I do this ancient Buddhist meditation every day to heal my heart and send loving energy to others. The first part will wrap you in healing  energy and raise your self love which we all could need in this culture. The next part will wrap  someone you love in your loving energy – opening your heart to them and protecting them. Finally you will then open your heart to its fullest and send healing energy to the whole world – all the people, the animals, the seas and the land. If we all practiced this meditation, we could save our earth and all its inhabitants. So start a movement. Be the change.  Music by Matt Paviolaitis in his CD Seeds of Awakening, vocals  & photos  by Jeanne Mayell.

You can purchase any or all of these additional recordings for $25 each or $125 for all six:

(1) Colors Meditation to open your Third Eye  Practiced daily, this recording will not only soothe your soul but will sharpen your inner visioning ability.  Students in my Predictions Group practiced this meditation with me to sharpen their inner visioning ability.  We use this inner sight  for energy work, e.g., to remotely view the future of our world,  see spirits on the other side, and  read people’s thoughts and activities.    It takes practice to sharpen that muscle.

(2) Easy Mindfulness Meditation   Mindfulness meditation reduces stress, A.D.D., aging, depression, heart disease, pain, inflammation, and heals  your psyche. It also is the bedrock of your  intuitive power.  Just ten minutes a day will make you a happier, healthier person.

Willing Your Way Meditations: Create an energy field to attract what you want.

(3) Willing Your Way Meditation For Finding the Right Partner. Listen to this two-part recording to attract your right partner. I used this after years of relationship frustration and found my wonderful life companion.

(4) Wiling Your Way Meditation for Finding Right Work. Whether you are looking for a particular job and need to be guided to the right work, this meditation will guide you there.

(5) Chakra Cleansing: This powerful recording combines inner visioning with a qigong-type movement to clear and balance each of your chakras (your body’s energy centers), strengthening your (1) spiritual connection, (2) third eye (intuition), (3) ability to verbally communicate, (4) your heart connection, (5) your will, (6) hara which is the center of your being where digestion and deepest sense of self reside, and finally, (7) root which affects your groundedness, sexuality, and your connection to the earth.

(6) Loving Kindness Meditation. This is a more recent recording of Jeanne’s Loving Kindness meditation, an ancient Buddhist meditation that opens your heart, protects you and your loved ones, and sends healing energy to the whole world.

TO purchase a download of one or all of these recordings, contact us for a PayPal invoice which we send you. After it is paid we will email you the recording.