!!!!  She has the backing of all the veterans groups in the state and if what I hear is correct on the national level too.  She lost in 2016 to Andy Barr, another hugh embassessment of a pig, but she didn't lose by much.  Dear Andy is the Rep who sarcasticly invited AOC to Kentucky to talk to the coal miners, when she accepted his invite wiht great relish he backed down and stole away with his tail between his legs.  He has money and rich backers in his district.  State wide for Senator would be a different story.  If the Koch brothers hadn't swooped in at the last hour and dumped a ton of money and paid off a lot of people Mitch would have lost the last election to Allison Grimes. He won by a smll margin.

Personally I don't think Barr did himself any favors with his attempted testimony Wednesday.  He looked like an ass and Kamila OWNED him.  He ended up mumbling and stumbling along.  I had to laugh Booker was sitting next to Kamila and he was having a hell of  a time trying not to laugh out loud!  He has no credibility and his reputation is gone.  Hopefully it will be enough to render him inaffective.  i'm sure they will try every trick in the book but Barr looked like the buffon he is yesterday.  I feel a shift coming, people are tired of Trump and his rants - really dumped onthe Firefighters yesterday - not popular.  I think Biden has him scared.  I don't know if Biden will get the nomination but he cn do some serious damage to Trumps head.

Ah well like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.

(please excuse my spelling, it is as much my typing as my spelling.  I am well educated but I never could spell!) 

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05/02/2019 10:06 am  

Agreed Yogagirl. I predicted that a male opponent would cause T considerable damage. I thought it was a GOP male opponent, but when Biden announced I realized it was him that I was seeing. T is totally intimidated by him.  

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