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I Taught Some People to "Read" and a Portal Opened


I’ve been giving readings and teaching mysticism for 35 years, although a shaman once told me I’ve been doing this for 10,000 years. That was back when I had a mainstream profession and did not know I’d be leaving it behind to learn the language of spirit.

The experiences I’ve had since I began giving readings could fill ten volumes. Each time, I marvel at the manifestations of the unseen world.

Most of us live with a limited perception that misses the energies swirling around us. From years of giving readings, I’ve learned that each of us has a team of spirits at our disposal, if only we let them in. Learning to be open, and knowing how and where to look, lifts the veil between the two worlds, if only for a brief, miraculous glimpse.

The explanation for the unseen world lies somewhere along the knife-edge of quantum physics, philosophy, spirituality, and psychology. The myths of ancient people also contain truths that help us understand. I’ve studied them all and still cannot fully grasp this mystery.

I can only recount my experiences, and ponder.

One night when teaching an intuition class to a group of professional women, I witnessed one of the more remarkable manifestations of a spirit. The dozen women were seated in a semicircle in a classroom normally used for Chinese language studies. It was after hours at Newton North High School where students and faculty had long since departed. A hundred origami figurines dangled from the ceiling.

I lit a tiny candle and told the women to close their eyes. I picked one of their names out of a hat, we’ll call her Ellen. We were all strangers to each other. No one, except I, had ever done this exercise before, and not even I was prepared for what unfolded.

I turned out the lights and with just the one candle lighting the room, asked the women to note every thought, image, feeling, and sensation while focusing on Ellen. Normally this exercise yields images of the person’s world, some of her thoughts, people she has loved, and important moments in her past—a scrapbook of her life that focuses on the salient and the unresolved.

The students are amazed when our “client” validates what they see, and everyone goes home filled with wonder. I go home happy that another group of laypeople has experienced the mystery.

But that night, something exceptional happened.

I gonged a Tibetan singing bowl and a sound like an ancient bell ushered us into silence. The room was dark, save the flickering light of the candle. As soon as I closed my eyes, I began to make out a vision of a white door. There was more to the vision, but all I could decipher was a door. Although I hadn’t realized it in that moment, two other women were also seeing a door.

When we later turned on the lights and compared notes, one member of our group, a Persian dentist, I’ll call Mithra, a petit young woman with large brown eyes, had seen much more than just the door.

It was Mithra’s vision that made that night so extraordinary.

She recounted that she’d seen the same white door as the others, but behind it she saw the figure of a woman. The woman, she said, was standing motionless and gazing through the door at Ellen.

There was more. Mithra noticed that the side of the door where the mysterious figure stood was brightly lit. On the other side, where Ellen and the rest of us sat, it was dark.

Upon seeing Ellen’s eyes grow wide, Mithra, without understanding what she had seen, felt compelled to tell her that the mysterious figure who stared at her was okay. “She is fine,” she assured. “She is in the light. It’s only dark on this side of the door, where you are; where we all are,” she said.

Hearing this, and realizing that several others had seen the door, Ellen’s wide eyes filled up and at first she was unable to speak. She then told us that she’d lost her sister five years before to a long illness. They had been estranged at the time of her death, and she had been grieving all these years from the guilt and loss. She’d longed to know if her sister were okay and whether she understood how much she had loved her, even though she had not been by her side when she died.

Because no one was expecting to sense a spirit that night—in fact, none of them knew what, if anything, to expect, nor had anyone met Ellen before—this depiction of the other side of life seems all the more authentic to me. Of course, we will never know for sure, since, as Mithra observed, we mortals reside in the dark, where we are normally blind to the energies around us.

Every once in a while, though, a glimpse of the light is there for those who know how to look.

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  1. I have read peer-reviewed climate science for 25 years. In the late 1980s and then in the 1990s, scientists projected climate change effects to start slowly and grow serious later this century. However, by 2005, they began to say (because of the inertia in the climate system and our failure to reduce emissions) we could not avoid “dangerous” interference with the climate but we must try to avoid “catastrophic” consequences. In the past few years, there is growing alarm that various earth systems (oceans, arctic and glacial ice, soils, forests) that are affected by warming temperatures, have responded much quicker than expected so that there have been some unexpected positive feedback loops, or accelerations in warming that are speeding up the process. Go to Real Climate, Goodard Institute for Space Studies (a division of NASA) and/or Columbia Climate Center at Columbia University for bona fide, excellent scientific sources. Unfortunately Jeanne, your visions seem quite plausible.

  2. Karen, thanks for your thoughtful and informative response. I have read the latest report by James Hansen and will read the reports you mention here.

  3. Paul, thanks, it’s a good article that summarizes James Hansen’s study. I think Hansen is an intuitive scientist who uses his intuition to find answers in science. That’s the best kind of scientist.

