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2017: Chaos Begins   (posted 1/31/17)

Below you will see the future we’ve seen in visions over the past few years. A challenging period begins in 2017 and runs through the mid to late 2020’s.

Currently the U.S. and the world are on a fast moving downward spiral that will hasten the end of an outdated system. This period will end on its own after it causes so much damage and disappointment that people shift to a new way of living.

This period is not all bad. In fact, it will provide an opportunity to be part of what some call the Great Turning – a time of epic change.  Heroes will be born en masse–people who stand up for truth and for each other, at risk to themselves. Charitable giving will skyrocket, as people realize that it will be left to them to support each other, especially those less able to take care of themselves. A period of activism and connection with each other will arise like not seen since the end of World War II.

Angels (spirit guides) will appear to people to provide guidance and support, so look for them if you have become afraid. They are trying to reach you.

Those people who are living in sync with their heart’s longing and their soul’s purpose will thrive during this time. Those who cling to an outdated system of betraying their hearts and their deeper selves for money and/or power may find it difficult to adjust to the new world that is unfolding. Those who are in between, still caught in the old system, but longing to be free, have a wonderful journey of self discovery ahead of them, a journey that will take courage to complete, but with great reward.

This challenging  time will for many cause an awakening of their higher selves.  It is an opportunity for each of us to evolve.

How we do our visions  Below are the visions of a group of intuitive people, most of whom I gather together every few months to meditate with me on our world. Some are named in the resources section. I’ve also been posting the visions of a U.K. scientist named Graham who joined us in the fall of 2016 just before the U.S. election.  I also post my own visions regularly and together with Graham, answer questions in the forum at the end of this page. (Note: I will be improving this page soon with an easier layout and a real forum with threads and topic areas. So thanks for your patience.)

Our visioning process is an objective way to see into the future which is probably why our accuracy rate is so high. Visions are most vivid when people meditate together.  We close our eyes and meditate on the months and years ahead, one month at a time. We report each vision, regardless of whether it makes sense or whether we understand it. Then we track over time how and whether the visions have come true. From this process we learn how prophecy works. We learn from our mistakes.  We also become more aware of the trajectory humanity is on, so we have a chance to change direction if we don’t like what we see.  We put in bold font, those visions that appear to have come true, often with an explanation or link to media.  consider joining our group – you have to get some training with Jeanne first, so sign on to our list (blue button on top left) and I will notify you when I hold more sessions.

If you’d like to become a part of our predictions group, I am scheduling online classes to bring people together in a safe and caring environment.  Click on the button at the top of the page and you will be notified when the next class begins.

To learn more about how visions work: read this article about why negative visions of the future are scarier than they will be when they unfold. There is no need to panic. There is a need for you to ponder your own truth, and do what you feel you came here to do in this life.  Also review this list of past visions that have come true to see how visions unfold. (Posted 1/31/17 Jeanne Mayell)

Outline of the rest of this page: 

  1. Predictions by Topic 
  2. Visions by month and year.
  3. Forum containing Q&A for past month–  new predictions that arise from the discussion. New insights appear every day, along with a discussion of world issues that affect our future.  For the rest of the forum, go to World Predictions Forum (older posts).

PREDICTIONS BY TOPIC   This section is constantly updated with new predictions listed first.

Pluto Rising in the U.S.  (posted  JM 11/4/16) In a vision four days before the election, I saw a psychic storm in front of the Statue of Liberty, a whirlwind of battling forces. From the storm, I saw an energy emerge that would take power.  It was revealed to me in the form of a hieroglyph that I actually had to look up on the Internet to identify.

It was the symbol of Pluto, the Roman God of the Underworld, god of authoritative power, God of Death and ruler of the darkness as well as the unconscious.  Next to it was a small flower, symbol of Springtime and goodness. In Greek mythology, Pluto stole Percephone, the Goddess of Springtime (and symbolized as a flower) and carried her off to the underworld.   Percephone is all that is good, caring and Spring-like in our culture. Pluto brings winter to our land but he is also from the unconscious so he helps us see and free ourselves of hidden motivations and desires.

Pluto energy is in charge now. We are in the winter of a long cycle that began after WWII, and in other ways began 3,000 years ago. The positive aspect of this death spiral is that it will hasten the end of a system that has been declining for a long time and that we have outgrown.  Pluto will also bring out in the open the more dark forces of the human psyche that need to understand and integrate. And true to the Greek myth, Percephone will be returned to earth bringing back the Spring.   According to other visions we’ve had, Spring will return in earnest around 2025. However her seeds are germinating in each of us all winter.  Spring could come earlier if we rise up and stop the downward spiral, but it’s more likely that a change of direction will mainly succeed in avoiding the worst effects of the current period.

Violent Uprisings Coming in America (posted 2/7/17 by Graham)  Had a vision that a city like Detroit would have a crisis, that it would suffer a sort of “BladeRunner” collapse into civil disorder, with  racial violence, and literally racially segregated packs roaming and fighting. There is also a huge anti-police backlash against the police, the city government are utterly out of their depth, and the National Guard is called in by the governor. The racial element is predominant, but there is also general rioting, a sort of general rage at how things are, and lots of arson. The problem is that there are always several alternative futures for a particular event. The nastiest send out the most violent signals. The other possibilities wax and wane….until close to the event, things solidify. by contrast, other places do not send out any signals. Kansas City is a total flatliner. Nothing happens there. (but small earthquake possible, this summer). So I am hoping for the best, and that the worst does not happen. But SOMETHING is going to happen in Detroit. If its bad, it will spread. The black community are at breaking point, and approaching a redline.

The New American President  (posted JM 1/27/17)

  • Last July I had had a vision of the new president at the Inauguration holding a symbol of fascism in his hands. I wasn’t expecting to see this nor did I even realize what the symbol meant until someone pointed it out to me. But after his first week in office, he showed that he was on his way to fulfilling that vision.  He will continue to act and think he should have total power.
  • The president’s mental condition: narcissistic personality disorder, also called malignant narcissism (cannot see beyond his own viewpoint), bipolar personality disorder (manic depression) and psychopathy (lacks empathy or conscience).  These are entrenched disorders woven deeply into his personality, which will be impossible to treat because he’s unaware of his illness. This is a dangerous combination for national security and our democracy and the groups he targets because he is uncompromising and cannot see others’ points of view. Instead of learning from his mistakes, he will blame others, like the press or the judicial system. Once the Congress opposes him, he will fight them too.
  • The Republican leadership is wary of him but he has been useful to them so far because they actually agree with his views. Also he is creating a new normal for them — what is fast amounting to a fascist state.
  • Impeachment: At this point, our group is divided as to whether he will be impeached. I believe he will not be impeached. My colleague Graham thinks he comes close to it I have seen him go quiet in 2018. He retreats from the public for a while and stays in one of his hotels. But he still may return and run again. The Republicans will continue to run the country the second term, and the repression will be the worst in U.S. history. They will continue until 2024 and possibly as long as 2028. It will be a challenging time, but it will end. Republicans stand by him largely because their sponsors, the oligarchs, are in favor of a dictatorship in America, and that is what he is forging.
  • During his first three months in office, the president will try to quickly establish his authoritative power in a series of poorly planned moves. He will bring us closer to nuclear war than we have been since the Cuban Missile Crisis. By divine grace, we will not have a nuclear holocaust however. We also have not seen that a wall will be built.
  • The president is working on a plan. (by Graham, 1/28/17)  He has some “Trophy”  projects, like the wall, that he can start immediately, and even if the cost goes to 20 billion dollars, over five years, its still dirt cheap, compared to the military spend of 300 billion dollars, over the same five years. Cookie money, really. He will also watch very carefully, to see the response to his outbursts and projects.
  • We are now entering the whirlwind. Bad stuff.
  • I think he will create a special homeland internal security militarised security force, on top of the established homeland department. This is a sort of Brigade strength group that will be under his direct command, and he will start to harden up the homeland security organisation. The Gestapo and the SS, really……..within 18 months, or less.Pray that the press and the public will keep up enough pressure to prevent this scenario.
  • Watch for something happening in April that will shock us all. (Jeanne 7/23/16) Will it be a harsh response to protestors or a state run terrorist attack, like Putin was suspected of doing in 1999 to gain popularity? It is an old trick to rally a country behind him, outlaw protesting and silence the press. Or is it something else, like carnage at Standing Rock? When I had this vision, I could hear chanting, Texas, Texas, Texas, or was it Taxes?)  Whether or not it’s a separate event, Graham sees “something involving an American city, perhaps Detroit, involving packs of people like hunting packs.”  He also saw possible riots, violence, possible terror attack.” (BTW, Graham’s accuracy with short-term visions has been good.)
  • During this time, thousands of people will emerge as heroes, willing to protect their countrymen and women, fiercely protesting for human rights. Heroes will be borne.  Perhaps one of them will be you.

China. During the inauguration, I got several flashes of events. It seems the Chinese are preparing for the worst in regards to Trump,  whilst hoping for the best. They are silently making military preparations for a confrontation that they absolutely do not want, but are very concerned might happen What I did get was that China has been looking for small foreign states they can establish military bases in,in exchange for very substantial foreign aid and development. so they eventually have a network of bases that matches that of America. I also get something about Islands, which I think means the artificial islands they have built off of the Vietnamese coast. They are now going to fortify them and install heavy defences. They feel it is the flash point for what happens next. Also they are looking at China’s coastline in the far North, near the border with Russia. It is within aircraft range of the United States. This is all ominous. (Graham, posted 1/21/17).

India.  Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a precipice. His enemies are within his own gates, not outside them. Think Hindu epic for the politics, violence, etc. He is in danger. I think he survives….plots are fast and thick. He will probably be overthrown or contained, from within. This year end, at latest. (posted 1/28/17 Graham ):

Long range Visions Our long-range visions (2020-2100) were posted in 2014 and 2015 and as far back as 2010.  So far, most have come true – especially our predictions. (You can check old visions here and here scrolling through the blog posts.) Check back on this page for updates.

Looking all the way out to 2030 and beyond, we are going through an unraveling that will continue until the mid 2020’s, at which point life in America seems to become more locally oriented, with some states and cities taking over the role of caring for its people.  This change will also affect other countries positively around the globe. However, the U.S. will have declined considerably as a world power.

Putin (posted 12/28/I6) In mid  2015 I’d had a vision for 2016 that Vladimir Putin was making secret plans involving the Middle East and the U.S.  Since he hacked the Democratic National Committee, we’ve seen there would be more Putin subterfuge to come, especially early in 2017. We’ve also seen (psychically)  Trump making secret deals with Putin both before and after the election.

Posted 1/5/17 by Graham: “Putin has decided that he can do a deal with Trump, and get what he wants, which is a reset in relations with the U.S. and some certainty and stability. But it has to be done quickly, before the Spring. I sense that discussions are already taking place, and at the moment, the deal could happen. But some Republican Senators will kick up hell, and McCain in particular. It wobbles. Trump is out of his depth, and nearly loses it….the outcome still to be decided. Something in June of next year, an agreement is signed. I see Moscow. Trump and Putin will be meeting in Russia, and later Trump will invite Putin to the States for an official visit. Putin wants to come, but there will be Republican opposition behind the scenes. It is undecided, at the moment, as to the outcome.”

In a later vision involving Putin (1/27/17) Graham got, “there is a religious figure in Russia, a priest, who has influence over him. A strong influence. A senior figure. Nothing yet about Putin’s intentions. I think they change almost daily, as he reacts to events.”

Castro’s Death and the U.S. Economy: Graham made a prediction in the nineties, that when Fidel Castro dies, soon afterwards there will be an American economic crisis.  One of our readers also noticed that another psychic made the same prediction during the 1980’s.

Europe:  Graham (12/28/16): “Things are going to get rough over the next year. Political turmoil, an abrupt change of course in the UK over BREXIT, that will eventually land the country in a crisis. Internal discord, lots of problems, political crisis. People will wonder how they ever got into this mess. I see the UK gone from the EU sooner than expected.”

Great Lakes Region Jeanne: (posted 12/15/16)  For two years I’ve had visions of this part of the country highlighted in maps as an area of future economic prosperity – obviously because we are going to be in severe drought conditions for growing food, and the Great Lakes is the largest body of fresh water in the world.  It is also inland, away from coasts where rising ocean waters are causing instability for cities and towns.

CLIMATE Jeanne: (first posted in 2010, updated each year)

Climate change will be a driving force to shift humanity to come into balance with nature. During the 2020’s, climate concerns will begin to dominate the news . During the 2030’s, laws will be passed in some areas banning the burning of fossil fuels, and sustainability will become our highest priority. A global rail system will replace car and air travel. And a tariff on goods transported by trucks will limit the trucking industry to the most expensive goods and to essentials for remote areas.

In early 2017 we will pass a global warming milestone, putting our world in the angels’ hands. I’ve also seen that the melting of the Antarctica ice sheets will escalate over the next decade in fits and starts sending surges in sea level rise that will force people to leave their coastal towns. (2.17.17. update: Ice sheet the size of Manhattan just broke off and fell into the sea i Antarctica).

I do not know, nor does anyone know if we will make the changes in time to save civilization in the centuries ahead. If we were to stay on our present trajectory of fossil fuel burning, I only see scattered bands of hunter gatherers surviving over the very long term. But I believe we will make the necessary changes in time.

Sea levels:  I get the inner message that sea level rise is exponential, not linear, so small rises now will turn into large rises starting in about 20 years.  Exactly what the exponent is, is still unknown, and of course, that will determine how fast it will escalate. My estimate is that it will double every five years, but I hope to be proven that it is less frequent than that.

Cities will build sea walls and hurricane barriers, at great cost, to protect from the sea. This will work for a while, but some time in the late thirties or perhaps in the forties, the rapid rise, together with virulent storms, will overwhelm sea walls, and people will be told their towns will be gone in just a few years.

I feel 20 foot sea level rise by end of century, and up to three times that in some hotspots which include Florida and the northeast. My estimate is radical compared to climate scientists, but within range of James Hanson’s studies.

Since my first vision of a 2017 surge, scientists announced that winter 2016  Arctic temperatures were suddenly up an unprecedented 36 degrees above normal – even while in total darkness!  Since the poles regulate global weather, this surge in temperatures will effect worldwide weather in 2017 and beyond, making our visions for a climate surge in 2017 likely. (2.17.17 Update: Manhattan-sized ice sheet breaks off and falls into the sea).

Drought: Six years ago, I had seen a catastrophic drought would hit the U.S. heartland in the mid 2020’s. This drought would be all over the world, sparking food crises. Studies now show they expect many global aquifers to dry out by 2050. Food prices will skyrocket. People all over the world will be supplementing their diets with food from their gardens to economize. People living on the edge of subsistence  will not be so lucky. Parts of Africa are already seeing famine. I dare not look for visions of other cultures living on the edge.

My own visions are that the climate crises will happen sooner than scientists are projecting because they still don’t know enough about the complex factors that will converge to escalate warming. There’s an irony in the fact that the emergency of global warming increasingly reveals to us a miraculous complexity that has made the earth a paradise for complex life forms — all at a time when we are losing this gift and earth is becoming more hostile.  This new appreciation will spark action to save the planet.

Standing Rock . Graham: “They won (for now). They will over winter there, but in the spring, I see them in the news again.They have started something very big, that the powers that be are now desperate to see stopped. It will expand and extend, to other things, in spite of this, and attempts next spring to re-open the issue.  I see it going national, now, like the sixties civil rights movement did. Eventually will be as important as that was. It becomes a rallying point for the mass of mainstream Americans.”

From Jeanne & the Predictions Group:  Visions indicated the pipeline will be laid over sacred land in Spring 2017.  I’ve also seen U.S. Army tanks on the land facing off against unarmed Native Americans on horseback.  Graham also sees a harsh outcome.  Trump’s response to Standing Rock will be a sign to all what kind of energies are sitting in the White House.  Update 2/2/17: New Sioux camp at Standing Rock cleaned out by police.

Space Program (from Graham): Trump is now mulling over what to do about the space program. it’s back to the space race, I fear, but with somewhat more international cooperation. Mars is the ultimate goal. How useful and practical this will be is problematical. It will turn out to be a decade long plan. NASA routine science is going to take a huge hit, to pay for it. Chinese will surprise us all next year, in space. They have decided to use it to kick start expansion of their economy, together with other hi-tech stuff. Also to challenge America on its own ground, politically.  (posted 2015-16, Jeanne)

Financial Markets

(from Jeanne & the Predictions group): I’ve put most of the financial visions together (scroll all the way to the end) so you can track them and decide for yourself.  There is no guarantee that they are correct, so consider them along with other information you have.  However, market analysts have told me we’ve been fairly accurate in the past.

We predicted correctly that there would be new highs around December 2016 (Dow reached 20,000 in January 2017) .  For 2017, Markets show instability beginning in early spring 2017 and become more volatile in the following months, but do not crash. Then they shore up, but become volatile again as early as August. No crash in 2017, but some sectors will drop (For details see llast section below before the comments entitled Financial Markets)

The visions we get often reflect future headlines we will be seeing in the media showing worry, fears of recession, housing affected, a bailout of some kind, but no crash in 2017. 2018 shows more instability, and sometime between 2018 and 2020, there is a bear market. Scroll down past all the monthly visions to see all of our financial market visions by month.



  • Visions are the most objective way to read the future. But they are difficult to interpret and often appear as metaphors or riddles.
  • Some visions are clear; others are more like scraps of visions. I post them all so that we can keep track and also piece them together into a more coherent prediction.  You can help us by giving your interpretations, as well as your own visions.
  • As with all psychic predictions, they do not all come true.  Many predictions are right on the mark.  Others appear to have come true, but it can be wishful thinking or connecting of the dots. A healthy skepticism is good.
  • I put visions in bold when they appear to have come true, usually with a link to media.
  • We try to provide predictions by month, but sometimes they occur in neighboring months or even further off in time. As psychic predictions go, ours are pretty good with timing.

PREDICTIONS APPROXIMATED BY MONTH FOR DECEMBER 2016 THROUGH 2024 (visions are put in bold when they come true, with an explanation).

For predictions made prior to 2017 (2011-2016) go here.

DECEMBER 2016 (we put in bold visions that have come true usually with an explanation in parenthesis).

  • Standing Rock: the power of love and peace.  (Peaceful demonstrators achieve a victory for now).
  • Saints rising.
  • Western half of U.S. & Mexico, near Baja peninsula –  concerns about earth there.  (Quake swarm near the California-Mexico border gets scientists’ attention; large earthquake January earthquake off Mexico Baja coast.)
  • Peace in Syria.  (Thanks to Larel for siting this article about a peace ceremony in Aleppo, the first of such services in five years : “Aleppo Christians celebrate holiday in hope peace has returned”)
  • Russia a phenomenal lot of snow from a blizzard.
  • Rain in Africa brings happiness.
  • Massive fire and destruction  (Arts building fire in San Francisco)
  • Italy in trouble  (Italyr referendum result brings period of economic uncertainty; including need for bank bailout).
  • Earthquake: Philippines (Earthquake kills three in Philippines in February 2017)
  • Electoral College results do not change the election. (about 7 defectors predicted)
  • Image of Trump as a young lion nervously anticipating the electoral college results. The lion is a symbol of fascism that was a symbol that Trump’s vigilante supporters adopted for him, calling themselves the Lion Guard. The symbol comes from a favorite quote by the fascist dictator Mussolini that Trump repeated as one of his favorite quotes: “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.” The fact that spirit shows him as very young probably means he hasn’t grown into the fascist role yet – he’s a toddler fascist. (How Fascist is Donald Trump: There’s Actually a Formula for That).
  • Silent, electoral college shock, awe, temporary calm.  (For some reason there are a lot of political news stories from Republican media that begin with bold capital letters “SHOCK”)
  • People know they have a long hard road ahead.
  • Profound sadness in the collective of those who did not want Trump.
  • Chaos, unhappy masses, people pissed, worried, believing he’s a madman, ignorant, scared president.  (too many news stories on this to share)
  • Black curtain drops  (Trump silences EPA employees, considers moving press out of the White House)
  • Seismic stress along the Pacific coast of South America (along the Peru-Chili Trench of the Ring of Fire).  (I had seen this vision for September. The 7.7 magnitude earthquake happened in Chili on 12/25.)
  • Stock market going crazy (new highs)  (Market hits 20,000)
  • Sunshine, optimism, the star, belief in new ideals  In the wake of U.S. civil conflict, many are turning to positive action and thinking to shift the situation. Charitable giving is up, privately funded improvement projects are up).
  • Light – sunrise as more people embrace peace and change. (In the wake of U.S. civil conflict, many are turning to  positive action and thinking to shift the situation.  Charitable giving is up, privately funded improvement projects are up).)
  • Environmentalists rising up to take positive action (Trillion dollar project headed up by Leonardo DiCaprio to fund sustainability projects).
  • Standing Rock visions:
  • Dec. 4: Cobra rears its head  (pipeline authorities face off with protesters).
  • Pipeline – break through  (December 4 is day of victory for protestors)
  • After  the victory: The protestors and the world know that the victory is temporary. A confrontation was avoided.  But the oil companies are making their plans to go ahead in January when Trump takes over.  (New camp at Standing Rock cleaned out by police on 2/1/17)
  • In the U.S., protests blocking the highways, blocking holiday shopping, protests everywhere. (Post election protests break out across the U.S.)
  • Dec 19th: Trump elected by Electoral College.
  • Christmas holiday: people shopping but stores still have plenty in stock (poor holiday performance).  (Online stores take sales away from retail stores)
  • A train disaster that involves children (vision was of Thomas the Train running out of control)  (India train crash 11/20 kills 140).
  • Research findings on the oceans and dolphins.
  • Gay rights in the news.  (Efforts to repeal North Carolina anti-gay bathroom law in the news.)
  • Melt off in poles. (Unprecedented surge in arctic temperatures reported even while north pole is in winter darkness.)
  • People in boats rowing, so much stress, people unhappy  (Survey finds people stressed out in America due to Trump and Right Wing control)
  • Ku Klux Klan rising again.  (Klan celebrates Trump election as a victory for them ).
  • Some positive visions the prediction group saw for 2016: Sunshine, rainbow, the color pink (stands for peaceful activism and feminism), green leaves, drops of water, rainforest, circular, recycle symbol, love, strong nation, family, resilient, people holding hands and hugging each other,  Children and a good month;  spirit saying “a new dawn” is coming. Bright cheerful holiday season, economy okay
  • Civil war brewing in France.
  • Monk burning self in front of a large cathedral (a Burmese man, an asylum seeker who had been in Melbourne for three years in which he was not allowed to work and received minimal public assistance, set himself on fire in a large bank our of desperation. Interesting that a bank was seen in a vision as a place of worship.)
  • Positive attention on the Great Lakes region.  (Economic development experts put spotlight on Great Lakes region).
  • Slow Christmas season, not as many people shopping  (Online stores take business away from retail stores forcing extensive closings).
  • Black limo, cool coats, church leaders – an image from the media.
  • Image of cactus – U.S. drought  (Acquifers running dry in Midwest)
  • Multiple oil rig fires. (Not oil rig but pipeline ruptures but two pipeline ruptures in Canada that spilled into rivers, killing wildlife and spoiling drinking water)
  • Elton John in the news  (Donald Trump claimed that Elton John was playing at his Inauguration and Trump’s team confirmed it, but Elton John said “No way.”)
  • Cowboy in a ten gallon hat – death of a celebrity. (Gene Wilder who played cowboy roles but was especially famous for his extra large top hat in his role as Willy Wonka) .
  • Stories about families kept apart  (Trump Muslim Ban of January 2017 has kept Muslim families apart.)
  • Tree roots in the news.  (Research now shows that trees have a vast neural network below ground that sends nutrients and communicates with each other for forest survival; all endangered by clear cutting and climate change.
  • Harvard University in the news not good (Shouting match between Trump and Clinton aides at Harvard forum on December 1).
  • J. Edgar Hoover (Senator compares FBI director to Hoover, calling for his resignation. )
  • Calm after storm, shock   (Election results leave many in shock)
  • Some happy, but not truly happy. (Liberals upset and sorry they settled on Hillary.) Wish they’d picked Bernie Sanders for candidate instead of Hillary Clinton.)
  • Whales in danger. (Dozens of whales found dead off Florida coast January, 2017, also Gulf whales soon to be listed endangered).) (Also in February, 2017, dozens of whales found dead off New Zealand, possible indication that earthquake is coming).
  • European Union makes unexpected announcement
  • Good days for stock market, some people will be really happy, buying opportunities.
  • Market down then back up, no crash this month.
  • Batman ends up winning.
  • Christmas sales down further.  (Retail stores lose sales to online stores)
  • The drug cartels in the news.  (Mexican drug lord extradited to U.S. January 19)
  • Map of U.S. trembling with anxiety and stress, symbol of crab (sign of Cancer) means a lot of emotion and attachment to emotional points of view.
  • Military industrial complex driving the system into the ground.  (See this article that seems related to this vision).
  • Cloud seeding or atmospheric seeding to release chemicals to make it rain or to block the sun or to cause atmospheric carbon to solidify and fall out of our atmosphere, but they do not succeed.  (Harvard University study of cloud seeding to reduce atmospheric carbon is released).
  • Melted poles, jagged landscape after melted poles. 
  • Huge cyclone Texas panhandle. (August 31 to Sept 4 hurricane/tropical storm Hermine, traveled from panhandle to Florida up east coast.)
  • Sideways landscape with trees (means trees are in trouble)
  • Sunshine, optimism, the star, belief in new ideals  In the wake of U.S. civil conflict, many are turning to positive action and thinking to shift the situation. Charitable giving is up, privately funded improvement projects are up).
  • Light – sunrise as more people embrace peace and change. (Many liberals react to election by increasing charitable giving and positive action)

VISIONS FOR 2017 (not by month) seen as far back as 2014:(We put visions in bold when they come true, followed by an explanation).

  • Herd of elephants grazing peacefully in a field from a distance.  China announces it has banned all ivory commerce by the end of 2018, saving elephant killing in Africa)
  • A new, local aid movement begins to organize as people realize the federal government has dropped this role. This movement eventually becomes an alternative lifestyle for many, and it will represent a positive outcome.  (Some states announcing they will continue social programs that Trump is dismantling).
  • Charitable giving skyrockets.  (It’s unprecedented in our history: Trump’s election inspired millions in non profit donations)
  • The country begins to turn way from Washington, D.C., and seeks local answers to problems. States begin to form problem solving coalitions. (Mayors of several cities vow to protect undocumented immigrants against federal government; groups ).
  • Violence in Detroit (There will be an unexpected flashpoint event in Detroit that will start this violence. A scenario like the police shooting death of Philando Castile or some other gross abuse of power caught on video. Possible links to the Muslim community, but unclear.
  • Financial markets start to unravel. (But do not crash.)
  • Winds, winds, winds, winds –  the importance of winds in climate.  (Sweden breaks wind record for most wind power produced in an hour.)
  • Escalation of hate.
  • World’s immune system suppressed even further. Straying too far from natural roots.
  • Bird migration affected by global warming.
  • The Internet is further developed and expands to reach more people. It will soon become as pervasive as radio broadcasting.  (New trend in American cities to offer Internet as a utility.)
  • Spring delayed,
  • Country mired in conflict. Fear and angst growing markedly.
  • An epic storm, many dead; palm trees blowing sideways.
  • The frog as a symbol  (I wondered what this meant: Frogs in trouble due to climate? Symbol of change? Then two readers got it: Cartoon character Pepe the Frog, has become an Internet symbol of the Alt Right hate movement as listed by the Anti-defamation League and seen all over the Internet in hate group memes.
  • Reality sets in, unemployment lines, hunger, mass destruction,
  • Detroit fires.
  • Violence in a U.S. city, riots, hunting packs attacking others, possibly Detroit.
  • Guns, shooting still an issue.
  • Water rising in NYC.  (NYC high rise builders are planning for rising waters.)
  • Serious flooding of a U.S. airport.  (This might be referring to the flooding with protesters and detainees at U.S. airports after Trump’s January 27 Muslim ban).
  • Violence at a sports event, unclear when, felt like late 2017 or 2018.
  • Virus from Africa. No date, but Trump first term. It might well be a foreign state that does it. Or US deep state. The new American regime will take advantage of it to impose a state of emergency, using the emergency powers granted after 911.

VISIONS FOR 2017 BY MONTH – (We put visions in bold when they come true, followed by an explanation).

