New visions for the future. A pendulum is turning.

These are visions made 5/7/17 and 5/21/17. The 5/21/17 visions are listed first in each timeframe. To read all of the visions for this same timeframe made over the past five years, go here.

We now have a lot of material to digest - which gives us a clearer sense of the world we are entering. I will be interested to hear your take when you read it. Check also the World Predictions Forum and the Discussion at the end of the World Predictions page, where Zoron (formerly Graham) our resident UK psychic, as well as a new set of intuitive participants, and myself regularly post our latest visions and answers to people's questions. For the latest psychic view of the UK election, look for Zoron's posts. A few highlights:
  • It looks like the Congress will be seriously debating near the end of this year what to do about the president. If our visions are correct, he escapes impeachment, but in the Spring, key members of his inner circle are exposed and face prosecution. I included a reading on Robert Mueller.
  • Thus by the end of 2018, Donald Trump seems to have faded from our view. Does this mean he has resigned? I still can't say, but he's not showing up in anyone's inner screen. Instead there is a noticeable rise in the Congress' role. More Paul Ryan in the news and the Capitol building suddenly looked much larger in 2018 and 2019.
  • The feeling is that there will be more repressive policies and unconstitutional attacks on people's civil rights in the next two years, so it gets worse.
  • But it is in other ways, it gets better: The blue states-- their state and local governments as well as private businesses and foundations, rush to fill in the vacuum in humanitarian and environmental programs left by the federal government. This is a miraculous response which sets the stage for a sweeping shift to the left in the mid to late 2020's.
  • Long term visions look like the pendulum will swing to a more beautiful heart-centered world. After lagging for decades in sustainability efforts, the U.S. in the late 2020's and early 2030's leads the world in alternative energies.
First, a reading of Robert Mueller done on 5/21/17 – Reading his perspective of the Russia-Trump Investigation There are so many pieces to this investigation. Different countries. The Moscow beauty pageant is of prime importance in the investigation perhaps because that is when evidence starts building up of a collusion between Trump and the Kremlin. Mueller says it's only the beginning of a corruption investigation. There is so much corruption involving many people. It fans out into several countries. And there are many layers – whole investigations involving legions of investigators on each piece of the corruption. But he has to limit his focus on offenses involving presidency. They have much more damning material than they can use due to the limited focus. The also have sex films. There is even a jewelry component (Ivanca and/or Melania involvement?) Part of the investigation goes into the Justice Department. (as of June 3, this has already come true) There will be lie detector tests. Markets will be affected. The biggest motivator for Trump and his team was wealth from the Exxon-Russian partnership involving the Black Sea oil fields. The Russians needed a U.S. president who could drop U.S. sanctions barring the Exxon-Russian partnership in order to unleash that phenomenal wealth. By September it is clear that the investigation will be long and complex, but there may be enough damning evidence to cause a sincere uproar in Congress about the president and members of his team. (Jeanne Mayell) TIMELINE of Visions from May 2017 to 2031 2017 (May-Dec)
  • A year of protests and marches.
  • In the U.S. it seems impossible at this time to free ourselves from the mess we are in politically, economically, socially, environmentally. We look to the future and feel helpless to stop the damage our government is doing, but know we will get back in charge and stop the hemorrhage.
  • Jared Kushner: One day in mid March 2017, a voice whispered in my inner ear that Jared Kushner was going to jail. I did not get any more details about it. I posted the prediction in the comments section at the bottom of this page, now in the Archives. On May 25, the Washington Post broke the story that Jared Kushner was a current focus of the FBI investigation and the next day, they wrote that back in December he has approached the Russians for a secure secret line of communications with the Kremlin – secret from the U .S.. While the FBI is not saying that Kushner is a suspect of any kind, just a person of interest, I would say that he is in trouble. He's also in an awkward position. How do you turn state's evidence on your wife's father? (Jeanne)
May 2017
  • Trump: I see he has erected a screen around his activities. It's almost ludicrous since everyone can see what he is doing, like a child hiding behind a curtain even though you can see his feet. He realizes that his activities are being scrutinized for corruption, but he's so ill informed, that he isn't even sure what is illegal and what is legal for a president. I also see a boarded up room. This is his attempt to hide anything he has that he is told would be used as evidence against him. He's shoved documents into that room and sealed the entrance. (Jeanne)
  • Image of drought and a graveyard. Long-term severe drought is here now in parts of the world, including the U.S. In poorer countries, this will mean the death of millions.
  • Heart and mind unites in the collective. There is a burgeoning heart energy among a significant number of people that will balance out the negativity and eventually overcome that negativity. (Jeanne)
  • Throngs of people marching in Washington D.C. with a tiny image of the Capitol building in the background. The voice of protesting people is dwarfing the voices of Congress. (Jeanne)
  • Love spreading among the people all over the world. There is a sense of solidarity in which people are sticking together and celebrating who they are and what they believe. There is compassion for each other and the whole world. (Jeanne)
  • People are feeling a greater connection to nature to balance feelings of fear and entrapment. (Michele B.)
