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A private reading with Jeanne is a magical soulful experience.   To find out more about her readings, including pricing, click here. If you live outside of the U.S., we can set up a Zoom WhatsApp reading to anywhere in the world.

If you have a question about your own personal life, I respond to those private personal questions in a one-on-one reading which is set up by appointment.  So feel free to ask for an appointment and I will get right back to you!  My favorite times for reading are Monday through Saturday at 10:00 am, 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm all on eastern time. If you need a different time, let me know. I will make it work.

NOTE: to work the Captcha, you must enter only digits, not full words so if the Captcha is [3three456] you should enter [33456].

Jeanne Mayell is an excellent intuitive. Her impressive educational background is surpassed only by her deep knowing. She’ll help you get in touch with your own intuitive abilities.

Karen W., NYC

Jeanne is the real deal, but not only that , she uses what she sees psychically to help you be a better person. Highly recommended. The reading was an amazing experience.

Virginia M., MD

Jeanne has been of enormous help to me. Her intuitive ability has been stunningly accurate, providing me with important information and perspective at critical times in my life. She also combines her intuition with with a strong logical left brain, experience in a wide range of matters, and a caring and empathetic approach to help you find practical solutions to problems.

Becky C., Lexington, MA

Jeanne Mayell is a wonderful phychic and teacher. She not only does reading but also teaches classes on phychic abilities, tarot cards and more. I am presently taken classes ( online) and love them. You can sit back and just learn or participate, your choice. If you feel you are somewhat intuitive you should give it a try! My skills have grown and I feel compelled to write this review,.. the more alike minds the merrier

Donna, S., Long Island, NY

Jeanne is an amazing intuitive and teacher, but for me what truly makes Jeanne standout is her gift for guiding you toward your best self in particularly trying times. Definitely check her out–it’s in your best interest!

Avy, Cape Cod, MA

When my mother died, it was hard. I spoke with Jeanne and she spoke to my mom and what she told me I carry to this day. With two masters degrees from Harvard so she has intelligence coupled with the gift of sight that makes her readings transformative. From cards and beyond, she is a true gift.

Andrew P., Los Angeles

I had a reading with Jeanne last week. I couldn’t believe the amount of personal information she picked up on, things only I know. Her interpretation of what she received was incredible too, it felt like speaking to a person who knew everything about me and was guiding me to improve myself. She is the real deal, but more than that she is generous, kind, caring, compassionate and motivated to help her clients. I very much recommend her.

Natalie H., Cambridge, MA

To know that someone thousands of miles away can tune into my energy and read me so clearly, providing such an in-depth and accurate picture of my inner soul path that I KNOW to be true even when I fall prey to doubt, that was as much of an encouragement as the actual messages.

Alessandra, Alberta

I’m really blown away by your information. I’m not new to the transformative nature of the spiritual quest, or psychology; 30 years on this journey and I have to say, I perk up when someone is doing something important … you have quite a gift. I’m actually kind if shocked at how for me, you make complex concepts, simple.
…your work, your energy, your words really spoke to me.”

Gena S.

Today was the most profound and amazing psychic session I have ever had.

Mary K., Los Angeles

I want to thank you for the wonderful reading you gave me this morning. …so many things you said were deeply insightful and meaningful. I was stunned at how accurate you were; I felt as though you could see inside my head and heart. Although I’m sure you already know this, you have a rare and special gift. Thank you so much for sharing it with the world, with the rest of us who are out here, a little lost and seeking guidance!!

CK., Boston

Things are much clearer now and it feels like a weight has been lifted from my heart.

D.S., Vancouver

Jeanne has an extraordinary gift that has been honed with education and discipline. I trust her judgment because her understanding and insight have been tempered on the crucible of life’s deepest challenges and mysteries. I trust Jeanne for her honesty, intelligence, and positive energy; I give her full credit for
re-energizing my creative life.

Donna, ME

Not only are you a link to those we have lost, but you have been able to give us a sense of peace and equilibrium after all the turmoil in our lives. You have been an anchor for us in this time of recovery and we are profoundly grateful

Cathy, Alexandria, VA

I was blessed to have a session with Jeanne this weekend.  I was awestruck by her ability to connect with me and with those beings who had important messages to impart to me. I am very grateful to Jeanne and I’m still blown away by her accuracy, intuitive ability and respect for my individual processes. She also saved me money as I realized I did not need to go to a specific conference that I was considering I got the information I needed from Jeanne and my guides.

Andrea H., Washington State

Message sent to Jeanne after a reading: You’ve been a gift to me. Everything you said about my child was true and so helpful to me. I’ve had many other psychic readings and nothing comes close to the information you gave me. 

Mary M., CT

Thank you for the reading today.  It was so meaningful to me. Your genuine loving kindness that you extend to all within our community has been a real inspiration to me.  When I find myself irritable (or being irritating…), I think of your example and hope to be able to share that loving kindness with others in my life.

Lorie, S.C.

Thank you so much for the reading. It meant more than you know. (Or maybe you do know!) Not only did it make me feel like I am NOT crazy, it gave me a sense of determination to keep doing what I can to fight for good. 

Karla, NC


I am here to serve my clients’ needs and treat everyone with respect, regardless of race, religion, gender or orientation. I believe you hold the key to your future and have the free will and ability to change what you do not like in the reading. I do not pick lottery numbers or predict death dates. You must be at least 18 years of age to get a reading without a guardian present.

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