  4. Thank you for you posting your visions and predictions its very helpful for us that are sensitive and have feelings of the same. Please keep posting. You are so gifted,

  5. Mary, what a generous thing to say. Thank-you, your remarks spur me on to post more!

  6. Hi Jeanne I wish I had your gift. I try to close my eyes and I see nothing. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to see some things but I have been intuitive in the past and believe everybody is. I just don’t know how it works. But, I have read your website page since Nov and I believe you guys have been mostly right on things. But I hope your wrong about climate change and the economy getting bad in the future.

  7. Thanks for your comment, Tim. I don’t think the future will be as awful as some of our visions would lead us to believe even though many of them come true. You may notice from tracking the visions that come true that they often turn out to be something that the media has brought into our living rooms and made us feel like it’s happening to us directly when it is not. The result is that we experience these events more in our imaginations than in our everyday lives. Even when the world actually does deteriorate as predicted, like, for example, the high levels of job stress people experience today over the way it was thirty years ago, by the time it unfolds, we’ve become accustomed to it, like the frog who sits in increasingly hot water until it is boiling. (Opps, that was a pretty negative image). But my point is that we get accustomed to the changes that happen in our world. They don’t come all at once in an Armageddon way. I am concerned about rapid climate change, however, and, like you, I hope and pray it never happens. But the science indicates it probably will happen unless we stop burning fossil fuel.

  8. With change come opportunity. We cannot hold back the tides, but we can choose to rise and adapt. WE are a fragile form clothed in this temporary space suit. We use the skin and muscles to interact and make an impact on this planet. when the day comes that there is no water or oxygen…we will lift out of the dust and soar onto the next… what is amazing to me is how we cling to the familiar and embrace the past, rather than dancing on the edge and diving into the new. our minds have made connections and pathways; and as repeat and rehearse they fall into rote sleepy performances. it is the new that wakes up our minds and spurs energy to light up new paths and dig new space… we should embrace the new and live uncomfortable…for change is ever embracing us..and offering us new choices. As sea level rises, populations will have to adjust, some will build with stilts, others ride on boats but more will press to higher ground and bring with them new traditions, new foods and new delights…to astonish those sedately perched…to wake up the sleepy minds of the established societies and to assist us in growth and stretch… HUGS. As we turn the page on the new days we let go of yesterday and find a new rhythm to dance to.

  9. This came by email from Laleh before I wrote this post and was the inspiration for this post: “I came across your website and am very intrigued by you and your gift of prophecy. I have had prophetic dreams and sometimes visions, or warnings (I ‘hear’ them) my whole life. Sometimes they are detailed visions of horrible disasters, like a plane crash and body parts hanging in the trees (it actually happened the next day in all the horrid detail I saw), or a bridge collapse (that happened the next day too) and other times they are mundane things like a vision of food I’m going to be presented with. Other times, they are clear warnings, like when I was told urgently that my daughter was going to die and I needed to pay attention. I did pay attention and, after watching her like a hawk for a day, noticed subtle problems with her balance and speech and took her to the ER only to find she had a brain tumor that would have killed her within 2 days (that was 4 years ago, she’s about to be a college student :-). Anyway, those are the clear ones. Most of the time, I can’t tell the difference between prophecy and my own anxieties. And, these things come to me randomly, often when I’m not paying attention and not expecting them. Is there a way to gain some control of prophecy? As in, is there a system (either through meditation or spiritual guidance) to make it more useful?

    I wish I was closer to come to one of your classes, but appreciate any resources or guidance you might have for me.”

    REPLY: Thanks for sharing all this. You saved your daughter’s life with your intuition. The warning system worked. And your question is so important so thank you for asking it.

    Gaining an understanding of when your feelings are anxiety versus when it’s prophecy takes a lot of practice. I’d like to think about the answer to this question and answer it on my website so others will benefit.

    For now, here are some of my thoughts:

    1. Intuition happens at an unconscious, present moment, often sensual level. That’s because intuition is an energy awareness that can only happen in the present moment. So most of us mask our intuition with thinking – worrying, and being analytical, which is a necessary faculty, but more based on data and analysis the nervous system’s stimulus-response from past conditioning. So people who’ve been traumatized are more easily triggered with fears that are not intuitive because they are based on the past. So to be intuitive, it’s important to be aware of how your senses are reacting to the world, rather than your mind.

    2. Dreams are an exception because when you are dreaming, you are in a deep unconscious state of awareness when you’re not distracted by thoughts. So dreams can be prophetic. They can also just be your mind and intuition sorting out the events of your life, which is another kind of intuitive processing, but not prophetic. I know when I’m getting prophetic dreams because they contain a kind of vividness , like you’ve had, and they don’t seem to be about me. I dreamed about the female member of parliament who was killed in a kind of terrorist attack and put it up on my website two weeks before it happened because I just knew it was prophetic.

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