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I showed people how to read the future and this happened.

  Six  years ago I began teaching people to read the future. With eyes closed, we  write down  everything we  see, feel, and hear  inwardly, as  I call  out the months and years into the future. I gather their notes, including my own, and post  on this website.    While it is true that my [...]

How To Channel Divine Energy

We live in a sea of consciousness. While our minds generate and transmit our own thoughts, we are in an equal, and perhaps greater, sense, radio receivers of consciousness. Every thought, act, and word that we utter is in some way a channeling of the consciousness around us. When you read for yourself, you are [...]

Try this Meditation for Increasing Intuitive Visioning

Click on the audio meditation on my homepage (left column) and enjoy a journey into inner clarity. Not only does this meditation increase your intuitive acuity by sharpening your ability to see your inner images more clearly, it will enable you to make your dreams come true by sharpening your ability to visualize your goals. [...]

Finding Lost Objects with Inner Visioning

Finding lost objects can be so simple sometimes. My son lost his cellphone last week during a dorm-wide party. Five days passed and then I decided to see if I could find it.   I closed my eyes and saw it sitting under a bureau in a friend”s room where it had fallen behind and [...]

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