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    PLEASE READ: No psychic visions are 100% accurate. You can see below that our track record is good but we have been wrong and sometimes we are seeing future news stories of events rather than the actual events. Past experience has shown that they usually seem much worse than they actually are when they unfold.  Consider these visions for interest and entertainment and to learn about prophecy. But do not make your life decisions on them.  Follow your own internal compass. We have classes and articles to enable you to find inner guidance.


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2017: Chaos Begins (posted 1/31/17, updated 3/8/17)

  • Below you will find the future we’ve seen coming over the past few years.
  • A challenging period begins in 2017 and runs through the mid to late 2020’s.
  • Our social and economic system is on a downward spiral that will hasten its end. This period will end on its own after it causes so much damage and disappointment that people will prefer to seek a new way of living.
  • This period is not all bad. In fact, it will provide an opportunity to be part of the Great Turning – a time of epic change.
  • Heroes will be born en masse–people who stand up for truth and for each other, at risk to themselves. Charitable giving will skyrocket as people realize that it will be left to them to support each other, especially those less able to care for themselves. Support for human rights organizations will soar. A period of intense activism will arise. People will find a greater appreciation of the freedoms we’ve enjoyed in the past.
  • Angels and spirit guides will appear to people to provide guidance and support, so look for them if you have become afraid. They are trying to get through to you to give you reassurance and guidance.
  • Although difficult, this period will also see glory. Like all times of crisis, we will all have a unique chance to evolve.
  • Those people who are living in sync with their heart’s longing and their soul’s purpose will thrive during this time.
  • Those who cling to an outdated system of betraying their true Selves for security, greed, self interest, power may find it difficult to adjust to the new world that is unfolding. Those who are in between, still caught in the old system, but longing to be free, have a journey of self discovery ahead of them, an adventure that will take courage to complete, but with great reward.

Outline of the rest of this page: 

  1. Predictions by Topic 
  2. Visions by month and year.
  3. Forum containing Q&A —  new predictions that arise from the discussion, including predictions from readers. 


Pluto Rising in the U.S.  (posted  JM 11/4/16) In a vision four days before the election, I saw a psychic storm in front of the Statue of Liberty, a whirlwind of battling forces. From the storm, I saw an energy emerge that would dominate for the next 8 to 10 years.  It was the symbol of Pluto, the Roman God of the Underworld, god of authoritative power, God of death and ruler of the darkness as well as the unconscious.  Next to it was a small flower, symbol of Springtime and goodness. In Greek mythology, Pluto stole Percephone, the Goddess of Springtime (symbolized as a flower) and carried her off to the underworld.   Percephone represents kindness, caring, and life-affirming forces in our culture.  Pluto brings winter and darkness to our land, but he also takes into the dark night of the soul, the hidden unconscious desires that we must see in order to become free of them.

So Pluto energy is in full force now. In terms of recent history, one could say it began after WWII when a feeling of solidarity and humanity arose in the land. According to some ancient cultures,  began three thousand years ago with the intensity of patriarchy. The positive aspect of this death spiral is that it will hasten the end of a system that has been unproductive and hurtful for a long time and that we have outgrown. It will make way for a matriarchal more caring way of life.

Pluto will also expose the more dark forces of the human psyche that need to understand and integrated. True to the Greek myth, humanity will demand that Percephone be returned to earth, bringing back the Spring, because her absence will cause depression and famine.   According to earlier visions we’ve had, Spring will return in earnest in the mid to late 2020’s. However the seeds of springtime and a new way of life are already germinating in each of us all winter.

Spring could come earlier if enough people  rise up and stop the downward spiral, but there is such a thing as right timing, and my belief is that it will take longer than four years for people to feel the pain of the system that is based on a belief in people’s separateness. By 2025, people will be finished with the old system.

Long range Visions (Jeanne) Our long-range visions (2020-2100) were posted in 2014 and 2015 and as far back as 2010.  So far, most have come true.  (You can check old visions here and here scrolling through the blog posts.) Check back on this page for updates. Looking all the way out to 2030 and beyond, we are going through a change that will continue until the mid 2020’s, at which point life in America seems to become more locally oriented, with some states and cities taking over the role of caring for its people. However, the U.S. will have declined  as a world power.

Trump  (posted JM 1/27/17)

  • Last July I had had a vision of the new president at the Inauguration holding a symbol of fascism (a Roman fasces) in his hands. (Jeanne) I wasn’t expecting to see this nor did I even realize what the symbol meant until a reader pointed it out to me. But during his first few weeks in office, he has shown he could grow into the role.
  • The Republican leadership is wary of him (Jeanne) but he has been useful to them so far because they actually agree with his more authoritarian views. Also he is creating a new normal for them — what looks like an authoritarian state in its early phases.
  • Impeachment: (Jeanne) At this point, our group is divided as to whether Trump will be impeached. We had a vision over a year ago that the American president would come close to impeachment but it would not be fulfilled. I have seen him go quiet in 2018. He retreats from the public for a while.  But he still may return and run again. For unknown reasons, we can’t see what happens.  Graham has posted that something will cause him to leave in 2018 or 2019, i.e., impeachment, health crisis, or worse.
  • The Increased Role of Congress. (Jeanne) The Congress’s role will increase in the first time over the previous administration and then will essentially run the country the second term. They will continue until 2024 and possibly as long as 2028. It will be a challenging time, as they eliminate  most humanitarian social programs, although they will claim they are simply improving them. Ironically, some of the proclaimed “improvements” will put more money in the pockets of the rich and take away services from everyone else. Congress’s intention to cut social security and medicare to the point of effective elimination, may not be successful. More later on this.
  • During his first three months in office. (Graham) the president will try to quickly establish his authoritative power in a series of hastily executed  moves. He will bring us closer to nuclear war than we have been since the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • The president is working on a plan. (Graham, 1/28/17)  He has some “Trophy”  projects, like the wall, that he can start immediately, and even if the cost goes to 20 billion dollars, over five years, its still dirt cheap, compared to the military spend of 300 billion dollars, over the same five years. Cookie money, really. He will also watch very carefully, to see the response to his outbursts and projects.
  • Creating a homeland security force.(Graham) We are now entering the whirlwind. I think he will create a special homeland internal security militarised security force, on top of the established homeland department. This is a sort of Brigade strength group that will be under his direct command, and he will start to harden up the homeland security organization.  (This prediction began to unfold when Trump called up 100,000 National Guard troops to work the borders.)
  • Something may happen in the spring that will shock us. (Jeanne 7/23/16) This was a vision I had last year in which I felt a shift in the public consciousness around March or April. People will be shocked, confused, not understanding what is going on.  I don’t know what the event is but I have some ideas. My worst fear is a Reischtag Fire event that enables Trump to call Marshal Law. If that happens, people should leave the country immediately.
  • During this period in U.S. history,  thousands of people will emerge as heroes, willing to protect their countrymen and women, fiercely protesting for human rights. Heroes will be borne.  Perhaps one of them will be you.