January 2017 (These are visions we’ve had over the past two years)

  • A male angel (felt like Obama) stands on the Inauguration platform looking out at the people; Lightening strikes, Trump off to the right, in the dark, holding an ax vertically that looks like a Roman fasces (symbol of fascism). Another member of our group saw Trump off to the side in the dark holding a hammer or wrench.
  • Plots in the Midwest.
  • Hillary and the nation of feeling down.  (Hillary attends Inauguration out of respect for new president but is cruelly treated as crowds chant, “Lock her Up.”)
  • Arctic discovery, near North Pole.
  • Bear is roaring. (State of California whose symbol is the bear – their governor and legislature oppose Trump’s environmental and immigration policies, and they’ve introduced a roaring bear logo as part of the California Rising movement.
  • The president is working on a plan. “Trophy”  projects, like the wall, that he can start immediately,
  • Entering the whirlwind in the U.S. Bad stuff.
  • Drought increasing in the American West  (Acquifers running dry in Midwest)  (Despite wet winter, California acquifers show drought is still bad). (Wet California winter still has officials conserving that drought not over).(Kansas City Snow Drought?
  • Inauguration: brash celebration, got a vision of a lot of cleavage).
  • Heavy security preparation, construction work, guns pointed, strong military police presence.
  • Inauguration: something goes terribly wrong (low turnout and refusal of A list  entertainers to participate); scattered violence.)
  • Confusion, disbelief, weary people, dishonest government. 
  • Suicide; red pepper spray used on protesters. (inauguration protesters sprayed)
  • Inauguration: young, handsome, dark haired man with machine gun.  (I had thought this would happen in January, but the man in the vision looked  like the man who killed the Russian ambassador to Turkey a week after I had the vision.)
  • No snow in New England – weather is grey, solemn.
  • Armed British soldiers searching for something. Drones used.  (UK police search home for major security breach involving U.S. Inauguration.)
  • Stars falling from the sky and people running.  (Three celestial events in one night for Feb. 10-11).
  • Protests, unrest, stress in the population.  (January 21, 2.2 million protest around the world, especially in U.S., but also in U.K., Singapore, and more)
  • Anxiety in the heart and throat (anger growing in the collective and fear that free speech will be stifled)  (As Trump demonizes the press for reporting unfavorable news, many are concerned that free speech will be stifled).
  • Baja Peninsula problem (rising water or earthquake?)  (Large earthquake off Baja coast, also many earthquakes off Baja coast at this time)
  • Europe – a map of Europe with a  bug on it  (Europe suffers serious flu epidemic. New virulent virus forces closing of wards in Cambridge U.K hospital)
  • Africa, sudden death  (Sudden death of bird species in Uganda)
  • The Women’s March – peaceful & joyful, no violence. 
  • Circle with a big diamond in the middle, (this is the symbol for Narcotics Anonymous, indicating media attention on drug addiction.) Opiate drug use on the rise, media stories about abuse of pet prescriptions to obtain opiates.)
  • Some see this time as a new beginning, joy hope, optimism, economy and weather tranquil. A period of calm before the storm.
  • Terrorist activity  heightens.  (Two attacks Dec, 19 & 20, 2016 in Berlin and Ankara, Turkey).
  • Politician arrested in handcuffs. (Brazilian politician who led Rousseff impeachment arrested on corruption charges)
  • Nationalism disappointment. (White  Nationalists’s disappointed in Trump.) However they hold an international meeting in Europe to celebrate his election).
  • Fires in Nevada, more images of g. no snow where there should be snow – worsening of drought.(January map of drought conditions in the U.S. show widespread drought in Nevada).
  • Supermarket difficulties, particularly about meat. (could this be anticipated meat problems due to Trump renegotiating NAFTA?)
  • US/Russian relations a big issue.  (U.S. sends thousands of troops and military equipment to the Russian borders of Poland and Germany, also  more Trump/Russia information surfaces.
  • Scandal in Congress.
  • Not all men are created equal. A new political party.  (White Nationalist – Supremist movement has been emboldened by Trump; Trump’s main advisor, who drafted the Executive Orders and sits on the NSC is considered by many to be a white nationalist
  • Chinese are preparing for the worst in regards to Trump, silently making military preparations for a confrontation that they hope to avoid, but are very concerned might happen

February 2017

  • Sign of alpha – and so it begins, this month is the beginning of a long period of difficulty.  
  • Time ticking bomb. (Scientist and Security Board of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved their doomsday clock  to 2.5 minutes to midnight – the closest to doomsday ever since they began in 1953, up from 17 minutes to midnight in 1991 all because of Donald Trump’s actions.)
  • Financial markets in a square root sign (down then up, so still no crash)
  • Real estate – for sale, an hour glass, slower home sales, shadows of real estate signs.
  • Scandal with Russia. (National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, resigns over discovery that he had  had conversations with Putin that he had previously denied )
  • The White House talking, making deals with Russia that will build up that country’s power on the world stage.
  • A silver cable bridge upside down in Manhattan. The Manhattan Bridge as well as the Veranzano Bridge, problems with the repairs.
  • Missiles, darkness and torpedos. (torpedos: WWII torpedo unearthed on Florida beach; Missiles: North Korea fires ballistic missile.)
  • Europe like an upside down puppy; Europe stressed, battles waged.
  • Africa terror
  • Cyclone over water (6 tornadoes hit New Orleans area February 7)
  • Stocks chaotic
  • Someone holding a rooster (Chinese New Year, year of the rooster). This year, the Chinese have erected a 20 foot rooster that looks like Donald Trump.
  •  A torrent of trouble bursts upon us. Weather, economy, politics and foreign policy troubles.  (President creates crisis with China, Mexico, and Australia,  nuclear troubles with Iran and china), U.S. political scene is chaotic, weather is fluctuating, much too warm).
  • A battle in D.C.  (Democrats try to stop Trump nominations)
  • Typhoon, cyclone over water.  (New Orleans tornado)
  • Big fat black bear (State of California that’s proposing a secession ballot vote)  (California proposes secession)
  • Financial markets upset. Agitation, anxiety in the U.S.
  • Cactus (symbol of drought) has gotten even taller. (See new stories above next to Drought Increasing in American West.)
  • Severe snow storm in Europe  (Freezing weather and snow kills more than 60 people across Europe).
  • White House severe problems.  (Federal judges stop Trump’s Muslim Ban, President appeals and is shot down by Appeals Court, global criticism high, protests and rubukes around the world, White House leaks abound).
  • Economy down, stock market down.
  • Anxiety in the U.S. rising.
  • A political uproar with the state of Texas.  (Texas Republican legislature passes anti-Sanctuary city bill despite huge uproar from many citizens.)
  • Disaster in the country, feels like a 9/11.
  • Trains, gas tank, pidgeons – a train disaster
  • Notre Dame incident (September 2016, car found near Paris Notre Dame filled with gas canisters, traced to radical islamists) Tower of London
  • Ice flow – ice breaking up (poles and climate change). A serious problem for world climate since the Poles regulate world temperatures.  Could spark a global temperature surge. (2/17/17 update: many climate events showing the surge is beginning. Arctic temperatures have surged, North Pole did not freeze this winter the way it has in past, indicating ice disintegration is imminent; Antarctic Manhattan-sized ice sheet broke off, and ocean oxygen levels found to have dropped by 2%, which will kill off marine life.)
  • Ice caps melting at alarming rate, (Antartica ice shelf the size of Delaware about the fall into the sea).
  • Visions of land angling into water (could this about the Antarctic ice shelves) February 16, an Antarctic ice shelf the size of Manhattan broke off into the sea.
  • Polar bears losing battle to survive.  (U.S. Geological Survey scientist says polar bears will not survive unless we address climate change).
  • Surge in climate change terrifying.  (see above)
  • Drought in the American West worsening.
  • Storms surging, climate chaos surging. (California reports unprecedented storms)
  • Norway in the international news  (In January, Hundreds of American troops land in Norway) (February 3, 2017, Norway: Russian Hackers Hit Our Spy Agency)
  • Horse and donkey (democrats mobilizing). (Citizen move to get democratic legislators to stand up to the President. Bill to impeach introduced).
  • Red scorpion, dragon (A red dragon-like sea creature discovered off the coast of Australia).
  • Shift in international balance of power among China, Russia, and the U.S.  (This has begun in January with Trump favoring Russia and insulting and picking fights with the Chinese.)
  • Terrorist attack  (2/17/17 Pakistan, worst in their history).
  • Fights for power continue, opposition leaders fighting in the U.S.  (Battle to fight Trump nominations)
  • Texas lone star state acting independently of the rest of U.S. (Texas legislature votes to punish localities that provide sanctuary to immigrants targeted by Trump).
  • Mexican immigrants an issue in Congress and with President. (Trump determined to build wall, Mexican president cancels trip to U.S., Mexican trade deal in trouble).
  • Focus on Alaskan pipeline in danger.  (Trump signs orders)
  • Problems in White House – a source of constant scandal and distress for the rest of the country.  (Trump does little to remove his many business conflicts of interest,  as well as his refusal to release tax returns. His proposed Secretary of State, Rex Tillerman, also has sizable business conflicts of interest with foreign powers, then there is the Muslim ban, allowing Bannon  to be on the NSC when he doesn’t qualify for requirement of high level military experience ).
  • President may create a special homeland internal security militarized security force, on top of the established homeland department. A Brigade strength group that will be under his direct command, and he will start to harden up the homeland security organisation. The Gestapo and the SS, really……..within 18 months. Very bad..  (The UP reported an 11-page draft White House memo planning to tap 100,000 National Guard troops to have the powers of Immigration officers, who are part of Homeland Security to arrest and deport illegal aliens.)
  • President’s plan to use National Guard to round up unauthorized aliens will be expanded to arrest protestors who they will categorize as “terrorists.”

March 2017

  • Angels showing themselves to people.
  • People in solidarity arm and arm, then dropped arms and were arrested.
  • Houses with long sloping roofs, not the U.S., woman pouring out water, smoke in the background, burning, feels like European nation, maybe Belgium.
  • Drought in the heartland, farmers worried.
  • Baby lion – Trump, taking orders sometimes, independent other times. He’s growing, becoming the future king of the jungle.
  • Trump shaking Putin’s hand
  • Ocean water an issue.
  • Quiet, but government is gearing up. Soldiers (men in riot gear- helmuts, black suits, swat teams.)
  • An emphasis on cookies and Dennis the Menace (the comic strip character – What is this LOL?).  (Thanks to two readers, Dennis the Menace is Trump and several news stories that make the comparison. One that surfaced Feb.4, is comical.)
  • Man with bow and arrow pointed at the sky. A symbolic but ineffective act of protest and defiance.
  • The rise of guns (Why U.S. liberals are buying guns too.)
  • March-April: Standing Rock vision: Big Native American headdress, soldiers in riot gear, guns, weapons, locking people up. The rest of the nation stands back and gasps. Men on horses standing before men in tanks.
  • A donkey walking away lonely and defeated (democratic party).
  • Many things going on politically in the U.S. that will affect the long-term future, a pivot point.
  • Supreme Court nominee not good.  White man, white hair.  (Trump picks white male nominee with white hair and not good.)
  • Explosion and a big fire.
  • A black out, an electrical problem, in Sacramento area.
  • Trump enriching himself in private deals with other countries.
  • Trump using his presidency to increase the wealth of his private businesses. Refuses to stop conflict of interest in spite of calls from legal groups and press. Republican leadership tacitly allows this.
  • Baseball legend upset
  • Oil well breaks/evacuation
  • Stocks go up.
  • WW II soldiers, marching band.  (The marching band vision has already made news because Trump is having difficulty finding a championship high school marching band that is willing to play for his Inauguration.)
  • Energy in the collective feels weak, anxious, crocodile (a dark beast) waiting to pounce from the corner; a lot of stress.
  • An animal on its side – bad news for animal rights.  (February 3rd the USDA stopped public reporting of animal abuses its inspectors find – a move that will prevent animal rights groups from stopping animal cruelty of horses, dogs, and  farm animals around the country. Also this article, sent by a reader, may show why futher animal abuses may come true under Trump.)
  • So much stress everywhere and emotions running high. (Survey finds Americans  stressed out due to political developments).
  • Bear fighting bull (the markets struggling which way to go); job losses
  • Black river filled with mud or sewage…Chicago Fire;
  • Largo Florida hotter than ever
  • Oceans, cold, waves crashing, sailors
  • People trying to have hope.
  • Weary nation, tired people, renewal chaos, misunderstandings, time for change.
  • Library, gunman, lady wearing pearl necklace
  • Bottle rockets going up like 4th of July
  • Heavy purple rain
  • A realization of a new, harsh reality.
  • Anxiety map of eastern half of U.S. with explosion around Texas and a drought symbol. Then a map of the whole U.S. changing into the shape of an elephant (Republican) who’s walking away from Congress. Shows the Capitol building. So much stress and headache. (I had this vision in August 2016 but just discovered it among some notes.)
  • A giant caterpillar overlaid upon the Statue of Liberty, a parasite on liberty that is in an early phase of its growth. The Capitol Building with an elephant and a lion standing there. The caterpillar is an early stage of fascism, that will go into metamorphosis after it’s consumed its host. The lion is Trump and his team, symbol of fascism, and the elephant is the Republican party.  This is a very ominous vision of where America is headed.  (References to the Statue of Liberty cropping up in the news in January.  Here’s one)
  • Loss, all Hell breaks lose, an era of serious conflict begins in the U.S.
  • Earthquake, Californa
  • Uprisings in the U.S.
  • Markets going crazy (not good), but no crash yet.
  • NYC Financial centers showing their strength. (Vision was red, blood, bull, strength, NYC bull) – so earlier market volatility ends in bull direction. – (Note: War makes markets go up and thus the red and blood could be the impact of war on the market).
  • Egypt, warfare
  • Texas – Statue of Liberty
  • Image of Volcano eruption (heard the word Vesuvius)
  • Stars coming down from the Heavens.
  • Euripides was right. [Euripides was ridiculed by his peers for being too liberal. He also wrote: “Expect the unexpected. What mortals dream, the gods frustrate; for the impossible, they find a way.” He was anti-war, against slavery, pro women, and critical of traditional religion.] (After the Muslim Ban on Jan. 30, 2017, many regretted voting for the current president).
  • Football scandal
  • More drought
  • Congress coming apart
  • Snowshoes, it’s hard work moving forward in the snow
  • Chinese premier in the news – position on the U.S.?
  • Canons shooting/secrecy, lies revealed with government
  • Epidemic/health/farm animals- Africa)
  • Medical breakthrough with ALS  (In August 2016, Harvard scientists  identified key instigator of nerve damage that may lead to treatment of this incurable disease, rendering this prediction more likely to happen by March 2017)
  • Flooding rivers.

April 2017

  • Spring flowers blooming, water rising, unusually warm.
  • Bees on cherry blossoms
  • The Republican elephant on a street sign.
  • Problem with drinking water, saw a pitcher turned upside down, was empty. Looks like a city, town houses, San Francisco?
  • Airplane landing with a bump, mountains in the background, rugged terrain. A train goes by. Maybe it’s landing on a highway or small airfield (Standing Rock?)
  • A breeze blowing but my vision was blocked because I didn’t want to see it.
  • People dressed in white cleaning up a spill.
  • A dark alley in NYC, a man with a cowboy hat.
  • Republicans trying to amend the Constitution, take away rights. Laws to squash dissent.  (in January several states trying to pass laws to prohibit peaceful protest)
  • Violence in involving an American city, perhaps Detroit, involving packs of people like hunting packs.
  • Possible riots, violence, possible terror attack.
  • Small white flower coming out of the dirt,  hope or an early spring.
  • Mouth of the Hudson River as seen from sky. The Veranzano narrows, no bridge.
  • Missiles, rockets launched.
  • Rescue Tent village (lost girls of Africa?)
  • Vatican speaks, upset with America.
  • Medical advances.
  • So much reframing of reality going on (government lie machine busy around the clock.  (This was going on even before the the election but has taken on a whole new meaning under Trump)
  • Congress in shambles.
  • I feel a lot of fear.
  • Abrupt endings, starvation, sad children, but new beginnings are germinating below the surface.
  • Roman soldiers lined up in uniform. Ready for battle.(Europe)
  • Confronting a harsh reality, lines of conflict are drawn.
  • Injured people; waves made of rocks.
  • A swimmer making the news.
  • Markets still volatile,
  • Capitol (Congress) has a big dollar sign on it (focused on budget), and it’s turned upside down (sign of dysfunction) (A Government Shut-down threat is looming over budget.)
  • All good things must come to an end.
  • World leaders getting together in a summit.
  • Markets roiling over a map of the U.S. (U.S. government causing market instability).
  • Market numbers /housing down.
  • Stock market correction and later a rebound. (image of square root sign).
  • Rainbow, peace (gay rights).
  • Russian tanks, feels like a cold war.
  • Germany crisis with refugees.
  • Humid, very warm (New England).
  • Church leaders coming together to make a statement.
  • Shocking celebrity death, an American male, played a cowboy
  • Worst nightmare
  • People asking, “What’s happening? What’s going on?  Something will happen that will shock everyone; the U.S. has entered into a new era.
  • Heard the rallying cry: Texas, Texas, Texas (a reader was suggesting I was really hearing “Taxes, Taxes, Taxes.”) Might involve the Republican Congressional Bill to replace income taxes with just sales taxes, which would cause a huge shift of tax burden from the wealthiest to the poor and middle class or it might be a shocking event that happens during the Tax March planned on April 15th to demand that Trump reveal his tax returns.)
  • Fire, smoke, American flag, U.S. soldiers
  • Undergrads with no jobs. (when Obama left office, we had the lowest unemployment rate in a decade)
  • Homelessness on the rise.
  • Media reporting that economy is sinking.
  • Elderly people’s bill.  (Congress tries to gut Medicare & Social Security).
  • Lightening strikes the housing market.
  • Some calm in White House but only temporarily.
  • Grave, mummy or body, grave diggers.  (Holocaust graves looted in February 2017)
  • Big snowstorm buries New England
  • Climate shift, then flooding rain.
  • Talk of war.
  • Robotics.
  • Half of Americans are happy, half are so disappointed.
  • A camp fire sending smoke high into the sky. A helicopter and a feeling of Standing Rock. Not good.

May 2017


  • Arrow pointing to a location in a village, angel rising, earthquake? Problems
  • Tower records lights going out – bankrupt?
  • Trump gaining confidence, moves with a swagger, meeting with more people than before, more relaxed. But underneath he’s in trouble.
  • Calendar page for May is red. Then in July the color is blue (political colors)
  • Steinbeck feeling like Grapes of Wrath. Heard the word: Dustbowl.
  • J- Church burning, looks like a Christian church
  • Gerti: Christian church peaceful, not burning.
  • On the horizon there was a fire or explosion, it was dark.
  • Standing Rock- spikes coming up out of the ground. The people’s heads were bowed down in defeat.
  • Plane crash in the U.S.
  • A dark funnel or cave collapsing. Worm tunnel.
  • Nuclear missiles, North Korea intimidating South Korea?
  • A massive international protest.
  • Vision of Native Americans standing by a river, big jaws threaten to attack mercilessly. But Natives stand tall, sun glinting off their clothing, long black hair blowing in the breeze. True goodness. It is clear to all who is right and who is wrong.
  • Someone being wheeled in a gurney. Standing Rock injured?
  • Capitol Great Lakes (May-June vision)
  • Markets upset – much volatility
  • Consumer products in disarray. There was nothing to buy. Canned goods, Inflation, consumer demand down. Prices up. (This appears to be a temporary condition that hits the news and is later resolved.)
  • Hard times, fear, depression.
  • Homelessness, problems getting food.
  • Pipeline in May laid over sacred land. (Hopi prophecy implies that laying pipeline (that they call the “black snake”) on sacred land will bring the end of a civilization).
  • A veterans’ parade, but it’s empty.
  • Problems with marine life.
  • Heavy rains, sacred lands under threat – pipelines, drilling
  • Farmers upside down (agriculture in trouble)
  • Gondolas
  • World stops
  • China, inner political strife
  • Multiple births
  • Big explosion, Southwest U.S.
  • People are afraid
  • Barbeques, wheel barrows
  • More of the same solutions to the puzzle.
  • Welfare benefits for children & families are in the news (under threat)
  • Economy wavering
  • Many Americans disillusioned
  • Earth burning, agriculture and trees in the news.
  • Crisis but Washington (Congress) is distant and unhelpful while crisis ensues.
  • Prince marriage

June 2017

  • Space stars, new discovery. May be connected to worm tunnel. Space travel.
  • Flowers everywhere – an uplifting landscape
  • A negative story about Harvard University in the news.
  • Veterans march, cannons and cannonballs, benefit for veterans.
  • An important international council takes place, probably U.N.
  • Doesn’t feel like summer, people cold walking down the street
  • Lovers, meditators falling into grand canyon
  • Loss of famous actress/performer
  • Vacation down – not a lot of people taking time to vacation and go away.
  • Weather a significant issue, terrorist activity here and abroad. Political fallout over security with mass transit.
  • Standing Rock: Water rushing under pipeline, tank fire. March through June efforts made to prevent protesters from coming. Close down the airport. No one allowed in.
  • Economy dips, housing goes down (see similar vision for April)
  • Struggle in U.S. economy, including stock market
  • Real estate slowing down
  • Stock market down, dip in economy
  • Fireman’s hat looms large due to issue surrounding their situation; appealing to Congress
  • Propeller driven airplane (Amelia Earnhardt?)
  • Layoffs/slow summer economically, people are cautious
  • Water rising; whales at risk  (Dozens of whales found dead off New Zealand, thought to be indication of earthquake).
  • Ocean, Cape Cod, calm
  • Israel protecting
  • Marijuana legislation milestone
  • New baby for royal family  (Nov. 2016 British royals announce new baby expected for late Spring 2017).
  • Statue of Liberty – water going over the top, (could be about seas rising in NYC or about erosion of liberty in the U.S.)
  • Map of U.S. with pioneers traveling in covered wagons
  • Doing it like Lincoln (probably about governing with country so split).
  • Focus on Europe problems
  • Military attacks, air strikes, western world attacks adversaries
  • Sacred cow (Social Security) in the news as Republicans try to begin to dismantle it
  • People in pain, begging to be helped, crowded at a platform
  • Forest fires (June-July) West coast
  • Talk of depression in America on the increase
  • The strongest will win
  • Image of hungry baby birds, dying, parched.
  • Washington D.C. seen as the new Gotham.
  • Roman soldiers hunkering down behind their shields, symbol of Europe taking a defensive posture.

July 2017

  • A bear in the night sky roaring (California in defiance of Trump).
  • Standing Rock: Vision of a Native American dream catcher, prayers, a vigil, helicopters overhead.
  • Confederate flag over the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. (I had this vision in August 2016 but just discovered it among my notes.)
  • Submarine armed and ready, torpedos, (Could this be due to coming close to nuclear war? Submarines are armed with nuclear warheads to fire at a moment’s notice)
  • In light of government abandonment there’s a greater focus in the private sector on caring for others –  people and animals.
  • Markets going up and down.
  • Something happens during a cavern exploration near the ocean.
  • Vacations are down – people are too poor.
  • Strong winds on the beach, storms and danger – like the Caribbean islands.
  • Not everyone engaged with national purpose. Large numbers of people want to move in an opposite direction.
  • Anxiety in the collective
  • NYC business’s booming in Manhattan.
  • Bail-out
  • Shaky economy
  • Employment suffering, waitresses, cab drivers etc. making less money.
  • Boston is okay but rest of country is shaky economically.
  • Zika hybrid, mosquitos worsening.
  • Abraham Lincoln in the media.
  • Texas drought, gun shells upside down.
  • West coast forest fires all June and July.
  • Fish in trouble.
  • The museums in the news – Republicans trying to reduce government contributions
  • Trouble in the Capitol, ruling party’s opponents deciding to wreak havoc, bringing down the house.
  • Trees blown over in rows as if from a blast.
  • Celebrations are canceled or carefully monitored.
  • Fighting in Europe, in Germany?

A middle aged woman coming undone. She’s in a white suit and she’s on the ground facing out, clothes, dignity coming undone. (In July and August, the Trump campaign began flooding the internet with claims that HIllary Clinton was ill, had tripped while coming off a plane and off a podium. Then at a 911 ceremony, she fainted and much was made of it. Although she was never wearing a white suite, Clinton often wore white to honor the Suffragettes who wore white.

Laurel and Hardy in the news.

August 2017

  • A teepee under the night sky, empty but peaceful.
  •  Beautiful woman, blond, starlet, kissing a handsome male, a dog wagging his tail. I thought of malaria, then of children being protected by siblings.
  • Large elephant facing off with Native American, Goliath ccompared to Native. Standing Rock.
  • Bones found by an excavator in D.C.
  • A beautiful landscape, climate is heating up but they aren’t paying attention.
  • Standing Rock: Hordes of people coming down the road, stampeding. Shades of WW II, small artillery. Men with white mustaches, longish hair, old hippies, they look like army veterans.
  • In a vision, I keep seeing the sign of infinity.  Not sure what it means. Something spiritual going on, reminded me of the Tarot Magician, who is symbolized by Mercury, the messenger of the gods.   (One suggestion from a reader involves the Mohawk Prophecy, see here and here)
  • Famous leader lying in state.
  • People gathered as far as the eye can see. Looks like Woodstock revisited. Hearts coming up from the crowd. Very beautiful feeling.
  • Dark gathering of people, could be in Massachusetts, soldiers, crowds saying “down with the elephant.” (might be August or September).
  • Tax issues – Trump making tax policy to lower taxes on the ultra rich, formalized.
  • Streets filled with protesters, a big march.
  • Cape cod tourism is down.
  • Americans and Brits united, Brits walking away (Brexit).
  • Soldiers rebel.
  • Nuclear power plants in the news.
  • Heat now an issue in the middle of the country.
  • New resentment against immigrants. A new conservative  movement forming.
  • People looking for hope.
  • Earlier visions of August 2017:
  • Extreme market volatility
  • Market drop. This may start in August, but worse in September.
  • Uh oh (reference to the market)
  • Economy down
  • More stock market volatility – down, then back up
  • Fear of another recession
  • Rental market slow
  • The Capitol under so much stress, fighting, no agreement, just a bunch of selfish rich bickering people who make a lot of money and do nothing to lead a country, let alone a world in trouble.
  • Nuclear bomb explodes somewhere (hopefully underground)
  • New DNA advances
  • Crabs in the news.
  • American fields/farmland in the news
  • Scientific breakthrough, moral controversy.
  • Waves crashing, problems with whales
  • Folk festival extravanza
  • Seismic readings high in the countryside.
  • Vacation accident, murder famous family
  • The International Monetary Fund in the news
  • Strong female brewing, like a witch
  • Arab men with staffs gathering in the mountains.
  • Fish hanging upside down- symbol of fish in trouble
  • Continued drought
  • British Isles in the spotlight due to Brexit activity

September 2017

  • Water pouring over a dam. Floods in the U.S..
  • A beautiful young Native woman, black hair, raised fist, a rallying cry, feathers, leadership position.
  • The Christian Right dominates with their religious policy demands.
  • Feeling of Nepoleon, all just a show. They act like they are royalty. (Trump and his family)
  • Some states have become more generous to their people, in light of federal cut backs.
  • The rise of kindness and giving.
  • In Massachusetts, symbols of hearts, love and caring.
  • In the Capitol, bags of money are changing hands. Capitol for sale. (This is not new but now it is over the top, shameless, rampant, Babylon)
  • Womens’ issues on the table.
  • Real estate low.
  • Market volatility – not good.
  • Kids going back to school with the weight of the world on their shoulders.
  • DAPL(Standing Rock S.D., pipeline protests still in the news.
  • Fish jumping out of the water – too warm.
  • Markets tremble, jobs lost, fear, anger. Government unable to help.   The world seems to be reeling from a tragic event.
  • Hurricanes an issue.
  • Market drop then rebound.
  • Recession, market drop
  • Landlords lowering rents.
  • Housing sales down, American flag down (meaning crisis in government and U.S. standing in the world)
  • Financial markets wild, image of capitol building in the background not doing anything to help.
  • France in the headlines.
  • Major disaster, people hurt.
  • Stability, U.S. and West getting control of Iraq/Eqypt’s middle eastern areas where ISIS is.
  • A large fish coming straight out of sea which is too hot for it – problem with too warm oceans for fish we eat.  ( February 2017 study shows 2% drop in Oxygen levels in oceans, bad for fish and thus very bad for humans.)
  • Somewhere on Eastern Europe Santa Domingo escape (what could this possibly mean lol?)
  • Education, student rights an issue in the population.
  • Stars coming down from heavens to help, a peace agreement
  • Fires (widespread)
  • Many men with guns lined up, soldiers, women waving – not the U.S.
  • Something going on at Camp David or other presidential retreat – president retreating or holding secret meetings there? (After only a few weeks in office, president starts going away every weekend to his Florida hotel, staff leaks indicate he dislikes being president).
  • Drought, whole U.S. heartland.
  • Somebody golfing finds gruesome dead bodies.
  • New t.v. coming out – new way of broadcasting.
  • Symbol of the frog (Pepe the Frog has become an Alt Right (White Supremacist symbol.  See here and here)

October 2017

  • Panama, the tropics in the media.
  • Depression hits in the U.S. (I don’t think this is true economic depression, although a recession is coming), but it’s how people are feeling).
  • Angels are everywhere at work, touching people’s lives, helping to give them hope. Hence there is a new rise in Angel consciousness.
  • The prison system expanding and the latino illegal immigrants being pursued
  • DNA discovery
  • Improvement of food problems
  • Halloween murders
  • It seems our reality is being shaken. Fear and loathing are commonplace. Hope seems to be fading for a better outcome.
  • Batman to the rescue. (We need him for moral support).
  • NASA makes great discovery.
  • Children’s entertainment in America, amusement projects in the media.
  • Water issues and the Miami high life.
  • Heroin use epidemic continues.
  • Hawaii restaurant fire.
  • Political disappointment, “business as usual” in President and Congress in spite of election mandate for change – Trump did not deliver on promises.
  • Humanitarian aid to Africa
  • People are depressed
  • Scandal in White House.
  • Death penalty abolished, many reforms.
  • Stock market goes crazy in a bad way.
  • Market rebounds.
  • New science appears, cure for cancer?
  • More drought in U.S.
  • Real estate assessments down for the year.
  • Athlete being wheeled in a gurney – injury at an athletic event?

November 2017

The present federal government is symbolized by the Roman fasces (ax), symbol of central state harsh rule.

Tanks to keep law and order, people putting flowers in the guns of the tanks.

An angel stands over the land, sending hope and compassion to the downtrodden and dispirited.

Toilets and teapots. (Chinese government building public toilets to boost tourism).

Ghost towns out west (due to running out of water?)

Oscar Myers, hot dogs, etc. industry in the headlines.

Tired calm

People can’t control sadness

Image of windmill, the traditional Dutch kind. Probably about the rise of wind power.

Housing market down.

Heroin epidemic.

United Nations human rights issues emphasized.

New tax law proposed, not passed.

Religious breakdown, people are suffering

Crowds with arms, patriotism, not the U.S.

Trouble with fish due to climate changes –  with deep ocean waters floating upwards are too warm for some fish to breathe.

Early winter in many places. Cold reaches southward (an effect of climate change). Not enough giving thanks. Confusion, anger. Economy weak.

Black cars, funeral of a public figure.

Middle Eastern men in robes meeting, discussing what to do.

December 2017

An angel stands over the land. It’s a new age of giving.

Brexit issues coming to the forefront.

Political strife in Europe

Real estate is down, home sales values lost. (Note: we don’t know if this is just regional or more widespread).

Fighting– invasion of one place from another.

Image of an alligator with a woman inside. (what could this mean?)

Oil rig on fire

Capitol building on its side along with a map of the U.S. (A Congress that doesn’t function at a time when it is sorely needed).

Big fat bloated elephants (Republicans) meeting. So obese they can barely fit in a room to meet.

Norse men crossing.

Significant rift in the stock market.

Not a good Christmas financially

Star of David (Jewish) and  lotus (Buddha)

Big explosion – a huge facility/industrial plant

Washington helping the homeless

Lawyer corruption

Capitol building glowing red hot with conflict, rage, asserting itself.

A gasp for help. A descent, a spiral downward. Little respite during the holidays. Our world seems to be spinning beyond our control. No relief in sight.  A dismal finish to the year.

People asking, “What now?”

Congress roiling in conflict  and controversy. Issue is what to do about the president.


Power – the idea of a rigid controlling order in charge.

Upheaval around the world.

Chaos, wars, terrorism, America unsteady, Europe unsteady, worldwide turmoil

A heavy dark feeling surrounding the areas between India and Australia.

Beautiful woman wearing head scarves in support of Muslim women, the society’s most gorgeous women are turning head scarves into a fashion statement to support their Muslim sisters. (The vision showed up in Jan 2018 (see below). It turned out to be a protest poster to support Muslims, not a fashion statemen

A retro style in automobiles, back to the fifties look.

