Climate change, war, and a future we want to avert  


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04/25/2019 10:57 am  

Climate change is the root of the Syrian conflict and the pressure on U.S. southern border. So says the world's greatest climate advocate, Bill McKibben, who has been remarkably prescient about our climate situation and how it will spark wars. McKibben, founder of, has a new book that promises to blow your mind and not in a good way. 

It is not like McKibben to be pessimistic. I first heard him speak in 2007 at Middlebury College when he was first getting off the ground with a handful of students.  The organization grew to millions of participants and has been a global force behind climate advocacy. He was optimistic back then that we could roll back greenhouse gas emissions.  And why not? The solution was really pretty simple at that time, and doable.  

I saw his talent and strength, but did not feel anyone could stop the establishment from escalating climate change. I asked him about his optimism, given my own feeling that the establishment was not going to stop emitting greenhouse gases.  I heard so much hope from him.  

His new book is more foreboding, reflecting perhaps lessons he's learn after 12 years of activism. He now describes a more sinister possibility for the future than he's described in previous writings.  But it's one worth reading if people are to consider how billionaire oligarchs and the insurgent GOP may handle the coming climate catastrophe.

Here's an article about the book and an interview with McKibben. 

I think we need a long-range Read the Future night. Are people up for it? 

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04/25/2019 4:18 pm  

Yes, that would be great Jeanne.

Also, I think we should consider a book section.  I say this because I have noticed  a few weeks after someone posts about an interesting book in a thread somewhere, I go back and try to find the book mentioned and then can't remember the thread in which it is mentioned.  Sometimes threads morph into some other topic.  So, perhaps a thread with  relevant book resources could be a consideration to add to the forum?  


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05/05/2019 8:02 am  

I would love a new remote viewing session.  I'm in.

Lovendures, I think your suggestion about a book section is a great one.  But I was wondering if we could maybe make it a new category as opposed to a section somewhere.  It would be easier to find each book and a discussion about a suggested book would be interesting.

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Yes, climate change, war and economic stress are all related and our 3 most compelling issues. I haven't read the book mentioned above. But my visions and/or intuitions to the future show a world of drowning cities, ice free Arctic Ocean in the summer, whole island nations disappearing, large population migrations and problems with food and fresh water supply. Climate change is here and accelerating. We can, we will, and we are taking measure to stop the acceleration.  But, 10,000 years ago the glaciers were a mile high in New York state. The coast line used to be 200 feet lower. There are many sunken cities from past ages.  Climate change is cyclical and a part of nature and continuous. Yes, we industrial civilization, are adding to the acceleration. We can, should and will stop doing that. But the Earth is an ever changing organism.

I also see new trading routes, massive trading transactions across the Arctic Ocean, new cities or rebuilt cities, Siberia and Canada with  becoming new bread baskets.  A new refreshed and changed world is coming as well.

It is true we need to see, recognize and take action against climate change. But we also need to visualize, prepare, plan and organize how to cope with it. It will continue from 10-12 thousand years ago. Fearing climate change and blaming others will not help us. We need a new green plan, new building plan, new food distribution system, not just from governments but from everyday people. Plans locally, nationally and globally.  We need new visions of the future not based on fear of climate change but on hope, faith and Light. 

This group and be one of may forces in that mission.

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05/05/2019 9:13 pm  

Believer,  I thank you for posting and for showing optimism and kindness.  

But I take issue with the part of your post that conflates the modern term "climate change" which is a human-caused, wholly unnatural and deadly shift, with the natural earth changes that have happened over the millennia and took thousands of years to unfold. Before I set the record straight, I want to say that I don't believe you made this mistake on purpose. I think your motives are pure and you just want us to be able to relax and be happy. But you've been given misinformation so I want to set the record straight. 

The natural 10,000 year old changes you mention have nothing to do with the climate crisis we are in  now.  It is fallacious and misleading to mix the two.

The new GOP spin on denying climate change is to conflate the two.  For 35 years they denied climate change was happening. They ignored 98 percent of scientists and hired their own fake scientists. If they had not done that, we would have been able to save our planet with relative ease. Now we are in deep trouble and billions of people will suffer at unimaginable cost.  

But now that it's obvious to all that the climate is dramatically changing, they are continuing their war on the truth by trying to get people to believe that these recent changes are natural and not human-caused.  

They are not natural. 

Climate change refers to an unnatural spiking of earth's temperatures from a sudden (sudden in geologic time)  surge of fossil fuel burning over the past 250 years.  

Climate change refers to a human-caused  emergency that is happening to our planet that, if not abated, will cause mass starvation, mayhem, war in the next thirty years and mass extinction among humans and other complex life forms within the next 2 hundred years.   

Contrary to what your post says climate change is not something that we will be dealing with for the next 10,000 years.  Because if we don't stop burning fossil fuels now and come up with some miracles to pull the current carbon out of the atmosphere, our species will not be here in a five hundred years, much less 10,000 years.  We will have killed ourselves off because of human-induced climate change.  

It is a scientific fact that Fossil fuel burning is a bomb we have exploded on ourselves over the last 250 years (which is a blip in geologic time)  that, if not abated, will kill off our species. If you deny this fact then you deny science.

