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  1. jeanne 12/06/2017 at 2:46 am

    Bin Zhao: Speaking of “The end of an era,” I saw a Facebook post from a pro-Sanders group that has those words regarding to net neutrality a few days ago.

    Jeanne Mayell: In reply to Morgan:

    The Tax package will affect even more than the elderly. Like most attacks, the weak and vulnerable are the first to fall.
    –Additionally, the tax package is what keeps the GOP from stopping Trump if he decides to fire Muller. It keeps the GOP protecting Trump. Why? Because the GOP needs Trump to sign the package so they are not going to do anything to stop him as long as he holds their precious tax package hostage. He’s even called for bigger tax cuts to businesses to ensure his popularity and protection.
    –The tax package could be a knockout punch economically while giving oligarchs the financial power to control this country with an iron hand. You can’t have a free country in which 99.9% of the money is in the hands of a few corrupt psychopaths. But that’s their plan. Money controls the politicians, the press, and with net neutrality on the line, it will control communications. Their vision is Russia — poor people and a few fabulously wealthy oligarchs.
    –The smoke and mirrors tax package creates an additional deficit of at least a $trillion and probably much higher because they are assuming that the tax package will boost the economy. It will do the opposite. They have already said they will cut domestic programs — Social security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education, and much more to balance the giveaway to the oligarchs. The elderly will be hit hard, but most of America will be hit if the package crashes the economy.
    –And it’s all related to war. Ultimate power to the oligarchs leads to more wars. In Ray Bradbury’s prescient short story, Fahrenheit 451, the totalitarian country of the future was always at war, (and books were burned). War is big business for the right wing. Not only do they get everyone to pay for this business that they operate, but they get to plunder other countries as well.
    –Perhaps this direction is how the GOP will eventually burn itself out, like a virus that consumes its host and then dies. I know it will be better later. I saw years ago that it would turn around in mid to late 2020’s. But I pray we can turn it around now.
    Come to my Winter Solstice Event of positive visioning on December 21 where we can look for the more beautiful world we all know is possible. It’s free. Would love a donation for the website, but that’s voluntary and it is free.
    Call your Republican reps to stop the Tax Package. Call the White House. Visualize a positive outcome for this country.

    Eliza: in reply to Valerie:

    Valerie, Obama and Clinton are definitely not bad people. If you repost just that question, hopefully someone will reply who has time to give you just some of the many reasons why you should avoid listening to Trump supporters who do not have the USA’s best interests at heart. I don’t have the time right now, so please re-post your question! Thanks, Valerie

    12 0’clock: in reply to Valerie: It stems from racism,, lack of intellectualism and worped religious beliefs.
    Those people are on a different evolutionary scale.

    Jeanne Mayell:in reply to Valerie.

    Valarie, thanks for you questions. No, Clinton and Obama are not bad people. That impressions from a lot of lies. Too involved to answer in a few words. Clinton has served all her life in public office. She never ran a business, like Trump, to get ultra wealthy. She raised money with a real charity which went to real people who needed the funds, unlike Donald Trump whose charity was used to pay his personal bills and make a painting of himself. She and Obmama made their tax returns public. They have nothing to hide. Not so for donald Trump. He still won’t release his tax returns. Why? Because they will show he cheats, and does business with people who he has used his public office to pay off. His tax returns will show who he really is for those who can’t seem to see who he really is.
    The GOP spent millions investigating Clinton for Benghazi and found no wrongdoing. They simply could not find anything that would stick. Then they went after her for her emails, investigated her for that, and found nothing, NADA. Her emails put no one in harms way, nor did she cause national security problems.
    Nothing is black and white. From the point of view of a left winger, she is too centrist. To close to the Republicans but that’s hardly something the Republicans could use against her. She (and Bill Clinton as well) is really more of a traditional republican in her policies. But the GOP is now reactionary right wing – moving into totalitarianism. They lie, steal, cheat. These are harsh words, lie, steal, cheat, and they are accurate words to describe this party’s behavior.
    Clinton’s foreign policy — she antagonized Putin. Many smart people fault her for that. I fault her for that. But we are comparing apples with oranges when we say she was bad news. The GOP is bad news. Really really bad news. IT’s going full throttle authoritarian. There simply is no comparison.
    Obama cannot be faulted except again by very left wingers who want a much more liberal president. I would choose Bernie Sanders over Clinton, but the way you think you should feel about Clinton and Obama is from carefully crafted propaganda, i,e., lies.
    Clearly you are not a sheep, Valerie, or you would have bought the propaganda, like so many have.