  • People wearing blue and singing. (Kathy)
  • There is promise in the green pastures in the Great Lakes region as far as the eye can see. (Jan)
  • People are beginning to trust the process we are going through. (Margaret)
  • People are increasingly appreciating the beauty of the natural world — Images of a pink, sunrise, like a new morning dawning. The early dew of a summer morning. (Meghan)
  • Trump: Trying to give the appearance of virtue. (Jeanne)
  • Explosion at sea. (KB) [note: this could be related to the next vision.]
  • Arrow pointing to the sky and then falls into the sea. This may be a failed missile launch or simply some rocket tests by government or private space programs. (Prem)
  • A crowded train in a hot place, it doesn't crash but is stuck in the middle of nowhere, people need rescuing. It's in a hot country, like India. (Laura )
  • Angels rising. (Jeanne)
  • Open arms reaching out and encompassing the U.S., drawing people together. (Jan)
  • It's going to be hard but we will get through it, soldiers, people looking up to a candidate they admire. Jeanne
  • Trump: Not sure why I'm seeing this vision of cadets who constitute the presidential guard around him, as are around all presidents. He likes that honor. Feels like a king. He's going to miss this royal treatment. But am now wondering if there is a deeper meaning in my seeing this vision, like he's in so much trouble at this point, that the presidential guard is not just there to protect him, but symbolically is there to guard him like a prisoner. (Jeanne)
  • A fireman's hat looms large. Forest fires spreading wide in the American West. Firemen overwhelmed, they need more of them. Federal funding required. Firemen are going to die otherwise, and forests and towns will burn. (Jeanne)
  • July 4th celebrations will take on new meaning. Flags waved out of habit, but with no passion or meaning. Some not at all. (Melissa F.)
  • Shock, sorrow. (KB)
  • Fourth of July: protests instead of fireworks. (Laura)
  • "True blue" song by Madonna about true love. Red and blue side by side. Suddenly blue gets wider pushing aside some of the red. (Meghan)
  • Clouds over Los Angeles, tanks on desert. (Andrew)
  • Heavy heat. (Gretchen)
  • Brown, heat, dust. (Meghan)
  • Blue skies, heat, scorched earth. Could be a warning of severe drought. (Prem)
August 2017 POSITIVE
  • More people speak their truth.Children appearing to make their truths known in the world. (Michele)
  • Meditation growing even more in popularity. (Michele B.)
  • Trump going a little batty. Hiding away in his castle. (Jeanne)
  • Markets are showing signs of fragility and vulnerability. Like a rope bridge over a deep canyon. It won't take much for it to break, it's only attached to land at each end of the bridge, and it's a flimsy structure, if you'd even call it a structure. And it's a long drop if it breaks. The two pieces of land represent the U.S.'s trade relationship with the world economy. Any faltering of either will cause the rope bridge (U.S. and World Economy) to break. (Jeanne)
  • Throngs of people in a long serpentine march for the climate. They know they will be refugees later if something isn't done now. (Jeanne)
  • Capitol is a battleground of endless battles. (Jeanne)
  • Massive explosion in space. Then silence. (Melissa F.)
  • More shock, angry protest, gold skyrockets. (KB)
  • Big union labor dispute in the USA. (Laura)
  • Dust and heat, black face implores why? (Andrew)
  • Housing market in the news. (Joy)
  • Weight of the world on people's shoulders. (Bar W.)
  • Elon Musk imagery and connection of his perception of computer generated reality. (Michele B.)
  • The discord and disagreement continue at a fever pitch. Cracks in the economic wall of prosperity begin to appear. (David)
  • An aerial view of Paris, the Louvre courtyard, a woman with black hair pulled back in a pony tail with a cartoon like animated blast in the background. No one was hurt. (DA)
  • Nuclear tests (July or August). (Jeanne)
  • A blast of some kind as seen from space. Could see it as if I was at the space station looking down. Perhaps it was a failed launch? (Michele B.)
  • Cave discovery. (Prem)
  • Flowers, lots of wildflowers – mainly yellow in color, a mountain meadow. (Joy.)
  • Prickly pear outbreak spreading across northern Australia. (Jan)
  • Huge ocean waves north west of Australia. (Jan)
September 2017 U.S.
  • Trump: escapes to his fairytale castle. Doesn't want to spend any more time at the White House. He's uncomfortable there and has no place to hide his things and his activities. Internally he looks like someone under siege although he may appear to be more confident. (Jeanne)
  • Capitol and town hall meetings break out in ruckus as public, hanging from the rafters and balconies, jeers and yells. (Jeanne) (This started already in the Texas State Legislature on May 29 when protesters jeered from the balcony over the State's new anti-sanctuary law, an unconstitutional law set by the Trump Administration that requires cities to use their local law enforcement to detain anyone suspected of being an illegal alien during routine interactions.) (Jeanne)
  • Religious right having a greater influence. (Jeanne)
  • Trump poster in style of Russian racist art (Andrew)
  • Black Day on Wall Street. (Andrew)
  • More women rise up. (Andrew)
  • Rocket ship taking off, news about self -driving cars. Groups banding together more and more. Fox imagery,Native American imagery of coyote the trickster, someone being tricked. (Michele)
  • Activity is at an impasse. No solutions, no direction, hope slipping away. Angst rising. Feels as if we are sinking in quicksand. (David)
  • Russia or somewhere in the east, dark energy, military tanks, people watching these tanks go by, almost like an invasion or breaching a boundary, feels like Ukraine or Eastern Europe. (Doris)
  • Missiles in the sky. (Bar)
  • A row of quaint houses in Ireland. The houses are empty. Although it is cold, there is no smoke from the chimneys. Where are the people? (Jan)
  • Bearded Middle eastern men playing flutes. (Jeanne)
  • Meteor showers – little kids are picking up small pieces of meteorites. (Laura )
  • People looking at each other bewildered. (Joy)
  • A lot of older (elderly) serious candidates discussing climate change. Smart minds together to come up with a plan (Jeanne)
  • Brown heat and dust bowl in U.S. (Meghan)
  • A lot of rain fall, Floods in New York,
October 2017 U.S.