Race Riots in America (posted in comments 2/7/17 by Graham)  Had a vision that a city like Detroit would have a crisis, with racial violence, and racially segregated packs roaming and fighting. There is also an anti-police backlash, the city government is out of its depth, and the National Guard is called in by the governor. The racial element is predominant, but there is also general rioting, a sort of general rage at how things are, and lots of arson. The problem is that there are always several alternative futures for a particular event. The nastiest send out the most violent signals. The other possibilities wax and wane….until close to the event, things solidify. Could also happen as well in a southern city, perhaps Atlanta.

China. (Graham- posted 1/21/17) It seems the Chinese are preparing for the worst in regards to Trump, whilst hoping for the best. They are silently making military preparations for a confrontation that they absolutely do not want, but are concerned might happen What I did get was that China has been looking for small foreign states they can establish military bases in,in exchange for very substantial foreign aid and development. so they eventually have a network of bases that matches that of America. I also get something about Islands, which I think means the artificial islands they have built off of the Vietnamese coast. They are now going to fortify them and install heavy defences. They feel it is the flash point for what happens next. Also they are looking at China’s coastline in the far North, near the border with Russia. It is within aircraft range of the United States.

India.  (Graham, posted 1/28/17) Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a precipice. His enemies are within his own gates, not outside them. Think Hindu epic for the politics, violence, etc. He is in danger. I think he survives….plots are fast and thick. He will probably be overthrown or contained, from within. This year end, at latest.

Putin (Jeanne)posted 12/28/I6) In mid 2015 I posted a vision for 2016 that Vladimir Putin was making secret plans involving the Middle East and the U.S.  Since he hacked the Democratic National Committee, we’ve seen there would be more Putin subterfuge to come, especially early in 2017. We’ve also seen (psychically)  Trump making secret deals with Putin both before and after the election.

More on Putin by Graham, posted 1/5/17: “Putin has decided that he can do a deal with Trump, and get what he wants, which is a reset in relations with the U.S. and some certainty and stability. But it has to be done quickly, before the Spring. I sense that discussions are already taking place, and at the moment, the deal could happen. But some Republican Senators will kick up hell, and McCain in particular. It wobbles. Trump is out of his depth, and nearly loses it….the outcome still to be decided. Something in June of next year, an agreement is signed. I see Moscow. Trump and Putin will be meeting in Russia, and later Trump will invite Putin to the States for an official visit. Putin wants to come, but there will be Republican opposition behind the scenes. It is undecided, at the moment, as to the outcome.”  In a later vision involving Putin (1/27/17) Graham got, “there is a religious figure in Russia, a priest, who has influence over him. A strong influence. A senior figure. Nothing yet about Putin’s intentions. I think they change almost daily, as he reacts to events.”

Castro’s Death and the U.S. Economy: Graham made a prediction in the nineties, that when Fidel Castro dies, soon afterwards there will be an American economic crisis.  One of our readers also noticed that another psychic made the same prediction during the 1980’s.

Europe: (Graham, 12/28/16): Things are going to get rough over the next year. Political turmoil, an abrupt change of course in the UK over BREXIT, that will eventually land the country in a crisis. Internal discord, lots of problems, political crisis. People will wonder how they ever got into this mess. I see the UK gone from the EU sooner than expected.

Great Lakes Region (Jeanne, posted 12/15/16)  For two years I’ve had visions of this part of the country highlighted in maps as an area of future economic prosperity –  because we are going to be in drought conditions for growing food, and the Great Lakes is the largest body of fresh water in the world.  It is also inland, away from coasts where rising ocean waters are causing instability for cities and towns.

CLIMATE Jeanne: (first posted in 2010, updated each year)  Climate change will be a driving force to shift humanity to come into balance with nature. During the 2020’s, climate concerns will begin to dominate the news . During the 2030’s, laws will be passed in some areas banning the burning of fossil fuels, and sustainability will become our highest priority. A global rail system will replace car and air travel. And a tariff on goods transported by trucks will limit the trucking industry to the most expensive goods and to essentials for remote areas.

In early 2017 we will pass a global warming milestone, putting our world in the angels’ hands. I’ve also seen that the melting of the Antarctica ice sheets will escalate over the next decade in fits and starts sending surges in sea level rise that will force people to leave their coastal towns. (2.17.17. update: Ice sheet the size of Manhattan just broke off and fell into the sea i Antarctica).

