Psychic Visions & Predictions for 2014 & 2015

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Below are collective visions of my Thursday Night Tarot group made in January 2014 and earlier.

  • Actual events sometimes  happen in earlier or later months than envisioned.
  • Unless stated, weather events are usually centered in the New England area.
  • Those visions that come true are put in bold when we hear about it,  with an explanation when necessary in brackets. To see our past record for accuracy, go  here.


January 2014 – Visions made on 1/9/14

  • Grandma Moses, Sleigh Ride, fire, warmth  (week of 1.19.14 saw big east coast snow storm and another week of plunging temperatures.)
  • More horrendous weather, bitter cold.
  • Death of a statesman/public official  (Ariel Sharon died 1/11/14)
  • Frozen fire  (fighting house fires in the freezing weather created hauntingly beautiful icicle-laced buildings)
  • British royals making news: carriage approaching with men in top hats  (2nd grandchild born to Queen Elizabeth 1/29/14; 1/28/14 Parliament critical of Royal Family over-spending)
  • Pamela Anderson,  a bison, water (Animal rights activist Anderson made news when she campaigned to get Israel prime minister to ban the sale of furs)
  • Indian clothing, water, Siam
  • Mighty Mouse, doll house,
  • Switzerland,
[Switzerland in the news due to anti European union vote in that country].
  • Rollerblades
  • Happiness turning to hunger, crops low wheat harvest.

    Previous visions we’ve had for January 2014 (made in 2013):

    • New pregnancy for royal couple  (As of 1/29/14, there is not a new pregnancy for the royal couple, but the birth of Queen’s second grandchild)
    • Fast moving muddy waters  Flooding extreme in England along River Thames
    • A Twix Bar melting
    • Things at a stand still (politically)
    • A Sherlock Holme”s pipe. (Sherlock Holmes television series in the news)
    • Health insurance shake-up (Controversial flood insurance rates held up federal spending bill on January 15)
    • Unique astrophysicists” discoveries  (discovery of earth-like planet covered with water vapor)
    • Angels rising up ”“ great news!   Good!
    • Man with glasses and balding head back of head on a coin (Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke is honored as he steps down at end of January.)
    • Good karmic events
    • New reconciliation in the world, economy big boost, stock market new highs.
    • Drought in the Sudan
    • Trains and a slinky, possibly a derailed train.  (North sea storm washing away main railway line in southern England)
    • Obama trying to uplift people, get them feeling good again  [probably referring to State of the Union Speech]
    • A lot of hard work. Everybody”s going to be hard at work.
    • Red heart turning black (U.S. deciding to pay its bills?)  [On 2/11/14, U.S. House votes to raise debt ceiling.]
    • Upbeat economic news, Obama wins something in Congress  

    February 2014  (Visions made 1.9.14)

    • Problem at Olympics but either averted or small  (on 2/7/14 in Turkey, man tried  to hijack plane and take it to Sochi, but he was stopped).
    • Frozen ice, heartbreak, candles lit. (1/29/14 people and school children  stranded over night in the U.S. South due to ice storm)
    • No break in weather, unprecendented temperatures throughout the country
    • Great Plains, amber grass, singular pine trees,
    • Rocky Mountains, old passenger train.
    • Flooding, not as cold as it should be, hurricane winds.  (Extreme storms, high winds, major flooding along River Thames in England).
    • Dead fish
    • Russian death  (probably refers to Ukraine crisis)
    • Fish out of the frying pan and into the fire, mussels
    • Margaret Atwood health  
    • Problems with fishing, small boats
    • Explosions all over the world, good and bad


    Earlier visions we’ve had for February 2014  (made in 2013:)