  • Trump: Approaching real crisis of his career. (Jeanne)
  • Anxiety in the American collective. Trembling in the plains states (probably due to severe drought.) (Jeanne)
  • Deep profound sadness. (Ron)
  • We are heading for another long dark winter, wherever we are, people are bereft. (Laura)
  • A big explosion at night, making clouds from earth to sky which continue throughout the following day, filled with chemicals and fumes from the explosion and fires. (Prem)
  • Violence due to a KKK rally. (Laura)
  • Many people return to an ancient pagan religion.
  • People making due with less. (KB)
  • Picture feels bleak. (David)
  • The Royals are celebrating with a ball or similar celebration. Probably a royal wedding or prince engagement. (Jeanne)
  • The southern tip of South Africa, people are fleeing due to water, although not likely from floods but from contaminated water.
  • Picture of Earth, concerns looking at global macro point of view instead of micro vie. (Joy)
November 2017
  • Trump: His career crisis continues. (Jeanne)
  • Military action close to the border between Europe and Asia – Croatia, somewhere in the Balkans, or Albania, Turkey. Vision is one of snow and a military helmet. (Doris)
  • India tidal wave. (Prem)
  • Climate: In a word, cold. I can hear it reverberating in my mind. (David)
  • Thanksgiving tables, missing plates, cooling public tired. (Andrew)
  • Nothing feels good. Blackness hits, depression until the last week of the month. (Meghan)
  • Gray and black drapey strips of cloth hanging from trees, like a deathly Halloween scene. (Melissa F.)
  • Comedian dies. (Andrew)
  • More hunkering down. (KB)
  • A lot of anger in the collective, and unbalanced feelings. (Bar W.)
  • Small fish (possibly piranhas) eating the toes of a man. (Jan)
  • As I meditate on this time, my heart starts pounding and my body quaking. (Jeanne)
  • Donald Trump is still swaggering but in big trouble. (Jeanne)
  • Sadness in the Collective and a dark anxiwty in August. (Andrea)
  • White house with lots of helicopters/other small aircraft in the air. Unusually warm/sunny for this time of year. No people on lawn or walking around. Helicopters dot the sky, perhaps a dozen or more small planes. (Traci S.)
  • California leaves or leads. (Kathy)
  • Change, spiritual rebirth and awareness beginning to create a new archetypal process for a generational (in our DNA) lineage into a new and transformed world. (Michelel B.)
  • Maypole image. It means that we begin to change for the better the way we take care of children.
December 2017 U.S.
  • Trump: Waiting, everything has gone sideways for him. He's a little man with a big hat. He's failing mentally due to the stress of his world collapsing around him. He does not have enough of a Self underneath his ego to survive the ultimate shame of impeachment. (Jeanne)
  • Anxiety in the country. I see the large looming eyes of the owl or the eagle, birds of prey. FBI investigation having an important effect at this time. (Jeanne)
  • In the Capitol, all hell breaks loose: what to do about the president. Can feel Ivanka's presence and effort to help her father (and her husband and herself). (Jeanne)
  • The Statue of Liberty can barely keep her head above water. (Jeanne)
  • Not much spending during holidays, people are sad. (Joy)
  • Coming for Trump. This won't be his undoing, this is actually where I feel the liberal rage the strongest, it will be people on the ground vowing revenge, the energy feels violent, I'm not sure that it actually gets violent though. His undoing will come later, this is just the prelude. (Natalie)
  • Trump is gone, dems take cover. (Kathy)
  • Bad christmas, but there is hope. Economy is not so good. But people are singing anyway. Reminds me of a Christmas Carol with Tiny Tim. They are poor and he is sick but there is love, and hope. (Jeanne)
  • Small, subdued, heavy Christmas. (KB)
  • There are "false flag" attacks on Christian churches or gatherings related to Christmas. I see evil men laughing about it. (Meghan)
  • A reversal of fortune. Evidence of a scandal revealed. Shock and anger in response. Significant contrast to the meaning of the holiday season. (David)
  • Gratitude, the lights are on in Budapest and Prague. (Andrew)
  • People holding hands in prayer, swaying and singing together–felt peaceful and resolute, not worried. (Melissa F.)
