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The Pain you Suffer when you are Psychic (or Intuitive) & How to Make it a True Gift  


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12/05/2019 4:02 pm  

Note: In this article I use the terms psychic and intuitive interchangeably. Also it's long so I set it up so you can just read the bold and get the gist.

First a little about discovering your psychic ability, then how it can feel like both a gift and a curse, but is really truly a divine gift. It just helps to know how to manage it. 

We all come hardwired with psychic ability.

It matters how we use it, whether for good or for personal advantage. I’m only going to write here about people who use it for good.  Those are all of YOU! I call you light workers.

You always had this ability, but may not have known it until someone showed you. (You still may not know it.)

Many who come on this site say they are not psychic. I bet you are.  I’ve watched those who try it out at our Read the Future Nights and are flabbergasted when they get a hit later on.  (If you are a skeptic, then you are blocking your psychic ability.)

I did not know I had the gift until age 34.  When I became aware of it, I looked back and realized that my entire life I’ve known things I had no logical way of knowing.  When I was a child, I thought my ability was luck or coincidence. When I grew up, I thought my gift was just some kind of intelligence I had, and I felt a little fraudulent that I knew things without evidence.  Employers promoted me for my special knowledge, and I felt guilty about zooming to the top so fast so often.   I didn’t think it was “psychic” until I met a professional psychic in 1984.  Then I realized I’d been psychic all my life.

Once you realize you have the gift, you may seem to get more psychic almost overnight.

That’s because you become more aware of your ability and start noticing things you were thinking or doing that turned out to be psychic.  Then when you think back on your life, you might realize you’d had this gift all along.

The gift comes to you in the fields or subjects you are interested in.  That’s because you focus more deeply on your interests. Until I realized I was psychic, I thought you had to be making world predictions like Edgar Cayce or Jeane Dixon to be psychic. I didn’t realize I had been using my gift in the classroom, in my health care policy job, and in research. The pertinent information just seemed to fly to me.

If you can learn to use the gift for good, then your life may take on new meaning, even with the difficulties it brings.

Berkeley Psychiatrist Elizabeth Mayer recounts in her book Extraordinary Knowing her session with a brain surgeon who never lost a patient because he’d see a blue light go off near their head before deciding to do surgery. The blue light meant that the surgery would be successful.  If he didn’t see it, then he didn’t do the surgery.

But his gift came at a cost because he couldn’t tell his medical students how he was able to never ever lose a patient.  Psychic power is taboo in our society.  He knew he’d become a laughing stock. So he left the teaching hospital, became depressed, and sought the psychiatric help of Psychiatrist Elizabeth Mayer who recounted the story in her book.*

There are psychic people everywhere who you will never know because they don’t realize they have the gift, or can’t talk about it.  I believe climate scientist James Hansen is psychic. Yes, he uses science, but he has a gift of being able to see the climate future among all the volumes of data he gathers. Coming up with a hypothesis take intuition above all else.  There are many stories in history of these epiphanies.

Intuitive people can see the woods from the trees just like I can glance at a Tarot card and see what Ruth Bader Ginsberg is feeling right now. It’s an instant knowing.  It’s especially important in science, but it’s important in any life endeavor.  Being an intuitive myself, I recognized James Hansen’s gift the first time I read his work. I also knew he was right although I thought more radically than he.  His early predictions, although unpopular and considered extreme, have been more accurate than anyone else’s.

The difficulties of having the gift: 

1. It is painful to feel the world so deeply. 

Light workers understand the radical interconnectedness of all beings. This is a high calling and involves a highly evolved psyche.   We are empaths which means we feel what others feel.  This is where it can get very painful and nerve-racking to be psychic.  So, you have to protect yourself.

2. Sometimes you feel you do not have boundaries. Guess what? You don’t.

That’s why you can feel other’s thoughts so deeply. I go to great lengths to protect myself.

I do not listen to Donald Trump’s voice or words or watch any of the GOP apologists going off at the whistleblowers. At this point, the GOP spin is off limits for me. So is Fox.  When I hear them, I feel sick and angry. Why would I listen to gas lighters, liars and thieves anyway? They are just trying to get into your head and confuse you.  They don’t confuse me because I know dark energy when I see it.  But it is painful to take it in and it goes right into my heart.

I do read the news every day, but I am selective. The Washington Post agrees that Trump and his enablers are liars, so they send news that is bad for him and don’t throw the GOP counter spin in your face. No paper is perfect, including WAPO, but their constant political news bulletins don’t make me sick.*

But there is actually is a joy in not having boundaries:  that you truly can feel one with this world and your love can be boundless. 

You can feel the animals, the birds, the trees, the forests, and the oceans as well as any human being you decide to focus on.  This is beautiful, boundless love.  You can really love everything and everyone.  You can go into a forest and listen to them all and feel the peace they emanate.

