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Will the future be as frightening as some of our visions?


[Since the election, many people are afraid. I’m bringing back this article from last summer to assure people that visions of the future usually look scarier than they will turn out to be.] 

Many of the visions we see when we meditate on the future are dark and scary. But dark and scary is not how the future usually turns out.

If you look back at our more negative visions over the past six years, and then track how they unfolded over time, you may notice that the future is rarely as bad as it portends.

In other words, psychic visions of the future usually look much scarier than they will turn out to be when they unfold.

Why is that?

I have noticed from tracking our visions that they often later manifest in the media, sometimes word for word.

So, are we seeing actual future events, or are we seeing future public perception of events that is formed in the media? Is there a difference?

The media brings stories into our living rooms and make us feel like they are happening to us directly. The result is that we end up experiencing world events more in our imaginations than in our everyday lives.

So are our visions of the future really just media coverage?

Not exactly. Many of the visions we have do happen in the future, but they often fit the media’s negative spin on those events rather than most people’s personal experiences. The media likes to make events seem extreme so they can sell readership.

So be careful about overreacting to the media and to these visions with fear.

On the other hand,  most of these frightening events do happen directly to some people, and those people’s suffering bear witnessing.

We are all connected to each other, so when some people suffer, we can feel it, and, for the good of all, we send care and compassion to them and, when we can, we work to alleviate their suffering.

So it is good that we witness others’ suffering.  But if you are going to become terrified about our predictions, remember the stories of the future may not affect you individually and directly.

I sat through Hurricane Sandy and the 10 feet of New England snowfall in 2015, as well as the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. My personal experience of these events was not what was described to the world through the media, although I felt very bad for the victims.

Regarding the Marathon bombings, our experience was surprise that it happened, sorrow for the victims, followed by bafflement that the authorities would shut down the greater metropolitan area roads in order to catch the perpetrators. Never ever did I feel afraid for myself or my family.

People did suffer, lost loved ones, and were afraid, and we feel for those people, but the media distorted what life was really like here for 99 percent of the population.

Throughout all of these events, friends contacted us asking us if we were all right. “Of course, we are all right!” we told them, surprised that they asked.

The media had everyone thinking that the pain from these events was ubiquitous.

Regarding the storms– we felt bad for those who suffered direct losses and tragedy, but all that snow, wind, and rain was actually fun for us personally.

My point is that when we are reading the future, we do pick up the media’s interpretation of events and the majority of the population’s media-based distorted perception rather than how most people will actually experience those events. Thus it looks like the world will be much more painful than it actually will be.

Just how close to the media reports are our visions of the future?

Answer: Often word for word.

For example,  in April 2012, some of us had these visions for December 2012:  “Tears,” and “Children in a  line.” That turned out to be the shooting of twenty young children and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut.  The event prompted tears all over the world, not just in neighboring states, but I heard from a friend in Spain that her friends who don’t speak English and have never been to the U.S., were sobbing.

The “children in a line” image that we’d seen had become the poster image for this tragic event – an image of two school teachers leading frightened children out of the school. Like so many other visions we’ve had, we were clearly envisioning the media coverage and the public’s response to it.

You can check for more examples by comparing the visions with the media reports here.

Media reports, aside, many of the events we are seeing do end out  happening, and people do experience them. So what exactly are we seeing when we have visions of the future?

I believe we are reading the collective nervous system of our culture, similar to what Carl Jung  termed the collective conscience.  We are  picking up images that appear in the public conscience, and feeling the emotions that people share In aggregate.  [Although we can fail to be aware of events that happen far away from us because we have no internal reference system, which is why our visions can be ego-centric, i.e., American and even New England-centered. But that’s a subject for another discussion.]

To pick up collective feelings and images, there probably has to be enough people feeling them, so events that don’t spark a large public response don’t send out a loud enough signal for us to detect them.

This phenomenon brings us to the question of what is reality?

Is reality merely consciousness or is there an objective reality?

That question goes to the heart of all our readings and visions. It is one of the ultimate life mysteries. AND I’d like to explore it with you at another time because it’s too complex to cover here. Let’s just say for now, that reality is not what we think it is and that it’s tangled with human perception, which is affected by the media.  Here’s one article if you want to explore this further.

Nevertheless, we often see visions of events that don’t make a big splash in the popular media,  like the discovery of a queen’s tomb next to King Tut or an astrophysicists’ discovery about the origin of the universe — important public events but not events that dominate the general public’s mind.

