Setting aside a silent minute each day for a better world  


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04/07/2019 2:53 pm  

In the Mueller thread some have suggested we set aside a silent minute each day for positive outcome in the way that the British led a silent minute at 9 pm each night during WWII to win the war against Hitler.

The idea for a silent minute arose out of a concern that the President might succeed in muffling the Mueller Report, that Senate leader Mitch McConnell would succeed in blocking attempts to hold the president accountable, and that bias in the election process would support GOP wins at the polls. 

I launched this topic to ask for ideas about just what would be the best prayer to make each night for our world.  I'm hesitant to get too specific in my prayers. 

I've always loved the Loving Kindness meditation that I posted on this site several years ago.  In it we send loving wishes to  all beings in this world:

  • May all beings be filled with loving kindness.
  • May they all be held in loving kindness.
  • May they accept themselves exactly as they are.
  • May they feel the joy and wonder of being alive.
  • May they be filled with deep and natural peace.  
  • May their hearts and minds awaken. May they be free. 

But perhaps we need something more specific to the issue at hand in U.S. politics. 

Any ideas? 

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04/07/2019 3:22 pm  

Jeanne, thanks for creating this Forum topic.  I love the Loving Kindness meditation.  I also try to avoid too much specificity in my prayers, although I have and do pray for things like someone's physical and emotional healing, etc.   Given the dire political challenges we are facing, maybe some specificity is warranted?   I'm not sure.  But ultimately, it has to be for the highest good of all concerned.  I have to sit with this for a bit.


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04/08/2019 1:32 am  

I’m praying that our country is saved from a breakdown of our democracy, that our country is saved from a descent into fascism, that our government can truly be elected by a majority of voters.  I’m praying that Trump gets his karmic due, that he is fully exposed  and that he leaves office.  I’m praying that accomplished men and women will rise up and help our country heal and recover from the past two years.  I’m praying for a lot, but believe all this is possible.

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04/09/2019 4:01 pm  

Bluebelle, that is perfect.  I'm with you 1000%.

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04/09/2019 6:24 pm  

Love it, Bluebelle.

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04/10/2019 12:44 pm  

Jeanne, thanks so much for starting this forum.  I've been thinking about this for some time but didn't know what to do so reached out to you.  My spirit self has been encouraging that those of us who come together on the same accord will see changes of great magnitude.  I will follow any ideas that bring us together.  


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