How the SCOTUS Census/Citizenship issue effects the next election  


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05/01/2019 10:34 am  

Last week I had a dream in which I turned over a Tarot card and it showed a map of Kentucky.  


I was not expecting to see Kentucky.  I hadn't even asked a question in the dream.  But here was the answer - Kentucky.  It took until today for me to put it together. Although I hadn't asked a question before turning over that card, the question that underlies all my readings is to understand the direction of our world. For some reason, the answer showed a road map of Kentucky. 

Kentucky is a rural state.  McConnell represents Kentucky.  There have been questions about his relationship with a Russian oligarch and with the Chinese. McConnell got Barr confirmed as Attorney General and then proceeded to take down the Mueller investigation and prop up the president.  McConnell had prevented confirmation of Obama's Scotus pick, expedited Brett Kavanaugh, and other backwater judges into the system.  

Kentucky is a rural state that has with its small  population succeeded in having a disproportionate influence in the propping up of a criminal president and the overhaul of the Supreme Court.

In June, the Supreme Court will rule on how we do the U.S. Census. They are expected to approve a citizenship question on the Census.  This question will likely cause many minorities to avoid responding to the census which means urban areas and urban states will likely become underrepresented in the next election.  This in turn would mean more electoral college votes for red (rural) states and more redistricting  to allow for more red legislatures.  If the insurgents get enough  red state legislatures then they can amend the Constitution.  If they can shift enough votes to rural states then they have an advantage in electing a more red House, more red Senate and a red president.   

This is a case of the few ruling the many.  Already rural voters have a hugely disproportionate say over who gets to be president. 

I believe over time the power will shift back towards truth and progressive politics but the census issue is important to understand. 

Progressives are working hard bring this to the forefront and keep the truth alive.  So please don't give up hope just because the insurgents' game plan is becoming more apparent (and more appalling).   The truth will always rise.  I can think of how this could end up better but for now I wanted to post the dream and the interpretation.   Any thoughts? 




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05/01/2019 7:37 pm  

Jeanne, in past postings you have said that things will change in 2028. However, seeing Mueller's report, I feel that he will be the shining light in the darkness. Given the SDNY and the Democrats doing their investigations, I feel something radical will happen, in the form of indictments and impeachments.

I was wondering do you see a constitutional convention from 2020 to 2030? Even though you said that democracy will not die but will get a beating, will the US ever become an autocracy?

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05/01/2019 11:51 pm  

Jeanne, my first thought when you said Kentucky was McConnell as well. 

 McConnell is up for re-election in 2020 and recently announced he will run again.  Perhaps the map has something to do with his campaign.  Perhaps we should be watching some Kentucky polls to see if the 'map" is a road map for his election  (successful or unsuccessful) .  Maybe by watching what happens in Kentucky, we will get an idea about what might be going on in the rest of the country.  What if Kentucky is more important than we think?

 I additionally would like to add that Rand Paul is a senator from Kentucky.  We might want to keep an eye on what he is up to in the senate.

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05/02/2019 8:42 am  

Related to the census case, a couple of things that might cheer folks up. I wouldn't dismiss the possibility of Roberts siding with the liberals on the court. He's done this in the past. Even if he doesn't, remember that people who might be scared to answer the citizenship question on the census don't just live in blue states. Texas, Florida, Arizona, are full of immigrants, documented and not. Frankly, so is the rest of the country. As blue states become more expensive to live in folks of all legal status migrate to purple and red states (who picks the crops in all the red states?). On top of to that, immigrants in blue states might be less afraid to respond to the census than those in red states, just because of the general political climate where they live. So even if the question is included in the census I don't think it'll be the boon that the right wing thinks it'll be.

As for the break-up of the country, it's not only happened, but it's always been the case. We never got over the civil war. Also, there's an anthropologist that developed a map of the US (I'll try to find a link) where he makes a good case that we're really 5 countries and not one. Again, I'm not too concerned about this. I mean, the framers envisioned a loose republic of pretty independent states, and we've never feared that. We shouldn't fear that we've become a smaller group of state/regions. The US is simply too large to be one like-minded country on every way.

As for Jeanne's Kentucky dream, I'm hopeful that means McConnell will go down. That man has been called the grave digger of democracy. He needs to go away.

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05/03/2019 11:33 am  

A couple of non-intuitive takes on this -

1. I think we all should only put our names and addresses on census forms, and nothing else (except maybe birth date). Just don't answer the other questions. I never have and no one has come knocking on my door. Especially now, we know Cheetolini, Justice Beer et al are not going to go out of their way to do an accurate count, and Congress won't PAY for that. On the intuitive side, I keep seeing the citizenship question on the form.

2. Re: Kentucky - this is coming up for many of us. What triggered me was reading a news article about how the Russians are building an aluminum factory in KY. They are investing hundreds of millions of dollars there. The people in KY think it means more jobs, so they are ok with it, they don't see that the oligarchs (including McConnell, may he dissolve to ashes...) are taking over the state completely. McConnell and Paul definitely had a hand in this. And you know it's going to decimate things in terms of climate and environment. And once the resource is sucked dry, the plant will close.

Any doubts that we have become a banana republic have been erased for me.


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05/03/2019 6:00 pm  

Maybe for the citizenship question we should all write in it that we are citizens of the world.

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05/06/2019 1:57 pm  

Ok, this may be a longshot. . . but Jeanne, have you seen the news about the Kentucky Derby? I know nothing about the background, but in this race, there was a declared winner who was then disqualified after the stewards (referees) found that he "bore out" or "turned right", impeding other horses in their lanes, and another horse was named the winner. It's been very controversial and might end up in the courts. I have no idea if this relates to your dream, but it seems like an omen of some kind, esp. given your previous premonitions about a dark horse winning the 202 election, and someone not being able to declare victory despite winning.

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06/27/2019 12:48 pm  

Supreme Court appears to have blocked the Trump Administration  from adding the  citizen question to  the census form (yay)  BUT is allowing gerrymandering to occur  because they don't feel it is a thing the federal court  should be involved in deciding.  (#%*!).  So  it appears that we now will now are allowed to have rigged and extreme partisan districts that will benefit the powers that wish to rule in a huge blow to democracy.   

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06/30/2019 10:06 am  

The real problem is with "Mitch McConnel"  he is the driving force for implementing policy especially with placing less than qualified judges in the lower federal courts which will and can do lasting damage for decades.  an example would be roe vs wade to be overturned and is very possible with kavanaugh as SCOTUS.


it's the GOP wet dream to control all 3 branches of government

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06/30/2019 12:54 pm  

Lynn, you more or less predicted that Roberts would shoot down the Census question.  

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06/30/2019 1:15 pm  

I forgot all about this email. Thanks for pointing it out Jeanne. Smile

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07/01/2019 6:02 pm  

I am counting it as a hit. 

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07/02/2019 6:05 pm  
The census will be printed with out the citizen question

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07/04/2019 11:29 am  

I believe that the damage is done. Even if the question is not on the form, many illegals will not fill it out at all for [rightful] fear that once their names and addresses get to DC, the raids will begin.

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07/04/2019 11:44 am  

I agree. And many legalized aliens will not fill it out either.  Trump has had legal aliens brought in for questioning about how they got their legal status. 

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07/05/2019 9:31 pm  

Bad to Worse for Trump: WASHINGTON — A federal judge Friday ordered that a case go forward on whether a citizenship question can be added to the 2020 census and said it will focus on whether the Trump administration was "steeped in discriminatory motive."



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