Guided Meditations (under 10 min)

Loving Kindness Meditation  I do this ancient Buddhist meditation every day to heal my heart and send loving energy and protection to others. The first part will wrap you in healing energy. Next to wrap someone you love in that energy, and you send it to your whole country and then the whole world. Music with gratitude by the amazing emmy award winning Matt Paviolaitis, from his CD Seeds of Awakening, vocals & photos by Jeanne Mayell.

Colors Meditation to open your Third Eye 

Practiced daily, this meditation will not only soothe your soul but will increase your inner visioning ability.  By focusing on the colors of the light spectrum while seeing numbers you begin to hone your inner sight. We use this inner sight for energy work, e.g., to remotely view the future of our world,  see spirits on the other side, and read people’s thoughts and activities.  It takes practice to hone that muscle. Vocals and words by Jeanne Mayell, music unknown.

Chakra Cleansing:  This powerful meditation is even more powerful when done is a Qigong movement which is how I always do it. I use it to cleanse my aura as well as my clients’.  This will be available as part of a special offer in November.

Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners.  Mindfulness meditation reduces stress, ADD, aging, depression, heart disease, pain, inflammation, and heals your psyche. It also is the bedrock of intuitive power.  Just ten minutes a day will change your life.  This will be available as part of a special offer in November. 

Willing Your Way Meditation A method of inner visioning that gets you what you want –  from true love to right work to anything you want for your life.  This will be available as part of a special offer in November.