    Senate, in their rush, accidentally killed all corporate tax deductions. This may have to be a do-over, now

    Paige: Could the predictions, “A weight is lifted off the chest.” Be in response to Net Neutrality as in it doesn’t get pushed through? A couple of other psychics don’t see it going through and there are protests planned for December 7th at Verizon stores. As we’ve heard before the will of the people can change future events/stop certain things from happening.
    On a side note I know everyone is really worried about the tax plan and rightfully so, but I have so much faith that we’ll get through this.
    As you’ve all seen it will most likely be awful or upsetting for a while but I really do believe that inevitably the universe-as Martin Luther King Jr. puts it, “Bends towards Justice.” One day these people will be out of power. We will find a way to live compassionately and in peace and harmony with one another.
    I really, really believe that. We’ll get this. We will.

    Grace: In reply to Jeanne Mayell.
    Thank you, Jeanne. Your insights are invaluable. Much love to you and everyone on this forum, and to the families, friends, & communities connected to each of us.

    Bin Zhao: n reply to Paige.
    I think that the tex cuts will get delayed no matter what. Currently, it is in reconciliation, but nothing is getting through. I think the prediction “new tax bill introduced, not passed,” be in response to this.


    Bin Zhao: In reply to Meghan.
    No wonder the GOP is so inept.

    Bin Zhao: In reply to Jeanne Mayell.
    Burn itself out=hubris
    Keeping tax package hostage; wanted to increase his popularity and security=narcissism

    Bin Zhao: In reply to Jeanne Mayell.
    Trump himself is incompetent. All of this will not get things done, let alone this.

    KB: In reply to Paige.
    Thanks Paige and Bin Zhao. Your insights are much appreciated.

    rchl: In reply to Jeanne Mayell.
    Dear Jeanne, I have been really enjoying your website along with everyone’s input and predictions.
    Have you (or anyone else) ever done a reading on Koch Bros? I really look forward to their end. They have caused much evil, discord, and bad weather for many years.

    Diana: In reply to Paige.

    Paige, I don’t see the FCC succeeding either and I agree that we will get thru this. There is a lot that is sad and worrisome but there is also SO MUCH RESISTANCE, so much fighting back, so many people finally WAKING UP and getting involved like never before and this is what we need to focus on. For every bad act there’s a thousand good ones counteracting the bad. Worry and fear don’t solve anything. If you’re feeling fearful or powerless then get involved -call your congressman, your senator, protest, spread optimism, lift other people up, and remember that you are a powerful, powerful soul and we all collectively and singularly have the power to change things for the better but we can only do that if we come from a place of strength and love.
    Please let the fears go, find peace, and do good – the universe will respond in kind. These predictions are warnings of what could happen and should be used to prepare, not to feed the fears. Not everything is going to affect everyone and the future is not set in stone. If we all fight for the good and think positive we can change things. This “awakening” is also a personal awakening to our own power to shape our lives and not to let others dictate how we live. You may think the oligarchs are in charge but WE have the power – all of us together can and will beat them.

    Diana: In reply to Jeanne Mayell.
    Jeanne, is the class 8:30 eastern time? Want to try to make it because I’m all about the positive!

    Jeanne: Yes, Diana: it’s at 8:30 eastern! I hope you can make it.

    ilovemy4boys: In reply to Paige.
    I agree with you very much. Even though I am worried I know not everything will be forever. Anyone can undo what he has done to our country. It might take time but we can only keep looking ahead.

    Paige: In reply to Diana.
    Beautifully, beautifully said Diana.
    I remember after Trump was elected feeling so powerless and afraid. It was only several months later after the women’s march and then several weeks later the travel ban, watching hundreds of people of every color, sexual orientation, class, religion and background streaming from the streets after peacefully protesting for one another and just feeling so much love for every single one of them; that I realized we would be alright eventually.
    I think we have a natural inclination towards kindness and compassion, I think evil people and forces are brought in this world to teach us lessons and ultimately history is going to bend towards goodness whether it takes months from now or years.