So why did those more remote events fall under our radar?

My theory is that we are seeing events that are pertinent to the direction our world is headed, even if the public doesn’t realize it.

So if we start to consider all of our visions as a group we might be able to get a message about the direction of our world.

Perhaps we envisioned the King Tut discovery of his queen, for example, because our world is becoming more matriarchal so it’s time for his queen to make an appearance to us!

My hope is that by continuing to post our visions, we will begin to see a pattern of the future that will guide us to a better world in the same way that self awareness enables a person to see their inner selves more clearly and avoid pitfalls and evolve.   I guess what I have in mind is a kind of cognitive behavioral therapy of our entire culture.

Back to the question of whether the world will be as awful as our visions indicate. 

Aside from the fact that we are often seeing future media headlines and that the media makes our world seem worse than it really is, there is another reason why the future won’t be as bad as it seems from our visions.

The fact is that we get accustomed to change, even when it’s unpleasant.

We acclimatize.

Changes don’t usually come all at once in an Armageddon way. This brings up images of the  proverbial frog sitting in hot water who doesn’t get out even though the water gets hotter and hotter until poor little froggy is boiling.

If we were to have read back in 1970 that in 2016 13,000 Americans would be murdered from shootings, that there would be 372 mass shootings, 73,000 would be injured from guns, random terrorist attacks would be occurring all over the world, and that civil strife in America would be highest since the American Civil War, I think we’d all expect to be living in a dystopian world  in 2016.

We’ve also seen some equally positive changes in our world since 1970 which the media doesn’t generally acknowledge.

Studies show that people as a whole are living longer, and we are experiencing a higher standard of living worldwide. There is, for example, a greater consciousness today about the plight of the poor, a respect for the dignity and rights of animals, and a rising peace movement. I believe that the changes we are seeing up ahead involve the falling away of an old way of life that we’ve outgrown, followed by a new more evolved level of existence.

I am concerned about rapid climate change, however, and, like you, I hope and pray we take enough steps towards sustainability to prevent the earth from heating up faster than we can adapt to it.

How you can best react to our visions of the future

  • Understand that we are often seeing the media’s take on the world and that  the media makes you think it is worse than it will be.
  • Know that we adjust to changes over time.
  • As for some of the possibly extreme changes that might come (such as climate change), there is little to be gained from worry and much to be gained from becoming more aware of ourselves and our precious and exquisite natural world.
  • Live the most authentic life you can and you will be guided at the right time.
  • Learn to live more intuitively, meditate, breathe, slow down, appreciate nature, have gratitude every day, and you will find yourself following a right path at the right time.
  • Finally, I do not believe the future is cast in concrete. We are seeing an image of the future as it will be if current consciousness continues on the path it is on now. Seeing what lies ahead gives us a chance to change our direction.




Lessons from a Wrong Prediction (and what I see is coming)


For two years we had a number of visions of Hillary Clinton as winner.

Two weeks before the election, I started to have doubts.

One vivid vision in particular kept haunting me. It showed that jubilation on election night would suddenly fizzle into an upset at the last minute.

I realize now that errors of timing combined with errors of denial had thrown me off.

Timing error: Hillary waving in victory, Suffragettes celebrating in the streets, the image of a donkey taking a mighty backward kick, even my students’ images of Hillary having a bad time with scandal had all happened before the election.  Two weeks before the election, media reported that women were going to the early polls dressed as Suffragettes, that should have been evidence to me that the timing of our victory visions were off because I’d originally thought those Suffragettes were celebrating after the election when it turns out they were celebrating before the election.

Yes, she did win the popular vote, by a lot. And I believe if we had a real recount, it would show significant padding of final tallies in those counties that looked suspicious to statisticians. However, unless the Electoral College or the recount reverses the popular vote in December, then we were wrong about who would win, even though we had visions to the contrary.

The infinitely complex multi-layered psyche gives us visions when we ask, and they often come true.

But we can be off in our understanding of what our psyche is showing us. Interpreting the images that pop in our heads is subtle work, fraught with potential mis-understandings.

For one thing, we’re easily tricked by really fervent, personally-invested wishful thinking,

When I looked at the Inauguration earlier this year, I’d seen Trump on the platform in the shadows holding a funny kind of ax, which I later learned was a fasces, the Roman symbol of harsh authoritarian rule and later an emblem of authority in Fascist Italy. A colleague also saw him in the shadows holding what she thought was a hammer or wrench, but likely it too was the Roman fasces. We both assumed that he was at a the Inauguration in spirit only, not in actuality.