I do not know, nor does anyone know if we will make the changes in time to save civilization in the centuries ahead. If we were to stay on our present trajectory of fossil fuel burning, I only see scattered bands of hunter gatherers surviving over the very long term. But I believe we will make the necessary changes in time.

Sea levels:  I get the inner message that sea level rise is exponential, not linear, so small rises now will turn into large rises starting in about 20 years.  Exactly what the exponent is, is still unknown, and of course, that will determine how fast it will escalate. My estimate is that it will double every five years, but I hope to be proven that it is less frequent than that.

Cities will build sea walls and hurricane barriers, at great cost, to protect from the sea. This will work for a while, but some time in the late thirties or perhaps in the forties, the rapid rise, together with virulent storms, will overwhelm sea walls, and people will be told their towns will be gone in just a few years.

I feel 20 foot sea level rise by end of century, and up to three times that in some hotspots which include Florida and the northeast. My estimate is radical compared to climate scientists, but within range of James Hanson’s studies.

Since my first vision of a 2017 surge, scientists announced that winter 2016  Arctic temperatures were suddenly up an unprecedented 36 degrees above normal – even while in total darkness!  Since the poles regulate global weather, this surge in temperatures will effect worldwide weather in 2017 and beyond, making our visions for a climate surge in 2017 likely. (2.17.17 Update: Manhattan-sized ice sheet breaks off and falls into the sea).

Drought: Six years ago, I had seen a catastrophic drought would hit the U.S. heartland in the mid 2020’s. This drought would be all over the world, sparking food crises. Studies now show they expect many global aquifers to dry out by 2050. Food prices will skyrocket. People all over the world will be supplementing their diets with food from their gardens to economize. People living on the edge of subsistence  will not be so lucky. Parts of Africa are already seeing famine. I dare not look for visions of other cultures living on the edge.

My own visions are that the climate crises will happen sooner than scientists are projecting because they still don’t know enough about the complex factors that will converge to escalate warming. There’s an irony in the fact that the emergency of global warming increasingly reveals to us a miraculous complexity that has made the earth a paradise for complex life forms — all at a time when we are losing this gift and earth is becoming more hostile.  This new appreciation will spark action to save the planet.

Standing Rock (Graham and Jeanne) Graham:They won (for now). They will over winter there, but in the spring, I see them in the news again.They have started something very big, that the powers that be are now desperate to see stopped. It will expand and extend, to other things, in spite of this, and attempts next spring to re-open the issue.  I see it going national, now, like the sixties civil rights movement did. Eventually will be as important as that was. It becomes a rallying point for the mass of mainstream Americans.”

(Jeanne): Visions show the pipeline will be laid over sacred land in Spring 2017.  I’ve also seen U.S. military facing off against unarmed Native Americans on horseback.   Update 2/2/17: New Sioux camp at Standing Rock cleaned out by police. Update 3.7.17: Protesters return to Standing Rock to pray. Police in military gear stand by.

Space Program (from Graham): Trump is now mulling over what to do about the space program. it’s back to the space race, I fear, but with somewhat more international cooperation. Mars is the ultimate goal. How useful and practical this will be is problematical. It will turn out to be a decade long plan. NASA routine science is going to take a huge hit, to pay for it. Chinese will surprise us all next year, in space. They have decided to use it to kick start expansion of their economy, together with other hi-tech stuff. Also to challenge America on its own ground, politically.

Financial Markets

(From Jeanne & the Predictions group): Note:  There is no guarantee that financial visions are correct, so consider them along with other information you have.

We predicted correctly that there would be new highs around December 2016 (Dow reached 20,000 in January 2017) .  For 2017, Markets show instability beginning in early spring 2017 and become more volatile in the following months, but do not crash. Then they shore up, but become volatile again as early as August. No crash in 2017, but some sectors will drop (For details see llast section below before the comments entitled Financial Markets)

The visions we get often reflect future media headlines, which often show worry, fears of recession, housing affected, a bailout of some kind, but no crash in 2017. 2018 shows more instability, and sometime between 2019 and 2020, there is a bear market.



  • Visions always seem worse than they are when they unfold.
  • Visions are the most objective way to read the future. But they are difficult to interpret and often appear as metaphors or riddles.
  • Some visions are clear; others are more like scraps of visions. I post them all so that we can keep track and also piece them together into a more coherent prediction.  You can help us by giving your interpretations, as well as your own visions.
  • As with all psychic predictions, they do not all come true.  Many predictions are right on the mark.  Others appear to have come true, but it can be wishful thinking or connecting of the dots. A healthy skepticism is good.
  • I put visions in bold when they appear to have come true, usually with a link to media.
  • We try to provide predictions by month, but sometimes they occur in neighboring months or even further off in time. As psychic predictions go, ours are pretty good with timing.

PREDICTIONS APPROXIMATED BY MONTH FOR DECEMBER 2016 THROUGH 2024 (visions are put in bold when they come true, with an explanation).  Many visions do not occur exactly in the month indicated.

For predictions made prior to 2017 (2011-2016) go here.

DECEMBER 2016 (we put in bold visions that have come true usually with an explanation in parenthesis).