Climate change will flood and destroy the world's coastal cities with all of their history by the end of this century. 

Climate change is caused by fossil fuel emissions driven by the gas, coal, and oil companies and expedited by the U.S. Republican Party who are doing all they can to confuse what is happening so they can go on burning and burning their fossil fuels for profit.  

It is important to lay the blame where it belongs because those people are still causing the continuation of this problem. They are the Darth Vaders of our times.

They are the reason you have written a mixed up post that erroneously conflates what they have done to our world with natural earth changes in climate.  

The blame for this catastrophic situation rests squarely with the Republican Party. No amount of fancy moneyed spin, will get them off the hook. History, what little is left for humans if we don't wake up, will not be kind to the GOP. 

Perhaps we should go back to the original name for climate change -- the greenhouse effect so they can't use the name to confuse people. 

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05/06/2019 10:10 am  

Yes, Jeanne, I did.

Held my thoughts and comments and announcements as I knew once I began posting on it and the U.S. and China as the biggest polluters in the world and the only major countries to not support the Paris Climate Agreement, I would go into a fit of apoplectic negativity and therefore not benefit my mental, physical, or spiritial health.

Arrggh. Ha! 

Sending best thoughts and lots of living light into the dark depths of the collective and the world's biggest dictators.



Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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05/06/2019 4:04 pm  

Looks like US is sending a fleet of ships to Iranian waters, do you see anything happening?

There was a prediction for Conflicts in the Middle East but cant find it

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05/06/2019 4:36 pm  

Here are 2 differ articles which came out today, all relating to the environment and climate change.

The  first article discusses how 1 million ( out of 8 million) animal and plant species are at risk of extinction from human actions.  'The findings are not just about saving plants and animals, but about preserving a world that's becoming harder for humans to live in, said Robert Watson, a former top NASA and British scientist who headed the report.'    He also says that we are "threatening the potential food security, water security, human health and social fabric" of humanity.

The report's 39-page summary highlighted five ways people are reducing biodiversity and suggests ways to help.  It is always good to offer some solutions when the news seems to bleak.

Article 2 out today discusses  a study showing that educating children about climate change increases their parents' concerns about climate change.  Basically speaking, if we want to change the way the world views climate change, we need to start with our children.



In reviewing the article it sure seems the information would be relevant to our world today.

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05/07/2019 1:53 pm  

Gratitude to the many school teachers who in spite of the sometimes harsh pushback from parents who don't believe in climate change, they have held their ground.  They are building a better future for us all. 

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05/08/2019 9:00 am  

… am halfway through Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior; a serendipitous juxtaposition of the reality of the believer's life and faith with that of the scientist.  Cheers to reading on in hopes of discovering their synthesis.   

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05/08/2019 9:07 am  

Re: Flight Behavior - There is a good part coming that pulls them together. It's includes some lines I used at the beginning of a 2014 article I wrote on Climate Change:

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05/08/2019 9:31 am  

Oh good!  Another "coincidence" for me is that yesterday I became formally aware of a growing movement of "spiritual advisors;" formerly devout Evangelical women performing the work of "spiritual companions" to others like them who are embracing the light through Reiki and the conscience of their hearts that cannot accept the way judgement falls on those they love, like conversion therapy programs (like Nicole Kidman's mom in Boy Erased), the removal of immigrant children from their families and placement in cages … 

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05/10/2019 12:53 pm  

Watched a PBS show on cars that gave me hope about how we will have totally sustainable non greenhouse-emitting cars.  It goes through the history of cars then near the end they start talking about  the use of graphene. Does anyone know if this is a real solution? 

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05/10/2019 7:18 pm  

Incredible. The imagery drew me in..loved it! It spoke to me on many levels. The title of the novel is perfect! Thanks so much for recommending it, Jeanne.

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05/15/2019 10:43 am  

This article takes a hard look at our climate situation that brings people up to date as to where we are right now in the climate crisis. It's adapted from the author's new book The Uninhabitable Planet that was  widely featured on NPR and MSNBC last March. 

According to Wallace-Wells, we need the Green New Deal for a start. We also need technology to suck carbon out of the atmosphere. 

Like everything involving the climate (and our politics), seeing the truth is not for the feint of  heart.  Still the author is optimistic that we will get through this. So am I.  In the same way that the climate situation is escalating, so are the solutions.  

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06/06/2019 3:30 pm  

Back to graphene … I tried to post on this before and couldn't find it but ended up finding Seyrin's response from two years ago:

Recently, scientists at the University of Manchester hit a breakthrough with desalination using graphene oxide. Graphene is a highly conductive (polar molecule) and also extremely impermeable (its mainly being studied in relation to energy efficiency and battery longevity). However, they discovered that the addition of oxygen to graphene opens up "holes" in the molecular membranous structure large enough to allow water through but small enough to trap sodium on one side. This makes it a perfect "sieve" for desalination.

So, here's my thinking about this and I'm not a scientist but think a lot about how neurons talk to each other and action potential.  At some point way earlier, Jeanne was speculating about salt being a source of energy and has been contemplating graphene for a while now.  Why couldn't graphene be used to create a synthetic axion and recreate the same biochemical reaction with sodium, chloride, and potassium to generate electricity?   

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