Elephants everywhere (China bans all ivory commerce beginning in 2018, thus sparing elephant killing in Africa).

Elephants very fat, restless, feverish in their activity, people throwing rocks at them from the balcony.

Collective resolve to take action and get things done.

Protesting crowds gathered but fenced off, people reaching over the fence for food. Probably refugees trying to get into new country.

January 2018

Town with tall steeples, then big fissure, earthquake.(see vision below that later in the year the fault line of the western U.S. is accentuated with the name San Bernardino).

Market volatile, much movement.

Farms struggle.

Animal extinction at the North Pole especially polar bears.

Korea: Health issues with Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong-un: sometime this year he will be removed from power and North Korea and South Korea will become one.

Attention on North Pole: ice is gone.

Middle East problem and peace

Spiritual consciousness shift happening in the midst of so many problems..

Hunger on various fronts.

Big agreement signed

Stars and lights over the Great Lakes region– a promising part of the U.S. for the future (probably due to drought elsewhere and abundance of fresh water).

Hunger, poverty

Many super storms in the U.S.

Chemicals raining into the ocean from a U.S. geo engineering project.

An island country swamped, barely alive.

War, genocide happening. (Report that As many as 13,000 people have been hanged  in Saydnaya between September 2011 and December 2015.)

Symbol of elongated V.  (one helpful reader, see comment on 12/28 from Army of Light, suggested it may refer to Vril & Donald Marshall and a sci-fi book about a subterranean race of angels.)

February 2018

Hummingbirds in the news. (migration issues?)

Concern about new insect infestation in Latin America.

March 2018

Elephants and Rhinos in the news – build an arc  (An open range poacher-free zoo planned for Western Australia will save endangered species.)

Wendy’s hamburgers in trouble

Good fortune, winnings

April 2018

Plague of yellow caterpillars in North America.

Baseball slow ticket sales at Fenway

Fool on a Hill (the song) is in the news.

May 2018

Map of U.S. western fault line accentuated, San Bernardino accentuated.

Gorillas/chimpanzees, or orangutans in trouble.

Old fire engines with very shiny fireman’s hats on hood (have no idea what this is about lol)

2019 to 2020

2019: Donald Trump has become little more than a mailbox address. (In other words, he’s not accessible  except as an address for people to write to). (One reader, Michelle, pointed out after seeing this vision, that Trump’s new hotel is housed in “The Old Post Office” on Pennsylvania Ave in DC (just down the street from the White House). Could those visions possibly mean he is living in his hotel instead of in the WH at that point in time?)

Donkey down and bound up. Republicans have taken control of everything.

2019: Large scale terrorist attack, has opponents of political party in power very afraid. (could be a state-run staged attack to spread fear and quell dissent).

Stress in the markets, serious volatility

Markets moving

“I told you so,” repetition of history, not learning from our mistakes (sounds like another market crash for same reasons as 1929 and 2008 crashes).

Women called upon to lead us out of so much trouble.

Spain – in for a big surprise involving the bull fight

New technolgocial discoveries bridging quantum physics

Lighthouse tragedy in Scotland

More peace in Middle East; U.S. is safe from attacks.

Everyone’s talking about Texas, not good.

People know the world cannot survive like this, new ideas, new concepts, must take over.

In some places — , people living on the streets, stray dogs, people looking for food in trash.

Western part of U.S. under stress due to drought.

Elephants and other beloved exotic animals disappearing. Build an ark!

Big oil fire on an ocean rig.

Too much water – flooding; huge storm with highway signs sideways.

Statutes falling, lions in charge (fascists).

Huge fire

More peaceful protests. Business people quitting jobs in realization of awakening

Masses pushing forward in V formation

Shopping box in the sky  (Could be referring to the use of drones to deliver packages.)  Articles appearing that Amazon has applied for patten to use drone warehouses in the future).

2019: White heart-centered compassion spreading.


Congress takes over or overshadows the executive branch.

Weather becoming a major concern everywhere in the world as it moves in the forefront of affecting the economy and many aspects of life.

So many displaced people.

Rubble from storm devastation, elevated temperatures, sea rising, floods.

The top of a large golden ball showing above the muck. Mud that is like glue. (These appear to be the aftermath of very high water flooding).

So much fire in the forests.

Change in US and the world, ready to become stronger, leave turmoil behind, tired of fighting, young people demanding change, young people making change.

Green movement increasing due to rising negative impact of climate.

Among the wealthy, taxes are down, but among some people, charitable giving is up. People are using charitable giving as a way to redirect their tax dollars away from the federal government.

Focus on small sea creatures – crustaceans, scientific findings about them that are relevant to the direction of our world.

Year covered with black mark, like redacted text not wanting to be seen.

Big  political change afoot — a broom sweeping

A problem with holding elections. They try to cancel them.

No real election this year.

A flat grey sea.

The genie from Aladdin.  Wishes abound in the culture.

Focus on Batman, the need for super heroes to inspire people.

Grizzly bear – Russia in power.

Trump: a giant mouse on two hooves (This vision matches a creature called the Chevrotain –a cute little mouse-eyed creature with “fangs that are fiercer than Draculas”. Check this out.)

Support for Muslim culture.

Vision of redacted images or text. It’s a cover up.

2021: (these visions were made in 2015)

Washington D.C. no longer relevant, a tiny factor in all that’s going on, separated from the rest of the country and out of touch. A Gotham.

Trump inaugurated again, another rigged election. (Will check again on this question to see if it still holds in the future).

More market upset.

Boys walking along road, like homeless in a war movie.

State of Texas in crisis.

Heavy rains, mudslides, floods, tornadoes.

Barbed wire fences, borders, people thrown into jail who aren’t legal – harsh response to illegal aliens.  (On 2/17/17,  Associated Press (a reputable media organization) reported that a draft White House memo surfaced proposing to use 100,000 National Guard troops to detain and deport unauthorized aliens. White House denies proposal)

Cars that drive themselves.

U.S. elections totally rigged and everyone knows it but they can’t do anything about it.

People becoming politically greener, as in a rising movement. More being put into legislation and action.

2022-2023 (these visions were made in 2015 & 2016)

Elephants (Republicans) fill the field in politics.

Coastal properties condemned at massive rates due to rising seas.

Seals in trouble.

War-like period, soldiers, guns.

Market volatility.

Silence, a scene from after a storm: flooding has ceased, people in awe of devastation.

Image of German coat of arms bird, tilted at an angle.

People breaking down borders in other continents. They have to get away from their climate-devastated homelands in order to survive.

India subcontinent under stress, connected to U.S. issues.

Europe upset.

Survival, income disparities more extreme than ever.

U.S. getting smaller in its standing in the world. Are we becoming a third world country due to income disparity, recession, and neglect of education and health care?

Massachusetts: map of state in the shape of a strong arm – not going along with federal authority, revolutionary spirit abounds.

2023 – Matriarchal woman winking. Attitude of “We’ve got this now”


Markets continued distress

Nuclear power plants by the sea in trouble.

Sun blazing like never before.

Crying, hungry babies, food rations.

Wind gusts, rain, eruptions, Mother Nature rebelling.

Settling in- a new groove.


Something that brightens everyone and opens hearts.

Railroads revived.

Government controlling masses.

No electricity, finding light.

Vision of Che Guevara on horseback, symbolizing the rise of revolutionaries.

This is the future now. Coming to understanding of what is and what needs to be done.


Great Lakes region is the soft landing for many (saw a vision of a trampoline that firemen use to save people).

Guns, shooting, lawlessness.

Lazy in the yard, rakes, rural scene, migration to farming areas.

Drought more severe (U.S.)

Refugees all over the place.


Market extremes

Peace pigeon

Mustaches in fashion.



Market rallies,  up, up, up.

Awakening from bad dream

Men in life vests doing work, a scene from a flood.

Power shifts flip.  (two years after making these prediction of a new beginning from the prior twenty years, we are finding articles (see here, here, and here) by sociologists and mathematicians that seek to explain why the late 2020’s will see a reversal of direction and new beginning).

Two women running for president.

Women in power.

Migration in U.S. northwesterly (from southern and eastern cities).

Build up. Structure for new way being put into place.


U.S. map with image of FDR – a New Deal.

Stock market goes up, up, up

War breaks out.

Arguing about new structures, people resistant to new ways

Women dominate.


So many animals going extinct. Fires affecting koala bears 🙁

Image of a gun or rifle, representing lawlessness, vigilantes abound.


The rise of rail travel around the globe.

Oil and gas-fueled travel banned in many places.

Trees dying, huge forests appear swamped.

Map of U.S., a Continental Congress meets (symbolic of new grass roots legislative body that is an alternative to Congress.)


 Image U.S. overlaid with an axel and the wheel. Symbolic of efforts to move economy forward without fossil fuel.


Man and dog by big river – that rural wilderness feeling.

Purple flags swaying, reminds me of Tibet

Fragmentation (not centralization) in the economy and government.


New generation of technology

Importance of China


Pacific Rim the focus of attention

Tom Sawyer images – return to rural living in America


Women in leadership


Mountain range exposed under melted ice,  massive fish death

Problem with trees, need for trees that can survive these harsh conditions.

Hoping for a chance to recover.

2048 Largescale bird and fish migrations.

2050: Greenland turning green.

2051: Cloud around the U.S. Capitol, it is disconnected from the rest of the country.

2058: Small boat filled with people, some armed, crossing body of water.

2068: Mushroom shaped cloud – (nuclear explosion to block heat from sun?).

2072 Coast of eastern U.S. flooded 20-30 miles inland, mudflats.

2070-80: Peaceful scene of village in forested mountain region. Homes high in the mountains. Look like tree houses.  Looks like ancient Japan

2080’s to 90’s: Atlantic seaboard feels and looks tropical and surprisingly beautiful and orderly, palm trees far north of where they used to grow, wind mills on the landscape – the old fashioned kind. U.S. becoming more rural again.  Very peaceful feeling.

2100 Large parts of Florida covered in water and has become a sailboat playground.

FINANCIAL MARKET VISIONS  2016-2032  (We put in bold those visions we believe have come true).


Jan.-  Market volatile but does not crash.  (scary dip in market had people worried, but it recovered a month later)

Feb.- Stock market dip then recovers (looks like a square root sign

March  –

Stock market volatility. 

Stress in the markets.

 Economy, finances look good, stock market up

April –

Brief dip in market, then up.

Economy, finances look good, stock market up.

May – Stock market crisis, wheel of down turning  (EU exit causes markets to drop in late June)

July – Market in square root sign (down turn then rebound). June 24th after UK decision to abandon the EU, markets fell sharply.


Stock market up and down (but no crash)

Bull’s head – a sign of bull market.


Crazy market, market drops steeply then bounces back half-way (this happened in October)

Money sign with a downward arrow.  (This refers to the U.S. dollar index (DYX). The dropping DYX usually corresponds with market rise, which it did).


Good days for stock market, some people will be really happy, buying opportunities.

Stock market going crazy (new highs).



A bear roaring – sign of bear market coming or else a sign of Putin gloating over his triumph in affecting the U.S. election.

Stock market activity in the news, instability.


Financial markets in a square root sign (down then up -usually this is not good)

Real estate – for sale, an hour class, slower home sales, shadows of real estate signs

Stocks chaotic

A torrent of trouble bursts upon us. Weather, economy, politics and foreign affairs.

Economy down, stock market down.

March – April

At first markets going crazy (not good), but no crash.

Bear fighting bull (the markets); job losses

Later – NYC Financial centers showing their strength. (Vision was red, blood, bull, strength, NYC bull) – so earlier market volatility ends with continued bull market.

Markets still volatile, Capitol (Congress) has a big dollar sign on it (focused on money), and it’s turned upside down (sign of dysfunction)

All good things must come to an end.

World leaders getting together/summit

Markets roiling over a map of the U.S., big waves

Market numbers /housing down

Stock market correction and later a rebound. (image of square root sign).

May 2017 –

Economy wavering

Markets upset – much volatility

Consumer products in disarray. There was nothing to buy. Canned goods, Inflation, consumer demand down. Prices up. (This appears to be a temporary condition that hits the news and is later resolved.)

Hard times, fear, depression

June 2017

Economy dips, housing goes down (see similar vision for April)

Struggle in U.S. economy, including stock market

Real estate slowing down

Stock market down, dip in economy

July 2017

NYC businesses booming in Manhattan


Shaky economy

Markets going up and down.

Vacations down – people can’t afford them.

Employment suffering, waitresses, cab drivers etc. making less money

Aug 2017

Cape Cod tourism is down.

Extreme market volatility

Market drop. This may start in August, but worse in September.

Uh oh (probably a reference to the market)

Economy down

More stock market volatility – down, then back up

Fear of another recession

Rental market slow

Sept 2017

Real estate low

Market volatility – not good.

Market drop then rebound.

Recession, market drop

Landlords lowering rents

Housing sales down, American flag down

Financial markets wild, image of capitol building in the background not doing anything to help.

October 2017

Depression hits in the U.S.

Stock market goes crazy in a bad way.

Market rebounds

Nov 2017: Housing market still down

December 2017:

Brexit issues arise

Real estate is down, home sales values lost.

January 2018: Market volatile, much movement but crash not quite yet.


Bear market – markets drop down steadily like in 2008.

Stress in the markets, serious volatility

Market moving

“I told you so,” repetition of history, not learning from our mistakes (sounds like another market crash for same reasons as 1929 and 2008 crashes).

2924: Markets continued distress

2028: Bull market – recovery

2032:  Image U.S. overlaid with an axel and the wheel. Symbolic of efforts to move economy forward without fossil fuel.

For articles about long-term visions, check here, here, and here.


This section contains hundreds of visions from readers on the future of our world, as well as questions about the future posed to Jeanne and Graham, and their responses.  For postings prior to February 1, 2017, go here.


631 thoughts on “World Psychic Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

  1. I agree that his influence is now missing, and I’m not convinced that he’s dead as a popular psychic is suggesting, his family are noisy and we would have seen that in the press. Although he is seen as a pest by many, others do tend to see him as a knight in shining armour. I guess we will have to wait and see.

  2. so did aliens visit us or are they among us?

    REPLY: I think both. Two readers who have had input on this site have said they believe that the government knows about aliens.

  3. Hello Jeanne and Happy New Year! What is in store for Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the British Royal Family? I was concerned when she didn’t go to church on Christmas. Do you see Charles or William succeeding her? Will the monarchy still exist by the end of the century?

    Do you think there will be another 9-11 type attack on New York City? I have recurring dreams about Canada – is this a sign that my family and I should move there? Thanks.

    REPLY: Haven’t seen another 9-11 attack on New York City. More concern with water rising there. Regarding the British Royal family’s future: Just got this comment from Graham, a UK scientist with strong intuitive sense. You can see his remarks in a separate comment, but basically he sees the monarchy gone in the next ten years. As far as whether your dreams suggest moving to Canada, it depends on the content of your dreams. Thanks for writing in. — JM

  4. Interestingly enough, there is a lot of discussion in the online Hindu community of the Kali Yuga (age of destruction) coming to an end in the year 2025. So yes, I think there’s a possibility that we are in for a period of ugliness over the next eight years before things start getting better.

    • Thank-you for these two pieces, John. Beautiful and comforting and true and so strange that in one of the pieces she describes the scene I’d seen in my imagination four days before the election — the Statue of Liberty behind an image of the the God of Darkness. She describes it too.

  5. I feel if Trump continues along the lines he is following right now that he will be removed by the republican party. They can sweep in and “show” America and the world how just and great our system of government is by removing the Trump abomination and replacing him with a sober mined republican. My husband thinks all along it was planed to elect Pence, the only way to get him in was through Trump.
    I could see the prosess not being so neat as it might be on paper.

    • I am not a republican sympathizer in any shape or form, by the way. I think this slight of hand move may have been intended.
      Perhaps they initally thought Trump would be a figure head like Reagan, easly controled. But it turns out he is a real psycho, so they have to go with the alternate plan…

      • I agree with you, Noon. Have you ever noticed how his ‘advisors’ don’t take their eyes off him in footage of them on TV, etc.? My gut sense ( and, of course, it’s bearing out now, daily), has always been that he absolutely has a gang of psycho criminals surrounding him – people just like him in their sociopathy – and also within a large segment of the Republican Congress. They are so obviously biding their time very deliberately.

    • Noon, I feel the same way. I always thought it was strange that Trump picked Pence as his running mate, when there was Giuliani, Christie, Romney, etc. I 100% believe that Pence is there because the GOP is trying to get wrangle him in as Trump’s presidential replacement.

      It’s either Pence or Paul Ryan. Even worse or the worst? Take your pick.

  6. It’s obvious that you see an ominous future under Donald Trump. I have multiple misgivings about him. He has a long history of cheating people to line his own pocket and he is fundamentally dishonest. I have strong fears that he will try to set up a totalitarian dictatorship and you describe events suggesting something close to that.
    I did not vote for him but I have no control over who we have in charge of the government now. I would be interested in knowing if the precious metals market will do well or do poorly. The price of crude oil affects me because of an inherited oil interest. Where is the price of oil going this year and next year?

    • Disgusting, and it’s going to get even worse. That orange man just threatened to send Feds to my city if “we don’t stop the carnage.” Because you know, martial law is definitely going to put an end to poverty and violence in Chicago.

      • I think this also speaks about Trumps racial bigotry and contempt for the Obamas. Here, we talk about how some people we know who grew up in Trumps age group refuse to evolve with the change of time. They cling to antiquated social aditudes and refuse to accept change and grow. And that is Trump. He is still a privlaged high school jock living in 1965 in his emotional maturity.

        • Hi there Noon, Those people whom you mentioned you know – and Trump – sure as heck must have been living in an opaque, insular bubble during the 1960’s and 1970’s when they were young !! I mean, they had to be deaf and blind to not notice and observe what was going on in our society and country ( and in other countries) and what the masses of people, from teens through much older, were feeling, talking about, concerned about, taking actions upon. Society became quite different then from what Trump’s parents’ and prior generations experienced, overall. I feel and think that it’s partly due to the ignorance ( inexperience on many levels) of the young soul of Donald Trump, but also because he appears to be a mentally ill man who also exhibits hallmark characteristics of the personality disorders of sociopathy and psychopathy,( as do most of the people advising him and in a large portion of the Republican congress).

      • A few years ago I had a detailed dream that there was a pandamic. People were quarintened in mass.Food supplies were effected. Jeanne, Graham, do you have any impressions about a near future mass sickness?

        • I had seen a large bug over a map of Europe. Most have thought that is the flu that is all over Europe, but there are other theories, like the bird flu or an insect infestation that destroys crops. Whatever it is, it was a big bug.

          • I read today that the aven flu has signifigantly affeced the free raqnge chicken production in Brittan.
            My dream actually had to do with quarintening groups of people who could possibly been comtaminted by a activly sick person, in public places, like the subway station in a neighborhood known for its “liberals”.
            The actual contamination was questionable, rather the quarenene was more like internment

        • Inevitable. Also artificially instigated. Virus from Africa. Bad stuff. No date, but Trump first term. (However that may be. ) It might well be a foreign state that does it. Or US deep state. The new American regime will take advantage of it to impose a state of emergency, using the emergency powers granted after 911.

  7. When Trump started his president run, I realize that he cannot be trusted. Currently, he becomes president. He has signed 10 executive orders. In the coming months, states are becoming generous to its people, as the congress becomes out of touch. I think Hillary can become the next mayor of NYC. In 2025, the political pendulum will shift.

    Sanders is right. We must fight to the end. I have not given up hope. Only time will tell if the next financial recession will be Trump’s downfall, which will be likely. Even with Trump’s declining approval rating, his dark side will surface.

  8. Thank you so very much Jeanne, Graham and other contributors for freely sharing your visions and insights. It’s helpful and better for us to be prepared than not. My question has to do with Antarctica. Could the Cayce vision of pyramids and Atlantis be related to Antarctica? 3 pyramid-like structures have been discovered; John Kerry and secretly Barack Obama both had recent visits, Putin is supposedly going soon; Google Earth blocked out access to certain sections of the continent; and lastly, there are persistent rumors about remnants of a highly advanced underground civilization that can change our fundamental beliefs.

    • Thanks for joining the conversation here, Karen. I had had a vision about a year ago of mountains revealed in one of the poles. I thought they had been exposed due to receding glaciers, but now, thanks to your posting, I realize that I was likely seeing these pyramidal structures in Antarctica that are making the news. Although they are remarkable to look at, I think they are just rocks that have eroded evenly all around. Also the last time Antarctica was warm enough to support human life was 20 million years ago, 19.8 million years before science believes humans appeared. Still it’s possible that humans began much earlier. But if there was an advanced civilization back then that died out, I would think they’d have found relics of human life. They’ve pulled ice cores out of the sediment down there and analyzed their contents. There is evidence of 20 million year old flora and microscopic life only. It’s possible that Cayce was seeing a vision of these pyramidal mountains showing up to the rest of the world and decided it must be related to the lost city of Atlantis. My inner science geek seems to be taking over. Curious what scientist Graham thinks.

  9. Jeanne, do you see a terror attack happening in the U.S. in February or March? You said something like a 9/11 disaster. Thank you.

    • No, I never thought what I was seeing was a terror attack. Just something unprecedented and bad. But this didn’t feel like a bomb, just something shocking, surprising and political. Actually, the events of the first week of the new presidency have prompted that kind of shocking, perplexed reaction in the collective. That was the Collective reaction I sensed last year that would occur in March or April of 2017.

      • Well, just heard on the BBC radio that Trump has announced that from now on, the USA will use torture officially in the “War on Terror” and will mainly use waterboarding. Apart from the fact it violates all the treaties that the USA is a party to, including the UN ones, it is simply barbaric. I am going to do some deep scans on Trump…..I fear far worse is to come.

        • Beware of one not having the King’s ear but rather the King’s body, Graham. I would suggest you put mental barriers around you if you are to do that.

          • alona74 I move with caution. Trump is surrounded by evil entities and forces, attracted by his madness. But I think we will see a month of solid shock and awe tactics from him.

  10. Well, I get intuitively that Trump is working to a plan.
    he has some “Trophy” projects, like the wall, that he can start immediately, and even if the cost goes to 20 billion dollars, over five years, its still dirt cheap, compared to the military spend of 300 billion dollars, over the same five years. Cookie money, really. He will also watch very carefully, to see the response to his outbursts and project. We are now entering the whirlwind.
    Bad stuff. I think he will create a special homeland internal security militarised security force, on top of the established homeland department. This is a sort of Brigade strength group that will be under his direct command, and he will start to harden up the homeland security organisation. The Gestapo and the SS, really……..within 18 months, or less.

    • So – Im not claiming that I am psychic so take his for whatever, but I echo your thoughts…. I was at my church’s contemplative prayer session yesterday when I let my mind wander to Trump. (I usually strictly never let myself do such a thing – but I was curious so…) I suddenly recalled his tweet about sending the ‘Feds’ to Chicago if the crime rate didnt reduce. I then thought – Trump is looking for the ‘levers’ to get what he wants people to do. He does not yet understand how the Govt works and he will get frustrated that people stand up to him. I thought of a child that had been given a new toy and he is having a tantrum….
      I was in the military in Canada and we have ‘Aid to the Civil Authorities’ (to help in a natural disaster type scenario) and ‘Aid to the Civil Powers’ (times of insurrection/terrorists – this was used 2x in Canada since the 60s) which allow our govt to call on the military for some tasks within Canada in times of peace. Im not sure of the US equivalent. Our Chief of Defence has already written that he thinks highly of Mattis – so I doubt that Mattis would ever agree to use US trained military in the ways that I think that Trump wants them used. I was left with the feeling yesterday that Trump will be starting to figure out how to create his own ‘President’s Guard’ type thing that will respond directly to him.
      I got the feeling that he wants people that are willing to kill American citizens in their cities during demonstrations. He will start first by trying to get the regular Army to do something – and when they don’t… that is when ‘secret groups’ will be created.
      Disclaimer – I trust my own intuition based on events in my life … I have not been trained to give opinions about others in this way…..

      • I read today that the aven flu has signifigantly affeced the free raqnge chicken production in Brittan.
        My dream actually had to do with quarintening groups of people who could possibly been comtaminted by a activly sick person, in public places, like the subway station in a neighborhood known for its “liberals”.
        The actual contamination was questionable, rather the quarenene was more like internment

      • In the US we have the National Guard and FEMA. Trump could hire mercinarys like Black Water or Haliburtian for that kind of work.

      • I feel that Putin is key to what this new administration is doing to this country. I deeply feel that Mr. Trump has been getting advise from Putin before, during and since the inauguration. If they are allowed to continue with their diabolical plan, I fear that a dictatorship regime is what will replace our democracy in this republic. Working to ultimately impoverish all but a relatively small number of our citizenry and the isolationist actions are some classic warning signs we are seeing. The wealthy, powerful elite and ultra- conservative, far-right religious have been craving complete control over this country’s policies and laws. This is their chance and they’re exercising their current power with a vengeance and determination unlike anything our country has ever seen before. This truly is a crisis. It’s a war.

        • It involves breaking apart our allied countries in Europe, etc., as well. Everyone becomes vulnerable as these psychopathic people are allowed to continue with their agenda, plots, plan.

    • Graham:

      A while back I read Isabel Allende’s memoir about living in Chile in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. She writes about how up until the 1973 US-abetted overthrow of Salvador Allende, Chileans prided themselves as being a stable, dependable country ruled by constitution law. She describes how the military coup in ’73, for most Chileans, would have been equivalent to New Yorkers and Washingtonians waking up one morning and finding military tanks rolling down the streets and martial law in place (that is, the coup was an event that most Chileans thought simply could not happen at home). I fear the shock predicted for later this year will be of a similar nature. Already, millions of Americans are in that mental state of “what country is this?”

      But I guess empires come and empires go, and it is usually in the waning years of an empire that the really shocking things happen. Maybe we’re getting a taste of our own imperial medicine.

      • I do not think this is the shocking event that I saw coming in April, although I found myself reading last night about what to do if your country declares martial law. I can’t believe that this president could get the military to do that, or that the Congress would allow something like that to happen just because they don’t like peaceful protest. I think that the shocking event I felt was happening when I was focusing last July on sometime between Feb and April 2017 was actually the current shock people are experiencing of the first week of this new administration. Praying it will not get worse than this although I expect they are going to try to stop peaceful protests, which would be yet another level of repression that Americans have never seen.That said, I am fearful of this Administration, run by Donald Trump and Steve Banning, with the KellyAnne Conway propaganda machine, might pull some tricks to get a tighter grip.

  11. A quoit from a mercinary site – “Private military companies offer services similar to police or military security forces on a smaller scale. These can range from training armed forces of developing nations to providing armed security in support of government agencies or private entities. As the PMC sector has expanded over the past decade, the larger companies have expanded service offerings to include intelligence and logistics support, research and development into emerging military-related technologies, and other functional support areas that national governments and/or the United Nations are unable to accomplish. quote”

    • Trump could use this kind of service in cities to control the “undesirable” population, just like it is used in other nations.

        • He already employs his own private security force Would not put this past him, especially after him spouting off about sending the Feds to my city if we don’t stop all that “carnage.”

  12. Trump will be for America what gorbachev was for soviet union. He will get into conflict with shadow goverment. It doesn’t help he will rule with a iron fist that unites people which brings social conflict. Besides, religious conservativse getting access to power will have great consequence for world. Add,environmental disasters. All in all, it will seriously weaken America in next 5-6 years. Putin is waitsing for right time as dissolution of EU continues, when the time is right russia will act up again. But this time europe will be divided and American allies will also betray America. Though out eurasia American power insignificant.

  13. Hi Jeanne : )

    In your general 2017 notes, you mention water rising in NY city. This article has just emerged and outlines property developers’ vision for buildings designed for future high-water events in New York:

    As a side note, I feel strongly that the references to Texas throughout 2017 are, in fact, related to California. Historically, TX has been acknowledged as the state most desiring “independence” from the US (even if only in jest). I feel it is California that is actually going to rebel in very real ways against the establishment but, due to Texas’ long-standing role as the “Lone Star” it would be natural for one’s mind to envision Texas as the state in question – it would resonate with subconscious memories and beliefs.

  14. Hi Jeanne, Graham and posters. I was wondering how things will be in Ireland over the next ten years. Scotland too. Ireland’s been on my mind a lot – I’ve had a lot of dreams about being on an Irish island that’s very close to Scotland. Also, will Scotland ever become independent? What is the prognosis for Queen Elizabeth – is she over her health crisis? Thanks.

  15. Here are some more tweets from one of the leakers. I wonder if any of you psychic people can scan this at all and see if any of it hits. I can’t help to be skeptical in our post-fact world.

    Trumpleaks 9: DJT’s a #cocaine addict despite his denials of addiction. He has 2 do a line every 30-45 minutes or he gets anxious. #Retweet

    Inside Trump’s Life ‏@insideDJTTruth 3h3 hours ago
    #Trumpleaks 8: #Trump was admitted to a psych ward 3 times in his past. He has been diagnosed w/ half a dozen mental illnesses.

    And bipolar, split personality disorder, DID, and maniac

    Trump owes a ton of money to a cartel group in #Mexico, whom he borrowed $ in the 1990s. This is why he wants to build a wall. #Trumpleaks

    On the coup being planned: #SteveBannon & #PaulRyan are working together to get Ryan to be “#POTUS46” by getting Trump & Pence impeached. Ryan made an offer Bannon could not refuse.So they are working together to stage this coup. PR recently received a payoff. @speakerryan is doing whatever it takes behind the scenes to feed fake info & push #Trump to make a big fool of himself. The poster says the alt-right keeps hacking and closing his account. The Trump people have paid off much of the media/new organization. They also wish to eliminate the First Amendment. That there are 20 people united against Trump’s abuse.

    The person posting this claims they suffered abuse from him: “I’m not posting what I’m posting to get #Trump in trouble or mock him. I’m simply trying to heal from the abuse I suffered at his hands. Why am I’m doing this? #Trump was one of my main abusers growing up & I was forced to be around him so I’m paying him back with truth.

    As an aside. I feel the need to express how sad the young boy Barron seems to be as well as his mother. The film of her and her husband together seems so awkward and forced. She seems miserable.

  16. Speaking of the executive orders, they were written by Steve Bannon. Turns out several of Trump’s insiders committed voting fraud, including Bannon.

    Speaking of North Korea becoming history, it will happen. The fail will be somewhat similar to the Hunger Games series. The sanctions cause the elites to understand the outside world and revolt.

    • Hi Bin Zhao,
      There is a lot of misinformation about this topic. It is NOT voter fraud to be listed in two states, as is the case with Bannon, Tiffany Trump et al. This is simply a registration error. No big deal.