You can heal with this gift.

3. The cost is that you will bleed for the downtrodden if you let yourself think about them.  When I was a child, I used to listen to the radio all day for the rock and roll music.  But when the news came on, I’d also hear terrible news. I ran downstairs one day crying to my parents that Mr. and Mrs. Smith had died in a fire with all of their children.  At first, they were alarmed until they realized I’d heard it on the radio. “Oh, that’s just on the radio, honey,” they said. My parents and my siblings weren’t letting this information into their psyches, but I couldn’t keep it out.

When you do start bleeding for others there is a solution, not just for you but for the ones who are suffering:

Here’s what I do:  I think of them and their suffering and I immediately contact the highest angels or healing presence (use whatever you believe in), and I imagine them sending healing to the afflicted. Sometimes I imagine them sending that healing through me to them. Either way works just fine. I start picturing the afflicted people getting stronger or being protected.  I send them well-being and I tell them they are going to be okay, get stronger, get through it.  You can get quite good at this practice. On the receiving end, people report that a presence helped them or an angel lifted them up.

The practice of feeling and sending healing and positivity to the downtrodden is a high calling for empaths. It is your gift that you feel their pain. It is likely the reason you came to this world at this time — to guide and heal others in whatever way you can.  Just sending love to them is likely enough.  You can decide at what level you want to perform this work.  Choose what keeps you whole and happy.

I’ve made a meditation here that creates instant healing to you and all of those you love. It’s awesome. I didn’t do it alone so do read the credits.

4. When you first realize you are psychic, you may think you know everything. But you don’t and you will fall on your face.  

Stay humble and know that you can’t know everything just because you proclaim it or see it in a Tarot card. Over time you will begin to understand how consciousness and perception can fool you into thinking that something you see is going to come true. Other times, you will be astonished at your accuracy.  Practice makes perfect and even with a lot of practice, you still can’t know everything. For example, I’ve known for years that the IPCC climate reports were woefully underestimating, though not on purpose, what was going to happen.  They are getting much better now.

So I have a strong knowing about the climate. But I don’t know how much longer the oceans will be able to hold all that  heat.  I don’t know how much humans will be able to stop burning fossil fuels or whether humans will find some interim solutions to save us.  So my gift is not absolute.

I’ve also had a knowing from the beginning of his campaign that Donald Trump was compromised by Vladimir Putin.  I just know it is true, yet I still don’t know when Trump will be gone. I’ve had some visions of a Congressional blue wave  in November 2020 that will then prompt him to step down if he gets reelected. I know that the Russians, some other foreign entities, and the GOP will hack the hell out of the election in all the ways they can.  But I don’t know whether they will be successful.  So there is a limit to my ability to see the election at this time.  Sometimes a gate lifts and I can see much more than I could before.

So it is good to keep trying and be patient with yourself when you can’t get an answer. Always write down what you see, the check it later for accuracy. You will learn so much from your errors.

5. Intuitive/psychic people feel and often behave differently than other people, and so the gift may isolate you.  

We all need a “choir” of close friends with whom we can share our deepest feelings. Being psychic may change that.

When I first knew I had the gift, I told everyone.  Big mistake. Lost friends.

Once I learned to keep my mouth shut, I noticed that I suffered from all the skepticism I encountered on the one hand; and became dismayed and angry at all the myopic people I deemed to be “not awake.”  I thought, why can’t they see what I see? I felt so alone.

In Greek Mythology, Cassandra was a beautiful priestess of Troy who the besotted Apollo had given the gift of prophecy.  But then when she rebuffed his advances, he added the curse that no one would ever believe her.  When the Trojan Horse was placed outside the gates of Troy, Cassandra begged them not to bring it into Troy because she knew psychically that it would cause disaster.  But no one believed her.  It is painful when you see disasters coming and people don’t believe you because they can’t see it.  Worse, they may shake their heads and ridicule you. The Greeks understood this problem even then.

To avoid isolation and feeling misunderstood, I urge you to assemble your “choir” of people you can share deeply with, even if they are new in your life. 

6. Another problem for people who are openly psychic is that believers think you should know everything and never make mistakes. And if you make a mistake, then they think you’re a fraud. There so much to say about this issue, but the fact is that:

(a) Even Micky Mantle only got a hit one third of the times at bat. That’s 33% hit rate. I know my psychic hit rate is higher than that, but no psychic is 100 percent.

(b) Some things are unknowable.

(c) Some things can’t be determined until a certain time passes and possibly will never be known.