2018 (whole year): Angels watch over a drought-striken planet. Rivers running so low that it's waking people up to the situation. (Jeanne) January 2018
  • Will the Congress give a thumbs up or thumbs down for the president? I saw a tiny thumb up, signifying that they don't have the votes to impeach, possibly by narrow margin. (Jeanne)
  • Trump's base is cheering him, although no one else is. But he seems to have survived the worst. He's not likely to recover from all of these events, however. And likely will gradually fade away. (Jeanne)
  • Shark's mouth open revealing sharp fierce teeth. The president is still in trouble. (Jeanne)
  • The GOP is determined to quell people's right to dissent. They are sick of the public being allowed to rule. (Jeanne)
  • Big stop. Something is happening. Death and dying symbols. ( Michele B.)
  • Military action in U.S. (KB)
  • A mix of optimism and dread. Economic and foreign policy issues are problematic. Holiday shopping season a disappointment. Trump and GOP attempt and agenda restart. (David)
  • Russia's influence. (I see a hammer). (Bar)
  • New York City looks great. (Andrew)
  • Earthquake on the north island of New Zealand. (Jan)
  • Fight back establishment. This feels like it's a fight for normalcy – being tugged on all sides – trying to maintain composure in insane situations. I think it's about the democratic party having to fight Trump as well as its own base which has turned against them. (Natalie)
  • Trump is gone. Upheaval in the vacuum. (Ron)
  • Republicans and high government officials standing in a group in front of a podium, announcing something as a group. It feels like they are curtailing the right to publish certain points of view as well as freedom of assembly in groups, protests, demonstrations. Curfews implemented to keep population in control. (Doris)
  • Some sort of segregation. (Joy)
  • People depressed. (Joy)
  • The energy of January is white and clean, but empty. (Melissa F.)
February 2018 POSITIVE
  • Heart energy more profound than usual. (Michele B.)
  • Transgender leader in the news. (Kathy)
  • Men in suits. Again someone from the U.S. government standing in from of a podium. Solidarity from this group. Almost as if they needed each other for support because what they were announcing or telling the world was not what the world wanted to hear and they knew it. Their audience would not approve and they needed the security in numbers for the announcement. Almost felt as if it was something to do with the Constitution or some change in the law that everyone takes for granted. Significant controversial announcement. (Doris)
  • Scared elites – I got the sense that this was when the oligarchs would first begin to think they could lose. It may be that this is when they get scared and so to protect themselves they up the repression which in the long-term hastens their end. (Natalie)
  • A lot of black, and it is spreading, becoming bigger. (Meghan and Laura)
  • Knife in the heart of the U.S., cutting the U.S. apart. (KB)
  • Herds of sheep and cattle on light green fields, wolves hiding in metal coverings. Thumper the rabbit, from Bambi, is in trouble, Red skies over China. (Andrew)
  • North Korean president Kim Jong Un in the news. (Laura F.)
  • Financial crisis in the stock market. (Meghan)
  • Swirly spirals in people's eyes, heads spinning, people confused. (Melissa F.)
  • Earthquake possibly in Italy or a place where women who wear scarves on their heads and carry bowls. Could be South America, Peru. (Jeanne)
  • Map of the U.S. with parched spot in the middle where it is very dry. This is the beginning of the Heartland desert. (Jeanne)
  • Tiny eggs in which there is something wrong with the life inside. (Jan.)
  • Severe weather issues. Northern half of country experiences above average extreme wind, snow, cold. Southeast extreme cold and wind. Trump and GOP falters. (David)
March 2018
  • The Capitol (Congress) looks like a church. Religious right has moved in. I saw monks in robes shooting arrows at the Capitol. (Jeanne)The National cash register is the focus. (Jeanne)
  • The religious Right is having an influence. (Jeanne)
  • Spring is green and they begin to pull out the black, but it is just the beginning. (Meghan)
  • Explosion cloud. Almost a mushroom cloud but grey and dusty in colour. Like blowing up something big. A major demolition of a building creating a lot of dark, grey dust. (Doris)
  • Nervousness, jitters among the population. (Joy)
  • Empowerment in ways we have not previously experienced among us. (Michele B.)
  • Tin mug. An army waiting. (Jan)
  • Stress and anxiety in the collective. (Bar)
  • A Pacific Rim war underway. (Laura F.)
  • High winds in the news. (Kathy)
  • Negative economic news and bad developments. Significant disagreements within GOP rank and file. (David)
  • Fields of spiky, dry grass. Signs of drought. (Melissa F.)
April 2018 POSITIVE
  • People are happy again in April, depression lifts for a month. (Laura)
  • Vacation, waves, a parade, and happy people. (Andrew)
  • The Sun is bright and people are happy. (Meghan)
  • Public's ears being cleaned out, senses returning. (Melissa F.)
  • Ivanka Trump looking very distressed walking near White House, flashbulbs going off. Increasingly in spotlight but definitely doesn't want this particular attention. The situation may involve her husband. She can't escape this mess, there is no turning back now. (Traci)
  • In the news: jail for many GOP. Some Republicans hiding. (Kathy)
  • Something very serious will happen in the south eastern U.S., it felt like Georgia or Florida and it felt like an outside attack on the coast. Feels black and dark. (Natalie)
  • U.S. economy is being noticed globally. (Joy)
  • Viewing the whole of 2018 as a bar graph, the month of April shoots very high compared to the others. (Meghan)
  • Cracks in the systemic wall.