      Voter fraud only occurs IF and WHEN someone willingly uses these loopholes to VOTE in two states at the same election. Records show that this virtually never happens – 5 cases recorded in the 2016 election.

      I hope this helps clarify. Bless you.

  17. Hi Jeanne,

    Here’s an interesting perspective from Candace Marie, she’s an astrologer and has looked into Trump’s chart. What she sees lines up very close with your visions, she also sees something serious happening in August when we have the solar eclipse. She said she will do another reading after the inauguration:

    On a side note…it looks really grim right now but let’s not lose hope, let’s keep praying for divine intervention and stand up, speak up, and be united against this madman ♥

  18. Graham here:
    I have been meditating on Trump. I see and sense a sort of family rift going on, there is something about a female member of the family, and some sort of angry row. A female member of the family is not at all happy with what is happening…I think its one of the younger ones. Also, there are going to be big denunciations of Trump from prominent celebrities and other public figures. He is going to get triple A flak. I also pick up that there is a very dark violent event that stems from Trump this year. Cannot get anything else about it. It does involve an American city….I see packs of people that are literally that, hunting packs…….anybody else getting anything?…..Also, we need to think about Putin. We have all focused on trump, but Putin is very important. He is hard to read. Interestingly, I do get that there is a religious figure in Russia, a priest, who has influence over him. A strong influence. A senior figure. Nothing yet about Putin’s intentions. I think they change almost daily, as he reacts to events.

    • I have received a few visions about these.
      1. I saw a vision of Trump praying.
      2.I heard something speaking of Putin’s death.
      3. Last night, i heard the words ” diplomatic transgressions” after praying for Donald Trump.

      I wonder if the dark violent event you are speaking of has to do with Trump sending Feds to Chicago. ???

      I just worry about something bad happening to Trump. I hope he will be protected and safe from any harm!

    • Could it be Tiffany? I get feeling that Ivanka is more the favorite of the family. Comments have been made about the lack of Tiffany’s presence during the campaign.

      As far as the old men advising Putin, I read somewhere about the guy described as a modern day Rasputin doing that, could it be the men in this article?

    • Graham, This vision just came true. Reader Michelle just found an article in Vanity Fair about troubles with Ivanka and her husband Jared coming to a head after the Muslim Ban coincided with her stepping out in a formal gown while refugee children sat detained at JFK airport on Saturday night.

    • There’s also this very strange report that surfaced today:

      Melania may not be moving into the White House at all. Don’t know if it’s connected, but there is that video going around of her only smiling when he looks at her. Lots of people speculating she doesn’t appreciate, nor want, the attention of all of this.

      Also, side note: anyone ever notice how Mr. “President” doesn’t wear a wedding band? Ever? Maybe I’m a traditionalist, but that’s weird.

      • Ciao,JH, It wouldn’t surprise me if she has a love interest up in NY City area. The excuse is always about their son, Barron, waiting for him to finish school this year. That sounds and feels ridiculous to me, given their situation. She looked miserable sitting at a dinner table after the inauguration next to her husband. Only time may tell the truth on the marriage situation. It’s not a secret that he doesn’t treat his wives well and that’s not surprising. I wouldn’t put it passed him to threaten her in some way if she doesn’t comply with acting as a First Lady if she’s resisting the role which means joining him in The Peoples’ House.

        • it is very strange that she should shun the white house. I read she is suing an internet news site located in Montgomery co md. She filed in Montgomery co. Her lawyers made her withdraw the suit and re file in NY city.No way could she ever win a suite in Montgomery co. MD.
          I am sure they would make mince meat of her.

        • I’ve seen that theory floated. It would certainly make sense, since we know just how much of a caring husband he is. Or at least, how much of a caring husband he is when Billy Bush is around. Who knows? It’ll make a very interesting book someday.

          That is, assuming the American people will still be able to read and write after Betsy DeVos finishes teaching their kids how to read colors and fight off rogue inner-city bears. God, this is absurd.

    • The woman you are referring to that does not approve-I believe to be Ivanka. She is married to a jewish man and I believe has converted herself. When Trump read the his speech about the vandalism of St Louis cemeteries it was not heart felt. I feel she gave him an ultimatum to something and say it now. Knowing what Pence stands for-it was not characteristic of him to denounce anti semitism. All just an observation.

  19. Hello and thank you for your articles, I always read them with great interest. My worry is about Baltic states over possible Russian aggression since Obama left and Trumps very close relationship with Putin. How do you predict future of Baltic states? I pray for the peace in the world.
    Also how do you predict EU future after Brexit and Trump? Will EU stand by their liberal values or there will be rise of populism and right wing? Will EU be able to survive? How do you see future of UK after Brexit, will Scotland gain independence? Hoping and praying for the best. Thank you .

    • I’d also like to know the future of the Baltic countries – if you see a Russian flag over them, it means that Trump refused to honour NATO commitements. If that happens – Im guessing that there will be a swell of anti-Americanism in most of Europe…

  20. Speaking of fascism, Trump puts gag orders on federal departments. According to The Ring of Fire, this is the beginning of fascism, but I doubt it, as Berlusconi, the godfather of Trumpismo, was a wannabe fascist.

  21. Graham:
    I am getting a very bad event in Detroit or nearby, later this year. Possibly riots, violence, etc…..possible terror attack….but its early days, and unclear. more later.

    • I’m getting very bad feelings too. All week. The president is considering extreme measures to shut down his liberal outspoken enemies — press, protestors, politicians, university professors and Hollywood. He’s getting advice from Banning and possibly Putin on how to take control. I’m hoping he won’t. But if he does, I don’t think he will be stopped because Congress is cowardly (and foolish because it will backfire on them).

      • Detainees held at various airports all over the country is ALREADY turning out a number of protestors. And Speaker Ryan came out to agree with Trump. My feeling is forceful action against protests will be a bad move on their part.

  22. To borrow the recent, televised words of the racist psychopath Bannon: “This is a fight for the soul of America.” Evil vs. Good. It appears that demons really do exist and a legion of them are running amuck in our government and causing havoc and chaos. A major fight of Good Vs. Evil.

    • Thanks, Jeanne, for your notice here (& to my e-mail to you. As of this evening, I am still getting the block, but I have figured out a way of getting around it, although it’s not easy).

    • Graham sighs. I wish I did not get it right on these things!!..LOL> But there is an alternative future. read the classic sci-fi novel: “The man in the High castle”…..

  23. In “Visions for 2017 (not by month)” one of the predictions is: “Serious flooding of a U.S. airport.”

    Might it be floods of people? Right now people are flooding airports across the United States to protest the ban that blocks people from a number of nations from entering the U.S. Wondering if this is what the prediction refers to.

  24. To graham,
    Will narendra modi get his second term in 2019 ? His astrological chart shows tough competition. And, if he gets elected for second time, are there any chance of assasination?

    • Modi is on a precipice. His enemies are within his own gates, not outside them. Think Hindu epic for the politics, violence, etc. He is in danger. I think he survives….plots are fast and thick. He will probably be overthrown or contained, from within. This year end, at latest. Graham

  25. So, does it appear that Trump will be with us for the foreseeable future? Ordinarily, I’d think someone acting so brashly and idiotically in a position of power wouldn’t make it past six months before his ‘team’ throw him under the bus. The idea of this lunatic leading the ‘free’ world for eight years makes me very anxious.

    Dark times are ahead. But I hope most, if not all, of these predictions can be avoided and that, as the Hindus say, humans can learn to love one another.

    • Hoping you are right. Ultimately it’s a mystery how things unfold. Over time, I believe we learn to love one another as we evolve because we learn that we are one another. Evolving takes trial and error and some pain.

  26. I’m curious, Jeanne. Do your visions ever change? For example, do you ever see one thing, then events happen in present time, and what you see is altered?

    I’ve always been sensitive in general and a bit of an empath, but never explored it.

    Thanks. Glad to have stumbled on to this website.

    • So far visions mainly have changed when reading an individual. The person see where their current actions are heading and they change their course to avoid a bad future. That happens a lot. So far, when seeing visions of the world, there haven’t been changes, although I’ve made errors. The errors are mostly bad interpretations of the visions. The visions end out coming true but not in the way I’d thought they would. My hope is that visions of climate change, my own along with thousands of others, will make us stop burning fossil fuels.

  27. You keep mentioning a big problem involving the state of Texas. Could this be a terrorist attack or a riot on the day of the Super Bowl? This famous game will be played in Houston, Tx on 2-5-2017.

  28. Graham, Somewhere here you mentioned in a reply, referring to the U.S.A., words to the effect that ” all empires eventually fall”. I know that we have several territories, but am not aware of any complaints from them. My question is this: Do you consider Great Britain as an empire that fell or not? I ask because I have gotten the thought and feeling that you really don’t like the U.S.A. at all, at least in terms of world affairs, current and past involvements, and that you might like to see the U.S.A. become much less significant in world affairs and influence. Hope you can reply. Thanks, Graham. (If you do reply, I may not be able to thank you, either way, for replying, as I’m having problems posting on this site recently).

    • Hi Laura, I thought I’d put my two cents in on this as an American while we wait for Graham. Yes, the US is an empire, just not in the way we think of it from history books. In addition to our 50 states, twenty-odd overseas territories, and 800 foreign military bases, the US is the economic ringleader in the global order of wealth hoarding and extraction that keeps the “third world,” or “Global South” chronically poor and dependent while the 10-20% of the global population in the “first world” live relatively cheaply off of the benefits of economic hegemony (think of where the precious metals in our laptops and smartphones comes from, or the petroleum composing our plastic products: Ecuador, India, the Congo, etc.) So I think when the US empire and hegemony does inevitably fall (see Joseph Tainter’s “Collapse of Complex Societies”), the world will be a better place. We as Americans will be poorer, but hopefully wiser.

      • I am not buying this. If America is not around than people won’t be taken advantage of and thus the world is a better place.

        I find that far too simplistic in nature. Greed is very much alive, with or without America.

        Some other nation would take it’s place and on we go.

        This is the reason why “trickle down economics” doesn’t work, because it doesn’t take in account the flaws of humanity.

      • Thanks so much for your reply, John. (It’s now late here because I am still having some technical problems again on the site, posting thoughts, replies, etc. here!).

    • Hi laura,
      Firstly I do not hate Americans. what I do hate is the direction the country is taking, and the government and the 1% elite, who are ruthlessly raping the planet, and the American population. I do know an awful lot about America. I have been visiting for more than a half century now, I have lived in America, as a kid I went to high school, etc, so understand the culture really well. I am now horrified, and for the same reason that many Americans are. Since Reagan, America has entered a death dive. It is now about to go crunch and impact. Not nice. I think the situation is now almost beyond recovery, and that not a lot can be done. America, post War, is an empire, that controls most of this planets resources. It is now losing its grip on them, and on control of its own population.It is also in a resource crisis, an energy crisis, and part of the Global climate crisis. That bad. The reaction to this by the elite is to circle the wagons, and be utterly ruthless in holding on to power. I fear the worst. But America is now following the same decline curve as other empires. I despair, as it will drag the rest of the planet down as it goes under.

        • Hi Laura;

          Here is a thought… I’d be interested in what you or others might think… If we think about the idea of ‘karma’… The US War of Independence/Revolutionary War was driven by a few ideas/principles. At that time, both Spain and France provided some levels of support/resources to the revolution effort, against the British…to enable the US to become a democracy…

          In the time since WWII, the US has often justified some of the wars that they were involved in as ‘supporting democracies’, ‘overthrowing’ tyrants…etc. And the US was able to create ‘coalitions’ to help them with that work. (And I am not saying that such work/effort/ideas were wrong or right)
          And now, the US has a President that appears to be moving to become authoritarian….
          So now .. how will the US deal with the tyrannical ruler ‘within’?
          If this was happening in another country, the people would appeal to the US… but now that the ‘shoe is on the other foot?’?

          I think that it is going to be up to the US people to decide their destiny, and I do believe that there will be a lot of good people fighting the good fight, but some of the larger high tech US companies, who post profit that is greater than some smaller European countries, are seeking ‘outside’ assistance of a certain type. It has been reported here in Canada that both the UK and Canadian governments are meeting with the execs of some US Silicon Valley companies to move a significant portion of their offices out of the US. Facebook and Google already have Offices around the world, but now they are considering a full scale move out.

          Any thoughts or opinions on that idea? of Karma? or…just part of the cycle of life….?

          There are different forms of government… do you think that if the current government structure was changed, it would be ‘better’, or do you think that you just need the ‘right’ person to be voted in as President?

          I personally think that the US has shown itself to be trailblazers in ‘ideas’, and Im thinking that the structure of government will change… just like some of the visions foretell.

    • They are. The female side of the clan have deep misgivings. But I am now a bit freaked. I have started doing psychic work again, after a gap of years, and didn’t think I still had it in me.
      But it seems I have. My batting average is beginning to alarm me. Jeanne might want to take a look at that. I have never been so active as this, before. It seems like waking from a deep sleep. Eeerie. The Kraken Wakes……regards Graham

  29. As of tonight, learning that the rump administration unprecedentedly broke into regularly scheduled network entertainment shows to announce his radically extreme ‘surprise’ pick for the Supreme Court’s last vacant seat, plus seeing him on TV at the announcement gayly saying to everyone, “Wasn’t that a surprise?!!”, I am now completely convinced that he is a certifiably insane man and an evil one, as well as his entire cabinet of advisors and the majority of the Republican-dominated congress. We are definitely being steered, rapidly, towards the goal of becoming another dictatorship that I don’t know how we’re going to ever get out of it by the normal and legal means. This administration is totally and unequivocally against equality for the people of the United States and will destroy our environment and economy as well. EVIL personified, folks.

    • The environment is going to be destroyed anyway. I hate to be like this and I didn’t vote for Trump, but nothing stops the climate change train, not even Hillary can solve such a thing.

      The rest is all just scary talk. I don’t like Trump because he doesn’t think through things, but I don’t think he is a dictator and some Nazi like a lot of people on here do.

      A lot of the people on the left had it good for eight years and now that they have someone who isn’t a leftist, they are going crazy themselves.

      At this point I am more worried about the unstable and mental leftists than I am about Trump. Although the nations of China, Russia, Iran, North Korea along with the rest are banging on those war drums.

      I don’t agree with the way the man does things and I don’t trust him, but he is a far cry from Adolf Hitler.

      Another thing I don’t like is the news that we have today is not right. It’s not fake, but it’s presented to push a point of view. This is different than how it used to be. I am 48 years old and when I was a child we used to watch Walter Conkite on TV on CBS and that was news you could take to the bank.

      In today’s Internet obsessed world, everyone is trying to bend the news to their agenda and this is why we have scare tactics and even worse with entirely fake news.

      I am just trying to figure all of this out, but I stick by my trusty Bible, because it seems like things are going in that direction.

      Nation shall rise against nation (wars) and kingdom against kingdom (civil wars) all around the planet. Famine, Earthquakes (large ones), and weird Diseases all popping up in various places on the planet. With people all hating one another and betraying one another.

      Eventually Israel will have a new “third” temple in Jerusalem.

      70 nations will attack Israel in a war. It’s all there.

      I am just watching as I check off the prophecies as they come true.

      • Read international news (bbc, cbc) to get a better perspective. I avoid American news because its mostly propaganda. And no we on the left are not insane, we are the only rational ones in the room, the Bible is not our guidebook. Scientific facts and reason is. Obama was not liberal, only Americans think he was. True liberalism doesn’t exist on the political spectrum in america. As a non American im used to true liberalism (i.e. compassion and humanitarianism) making life better for everyone. History has a weird way of proving the liberals right, century after century.

        • You need to have an open mind and compasion to understand what is going on in the world and make sence of the history of mankind.
          If you stick lables on people, you limit your ability to realy understand.
          Try and think like Socrates and you will grow as a person , find there is no point at lashing out at others who don’t cling to dogma for comfort and asurance.
          Try to get past your fear, and read world history.
          The bible adds a perspective, but it is not a roadmap. If you are struggling with spiritulal and personal moral concerns, it would help to find a person you respect anddevelop a dilouge with them. That could help you grow and understand the world and humanity better.

        • Thanks for your replies, Tim and Natalie. <3 ( I guess I should correct something: the "T" in "Trump" didn't post in my first sentence! 🙂 It wasn't a deliberate error as it might seem! 🙂 ( I'm having a few technical posting problems recently, but today found that I can access this site without the security-block problem which Jeanne has been working on. Not sure yet if this will post now.)

    • You’re right, Laura, and it’s looking more like “V for Vendetta” every day. I fear that we’re going to come perilously close to autocracy not so much out of maliciousness from the American people, but out of our naivete. We’ve never dealt with this as a nation, so many of us are not well-equipped to recognize the signs. So a lot of work is incumbent on the rest of us.

      • I would wager to say the refugees from the banned countrys know only too well what the signes are, and they would be able to help the rest of us recognize them.
        Another unjustice is the people who have followed the rules, have greencards,are students,have sponcers, are the targets of this opression. It is easy to find them because they are in the systum.

      • Thanks, John. Yes indeed; a lot of work is ahead of us, whether we can succeed or not. During the campaigning phase, I , for one,was seeing the sure signs of an autocratic ruler re/ Trump. As you probably know, he became elected by those (who numbered at a little over 77,000 people in those couple of important ‘swing’ states who couldn’t recognize it and /or ignored the warning signs of Trump’s bullying authoritarianism, getting him to win via that awful, antiquated and unfair ‘electoral college’ when the majority of Americans – who are not naieve about authoritarianism – did not want him and did not vote for him — and the people we knew he would appoint in ‘The Peoples’ House’. There was also literal election hacking by a foreign government and wide-spread voter suppression, especially targeting the African-American and Hispanic-American voters. Re/ religious destination – prophecy or not, it all added up to a majority of persons now controlling this country who are the very opposite of inclusive, compassionate and humanitarian people. (My family grew up under authoritarian rule and I, for one, can recognize it very quickly and it is devoid of genuinely spiritual principles, examples of which are, again: inclusive and respectful of others who look or pray differently from each other; respectful of animals’ needs; respectful of environmental needs; respectful of and helpful to people’s needs; the needs of the poor; the needs of the vulnerable among us all. I agree with you, John: we’re seeing a “vendetta” now, as well. Hoping there is Light at the end of this cold, dark, seemingly long tunnel that the majority of us are in now.

    • This posting technical problem I’ve been having is getting funny rather than frustrating! After 5pm, I just posted my thanks for Tim and Natalie’s replies, but now I discover replies from other folks that weren’t there at the time, but their posting times were earlier than mine. I ( I had tried to post my reply and the thing suddenly just ‘flew away’ with the whole page and became a Donald Trump campaign advertisement of some sort! It’s happened to me a few other places, such as YouTube, when it’s popped up, full-screen, during music, etc. videos!) I’m sorry that I’m a bit confused now about some replies re/ not sure who is replying to whom! It’s ok, though! 🙂

      • I am sorry if i sometimes sound mean. Emotionally im still processing all this. The hardest part for me has been watching people listening to trump and making excuses for his statements in order to support. When you see the distress this man causes millions of your fellow citizens, and you choose to dismiss them or even mock them, just in order to support your own narrow self interest. This is very difficult for me to emotionally process and I tend to lash out in response. I don’t understand how a person can watch suffering and be indifferent to it.

        • BTW Natlie, I was responding to Mr.Stone, my responce turned up after yours some how.
          I completly agree with you.
          Sorry if there was any confusion.

  30. Dearest Jeanne and friends,

    Euripides was right – March 2017.

    Many who voted for Trump are beginning to regret their decision:

    It is a courageous thing to do, to speak up against the person you voted for. In my view, those who are doing so deserve respect, support and empathy. I trust the people of the USA will appeal to their “better angels”.

    • Hello, Kim, I think that the people of the U.S. who did not vote for Trump ( The majority of the voters, just in case you don’t know that) would definitely respect the people who are sad that they voted for Trump; I know that I do and I ‘m pretty darned sure that the people who come here and have commented would and do, also. I’d heard something last week about people who regret their choice and I felt bad for them, not at all upset with those who have spoken about it. Thank you for the links info., Kim. I had not yet seen the information. I wish I knew, though, why, it seems, that you think Americans would be mean-spirited to those who voted for Trump and then later shared that they felt it was a mistake. Is that what people, in general, are thinking in other countries?

  31. I’ve come to realise that Trump and his cronies WANT us to be scared. They think that as long as people are frightened they will either hide and keep a low profile or lose their heads and take actions that can be painted as ‘hysterical’ and ‘irrational’. Well I’m determined not to give in. Let them employ the nuclear action – they are only shooting themselves in the foot and I know the majority of Americans won’t forgive them or the Republicans for making a mockery of the Constitution if they do it.

    I’m going to calmly and clearly dissent and resist and not be scared. This is so much easier said than done but I have to say the love and kindness meditation on this site really calms me down and gives me perspective. Jeanne, Thank you for making it available to us.

    Also I’ve never had psychic experiences but I had this dream of soliders with guns in a dessert searching for something and finding this strange levitating object under a manhole. It reminded me of the January prediction of armed British soliders searching for something with drones. Don’t know what to make of this.

    • Yes, “A”; that’s one of the typical, first, hopeful steps of a forming dictatorship: to try to instill fear into people so that they would become more willing to follow the leader.

    • The “Levitating object under a manhole is actually a missile silo with an armed missile in it. Middle east or close to. Graham

    • A, I hadn’t read your post before, somehow missed it. Thank you for your brave and inspiring words. And glad you like the loving kindness meditation. It calms me too. The music came from an Emmy award winning composer, Matt Paviolatis who generously said I could use it. Your dream of the missile silos is scary given that the president has incited the nuclear arms race.

  32. For those of you who frequent this site or comment here often, I want you to know something I know about you.

    35 years ago when I first started giving readings, spirit came to me and told me that the people who were coming for readings, my classes, and reading my articles (which later became this blog) were part of a tribe that I was also part of. They will be coming to you, she said, to be reawakened to the reason they are here on earth. We all came from a more evolved society in another dimension, perhaps it was a time we were all together on this earth, perhaps it was another planet that is like earth only a million years more evolved where people understand that they are all one, and treat each other with love and respect the way earthlings treat their children.

    We are here now, she said, because earth needs our help. I was here, she said, to remind you of who your are, that you’d arrived like moon beams showered across the land, had come up through your earthly mother’s womb, become earth beings, raised in earthly families, working and learning the earthly ways, and suffered from earthly fear and even hate, but you were really truly from this more highly evolved tribe of heart warriors. The time would come, she said, where the earth’s fate would hang in the balance, and our tribe would be here to help people make it through the hard times, and to sway the scales towards love, peace, and survival.

    Then a few years ago I heard my friend and teacher Joanna Macy talk about the Shambhala Prophecy, and I knew once again, that our tribe was part of the heart warriors who would help save the world from self annihilation.

    When I recently read Charles Eisenstein’s latest book, A More Beautiful World Your Heart Knows Is Possible, the last paragraphs told of a tribe. I knew he was talking about our tribe. I would love to share it with you here. Click and scroll down the the last part in italics.

    There are millions of us. I am not the leader, just someone assigned to the job of helping the heart warriors with whatever they need and to remember themselves. So is Graham, Yaeko, Judy, Julia, and others in my predictions group — all here to help guide others and in turn be guided. If you feel some resonance in this idea, I am glad. If not, that’s okay too. I see you that way, and you can take it as a compliment.

    You can hear Joanna Macy talk about the Shambhala Prohpecy here.

    • Hi Jeanne!

      Thank you for you very kind words, and your efforts on this site. I feel a lot of resonance for what you say for a number of reasons. I believe that you and others here are lighting a candle in the darkness…

      • Thank you Pamela for your kind words. So appreciate it.

        We are all trying to evolve during this time. I am reading Charles Eisenstein’s work and finding a new way to deal with all this. One thing he says that resonates with me, is that we have to stop demonizing and dehumanizing Trump supporters, we have to find common ground with them, if we are to grow from this, and bring on a more beautiful world. All of us have been wanting a better world. We have that in common with them. Not all of them voted for Trump out of racism, misogyny,etc. Many had voted for Obama in the last election but did not see Clinton as a force of change. They saw her as a force of status quo. I’ve struggled with this issue and come out in favor of interconnectivity of all of us, rather than separateness. It’s hard, given who Trump let into the White House. It’s hard, given that Trump is fascistic and we have to stop going in that direction. But the most important force of change is to find connection with everyone.

        • Hi Jeanne – I totally agree.
          A friend of mine, who has great faith in God, has told a story that you might find interesting. He had been in the military and had ‘seen action’ in Bosnia and in Afghanistan. He says that during one church service they were saying the Lord’s Prayer when he suddenly realized that when he was saying – “And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” – he was asking God to forgive him for killing others, and that he was also asking God to forgive those that were trying to kill him. And then he thouoght – If I can not forgive my ‘enemies’ , how can I possibly ask God to forgive me?… He said it took him years before he was able to truly ask for forgiveness for his ‘enemies’… .

    • I got chills reading this, and then, the section from Eisenstein’s book. It resonates for me with startling clarity. When I was in college and sick with Mono, I remember feeling desperate and afraid and lonely, and specifically, charging God with having abandoned me, at which point I had my first vision.

      I had seen a glowing orb of light that looked like the sun. As I watched from my location in space, the orb began to fragment and crack like glass until it burst into a multitude of sparkling fragments (a la “Big Bang”). The shards then descended into the heart center of every person, glowing more brightly whenever they linked arms, held hands, kissed, or held each other. As these people did so, the shards within them glowed brighter, revealing a small thread tethering them to the center of what was once that beautiful glowing orb. The more the people loved one another, the further they traveled back to oneness with the magnificent orb of light.

      I have never shared this vision with strangers, but I feel that I am among people who will be able to, as I did, understand the significance of it. Thank you for opening this door for us to recognize each other and our purpose. Our lights will indeed glow brighter for it.


      • I don’t tell people cause they don’t believe, but I lived most of my life in a home with a helpful ghost.When in high school I did that how to increase your psychic power. Then I saw several ghosts, had partial out of body episodes, had dreams that came true. Took me years to get over that. I still hear and feel ghosts. sometimes smell flowers that aren’t there. I been feeling tight in the chest since Jan.19. I got sick and threw up. I blame it on Trump. I had a dream where we(?) were walking in the dark. I saw 4 white tigers and 2 orange tigers. The white tigers were eating the kitty-cat food I had put out. We were trying to get into a building that had no windows. Finally I pick up this little guy by his neck (he looked Italian with black bushy hair and mustache) and say”I found something to feed the tigers’. I’m a kind person and would never do that… `

  33. Hi Jeanne/Graham and others

    I have been following Trump’s ‘interest’ in the crime rates in Chicago. I have a feeling that something significant is going to happen there – like some sort of flashpoint in history. So I am wondering what others see…. I have some images…

    Here is a link to the latest so you can read it and get your own thoughts/feelings etc about how all of this might ‘play out’.

  34. It’s too bad I can’t believe a word you say since it’s more than obvious your a left leaner……..what a shame you actually may have talent if you could only keep your personal opinions out of your “talents”

    • I don’t care if you believe or not. It is what it is. Back in the seventies with nobody to talk to, it was scary. Also I am an independent. I voted for Reagan, Bush 41, and Bush 43 once. .

    • I think it is not for Jeanne or anyone else to prove anything to you. You just need to look with your eyes and hear with your ears and release your own biases if you can. We are all on the same earth here. What affects us will affect you no matter which way you lean.

    • Becca -you are interested in evolving into your full potential as a human being you need to look unflincingly at the world. If you insist on catagorizing and flinging words aimed to hurt, divide, and cause diversion, you miss the point. You need to work on your compassion and empathy. You can share your interpertation of events.
      Today I read evangelical Christians are protesting outside Trump’s National Prayer event.They are protesting aginst Trump’s ban on refugees.They say Christ was a refugee and it is aginst what America stands for to ban refugees, no matter what country they are from.
      I am not a Christian.
      I respect these people, though I do not share their beliefs,because they have come to their conclusions by deeply thinking about this troubling situation and doing what they morally belive is true.

  35. Hi Bin Zhao, This White House has increasing leaks happening. Bravo, leakers and keep those leaks coming fast before that secretive administration becomes for the most part “just a mailbox” (re/ Jeanne’s vision in meditation on Trump) to the media, press, citizens, world! Y’all can learn lots of interesting information on a few programs which you’re not going to hear on BBC, Cnn or other regular news. I mentioned those highly recommended programs here in a comment on January 25. They’re each valuable sources; their news analysts are VERY earnest and honest. I especially LOVE two of those programs – The Rachel Maddow Show and The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell -(Weeknights, 9PM EST and 10PM EST; NEVER ‘a dull moment’ with THOSE two news analysts/presenters! They’re awesome. 🙂

    • Re/ these programs I mentioned on Jan. 25th and just now: For any one who doesn’t trust American news or news in general, I want to mention that these televised programs are as good as they can be at delivering information about which you aren’t going to hear the important details anywhere else on TV to my knowledge, currently, and I’ve seen enough of TV news in my lifetime so far that I think I’m a pretty good judge of content and the people delivering it.

      • Rachel Maddow was the person who brought the Flynt, Michigan water poisoning story into the national news. She is brilliant, thorough, and accurate reporter. She also is an excellent teacher – explaining complex issues so everyone can understand them. She is a liberal who conservatives think is too biased, but her bias is only that she’s a humanitarian, and person who exposes injustice — to the poor, ethnic groups, gender groups, and now that are also oppressed, the middleclass.

  36. Twice this week God or the Universe has put immigrants with poor command of the English language in my way asking me for help, particularly when I was the most impatient and in a hurry.

    Each time I bedgrudingly helped them, they took off and disappeared. The second time it happened, I was going to blow her off (I think she was a refugee girl from Somalia I think) because I was running late for work. She asked “where do I go for screening?” I remembered Tuesday when an Asian girl was pestering me at the post office where I was also in a hurry and very impatient. I decided to help her. Oddest thing. I found out where she needed to go, told her to come with me and then halfway there she said, I have to go somewhere else and she ran off. One minute late. It will still count as a tardy. I was like what the hell is the point of this?

