Here is what I got when reading the mind of Robert Mueller on three occasions this past summer of 2017, in May, July, and August.  I have bolded those predictions that have come to light in the press:

Key points:

  • The current focus on the Russian hacking  the 2016 election is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Russians are doing to America.
  • Mueller believes this to be the most important investigation in the history of the U.S.
  • He believes that Trump colluded with the Russians to give them control over deals that would make billions of dollars for a lot of people, and in exchange, Trump and his people would get a share of those riches.
  •  And yes, the Russians hacked the election in more ways than have come yet to light in the public eye. And they plan to continue hacking.
  • If Trump’s arrangement weren’t stopped, Putin would have become the most powerful man in the world.
  • There is an important difference between what Mueller and others at the FBI know is true about the crimes committed and what they can prove and win in court.
  • They are going to uncover crimes that are beyond the purview of the investigation.
  • Their findings will affect the financial markets.
  • There will be information brought out even before the investigation is completed.

Paul Manafort: (The number one person the FBI has been investigating first.)

  • Manafort is ground zero of the Mueller investigation.  He is where it all started.
  • I have felt since I first heard his name that he is the original culprit on the American side – the one who linked foreign underworld figures, sketchy Russian bankers, even sketchier Russian oligarchs, and the Russian president with Trump and his team.  Manafort’s  aim was to peddle influence for foreign governments in American government.  Peddling influence, i.e., lobbying, between American companies and even American local governments and the Federal government is legal and hum drum.  But what Manafort did was was essentially sell the U.S. presidency to the Russians and other high bidders. He will likely end out getting prosecuted.  He will also hope to get pardoned by Trump, if Trump is around to do this for him.
  • He is doing his own investigation – finding key people who could turn evidence against him and figuring out what to do about those people.
  •  Other  suspects have legal teams who are investigating the extent to which their clients are in trouble. So a lot of people know a lot of stuff. Lawyers asking their clients – tell me everything you might have done. We need to know whom you might have spoken to because those people are going to be questioned. No surprises so we can help you.

May 22, 2017 scan of Mueller:

  • I saw a vision of a scaled fish hanging upside down, implying that this is going to be an exhaustive investigation.  Like cleaning a fish, they will clean out every bit of meat that anyone can find. They will bring many secrets to the light, thoroughly examine every single person who has even remote dealings with their key suspects.  There are hundreds of files, each one filled with hundreds of files.  In the end they will have a vault of research that could fill a public library.
  • Part of the investigation will go into the Justice Department itself.  
  • There will be lie detector tests.  Many suspects may refuse to take them.
  • The investigation will affect the financial markets.
  • They are even going to be looking at jewelry,  (perhaps as it was used as bribes, but the value of the jewelry is nothing compared to the value of promised payoffs). But the jewelry brought to mind that they will be looking at Ivanka Trump, her financial dealings, the emolument clause and shady deals she’s connected to.  (Update Jan 2018: Jewelry has come to light as a way for money laundering and smuggling funds into the U.S. Ivanka Trump’s diamond country was sited in one lawsuit.)
  • There have already been perks or previews each side (Russians versus Americans) gave the other to reassure each side that they would make good on their promises.
  • More coming to light in September.
  • FBI looking at the Moscow Miss Universe Pageant where some collusion issues might be found, things that happened in Russia back then (2013). A deal was made during the pageant.
  • The Saudi’s were involved in some of the deal making. 
  • It’s only the beginning of a very long complex investigation.
  • It fans out into several countries.
  • While his investigation is exhaustive in its detail, in the end, he will focus only on offenses involving the presidency.  There are other crimes committed but they are not relevant to the job he was assigned to do.
I see Mueller hard at work, methodical, smart, tough, he can do this job.
Has subordinates in charge of certain areas.
He is already seen from the data that:
  • The President colluded with Russia.
  • They didn’t just collude to win the election in exchange for dropping U.S. sanctions against Russia. The deal was that the two men, Putin and Trump, would have a multi-year relationship in which President Trump would make it possible for Putin to make tens of billions of dollars through lifting sanctions and expanding territory. The ultimate plan is even greater.
  •  The Russians would pay Trump and his associates in a number of ways — oil stocks, cash, loan forgiveness, purchasing Trump and Kushner real estate., expanding Trump real estate in Russia.
  • Everyone involved stood to make billions of dollars. Putin would hack 2016 and future elections to keep the U.S. working for Russian interests in the world, including NATO.
  • The relationship had the potential of lasting for many years.
  • They, the Russians, approached Trump, not the other way around. Manafort was the key liaison.  
  • They worked with the Russian oligarchs and people with ties to the Russian mob, the banks. Money laundering.
  • This all happened through indirect conversations through liaisons, mostly set up by Paul Manafort.
  • Manafort to Trump: back in 2013 or maybe even earlier: You  have no idea how much money you can make.  A billion?  No problem.
Mueller is disciplined.
  • He is planning on how to avoid getting fired. He realizes he has to work fast. But the information is in a lot of places. And firing him will not make the information go away. FBI investigators will not allow their data to be deleted.
  • He needs to lay some traps.
  • Mueller will not release to press. Even if they fire him. He won’t play the publicity game that Trump plays.  He just needs to get his prosecutors to court.
  • It will then be up to the Congress and the law.
  • But, the information is not just in his hands.
  • Mueller: There is a big difference between what he knows to be true and what he can win in court.
  • They will succeed in prosecuting some people. This will take around two years.