    • Elephant party (GOP) mad  [Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling; GOP congressmen acted angry]
    • Bad influenza outbreak and SARS reappears in Japan and China [Feb. 5th report of United Nations reported spread of    H7N9 virus among poultry in live bird markets in China with concern about spread to neighbors].
    • Baby toddler doing a line dance in pastel pants.   [ On  2/11/14 Shirley Temple dies, media pays tribute with clips from her early films]
    • Baby dolls wrapped in little blankets, lined up next to each other, cute,  [On  2/11/14 Shirley Temple dies, media pays tribute with clips from her early films)
    • Heartbreak, something sad, children lost  [likely this is a  visions of lost Malaysian airplane]
    • Rain California  [California drought brought much anticipated rain].
    • Banned raisins
    • Storms, bad weather people stranded in cars on a highway  (Atlanta and the American South, also bad storms along Thames in UK)
    • Big iceberg falling  (film on climate change  highlights Greenland ice sheets falling into the sea)
    • Queen Elizabeth ill  [3/4/14 Queen hospitalized for gastroenteritis, health concerns continue through March]]
    • Iceland, oil drilling problem  
    •  Violent outbreak in several African nations  (Ebola virus)
    • A lot of fear and pain  [probable visions of lost Malaysian flight that dominates media in March 2014 but could also refer to South Korean ferry accident that killed 276 children]
    • A newfangled car, looks a hovercraft or bumper car. (Chinese promoting  a hover car that uses the magnetics of the earth,  see
    • Lucky month for U.S., good economic news  (stock market keeps moving up)
    • News about outer space.Telescope revelations. (Harvard scientists announced Huge discovery using new telescope they showed proof of the Big Bang Theory of the origin of the universe. )
    • A new opening in the earth  [40-foot sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY, swallowed eight of the cars on display Feb. 12 – thanks to reader Bethany for bringing this to our attention]


    March 2014 (visions made 1.9.14)

    •  Beat of the drums, unbelievable occurrence  [probable vision of hurried global search for vanished airplane]
    • Gold coins (money) with chimney stack on top,
    • Ocean currents, polar caps, strife.  [ search for lost Malaysian airplane in South Indian Ocean]
    • Octoplets born in U.S.  [not octo but quintuplets born in Texas on 3/20/14.]
    • Terrorist related fire – London?   [missing plane speculation of on board fire, terrorist cause, and prominent role British satellite analyst company played in tracking the lost plane]
    • Syria  worse.
    • A peaceful gesture between two countries  [cooperation between countries searching for lost Malaysian airplane]
    • A big businessman and/or politician holds the fate of many evergreen trees in his hands.  (may be about the Canadian tar sands pipeline issue)
    • Gunshots Southern Africa  [Oscar  Pistorius murder trial started March 3, 2014 involved witness reports of hearing gunshots – thanks to Bethany for emailing us about this event]


    Earlier visions we’ve had for March 2014 (made in 2013)

    • Troops coming home from Afghanistan  [CNN 2/13/14 Obama announced 34,000 troops coming home]
    • Fire in a bakery
    • Something bad going on with corporate food, especially garden vegetables. [a rootworm has evolved to be able to eat the genetically modified corn that was engineered to kill it.]
    • Stock market fluctuation in the news. (in past readings, this has meant new highs)
    • Stock market climb in the news.
    • Dalai Lama news  [Dalai Lama, who retired from political office in 2011, made news this month when he opened prayers for the U.S. Senate]
    • Sean Penn in the news  [in March, Penn seen in romantic relationship with Charlize Theron, and Penn’s daughter poses new for Treats! magazine.]
    • Prince Harry gets engaged  [thanks to reader Marie for flagging this!]
    • Obama has health scare
    • Information flowing in a triangle motion  between England, Scotland, and Ireland  (search for missing plane involved three countries)
    • Montana mourns a leader lost
    • Storms on Cape Cod effecting beaches.  [Powerful Spring storm hits Cape Cod and islands on March 26]
    • New “light” discovery [Harvard scientists discover light trail in the universe that proves the Big Bang theory.]