    • Howdy, Kathy! Unless I’m wrong and it turns out that a seer such as Jeanne determines that you were ‘set up’ by the Cosmos with two ‘phantom’ experiences, straight out of a Twilight Zone episode, here’s what I get about it: No matter how it turned out – or why – perhaps God or the Universe was giving you just a spiritual ‘lesson’ via two situations / opportunities, both at a bad time for you, literally, which resulted in your feelings of bafflement, frustration and some anger. The GOOD NEWS is to remember that you tried to help people even though it cost you. You didn’t ‘blow them off’. You made actually chose to help. That is VERY good ‘karma’ – still waiting to be deposited for you in your spiritual bank; I kid you not! If you can just sincerely try to let go of the (understandable) reactions you have still have been feeling and try looking at it as a spiritual growth opportunity/’lesson’, then that good karma you earned will definitely be ‘deposited’,instantly and can be drawn upon for you when you most need it! We human beings need as much spiritual reserve in The Good Karma Bank as we can earn or be blessed with! Believe me, Kathy, I know it isn’t always easy, but I believe the key is to try to not resent what happened – which will enable your good deed action to transform into good karma for you which you can ‘draw upon’ in future. Good deeds don’t go unnoticed by the angels and they have a long memory! By the way, from your description of the two events, it seems that the two people were in a big hurry themselves, possibly panicking, one possibly having suddenly remembered something extremely important and taking off at that moment. Both may have also been frustrated within themselves for not being able to speak English well; that could further their own feelings of urgency. I suspect both of the coincidences of their running off was all about the turmoil side of them and not truly meant against you. I can understand how those two similar occurrences could appear strange for you! Hope these thoughts can help. <3 🙂

      • A few weeks ago, my husband and I were walking home from an evening bus ride. He spotted a wallet in the street, in front of a house. We looked inside, it contained a few dollars and a green card.
        The owner was named Yoo..
        We knocked on the door of the house. There were about 6 young men, students, all diffrent ethnicities,Nationalities, including American, relaxing and watching sports together. We live in a college town. It was so great to see that all of these guys were friends and socilize with each other!
        Anyway,Yoo was so glad we found his ID.
        Now, a few short weeks later, if he had lost that government issued id, it could have been a desastor for him.
        I think because of these times we are being made aware how small acts of kindness to imagrants can be signifagent to there lives.

    • Hi Kathy…

      Would you have behaved differently / questioned the purpose of a scenario where a young non-immigrant English-speaking woman with children asked for some assistance? Or an older non-immigrant woman? Or a middle-aged non-immigrant appeared to be in some medical distress?

      • I think that we are sometimes sent tests – and the tests are not just about how we react, but also – do we ever reflect back on the incident …

        • In both instances I was impatient, frustrated for other reasons– at the post office I was too hot, I was required to fill out another set of forms different from the forms I had been told last week I had to fill out (they said I filled out the wrong forms to start with then too). My feelings about would not have been different if it were anyone else. I just thought it odd that both times it was a young woman, not good with English and (in the case of the post office which was filled with people- it was I who they were asking for aid and no one else came forward to assist).

    • I caught your gist. At the hospital where I work, it is not unusual to be stopped by someone and asked for directions. It happens frequently, especially as it has expanded. But because the situation was so close to the incident at the post office, it caught my attention. I had felt bad at the post office that I was not more patient and more “nice.” I was caught up in my own drama there. I was feeling bad because I missed my son, was really worried about him because of the current political situation, I just do not trust the people in charge there to have concern of his welfare– to weigh risking his life carefully. I guess it is true also for these young women and their families here and in refugee camps as well. We are all in the same boat. I guess as a citizen living in a sanctuary city, I also have a responsibility to them. To help them be successful negotiating our complex institutions and getting their lives on track here as members of our community. And it isn’t just me, it is a shared responsibility. Community is us.

      When I arrived at work they were “what happened do you– you are never late!” I told them how God put these women in distress in my path and the consternation it caused me. (which did not end as I had a large very busy assignment and had to be team leader).

      • ah- a case of the universe ‘giving work to a busy person because they know that a busy person gets things done’ type thing……

        I do hope that you find some time to enjoy what you like to enjoy doing…, I hope that the worries for your son are alleviated with positive news……

      • Greetings, Kathy, Yes; “Community is us.” Well said. May your son be safe always. That’s good that the people you work with acknowledged that you are never late for work. I hope they were understanding when you explained that you were delayed through no fault of your own. You did the right thing, Kathy. Wishing you a special blessing.

  37. Well, Standing Rock has more or less moved into the next phase that I predicted in the new year. The subsidary camp is under heavy police pressure, and its clear that next month is going to be the big one. I think the resistance there is going to continue, but it reaches an ultimate crisis in September. At that point, the whole nature of the pipeline protest changes, sadly for the worst. I do see the beginnings of serious violence. I think from then on, the battle lines are drawn on eco issues. Literally. Tragic.

    • There is no support for ecological issues in this administration. As I was driving home I heard more news on the radio about the legislation rolling back regulations made to protect the environment — this story from Reuters: “The U.S. Congress moved swiftly on Thursday to undo Obama-era rules on the environment, corruption, labor and guns, with the Senate wiping from the books a rule aimed at reducing water pollution. By a vote of 54-45, the Senate approved a resolution already passed in the House of Representatives to kill the rule aimed at keeping pollutants out of streams in areas near mountaintop removal coal-mining sites.

      The resolution now goes to President Donald Trump, who is expected to sign it quickly. It was only the second time the Congressional Review Act, which allows lawmakers to stop newly minted regulations in their tracks, has been used successfully since it was passed in 2000.”

      All I could think of is “don’t these lawmakers realize they live in the same world as the rest of us? You cannot drink gold or even coal?” A Democrat representing West Virginia voted with Republicans saying that there are too many regulations.

      • 🙁 They are expect to propose eliminating the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency.) Eventually these actions will be reversed when all the old white oligarchs who are driving the party die out and their progeny are forced to retreat to some island or super high-walled city. Then the Republican Party will go the way of the Nazi Party — a tiny band of extremists whose party will live only in infamy.

        • This is what gives me hope for the future. The Republicans are corrupt, cruel and utterly barbaric. These latest laws (I just read an article about potential legislation that allows rapists to SUE their victims if they get an abortion) are inhumane and unacceptable. I look forward to the day they are tossed aside.

          As a side note, let me say this. I’m not a superstitious person. I don’t believe in horoscopes, God or even ghosts. Truthfully, Jeanne, my rational mind tells me not to believe in psychic predictions. But the kindness and humanity (and, admittedly, accuracy) shown from you and the visitors on this site overrules that. I choose to believe because you give me hope.

          I’m sure you won’t take offense when I say I hope you get most of these predictions wrong — for the sake of your great country and its people. But even if they turn out to be accurate and the worst comes to fruition, the simple knowledge that this will eventually pass makes everything a little bit more bearable. You need darkness to find the light, it seems.

          • JH, your remarks make it all worthwhile. I agree that I hope Graham and I are wrong about many of the visions of the next period. But I see a silver lining – a chance for people to find the light in themselves and to help each other. I’ve already seen that happening in the last few weeks.

    • Hi Graham, while meditating last month, I saw tanks and men in swat gear. The protesters know that nothing will stop the government (or I should say Big Oil). I feel that some Sioux are willing to give their lives for this cause. I pray not. I believe that if they go peacefully, they will regain their land later after this government is gone. And ultimately when climate change really takes off, indigenous people will be the main human survivors on this planet.

      • Re/ your prediction here, Jeanne: I’m glad that the Native American people would survive and hope they have what they will need to continue surviving. Sad for the rest of us, though, especially those of us who have tried hard to do right for the environment, animals, etc.

        • “P.S.” Presuming you meant that the vast majority of people will be gone. What a horrible scenario, especially for the people who tried to live with compassion for the environment, animals, each other, etc., to the best of their abilities.

          • Laura, I’m sorry to scare you like that. It just slipped out. I meant to write that only the strongest hunter gatherer people would survive IF fossil fuel burning is allowed to continue unabated at its current rate of burning.

            This election all but guarantees that burning will escalate for the next four to 10 years, even take a leap. Also if there is a big war, which could happen, there will be a spike in burning because countries burn a lot of oil during war. Two of us threw cards on the question of a large scale war centered around Iran, and we both got yes.

            Laura, I’m sure you are up to date on how dire our situation is regarding climate change because you are well informed. It doesn’t take a psychic to see that the odds are not in our favor, especially now that Trump and the Republicans are in charge.

            What will save our species? Well, we have visions that in 2025 to 2028 and beyond, countries are taking strong measures to stop the burning, even banning it in many places. During the mid to late 2020’s awareness of climate chaos will have risen among the population and battling climate change will move to very high priority. From then on, even in America, climate change will be the number one concern for the future all over the world. However people will also be trying to cope with food shortages and the many effects of climate change, such as immigration issues and more fighting.

            Will we be able to curb it in time? I don’t know. I’ve tried to see that far (300 years ahead) and didn’t see any people. I saw a landscape that looked very tropical but I can’t trust that kind of vision. I looked 3000 years ahead and didn’t see any people but it looked like the place was lush at least and not fried, the way some scientists are worried about. And the fact that I didn’t see any people doesn’t mean they aren’t there. And a vision that far could be bogus.

            The odds are against us, but human spirit can create miracles when people work and pray together. But as most people know, the warming is going to continue long after we stop burning. And we are already fast approaching the 2 C. level that scientists have decided, albeit arbitrarily, we must not go beyond. Science and climate experts have said that this decade will decide our fate. Now they’ll start saying that we have the next decade to decide our fate, since this one isn’t looking good.

            The Hopi Prophecy resonated with me. In that ancient prophecy that I’ve heard is carved in caves, there are survivors but only indigenous people. People who know how to live in harmony with the earth and also who are very hearty people. People who are resourceful and who can move around finding food. But I’m not predicting it. They did.

            Graham, do you have any flashes on this?

        • Thanks for posting your thoughts, etc. Jeanne and Graham. I guess the operative word is a “miracle” at this point. It sure would help! XOXO especially to all who have been/are now willing, able, trying to change everything for the better and the best via every way possible.

  38. Hola Jeanne ; (see translation below) siento no escribir en inglés pero no sé lo suficiente para expresarme en este foro .Os rogaría que pusíerais el traductor de google ,porque considero que es importante lo que tengo que contar .
    Hace 3 años hice el 3º nivel de REIKI con un profesor muy conocido en España porque fue quien trajo el Reiki de Japón , estuvo viviendo allí varios años y es una persona muy espiritual y sería con grandes facultades . En medio de la clase y no sé porque motivo pues me parecía que no se lo había comentado a mucha gente , nos contó que desde los 13 años espontáneamente hacía viajes astrales podía ver el pasado y el futuro . Me parece recordar que dijo que solía viajar astralmente con un lama tibetano del que se hizo muy amigo suyo . Él se había atrevido a ver su propia muerte aunque su amigo le advirtió que no lo hiciera . Nos contó como en Abril del 2017 se producía en la Tierra una invasión extraterreste y que se vió huyendo con un grupo de gente a un pueblo donde le mataban. Por ese motivo no había querido tener hijos . Yo no sé si esto se producirá pues hace años de su visión . Espero que esto no ocurra nunca pero cuando ví tu predicción para Abril (que coincidencia ! ) me asusté . Siento contaros esto . Un fuerte abrazo desde España

    English translation from Google: Hello Jeanne; I’m sorry I do not write in English but I do not know enough to express myself in this forum. I would ask that you put the Google Translator, because I consider it important what I have to tell.
    3 years ago I did the 3rd level of REIKI with a well known teacher in Spain because it was he who brought Reiki from Japan, was living there for several years and is a very spiritual person and would be with great powers. In the middle of the class and I do not know why because it seemed that I had not told many people, he told us that from the age of 13 spontaneously made astral travel could see the past and the future. I seem to recall that he said that he used to travel astrally with a Tibetan lama who became a close friend of his. He had dared to see his own death even though his friend warned him not to. He told us how in April of 2017 an extraterrestrial invasion occurred on Earth and that he was fleeing with a group of people to a town where he was killed. For that reason he had not wanted children. I do not know if this will occur for years of his vision. I hope this never happens but when I saw your prediction for April (coincidence!) I was scared. Sorry to tell you this. A big hug from Spain.

    • Nati Gracias por unirte a esta conversación y hablarnos de la profecía de tu maestro. Espero que sea más metáfora que literal. Mi imaginación se vuelve loca cuando oigo esto y lo pongo junto con mi experiencia psíquica de abril. Y eso no es útil, así que esperaré y veré qué otras visiones conseguiremos en el futuro.

      ENGLISH: Thank you Nati for joining this conversation and telling us about your teacher’s prophecy. I hope it’s more metaphor than literal. My imagination runs wild when I hear this and put it together with my psychic experience of April. And that’s not helpful, so I will wait and see what other visions we get in the future.

  39. Jeanne;

    I know that you are interested in the ongoing issues with climate change. I also noticed that there is a prediction about ‘drought in Nevada’

    I’ve found this link – Nevada Drought Conditions Map

    And just for info, I stumbled across news of a massive forest fire in Chile:
    National emergency as Chile fights record forest fires

    That above link has a line that seems to indicate that it might still be possible to see international cooperation among countries:
    “Russia and the US have sent supertankers, large planes equipped with tanks carrying thousands of litres of water.”

    • That is heartening to see countries helping Chile. Hope it helps them. Also, Pamela, thanks for the link on the Nevada drought. So often I see visions that I hope won’t come true. But with some of them, I’m certain they are coming true, as if I’m seeing them directly with my eyes. P.S. Sent you an email about setting something up. Hope I got the address right.

  40. There are several issues I’d like to address, without hitting reply to each individually.

    First, those who are afraid: Yes,Trump is in charge, and that puts him in the helm of the boat. He’s got is 1% friends up there with him. Guess what? We’re the peons with the oars. We’re in the rear, and that’s where the rudder is as well. We can make the choices necessary to change the course of this country. We can control the rudder, speed and direction of this ship. It may just take a little mutiny. Look at the story of the Bounty.

    It is duly noted that there is name calling, and non-recognition of how actions (like whom we voted for, executive orders, etc.) affect others-even if those others number in the millions. Trump is a classic case of a narcissistic personality disorder individual. I do not have a degree that gives me the right to make such a diagnosis, but I was married to one for nearly 20 years. I know all the signs, the behavior patterns and such. With these individuals, they are in such denial (at least outwardly) that there is no way to ‘win’ with them. If they claim they are great enough to turn the sky green and the grass blue, and you can prove them wrong, you will still be berated and publicly humiliated for daring to challenge them or their perceptions, and your nasty attitude for your hurtful actions of trying to humiliate them. These types see any correction or difference of opinion as an affront to them personally, and they lash out with intent to harm. There was no need to stoop to my ex’s level when dealing with him after the divorce. If he got abusive, I’d tell him to have a good day and hang up the phone. He’d get the idea that he either had to stay on topic without being abusive, or there would be no discussion. He could deal with me calmy and rationally, or pay his attorney to mediate. He wasn’t allowed in my home to pick up my son, I’d always meet him in public so there was no scene he could make. One has to learn that it is the disorder speaking, and not to take things personally, then you can deal with the real issues, not the chaos these types wish to create so they maintain in control. Call your senators and congressmen often and calmly tell them you don’t agree with a policy, bill, executive order, and why. If necessary to stay calm, write down what you want to say, call after hours, and read it to their voice mail.

    As for Karma and a tribe, YES, YES, YES.

    First, remember that there are many Trump supporters who are young souls (as is Trump himself and those he surrounds himself with). They tend to think of themselves first, and not think of the collective. Learning to think of the collective is one of the lessons they are hear to try and learn. Psychology has shown they are more susceptible to fake news, and they are much more likely to believe and react to fear-mongering than those who aren’t of the Fox News mindset. MRIs have shown that different areas of the brain light up in response to fear inducing images between conservatives and liberals. We are literally wired differently.

    I have a long history with abusive people around me (as well as having traumatic experiences). I always thought myself to be the black sheep. I’d tell them that they’d hurt my feelings, or note I couldn’t understand how they could do something, and I’d be berated for seeing things so differently, much less pointing these things out. I now see that it threw those around me to find I understood their motives and feelings (even as a child), or what their impetus for doing things was. I certainly wouldn’t tell them that I had seen things like ghosts. I suppressed such things for many years-until only minimally random images or thoughts came through. I still can’t tune in most of the time, but I’m always the first one to see recently passed relatives even tho my sister makes her living as a medium.

    When I first learned of Karma, I didn’t want to believe, as doing so must have meant that I was an absolute horrible person in my previous lives. When I lost my daughter (and I had correctly noted how it would happen prior to her death), I was lost. But then, with her help, I found myself.

    It was a tragedy that took her, and several hundred others as well. While most survivors around me couldn’t get out of bed, I found myself in front of Congress, making things better for others who may face similar circumstances in the future. Those who had been abusive suddenly couldn’t harm me. People couldn’t understand how such a mouse could turn into a lion, and get the ear of leaders of our country, especially without doing so in anger or rage. I learned how to listen to my intuition again. I saw even grander and more wondrous things in meditation. I learned that Karma isn’t just about repaying for bad done-it’s accumulating brownie points, or aiding in repaying Karmic debt of our loved ones. The fact that I had been victim to many lives worth of tragedy in a short life span wasn’t because I was horrible in past lives, it is because I’m an old soul who is a teacher. How will those who are uneducated learn if they can’t experience what it’s like to harm others and have their soul feel the pain of their actions? For some of us, that is our role-to be their ‘victim’ to allow them to grow. Once I knew my role as teacher, their actions don’t harm me. I learn how to put them in their proper place, and move on. I’ve collected Karmic points, and it’s up the the pupil to pass or fail the lesson I was a part of.

    When you have a boil, or a pimple, there is an infection that has been simmering under the skin without your knowledge, until it comes to the surface. It is ugly and painful, and really gross to lance the thing, but that is what is necessary to heal. This is what is going on in the US today. We have too many politicians and business people who think that power and money are more important than people and our planet. They don’t feel obligated to play by the rules, and double standards are their way of handing most things. They have loyal followers. The infection has now come to the surface. It is up to us, the teachers, not to act in the same way, but to come together and teach those who are willing to learn how to change their priorities and behaviors. As with any lesson, sometimes tough love is required, sometimes a tender approach is more useful. Sometimes it takes a combination of both. Unfortunately, if not enough learn, there may be more tough love lessons for us all to tackle. If power and money are continually worshiped and prioritized, things will crumble until everyone learns that our fellow humans and our hosting planet are the top priorities, along with our faith (not necessarily any religion-but the acknowledgement that we are all spiritual beings).

    My grown son was a little perplexed at being called a snowflake. My response? Yes, you are. You are unique and beautiful. When you join forces with millions of others you blanket the earth in beauty. When others try to disturb that beauty, you and your peers then become an avalanche which can effectively rearrange the local landscape. When put under enough pressure, you’ll become a glacier, which can literally move mountains. I think here, we’re all snowflakes, or whatever metaphor you wish to apply to our tribe.

    It’s all about perspective.

    I still don’t see Trump remaining in office for long. I can’t say this is a vision-more of a combination of wishful thinking and logic. His mental health issues will not allow for constant criticism, and his temperament will not serve him or the US well in a crisis. He’s corrupt-as his trail of litigation have shown, so in some way, he’ll be ousted or neutered. I can’t explain the feeling of relief I felt when Jeanne noted that the angel she saw on the inaugural platform was Obama. It for some reason was an indication to me that eventually everything would end up ok.

    • Thank you for writing this, Cindy. My grandfather on my mother’s side is also a narcissist, a sick man that physically and psychologically abused his only daughter for his son’s mistakes and forced his wife to alcohol dependency with his attention seeking and insistence on being right (my mother wisely stopped me and my brother from seeing them when I was 12 or so — I’m 23 now). So I can’t imagine what your marriage must have been like, but I’m truly and genuinely thrilled you’ve moved on. Like my mother, you sound like a very good influence on your son and I hope you know that.

      I also am with you regarding the ‘Junior’ President. He’s unfit for office, and I don’t see him lasting long. Especially not as these ‘old souls’ wake up and fight back against the obviously corrupt system. Love will ultimately triumph. After night comes day. After war comes peace.

      Much love.

        • XOXOX. I relate and agree, Natalie. There’s a great, new book, published in about Oct. 2016, by the legendary consumer consumer advocate and political, ecological (etc.) activist, Ralph Nader. It is called, “Animal Envy – a Fable”, in which he tells a wonderful story spoken as if by the animals’ themselves about the intelligence of all animals and human impact on their lives and the Earth. I highly recommend it to you (and to all folks who love and have interest in the intelligence of The Animal Kingdom! You can find Ralph Nader on his Blog where you will find his books, radio program, etc. The book is available in hardcover and is scheduled to be out in paperback this year. Have a great evening!

      • XOXOX. Hi, JH, I think a heck of a lot of old souls were awake because the majority of this country’s votes were not for Donald Trump, but he was put into that office by a hacked election by a foreign government and a wide-spread voter suppression, especially targeting African-Americans; he only won in that (bleep, bleep) electoral college! We’re all seeing continuation of the older and old souls out marching with many more to join – even a lot of people who learned from what happened who had voted for Trump and regret it. I like your positive statements at the end of your comment. “Keep on keeping on…”

    • Thank you cindy for what you wrote. It resonates with me too. I had an abusive childhood that left me with deep psychological issues that im slowly healing from now. I was always very vocal about calling out abuse and as result suffered more abuse. I was called a liar and my experiences were dismissed most of my life, but i just shouted my truth louder, i never gave in and i never retracted my words. I became a monster in my desire for vengeance. As an adult i managed to start healing and miraculously my parents began to understand what they’d done. Narcissism is something i understand very well. The term young soul also makes sense. Why was I born more mature than my parents, i feel i raised them. A young soul i think is inherently selfish, but I think i forced my father to let go of his Narcissism and selfishness and be a better person. Maybe that’s what I was meant to do. Maybe thats what we’re all meant to do, to be the light in the darkness and force others to learn compassion. But its tough and im terrible at it. I lash out like a wounded animal more often than i talk sense and reason. Im really curious to know what the long term future of our species is, and also about the consciousness of other species. What lessons are the animals learning.

      Much love

      • XOXOX. I relate and agree, Natalie. There’s a great, new book, published in about Oct. 2016, by the legendary consumer consumer advocate and political, ecological (etc.) activist, Ralph Nader. It is called, “Animal Envy – a Fable”, in which he tells a wonderful story spoken as if by the animals’ themselves about the intelligence of all animals and human impact on their lives and the Earth. I highly recommend it to you (and to all folks who love and have interest in the intelligence of The Animal Kingdom! You can find Ralph Nader on his Blog where you will find his books, radio program, etc. The book is available in hardcover and is scheduled to be out in paperback this year. Have a great evening!

  41. As for your prediction “Doing it like Lincoln” for June.
    -Congress and President are beginning infrastructure packages as well as tax cuts in spring. Which is a reach across the aisle Bipartisan style which that vision could hint

  42. Graham, Jeanne what do either of you sense concerning the Federal Reserve? I’ve had a terrible sense about it for a few days. Something deep in my gut that twists and yanks, and tells me to run and hide.

    I’ve been mulling over it for a few days, look at it from all angles, but then today I read that Trump has sent a jarring notice to Janet Yellen, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, concerning interest rates and loans. Moreover, Trump will cut back on the Dodd-Frank regulation, which protects investors from being taken advantage of. It’s almost like they’re moving their chess pieces into an offensive strategy by checking Yellen and removing a pawn.

    There’s something else going on, but I can’t put my finger on it, and it’s put me on edge, that’s why I am asking you what you see. It’s almost as if Trump and his buddies aren’t seeking to “go to war” with the FR. If they do, it would be catastrophic.

    • The last time this happened, we had the housing market crash of 2008. Obama’s election and the Dodd-Frank act pulled us out of it. If Trump had his way, we’re headed for another depression. Man doesn’t understand anything about middle class America.

      • To be honest, I think they understand exactly what they are doing. There is a deep-seeded madness in this administration. Their aim isn’t to help anyone but themselves. They will attack the Federal Reserve (if they do at all) in order control the money that it has in reserve. That would give them the power to raise interest rates, control inflation and employment, and regulate banks. Imagine, if you will, this administration having ultimate control of the banking system and money flow…what do you think would happen?

        • My screen is shaded out on two different devices after the comments following this one about Mr.T’s purposed trip to UK. Anyone else have this experience?


  43. Hi Jeanne just wondering do you see Donald Trump. Coming to visit the Uk and the queen of England on a state visit later this year as its been arranged for him to visit the UK on an official state visit. I have signed a online petition to stop him seeing our queen, he will only beable to just visit and meet our prime minister not our queen. Nearly. 2 million people have signed this in protest to his ban of last week as we are disgusted to how he seems to love bullying people who are in need of help. Many thanks x

      • Thank you Laura, we just don’t want her feeling un comfortable as we know that he’s angered so many people in the uk and I know there well be protesting everywhere, even when he’s with our queen which would not be good for a lady of 90. The man is a nutter and should be banned from ruling and should be banned from foreign trips to other countries. I feel for the people of America having to put up with him, here’s hoping for him to be gone soon.

      • Noon, if you are blocked, I’ll post your comments (email them to me using the contact form). I am trying to find out if anyone else is having this problem. Ever since I switched to a “superior” Internet host, with SSL status, it’s been a journey trying to keep the security system from blocking legitimate bloggers like you.

  44. Hi Jeanne,

    I noticed your vision of the infinity sign for the August 2017 predictions, and was wondering if that could be a reference to the Mohawk prophecy of the Seventh Generation. It basically states that after seven generations of living in close contact with Europeans, the Mohawk people (and many other indigenous Americans) would be looked to for guidance in healing the world (thus, the eighth generation would be leaders for a new way of living in the world [symbol for infinity matches the number 8]) It seems interesting that that vision appears in close relationship with visions related to Standing Rock.

    • I don’t know what the sign meant but your Mohawk prophecy sounds good to me. Will note it next to the vision as a possible. Thank you. Also I’m seeing that it’s yet another prophecy, like the Hopi prophecy, that shows Native Americans will rise again when the white man succumbs or struggles with climate change. Jeanne

    • Thank you. Very sad news. I have a young friend whose life is devoted to campaigning for animal rights legislation. She was staying with us the night that Trump won the election. She had just finished a week of successfully getting Massachusetts voters to pass a law to reduce cruelty to farm animals. She told me on the spot that all their work would be overturned by the Republicans winning the national election. So now it seems that it has begun.

      • Hi Jeanne;

        Kelly (who has previously posted that he is from Texas) had asked this question:

        Kelly Clover on January 31, 2017 at 6:03 pm said:
        You keep mentioning a big problem involving the state of Texas. Could this be a terrorist attack or a riot on the day of the Super Bowl? This famous game will be played in Houston, Tx on 2-5-2017.

        I understand the two teams are New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

        • Another psychic said there might be an attack at Super Bowl, Eric Leigh pink who I follow. I hope it goes off with no problems, so many innocent people there .

      • I don’t watch football, often not even the half time show. Ironically I just happened to see a CNN news story saying that Lady Gaga was going to have hundreds of drones, “all lit up”, flying in the stadium during her performance. Made me think of your prediction of stars falling to the ground and people running. Hope the association is just a random thought/ coincidence.

        • I realized after hitting send that Lady Gaga’s drones will have to be gathered when they land to clear the field for the next act or the game, thus there will probably be people running-to pick them up.

  45. Many spiritual philosophizers have noted that the world will from shift from masculine and dominant mindsets to sudden feminine and caring mindsets, through a period in which there will be war, chaos and division. This period will end when people come to conclusion with poor climate, economic and social situations. Many psychics and prophets have predict that an “end of world” period will occur, however, it will follow with a period of peace, women in power, prosperity and reconstruction. After I discovered this page yesterday I realized the number of psychics predicting this period of time is only going up.

    Even Edgar Casey has predicted this time period following with “A New Order”

      • Hi Jeanne, well, a lot of us have. From my climate work, which is making me very depressed, it is clear that we are facing a huge climate crisis, plus world food problems, which might lead to vast global famine, etc…but: It does all resolve itself.

        What I do get is that there will be no widespread nuclear war, (but possibilities of a very limited one, involving non-western countries) and that although there is going to be a lot of violence, peace eventually arrives. The Global crisis is going to make it clear to everyone that we either cooperate, or its mass extinction for our civilization. So there we are.

        I think this is going to take about 30 years to play out, but with huge changes in the next 5-10 years.

        The United States will no longer exist, as a political entity, but will have fractured and split along fault lines. I see the “Old South” resurrecting itself, but this time in a better way, and the North likewise. Vermont will be on its own, but linked to a rearranged Canada, which has peacefully regionalised, with an independent Quebec, and a sort of Maritime Atlantic cluster of provinces, plus a Prarie state of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and a Western state that is British Columbia with Oregon and Washington in a federation. The Canadian States cooperate closely, but it is more like a loose collective, with very limited central administration. Think Scandinavia.

        In the States, there is a border region with Mexico that has gone AWOL, and is still technically separate from Mexico. Texas is fully independent, Florida has had to be evacuated, due to rising sea levels, (within 50 years) ditto large parts ofsome Southern states, like Louisiana, and the central states in the midwest are a poor, impoverished wasteland of desertified farmland, terrible climate changes, and the collapse of their agriculture. They are thinly populated. The South West has survived, but it has radically changed.

        Nevada, new Mexico, etc, survive as urban centres and some agriculture, due to regional high tech water engineering, but Phoenix survives, and the old cities. They are thinned out, running high tech business, but very different. Its a hyperculture. The great lakes region is linked closely to the old “New England” states, who in turn are linked closely with the maritime provinces in Canada.

        America is no longer a hyperpower, but it has great influence still, but in a peaceful way, and international cooperation.

        America, then is a geographic description, not a political state.

        Russia has undergone the same transformation. China is a looser and more regional entity, but with strong central cooperation on key issues, etc. It is vastly involved internationally, and well regarded. The United Nations is transformed. In some aspects, it operates like an emergency Planetary government, in close cooperation with the states that are members, and close cooperation with the regional and national groupings that have emerged. There is a de-facto peace. It is sometimes disturbed, but it settles again quickly, and wars as we know them simply do not happen.

        The single Global culture that we now have, has greatly developed. It is the real power, and it operates globally, creates global opinions and politics, but is the masses, to whom the official authorities have to be responsive, or undergo change.

        The bad news is that the background of all this is the existing international system, grown and changed beyond recognition, but struggling at its limits to deal with the serial Global problems of climate disaster, agriculture, medical care, resource collapse, etc….but the struggle unites.

        The world, in a hundred years, will be very different. Yet, this will not be without much suffering. the next 20 years are absolutely crucial. If not, then an alternative future reality and timeline takes over. in that one, we do not win. We lose, all of us. at the monet, it is balanced to a win.

        • Graham, Thank you for this detailed vision. I feel the leaning of Vermont and possibly the New England states to join with parts of Canada. We’d like to be independent but it’s impractical. Many (including my family) will end up in northern Vermont or Quebec.