  • Republican elected. (Nancy P.)
  • Standing Rock: the power of love and peace.  (Peaceful demonstrators achieve a victory for now). (Jeanne)
  • Saints rising.
  • The color pink.(Kelly D.)  (Pantsuit Nation forms, color is pink)
  • Western half of U.S. & Mexico, near Baja peninsula –  concerns about earth there. (Jeanne)  (Quake swarm near the California-Mexico border gets scientists’ attention; large earthquake January earthquake off Mexico Baja coast.)
  • Peace in Syria. (Andrew) (A peace ceremony held in Aleppo, the first of such services in five years : “Aleppo Christians celebrate holiday in hope peace has returned”)
  • Russia — a phenomenal lot of snow from a blizzard.(Suzana)
  • Rain in Africa brings happiness. (Suzana)
  • Massive fire and destruction  (Ellen A.) (Arts building fire in San Francisco)
  • Italy in trouble  (MaryAnn) (Italyr referendum result brings period of economic uncertainty; including need for bank bailout).
  • Earthquake: Philippines (Ilysa) (Earthquake kills three in Philippines in February 2017)
  • Electoral College results do not change the election. (about 7 defectors predicted) (Jeanne)
  • Electoral College shock – some electors defect but not enough. (Natalie)
  • Image of Trump as a young lion nervously anticipating the electoral college results. (Jeanne) The lion is a symbol of Mussollini  that Trump’s vigilante supporters adopted for him, calling themselves the Lion Guard. The symbol comes from a favorite quote by the fascist dictator that Trump repeated as one of his favorite quotes: “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a lamb.” The fact that spirit shows him as very young probably means he hasn’t grown into the dictator  role yet. Unclear if he will stay in office long enough to become full fledged fascist.  (How Fascist is Donald Trump: There’s Actually a Formula for That).
  • Silent, electoral college shock, awe, temporary calm. (Jeanne) (For some reason there are a lot of political news stories from Republican media that begin with bold capital letters “SHOCK”)
  • People know they have a long hard road ahead. (Jeanne)
  • Profound sadness in the collective of those who did not want Trump. (Lynne)
  • Chaos, unhappy masses, people pissed, worried, believing he’s a madman, ignorant, scared president. (Mollie) (too many news stories on this to share)
  • Black curtain drops (Carrissa)  (Trump silences EPA employees, considers moving press out of the White House)
  • Seismic stress along the Pacific coast of South America (along the Peru-Chili Trench of the Ring of Fire). (Jeanne)  (I had seen this vision for September. The 7.7 magnitude earthquake happened in Chili on 12/25.)
  • Stock market going crazy (new highs)  (Market hits 20,000)
  • Sunshine, optimism, the star, belief in new ideals  In the wake of U.S. civil conflict, many are turning to positive action and thinking to shift the situation. Charitable giving is up, privately funded improvement projects are up).
  • Light – sunrise as more people embrace peace and change. (In the wake of U.S. civil conflict, many are turning to  positive action and thinking to shift the situation.  Charitable giving is up, privately funded improvement projects are up).)
  • Environmentalists rising up to take positive action (Trillion dollar project headed up by Leonardo DiCaprio to fund sustainability projects).
  • Standing Rock visions:
    • Dec. 4: Cobra rears its head  (pipeline authorities face off with protesters).
    • Pipeline – break through  (December 4 is day of victory for protestors)
    • After  the victory: The protestors and the world know that the victory is temporary. A confrontation was avoided.  But the oil companies are making their plans to go ahead in January when Trump takes over.  (New camp at Standing Rock cleaned out by police on 2/1/17)
    • In the U.S., protests blocking the highways, blocking holiday shopping, protests everywhere. (Post election protests break out across the U.S.)
  • Dec 19th: Trump elected by Electoral College.
  • Christmas holiday: people shopping but stores still have plenty in stock (poor holiday performance).  (Online stores take sales away from retail stores)
  • A train disaster that involves children (vision was of Thomas the Train running out of control)  (India train crash 11/20 kills 140).
  • Research findings on the oceans and dolphins.
  • Gay rights in the news.  (Efforts to repeal North Carolina anti-gay bathroom law in the news.)
  • Melt off in poles. (Unprecedented surge in arctic temperatures reported even while north pole is in winter darkness.)
  • People in boats rowing, so much stress, people unhappy  (Jeanne) (Survey finds people stressed out in America due to Trump and Right Wing control)
  • Ku Klux Klan rising again. (Jeanne)  (Klan celebrates Trump election as a victory for them ).
  • Some positive visions the prediction group saw for Dec:
    • Sunshine, rainbow. (Jean B.)
    • The color pink (stands for peaceful activism and feminism) (Kelly D.),
    • Green leaves, drops of water, rainforest, circular, recycle (Shannon)
    • Love, strong nation, family, resilient (Jean B.)
    • People holding hands and hugging each other (Shannon)
    • Spirit saying “a new dawn” is coming. (Carissa)
    • Bright cheerful holiday season.(Jeanne)
    • Nothing unsafe has happened yet. (Jeanne)
  • Monk burning self in front of a large cathedral (a Burmese man, an asylum seeker who had been in Melbourne for three years in which he was not allowed to work and received minimal public assistance, set himself on fire in a large bank our of desperation. Interesting that a bank was seen in a vision as a place of worship.)
  • Positive attention on the Great Lakes region.  (Economic development experts put spotlight on Great Lakes region).
  • Slow Christmas season, not as many people shopping  (Online stores take business away from retail stores forcing extensive closings).
  • Black limo, cool coats, church leaders – an image from the media.
  • Image of cactus – U.S. drought  (Acquifers running dry in Midwest)
  • Multiple oil rig fires. (Not oil rig but pipeline ruptures but two pipeline ruptures in Canada that spilled into rivers, killing wildlife and spoiling drinking water)
  • Elton John in the news  (Donald Trump claimed that Elton John was playing at his Inauguration and Trump’s team confirmed it, but Elton John said “No way.”)
  • Cowboy in a ten gallon hat – death of a celebrity. (Gene Wilder who played cowboy roles but was especially famous for his extra large top hat in his role as Willy Wonka) .
  • Stories about families kept apart  (Trump Muslim Ban of January 2017 has kept Muslim families apart.)
  • Tree roots in the news. (Jeanne)  (Research now shows that trees have a vast neural network below ground that sends nutrients and communicates with each other for forest survival; all endangered by clear cutting and climate change.
  • Frog sitting upright with its legs crossed.  (Anais) (Pepe the Frog becomes symbol of Alt Right).
  • Harvard University in the news not good (Shouting match between Trump and Clinton aides at Harvard forum on December 1).
  • J. Edgar Hoover (Senator compares FBI director to Hoover, calling for his resignation. )
  • Calm after storm, shock  (Kirsten) (Election results leave many in shock)
  • Some happy, but not truly happy. (Liberals upset and sorry they settled on Hillary.) (Yaeko) Wish they’d picked Bernie Sanders for candidate instead of Hillary Clinton.)
  • Whales in danger. (Dozens of whales found dead off Florida coast January, 2017, also Gulf whales soon to be listed endangered).) (Also in February, 2017, dozens of whales found dead off New Zealand, possible indication that earthquake is coming).
  • European Union makes unexpected announcement
  • Good days for stock market, some people will be really happy, buying opportunities.
  • Market down then back up, no crash this month.
  • Batman ends up winning.
  • Christmas sales down further.  (Retail stores lose sales to online stores)
  • The drug cartels in the news.  (Mexican drug lord extradited to U.S. January 19)
  • Map of U.S. trembling with anxiety and stress, symbol of crab (sign of Cancer) means a lot of emotion and attachment to emotional points of view.
  • Military industrial complex driving the system into the ground.  (See this article that seems related to this vision).
  • Cloud seeding or atmospheric seeding to release chemicals to make it rain or to block the sun or to cause atmospheric carbon to solidify and fall out of our atmosphere, but they do not succeed.  (Harvard University study of cloud seeding to reduce atmospheric carbon is released).
  • Melted poles, jagged landscape after melted poles. 
  • Huge cyclone Texas panhandle. (August 31 to Sept 4 hurricane/tropical storm Hermine, traveled from panhandle to Florida up east coast.)
  • Sideways landscape with trees (means trees are in trouble)
  • Sunshine, optimism, the star, belief in new ideals  In the wake of U.S. civil conflict, many are turning to positive action and thinking to shift the situation. Charitable giving is up, privately funded improvement projects are up).
  • Light – sunrise as more people embrace peace and change. (Many liberals react to election by increasing charitable giving and positive action) (Jeanne)