Trump’s Thinking  about Mueller’s investigation:

  • Trump is getting a lot of advice on how to handle the investigation. He thinks his own staff staff are lame brains.
  • He’s getting advice from business associates who work the way he does.  How to get away with this.
  • He has to stop Mueller!  If he can’t fire him, he’ll use a publicity campaign to discredit him.

 June 19, 2017 reading: Mueller is disciplined. He’s holding a lot of meetings. He has subordinates in charge of different areas. It fans out into a big grid.

  •  They have data that President actually colluded with Russia, but they don’t have the testimony yet to prove it.
  •  Trump was not just dealing with Putin but with the Russian oligarchs, the Russian mob. They’d done deals before over the years when Trump was putting up buildings. Now this would be the biggest payoff in Trump’s life.
  •  Mueller: They don’t have this on tape, but they have so many of the pieces, like laying out a jigsaw puzzle where you can easily see the whole picture even though some pieces are missing.  Mueller, needs enough missing pieces filled in that a jury will have no doubt even though a normal person, and Mueller himself, has no doubt.

 Aware that president may fire him.

  • But the information is in a lot of places.
  • He will not release to press. Even if they fire him.
  • It will then be up to the Congress and the law.
  • But, the information is not just in Mueller’s hands.
  •  He has taken steps to prevent being fired.   He has sent out  veiled warnings through associates. Warnings to Rosenstein – if you fire me, you are implicated in a cover up. So don’t do it.
  •  Warnings to Sessions – if you fire me, you are ultimately going to be in worse shape than you already are.
  •  In case he is fired, he has covered his tracks, as Comey did before him.  Spreading the evidence around so that firing him will not help Trump.  Many analysts and investigators at the FBI are passionate about this work. They are honored to be contributing. So too many people know too much for it to be squashed by firing the Special prosecutor.

There’s a big distinction in Mueller’s mind between what he thinks is true and what he can prove.

  •  This is the biggest job ever. He thinks it is the most important job in history of US.
  •  They will succeed in prosecuting some people. This will take around two years.

 Back to Mueller:

  •  Some of the key players he’s after:
  •  Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, Donald Jr., Paul Manafort (Trump’s campaign chairman), Michael Flynn, Michael Cohen, and possibly Jeff Sessions. There are others who worked for these people whose names I don’t know.
  •  There are also people they are investigating on the Russian side (Putin and a slew of Russian oligarchs, bankers, Putin operatives, the Russian hackers, the Russian Ambassador, computer engineers all on the Russian side).
  • There are the money laundering bank executives, both in Russia and other countries.  They can’t prosecute these people, just watching them for evidence against the Americans.

 Follow the money.

  •  Kushner has opened up a can of worms for himself by meeting with the Russian sanctioned state bank.   They are following Kushner’s family as well.
  •  Mueller’s people are also following Paul Manafort’s money as well as Trump, Putin, Flynn, Cohen, and all of their relatives. And there are others whose names I don’t know.  They will discover tax fraud among some of these people, but it’s not the focus of their investigation. So when they see a tax crime that’s not relevant to their investigation, they will slate it for the IRS for eventual pursuit.

