“Jeanne has an extraordinary gift that has been honed with education and discipline. I trust her judgment because her understanding and insight have been tempered on the crucible of life’s deepest chalenges and mysteries.”
Donna, ME
“I trust Jeanne for her honesty, intelligence, and positive energy; I give her full credit for re-energizing my creative life.
Thanks so much for being a wonderful teacher and an inspiration to your students.”
Donna, ME

“Today was the most profound and amazing psychic session I have ever had.”

Mary K., L.A.

I’m really blown away by your information. I’m not new to the transformative nature of the spiritual quest, or psychology; 30 years on this journey and I have to say, I perk up when someone is doing something important. You have quite a gift.
Gena S.
“I’m actually kind if shocked at how for me, you make complex concepts, simple. Your work, your energy, your words really spoke to me.”

Gena S.
To know that someone thousands of miles away can tune into my energy and read me so clearly, providing such an in-depth and accurate picture of my inner soul path that I KNOW to be true even when I fall prey to doubt, that was as much of an encouragement as the actual messages.
Alessandra, Alberta, CA
“Meeting you changed my life.
You were able to see me vividly and recognize essential qualities, dynamics, realities, and potential in my life from the deepest levels. I felt such ease in my innermost being. I am forever grateful.”
Donna, ME
“Meeting you changed my life. You were able to see me vividly and recognize essential qualities, dynamics, realities, and potential in my life from the deepest levels. I felt such ease in my innermost being. I am forever grateful.”
Maria, Boston
“Thank you for the wonderful connection that we made on Tuesday. You are such a warm, energetic and passionate woman and I feel blessed to know you. I believe in my heart that it was a divine appointment that we met.”
Cathy M., Washington, D.C.
“Not only are you a link to those we have lost, but you have been able to give us a sense of peace and equilibrium after all the turmoil in our lives. You have been an anchor for us in this time of recovery and we are profoundly grateful. ”
Kathy, VA

“Your work is incredibly helpful, magical. I want to share it with  those  who would understand the energy and meaning of your readings. ”
Mary M., San Diego


“Your work is so important and life affirming. Thank you from my soul.”
Kate M., Los Angeles


“I’m an American expat living in Singapore and I’ve followed Jeanne Mayell’s blog for quite a while now – so I was very excited to listen to recent [Unbounded Potential] interview with her. I really enjoyed it and signed up for a reading. Jeanne said I was the farthest away person she’d ever read – but it was amazing – most everything she said was dead on and tremendously helpful.”
H.V. Singapore


“Things are much clearer now and it feels like a weight has been lifted from my heart.”


“What my husband can’t get over, Jeanne, is how smart you are. ‘Fire the lawyer.’ he said. It was Jeanne who figured out how to win that lawsuit.”
Alexandra, Boston


“Once again, I thank you for the reading, which put me at greater ease.”
Diane W., Boston


“I want to thank you for the wonderful reading you gave me this morning. So many things you said were deeply insightful and meaningful. I was stunned at how accurate you were; I felt as though you could see inside my head and heart.  Although I’m sure you already know this, you have a rare and special gift.  Thank you so much for sharing it with the world, with the rest of us who are out here, a little lost and seeking guidance!! 🙂
CK, Boston.


  1. Gracesinger 08/05/2017 at 12:56 pm - Reply

    I have always felt that my essential life quandary is encapsulated in William Blake’s last song of experience: “Thou, mother of my mortal part, with cruelty didst mould my heart …. Didst close my tongue in senseless clay, And me to mortal life betray. The death of Jesus set me free: Then what have I to do with thee?” I knew the answer had something to do with developing mastery and experiencing joy in the mundane (attribution?), but I questioned my competency in performing these tasks. Moreover, I felt confused about what my life purpose is now as an older woman. Throughout my reading with Jeanne, I saw and felt my hands in wet clay set on a potter’s wheel whirled by the Mother’s love. Jeanne helped me see that I can stand in spiritual ecstasy without ceasing to be a meaningful mortal, receive the blessings of love and light, and share those blessings with others. My reading with Jeanne gave new meaning to my life. I am deeply grateful and completely inspired. So, THERE, William Blake! Bring it on! I am deeply loved and loving. I always have been. I always will be. Thank you, Jeanne.

    • Jeanne Mayell 08/05/2017 at 6:57 pm - Reply

      Gracesinger, how beautiful of you to write this. Thank you. The honor and pleasure was all mine.

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