VISIONS FOR 2017 (not by month) seen as far back as 2014:(We put visions in bold when they come true, followed by an explanation).

  • Congressional power increases in 2017, then soars in 2020. Vision of the Capitol Building (Congress) looming over the political scene in every month starting mid 2017 and continuing for several years.  In 2020, the Capitol Building’s image is three or four times what it has been in the past — indicating that Congress will be  be running the country. (see 2020)  (Jeanne)
  • Herd of elephants grazing peacefully in a field from a distance. (Jeanne)  China announces it has banned all ivory commerce by the end of 2018, saving elephant killing in Africa)
  • A new, local aid movement begins to organize as people realize the federal government has dropped this role. (Jeanne) This movement eventually becomes an alternative lifestyle for many, and it will represent a positive outcome.  (Some states announcing they will continue social programs that Trump is dismantling).
  • Charitable giving skyrockets. (Jeanne)  (It’s unprecedented in our history: Trump’s election inspired millions in non profit donations)
  • The country begins to turn way from Washington, D.C., and seeks local answers to problems. States begin to form problem solving coalitions. (David W.) (Mayors of several cities vow to protect undocumented immigrants against federal government; groups ).
  • A violent event that the President blames on protestors leading to clamping down on dissent. Event may have been state caused as in a  Reischtag fire.. (Jeanne)
  • Violence in Detroit (There will be an unexpected flashpoint event in Detroit that will start this violence. A scenario like the police shooting death of Philando Castile or some other abuse of power caught on video. Possible links to the Muslim community, but unclear. This could also involve hunting packs attacking others, This also could involve another American city in the South, a city with a large percentage of people of color. (Graham & Predictions Group have seen this although this exact narrative came from Graham)
  • Financial markets volatile, but do not crash. (Jeanne)
  • Winds, winds, winds, winds –  the importance of winds in climate.  (Andrew) (Sweden breaks wind record for most wind power produced in an hour occurred in February.) (Also record breaking wind occurrence in Michigan in March).
  • Escalation of hate. (MaryAnn)
  • World’s immune system suppressed even further. Straying too far from natural roots. (Shannon)
  • Bird migration affected by global warming.(Jeanne)
  • The Internet is further developed and expands to reach more people. It will soon become as pervasive as radio broadcasting. (David W.)  (New trend in American cities to offer Internet as a utility.)
  • Giant Swan with people riding on its back (Editorial: sounds like a scene from Dahl’s children’s story The Minpins). (Anais)
  • Spring delayed. (Cecsa)
  • Country mired in conflict. Fear and angst growing.
  • An epic storm, many fatalities, palm trees blowing sideways.(this vision was seen three years ago)
  • The frog as a symbol (Jeanne) Cartoon character Pepe the Frog, has become an Internet symbol of the Alt Right hate movement as listed by the Anti-defamation League and seen all over the Internet in hate group memes.
  • Cutting back of social programs causes more to depend on charitable assistance for food and shelter.
  • Guns, shooting still an issue.
  • The issue of water rising in NYC is discussed and actions are taken. Jeanne) (NYC high rise builders are planning for rising waters.)
  • Serious flooding of a U.S. airport.  (This might be referring to the flooding with protesters and detainees at U.S. airports after Trump’s January 27 Muslim ban but that’s a stretch).
  • Violence at a sports event, unclear when, felt like late 2017 or 2018.
  • Virus from Africa. No date, but Trump first term. It might well be a foreign state that does it. Or US deep state. The new American regime will take advantage of it to impose a state of emergency, using the emergency powers granted after 911. (Graham)
  • The heat will get so strong that many people will have to leave parts of India. (Judy)

VISIONS FOR 2017 BY MONTH – (We put visions in bold when they come true, followed by an explanation).