Scanning Trump: What does the President plan to do to fight the Mueller investigation?

  •  He is getting a lot of advice. The New Jersey George Washington Bridgegate scandal was shown as example. How Governor Christy was protected from prosecution.  They ended out prosecuting some helpless staff members, scape goats.
  • Getting advice from business friends.   He keeps thinking he’s the only one who can figure out how to get away with this.
  • He has to stop Mueller!
  • He will ultimately rely upon his twitter approach.  He’ll influence public opinion by denigrating the prosecutors.
  •  Throughout this Investigation, He has to continue doing the Russians’ bidding
  •  While Trump and company are wary of Mueller, the FBI, and Congressional enemies and oversight people, they also nervous about the Russians they were supposed to do favors for.
  •  After Trump was elected, it became clear early on that he had to make a strong show to Putin and his wealthy associates that he was going give him what he wanted.   Putin has information on Trump that could embarrass him and his family.
  •  Trump had no idea at the time what he was getting into. Remember that scene in Gladiator when our hero is fighting a vicious gladiator in the ring, while hungry lions and tigers are attacking him from behind? And all the while he is mortally wounded?  That is Trump’s situation now – the press is after him, the democrats, Robert Mueller, and Putin and mob oligarchs too.

 August 23, 2017 Reading 

1. Mueller

  • What’s Muller up to?  He’s busy lining up his ducks. What are his obstacles?  Answer: Biggest problem is getting witnesses.  He’s trying to nail down Manafort. Manafort is not cooperating.  He feels he’s got what he needs to nail Manafort and Flynn, but he’s working feverishly to finish up his case for the Grand Jury.
  • Needs absolute secrecy and will need to sequester Grand Jury to protect them.
  • When will Grand Jury hearings start? At the time I did this reading,  I thought begin in November and finish in January. Now I feel it will begin later, something is slowing it up.
  • What will they decide? Indict Manafort & Flynn. Then they will go to work on Kushner and Trump, Jr.
  • Ivanka, how’s she doing?  Her popularity in D.C. has diminished, and she feels it.  But for the most part, she’s insulated.  She’s also not very sharp.  Out of touch.  So that keeps her from feeling really bad. Kushner tells her they will be fine.  They have so much influence, he says, that no one is going to hurt them.  He tells her it all comes down to public relations.
  • Right now, Kushner believes the GOP Congressional leadership on all levels, including  investigation committees,  will do everything they can to stop Mueller.
  • They have political strategists who are working with GOP leaders to discredit Mueller and his team every step of the way.  So Trump’s lawyers are getting a lot of help from the GOP. They know he is guilty. But they believe they will be able to protect him.
  • Mueller feels he is going to get Manafort to cooperate. Otherwise, he is going to find a way to send him away for life.
  • Mueller and the money — What do they have on Trump?  Mueller knows that Trump’s income taxes have holes in them. He’s not showing money he’s earned. And some of the money is tied to Russia.
  • Kushner also has holes in his taxes.  There are also bundles  of laundered money going to Manafort via real estate. Then there is Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer. He’s got money laundering problems and a lot of dirty dealings he did for Trump.
  • Will Kushner ever get indicted? Yes. Jail? 2019 or 2020.

2. August 23, 2017 Reading

September 2017

  • A chasm. Mueller knows it’s a new era he’s working in. An era of lawlessness and lies. Anything goes including large scale efforts to discredit him and the FBI from all sources.  So he has to be perfect, attention to details. Regarding Manafort, Mueller knows it’s like the OJ Simpson trial.  He could make a clear case beyond reasonable doubt and still lose. He’s not going to have the GOP on his side. They will use Johnny Cochran moves. He hates how this issue has become politically aligned. He hates that he only has the democrats on his side.
  • Palm trees in the news (this is probably hurricane in Florida and Caribbean). No information, but had seen three years ago that in 2017 there would be an epic storm with many dead (in the thousands). I don’t believe there will be thousands of dead but it will be a devastating storm.
  • High water. People with raised hands to be seen/rescued.
  • The Capitol is exploding. Paul Ryan has his orders not to do anything. They worry about the market – how A failing presidency will affect market. McConnell also does nothing.  Much talk.  Someone says, “This house cannot stand.” They re referring to the famous Lincoln 1858 quote,  “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” I think this quote came to me because our country cannot stand unless the two sides unite. They won’t unite. So absolutely won’t. So the country is in big trouble.
  • Expectations regarding getting rid of Trump will be dashed.