So lest I ever make these mistakes again, here are the golden rules of good psychic prediction: (Most of these lessons I already knew. Alas, sometimes we have to learn again.)

1) Pay special attention to the unexpected visions — they are usually the most accurate. A few days before the election, I had an unexpected vision that was a no brainer tip off that Trump would win.  I saw frenzied energy of a great battle taking place in front of the Statue of Liberty. It looked like a blinding sandstorm, and I knew it to be the fury of millions of Americans fighting for liberty.

I strained to see who would win this battle and a large hieroglyph appeared and then a small flower was next to it. I actually had to look up the hieroglyph to figure out what it meant, which turned out to be the dark and powerful Roman God Pluto (aka Greek God Hades)– God of Death and God of the Underworld.

This is the very Hades who stole the innocent Percephone from her mother Demeter, Goddess of the Grains. Percephone is often depicted as a flower, hence the symbols of Hades and the flower seemed to be comparing the American political scene to the Greek myth.

I was seeing that Hades would control power in America, and something precious to us, would be stolen away.

When Hades kidnapped Demeter’s daughter, the great  mother fell into mourning and famine spread across the land.  In America, this could mean economic downturn and climate change surge — bringing hard times, which I have seen coming for several years now.

In spite of this vision, I refused to conclude that it meant Trump would become president, which brings up another rule:

2) If we’re emotionally involved and attached to an outcome, then we can’t see what we don’t want to see. We ignore the truth, even when we see it.  The same is true when something terrifies us, bringing me this rule:

3) When something is too frightening, we are not going to see it at all. If climate change is going to end our species, we are not going to see it. If Donald Trump is going to press the nuclear codes in a late night fit of impulsivity, we’re not going to see that either. The psyche protects us from visions we are too terrified to see.  I did sense something frightening and shocking would happen in the first quarter of next year. I heard the words, “Texas, Texas, Texas.” But can’t offer more than that at this time.

4) You can look at an issue too many times. When you do, your mind gets tangled in all the possible answers, and the true visions are confused with worries, wishes, logic and opinion. I have never looked at an event as much as I did this one. Not a good idea for predicting elections.

5) Interpreting your visions causes errors. Unless a strong feeling or voice speaks right at the moment of the vision, it is folly to go back later and interpret. When you do, you are no longer using intuition but other non intuitive capacities, like logic, prevailing opinion, and too often, wishful thinking.

6) Don’t allow other people’s visions to cloud your own. I rarely read other psychics’ visions because I don’t want them to interfere with my clarity.  I broke this rule with the election by counting on what my talented students and colleagues were seeing. The problem is that I’m not the one having those visions and so I can’t know how pure they are.  If they are my own visions, I can go back when I have doubts and remember what I actually saw, not interpreting, mind you, but honestly remembering what I actually saw. Did I really see Hillary at the Inauguration? No I didn’t. I just assumed she was there. Other people did. Did I see Hillary as president during the next four years? No, but some of my very accurate students did, but because these weren’t my own visions, I can’t go back and dissect what I was really seeing. Which brings up rule #7:

7) Be honest about what you are seeing and be clear about what you are not seeing. Don’t extrapolate.  Visions happen in the imagination, so you can put things in there that you are expecting or wanting. That’s why we should trust the unexpected visions the most. The only visions I had of the Inauguration showed Hillary as more of an idea than a vision,  and then unexpectedly I saw Trump on the stage in the shadows, wielding that ax.  I chose to interpret Trump’s visage as meaning he was only there in spirit, continuing to criticize.

8) Be aware that your timing might be wrong. All psychics know that timing is difficult to get right. We were meditating in January 2015 on an election which would take place almost two years later. We were seeing Hillary triumphant, Trump grimacing, Obama happy, handing the baton to Hillary.

But what we know now is that we were seeing the months prior to the election. The media and polls showed Trump losing. Hillary feeling triumphant. Obama handing the baton over to her. Some of my students saw Hillary having a scandal-ridden presidency, feeling defeated, ruined. These visions were real but all happened much earlier, including the scandals that followed her all the way to the election, the feelings of defeat, and the triumphant earlier months.

9) Pay attention to the clearest visions, the boldest images, and the ones that keep circling back in your psyche.