January 2017 (These are visions we’ve had over the past two years)

  • A male angel (felt like Obama) stands on the Inauguration platform looking out at the people; (Jeanne)
  • Lightening strikes, Trump off to the right, in the dark, holding an ax vertically that looks like a Roman fasces (symbol of fascism). (Jeanne) – posted in July 2016  Judy saw Trump off to the side in the dark holding a hammer or wrench (perhaps indicating his relationship to Russia).
  • Plots forming in the Midwest.
  • Extra Terrestrials arriving. They are raising consciousness. They come in a vortex that they make with their hearts. (Judy)  (Note: This is probably the same as Jeanne’s many visions of angels arriving and showing themselves to people).(Judy S.)
  • Hillary and the nation of feeling down.  (Hillary attends Inauguration out of respect for new president but is cruelly treated as crowds chant, “Lock her Up.”)
  • Arctic discovery, near North Pole.
  • Bear (State of California) is roaring it’s power and dissent. (State of California whose symbol is the bear – their governor and legislature oppose Trump’s environmental and immigration policies, and they’ve introduced a roaring bear logo as part of the California Rising movement.
  • The president is working on a plan. “Trophy”  projects, like the wall, that he can start immediately. (Graham)
  • Entering the whirlwind in the U.S. (Graham)
  • Drought increasing in the American West (Jeanne) (Acquifers running dry in Midwest)  (Despite wet winter, California acquifers show drought is still bad). (Wet California winter still has officials conserving that drought not over).(Kansas City Snow Drought?
  • Inauguration: brash celebration. (Jeanne)
  • Heavy security preparation, construction work, guns pointed, strong military police presence. (Jeanne)
  • Inauguration: something goes terribly wrong (low turnout and refusal of A list entertainers to participate); scattered violence.)
  • Confusion, disbelief, weary people, dishonest government.(Mollie)
  • Red pepper spray used on protesters. Suicide; (inauguration protesters sprayed)
  • Inauguration: young, handsome, dark haired man with machine gun. (Jeanne)  (Had thought this would happen in January, but the man in the vision looked like the man who killed the Russian ambassador to Turkey a week after I had the vision.)
  • No snow in New England – weather is grey, solemn.
  • Armed British soldiers searching for something with drones. (UK police search home for major security breach involving U.S. Inauguration.)
  • Stars falling from the sky and people running.  (Three celestial events in one night for Feb. 10-11).
  • Protests, unrest, stress in the population.  (January 21, 2.2 million protest around the world, especially in U.S., but also in U.K., Singapore, and more)
  • Anxiety in the heart and throat (anger growing in the collective and fear that free speech will be stifled) (Jeanne)   (As Trump demonizes the press for reporting unfavorable news, many are concerned that free speech will be stifled).
  • Baja Peninsula problem (rising water or earthquake?) (Jeanne)  (Large earthquake off Baja coast, also many earthquakes off Baja coast at this time)
  • Europe – a map of Europe with a  bug on it  (Jeanne) (Europe suffers serious flu epidemic. New virulent virus forces closing of wards in Cambridge U.K hospital)
  • Africa, sudden death  (Shannon) (Sudden death of bird species in Uganda)
  • A Women’s March – peaceful & joyful, no violence. 
  • Circle with a big diamond in the middle, (Anais)  (this is the symbol for Narcotics Anonymous, indicating media attention on drug addiction.) Opiate drug use on the rise, media stories about abuse of pet prescriptions to obtain opiates.)
  • Some see this time as a new beginning, joy hope, optimism, economy and weather tranquil. A period of calm before the storm.(David W.)
  • Terrorist activity  heightens.  (Two attacks Dec, 19 & 20, 2016 in Berlin and Ankara, Turkey).
  • Politician arrested in handcuffs. (Brazilian politician who led Rousseff impeachment arrested on corruption charges)
  • Nationalism disappointment. (Julia)  (White  Nationalists’s disappointed in Trump.) However they hold an international meeting in Europe to celebrate his election).
  • Fires in Nevada, more images of drought, no snow where there should be snow – worsening of drought. (Jeanne,  (January map of drought conditions in the U.S. show widespread drought in Nevada).
  • Supermarket difficulties, particularly about meat. (could this be anticipated meat problems due to Trump renegotiating NAFTA?)
  • US/Russian relations a big issue.  (U.S. sends thousands of troops and military equipment to the Russian borders of Poland and Germany, also  more Trump/Russia information surfaces.
  • Scandal in Congress.
  • Not all men are created equal. A new political party. (Andrea)  (White Nationalist – Supremist movement has been emboldened by Trump; Trump’s main advisor, who drafted the Executive Orders and sits on the NSC is considered by many to be a white nationalist
  • Chinese are preparing for the worst in regards to Trump, silently making military preparations for a confrontation that they hope to avoid, but are very concerned might happen
  • Angels swooping in (Jeanne)