(d) Psychics have different specialties, depending on their interests.  So I’m not going to be helpful with which movie will win the academy awards or most of the Royal Family issues. I can throw a card on these and often get the answer but it wouldn’t come to me normally.  Sometimes there are exceptions. I was surprised to have seen the Nationals win the World Series before I even knew they were  team.  I readily see the climate change future, and I can read many of the political players, and sense a lot of what goes on behind the scenes in the political circles. We all have our interests.  I can also read individuals in a healing way, and get messages from spirit for them during a private reading. It’s always been my thing to help people one on one. So it’s no surprise to have a gift in that way.  It’s what we care about that we do best.

(e) You can't go around reading everyone all the time just because they ask you. You'll collapse! Learn to set boundaries on your services. 

6. Finally, the most common complaint of psychic people is that they feel like a freak and/or are afraid of the things they see. 

Many people who hate being psychic tell me that they tend to see impending illness, accidents, disasters, and death.  This type of gift is very difficult, especially if you had this happening to you as a child.

But it too can be a positive gift. In one of my classes I witnessed one of the most magical experiences of my life when one of the participants saw another woman’s departed sister standing at a portal with a message for her living sister. Two others, including myself, had also seen the portal. But participant  saw much more. I wrote about it in this article:

I too have sensed people on the other side, many times. But this event had a magical quality that took my breath away. The woman who had the vision, a young Iranian dentist who came to the US as a toddler told us that she has always been able to see when a family member was going to die. She has a huge extended family, so her gift has happened many times during her life.  She feels fine about it. When she saw the woman’s deceased sister, her revelation had a healing effect on the living sister who was in my class.  It also affected everyone in the room.  It wasn’t just another mediumship event which I’ve had, and I’ve witnessed. It was a spiritual miracle that healed the living sister, and profoundly changed the rest of us.

People who hate being psychic because they usually see bad things, might want to consider that they are unconsciously performing a healing.

When we see someone in a reading, we connect with that person.  We are there with them in some way. If we see a national disaster unfolding, as I unknowingly dreamed I was running around a World Trade Center tower desperately looking for a way down a few days before 9/11, we are connecting with the people in that disaster.   In my dream, I was in the tower.  I became the person there. I believe I was there with them, drawing their pain into my psyche by becoming part of them. I awoke frightened, but I was safe. I believe I took some of that fright out of their tender psyches as they faced the event. 

We intuitive empathic psychic people are like trees sending nutrients to the other trees in the forest. We draw from their pains by feeling them, even sometimes becoming them, then we send them love.  We don’t have to know we are extending healing when this process happens.  But we are. 

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12/05/2019 4:39 pm  


OMG thank you so much for writing this. I feel so many on this site needed to hear this. You are such an angel Jeanne! MUCH love and light to you!



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Gratitude right back to you, dear friend. 

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Because of its length and so it won't get lost in the forum, I made this post an article.I included @triciact's Peace Angel--  

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This is such a gift, Jeanne.  Thank you for writing it.

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Thank you, Jeanne.  This touches my heart and resonates with me deeply.  Each one of us has a unique gift and path ahead, but by creating this site, you’ve helped us find our online choir here.  Now finding our choirs in our communities can happen through spirit guidance, can’t it?  Even though I’m still new to my community, there are a few people I’ve been drawn to and while reading your post, they both came to mind.  That’s a spirit thing, too.

May you be blessed a hundredfold for every person you’ve helped and every life you’ve touched.  Much love to you, my dear, dear friend.

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I am so so grateful for this post! I identify so much with everything you shared. I especially appreciate the section on seeing painful/negative experiences as an opportunity to help others. I've been struggling so much lately with acceptance due to fear of what I've seen.

I posted in another thread about my most recent struggle (cut and pasted here):

Years ago I was much more in tune with my intuition. My sister and mother helped me to discover a kind of "gift" that I had; they would think of a person they knew and I would be able to "see" the person they were thinking of and describe every detail about them that came to mind. I would often "see" a challenge that they were currently facing in their lives, or something significant in their pasts that were affecting them in the present. Soon enough, my sister had been telling her friends about what I could do and they would ask her to ask me to give them a short reading, so I did that for a little while. There were some really funny things that I would see during this time- one morning, I had the most vivid image of my sister walking into a building in NYC, wearing heels (I described every detail of what I saw to her when I spoke with her later), and she tripped on her heels and spilled her coffee, and this struck me as extremely funny. I spoke with her later in the morning and the first thing I said was, "were you embarrassed when you tripped and spilled your coffee in the lobby this morning?" She was shocked that I had seen what had happened in such detail and we had a good laugh. Anyway, all of this is to say that I have tried to shut this off since my cousin's death, largely because I had seen and sensed his death for years prior, and I didn't want to know anything anymore. I decided to tell my therapist about it yesterday for the first time and described how I'm so fearful now that I have turned off my intuition and can no longer tell the difference between something I "see" and a fearful thought/vision that I'm having. As a result of shutting myself off and deciding that everything I had seen was coincidental, I have also shut myself off from faith or belief in anything that can't be proven with tangible evidence/facts, so I have been struggling with a lack of spiritual connection as well. I also told her that I knew all of it sounded crazy, but she didn't question it or make me feel crazy (haha!). I still can't believe some of the things that I saw and was able to do, so I checked in with my sister ("remember when?") and she was like, "I wish you would allow yourself to see again." Apparently some of the things that I had seen really helped people that she knew- they had shared this with her and she wanted me to know. 