          I have felt for a few years that after 2025, the U.S. emerges from the Republican control as more peaceful, matriarchal but a much poorer country and a third world power.

        • Thank you Graham, I was told by spirit to move to Phoenix a long time ago because it would be one of the safest places to be when the change comes…I do think your visions are mostly right and honestly I was afraid at first but seeing every one stick up for each other in these protests is so beautiful and potent to me and I know good will prevail…

        • Thank you, Graham, for that prediction. Where do you see Delaware? Is it a part of the Atlantic Maritime States you referred to?

        • Thank you, Graham, for that fascinatingly detailed prediction. Do you have any insights as to California? If so, and if they are decidedly not positive, would you recommend a move to another place, and if so, when?

  46. I am a news junkie and I try to read online newspapers from other countries. I can read in French, Dutch and Swedish so sometimes I will go scanning around the native language news to see what the say about some international event. Every news agency tends to put some ‘spin’ on world events. Here in Canada, the English language news agencies in Quebec might present some issue slightly differently than some of the French language papers. Anyway, for those that are interested, here is a list of English language websites from some other countries. Some of the agencies are ‘national’ broadcasters – akin to the UK’s BBC. Some are private – akin to CNN.

    Sweden :



    There is a website that is meant for English speaking Ex-pats living in European countries. The information presented tends to be ‘what is going on in that country’ vice the international news. (CNN and BBC on tv are available everywhere, even Japan, so English speakers in other countries will ‘tune-in to those places for the international) So if you get tired of your country’s news and want to see what scandals are happening in Europe, check it out.
    This link sends you to the Italy pages, once there you can select from the drop-down menu to go to another country-specific page:

    The view from Canada:

    National – equivalent to BBC

    English language Quebec:

    Private owned – published national – tends to present ‘conservative’ view

    Private owned – published national – tends to present ‘liberal’ view

    • Thank you so much. I am a news junkie and have bookmarked all these links. I also subscribe to the NYT, Washington Journal, keep a Reuters app and am hedging on adding the Wall St. Journal as well. I just have only so much time! I don’t watch much tv news–CNN International and BBC World News when I do.

  47. I had a dream last night and was seeing an aqua blue colored B in the same color blue square on pictures like a trademark or icon. In my dream, I had the sense it was like an authenticity or “official” mark, like the “official truth”. I wonder if the B is for Breitbart.

    • Yes and the NY Attorney General Eric Schniederman is also gunning for Trump:

      NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio keeps petitioning to the Feds for reimbursement for the cost of FLOTUS security.

      Even my little city in upstate NY (Syracuse) is a sanctuary city– but for how long- this is an election year for our Mayor Stephanie Minor has hit her term limit.

      The Republican party has already tapped someone and there is a young legacy Independent (his father and grandfather are Republican politicians who have all held office in the region). However, the city is predominantly Democratic.

    • Thanks for posting. The ignorance, bravado and made up nonsense is frustrating. He doesn’t know that the Clinton Administration changed welfare forever back in the mid 1990’s by ruthlessly cutting it down to bare bones. Clinton – the supposed liberal! I used to work in welfare policy at a high level and can say that a lot of very smart people have been trying come up with welfare policies that would provide livable benefits while getting people back to work. In the end, due to the complexities of life circumstances that put people on welfare, Clinton just slashed the benefits so severely that no one can live on welfare, especially in red states.

    • Dan, Thanks for helping us interpret the visions. I’ll add this interpretation to the vision. It just might be about the Norway Prime Minister detention which is very strange, or it the fact that NATO troops landed and assembled in Norway in January. But the timing suggests yours is the one.

  48. Signs of those that show love for their neighbour, and forgiveness:

    The Mosque in Texas that was burnt to the ground – Jewish Synagogue will be their temporary home, and both Jews and Christians contributed $1 million dollars to help rebuild the Mosque:

    Sign of forgiveness:
    In Canada – in support of the Muslim community after the shootings in a Quebec Mosque – There were numerous memorial services/vigils throughout the country and events showing support. At one of the events, one of the invited Imams had this to say:
    “Alexandre, before being a killer, he was a victim also. Before shooting bullets into the heads of his victims, somebody planted ideas, more dangerous than the bullets, in his head.”

    And some politicians here in Canada are starting to think of the words they use….
    “RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson says there’s reason to be concerned about the effect poisonous political debate is having on those who are easily influenced in the wake of last week’s deadly attack on a mosque.”

    And something I find interesting….our (Canada) Conservative Party is currently going through the process of selecting a new leader. (We do not do ‘primaries’ – there are a lot more differences but anyway.
    There are two individuals in the running who appear to be very ‘Trump-like’. So people are joining the party just to make sure that an ‘extremist’ does not win.

    In Canada (and the UK), you do not register with a Party to vote – In Canada you ‘register’ with a Federal Department – Elections Canada. And you have to make sure that your name is on the ‘electoral rolls’. So we do not have the same issues around potential voter fraud as you do in the states… You only join a political party if you want to participate in that party’s organization – vote for the leader – run for election etc.

  49. In reference to “Graham sees “something involving an American city, perhaps Detroit, involving packs of people like hunting packs.” He also saw possible riots, violence, possible terror attack.” (BTW, Graham’s accuracy with short-term visions has been good.)” I live in Michigan. When I read this I got a gut feeling and a picture in my head of Dearborn, Michigan [part of Detroit]. Dearborn is a Muslim community. Possibly an attack on this community? “possible terrorist attack” could be he was seeing the Muslims in Dearborn instead?

    I have to add that when I said I got a gut feeling I meant a sickening gut feeling. This scenario would be an atrocity!

    • Thank you Carole for joining us. Perhaps we could all surround Muslims everywhere with light-filled protection, including those in Dearborn. And while we’re at it,surround everyone on this earth with loving protection, as well as all the animals, birds in the sky and fish in the sea. Send peace to all.

    • Hi Carole, re Detroit:
      Yes, and there were things I saw that I did not write. I did make the point that a city like detroit would have a crisis, (I think it is detroit) and what I saw was that it would sort of suffer a sort of “BladeRunner” collapse into civil disorder, with a lot of racial violence, as Carole has seen, and literally racially segregated packs roaming and fighting. There is also a huge anti-police backlash against the police, the city government are utterly out of their depth, and the National Guard is called in by the state Governor. The racial element is predominant, but there is also general rioting, a sort of general rage at how things are, and lots of arson. The problem is that there are always several alternative futures for a particular event. The nastiest send out the most violent signals. The other possibilities wax and wane….until close to the event, things solidify. by contrast, other places do not send out any signals. Kansas City is a total flatliner. Nothing happens there. (but small earthquake possible. soonish, this Summer). So I am hoping for the best, and that the worst does not happen. But SOMETHING is going to happen in Detroit. If its bad, it will sort of spread. The black community are at breaking point, and approaching a redline.

      • Oh damn. I’m not surprised. My husband’s first thought when Trump was elected is that the African American communities around the country would not be able to tolerate it over what they already suffer. Sending healing to them and to the police and to all.

      • In the online news I keep reading about tensions in Chicago but nothing really in Detroit. So I tried searching with keywords Detroit violence and I found something of interest…..

        In 1967 there were 5 days of race riots that are considered the worst in US history.

        Maybe Google Detroit Race Riots 1967 and see how your visions compare to what happened then

  50. Thank you, Graham, for such an extensive reply. Ever since I read this, when it was first added to this site, this vision came to me immediately and clearly. It has bothered me ever since. I have never posted on here but felt I needed to share what I felt so strongly and clearly, now. I truly appreciate all of what is shared on this site. I check in frequently for updates. All I can say is I feel in sort of a panic state but I have no power to stop anything. I will continue to pray that whatever might be on the horizon for Detroit can be altered for the good in some way before it becomes a reality.

  51. Thank you Jeanne for your reply! I found your site literally by accident 2 months ago by searching Google for something completely unrelated to intuition. Because for quite some time I have had strong disturbing dreams and what I will call pictures in my “minds eye” I was curious to see what it was about. I have never followed the subject of intuition or seers but I do believe in the gifts that are given to some. I am not ready to let myself think I am one of “those”, but maybe because I do not how to harness what I am experiencing, but I have felt something was different than just imaginative thinking.
    In short, my heart cries out to all who are and will be persecuted for their religion, color or race. I do not understand how to use “we could all surround Muslims everywhere with light-filled protection, including those in Dearborn. And while we’re at it,surround everyone on this earth with loving protection, as well as all the animals, birds in the sky and fish in the sea” only because I am a newbie to this, but I would love to know and understand how. Until I grasp this new thing for me, I will continue to pray to my Lord for his protective arms to be wrapped tightly around this earth, its people and creatures.

    • Hello Carole!
      I believe that you are asking for some ideas on where to begin a new journey…… I will tell you a bit of my journey and you can decide if it is a path that you would like to try.

      Does your church have any tradition/opinions on ‘Contemplative Prayer’? as taught by John Main OSB,
      or Centering Payer as taught by Fr Thomas Keating?

      Both methods teach meditation.

      There are other types/ styles of meditation that are not specifically Christian. One is ‘loving kindness’, which is also called ‘metta’. This type of meditation is focused on ” is unconditional, inclusive love, a love with wisdom. It has no conditions; it does not depend on whether one “deserves” it or not; it is not restricted to friends and family; it extends out from personal categories to include all living beings. ”

      In my church, the United Church of Canada, we do hold a Contemplative Prayer session. The church does not say ‘ do not do other types of meditation’. However, there are some articles that have been written by Christians that are completely against any of the above forms of prayer/meditation.

      So – you have to decide for yourself if that is a path that you would like to try. It might be difficult if your church is against the ideas and concepts presented in the links above.

      I try to meditate every day. It has helped me in many ways. The point of the meditation is to ‘quiet the mind’. I believe that for some people, once you start to do that, you might find yourself even more receptive to your intuition.

      I also believe Jeanne offers some classes.

      Light a candle in the darkness…

    • I hear loudly in my head, the word, “vouchers”. I actually misread your question, though, when I responded earlier – I thought you wanted to know what DeVos wanted to do, not what she would actually do. After checking the funding, I learned that while she wants to voucherize education, she won’t be able to do much because education is largely funded by states and towns. I expect she will try to introduce legislation to advance the voucher system, but Congress will not push it through because it’s not going to save them enough money, and her unpopularity with the American people (she aroused more protest than any other nominee) could hurt their midterm elections. So I’m not feeling she will have much impact other than turning a blind eye to civil rights violations in the schools, which is bad, but not the same as the damage she would do if she controlled a larger share of the public education budget.

        • Speaking of vouchers, I feel that blue states like New York and California will use their own taxes to give back to the public schools. However, these vouchers will be commonplace in red states.

          I looked up the possible scenarios: one stating that the plan passes and the states follow through, causing students to suffer, and another stating that there is enough opposition to prevent that from happening, causing her to go to the supreme court, but would still fail.

          • Yes, we’ve been seeing for several months that these draconian measures will cause blue states and blue cities to set up and/or supplement their own social programs. Eventually this localization of American domestic programs may lead to the downfall of the Federal Government.

  52. I thought I had done a post but I can’t see it – maybe my computer is having problems – so apologies if this is a repeat….

    Graham :
    About Detroit Riots…
    I keep reading online news of tensions in Chicago -but nothing really in Detroit…


    Detroit had 5 days of race riots in 1967 …. Considered the worst in US history. Do a search and check out what happened… And how it compares to your visions.

  53. Are you sure that the country, Trump and the rest of the legislative branch can maintain this kind of pressure for two years? My husband, who is absolutely a person who avoids news and politics is ready to take the to streets. He actually went to a union meeting and was disgusted that they were not more fired up.

    • I feel the same way! I am highly sensitive and I have social anxiety…so the thought of going to a crowded anything freaks me out.

      But the way things are going, I may actually attend some marches…

      You know it’s bad out there when a recluse starts going out!

  54. Reply for Meghan. Delaware will be in a peculiar position, like Vermont. It will be linked, to the Atlantic States, but will not be federated to them in a close way. Think of it as basically autonomous, but linked to the Atlantic States. Maine is a sort of “inbetweener” state, as well.
    TYhe main reason for the break-up, as the old saying, “To big to Fail”, turned out to be, as society became hugely complex….”The too big fail”.

  55. This site has brought me much comfort.
    I had a friend who was a huge Trump supporter. She was a gifted psychic, but the election caused a riff between us.
    She was quite rude, telling me it’s a shame that I was “drinking the anti-Trump kool-aid.” She told me that Trump will be the “greatest thing this country ever had.”

    I decided I don’t want her as a friend anymore.

    But knowing that many of you are having these visions, and these feelings, I feel validated by my feelings.

    I plan on making a donation to this site. Thank you for all your input 🙂

    • Mimi, Thank you for your kind words and offer of donation. (Could really really use donations at this point or I’m going to have to start placing ads.)
      So thank-you!

      Mimi, it’s the Trump supporters who have drunk the cool-aid. The most reputable newspapers in the country have reported that the man is a disaster for our country in so many ways. The New York Times, The Guardian, The L.A. Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, and the Boston Globe, as well as the BBC, are all calling Trump out on a continual stream of lies, flights of fantasy, racism, misogyny, reckless foreign policy that is endangering our country and the whole world, and illegal conflicts of interest. A number of the word’s top economists including a Nobel Prize winner have warned that Trump is likely to crash the economy. And hundreds of psychologists, including three of the most respected psychiatrists in the U.S. have declared the man mentally ill and unfit for office.

      So you are in good company and trust your intuition on this one.

  56. Hi Jeanne
    I love your site. I found it when I googled ‘psychic prediction electoral college’ because I just couldn’t take the suspense any longer, & I wanted to know if there was anyone other than the media with some insight on the madness. At first the predictions were pretty scary to read, but taking the long view on things has actually given me hope for the future & seeing many predictions play out in real life is not as dramatic as they sound in vision form. I will definitely be micro donating to your site. One thought I have been having a lot over the last few days as the GOP blatantly holds a party line no matter the consequences for the American people, is that there will be a tremendous backlash in 2018 during the mid term elections. I have a sense that lots of minorities, women, and working people being energized now in a collective outrage are going to vote them out of office at federal, state, and local levels. Hopefully this will cause #45 to retreat in 2018 as you predict. Without this super majority in the House and Senate, I don’t see him\ the GOP having nearly as much power. Not underestimating the evil forces at work here, but it’s been a tiny ray of optimism for me. I encourage everyone reading this forum to check out the websites “Sister District” and “Swing Left” if anyone is interested in getting involved at the grass roots level for the upcoming election battles we must win. Cheers!

  57. Hi Jeanne, Graham and everyone. What are your thoughts about the astrological events happening this Friday? It will be a lunar eclipse at 22 Leo, making aspects with most of the outer planets. Then a blue/green comet will be making a pass and will be visible to the naked eye the next day. Do you think these events just coincidence or is there a deeper meaning?

    • I just wrote a blog post on how this lunar eclipse will work in general and on how you can explore how it will affect you. I created a Tarot spread to explore its effect which will be different for different people and groups.

      Here’s what’s coming:

      I drew cards (see the home page for the cards and questions). Answer: It will draw inner strength to the surface. People will begin to realize they have more strength they had previously known. It will embolden people and affirm their commitment to stand up and shout out their truth — to preserve the U.S. Constitution, and the rights of the citizens and guests. There will be more demonstrations, more speeches, more “Hell, no’s!” This strengthening of the oppostion will be met with an explosive catalyzing event that will surprise everyone. I think it is bad, as if the president and his followers will not tolerate all the protestors and either there will be a state run (fake) terrorist attack to galvanize the country around Trump, or an uprising at Standing Rock, or Graham’s riot scenario where packs of White Supremists attack protestors and people are killed. The result will be a new level of bunkering down of the Administration. The card (see the post on the home page) shows a walled castle with a mote around it and a tiny entrance for small group of insiders.

  58. Hello Jeanne,
    As someone who has family that voted for trump (and almost made me go crazy for not supporting the “non-corrupt businessman”), you have brought me so much comfort knowing that not voting for him makes me a non-kool aid drinker, so I thank you immensely.
    There have been some things on my mind, mostly since the election, and I was wondering if you could answer this for me. If you can’t, I completely understand: Have you seen how Hillary is doing? Seeing her at the inauguration, when it should’ve been hers, was absolutely heartbreaking. I couldn’t imagine what thoughts were going through her head.
    Second, how influential is Steve Bannon towards Trump? His racist and overall-phobic agenda is scary, but knowing he doesn’t think before he does anything is even scarier to think about.
    Third, since there was an investigation on the Russian hacking, do you see information coming to light in the future? Or do you believe Trump & co. is going to make this go away?
    Fourth, do you believe his tax returns will ever be release to the public, whether it’s voluntarily released or leaked?

    Thanks so much for all your help and effort you do, love and light xxx

  59. Hi, re the Eclipse:
    There is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything happens for a purpose.
    Jung really understood this, and came up with the idea of Synchronicity and related matters. They are myriad micro-structure of the society and space that we live in. Underlying all this is the basement of reality, which is actually quantum physics. The universe is a giant machine. it is also a giant mind….

    • Agreed, though I think of it as one giant system interconnected to everything. Also, the universe does kind of have a will of its own.

  60. I’d like to comment on Graham’s prediction:
    “I think he will create a special homeland internal security militarised security force, on top of the established homeland department. This is a sort of Brigade strength group that will be under his direct command, and he will start to harden up the homeland security organisation.”

    I’ve spent my career in the Canadian military/govt. I’d like to propose a scenario on how Graham’s prediction would roll out:

    First here is an article giving an opinion on Kelly (Homeland Security) and Mattis (Defense) and what they would do if Trump asked them to do something that they thought was illegal:

    One of the issues that is always discussed among officers in the military is “what to do if given a command that you think is illegal”. This discussion takes place because of the decisions/issues raised in post-WWII Germany during the trials in Nuremberg Germany where many of the German militaries argued that they were ‘just following orders’.

    In the US, the military has a number of laws that members of the military (especially anyone at the rank of General) are supposed to know:

    The Uniform Code of Military Justice is more concerned about failure of military personnel to obey legitimate orders than it is about refusal to obey illegitimate orders, but it does address the subject. In Section 16c(1)(c) it provides:

    Lawfulness. A general order or regulation is lawful unless it is contrary to the Constitution, the laws of the United States, or lawful superior orders or for some other reason is beyond the authority of the official issuing it.

    And in Section 14c(2)(a)(i):

    Inference of lawfulness. A order requiring the performance of a military duty or act may be inferred to be lawful and it is disobeyed at the peril of the subordinate. This inference does not apply to a patently illegal order, such as one that directs the commission of a crime


    So there are three Generals that could be ‘tested’ by Trump –

    Mike Flynn – National Security Adviser – he has direct access to the President – he works in the White House – he is supposed to be on top of all issues that pertain to CIA, NSA, Defense, Homeland security – etc.
    The next two, do not have direct access to the Trump in the same degree that Flynn does: Mattis – Defense, Kelly – Homeland Security

    Kelly and Mattis are extremely well thought of, but there have been a number of concerns raised about Flynn from some of his previous posts.

    So… the scenario…

    Many of the actual border guards / Homeland Security Agents will probably feel that they are the ‘front line guys’ that make the real decisions about who gets in the country. Some will have a strong belief in Trump. There might be those people in CIA, NSA etc that also have the same feelings. They might start forming ‘secret groups’ that start working together. Their bosses may or may not be aware. But eventually, they will approach Flynn – and make some suggestions to him…. Kelly and Mattis might not be aware…

    So – the above isn’t me being psychic – it is based on observations of human behaviour in my job – especially seeing those that feel stressed – unappreciated – and resent the having to ‘play by the rules’ to get their job done…….

    • Clarification: When I said “…..Flynn from some of his previous posts.” I used the word ‘post’ as in ‘job’. In the military, the word ‘post’ is used as in ‘He was posted to the job of Commander of……’

      • Hi Jeanne 🙂

        I’m just proposing one possible scenario – Now that Jeff Sessions is Attorney General I believe other scenarios can play out to get to the same basic situation as predicted by Graham. I do not know the process for creating US Federal level Departments/ Department Mandates. Maybe there is already a provision within the Homeland Security mandate that allows for the creation of the type of groups that Graham mentions. And maybe Sessions just needs to make it clear to Kelly… and then….

        • Oh boy, I hope it’s not right, but you’re hitting on the fact that the Trump white house legal team and now Session’s lawyers can come up with almost anything in the way of interpretations that justify them.

          Also please do keep doing what you are doing! This whole process is a mystery that hasn’t been explored enough and you are jumping in. The press is also trying to figure out what will happen but they don’t have the benefit of prophecies. I’m reading your ideas with rapt attention. So much to learn and even as I share what I’ve learned so far about how prophecy works, I realize that I could be way off and so want to hear others like you jump in and go with it. Maybe we can evolve with this.

    • Purpose of prophecy…..

      I believe in what Graham said about quantum and the future etc….And I think that there is a purpose for prophesying/predictions. We are allowed free will over our choices, but the universe does give some ‘feedback’ on our potential choices. It is up to us to use/ look at a prediction and think: Do I want to get to that state of affairs? If I do not, what steps can I take to try to change the current direction? What are the current set of possible scenarios that would get me to that unwanted situation so that I can make the critical choice at the critical moment to go in another direction?

      I also believe that the more ‘chaos’ there is, the more possible scenarios/futures exist to get to a certain point. I think that we are in a time of great chaos….

      As an example:
      You get up in the morning and you think about breakfast. In your kitchen, you have 4 possible choices – toast, cereal, toast and cereal, nothing.

      Now let us say that I predict: You will gain 10lbs in weight.

      You decide that you do not want to gain 10lbs, so you start paying attention to your choice of breakfasts – you consult nutritionists – etc – and maybe you realize that you’ve been choosing the ‘toast and cereal’ option more often than any of the other choices. So you make a conscious effort to reduce the ‘both’ option. Over time, you reduce the chance that you will gain 10lbs – although you might gain 5 or 2 or even loss weight.

      Now let us say that you actually have a whole lot more choice in breakfasts. You have to spend more time/consider more scenarios to figure out which combinations of breakfasts will stop you from gaining 10 lbs. And then, over time, you need to still monitor your weight to see if you will still avoid weight gain.

      So – let us look at the prediction of ‘Trump going silent after 2018’. Jeanne has said that she does not know why. So in my opinion, there are still, at the moment, a number of possible reasons: death, impeachment, blackmail by the GOP to stay quiet, a type of bribery – be quiet and we will let you continue doing business dealings, or even the one that someone suggested was that he moves to his hotel…others?

      Now, yesterday McConnell chose to silence Warren in the Senate….. did that decision increase a probability of any particular scenario? To me, it decreased the probability of the impeachment scenario.

      So – Im sorta looking at the news articles for indicators of scenarios of how some predictions actually play out. For example, I’m watching the predictions about Detroit race riots. Detroit has had 2 previous instances of race riots – and sometimes history repeats itself.

      • Pamela, What you are doing by analyzing how scenarios can play out if helpful. You’re exploring the prediction process, which we need to do more of.

        Regarding my sense of Trump going silent, when I got that vision, it wasn’t due to death, at least not during the period I saw. Someone in my group actually saw that the president retreats to get out of public view. Another person saw White House scandal during that period. These visions occurred long before we knew who the president would be. So it’s possible that all changes now that we know it’s Trump, but so many other visions have already come true, even though we’d thought the president would be Clinton.

        We will get more visions when I hold the next online predictions session which I’ll announce soon.

        Everyone who is interested please do click the blue button at the top of the page to join my email list so you will get notified when the predictions session is going to take place. It will include some instruction and then we’ll jump in. I hope we will get more details of the 2018-2021 period. People have asked if my “How to Read the Future” online class is the same as this predictions session. No. The class will give you more practice and information on how to read the future in all the many ways. The prediction session will be limited to one type of method. I’ll do some training and then we’ll jump in. I strongly recommend you take a full class in Reading the Future first, but it is not required.

      • Hi Pamela
        I think one very possible scenario would be this: if we get enough people out to vote in 2018, the GOP will lose their majority and 45 will be impeached by the Democrats. Then he would retreat. This would require a collective engagement in our shared future –
        which is very apparent and getting stronger each day in reaction to the GOP s inability to stand up for what’s right. It seems inevitable that we will have historic voter turnout for these midterms, & when lots of people turn out, democrats win. Fingers crossed!

    • Duly noted. Thank you for this information. I read the translation. So sad. So hard to accept that this is man made and we had this information back in the 1970’s and 1980’s when we could have avoided this tragedy. For that matter, when I first met Bill McKibbon ( in 2006 and he spoke to our group, atmospheric carbon was just 389 and we could have still gotten it down to 350 with sincere effort. Now it’s aloe 400 and accelerating.

  61. I think this is very interesting and in line with your predictions and comments.

    I have been reading and watching the comments evolve on this website in which is a very scary time for the world. In the UK we too are facing a rise in Popular Right Wing Nationalism.

    We are in the dark now but when we open the door the light shall return. Bad times don’t last forever.

  62. To graham,
    India’s chart show a war with Pakistan and possibly China in 2030, it is greater than 2020. From what I can deduce it points at countless loss of life on two sides and heavy damage. At that time Pakistan’s chart show anarchy and China’s show decline. Can you tell me, what will be the result of this war ? Will India lose territory or the country divided into many regions? What happens to Pakistan and china ? And, Will it be a nuclear war ?

    • India and Pakistan came close to a nuclear exchange a few years ago. IF that were to happen, not only would there be millions of casualties, there would be scores of millions of refugees. People think there is a refugee crisis now – just give it a few years when climate change really gets going.

    • Hi Indian,
      When I did my outcome prediction recently for the future, I deliberately left out India. There are various reasons for this. Some very strange things are going to happen. As it did in 1948, parts will split off, (one of them was Pakistan, the other what is now Bangladesh) and other sections will be more or less seperate, although linked to the other states. India does escape what is coming, to some extent.
      The confrontation between india and Pakistan is due to Singkiang, in China’s far west. The Pakistani government is blamed by China for supporting the Islamic rebels in that province, who will never submit to Chinese rule. Pakistan has been sending arms, cash, and special forces there. China, after an ultimatum, fights a war with Pakistan like those fought with india. Border wars, that end up with the Chinese overruning part of Pakistan, seizing territory, etc. Eventually it turns into a full scale war. eventually, it stops, or is stopped, but by then there is general collapse in Pakistan. Pakistan fragments totally. It is a hundred fiefdoms, like present day Afghanistan. Treendous suffering and casualties. It is unclear,as to whether nuclear weapons are used.
      India stays out of it. Balochistan is in a terrible state. it is a main battleground. The chinese drive to the sea……

  63. Graham could you please explain a bit more about how Russia decentralizes, ive seen glimpses of it myself during meditation, but im not psychic. Ive been watching the events in that sphere for the last few years with deep pain and there is a coldness in my family now because my Russian relatives love putin, theyre immune to other opinions. Its similar to trump supporters , theres a lot of similarity there. My question is whether the Russian people will ever live in freedom, prosperity and peace. I think the psychological wounds from Russian history makes this almost impossible but I want to have hope.


    • This is very interesting question, Im very interested in your answer too. I think a lot is to do with media brainwashing people with these ideas- us against them and thats not just in Russia, its happening all over the world, they are trying to divide people.
      I would also very much would like to find out about the future of Baltic states.

      • I was born in the baltics, my family lives largely in riga, but also in russia and moldova. Ive been deeply emotionally invested in the Russian sphere, but growing up in canada means that my perspective tends to be polar opposite to theirs.

  64. (Just wondering if any of these might be relevant re/ Jeanne’s list of predictions): Reported on national news this evening: Sad and worrisome environmental news: 400 Pilot Whales beached in New Zealand. People trying to rescue them there. Fear-mongering propaganda continues from the Trump administration re/ terrorism threat re/ pushing their national ban on Muslim people entering the United States. Trump’s newly-appointed Attorney General, the racist J. Sessions, lying about provable, violent crime-rate statistics of Chicago and the U.S. in general; (Trump recently tweeting that If Chicago doesn’t fix its crime problem that he “will send in the Feds.”) Mass door- to- door deportations of illegal immigrants are occurring in southern areas of California. Conflicts of interest continuing to manifest in the Trump administration. Trump’s appointee, the former General Flynn,recently discovered and reported today, to have been discussing the U.S. sanctions on Russia with Putin, by phone, before the election. A portion of a pipe-line exploded and is on fire in the New Orleans area this evening causing evacuations.

    • Laura, Yes, they are relevant – Whales, Mass deportations, conflicts of interest and pipeline explosion are all visions we’ve had. If you have actual Internet links to news stories for any of these, it would be awesome. If not, I’ll get to it (eventually). And thank you for the heads up!

  65. >December 2016
    >Civil war brewing in France.
    Maybe in april or may when there will have Le Pen vs Fillon for French presidential election.

    Macron is maybe a bubble in the the opinion poll and russians start fake and bad news against him. In 1995, several months before the election, poll said that Chirac was very low in poll and that Chirac will not win presidential election but Balladur, but Chirac the “loser” wins.
    Actually the newspaper Le parisien does not trust polls, too many problems with Trump election, and go to do interview with people :,_2017,_2017

    And in June, there will be a new election :,_2017

  66. Hi Jeanne! I love your predictions. Such an interesting way of looking at the world… Do you have any visions about Steve Bannon? He’s probably the most concerning figure in this administration (which is really saying something). He’s a fascist and he is a believer in the fourth turning and says he wants to manipulate the cycle with war and chaos to push his right-wing agenda… Very scary stuff.

  67. Speaking of immigration, a mother of two was deported. I see that our state governments will help them and the courts rescinds Trump’s executive orders.

  68. Greetings,

    Thank you for the visioning you are doing. I am finding many of the predictions shared very resonate with the senses I have had about the future. Below I have listed a few possible confirmations of predictions listed above.

    • Trees are being farmed that can grow in drought conditions. –
    • Polar bears losing battle to survive. –
    • Time ticking bomb –
    • Drought in the American West worsening. – snow drought –
    • Also, wet winter in California does not mean aquifers will rebound.
    • President may create a special homeland internal security militarized security force, on top of the established homeland department – (may not be a direct hit, but signs that things are moving more toward this prediction being fulfilled) “Trump has called for the construction of new immigrant detention facilities along the U.S. border with Mexico — including through private contracts — as quickly as possible. Trump has also directed DHS to ‘allocate all legally available resources to immediately assign asylum officers to immigration detention facilities’” . Also
    • Baseball legend upset – (may not be a hit, but interesting intersection of baseball and US politics) –

  69. Regarding Graham’s visions of violence in Detroit:

    The sense I get when meditating on this scenario is that there will be an unexpected flashpoint event in Detroit that will start this violence. What comes to mind is a scenario like the police shooting death of Philando Castile or some other gross abuse of power caught on video. Possible links to the Muslim community, but that is not clear for me. I sense that the black community of Detroit will rise up and there will be violence. The Detroit Police Department already has shown tone-deafness on the matter of race and corruption ( and will likely badly bungle the handling of the situation. A Trump-led Justice Department will exacerbate an already volatile situation by “sending in the Feds” as a show of macho force.