February 2017

  • Financial markets in a square root sign (down then up, so still no crash) (Jeanne)
  • Real estate – for sale, an hour glass, slower home sales, shadows of real estate signs.
  • Scandal with Russia. (National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, resigns over discovery that he had  had conversations with Putin that he had previously denied )
  • The White House talking, making deals with Russia that will build up that country’s power on the world stage.
  • A silver cable bridge upside down in Manhattan. The Manhattan Bridge as well as the Veranzano Bridge, problems with the repairs.(Bill)
  • Missiles, darkness and torpedos. (torpedos: WWII torpedo unearthed on Florida beach; Missiles: North Korea fires ballistic missile.)
  • Europe like an upside down puppy; Europe stressed, political battles waged. (Jeanne)
  • Africa terror (Ilysa)
  • Cyclone over water (6 tornadoes hit New Orleans area February 7)
  • Stocks chaotic (MaryAnn)
  • Someone holding a rooster -Chinese New Year, year of the rooster. (Ellen A.) This year, the Chinese have erected a 20 foot rooster that looks like Donald Trump.
  •  A torrent of trouble bursts upon us. Weather, economy, politics and foreign policy troubles.  ( David W.)(President creates crisis with China, Mexico, and Australia,  nuclear troubles with Iran and china), U.S. political scene is chaotic, weather is fluctuating, much too warm).
  • A battle in D.C.  (Democrats try to stop Trump nominations)
  • Typhoon, cyclone over water. (Andrew)  (New Orleans tornado)
  • Big fat black bear (State of California that’s proposing a secession ballot vote)  (California proposes secession)
  • Financial markets upset. Agitation, anxiety in the U.S.
  • Cactus (symbol of drought) has gotten even taller. (Jeanne) (See new stories above next to Drought Increasing in American West.)
  • Severe snow storm in Europe (Bill) (Freezing weather and snow kills more than 60 people across Europe).
  • White House having severe problems. (Yaeko) (Federal judges stop Trump’s Muslim Ban, President appeals and is shot down by Appeals Court, global criticism high, protests and rubukes around the world, White House leaks abound).
  • Economy down, stock market down. (Naghmeh)
  • Anxiety in the U.S. rising.  (Therapists reporting people anxious about Trump).
  • A political uproar with the state of Texas.  (Texas Republican legislature passes anti-Sanctuary city bill despite huge uproar from many citizens.)
  • Disaster in the country, feels like a 9/11. (Yaeko)
  • Trains, gas tank, pidgeons – a train disaster.(Bill)
  • Notre Dame incident (September 2016, car found near Paris Notre Dame filled with gas canisters, traced to radical islamists) Tower of London. (Andrea)
  • Ice flow – ice breaking up (poles and climate change). (Libbie) A serious problem for world climate since the Poles regulate world temperatures.  Could spark a global temperature surge. (2/17/17 update: many climate events showing the surge is beginning. Arctic temperatures have surged, North Pole did not freeze this winter the way it has in past, indicating ice disintegration is imminent; Antarctic Manhattan-sized ice sheet broke off, and ocean oxygen levels found to have dropped by 2%, which will kill off marine life.)
  • Ice caps melting at alarming rate. (Jeanne)  (Antartica ice shelf the size of Delaware about to fall into the sea).
  • Visions of land angling into water (images of Antarctic ice shelves) (Jeanne)  February 16, an Antarctic ice shelf the size of Manhattan broke off into the sea.
  • Polar bears losing battle to survive.  (U.S. Geological Survey scientist says polar bears will not survive unless we address climate change).
  • Surge in climate change terrifying.  (Jeanne)(see above)
  • Drought in the American West worsening. (Jeanne)
  • Storms surging, climate chaos surging. (Jeanne) (California reports unprecedented storms)
  • Norway in the international news  (In January, Hundreds of American troops land in Norway) (February 3, 2017, Norway: Russian Hackers Hit Our Spy Agency)
  • Horse and donkey (Democrats mobilizing). (Citizen move to get Democratic legislators to stand up to the President. Bill to impeach introduced).
  • Red scorpion, dragon  (Kirsten) (A red dragon-like sea creature discovered off the coast of Australia).
  • Shift in international balance of power among China, Russia, and the U.S.  (This has begun in January with Trump favoring Russia and insulting the Chinese.)
  • Terrorist attack  (2/17/17 Pakistan, worst in their history).
  • Fights for power continue, opposition leaders fighting in the U.S.  (Battle to fight Trump nominations)
  • Texas lone star state acting independently of the rest of U.S. (Jeanne) (Texas legislature votes to punish localities that provide sanctuary to immigrants targeted by Trump).
  • Mexican immigrants an issue in Congress and with President. (Trump orders 100,000 National Guard troops to Mexican border).
  • Focus on Alaskan pipeline in danger.  (Trump signs orders)
  • Problems in White House – a source of constant scandal and distress for the rest of the country. (Yaeko)  (Trump does little to remove his many business conflicts of interest,  as well as his refusal to release tax returns. His proposed Secretary of State, Rex Tillerman, also has sizable business conflicts of interest with foreign powers, then there is the Muslim ban, allowing Bannon  to be on the NSC when he doesn’t qualify for requirement of high level military experience ).
  • President may create a special homeland internal security militarized security force, on top of the established homeland department. A Brigade strength group that will be under his direct command, and he will start to harden up the homeland security organisation. The Gestapo and the SS, really……..within 18 months. (Graham) (Partially correct as of February 2017 when The UP reported an 11-page draft White House memo planning to tap 100,000 National Guard troops to have the powers of Immigration officers, who are part of Homeland Security to arrest and deport illegal aliens.)

