The heavens are always in flux, which stirs up the energies that effect you.    Whether it’s a new moon, a full moon, an eclipse, or some heavenly body  going in or out of retrograde, these fluctuating energies  give you a chance to release  old stuck stuff and catapult yourself forward into something new.

Here’s a Tarot spread just for this occasion. If you don’t read the cards, then you can  get equally wonderful effects by just  closing your eyes, breathing, and asking yourself each of the four following questions then  jotting down the answers that come.

What Wants to be Released  Tarot Spread

(Remember to breathe, shake off tension, center yourself, then lay out the cards from left to right.)

  1. What is still buried within me that I want to release?
  2. How can I best liberate myself in the coming months?
  3. What can interfere with my success?
  4. Outcome.

If you don’t like the outcome card: Whenever  you throw cards and don’t like the outcome, here’s what you can do.  First,  take a moment to center yourself by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, shaking off tension, and feeling your feet on the floor, the seat underneath you, and your hands wherever they are touching.  Then  make an intention about the change you are seeking.  See yourself freed of the stuckness and living in liberation.  Once you’ve made this positive intention, throw the spread again and see the result. If the outcome is still unsavory, examine the new cards for the insight  they provide,  then  throw more cards, carefully, thoughtfully,  laying them down in sequence, until you get the outcome you want. Now  take a good look at all the cards that  came before the happy outcome.   They are the stages  you have to go through to get there.