October 2017

  • Muller making progress. Another raid.
  • Image of the Statue of Liberty looking like a mess. Looking away from the sun which is a symbol of truth. Ruled by the dollar. She’s weak and she’s falling apart.
  • Severe drought and fire conditions in the Western U.S.  Saw a key which means these conditions are a peak into the future for decades to come.
  • News about another planet. A space vehicle on the ground.  Is this Saturn?  

November 2017

  • Muller: I see a wrist watch. Timing is important.
  • Witches on their brooms, a dove of peace is flying across the country from southwest to northeast.
  • I saw Daedalus’ wings melting and he looks like an aircraft that is falling out of the sky.  (This may refer to a movie that came out called Icarus on the Russian olympic doping scandal).

December 2017

  • Trump trying to create another distraction from the Russia investigation with a military move. Boats, including fishing boats, men with guns,  getting into the water. Looks like we might be in the far east.
  • Middle East issues heating up.  In November, Jared Kushner visits Saudi Arabia, a week later there is a coups there. War signals with Lebanon.
  • I see the sign of infinity which represents the G-20 summit nations confering on these issues.
  • I see a jeweled ring which is an issue.  I see Ivanka.  Then I see a naked white woman, which probably stands for vulnerability.  There is a scandal involving a blond woman and a man. Wondering if this is about Ivanka and Jared.  In mid November, press reports that Ivanka may be investigated for her involvement in Panama Hotel deal that is rife with money laundering and organized crime figures.

January 2018

  • Terror attack in Europe, perhaps Luxembourg. Not sure of the city. Looks like it might involve a military base as well.
  • Markets in a square root sign. This means there’s a big drop and some rebound. Bad sign of things to come.  (Market dropped 1200 points Feb 3 &4)

February 2018

  • Justice department is very much  in the news, along with Congress.  (GOP pressure on Rosenstein to release classified documents, followed by release of documents, followed by more Trump pressure on Sessions to resign.)
  • Image of helicopters off to war.
  • More news about that blond woman and a scandal.   (This is about Trump’s stripper payoff)
  • Markets make the news, no crash but not good.  (This happened in early February when Markets dropped most points in financial history)

March 2018

  •  Another terror attack, don’t yet know where.  [update: Parkland H.S., Florida]
  • March & April: U.S. Capitol (Congress) prominent in the news. GOP doing what it can to thwart Muller investigation.  [update: This happened in January and February with Devin Nunes memo.]
  • Jared in the news.  [update: Jared has a bad week: loses security clearance, being investigated for trading U.S. foreign policy for business loans.]

April 2018

  • Man in police officer’s hat in North Korea. Something  is up with Kim.
  • In North Korea, I saw that something gets blown up, which indicates more testing. The potential is becoming great for Kim to be deposed.
  • Earth is upset. I see volcano, seas and fish in trouble, and forest and trees on fire.

May 2018 Floods in the UK.  Maybe the Thames and London.

June 2018

  • Market falling.
  • Seismic readings off the charts in the Heartland.

July: Markets going wild. Not good.


  • War images in the news, not in the U.S.

September  2018 – Something going on in Middle East or North Africa. Feeling of controversy and talk of war.

October 2018

  • Floods in Indonesia. Whole forests flooded.
  • Image of the world going sideways. this is a very bad image.

November 2018 –  War images. Image of a pretty  young woman continuing Trump stripper scandal. Fires.

December 2018 Hawaii fires.

Markets: Markets overall from 2017 to 2018 show a bubble in 2017. Then in 2018 it looks like short rolling hills. So there will be some ups and downs in 2018.


  • January: Capitol Building’s dome opens and comes off like a lid. This is something bad going on with Congress.  Completely dysfunctional. My guess is that the GOP refused to impeach Trump even though Mueller showed he is guilty. This would create havoc in Congress.
  • Europe struggling/suffering bad drought. Image of a metallic, pointed-nosed scarecrow. Creepy feeling about agriculture.