I know that I've been sensitive/intuitive from a very early age. I've known things about people without being told and have always bee deeply affected by others feelings. I also had depression and anxiety from a very early age. Sometimes I wonder if the fact that I was always listening and performing music (my parents were both musicians) somehow contributed to making me more "in tune" with the thoughts and feelings of others(?) At a certain point, I got into astrology and became proficient at giving readings, so I did that for a while, until astrology started to reinforce my fears and became more detrimental than helpful. What really scared me off was when the negative dreams/visions I had started to come true, or my worst fears were realized (since these fears turned out to be true). It's comforting to know I'm not right all of the time! I think I need to recognize these moments, since my fear is that whatever I'm seeing will come true... I'm also out of practice, so I do think learning to meditate and focus will help. I wish I were more effective at protecting myself and setting mental boundaries, since so much of what I feel/sense about others is automatic. 

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@Blubelle, your words heal me in ways I can't describe. You have that effect. 


You've expressed so much here that nearly every sentence deserves a response.  I hope you don't mind. I'm not trying to lecture you since you clearly are highly evolved but your post prompts thoughts that might help others too.

Sometimes I wonder if the fact that I was always listening and performing music (my parents were both musicians) somehow contributed to making me more "in tune" with the thoughts and feelings of others(?)  

In one small study about psychic ability done at the Juliard School in the mid 1980's, the researcher (Marilyn Schlitz) found that the musicians she tested performed by far better than the others. And in general, artists performed better at psychic tests than the general population. Although even the general population showed psychic ability. 

I agree that you are in tune. You resonate with the waves of consciousness that form a music to you.  I have always been musical. Since I was three,  I've  always have a song in my head.  My musician friends are the most sensitive people I know.  

I got into astrology and became proficient at giving readings, so I did that for a while, until astrology started to reinforce my fears and became more detrimental than helpful.

The more trauma we have, the more we will imbue our personal readings with anxiety.  I don't have that problem when I give a reading to someone else.  It's a divine calling that comes from spirits. But I can't use the cards on myself. I know the cards too well and will start drawing my fears.  So instead I go into nature and ask the trees to help me with my fears. I get strength and reassurance from them.  Also reaching out to the highest beings you can and just listen for some simple quiet words. 

I also want to add that if we stop feeling because we don't want the pain, or we don't want to be a bother to others, we also close our hearts. We throw the baby out with the bathwater. You can't not feel things and have an open heart. So the price of not feeling is very dear.  

Real pain, which often comes in sadness or shame, is very hard to hold. We are not meant to do it alone. But sometimes we just have this awful pain and the best solution is to feel it and breathe. Make some music, or listen to it, take a walk or go for a swim. For a while I listened to Kelly Clarkson singing The Trouble with Love. There is so much sad music out there that helps us feel and integrate deep pain.  

What really scared me off was when the negative dreams/visions I had started to come true, or my worst fears were realized (since these fears turned out to be true).

Even if your visions come true, there are other realities in this world that are positive and good. That's why we do positive predictions as well as just regular predictions. The good stuff is happening too. Also there is some powerful good news astrology out there among Hindu culture that we are moving towards a golden age. 

I have tried to shut this off since my cousin's death, largely because I had seen and sensed his death for years prior, and I didn't want to know anything anymore.

Psychic information comes from being in the present moment and sensing the energies from the heavens.  Worry and anxiety comes from the past or reading news stories and the belief that the past is going to happen in the future. It is not psychic or intuitive. It is being in the hard drive of your brain which is just memory.  That's why mindfulness is a good place to be even if it's painful. What you can feel you can heal. 

You may have sensed his death coming because you were in some way taking his pain into your heart and helping him.   Whenever we connect with someone in spirit, we are taking some of their pain into ourselves. Think about how that works. We take them into our minds and hearts because we have some strength and we can provide some balancing by mixing with our own minds.  They get a little bit of our consciousness, we get some of theirs.  They are less alone because you have tuned into them. If you send well-being back to them, a knowing that they will find their way, then you have done even better for them. 

I always used to wonder why every time I threw a spread for someone, it showed some distress that wanted healing.  The easiest people to read are those in distress. 

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