    Paige: In reply to ilovemy4boys.
    Absolutely true! Well said.

    Lynn: n reply to Bin Zhao.
    There are lots of demonstrations around the country in opposition to the bill. Rachel Maddow highlighted them last night on her show. Whatever does happen, people see this legislations for what it is — a huge giveaway to the rich and an attempt to punish democratic constituencies. Ultimately, ax laws can be reversed. No doubt if this bill is passed and takes effect it will be yet another rallying cry for better government. There will a lot of damage, but it can be undone, at least more easily than some of the other damage that’s happening (like the baiting of North Korea).

    Another hit! Trump plans on using mercenary spies to counter “deep state”, whatever that means. Probably a means of quelling internal dissent.

    Jeanne: Thank you, Oscar. I saw that back in January, and it’s in the original predictions by topic. I was wondering if anyone was going to remember that prediction. Erik Prince scares the hell out of me. Dangerous man. This new development if true is the scariest thing yet. I cannot believe what is happening. Yet I’d seen it coming.

    Lynn: n reply to Paige.
    Absolutely Paige. We will get thought this. Terrible polices can be reversed, and often lead to backlash that sheds light on them. If Clinton had won the election, we would not be seeing the progressive resurgence we’re seeing now. Quite the opposite, the right wing would be making it impossible for her to govern, and then would be blaming her for anything and everything that went wrong in the US. Maybe it’s necessary for the things that we really hold dear to be threatened for folks to wake up.

    Jeanne Mayell: In reply to rchl.
    Rachel, I would love to do that — a reading on the Koch Brothers. It’s going to be very dark stuff.

    Jeanne Mayell: In reply to 12o’clock.
    12 o’clock. Sorry for my poor wording. I was referring not to you but to Valerie’s question about whether Clinton and Obama were bad. I was saying, No, they are not bad…. I was not commenting on your post about the people who voter Trump. You are awesome and helpful and clear in your contributions here!. Sometimes this comment section makes it hard to know who we are responding to. I had clicked, “Reply” to Valarie.

    Anyone know wtf Trump is trying to do, here? And why in the screaming blue beyond are we entertaining this man’s paranoia?

    Jeanne: Meghan, this is very ominous. He is going to try to go all out fascist. I am nervous about this.

    Eliza: Just lovin’ all the positive power today in recent comments here; it’s infectious (in a good way, of course). For what it’s worth, in ancient Vedic astrological predictions, this horrible time of literal demons running amok was foreseen, but the a much better time was foreseen to follow; the timeframe foreseen for that big improvement was given to begin during about 2020 to 2025, so let’s keep that faith strong, y’all. Also, saw a long, good news piece this evening about an upsurge in ‘millenials’ going into — organic and sustainable — FARMING! The reporting also actually mentioned that that new trend is “due to (the influence of) their parents and grandparents.” It made me feel happy and and also pleased that those older generations were finally being given some deserved credit, for a change, as the movement in growing and eating organic food, exploring and practicing holistic medicine and other, positive, alternative practices, etc. began to emerge and take root in a Big way in the mid-1960’s and 1970’s ( in this country and others) and that movement has never stopped. Well, there’s just a couple more, hopeful sources of positive, energized fuel to feed the fire that is keeping us moving forward to a sooner and better tomorrow.

    Eliza: In reply to Jeanne Mayell.
    Thank You, 12 o’clock and Jeanne, for your replies to help out Valerie. ( I was in a hurry at the point when I saw her question, but just couldn’t ‘leave her hanging’ You both are so good to have noticed and to do that for her).

    Eliza: in reply to Meghan: In reply to Meghan.
    Hi Meghan, Yes, M’am! I remember back in the mid-’80’s when a meditation teacher who was also psychically gifted made the statement, “The Age of Woman is ‘around the corner’. ” He added that he didn’t mean ‘tomorrow’ exactly, but in our not- too- far- away future. Looks like he was correct about it, for it does seem to be especially picking up a lot of steam lately. That is a good change to look forward to happening. Hold onto your hats, folks! The winds of positive change are gathering strength again…

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