Psychic Predictions 2013-2014: The Federal Shutdown and the U.S. Economy

Fgallery8-7While it’s difficult to see the end of a storm when you are in it (as we are at the time of this posting), we had meditated on this time period way back in January, March, and the middle of September before the shutdown began, and we’ve got some visions of the outcome to share with you.

Downturn – October 2013 to January 2014. Nine months ago  we had had visions for the fall of 2013 of a powerful man manipulating our economy, just as has happened in our Congress.  One reader saw “a strongman tossing a bull up and down.” Another saw “a strong guy tossing a heavy ball up and down.”  For November, we saw “stock market movement making big news,” and “bad times for November through January for USA, save your sliver!”  Other visions for the last quarter of 2013 were: “Sluggish economy,” “Obama feeling defeated,” “disappointment about holiday season,” “giving up hope,” “violence and a dip in the economy.”

Then in March 2013, we meditated again on the future and people had these visions for the fall of 2013 (each line is a different person’s vision):

  • Financial setback in the U.S. (could be a temporary development that shifts back).
  • RecesCongress meeting
  • Good economic news
  • A roller coaster
  • A lot of red, later a new beginning after the red.
  • Financial ruin for European nations Greece, Italy and Spain.
  • Obama trying to uplift people, get them feeling good again.
  • A roller coaster pattern to the economy.

The Recovery

Our visions for the first quarter of 2014 showed the economy bouncing back and even reaching new highs as the year proceeds:

  • Red heart turning black.
  • Upbeat economic news, Obama wins something in Congress
  •  Lucky month for U.S., good economic news.
  •  Economy begins to rally in U.S. and in Europe
  • Stock market rally in the news.
  • New reconciliation in the world, economy big boost, stock market new highs.
  • Elephant party [GOP] mad.
  • Freedom and relief.
  • Positive growth and stock market on the move (up).

So if our visions are correct,  hold onto your hats, our economy is in for a roller coast ride this fall, with a return to normal in the early part of 2014, and even reaching new highs. Exact dates can be off so it all could happen more quickly, or not. What’s most correct when predicting the future is the order of events, i.e., that the economy goes through a roller coaster of downward movement, followed by a return to normal with new highs.

For predictions of other aspects of our world, see the full list of visions generated back in January, March, and September for 2013 and 2014. Most of the visions generated in January 2013 for 2013-414 have come true, as well as many of those made in March. Even some made just two weeks ago in September are already materializing. We aren’t aware of any psychics with such a high level of accuracy for long-term global predictions.

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