Reading Robert Mueller and Donald Trump Now that Sessions is Fired

Reading Robert Mueller Now that Sessions is Fired. Posted 11/14/18 by Jeanne Mayell

Last year, I posted a reading on what Robert Mueller was thinking with predictions going to October 2018. This is an update.

Note: If you want to skip to the bottom line, then just read the lines in bold.

Today I meditated on Mueller and his investigation and got this:

First words from spirit: He Knows. He knows it all.

  • Mueller knows the truth about Donald Trump and his cronies and enablers. There are no mysteries in his mind. He needs to move forward with prosecutions but that will be delayed by Whitaker. He also needs to interview Trump, but that will not ever happen.  I wish he had moved forward before the Midterms but perhaps it wouldn’t have mattered.
  • He knows in detail that Donald Trump colluded with the Kremlin (as well as with some other foreign governments), obstructed justice, broken federal and state laws and campaign finance laws, and defrauded investors and donors. Mueller also has files detailing the related crimes of Trump family members, associates, and some GOP politicians, PAC officials, and some related corporations like NRA.
  • He knows that Trump’s criminal activities are greater than any U.S. president in U.S. history, so great it boggles even Mueller’s mind.
  • Mueller sees these people as similar to the organized crime syndicates, only Trump and associates have the ability to change laws and influence public opinion.
  • Trump also has had the GOP Federal and state politicians under his thumb, but that is changing now because of the recent Midterm blue wave. Not only will there be a democratic House but a blue wave in local governments, which is showing moderate GOP members, like Susan Collins of Maine, that there is a rising public aversion to Trump.

Next vision: Mueller v. the Green Hydra:

  • Hydra and Hercules

    I see an organization chart of the corruption, put together by Mueller, looks like a giant green hydra – a mythical snake with many monster heads springing from its body.

  • It’s a repeat of the ancient Greek story of Hercules who was called to slay  the hydra. The hydra  lives hidden in a lake, preventing people from accessing the water they need for life, and coming out at night to consume their cattle and other livestock.   The Lake is the entrance to the underworld, with the hydra as gatekeeper.   The people ask Hercules to slay the hydra. It has nine heads, 8 are mortal and one is immortal. When he slays the mortal heads, two more grow back in its place.
  • In our world, Hercules is Mueller and the many heads of the hydra are the predatory oligarchs, their operatives and our society’s many agents of greed.  The GOP and the extreme right movements arising around the world are all heads from the hydra. Putin, his agents, the Mercers, the Kochs, and of course Donald Trump, along with operators like Maria Butina and Paul Manafort, PAC directors and politicians and some extreme right media pundits are all heads of the hydra.
  • While the battle will be long and difficult with many setbacks, I still feel that Mueller will, with help, slay the hydra.  It won’t happen all at once, but over time, the truth that he has uncovered will eventually slay the whole beast.
  • Even in the myth, Hercules does not do it alone.  But slaying the beast does not take down greed and lying in our world, nor does it take down the extreme right wing GOP.  But that was not the task.  The task was to bring the truth to light and bring  the key players in the Trump crime organization to justice.
  • Also in the myth, Hercules buries the immortal head under a rock.  In our story, Mueller will use the immoveable rock of justice to bury the Trump syndicate.
  • Current state of the investigation:My sense is that Mueller has just one main piece of intelligence left which is to interview Donald Trump. But he knows that is unlikely and is moving forward without him. After I drafted this, we learned that Trump answered questions in writing for the investigation.He and his people are also writing, writing, writing it all up. He has delivered his plans and reports to people at the top of Justice in order to get approval to move forward. I wish he had done all of that and gotten the okay before the Midterms but he had good reasons.There will be delays in Mueller’s work while Whitaker’s authority is decided in the courts, the Senate leadership, and in influential GOP political circles.    I see failure to act in the Senate. Whitaker’s approach to Mueller will never be to fire him but withhold approval of his plans with a million concerns.  By not firing Mueller, he avoids a huge public backlash. But justice proceeds anyway.I also drew a card on Whitaker and saw that he is  stressed out at the time of this reading (Nov. 13). He’s drawn too much fire to do what he had set out to do and what Trump wanted him to do, which was to stop or severely limit the Mueller investigation. Regardless of  Whitaker’s or anyone else’s efforts, Mueller’s findings will be made public, along with the president’s tax returns, but we will have to be patient.
    • The House of Representatives will subpoena the files, as well as Trump’s tax returns. In this way, the information will be released regardless of what Justice or the President or the GOP do. The GOP will seek to cover up the publicized information to their base by claiming it is all partisan and fake, but the truth will be out.
    • Once Mueller’s information is made public, there will be few real surprises, only more details. The perpetrators did a poor job of covering their tracks. The money trail tells the story. We will also learn from the House subpoenas that Trump hasn’t paid taxes and is not nearly as wealthy as he pretends to be. We will also see  violations of the Emoluments Clause.