    • Re Detroit.
      I do get a sort of nasty violent incident in Detroit.
      Somehow or other, Muslims, Cops, and white extremists are involved, and the Black population.
      The city erupts. It will never be the same again. feds do get involved, and totally screw it up. The international reaction is huge. There is definitely a racial basis to it all, and white extremism. More later. I am still not 100% sure it is Detroit, but, let us say, about 70%.

  70. To ALL of you who have been coming and talking on this site: How do I tell you all how grateful I am for coming to my site? You have helped me track the visions. You have started a discussion with each other, one that I notice is kind and caring. You have created a sisterhood/brotherhood, a place that raises awareness of what our collective is facing, and will be facing down the road. You’re a tribe of light-workers. You’ve also shared your own dreams and visions. Thank-you.

    • Bless you Jeanne. Our purpose can often sneak up on us unexpectedly, as long as we are being true to ourselves. It seems part of your purpose is to gather beautiful people from all over the world to help lift us into the light. Aren’t you wonderful!! xx

  71. Hi, the last few months have been really interesting. Finding this group, so that I have somewhere to post, and get support, interpretation, etc, has been a great experience. My long dormant abilities have re awoken, and come out and become useful. I say this, as I think its the same for others on here. It is both a forum, and a sort of refuge. Doing prediction on your own will definitely drive you into a bad state of depression, in the present conditions. Also it’s fascinating to see how others pick up on the same stuff. I am wondering how we are doing, collectively, as a group. It seems that we are all scoring way above chance, statistically. My own work is quite good, at short term issues and processes, but I am wondering how we are all doing, as a group, percentage wise. Has anyone been keeping score, etc? apart from jean. The number of hits we are getting is remarkable. Regards Graham

      • thanks. I call it “Bearing witness”, instead of brooding in Silence.. I think we have an obligation, to others, to tell what we see.

    • Jeanne and Graham, I appreciate both of you so much. This site has definitely been a refuge for me in the past year. I have not yet attempted to harness any potential abilities of my own, but feel drawn to opening myself to that possibility soon.

      I asked a question above in reply to a post from the 7th, but in case it was not seen, I would like to ask again if anyone is picking up anything related to government, war, climate change, secession, whatever… for California, particularly southern California. Good news welcome, but please don’t hold back if there is bad news– while there is still time to consider new plans for the future.

      Many thanks- Becky

      • Hi, re California. The climate change thing will eventually play out as predicted, on here. But from now on,. “Normality” is going to be a space between large events. Ultimately, California is either going to have to sort out a radical water system , probably desalination, maintain “Food Sovereignty” (Equals, “Can feed itself without imports, for basics) and invest heavily in green tech. If it does this, then it has a chance. I have doubts that the present political system and politicians in California are up to this. So I rate the chances at 50% at the moment.

        Re war, the greatest threat is internal. Not as bad as some american cities, but with a large internal class of poor, ethnic minority population, and shrinking jobs, it does not look good. Again, something could be done, but probably will not be until something like urban insurrection starts. By which time it might be too late.
        re Succession, although constitutionally legal, expect, if this looks in any way likely, a complete clamp down from Washington. It will not be nice. I think the present proposals to be voted on, are too early, as yet. I think they will fail, but people will be surprised by the sheer size of the YES vote. It will be the start of a long term program for Independence. This might happen anyway, due to internal events in other parts of the United states. California needs to be saelf sufficient,. run itself as a self supporting economy, and trade with the rest of the US as if it were a foreign country. I doubt that this is going to happen. Everything is very much in flux at the moment, but I think that by Fall, a lot will have changed. Things will become clearer. LA could end up having serious internal problems.

        • The succession of California would be a huge blow to the rest of the United States as they account for ~20% of the total US GDP. They would be a relatively wealthy country given today’s economy (who knows in the future – okay, some of you might :-).

      • Brian, Thanks for doing the stats! I’m sure that if I get busy and actually check out the visions that aren’t in bold, a lot of them will turn out to have really happened. I found one already in December, but it’s a bit of work to do to research the news stories. Also it doesn’t include some of the predictions we made in the overview that came true. Not that 86% is bad. It’s a good record. I think though that we might be closer to 90% because we use a method that is pretty accurate, the visions method. And now we have Graham’s amazing talents.

  72. Thank you Jeanne, Graham, and so many others for this website. Such a comfort in these difficult times. Please keep going, we need this today and for the next few years. Spirit bless all of you….

  73. There is an urgently important radio discussion and advice entitled, “What Do We Do Now?” between the famous environmentalist, consumer advocate, lawyer and author Ralph Nader and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich on “Ralph Nader Radio Hour” at Ralph which you can listen to there at any time. I highly recommend it. Thanks, Jeanne and all.

  74. Graham when you talk about your predictions for Detroit or another American city, it reminds me of the riots that took place in Britain in 2011. My understanding of that event is still muddy. Do you think what happened then is similar to what will happen in the future?

    • Hi, here in UK, we have not yet seen the worst. The country is sliding into a nasty mess, due to BREXIT, bad government, and political extremism. The previous riots were not particularly bad, by European standards, just widespread, and took everyone by surprise. But I do get that it will get far worse, in social tensions. Since the UK Government still controls the North of Ireland, (see recent war there, followed by 20 years of uneasy peace. People there are getting furious. BREXIT will cut them off from the whole of the EU, and from Southern (Independent) Ireland, that will remain in the EU, if this happens. All this is fairly obvious. What I do see however, is that this is absolutely going to lead to the reunification of Ireland, and the withdrawal of the British. Northern Ireland will no longe be part of the UK. But the timing looks very unclear, at the moment. As far as the mainland is concerned, I think there will be disturbances, but they will not prevent BREXIT. They will be worse than the previous riots.

      • Oh wow… at the time of the last riots i was deeply upset. I had spent a wonderful time as a student in England not long before then and developed a deep love for the country. Brexit was a big shock too. Do you think that the news is correct when they label brexit and the trump phenomenon as a backlash against the establishment? I feel its more sinister than that but can’t be sure. Also do you think Scotland will leave the u.k. over this?
        On another note you mentioned an independent quebec happening at some point. Enthusiasm for that waxes and wanes, hovering around 30% overall. I lived in quebec too, and it felt like living in a different country already. For quebec to separate, something has to happen to convince more people to want it, knowing the politics as i do, i just wonder what that would be.

        Thanks for your response

        • Hi Natalie, re Quebec, events will leave, in the future, no choice….it will not be a case of the confederation splitting from Quebec, more a situation of the confederation sort of disintegrating, except for some core functions between Canadian states…..Re UK, Scotland is in a turmoil. The support there is now about two thirds for YES, and one Third for NO. Since Scotland has four times the oil reserves of Kuwait, nobody trusts the right wing brexit Government in London, or the way in which they will react if Scotland demands independence. My gut feeling, as I have close links to Scotland, is that there will be some sort of confrontation, but that it might come in the next two or three years. If that happens, the situation is like that of Northern Ireland. I predict that Scotland is eventually independent, but the timing is wobbly. Might be in side 3 years.

        • Thanks so much for your predictions on Brexit, Graham. How do you see EU citizens living in UK rights affected after the Brexit and also trade between UK and the EU? Do you predict Brexit will actually happen in 2019? Do you think European Union will actually survive? My fear is far right rising and breaking up EU eventually.

  75. Hello All,
    Had two powerful lucid dreams last night.
    First Dream:
    I was looking at Canada, and Trudeau and his government. His honeymoon is coming to an end with the Public there. He now absolutely needs to get going and to introduce some radical new policies and reforms.

    He has to deliver. His cabinet are very good, and well intention-ed, but face huge struggles to get things done. Three reactionary conservative governments in a row have caused major problems. This is especially true of the Canadian West, and the Rockies, but applies everywhere. What I am seeing is the Canadian Racial Problem, which is never admitted, and has to do not with ethnic minority immigrants, but with the Canadian First Nations. The Indians, and the Innuit, in the North. The Native tribal nations are in many places in a dire state, and have deep racial hatred against them by white conservatives. They have been deliberately neglected, starved of federal cash, and essentially ignored. There are drug problems, and much else. Trudeau to his credit is now looking at this problem, but it will take years to fix. It will require cash. I think we see a campaign now in Canada, that will cause some serious problems internally, and a racial backlash, from conservative whites. Trudeau eventually wins this one, but it does get nasty. I think this is the year that He really tries to get major reforms underway, and it is going to cause a lot of argument, right wing anger, and obstructionism. Look for something later in the year, involving the First Nations.

    The Second Dream:
    This is about the states. I think it links to my earlier predictions about Detroit. This time I think it is Chicago.
    Bad stuff. No timetable, but possibly high summer. Race clashes, riots, fury at the city government. Police issues, and black activists mad as hell at the police. It gets nasty. It’s possible it happens at the same time as Detroit. But not as bad. Pray.

    • Hi Graham;

      I think that you were reading the Canadian newspapers in your dreams. 🙂

      There have been numerous ‘uprisings’ by First Nations people in the last few decades. One of the more famous time periods was in 1990 – the Oka Crisis – The Canadian military was called out to handle that incident:

      One of the issues that has been recently raised has to do with the high rate of murdered and disappeared indigenous women. There is a section of a highway in British Columbia called the “Highway of Tears” – which is a section where a large number of indigenous women were murdered. (There is even a sign posted at the beginning of the stretch of highway, and a Government funded website:

      There is also a high rate of suicide on some of the reserves.

      Under the previous Conservative govt, requests for inquiries/investigations were ignored.

      When Trudeau was elected, he appointed Jody Wilson-Raybould as the Minister of Justice.

      “Jody is a descendant of the Musgamagw Tsawataineuk and Laich-Kwil-Tach peoples, which are part of the Kwakwaka’wakw and also known as the Kwak’wala speaking peoples. She is a member of the We Wai Kai Nation and is married to Dr. Tim Raybould.” She also practised law. She is extremely well respected in the First Nations communities

      There are now a number of different levels of reviews and inquiries. The issues have always been there, but Trudeau has now allowed for a ‘complete airing’ of grievances etc. So emotions are now exploding on the papers.

      There is also ‘Big Oil’ vs First Nations conflicts happening in the western provinces. But we also have West vs East issues happening.

      As for the politics/racism – our Conservative Party is going through the process of selecting a new leader. On the extreme right is Kellie Leitch – who is considered a ‘white nationalist’ type person and is extremely pro Trump. There is also a man – Kevin O’Leary who is Canada’s version of Trump – ungracious, small-minded, multi-millionaire etc.

      There is lots of ongoing discussion about racism and lots of stories related to them – Great soul searching is happening. But here in Canada we have a term that is used “Identity Politics”. Part of the reason that term (Identity Politics) is used vice ‘racism’ is that Quebec and some of their provincial laws are about ‘identity’ and ‘who you are’ and what does it mean to be’….

      • Wow, I am startled…..No, I do not read the Canadian Newspapers! It’s actually worse than I thought. But I do think I got it remarkabley right. Still to come is the big flare up later this year. It will be, for Canada, quite a big row, fanned by certain elements in Canada who absolutely do not want change and who are essentially planning political and social disruption to discredit the Trudeau Goverment. They loyalties of these people are essentially to America, (not the nice part of America) and they want to damage the present government electorally and socially as much as possible. Not certain of the time, but perhaps late summer, early Fall.

    • Oh, Graham, I pray.

      It has been very tense in Chicago, with shootings, police brutality coverups, and many residents angry at Mayor Emmanuel. Unfortunately, I can see racial clashes and riots happening during the height of summer, when it’s sweltering and humid, and tempers flare. It definitely has the potential to get nasty.

      Chicago is also a city that dislikes Trump, as our hometown hero is Barrack Obama. The street signs with Trump’s name on them have been removed. His rally at UIC was cancelled due to violence and I hear security has gotten even more stringent around his hotel downtown. In this city of “carnage” that he promised to send the Feds to, Mayor Emmanuel is also an outspoken critic of his.

      I pray that this potential nastiness doesn’t happen anywhere.

    • I hated the harper government when it was in power. But only after they left did I begin to understand the damage they had really done. I never saw them as evil just misguided, but now I wonder how I was so naive. The conservative party in Canada is beginning to scare me with its rhetoric. Is this what happens when conservatisms true face is revealed, you see the petty ugliness of it? I think long term the left wing is stronger in Canada as an ideological force than conservatism is, and prescisely the reverse has been true in America.

  76. Jeanne, I am no psychic. However, time to time dreams and insights during meditation comes to me. Also, from time to time I also delve into astrology, I am no master but I can notice the longtime trend. I just want to fill up some areas in graham’s longtime prediction.
    The world is heading towards a Multi polar world. Just like the fall of socialism ensured the end of soviet union, and rise of Unipolar world. End of globalism will ensure the fall of USA, and rise of Multipolar world. Trumps “Make America Great Again”, slogan is like supernova. USA will brighten up only to die.Year 2018-2025 are most important in this regard, within this time frame massive change will come in banking, financial,trading and monetary system. Trading blocks will emerge which are the new power blocks.
    The restructuring of global order will continue up to 2030.The new global order’s Preliminary foundation will be laid in up to 2040.India,China,Russia are not nation states but cultural entity. Graham said some parts in India will split, they are probably north-east and Kashmir. In China and India, dharma will see a revival. Maybe in longer time Pakistan and Afghanistan will also see revival of dharma ?
    The destruction of religion, another important matter. World will face major religious conflicts in upcoming decade. Catholic church will lie in shambles, many millions will leave Islam as a result.
    Climate change, Resource crunch, mass famines, major epidemics,major Geo-physical changes will be the main concern in medium to longer term. Rise of collective consciousness, Technological advance, Archaeological discovery will make people leave religion. World in 2060-70, is quite different. They have their own problems, but it is not related our own time. Societal structures,priorities have changed. That’s what I have deduced from my own intuition and studies.

  77. February 2017’s predictions: Scandal with Russia:
    National security advisor Michael Flynn has resigned.

    Missiles, darkness and torpedos: North Korea launches missile test:

    A WWII torpedo was discovered in January:

  78. Hello Jeanne and other visionairies!
    I’ve been following your blog since I found it a couple of months ago. What led me to wander here were my own premonitions about the aftermath of Trump’s Presidential election win. The premonitions about him began even when he was a Republican primary candidate. Since 1972 I had been able to predict correctly the nominees of both parties for the Presidential election and the ultimate winner, except this time when I said that Hillary would win. These predictions have been shared casually only with family and friends. There was no getting around Hillary’s loss and I had to find out if others saw what I had felt a Trump Presidency would be like.

    My sense was that there would be a progressive erosion of the election process, culminating in a dynastic structure: at least that seemed to be the ultimate goal. It appeared to me that Ivanka Trump is being groomed to lead the country one day. Elections in 2018 and 2020 could be rigged to continue the Trump administration without opposition. A struggle to undermine and defang Paul Ryan could ensue as he might want to run in 2020 for President. The same might happen to Mitch McConnell with the intent of having these leadership posts filled with people more compliant to the leader’s will. Of course all of these premonitions could be the result of ‘logical thinking’ as you mentioned in an earlier post, Jeanne, although when I think of them they give me the willies!

    I also want to share a message I received about 20 years ago when I asked a question in meditation about something personal. I was told that there would be violence in Birmingham, Alabama in 2016 or 2017 which would influence my personal decisions. I had forgotten about it and remembered it a few weeks ago. Again, over a period of 20 years such scenarios could change, but with all the discussion here of potential violence in some cities in the US it may be pertinent.

    On another note, during a recent session of meditation I was guided to put aside all fears and instead fill my heart with love for myself and the universe and spread it all over the world. I was guided that this is the way that we could ensure that the world may not turn out as bad as we think it might right now.

    Blessings of love and joy to all.

    • Thanks for your visions and thoughts. I have thought from the beginning that the party was planning to insure that they would win the next election. And I believe they will. I also feel that the psychic Baba Vanga who said that Obama would be the last U.S. president might be correct. That Trump is not a real president. He’s a dictator, and that it is quite possible (I’ve felt this in my gut) that true presidential elections are over. When I see a turn-around in 2028, I also feel haunted by a vision that this turnaround is not part of the Washington D.C. federal government but some kind of alternative government since people have come to realize that whatever comes out of Washington D.C. is no longer legitimately part of a democratic process. So that the federal government continues but is ignored by the people.

      • Jeanne, thanks for your reply. Your vision about 2028 is mind-boggling. My read of Baba Vanga’s prediction of the last President is similar to yours. I see a method in the madness of Trump’s words and actions. Nothing should be dismissed as being silly or crazy. Instead one should think intuitively what they mean for the long term. His support of getting rid of the electoral college vote will see Democrats enthusiastically join his bandwagon, having lost twice because of it. Yet they should be wary that the popular vote would be easier to rig than the electoral vote.

  79. Dear everyone,

    I have been reciebing intuition based and dream based messages. The week before USA election I had a dream where in I was looking through a filling abinent, last drawer near the back I pulled a folder out and read Aloud that trump would win. I lived in San Diego but due to tremendous anxiety, knowing a radical shift in energy would occur that would alter life, I left day before election for australia. “police, smoke in the sky, missiles, deportations, civil war, terror on USA soil, earthquake in California, nuclear threat(felt for years) a crashing of reality mass seperate perceptions of reality”
    Recent dream similar to trump filling cabinet, same perception sense, I was talking to a young an old Obama, he was crying “war is coming they are planning it” he was so sad knew what woul happened he said “September 12th” before I left San Diego 9/11 was a reoccurring number. Also had another dream similar to blade runner, lots of rain dark homelessness poverty apocalypse houses boarded up . In one house, on the top floor there were military men planning war. Outside of house, smoke/fog ashes, dead trees not safe outside must get back in house, small group of mindless people wearing red. I keep thinking about earthquake recently. PNG then Phillipines large earthquakes recently on the path of ring of fire. Also two-three years ago in the same house as military men planning war, trump fillingcabinent, and sad Obama, all dreams in same house, I walked in on Obama Putin and Korean man talking, was not suppose to see this. I will post other dreams visions as they come. I have had dreams and visions become true many times in my life. Angels or universe told me to leave, before it got bad. I feel this year will be a start of radical shift. Reading everyone’s posts helps me trust my intuition and connect with my souls purpose and the journey I must make. It is going to be hard. Thank you for sharing and reading.

    • Thank you for sharing your visions. Pretty scary stuff. My own visions aren’t quite as terrible for people in the U.S., although grim and dark. I agree that they are planning war and have been for some time. War is the biggest industry in this country. And it is a Republican-driven industry; but no president, no matter how liberal, has been able to stand up to the Military Industrial Complex. Our group has also seen war coming in this next difficult stretch of time.

  80. Due to the circumstances of Trump’s National Security Advisor Flynn’s resignation yesterday plus the sudden, public gathering of Trump’s advisors, etc. around Trump during his dinner with Japanese leader, Abe, on the patio at Trump’s business, “Mar A Lago”, last night, discussing documents handed to him in a rush and in plain view and ear-shot of waiters and diners with cellphones, for the first time, the early morning TV news programs (I don’t watch Fox news) were rather (surprisingly) enthusiastic in tone discussing the possibilities of impeachment and clearing out Trump’s cabinet of advisors. That’s encouraging, but the Democratic party still must re-organize and increase its current re-awakened, re-energized state in order to win next time, or an especially charismatic Progressive Independent. There’s still the unfortunate reality of that electoral college due to that gerrymandering.There’s a good and simple petition entitled “The National Popular Vote” which people can currently sign there at its site which is endeavoring to fix the problem caused by the electoral college and which has already been adopted by several states since the last election. There’s a glimmer of hope, perhaps (?), as of today.

  81. Before the election, in September of 2017 you had a vision of Hillary calling for resignation, but you took it down. Other psycichs see Hillary will resign from politics this year following scnadal surrounding her regarding wikileaks. That vision may still have value

    • We are in the ‘Snowden Era’. There have always been individuals inside the various intelligence communities that have decided to sell information. But Snowden provided vast amounts of data to journalists because he felt ‘it was the right thing to do’. (whether you think it is right isnt the point).

      The fact that there seems to be numerous reports from major news agencies (Washington Post, New York Times, etc) that ‘insiders’ are leaking information means to me that there are a lot more people who think that they have the ‘moral obligation’ to do something about what they will feel is wrong. On the other side, there are probably people within all the various communities that totally agree with Trump. But Trump has gone out of his way to antagonize the intelligence community. And the intelligence community spends a lot of energy ‘knowing stuff’ – far more than I think Trump truly appreciates. I expect that there a lot of discussions going on in those organizations about where their loyalty resides – Trump? The Office of President? The Constitution? Congress? The People?

      The musician might have a friend that has a friend that said too much… whether Moby really knows what he knows, and maybe he was told to shut-up after posting what he said, or whether he just wants to stir the pot, might never be known. But I totally believe that there are various ‘plots’ afoot on various levels in the US Government…

      I also believe that Flynn’s resignation was a major blow to Putin’s “game of chess”.

      The chaos and drama is going to play out for awhile…

  82. Last week I was walking to the kitchen, it just hit me the words “Trump is going to have less money” I don’t know what that means yet, but I’m sure it will come clearer as things comes out. All I know it has nothing to do with his business. It is something else.

  83. Am working on Trump’s “Gang”, trying to see what I can get. Can only do it in small sessions!!. Best summed up, so far, by the phrase: “The evil of sheer ignorance”. How someone can go to college, get a degree, and then behave like a total redneck, is beyond me. I sense that some of his people have very dark links to some very dark organisations outside the United states. We really are talking Nazi here. There seems to be an international network of them, with tentacles right into the Whitehouse. Horror. More another time.

  84. During the primaries of 2008, I was very anxious that Hillary Clinton was going to win it. I was a supporter of Barack Obama. I remember clearly as I was listening to the radio and the news and having that anxious thought. There was a voice in my head, I can remember it so clearly telling me that “Hillary Clinton will not be president.” That took the wind out of my anxiety’s sails. I thought of that during the past primaries wondering if it still applied. Apparently it did.

  85. Now that I truly see we are heading for a long decade, if not longer, of turmoil, I wonder what role the humanitarian will play.

    I don’t have much money to donate, although I do send a few dollars to local environment groups. It seems that the only thing I personally have to offer is my kindness to others.

    But after reading about what the next decade holds, I don’t even know if that is enough. Personally, I feel like I’m trying to put out a wildfire using a thimble of water at a time.

    For those of you here, given your visions, what do you think people will need the most of? Do you think kindness and compassion is enough to offer them?

    • I personally believe that we can all sense the chaos because of tv/internet – these two mediums just love broadcasting the ‘bad stuff’…. As Jeanne has said, millions of years of evolution have tuned our intuition capabilities to sense danger. The difference in today’s world is that some of the danger is not really immediate and personal, but our intuition circuits are still ringing alarm bells.

      How does ‘loving kindness’ and prayer and good thoughts help? They help because they stop your brain from going into anxiety mode. They help because it helps you to look around and really prioritize what is an immediate danger and what isn’t. They help because you start building support systems with other people and together you will create positive solutions to help get through it all.

      Just think of what your own ancestors went through. Mine have survived wars, depressions, forcible evictions… If they can get through it, so can I.

      You see the stars in the darkest of nights. If you light a candle you will find your path. If everyone lights a candle, the darkness is diminished…

  86. i work with mostly trump voters. They are generally nice people. But they say bigoted and mean things. They either don’t realize that what they are saying is offensive or they do and defend their statements because they believe they are correct. They are also immune to opinions and facts that dont come from right wing media and are very harsh against trump oponents and protesters. But yet besides politics they’re nice people. I feel as though i am swimming in a sea of despair. Sometimes the stress of feeling so alone in my world view is overwhelming. What am I missing, I begin to question my own judgment. I feel that his supporters have a deep empathy gap, but there’s more to it than that I’m sure of it. Grahams comment about Nazis is terrifying. Please give me hope that we are not heading back towards having concentration and death camps.
    Did any psychics predict the Holocaust? I haven’t heard of any. If they didn’t see that coming, then maybe we don’t see the worst of what is coming either.

    With love and prayers.

    • I haven’t seen death camps, but the Administration has disturbing similarities to the Third Reich at its inception — the white supremacy doctrine they put forth (although they deny it). What we’ve seen so far is a concerted government effort to do mass incarcerations and deportations of undocumented aliens in non sanctuary cities, that protesters who dare to conduct protests in some areas (the more red states) will be renamed as terrorists and treated as such, thus ending protests in those areas, a rising police brutality that goes unpunished,and vigilante brutality against non whites. Muslims who are not U.S. citizens will continue to be harassed and their civil rights violated at the U.S. borders, and most will stop coming to the U.S. We will lose the superior highly educated professional class we had when we welcomed people of all ethnicities from around the world. The protesting that’s going on now will slow down as the government takes away those rights.

      Liberals and visionaries will focus more on building a just world locally. As if the U.S. has two governments, just like we’ve had two economies now for at least 20 years.

      Back in the 1980’s I used to hear in my psyche the words, two economies. A thriving economy for the rich and a struggling economy for everyone else. That will go to extremes, just like in banana republics.

      We are entering into an eight to ten year period of feeling oppressed, poor and powerless.

      Also the country will enter into a war. (Although it already seems we’ve been at war since 2001, this will be an official war).

      We will emerge from this period in the mid to late 2020’s in a more matriarchal country, more oriented towards peace and caring, but the U.S. will have tumbled considerably from it’s world power economic power position. The country will become more local, less national, a feeling of the 1930’s Paper Moon or Bonnie & Clyde landscape (the films) in the rural areas. But people in blue states will be focused on building local sustainable (environmentally) economies.

      Like locusts, the oligarchs will have sucked the resources, the money, the jobs, education, healthcare right out of the U.S. and will leave much altered country. Graham sees worse. I’m not disagreeing with Graham, but I haven’t seen it yet and I try to keep to my visions.

      The good news is that we will rebuild a more beautiful world, not a wealthy world like before, but a beautiful caring world.

      And it is possible that there won’t be another democratically-elected president or Congress, although I saw in a vision two women on top in 2028 and hoped it was the central government (president and vp).
      But stay tuned, when I get out from under the enormous administrative work that this website has become since it has gone viral, I’ll be posting more visions!

      • How can we help you Jeanne with your website? I’m going to make a donation tomorrow. Maybe you should make a header at the top of the page explaining why you need donations and/or other assistance you might need. Your site is an invaluable resource.

        • Thank-you, Natalie, so much for asking. I need help moderating the comments as they come in to make sure there is no violent language, no references to violence or anything that could be construed as suggesting violence to someone, nothing libelous (Melania Trump just sued a blogger for $100 million for libel), no swear words, and has a respectful tone to each other. So far, people have been amazing, beautiful in fact, in writing respectful posts.

          But I still have to check each email. We are in the age of the NSA, remember Snowden? I’d love it if some people were interested in giving me a vacation from moderating, say for a couple of weeks while I focus on getting the new site launched and protecting this one from breaking down, getting hacked, and other endless web issues that arise. The comment moderators could just notify me if any comments needs to be deleted or toned down. When the new site goes up, I’m going to try to switch the comments section to a forum where we can organize into threads.

          I can explain to people how to check for libel, and what I’m moderating for. Then I can focus on getting the new improved site out. After that, I need to find a developer who can maintain it so I don’t have to spend hours and hours doing that. I’d like to get back to reading the future and updating the visions, which I keep getting more of, and writing posts that teach people about intuition and prophecy. One thing people have been SO HELPFUL about is telling us when the visions we have of the future end out showing up in the news. That is a huge thing and I can’t believe how many of you keep finding news events that match the visions.

        • jeanne this Is in Response to your last. Im willing to help when I have time to do some moderating. I have a lot of balls in the air at the moment so once or twice a week in the evenings would be as much time as i could give. Maybe other people could join in too and take shifts. Just let us know.


      • Also the country will enter into a war. (Although it already seems we’ve been at war since 2001, this will be an official war).
        Do you see a draft? My biggest fear! If an official war-the US with whom?

        • Lisa, don’t see a draft yet. They’ve got Blackwater and enlisted people, and drones. They know that a draft will cause a mass exodus and possibly a mass uprising among the youth. I do see the war.

      • I hate to sound parochial here, but what does the future (climate issues) mean for just Massachusetts? I’ve read that we can expect warmer temperatures and problems in the ocean? Thanks

    • Natalie,
      I hear you. The day after the election, I actually cried so hard that I almost collapsed on the floor. I was feeling the collective grief.

      Yet, I had family and friends celebrating. I started questioning my own sanity. I still am.

      That’s why these visions on this page, while scary, give me a sense of grounding. I am not crazy. That’s one reason I asked about the role of the humanitarian. I know there are plenty of people now regretting their vote for Trump. Google “Trump Regrets.”

      I’ve lost family members due to this election. They insulted me because I questioned their vote. That’s okay. I need to know I am still of sound mind.

      And this site provides that.

      • I am not american so i cant lose family over trump. But i almost lost family over putin. My russian grandmother also called valerie doesn’t communicate with me as much anymore because of my disgust with putin. Its been years and the bad feelings don’t go away. I hope its better for you in the end, and that your family learns to open their hearts and minds. I’m genuinely confused with people who follow trump/putin, what are they seeing that im not.

      • Natalie, I cried and was depressed for over a week after this election result and cried hard several times since, like recently when Trump announced at a televised conference 2 days ago that “You won’t recognize the United States when I am done with it.” You are definitely not crazy, Natalie. You are a caring, empathic, sympathetic older soul surrounded by many younger souls who can’t or don’t want to understand the truth yet. Older souls can suffer more deeply; it has always been ‘the cross’ they bear. Remember always: you are not alone! Peace and love to you, Natalie.

        • Thank you laura and everyone for sharing your stories and kind words. I remember in 2014 i was dating my now husband who is American and living in canada, when putin invaded Ukraine. My emotional life crashed, the community and family i grew up in became strangers to me. I still talk to my extended family but the trust and warmth is gone. I cried a lot too. I filed my immigration papers later in 2014, and officially immigrated in early was still the primary season and I just didn’t believe trump could win. I really didn’t believe it, and then it happened. I cried a lot, sometimes I still do. But since im here now i want to understand his voters, i really do, but I just dont. That’s why I keep saying im missing something. Young soul makes perfect sense, there’s a psychological defect there, there has to be, and I really want to understand it.
          Thank you everyone, my apologies for getting too personal.