    April 2014 (visions made 1.9.14)

    • Grief, cruelest month  (276 girls abducted in Nigeria; 260 teenagers die in South Korean ferry accident).
    • Unity and strength in Boston  (Boston Marathon  P.R.  emphasized strength and unity over last year’s bombing)
    • Prince Harry engaged (Harry engaged in March)
    • Tainted baby formula
    • U.S. unemployment down
    • Dangerous political situation that comes out okay in the end.
    • Obama before Congress
    • Statue of Liberty small in the distance, up close there is something decadent  and decayed about it.
    • People running without their shoes, unseasonably warm


    Earlier visions we’ve had for April 2014 (made in  2013)

    • An announcement that half the U.S. has approved gay marriage [A Gallup pole in May 2014 found that 55% of Americans approve gay marriage, largest approval rating on record.]
    • Huge meteor showers  (Lyrids showers arrived April 22)
    • Railroad ties and tracks in the news.
    • Major religious change of peace and wellness, no longer battles  [In May, Pope announced that gay marriage should not be dismissed out of hand.]
    • Autism news; (new genetic study), terrorism in England
    • More Cape Cod storm news ”“ affecting structural integrity of land along coast
    • Umbrellas everywhere (a lot of rain)  (April New England weather)
    • Farmers needing hand-outs
    • Tears.  (in past visions, tears have referred to major tragedies involving children). This month there were two tragedies involving children – 260 South Korean teens died in ferry accident, and 276 schoolgirls were abducted in Nigeria).
    • Too much violence
    • Volcanic eruption, smoke ash everywhere on an island. (lava flows in Hawaii threatening a town, volcanic eruption in Cape Verde)
    • Government issue, international, United Nations  (public outcry to U.N. over 276 Nigerian schoolgirls abduction.)


    May 2014 (visions made 1.9.13)

    •  Military cadets. The citadel.  Old cannon.
    • Drought across the country, unseasonably warm.
    • Floods in Indonesia
    • Bacteria or virus in water in South
    • Bad news about polar ice caps
    • Egypt, pyramids, new tomb found.
    • North Korea causes trouble.


    Earlier  visions we’ve had for May 2014 (made in  2013)

    • Positive growth  (stock market highs)
    • Sunshine, happy girl, Shirley Temple:   revival of the old  (refers to Shirley Temple death earlier)
    • Bells ringing in joy
    • Stock market on the move (up)
    • Lots of sun but then some snow (New England)
    • A new kind of car (Chinese touting hover car that runs off earth energies)
    • Horses running, horse jockey, red helmet and white stripes
    • Gay marriage in 20 states  [Gay marriage approved in 19 states plus District of Columbia]
    • Huge shake-up about genetically modified foods and new laws  (Congressional review and conference held)
    • Air turbulence in a large yellow cargo plane
    • A new great discovery  (more press about Harvard Big Bang theory discovery)
    • Blizzard Midwest


    June 2014 (visions made 1.9.14)

    •  U-turn worldwide, especially Europe
    • Relief welcome, rain,
    • Hot across country.  (summer temperatures were hottest on record).
    • Famine, North Africa  (famine and Ebola)
    •  Kayaking accident in Massachusetts
    • Gay pride
    • More strife between countries (Middle East)  (Gaza crisis erupts)
    • Space heroes
    • News about lab work (image of rubber-gloved hands washing something  (Ebola virus dangers cited  in U.S. lab sloppy procedures)

    Earlier visions we’ve had for June 2014 (made in  2013)

    • Tainted medicine,  (these were probably visions of Ebola epidemic)
    • new government in Libya
    • Ice caps in the news
    • Flotilla of tall ships
    • Fish/whales, seas, Scandinavia
    • Flowering, blue skies
    • Amelia Earhart in the news  {Thanks to reader Helen D. who noticed that in  July a      story about a woman, also named Amelia Earhart who replicated the famous flight. We also found a story the same month,  one about new evidence surrounding her final flight,]
    • Economy”s best growth! Jobs up!


    July 2014 (visions made 1.9.14)

    • Huge lightening strikes from a single cloud. Much smoke.
    • Recovery effort, catching breath, ravioli
    • Volcanic eruption somewhere (lava flows in Hawaii threatening town, Cape Verde volcanic eruption causes evacuations)
    • European Economic dive, bad fireworks accident
    • Chinese space program, involving the moon, more trouble with North Korea
    • Great weather (New England)/peaceful time/good news.  (New England had no heat waves and temperate sunny summer).