May – December 2018
  • May: American Plains are parched. Drought in plains all over the world. Problem for large animals who graze on these lands. (Jeanne)
  • People depressed.
  • Giant iron pressing down on the backs of the population. (Melissa F.)
  • Tanks firing at people, people running away. Feels like this is happening in Europe. (Prem)
  • The rhino and the zebra are in the news due to endangerment. (Jeanne)
  • Medical concerns and advances. (Jeanne)
  • Massive change. "The party's over." (Ron)
  • The oceans make the news. Water is rising. (Ron)
  • One month tall, like a skyscraper in 2018, the rest not nearly as tall. (Meghan)
  • Sustainable power takes over jobs. Coal turns to solar in small minded town that are now open to new possibilities. (Kathy)
  • Flooding in New England. (David)
  • More discord within GOP. (David)
  • Economic activity slows. (David)
2018 (June through December, but some visions may apply to whole year) June (2018)
  • Image of a cactus getting much taller. Drought getting measurably more severe and spreading eastward. (Jeanne)U.S.: Blistering summer especially in the center of the country. (David)
  • Election process has GOP on the defensive. (David)
July 2018
  • Image of the Great Wall of China. (Jeanne)
  • The rise of caring and charity. (Jeanne)
  • The Capitol is on fire (figuratively). They are under tremendous stress and people are yelling from the balcony. (Jeanne)
November 2018
  • Financial markets dip then rise higher. (Jeanne)
  • There's optimism now. (Jeanne)
December 2018
  • Market is up but an alarm clock shows that it's going to go off at some point soon. Not yet, but the hours are ticking away towards a problem. (Jeanne)
June -December 2018 POSITIVE
  • Stars twinkling for 2018. (Meghan)
  • Hearts expanding, cohesiveness in group or population. (Joy)
  • Like minded people are more networked, coming together. (Laura F.)
  • Light, strength in numbers, hope for parts of the world beyond D.C. (Jeanne)
  • The people are resolute, determined. (Joy)
  • The US. An escalator going up. A slow but steady improvement for the year. (Jan)
  • Medical advances, with children and their hearts. (Jeanne)
  • A beam of light shining down the year. (Jeanne)
  • A huge stop, something dramatic happening, we have crossed a line that represents the end of patriarchy, although it will continue for some time. The ending has begun. (Jeanne)
  • Empowerment in new ways that we haven't experienced before, individually as well as globally. A feeling of being surrounded by angels. We only need to connect and ask to receive the help they want to give us. A metaphor in the double meanings of the words maze and maize which mean "sustenance." In Indian mythology, the maze that many of us feel we're are in could be maize – we transform it from being lost in the maze to being nourished in the journey. The Great Turning begins in earnest. (Michele)
  • People have health coverage. (Andrew)
  • Females rising. (Bar)
  • Many people engaged in helping others. We will see more efforts at bridging the divide, and although it will be fringe at first, people will begin addressing the pain of people with actual help. (Natalie)
  • The people being resolute, determined. (Doris)
  • Black, ink-like, smoke covering floor at White House with Trump coming down the stairs into the smoke. (Danielle)
  • Attack on Trump's life. (LB)
  • Paper boats, meaning boats not presenting any threat. This is the U.S. Navy. Although in what could be a warlike stance, they actually present no threat. (Jan)
  • Disappointment, anger, population and masses demonstrating, something unfair, not what they asked for (felt this was the U.K. with Brexit). (Doris)
  • Something unknown becomes known; feeling of being duped, disillusionment, eyes now wide open, general mood of revolt. (KB)
  • The rest of 2018 – it felt like there was a war – can't say more than that. War keeps going in 2019. (Natalie)
  • People looking up to the sky, watching a glimmer of hope, more people gathering and noticing there is another way. (Melissa F.)
  • Local farms thrive. Industrial farms going out. Sheep herds and abundance. (Kathy)
  • Letting go of selfishness. People will be learning to be more altruistic and begin helping each other. They will be forced to learn to help each other for survival. This will herald a new way of life which will cause people to breathe a sigh of relief. (Natalie)
  • Trains, Routes, creating ways to move forward. Rails as power to not be derailed towards our goals. (Michele B.)
  • Big gasp. Angelic guides and others are guiding people, awareness grows. Awareness of big changes needed ahead. Bear energy is strong, could be sign of Putin. (Michele)
  • Children a concern. The elderly speaking up en masses. They will be heard! (Jeanne)
  • Shackles coming loose, we are beginning to beomce free from our own shackles. (Kim)
  • The concept put forth of teachers getting paid more and being allow to teach. (Kathy)
  • The earth, the landscape. People are paying attention. (Jeanne)
  • A maypole. Focus on the children of the world and their health, safety, food, and overall well being. (Jan)
  • Many people will be giving up. They will begin to accept what cannot be changed and move on. (Natalie)
  • Trump is out. (Gretchen)
  • New American leader, probably the new president, likely not Mike Pence or Paul Ryan, but someone who is not under the radar at the time of this vision. Probably a man. (Prem)
  • Hillary tries to weigh in for Democratic party, it takes protests and rallies to get her to back down.