  87. When Trump began to deliver his inaugural address it began to suddenly rain lightly. Heres what I found on what that could mean on the internet without any of my liberal bias affecting my search.

    “Sudden rain that causes no damage: (1) Blessings, welfare, benefits, and good life. (2) Fulfillment of a promise. (3) A land that will be salvaged. ”

    ” However, the rain could also symbolize plagues and scourges that come from the sky, like swarms of locusts, hailstones, and tempests, especially if they are seen with fire or the waters are hot.”

  88. This comment came to me by email from an intuitive who has had some powerful dreams and sent a beautiful message from spirit. She wants to remain anonymous, but if you want to respond to her, call her PI.

    Dear Jeanne,

    Thank you for sharing your visions. I am a body oriented psychotherapist who works with traumatised people in the Netherlands.
    I am intuitive but do not understand the symbols I see, I usually dream them at 6 am.

    Last week I dreamt of many hate related conflicts in the US. White and Black fighting. China holding back trade (trade conflict). I saw my therapist colleagues depressed and in pain. And I had a vision of a white loving unicorn telling me to keep going.

    I don’t understand the symbols but I understand how they feel. I know the president is delusional. And the men behind him dishonest.

    I also know the next step is to go green and vote green. I am teaching my children the value of plant based diet and empathy. This is the only way we will save this planet.

    By the way, my country of birth is in flames, chile. Did that come up in visions?
    Kind regards,

    She later added this:
    Do you know what the unicorn means? It felt wonderful and full of hope. It was full of movement and a powerful force , really telling us something like “don’t give up and maintain and cultivate the spirit”. It was a unicorn running forwards full of white light and filled with loving power of creation. Something like that.

    For me it meant “stand up, believe and keep going”. In the light of our world crisis it felt like a hopeful message. But an urgent one. Contradicting the message of my colleagues who became depressed and lay down depressed in bed. The message of the therapists sounds to me now like “the pain is appearing and it seems too big to bear”. But we can heal. We have to trust that healing is happpening.

      • Love this! Unicorn imagery has been showing up a lot for me. In fact, just after the election, in a moment of despair, I literally googled “where are all the nice people” and it showed me a blog called Unicorn of Unconditional Love. Feels like I’m finding my people here too. Loads of appreciation to you all!

    • Greetings, PI, Your dream of the unicorn is a wondrous and wonderful message to you. The unicorn can be regarded as a symbol of mystical power aimed at the heavens. Your interpretation of your dream unicorn symbol is inspired and inspiring! Thank you so very much for sharing it. Your children have a great Mom!

  89. OK. Graham here with episode 201 of the daily doom. !!
    (Sometimes I feel like a newsreader on some obscure rural radio station, wondering if anyone out there is even listening.)
    What I wanted to say was that psychic work can be a lonely business, getting stuff on your own, and then seeing it happen. You begin to feel quite burdened. So this site is a sort of Oasis in the desert, and at least I feel some support, and confidence, when I see so many others on here are getting the same hits on events. This site is getting a remarkable number of good hits, predictions, etc. I am wondering what the site average is now?…..I seem to be having a lucky run, and its probably the site being available that keeps me going, so that the discipline of having an outlet, does regularise my work. Also, I feel an obligation to bear witness, to uphold truth, in the events that we now find ourselves amongst. I think people will look back, from the future, and wonder at what we went through.

    Having said that, I think events are going to get interesting. Some of us on here have predicted some turmoil in the early stages (First six months of office) and Lo!! it is happening. Specifically, the resignations, from the cabinet, and political supporters abandoning ship. Flynn is now gone, and more will go. I predict more in the next four months. Also, I think international events will overtake his domestic issues. The recent decisions Trump has taken about the middle east are going to bring disaster. Not immediately, but they form a fork in the road. Further down the track, it is going to have serious consequences. The Israeli’s are going to take advantage, and make a fatal error, regarding treatment of the Palestinians, which will cause a giant backlash, and a Palestinian insurrection. This will be a mass insurrection of the people, not an official thing. It will be like previous “Intifada’s”, but far worse. It will be repressed, with events that shock the World. At that point, Israel becomes seriously isolated, internationally, and its a turning point. Everything changes. I have not gone further than that, as at the moment, what happens then is a matter of fate, and as yet undecided. Regards to everyone.

    • Graham: Many political commentators have observed over the years that Israel is its own worst enemy. If they can’t achieve a “two state” solution soon, they will paint themselves into a “one state” corner and become an apartheid state and isolated from the rest of the world. I just don’t think that they can help themselves.

      • I think that the issue for Israel will be apartheid. They can’t give up the West Bank for political reasons (they have too many people living there) and are bound to annex it while simultaneously denying Palestinians who live there citizenship. They will have as much success as S. Africa with that. The pressure from the rest of the world will eventually force them to give the Palestinians citizenship which means that Israel will be one or two generations away from becoming a Muslim majority country.

    • Big Hug from me, too, Graham! Thank you so very much for your hard efforts, articulated so well on behalf of us all. I’d like you to know that even though your and Jeanne’s predictions are often unsettling, at least we are being given a chance through you both and others here to be prepared as best as we can for the possibilities and/or probabilities for our world. I’ve referred people here because of you, Jeanne and others, but also because of the collective, rational intelligence, sincerity and supportiveness to be found here on this special site to others who are in need of it, too. (By the way, Graham, your words, above, regarding “a fork in the road” suddenly reminded me of a long-forgotten, lovely, little song by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles that was one of my very favorites by them back in the early Sixties when I was a young teen-ager! It was entitled, “The Fork In The Road”. I can now hear that song in my mind again, but with an additional meaning that I would never have dreamed of back then, so I thank you for that reminder, too; it’s like a special and unexpected, sweet ‘gift’ for me, especially because it comes during a deeply concerning time for our world, here in the future!). I wish you many, special blessings for all your hard and, understandably, personally difficult work!

    • Hi Graham,
      Yes, we are listening; we are grateful for your gift; and we appreciate the work you do on our behalf. I check in almost everyday to get your insights (and the insights of others, too.) Thank you for your willingness to share yourself in this safe and open-minded community. Keep going.

  90. Hello Peeps! (people)
    Remember that life is not a sprint, it is a marathon. And during that marathon you get to exercise your free will. Some choices might be very difficult, but! every decision that you make that moves in the direction of LOVE is ALWAYS the right decision.

    So… altogether now, as loud as you can…in the words of the musical group The Beatles…

    All you need is LOVE, LOVE…
    LOVE is all you need….

    (and make a donation to this website…)

    • Hello, Pamela, A big “Yes” from me re/ your comment. ( Also, in-person, local, town-hall meetings with senators and representatives in Congress and any other actions we can (still) take!) <3

    • Grace, thanks for finding this study. It is terrifying. I hope we can change this direction. The consequences will be devastating for humans and much of the animal kingdom if the oceans become dead.

  91. there is a prediction above re an april protest that goes very wrong, and TAXES was heard in connection with this event, well there a protest planned for tax day to pressure Trump to disclose his taxes! he is a bully and when cornered could become ruthless

  92. Hi, Graham broadcasting another message re Israel:
    Oh dear. Today I opened the paper and there on the front page of the guardian was the terrible news that Trump has abandoned the two states policy for the Palestinians, and that it appears he has given in to Israeli pressure. Please see my previous post. Horror. So a follow up:
    What I had hinted at, as I was not sure, about Israel making a huge mistake about the Palestinians, has now actually happened. This will be a huge disaster. There will be a huge flood of settlements, and conflict. An Intifada will become inevitable. It will be savagely suppressed. I see another conflict involving Israel, that is used by them as a cover for the expulsion of most of the Palestinians on the West bank, and the containment of the rest into a network of “Indian Reservations”, where they are exploited cheap Labour. I also think that Natanyahu is not going to survive politically much longer. He will be replaced by a much worse coalition and leadership. I fear the worst. I think the probablity is about 60% plus.

    • Makes sure me think of Nostradamus(trumpet, milk and honey, an agreement broken):

      “The great shameless, audacious bawler.
      He will be elected governor of the army:
      The boldness of his contention.
      The bridge broken, the city faint from fear. (Century I: 40)

      The trumpet shakes with great discord.
      An agreement broken: lifting the face to heaven:
      the bloody mouth will swim with blood;
      the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground. (Century I: 57)”

  93. Greetings! Graham, I sent you warm thoughts, love and friendship. I also had a very bad feeling when listening to the words of the Republican president on the radio today in relation to Israel. The impression I had was “he is giving them cover, he is giving permission” and also that he did carry a clear understanding of the long-term consequences of his statement and the events that would follow, only an abstract idea. I think he will end up in prison eventually. Which would also mesh with Jeanne’s premonition of him having a mailbox but not being available or in the White House.

    I also have friends at work who I thought I knew well but are supporters of Trump. I really struggled for a while because of it. People who I would think were smart and intelligent to see through him are ardent supporters, calling him a “great man.” It really baffled me. There are a couple who I think are pretty brainwashed by Fox News. But there are others who are young and I think they just have not known anything other than center to right wing political thought/zeitgeist. I decided to just continue to love them and pray they develop insight.

    • Hi Kathy;

      I will venture a guess that all of your friends and colleagues that are Trump supporters have very comfortable lives and might have had ‘comfortable’ lives for even generations? The thing is…our ‘monkey brains’ evolved during very dangerous times and so part of us is always on the lookout. If the tv and the internet are constantly repeating ‘danger – criminals’, ‘danger-thugs’, danger-war’, ‘danger-loss of jobs’…then those messages are almost like a form of hypnosis. You know the dangers are there because the tv tells you… You then have Trump come along saying: ‘I will banish those dangers…’, so people will believe in him…because they have lost perspective and the ability to see what threats are real and which are not real to them personally.

      You can try this on yourself. Every morning before you open your door to go outside, pause, close your eyes, imagine a sabre-tooth tiger, then say to yourself ‘ The light protects me from sabre-tooth tigers’. After about a week, you will suddenly feel like you need to watch for saber-tooth tigers everywhere….

      If people read/watch news channels that also show ‘happy news’, I believe it reduces the ‘hypnotic effect’ of the repetition of bad news…

    • Hi, I felt the exact same thing. This is a disaster.
      I’m getting fed up reporting bad stuff, it seems endless. But apparantly, we do get though it, eventually. Graham

  94. Here are some of the news I heard of this week:

    Democrats relying of Sanders to save them

    Trump may circumvent the 9th circuit

    Trump’s White House falling apart

    I am seeing that Democrats can win 2018 while Trump will be crumbling throughout the the next 4 years

  95. Yet another prediction comes true.
    Trump loses another cabinet member, this time before they are even in office. New appointee turns down the job, after being nominated. Did’nt even get to the start line. Strike one more!.

    • I saw that this morning also. The “official” line was the usual “spend more time with my family”. The “unofficial” explanation is that the admiral was torn between duty to his country and the dysfunction of the Trump White House.

  96. I have an image of Trump standing in the middle of a circle of his advisors. They are all talking. He turns from one adviser to the next, then turns the other way to another, then around to another…. I believe it is a symbol of how Trump ‘uses’ his advisors. He gets them all talking about an issue and he will suddenly decide to go in one direction or another based on whatever the last adviser he listened to had just said. That is why I believe that you see him ‘flip-flop’ on policies.

    That decision making method might have worked for him in business because the decisions that he had to make were almost always the same type of decision – buy/sell/negotiate/default on a loan….

    But as President, he is now learning that the types of decisions that he needs to make are far more nuanced and complex. He lets everyone of his advisors give their opinion on every issue, whether that individual is ‘qualified’ or not. He also watches tv for more ‘feedback/ideas’. I believe that his ‘press-conference-meltdowns/rants’ are a sign of something ‘getting out of control’. He thinks that he can use anger/bluster to get ‘everyone in line’ and back in control. The more issues that confronts him, the more potential of something ‘going wrong’ the more you will see his ‘press-conference meltdowns’. I believe he will suffer more and more ‘cognitive dissonance’ – he believes one thing but he keeps getting feedback that what he believes is not real….so he shouts at the press that their version of reality is not real… it is fake..and his version is real…

    I believe that the source of upcoming Israeli issues is Jared Kushner – Ivanka’s husband. Jared’s grandparents are survivors of the holocaust. Jared’s father made a fortune, but Jared wants to create a ‘legacy’. He has grown up in a bubble and has no real perspectives on the realities of the middle-east situation. There are others that are manipulating Jared to support their point of view – a strong Israel that gains mastery over its enemies. Ivanka totally supports Jared’s vision because Ivanka wants to be ‘adored’ and she believes that Jared’s vision will get her that adoration.

    The only person that can have an impact on the future of US policy on Israel is Rex Tillerson – the Secretary of State. He is a smart guy that knows that he has to earn the trust of the core of diplomats that are out there in the ‘real world’. He will be the one that presents any counter-arguments to anything that Jared proposes. But ultimately Trump will listen to Jared…

  97. A section of US news media has reported on 14 February 2017 that Russian Spy Ship has been spotted 70 miles close to the coast of Delaware. Construed in the reports to be in violation of arms agreement between US and Russia , the incident could have obviously upset Trump Administration heavily. In this background , readers may like to know this Vedic astrology writer’s alerts for more care and appropriate strategy in article – “ Astrological probable alerts for US in coming year 2017” – published in at in December 2016 issue. If the link fails to enable readers to reach the article , they may first reach Wisdom Magazine’s Webzine by ticking on Thereafter , “ Article Archives” may be ticked to reach “ The Heavens”, among others. By ticking “The Heavens”, the aforesaid article can be reached. Coming back to the alert in the article relevant for purpose of aforesaid news report of 14 February 2017 , the following text may be found :
    (1). “ The months of February and March in 2017 look to be bringing to surface for US , woes of economic nature which may upset heavily policy makers and the rulers alike. A kind of economic war may perhaps be there”.
    (2). “ For the months of February and March categorized as generating major worrisome concerns , it was also said : “ Agreements with some countries relating to energy resources or arms or food deals may spring up issues or cause delay. Fire or volcano eruption or earthquake may be likely while such like places as Carolina and Delaware may take more precautions in these regard”. So obviously , the incident being construed to be in violation of arms agreement between US and Russia involving an implied element of fire, seems to have sprung up a substantial issue in the month of February 2017 , pointing to meaningfulness of this writer’s alert of November-December 2016.

  98. Hi Jeanne, I’ve been visiting your site for a while but this is my first time commenting.

    I noticed that for March 2017 you predicted “So much stress everywhere and emotions running high”. I just read an article about how the political climate is causing increased stress. And it’s only going to get worse I suppose.

  99. Hello all. Jeanne and Graham I know you both mentioned mass deportation but I’m wondering how bad is it truly going to get and for how long. I’ve been reading the news and it’s sad children are in constant fear that they might be split from their parents. Their grades are falling in school because they can’t concentrate. Most have tried to become legal but the process is rigorous and sometimes it’s just by luck. Some have been here for more than 2 decades and have assimilated. These are very despairing times for immigrants, especially Hispanics because it seems that they’re more targeted. This situation hits close to home for me. I’m in total fear and dispair. I feel like my senses have been in alert since this began. I’m not worried about me because I was born here but it would affect someone I hold dear. I live day day and have not thought about the future because if something were to happen my life would change tremendously. I’m sorry if I ranted. I just felt like this is the only place i could tell someone . Hope y’all have a good day

    • Thank you Ellie for your comments. I don’t see them as a rant, but a heartbreaking glimpse into the anguish and trauma the Trump policies are causing in millions of people and children. Back in 2015 one of us saw a hard line approach coming to unauthorized immigrants in the 2020s. The timing could have been wrong since we had the vision so long ago, and so it might happen earlier. Then today the Associated Press reported they’d reviewed an 11-page draft document from the White House detailing a horrific proposal to round up aliens – using 100,000 national guards soldiers. At this point, I feel a battle coming between the right wing and the left wing over this issue. It would be safest, of course, for aliens to move to Sanctuary Cities. I feel that Sanctuary Cities will not allow the feds to take their alien populations. It will be up to states and/or cities to implement the round-up either through their police or national guards or both. So in Blue States, they just won’t comply. But If you’re living in red states, it’s going to depend on the coming battle that will ensue in the courts and the press, whether the mass round-up will really happen. This country is going to split, maybe not literally yet, but in terms of policies, and the vulnerable are safest in blue states where I feel they will be protected. More on this later.

  100. This message came from Becky who was unable to post it directly. Thank you, Becky.

    Becky: “Thank you again, Graham, for the visions you share, and thanks to Jeanne and all others that share, as well. Those of us who are not intuitive are so hungry for some sense of what to expect. I was encouraged today to hear that some republicans are now seeing the necessity of supporting more inquiry into the Russian connection, and that they only plan to let Trump remain in power for as long as he is able to help fulfull the conservative agenda. This may be just speculation, I know, but it does somewhat answer my confusion about why they have all remained behind him, when I had felt so sure that once he actually got into office, they would bring him down and replace him with Pence. On the other hand, I’m sure there is a whole deep dark world of intrigue that we will all never know about for sure, or will know about only via your visions.
    With the administration seemingly ready to implode, I can’t imagine how they would continue for 8 or even 4 years. I try to remain hopeful that “our better angels” will bolster those with any decision-making power in government and help them see that this is a time to look beyond mere politics before a war does begin or the very foundation of our government is blown apart. And yet, I know the wheels have been set in motion.

    “Sometimes (again, maybe wishful thinking) I do wonder if this is all happening because it has to happen to create a catalyst for harnessing the good and loving energies and bringing the short-sighted and prejudiced energies into the light. As someone wrote above, I also know that a lot of Trump supporters are nice people that just felt a desperate need for change. I wonder what might have happened if the democrats hadn’t sabotaged Bernie Sanders, and whether the outcome of the election might have been much different.”

  101. Hello –
    I have not been able to write to the site for some time now, my devices would not work with the site… I am using a lap top today so I see this is able to post. Three things, I had dreams in the past few weeks about Trump. First, I saw that closing the borders of US not only serves to keep people out, It also serves to keep people in. As in, If Trump reinstated the draft, it would make it very hard for people to flee from it or just leave the country if a war broke out on the continent.
    Second, I saw Trump sign a bill outlawing abortion on the grounds that too many “foreigners” were coming to this country to get abortions.(remember, this was in a dream).Meanwhile the fact was abortion was banned because he planned to reinstate the draft and expected a lot of citizens to die. No abortions mean re-population.
    the third dream had to do with an assassination attempt using a hunting bow and arrow.
    As I said , these were dreams

    • Hi Noon,

      I also had the concern that the wall would keep people in, as in the Berlin wall, because if the government gets as repressive as I’ve felt it would get, a lot of people would leave. And if there is a draft, young people will leave in droves. I’m not sure Trump will be around for the war that some of us have seen will happen. But one of the most accurate psychics in my group saw “worst nightmare – war” in a few years. The bill that would outlaw abortions would be the Supreme Court dismantling Roe v Wade, not Trump, but as you said, it was a dream and likely Trump would rant some wrong nonsense about people coming here for abortions. Obviously there is no wall to Canada. And the present Canadian government would not stop people from leaving the U.S.just like they welcomed thousands of draft dodgers in the 1960’s and 70’s.

      Sorry you are having trouble posting. Your contributions have been valuable and I hope you will continue. Is anyone else having trouble posting? I need to know how widespread the problem is in order to fix it. In the meantime, please send your unpostable comments to me via the contact form and I’ll post them for you.

    • Very interesting, Light. Thank you. I will note this new interpretation next to the vision we’d had. It makes the most sense because it’s been written about in the the press during the time we’d seen this vision would happen.

    • Thank you, Light. You and Becky have found the reason we were seeing the frog. The other interpretations weren’t fitting. This one is it. Have noted it in the predictions with a picture of Pepe.

  102. You have a prediction for this month that says, “Storms surging, climate chaos surging.” The weather activity in California and the flooding all over the state most certainly seems reflect the truth in this one! I was there just a couple of weeks ago. Having lived in both California and Florida, I can state without exaggeration that the intensity of the rainfall at times definitely felt like the latter, which is unheard of even during the rainy season.

    Love the site, by the way!

  103. Hi, I might have a partial hit?…big news over here that the Trump regime is considering mobilising 100,000 National Guardsmen to start mass deportations. I think I did mention in a previous post about Trump organising a special force, under homeland security, to deal with problems. I don’t think this is it, but I think that the Homeland Security agents will be sent in, after the furore over this subsides, and Homeland Security law will apply. Trump is determined to start mass deportations, if he can. Expect a large increase in recruitment for the Homeland Security organisation, and greatly increased border security.

    • I think you are right and it is a sign that that a special force is coming. Although they denied the memo that revealed the 100,000 special force, they are lying. They might even have floated it to see the reaction.

      • Jeanne, I really did not want to write about the national guard uproar. But felt a need to spit it out. I think it was a genuine leak, and in the past, in America, that General would have been fired, instantly. Instead, nothing happens, when a leak occurs, it is simply denied, in this error of “Post-Truth”. Hitler had Geobbles, who ran the propaganda ministry. Interestingly, Trump does his own propaganda….and does it very well. My concern, now, is that history is repeating itself. The path down which authoritarian regimes travel is well known. So far, Trump is on track. Once in power, such people are almost impossible to remove. Trumps first month has been one of one disaster after another. I feel it will get worse.

        • First a Muslim ban. Next an undocumented alien round up, imprisonment and deportation, Next they’ll use the same troops to squash protests, arrest protestors as terrorists, (that language for protestors has already surfaced in the Right). Then they will begin arresting the bolder reporters (Democracy Now, Daily Kos, Huff Post). Then comes a House Un American Committee where they create a witch hunt for liberal filmmakers, actors, teachers which shuts down free speech altogether. The Congress doesn’t want to stop Trump because he’s creating a new normal that is favorable to the right. It is where they want to go. I don’t let the liberal media, the federal judge’s decisions, and the CIA leaks fool me into thinking that he will be stopped.

          • This is all quite terrifying. I wonder if you have any background information, that is, had Trump been planning this for a long time? It does seem like his attacks, especially on the press, have a purpose, that his chaos has a purpose. But on the day he came down those stairs and announced his run for president, it seemed to come out of no where. Do you have any intuitive information about how this was planned? Did he plan to become a dictator? It seems so unlikely, especially since he doesn’t seem to have been the choice of the dark money forces like the Koch Bros who supported other candidates…thanks

          • I don’t think Trump had been planning much of anything, including getting elected. He’s a seat of the pants man. He gave Pence the job of heading up the transition team, so Pence paraded those candidates in front of him and helped him pick the most reactionary people. Bannon came in because he flattered Trump throughout his campaign. And Bannon knew how to influence Trump. Trump’s vision of America that he wanted was to return to the America of the 1950’s — innocent, white dominated, rich, women in their place, and ethnic groups more hidden, under the thumb, and politically impotent. I don’t think Trump even thought about how hurtful and destructive such policies would be.

            He’s an ill-informed, poorly read man so he doesn’t think things through.

            As for becoming a dictator, his friends and employees said he’s just running things the way he always ran his businesses. He has run his businesses with tight control, and crushes his enemies and the people who hurt his ego. I don’t think he knows how to run anything any other way.

            He’s also easily influenced by the last person who talks to him. He’s like a child. And being ignorant, people can plant ideas in his head. After meeting with Obama, he was saying we have to keep Obamacare and we should no longer seek to lock Hillary Clinton up. Now he’s surrounded by Bannon who is feeding him his vision of how it should be. His cabinet picks were heavily influenced by Pence.

            One more thing — Trump swings wildly back depending on whether he’s flattered or criticized. When the New York Times invited him for an extended interview, he started out by raving about how they were “a jewel”. Later when they reported unfavorable stories about him, he blamed them for fake news and said they are other press were to blame for all the bad things happening in the country. This kind of mental illness (Malignant Narcism) can result in harsh authoritarian rule.

        • First a Muslim ban. Next an undocumented alien round up, imprisonment and deportation, Next they’ll use the same troops to squash protests, arrest protestors as terrorists, (that language for protestors has already surfaced in the Right). Then they will begin arresting the bolder reporters (Democracy Now, Daily Kos, Huff Post). Then comes a House Un American Committee where they create a witch hunt for liberal filmmakers, actors, teachers which shuts down free speech altogether. The Congress doesn’t want to stop Trump because he’s creating a new normal that is favorable to the right. It is where they want to go. I don’t let the liberal media, the federal judge’s decisions, and the CIA leaks fool me into thinking that he will be stopped.

        • I too have been making the Goebbels comparison. The countless incidents of misinformation, misdirection and propaganda, starting from the time of the Republican primaries, have been alarming. Everything is said for a purpose, however irrational or crazy it may sound. We just have to remember how the appalling birther issue became the catalyst for building public support for a Presidential campaign. The process of maligning the mainstream media and debunking all their news as fake is the first step to delegitimizing them in the eyes of his supporters. I wonder if Trump TV will play a wider role in the near future. I too worry about history repeating itself.

          Jeanne, I also wonder if your vision of seeing Trump in the future being available via a mailbox is indicative of a family member taking over from him.

    • Hi Pamela,
      Trudeau has certainly to watch his back.There is a lot of flak directed at him, I sense, from the right, and the red neck element, but nothing that would amount to a serious attempt on his life. However, He is in danger from more organized political elements on the right, and in the conservative party itself, who have American far right links. I am expecting a far right plot against him, about the same time you are, and there is a possibility that it would be made to look like a false flag islamic extremist attack, for political reasons. It would shake Canada severely, and weaken the left, and give support to the Canadian conservatives that want to link closely with Trump. The outcome is uncertain. It is too early to say how it will play out. It is not certain, right now, that the plot will actually proceed. We must await events. All the other threats of assassination are just that, threats. Noisy, nasty, and threatening, but essentially meaningless.

  104. HI EVERYONE! Apparently the problems people are having with posting comments may be due to the volume of comments that are coming in and the fact that people are posting at the same time. I think we are going a bit viral. I moved half of the earlier comments to another page which you can access here. And I’ll have my developers look for a long term solution next week.

    Also I am about to launch an updated website (next two weeks hopefully). It means the site may be down for 48 hours and then after that we’ll have to iron out the bugs that come with a new site. So please be patient, as I know you have been so far (I so appreciate ALL of you!). I think you’ll like the new format for viewing predictions.

  105. I have never been as frightened as I am now. Donald Trump’s heavy-handed public verbal attacks against the news media are extremely troubling.
    It’s obvious he is trying to intimidate the media so they will only report what he wants reported. He is determined to completely destroy freedom of the press!
    Your description of him as a fascist is fairly accurate. He clearly has no interest in being a constitutional president. He wants to be a full-blown king or dictator in direct violation of what the American Constitution is designed to prevent!

    • I hope so. It is speculated that Trump is more will resign or get impeached in the next few months, but having Pence to replace Trump isn’t better as he is a ideologue. He is more of Berlusconi due to the laws protecting his special interests.

    • I am not for Trump and never voted for him, but he has a point. News media is more like propaganda media today. Not actual news, but news spin with an agenda.

      I would go off on them too. If all you do is try to make a profit by making up the news and trying to spin the news stories instead of giving people FACTS, then you deserve what you get.

      If you want to know what real news is like. Go to Google and search for Walter Cronkite. That was news before money became involved and before anyone could run a dedicated blog for their own propaganda or YouTube channel or Social media propaganda onslaught.

      Do you want to know why things are broken?

      Because people are corrupt and they only value money and nothing else.

      I mean even look at the partisan comedy shows that push propaganda using comedy. It’s disgusting.

      • Tim, I understand your longing for the good old days when we trusted the 7:00 news.

        But I have to speak up about the statement that “Donald Trump has a point.” Donald Trump is a pathological liar. That is an objective factual statement. He lies every single day. And when he doesn’t like the information about him that the news media is accurately reporting, he calls it fake news.

        Everything is subjective in this world, so there’s going to be some bias in everything written. But there is good accurate news these days, a lot of it, and Donald Trump is trying to discredit the media so no one will believe the truth that is being reported about him. “Facts don’t matter” is the KellyAnne Conway position and it’s the Trump position too. And it is a dangerous attitude when they apply it to the liberal press. It is fascism. It starts with the leaders calling the news lies, then moves to calling the reporters dangerous, then ends up with reporters thrown in jail because Donald Trump feels they are treasonous or inciting violence or some other crime. BTW, if Walter Cronkite were reporting today, Trump, Bannon, and Kelly Anne would be calling him the king of fake news because by Trump’s political leanings, Cronkite was a leftist radical.

        Accuracy in journalism has been scientifically tracked. We don’t have to make sweeping statements that there’s widespread fake news in the liberal press, as Trump and his followers have done, that there is so much fake news that we shouldn’t trust the media. Columbia Journalism Review from the Columbia School of Journalism (one of the world’s most esteemed schools of journalism) has been evaluating news organizations for accuracy for years. They count the number of false statements in news articles and publish error rates for various organizations.

        The NY Times, The Washington Post, the Boston Globe, The Guardian, The LA Times, the Chicago Tribune are top rated media outlets with low error rates, i.e., they don’t make stuff up. They employ full time fact-checkers who check their articles before publication. They also employ some of the best journalists in the world.

        I wrote an article for the Atlantic, another organization that doesn’t make stuff up. They have a full time person who combed through my draft, called people I quoted to make sure they really said what I said they said. They looked up statistics I used and made sure they were accurate and researched my whole article for accuracy before it was allowed to go to print. For that matter, The New Yorker, Politico, The Village Voice and The New York Review of Books — both outlets that have harshly criticized Donald Trump, also do extensive fact checking. This is standard procedure in these highly rated organizations.

        At the other end of the truthfulness spectrum is FOX News which has the highest error rate (fake news) of any large scale news organization.

        I had a first-hand experience with FOX’s lack of truthfulness. In September 2014, I stood outside of the FOX News studios in Times Square during what was an historic Climate March, with 400,000 protestors as far as the eye could see in either direction chanting and carrying signs. FOX News employees looked down on this scene for 8 hours and they never reported it. They could see us, and they refused to report that it was happening because it made the fossil fuel industry look bad. That is an unethical and deliberate lie of omission when you pretend that the biggest story of the day didn’t happen.

        I agree with you that there are fringe organizations on all sides that are biased but more on the Right, BY FAR more on the Right. But there is plenty of good solid news and it’s that good solid reporting that Donald Trump is criticizing. Trump (and the human lie machine led by Kelly Anne Conway) are trying to dismantle the media’s credibility in the same way that the fossil fuel industry systematically has tried to discredit the entire field of science so that they could continue burning their way into planetary extinction. Only what Trump is trying to do is create a fascist state where enough people will believe his lies.