    History will show that Mueller was the white knight of our day. He follows the letter of the law. He is our hero. He can’t be bought. The people trust him on both sides, except for the Trump deep base.

A vision of Henry the Eighth and the Pope

During meditation, I saw a sixteenth century Pope. In the Tarot, this image represents the fifth Trump card, the Pope or Hierophant, and means higher authority, higher than the Emperor. card IV.

Next I saw an image of Henry the Eighth, the hedonist populist king of England, who defied the Pope over his right to divorce his wife. The image I saw looked just like the one on the right, which happened to be painted in 1538, the year that Henry defied the Pope and was excommunicated from the Catholic Church. The painting was done right before he was excommunicated.

Trump has been taking a similar path in that he defies the higher authority in the U.S. which is our Constitution. The Constitution says that the president cannot be the State itself, but a servant of the state, subject to all of its laws.

Like Henry, Trump tries to get the will of the people behind him in order to break from Mueller with impunity and establish himself as the highest authority in the U.S. He pushes the legal boundaries and backs off only when the Congress and the courts refuse to back him. The Congress refuse to back him when the people speak out against him. The Midterms have put many GOP politicians, though not all, on notice that backing Donald Trump could be their undoing.

Was spirit telling me that the same situation will unfold for Trump that unfolded for Henry the Eighth?

It did not end out well for Henry and thus for Trump:

  • Henry remained as king but he was excommunicated from the Catholic Church, which was the church of all of Christendom.
  • He established his own church, but the  move was unpopular with his people, as was his new queen, Anne Bolyn, who he married in a quiet secret ceremony.
  • Their marriage soured quickly and he later had her beheaded.
  • His quest for a male heir, the prime reason for breaking with the Pope, did not work out well either.

But there was an unexpected positive outcome for England:

  • Anne Bolyn’s daughter, Elizabeth, ascended to the throne and became England’s greatest monarch.
  • This female monarch kept foreign invaders at bay, promoted the arts and and heralded an age of enlightenment for England.

Hmmm. Food for thought for today’s situation – which is almost exactly 500 years later.

The outcome of the Trump presidency

  • Trump forges forward trying to block and discredit Mueller, making his case, battling in the courts.  But he fails.
  • His efforts prove to be unpopular and fruitless. He also further incriminates himself with his efforts to stop the investigation.
  • During any delays that occur, the Mueller findings are exposed to the public via the House of Representatives.  Local jurisdictions, like New York,  will  prosecute those Mueller has exposed if Federal courts have delays..
  • Although he will not be indicted while in office, Trump struggles politically and emotionally with the fall-out. Indictment comes later.
  • Trump continues to give political rallies for the rest of his presidency because they energize him. But he becomes less effective with controlling the GOP once Mueller’s indictments are completed and also once Trump’s tax returns are publicized.
  • His mental health suffers and he becomes a mental roller coaster – neglecting normal presidential duties in favor of political rallies, and withdrawing eventually completely.
  • He will not be removed from office, however I don’t see him in office in 2021. I just don’t see it at this time. Will check again later.

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    Just one correction, Anne Boleyn’s daughter was Elizabeth I.

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      Oops. I knew that! I majored in Shakespeare in college. Elizabeth I is the reason Shakespeare and Elizabethan go together. Thanks for catching it, Baba.

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