  • More children still abused in USA. (Gretchen)
  • The year feels dark, like the downward spiral is almost at the bottom – ugh it feels like people are exhausted with all this chaos, but the hope hasn't come yet. (Natalie)
  • Market seen as a bar graph shows, the end of the year tilted up for 2019, a sign that the year ends better than it started using some objective measure. Could be financial markets. (Meghan)
  • Heavy hearts, a difficult year. (Bar)
  • World crisis. World doesn't know who the U.S. is and the U.S. doesn't know who it is. (KB)
  • The world: finally it breaks, a high intensity, if it's not breaking, it is moving so fast, the world seen from outer space is spinning fast. (Andrew)
  • Contact, between realms. (Ron)
  • War, people holding hands, war, children born with gifts. (Joy)
  • Putin – focus is now more overtly on him – no mistaking now his aggression and vengeance toward U.S. He remains physically afar but threat of tangible aggression, including possibly missiles, both obvious and certain. Congress distressed but uncertain how to contain him and maybe cannot. Republicans finally get that they have created conditions for this by looking the other way when dealings have benefited them, even indirectly. Lion let out of cage and now cannot get him back in. This will have to run its course. Things will have to come to a frightening head. No secret now regarding his negative intentions, hatred, and rage. Trump is irrelevant now, barely a figurehead, effectively neutralized and metaphorically castrated, impotent in government. More people finally see him for the incompetent, doddering fool he is. Also cognitive decline becomes more evident, and this is a process that has probably been going on in him for some time. (Traci S.)
  • Wet spring, climate extremes everywhere, strong hurricanes. (Laura)
  • I see a red warning signal, flashing and beeping. (Meghan)
  • The word "ford", but more like the original meaning of the word: a shallow place in a river to allow someone to pass or crossover or the word "fjord" like a deep inlet. (Doris)
  • A river flowing in the north where there there was formerly a frozen tundra. Now the permafrost is melting. (Doris)
  • People are now really waking up to the climate crisis. (Jeanne)
2019 – Whole year
  • The market gets quite volatile, but no crash. (Jeanne)
2019 (Jeanne) January 2019
  • There are areas now in the U.S. and in other parts of the world that look like they could turn into permanent desert. (Jeanne)
  • Problem for the apple – trees dying or unable to produce the fruit. (Jeanne)
February 2019
  • Seas are rising. Native Americans know what is coming. (Jeanne)
March 2019
  • Steps going up a long way. Don't know what this means. (Jeanne)
  • Mountains that almost look like pyramids but are volcanos and are giving off stream. I got the feeling that these mountains are under polar ice – Greenland or Anarctica. (Jeanne)
June – July 2019
  • They will have their come-upance. They will pay! (Jeanne)
  • I see Paul Ryan smiling, a rich man's puppet. The oligarch is pulling his strings. Ryan is rising in dominance now. Maybe going to be Republican presidential candidate. (Jeanne)
August 2019
  • Markets going crazy- up and down and up and down. Stress in markets due to delay in Congress. Oligarch's pulling the strings. (Jeanne)
September 2019
  • A monk in robes speaking to the Congress. There is great stress in the collective and in the markets. (Jeanne)
October-November (no visions) December 2019:
  • Angels climbing stairs pleading. They look like Jesus begging the Congressional leaders to do the right thing. (Jeanne)
2020: We are learning from the tropics what more of the future will hold. (Jeanne) 2019-2020: U.S. A slippery dip. The loss of some gains.(Jan) 2020 (whole year) POSITIVE
  • People turn off news, turn on hearts. (Kathy)
  • Power to the people, reaching across the divide, power to girls, and women and children. We have each other, we won't let anyone go without. The
  • Woman voted in as president. (Kathy)
  • We will be building our own small communities, and creating a sustainable sharing economy, inch by inch. I think this is when it gets started. (Natalie)
  • A smiley face like the yellow emoji, Twitter but felt it was cleaning up its act over what is being posted, (bullies are being stopped (Doris)
  • Vast majority liberal & Life supporting America turns toward Love and light. (Kathy)
  • Heard these phrases: "The momentum is ours. Let's do this thing." Then saw people surfing on top of the waves. Implied they were learning how to navigate the political climate and not get knocked down by it. (Melissa F.)
  • Saudi oil market drops. Very bad for financial markets. (Jeanne)
  • 2020 feels like a return of depressed energy. Red alert warning signal, flashing and beeping, feels especially for first 3-4 months if the year. The feeling that something just cannot continue. (Meghan)
  • This year starts in downward position then then ends on an up note. (Jeanne)
  • Federal government is at its lowest point. Like a banana republic or Russia. (Jeanne)
  • U.S. in full crisis mode. (KB)
  • Voices not being heard. (Bar)
  • Hate is hiding, no longer allowed to be spoken openly like before. (Kathy)
  • Good news from the international space station (no idea what, though). (Laura F.)
  • UK flag. A rallying cry. (Jan)
  • No food on shelves, no gas in cars, no electricity. Doesn't say where this is happening. (KB.)