One of the clearest visions I have had of this election did not tell me who won. I saw a male angel standing downstage on the Inaugural platform facing the crowd. His mood was somber. He was quite still. He seemed to be sending compassion and care for us all. My first thought was that he was Obama, who, by the way, will be present at the Inauguration.

Some have suggested the angel is the country’s guardian angel. Some have suggested it’s an omen of some kind. Perhaps it is all three.

I put up my website so everyone can learn to use the intuitive capacity we all have. God knows we will need it for the coming years. I post our visions of the future and track our successes, and from this process, we all can learn. When we work with prophecy, we are working with one of the ultimate mysteries and with the infinitely complex multi-layered psyche. By examining our mistakes, and keeping our process fresh and honest, we will evolve.





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  1. Thank you for you posting your visions and predictions its very helpful for us that are sensitive and have feelings of the same. Please keep posting. You are so gifted.

    REPLY: Thank you, Mary.

  2. With change come opportunity. We cannot hold back the tides, but we can choose to rise and adapt. WE are a fragile form clothed in this temporary space suit. We use the skin and muscles to interact and make an impact on this planet. when the day comes that there is no water or oxygen…we will lift out of the dust and soar onto the next… what is amazing to me is how we cling to the familiar and embrace the past, rather than dancing on the edge and diving into the new. our minds have made connections and pathways; and as repeat and rehearse they fall into rote sleepy performances. it is the new that wakes up our minds and spurs energy to light up new paths and dig new space… we should embrace the new and live uncomfortable…for change is ever embracing us..and offering us new choices. As sea level rises, populations will have to adjust, some will build with stilts, others ride on boats but more will press to higher ground and bring with them new traditions, new foods and new delights…to astonish those sedately perched…to wake up the sleepy minds of the established societies and to assist us in growth and stretch… HUGS. As we turn the page on the new days we let go of yesterday and find a new rhythm to dance to.

  3. This came by email from Laleh before I wrote this post and was the inspiration for this post: “I came across your website and am very intrigued by you and your gift of prophecy. I have had prophetic dreams and sometimes visions, or warnings (I ‘hear’ them) my whole life. Sometimes they are detailed visions of horrible disasters, like a plane crash and body parts hanging in the trees (it actually happened the next day in all the horrid detail I saw), or a bridge collapse (that happened the next day too) and other times they are mundane things like a vision of food I’m going to be presented with. Other times, they are clear warnings, like when I was told urgently that my daughter was going to die and I needed to pay attention. I did pay attention and, after watching her like a hawk for a day, noticed subtle problems with her balance and speech and took her to the ER only to find she had a brain tumor that would have killed her within 2 days (that was 4 years ago, she’s about to be a college student :-). Anyway, those are the clear ones. Most of the time, I can’t tell the difference between prophecy and my own anxieties. And, these things come to me randomly, often when I’m not paying attention and not expecting them. Is there a way to gain some control of prophecy? As in, is there a system (either through meditation or spiritual guidance) to make it more useful?

    I wish I was closer to come to one of your classes, but appreciate any resources or guidance you might have for me.”

    REPLY: Thanks for sharing all this. You saved your daughter’s life with your intuition. The warning system worked. And your question is so important so thank you for asking it.

    Gaining an understanding of when your feelings are anxiety versus when it’s prophecy takes a lot of practice. I’d like to think about the answer to this question and answer it on my website so others will benefit.

    For now, here are some of my thoughts:

    1. Intuition happens at an unconscious, present moment, often sensual level. That’s because intuition is an energy awareness that can only happen in the present moment. So most of us mask our intuition with thinking – worrying, and being analytical, which is a necessary faculty, but more based on data and analysis the nervous system’s stimulus-response from past conditioning. So people who’ve been traumatized are more easily triggered with fears that are not intuitive because they are based on the past. So to be intuitive, it’s important to be aware of how your senses are reacting to the world, rather than your mind.

    2. Dreams are an exception because when you are dreaming, you are in a deep unconscious state of awareness when you’re not distracted by thoughts. So dreams can be prophetic. They can also just be your mind and intuition sorting out the events of your life, which is another kind of intuitive processing, but not prophetic. I know when I’m getting prophetic dreams because they contain a kind of vividness , like you’ve had, and they don’t seem to be about me. I dreamed about the female member of parliament who was killed in a kind of terrorist attack and put it up on my website two weeks before it happened because I just knew it was prophetic.

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