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This Lunar Eclipse: How will it affect you (& our world)?

The penumbral eclipse is 7:43 p.m. ET, Friday Feb 11, 2017

Lunar eclipses portend abrupt and accelerated change. This one will be a beauty because it will be amplified by the arrangement of the other planets and the explosive fire of Leo energy. And to be sure we won’t miss it, the Universe threw in a comet.

And it’s green, which happens to be the color of the heart chakra, as if to remind us to remember to come from the heart.

Lunar eclipses pull deep unconscious emotions to the surface. Once freed up, we fly forward on whatever path we are on.

On the surface, eclipses have traditionally not been considered good. After all, our most important celestial bodies, the sun and moon, are cast in shadow. The ancients would not gaze up at them and pregnant women were told to stay inside.

But I believe the eclipse has a rubber band effect. Your energies are temporarily suppressed, only to bounce back in full force, enabling you to shoot forward.

In the case of a lunar eclipse, your previously stuck hidden emotions pop to the surface where you can feel them and let them go. Then you can move more quickly down your chosen path.

People have asked me how I think this eclipse will affect the current political situation in the U.S.  For the oligarchs and their agents, the Congress, it is about accelerating the agenda they’ve long waited for and have been planning for 37 years. We all know what that agenda is. Since the energy of this eclipse will last until August when there’s a full solar eclipse, I see a series of explosive power struggles that culminate by summer’s end.

Then there are those of you who are part of a tribe of light workers who stand for the interconnectivity of all beings on this earth; who have come here at this time to guide others through the coming changes.  For you, this astral configuration, combined with the challenges you face, is going to help you to evolve more quickly.  And we need to evolve more quickly now.

For everyone, this eclipse will bring deep emotions to the surface that have kept you from moving forward. Maybe you have fears about doing the work you’ve always known you were meant to do. Maybe this unsettling time has you yearning to make a difference but you are afraid.  Maybe you find yourself angry and grief-stricken and need to release it to connect to this world, including your opponents, with love.

You can make the most of this energy shift by being  aware of how it is affecting you– by naming  the deep emotions coming up.

Below is a list of questions to help you probe within.

For those who know the Tarot, this is a simple Tarot spread. Throw a card for each question from left to right, then allow your eyes to wander on the card until you see a message for you. If you don’t have cards, you can use the cards on this post I wrote by scrolling up and down with eyes closed and picking one for each question. The simple explanations are right there.  If you don’t read cards, you can simply ask the questions in the spread, but staring into an image, like a Tarot card, will enable you to go deeper into your unconscious.

You can also use this spread to read a whole country if you want some insight into a subculture or political situation. Just substitute the country’s name for the word “me.”

Leo Full Moon Eclipse Spread  (If using Tarot, pick a card for each question and lay them out from left to right.)

  1. What emotions or energies have been below the surface that want to come out at this time?
  2. How will the surfacing of these emotions or energies affect me?
  3. What could interfere with my moving forward?
  4. How will I evolve from this shift over the next six months?

Here’s what I got when I threw the cards for light workers struggling to save our democracy, the planet, programs that care for people and honor all our citizens, our guests, and the rest of the world:

Full Moon Eclipse in Leo: How it plays out over the next six months for those trying to save our democracy.

True to the Leo nature of this eclipse, three of the four cards I pulled randomly are fire cards. The second is a Leo card.  This spread can be read in a number of ways, all of them casting light on different aspects of the issue.

  1. Emotions that will be drawn to the surface: Personal fire energy (i.e., passion, active spiritual energy) will come to the surface. Long buried need to speak up will emerge — that they must stand up for what they believe. These folks will find a new strength in their passion for justice that they’d never felt before.
  2. How the release of this strength will move them forward: It will affirm people’s commitment to stand up on podiums and shout out their truth — to be unflinching, fearless, to make activism a top priority. Notice the XI Trump card, that stands for ultimate strength.  It  shows a woman riding the back of a lion holding up a chalice of fire.  It is her will, her passion that makes her so confident and strong.
  3. This is what can interfere with moving forward: There might be a catalyzing event coming that will surprise everyone. It also might be a sudden revelation that stops everyone in their tracks or even a violent event. From the card, it looks like an explosion of energy. It might be an uprising at Standing Rock or a riot with fighting on both sides, or something else that is sudden and psychically explosive and throws everyone off kilter.  It could be a positive development that helps their cause.
  4. The outcome: The image represents the power of an impenetrable institution. It reminds me of the Pentagon or the Republican Congress in the Capitol Building or the White House. Perhaps it stands for the emergence of a powerful part of the government that will operate independently.  It might be a disadvantage to the light workers, like a government institution that is unbending and ignores the Constitution  and demands for justice. Ultimately, however, it reminds me of another rigid and impenetrable institution – the Republican Congress, where the buck stops in our democracy. I see a battle ahead for control between the liberal media (and population and liberal lawmakers) versus some of the institutional power centers of government (the Pentagon and the Judicial Branch) versus the Republican leadership.

Clearly this spread shows that this is the challenging time that we came here for. But it was never meant to be easy. It’s a time when an old way of life will be heading down the drain just as a new way arises. those who can get through this last dark period while keeping their hearts open will lead the way



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