  • Oceans rising. An image of the Statue of Liberty with waters rising up. (Michele B.)
  • The climate has now gone nuts, people are now going to try and fix it. An energy of creating solutions to problems, everyday problems especially, but also a desire to solve global problems. I think this is just a wish at this point, the elites are still in control. (Natalie)
2020 by Month (Jeanne) January 2020
  • Paul Ryan emerging from the field. Possibly running for president or just a very powerful man at this time. (Jeanne)
  • The coming election will feel unimportant to the people. It will be a stolen election. Money will win the election. The people will make their own plans for their lives and for now, they will ignore the government. (Jeanne)
February 2020
  • Big volcanic eruption. It's in a forested area. Reminds me of the one in the U.S. Northwest. (Jeanne)
November 2020:
  • Markets down then lower. (Jeanne)
  • A rigged election. A large dominant elephant fills the screen. (Jeanne)
  • Water rising precipitously. (Jeanne)
December 2020
  • A royal in bed giving birth (Jeanne)
2021 (whole year) POSITIVE
  • White, light energy is radiating out into the population, seeping through cracks, reaching more people who were once closed-minded. (Melissa F.)
  • The pieces start coming together to figure out how to make our government work and how to experience joy again.(KB)
  • World economy thrives on sustainability. USA tries to catch up.
    Good People doing even MORE good. (Kathy)
  • The kids (younger generation) are brilliant with new ideas and inventions. (Gretchen)
  • Freedom, a chalice, a horse and buggy. Sounds like a break from the modern world and a return to earlier more simple and sustainable times. (Joy)
  • Advances in science and space. (Joy)
  • People are more aware. (Joy)
  • Concept of free college is put forth, for profit colleges on the way on. (Kathy)
  • I see the map of the U.S. People are making plans to migrate to new areas. New parts of the country are becoming more desirable and people are starting new communities in these places. (Jeanne)
  • Women are rising. (Jeanne)
  • This year I get a feeling of having survived something horrible, and relief that it's over. People are taking sustainability very seriously and it's reflected in the political landscape – politics and life becomes more green. (Natalie)
  • I see a parade down the streets of Paris, empty towns in the great plains, and finally I see San Francisco as a bright light and a great place for the real estate. (Andrew)
  • I see a Malaysian dictator making speeches. (AndreFascist symbols. Putin off his horse. Someone else rises to power now. (MicheleDuterte in Phillipines – assassination attempt? (Laura)
  • World leaders take a hit to their faces as people stand up to them. (Jan)
  • A contraction across the world, not very positive. (Jan)
  • I feel like it's a science fiction movie, I see like shooting through the sky in a space ship and stars and stars and stars …I see myself shooting toward earth, and I see space debris. (Andrew)
  • Contact. A reference to connecting with aliens. (RoLooking inward . Out of necessity, people will begin to look inward for survival. (Natalie)
  • 2021 feels nailed to the ground, 2022 feels lifting up off of the nailed down part. (Meghan)
  • Saw lots of heads shaking, "No!" Palm trees bent over in strong hurricane winds. (Melissa F.)
  • Farmers trying to adjust to climate, cattle can not stay in this dry heat, a concern, they are rushing to make new advances in farming that will accommodate the dramatic weather shift. (Jeanne)
  • Arctic melting intensifies. Polar bears dying out. Earthquakes. The earth cracks. That's how the light gets in. (Michele B.)
  • Vegetable growing is gaining as a way to offset costs and lack. (Jan)
  • Heavy rain in the US, pounding onto tents, so much mud. (Jan)
  • Smoking in all forms, cigarettes, cigars, and pot will become unacceptable. (Jan)
  • Mountains and meadows in bloom, lakes up north (northern Canada, U.S. Russia, etc.) where there should not be lakes at all, permafrost melting, temperature to high for latitude. (Doris)
  • Global concerns about the environment, environmental awareness has increased.
2021 January 2021
  • An elephant with candidate riding it, but facing backwards on the Elephant. (Jeanne)
February 2021
  • Markets moving. Russian priest in the news. (Jeanne)
Mar-Dec (no visions yet) 2022
  • Love rising in the collective. New beginnings can be felt. (Jeanne)
  • People ignoring the power structures, they live in their own communities, not bothering with global government and asking little of it. A sense of "leave us alone and we'll leave you alone." (Natalie)
  • Eagle flying high, symbol of patriotism or nationalism. (Michele)
  • A new flag rising in the U.S. (KB)
  • New Life, new world. I see California, and the western states, important new directions there. They needto build massive desalination facilities or find another way to have enough fresh water there. (Jeanne)
  • Space travel begins. (Laura)
2023 – 2025
  • Heads will be spinning with changes at all levels. Which way to look? Who to believe? (Jan)
  • Young people engaged, caring, determined. (Doris)
  • A bell ringing, a Japanese bell being rung at a Japanese temple with a beam as if to announce something significant (like on New Year's Eve when the Japanese believe ringing bells can get rid of their sins during the previous year). (Doris)
  • Massive vibrational rising, an uplifting feeling, we are in this together. (Ron)
  • Feeling of rebirth happening in the collective. (Jeanne)
  • Rebirth continues. Many will bow out of the new direction because they cannot relate to the new way the world is going. (Michele)
  • Many people migrating to Alaska. The search for good water is on. (Kathy)
  • Health insurance: Big Pharma and big hospitals are gone, single payer health insurance is in. (Kathy)
  • People banding together. (KB)
  • The idea of no more taxes. What it felt like was not that people weren't paying taxes, but that people were ignoring federal taxes and investing more of their money into their local communities. (Natalie)
  • U.S. city states armed. Some cities would create their own militias to protect themselves from the federal government or other authorities. It felt like a real conflict – whereby cities try to keep the feds out by force – Baltimore stood out in my mind during this impression. (Natalie)
  • Dark waters in the U.S. Rivers are contaminated and the fish are dead. (Prem)
  • Dark night skies, Swiss-like design of airports sleek and modern, but there's a coldness there, and a quiet. (Andrew)
  • The U.S. West, California, Baja Penninsula, horses. Something is going on with them. I think it's climate related. (Jeanne)
  • Americans trying to flee, desperate for new lives, can't tell if it's climate or political. (Laura F.)
