Tornadoes Near Wellesley. Uh Oh!

6/7/11 Yesterday there was an eerie silence in the grey air as I pulled into the grocery store parking lot.  People were hurrying to their cars to get home.  There were tornado warnings in Worcester, 45 minutes away and severe thunderstorm warnings for our area.  Later a tornado did strike west of us; the first in many years, killing four people. Mark & I had stood transfixed in the dark throughout the most terrible lightening storm we’d ever experienced.

If this is happening in 2011, what’s it going to be like in 2030?

Every once in a while, I read something that resonates with me deeply, and then I watch it unfold as the years pass.  Such was the case with Bill McKibben’s latest book, Eaarth. In it, he shows that global warming is no longer a philosophical threat; it is a current reality. The planet is no longer the stable garden we’ve enjoyed for thousands of years.   It’s become a hostile planet.

Because warm air holds more water vapor, we”ll have more violent storms, greater droughts and floods. It means more crop failures, more damage to our homes and infrastructure.

Every centigrade increase in temperature means 6% more lightening and 45% more thunderheads, so more forest fires, as are now going on in Texas at an unprecedented rate, and more super cells.

More pests surviving the winters and killing off our forests, especially the all important evergreen forests of northern Canada.

There is a hopeful message in all of this, though.   The difficulty in growing crops will force us to return to a more local and organic way of life, and a greater reverence for nature.

And I feel how right he is; feel it to my core.

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Jeanne Mayell is a professional intuitive and author who gives private life readings and offers tools to help people develop their psychic abilities. In 2015, Mayell was named by Coast to Coast AM radio as one of America’s most gifted Tarot readers. Holding Master Degrees from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Harvard Graduate School of Education, an MA in Counseling Psychology from Framingham State University, and published in The Atlantic and other national journals, she is not only a gifted intuitive, but brings an academic and intellectual perspective to the world of psychic readings and intuition training. Sensing that an era of profound and accelerated change is upon us, Mayell has been teaching people to expand the intuitive gifts we are all born with. In this way, we will be able to navigate the coming changes for ourselves, our families and others. She teaches classes in Tarot, Prophecy, Positive Psychology, and mindfulness — all ways to find inner guidance. Mayell has also worked as a health writer (Atlantic Monthly, American Health Magazine, and EastWest Journal), and was the Massachusetts Medicaid Director, a policy analyst for the City of New York’s health and welfare programs, and a research consultant on national health and welfare programs. She has co-authored two books on health and welfare and is currently writing a book on intuition and the Tarot.

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