    Earlier visions we’ve had for July 2014 (made in 2013)

    • Cancer scare for Queen Elizabeth II and a mishap on the ocean
    • Hot, record heat, sweat  (high temps in parts of U.S. and abroad. Hottest May and June on global record, ocean temperature was hottest of any month)
    • Too hot
    • Drought and people crying for water.
    • African wildlife ”“ hippos, alligators, hairless mole  (species endangered)


    August 2014 (visions made on 1.9.14)

    • Gouls and goblins. An image such as is on the painting “panic”
    • Political upheaval, disgust in politics
    • New Internet connection
    • Antarctica in the news (bad news about Antarctic glaciers and unstoppable collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet)
    • Tokyo earthquake
    • Colorado, Colorado river, the Rockies.  (news about low snow brings low ice melt)
    • New map of earth, planet earth maps , changes –  a lot of green  (glacial melt is greening previously iced over land)

    Earlier visions we’ve had for August 2014 (made in 2013)

    • Arizona  (worst summer on record for drought)
    • Rings of fire (climate change related hot spots of fires and floods)
    • New pregnancy for Will and Kate  [Thanks to Lisa S. for pointing this out.]
    • Bad hurricane toward Puerto Rico
    • Arrests, handcuffs, trials, murderers (multiple)  (Possibly Ferguson, St. Louis unrest due to killing of  African American youth)
    • Moon, Denmark – (super moon in August)


    September 2014 (Visions made 1.9.14)

    • Storms  (hurricane in Baja)
    • Coral snake
    • Economic stability, less unemployment
    • Record heat wave mid America, New report on global warming. [New reports that summer was the hottest on record and seas are hottest on record).
    • Monarch butterflies endangered  [News in September about  a petition  filed with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service requesting protection for the monarch under the Endangered Species Act.]
    • Calm, not scary, space news
    • Very happy event, something that effects many people positively  (People’s Climate March in NYC brings 400,000 people in powerful and yes, joyful, solidarity on climate activism).
    • Stock market news, drops and  rebounds higher.
    • The 99% are winning;  (felt that way when 400,000 marched in NYC); rocket  ship taking off  (failed Kennedy Center launch resulted in explosion)

    Previous visions we’ve had for September 2014 (made in  2013)

    • Police scandal  (shooting of black teen  in Ferguson, MO, escalated into national scandal).
    • War  (U.S. returns to Iraq)
    • Statue of Liberty with the tarot magician in the center of a ring of fire.
    • Mass millions lottery in the news
    • Problems with Apple, unexpected large company fails or bad results  [Thanks to Kate S. for pointing out that  Apple had to recall the IOS 8 update because of glitches, and there is also the issue that the new iphone 6 plus bends.]


    October 2014 (Visions made 1.9.14)

    • New light brightening the world, majestic
    •  News from Appalachia
    • Big snowstorm Noreaster  (it came in November – worst snowstorm in a decade blankets four states –
    • Space exploration.  (new discoveries of Mars, Kepler Telescope revelations)
    • News about the Church, pope, Vatican  (Pope Francis takes  compassionate humanitarian  positions  that criticize market politics).

    Previous visions we’ve had for October 2013 (made in 2013)

    • In U.S.A. celebrations, good news for the people on front page (probably  referring to People’s NYC Climate March)
    • Bixby (Bill and Paul) money
    • Money: Old presidents meeting in colonial home.
    • Doomsday, parade  (refers  to the Sept 21 People’s Climate March)
    • Comet passes close to us, almost collides with earth,    (asteroid almost collided with earth in the news)


    November 2014 (Visions made on 1.9.14)

    • The dome of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. is tilted off kilter, as if  someone broke it off and threw it back out of place  (refers to Congressional strife and paralysis).
    • Wash tub, Italian rural town, earthquake (Not Italian, but Cape Verde volcanic explosion)
    •  Silence, grey, growing darkness (republican sweep)
    • Surprise in election outcome (republican sweep)
    • Iraq/Iran band together against U.S.  (ISIS has emerged)
    • Pat Robertson dies
    • Economic boom
    • Big news item in England, catch a terrorist
    • Rocket boosters shooting.
    • Clear starry skies. (Leonid meteor showers occurred on clear nights in Northeast)

    Previous visions we’ve had for November 2014

    • Cacti, drought, southwest (southwest drought escalating to new unprecedented levels)
    • Baby chimp in mother”s carrier ”“ loving
    • News about genetics – big discovery