  • Hurling into the unknown. Like into outer space. (Meghan)
  • People living with less. (Joy)
  • Ancient parchment discovered, rattling religions. (JanPeople crouched on floor with bent knees, taking shelter, more storms. (Melissa F.)
  • Crowds of people in stands cheering. A people's candidate. (Jeanne)
  • Importance of a migrant worker who cares for the land. (Jeanne)
  • There is a serious conflict between people and government – the people mostly give up – it's too painful to keep going, but not everyone gives up. Government asserts itself strongly. (Natalie)
  • Men with beards, a military tank in a dessert like area or in a very dry, sandy place, like Pakistan, Afghanistan or country whose name ends in 'stan. (Doris)
  • Radically new governing body; people centered movement, no corruption, swamp is really and finally drained. (KB.)
  • A great lightening in people's hearts, realising so many of us are banding together in our consciousness. (Jan)
  • More political turmoil, wars have been taking their tolls, utter corruption at the highest levels continues. (Laura)
  • People l migrating en masse. (Ron)
  • US and Canada holding hands. Trump is either dead or missing. GOP out. Less Borders. (Kathy)
  • Medical advances. (So the modern world is still operational). (Jeanne)
  • Big is disappointed. He can't control everything like before. Voters are deciding – the important of the vote of people of color. This is the beginning of change but it doesn't happen all at once. (Jeanne)
  • More night sky…it's dark, like twilight all the time, LA doesn't seem to exist…or i see it being just desert. (Andrew)
  • Big slow pendulum (as big as a building) swings to the other side. (Melissa F.)
  • Capitol is completely surrounded by crowds of people, hundreds of thousands, cheering. Popular leader of the people. (Jeanne)
  • Money is still a big issue. Markets still up and down. (Jeanne)
  • Bright eyes open in surprise, then smile, as if coming out of the darkness. (Melissa F.)
  • New era beginning. Green movement. Hope for the environment. All one family. School of learning and teaching is strong. (Michele)
  • Resentment under the surface is huge. Not everyone had given up during those years. There is a spirit of revolution, but not necessarily an actual revolution. (Natalie)
  • Over the hill. The worst seems to be over. (Doris)
  • A new law developed in geometry. (Ron Q.)
  • Living in the woodlands are Native Americans, and people with huge physiques who have become adapt at living in the wilderness. A new breed of physically strong people developing in order to live off the grid. (Jeanne)
  • Pride and happiness with what has been accomplished (in our government) hopeful it's been cleaned up. (KB)
  • Lightness, conscious awareness. (Joy)
  • The moon, shining onto the earth. Sounds, radio waves picked up from there. (Jan)
  • New beginning, new start. (Meghan)
  • There are fewer people in areas where there used to be dense populations, more sparsely populated, not a bad thing. (Andrew)
  • The world finally gets serious about climate. (Andrew)
  • Light green colored skies. Although this vision could be a symbol of a more environmentally green earth, it is more likely that it is a literal vision of a contaminated atmosphere. (Prem)
  • Bees and bee farms in the news. (Kathy)
  • A long descending staircase. This looks just like the earlier ascending steps of March 2019. So whereas in March something was ascending. Now it is descending. I think it is the final rise and fall of the patriarchal right wing system. It reaches it's height in March 2019 and then descends from power in 2026. (Jeanne)
  • Focus on the fate of wild animals. We want to save them – bear, antelope, moose and other species in trouble. (Jeanne)
  • Focus on the education of very young children, what they are learning in school. (Jeanne)
  • Pope in the media making a statement. (Jeanne)
  • Large city – a skyline of skyscrapers, threatened by the sea flowing into the streets. (Jeanne)
  • The U.S. is now pursuing sustainability aggressively and helping other countries around the world. (Jeanne)
2028-2029 Water everywhere in the streets. People always in boots. (Jeanne) 2030: Seeing the emblem of the U.S. Post Office. (Jeanne) 2031 Medical advances with limbs. People patched up to walk. (Jeanne)