In 2010 I am doing a timeline meditation into the future. Around mid 2020,  I see a map of the U.S., then a cactus appears in the heartland.   It appears slowly and feels mournful and epic, like the end of an era.  So I stop my meditation and start again, and again the cactus appears, this time around 2026 or 2027. The energy I feel I am sensing is a civilization-changing drought, a once in a thousand year drought that will change our country for millennia.

2014 Update: In 2014 I do another timeline meditation.  To be fair, I have begun at this point reading the science on climate change and am already filled with dread about it and what is going to happen down the road. My biggest concern is how we will produce food. So my focus in this meditation is not whether we will have epic drought and heat, but when will climate change hit us in a way that everyone will feel it, and how will it hit us in the U.S.?

When I reach 2025 in my meditation, I see crowds on hillsides. They are in the southwest, might be a part of Texas or some area that is more conservative politically and culturally.  The people are under stress because there is an image of symbolic fire all around them, and they are listening to a religious leader, a messiah figure.  So this attraction to a messiah is unexpected. (Note to intuition:  pay attention to the visions that are unexpected. They are likely more accurate.)  I also saw horses and other farm animals with dry mouths. It felt like the southwest, especially Texas, because I see cowboy hats and cactus. I also earlier feltl drought in the Great Plains where the wheat and corn used to be king. The wells have run dry.  I saw a man kneeling by a pipe and I felt he could not get water from it.  I also see people traveling across the country with horses and what seem like wagon trains; it is a mass migration.