    December 2014 (Visions made on 1.9.14)

    • Someone shows their muscle in a strong arm gesture (Putin)
    • Confusion in Washington, scrambling  (Citigroup attaches legislation to Budget bill that eliminates safeguards against bank  risky behavior that caused 2008 meltdown).
    •  Peace on earth, new growth, unbelievable outcome
    • More about town ( rural town from above with earthquake, town tipped on its side. (Cape Verde volcano)
    • Recurring bad weather.  (Monster storm in California)
    • Middle East unrest
    • College shooting, river overflows
    • Comets, cold.
    • Ancient underground concrete structure/rooms discovered, very elaborate and deep.

    Previous visions we’ve had for December 2014

    • Gavel: important court decision
    • UFO”s, Catholics, Revelations, Pope”s scandal
    • Peace accord attempt in the Middle East, pirates
    • Dignitaries signed documents
    • Cranberries, celebration, light in darkness
    • Good turn of events
    • Big joy! Celebrations worldwide!


    January 2015  (visions made on 1.9.13)

    • Valor, virtue, victories
    • Gun violence, military action, guns fired
    • Teddy Roosevelt loses an eye  (Aircraft carrier the Theodore Roosevelt loses one of it’s surveillance planes in an accident).
    •  Quiet, giants slumbering
    • Resurgence of optimism across the country
    •  Obamacare news.  (New successful statistics released)
    • Middle east seems stable but has something working beneath the surface
    • Ability to maintain balance amid turmoil.
    • Big new book, very popular  (This Changes Everything by Naiomi Kline)
    • Heartfelt period continues,  crowds moving about, good feeling, skaters
    • Ben Afflect in the news  (movie)

    Earlier visions we’ve had for January 2015 (made in 2013)

    • New Dawn!
    • Angel  (voice of an angel calls to rescuers from inside dead woman’s car to save her baby)
    • Major discovery of sunken ship and treasure


    February 2015 (visions made on 1.9.14)

    •  New Horizons, strong leadership
    • Much snow, Eskimos in trouble.
    •  Ping pong, ponies, diversion
    • Calm, stability, may be short-lived
    • Cruise ship dilemma makes news.  (Royal Caribbean cruise ends with 100 sick)
    • Train accident Poland,
    • Libraries lose funding.
    • Pink sky, railroad news
    • Era of the heart continues, children in classrooms

    Earlier visions we’ve had for February 2015 (made in 2013)

    • News about outer space, telescope revelations
    • New seeds!
    • The greys  (Fifty Shades of Grey a popular movie).
    • Lots of love!
    • A new opening in the earth


    March 2015 (visions made on 1.9.14)

    • Blue & green peace, love
    • Sea serpent
    • Underground river, survival  (drying California aquifers)
    •  Human rights questioned, something  brought to light and put on political agenda.
    • Very wealthy philanthropist dies.
    • North Korea worse
    • Plane crashed and burning on mountainside  [Vision became a reality in March 2015 with German airlines crash into French alps.]
    • Major terrorist attack somewhere in the world  
    •  Asian holy man with black hair in a bun on top of head, bowing and people crowding around him.
    • Whale ashore, heavy winds, water.


    April 2015 (visions made on 1.9.14)

    • Gardens, Prudence pays off
    • Storm at sea. Lives lost, ship sunk.
    • Reprieve, back to the basics
    • Outbreak of mumps in U.S.
    • An intricate plan goes well.
    • Vortex concern
    • Image of middle eastern men gathered in the streets  (ISIS murders widely publicized)


    May 2015 (visions made on 1.9.13)

    • Apple trees, strong winds blowing
    • Ocean calm, but problem with off-shore oil rigs.  (Off shore oil leaking in California this month)
    • New royal baby  (Princess born May 2, 2015).
    • Starvation in an African country; starving livestock, yellow fields in foreground with rounded top mountains or hills in distance – Sudan


    June 2015 (visions made on 1.9.14)

    • Shipwreak
    • J. Edgar Hoover, IRS, INS, invasive government
    • Twenty-five states have legalized gay marriage;
    • Hillary decides to run!
    •  A new dictator arises and has negative impact.
    • Moon event, astrology discovery


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