March 2017


  • Angels showing themselves to people.  (Jeanne) (This is not likely to show up in the media as often as it could be actually happening, if it is indeed happening, but a story swept through the media March 9th about a young boy who says angels helped him lift a car off his father. The incident happened last summer but the story did not emerge until March)
  • Stars coming down from the Heavens.
  • People in singing and finding solidarity. Becoming closer due to common cause.(Leaders of Women’s March form chain around Trump Tower, arm and arm, then arrested.Dems in solidarity and triumph over Delaware election.
  • People in solidarity arm and arm, then dropped arms and were arrested.  (Leaders of Women’s March form chain around Trump Tower, arm and arm, then arrested.Dems in solidarity and triumph over Delaware election.
  • Exuberant heartfelt presence and opening. There is so much love being expressed, feels like more than ever.
  • Native Americans respected and held in a higher regard than ever before. Seen as guides, we could all take a page from their playbook. (Jeanne)
  • Joining hands for common cause, a feeling of awe. Like civil rights movement, we shall overcome. (Jeanne) Political salons  gather across the country in push against Trump. 
    • A rising spirit of courage. (Jeanne)


  • Drought in the heartland, farmers worried. (Jeanne)
  • Ocean water an issue. (Jeanne) (Scientists find oceans lost 2% of oxygen, also oceans storing more heat than thought).
  • Epidemic/health/farm animals – Africa.
  • More drought. (Jeanne) World drought increased in March.
  • Flooding rivers. (Peru worst flooding in decades).
  • Image of Volcano eruption. (heard the word Vesuvius)  (Mt Etna, Europe’s largest active volcano erupts).
  • Earthquake in Californa.  (This may be about the new size of the fault discovered that makes larger earthquakes possible).
  • Black river filled with mud or sewage, maybe related to a Chicago Fire. (Ilysa)
  • Largo Florida hotter than ever.
  • Heavy purple rain. (Anais) (This happened in Houston in February)
  • Snowshoes, it’s hard work moving forward in the snow.  (Huge March winter storm blankets New England)


  • It’s a pivotal point in American politics where many things going on politically this month will affect the long-term future (Jeanne)
  • Bad news for animal rights. (Jeanne) (Three new abuses now allowed by U.S.: 1. February 3rd the USDA stopped public reporting of animal abuses its inspectors find – a move that will prevent animal rights groups from stopping animal cruelty of horses, dogs, and  farm animals around the country. 2. Also this article, sent by a reader, may show why futher animal abuses may come true under Trump. 3. U.S. passed bill allowing any cruelty to wildlife in Alaska animal refuges.
  • Exposed records. (Julia)  (Wikileaks huge leak of CIA records.)
  • A realization of a new, harsh reality.  (Bar W.)
  • Congress coming apart.
  • Quiet, but government is gearing up. Soldiers (men in riot gear- helmuts, black suits, swat teams.) (Jeanne)  Looks like Standing Rock protest is back.
  • A giant caterpillar overlaid upon the Statue of Liberty,  a parasite on liberty that is in an early phase of its growth. (Jeanne)  The caterpillar is an early stage of new government that is consuming the fruits of democracy.
  • Coming together of the President and Congress. (image: The Capitol Building with an elephant and a lion standing there). The lion is Trump and his team, (Trump has been depicted by his followers as a lion for his fondness for  the Mussolini quote:  “It’s better to be a lion for a day than an lamp for eternity.” and the elephant is the Republican party. This is about the president’s first Congressional address.that occurred in March.
  • Anxiety map of eastern half of U.S. with explosion around Texas and a drought symbol. Then a map of the whole U.S. changing into the shape of an elephant (Republican) who’s walking away from Congress. Shows the Capitol building. So much stress and headache. (Jeanne) (I had this vision in August 2016 but just discovered it among some notes.)
  • Baby lion – Trump, taking orders sometimes, independent other times. He’s growing, becoming the future king of the jungle. (Jeanne)  (State of the Union speech shows a growing power in the man.)
  • An emphasis on cookies and Dennis the Menace (the comic strip character – Jeanne –  (Thanks to two readers, Dennis the Menace is Trump and several news stories that make the comparison. One that surfaced Feb.4, is comical.)
  • Supreme Court nominee not good.  White man, white hair.  (Trump picks white male nominee with white hair and not good.)
  • Trump enriching himself in private deals with other countries and using his presidency to increase the wealth of his private businesses. (See FBI director responding to congressional questions about Trump and Putin.)
  • Trump refuses to stop conflict of interest in spite of calls from legal groups and press. Republican leadership tacitly allows this.  (Jeanne)
  • A donkey–Democratic party–walking away lonely and defeated  (Yaeko)
  • Trump shaking Putin’s hand.  (This may refer to FBI reports of potential collusion on the part of Trump & his team and Putin).
  • Chinese premier in the news – (position on the U.S.?)
  • Canons shooting/secrecy, lies revealed with government.
  • Euripides was right.(Andrea)  [Euripides was ridiculed by his peers for being too liberal. He also wrote: “Expect the unexpected. What mortals dream, the gods frustrate; for the impossible, they find a way.” He was anti-war, against slavery, pro women, and critical of traditional religion.] (After the Muslim Ban on Jan. 30, 2017, many regretted voting for the current president).
  • Texas and the Statue of Liberty aligned for some reason. (Jeanne)
  • Warfare in Egypt. (Naghmeh)


  • Stocks go up. (Market hits New highs March 1)
  • NYC Financial centers showing their strength. (Vision was red, blood, bull, strength, NYC bull – so earlier market volatility ends in bull direction.) – (Note: War makes markets go up and thus the red and blood could be the impact of war on the market).
  • Markets going crazy – not good, but no crash yet.
  • Bear fighting bull (the markets struggling which way to go); job losses.
  U.S. (March)
  • Weary nation, tired people, renewal, chaos, and misunderstandings – a time for change.
  • Indians with spears fighting.
  • All Hell breaks lose, an era of serious conflict begins in the U.S.
  • So much stress everywhere and emotions running high. (Survey finds Americans  stressed out due to political developments).
  • Man with bow and arrow pointed at the sky. A symbolic but ineffective act of protest and defiance. (Brian)  (Standing Rock camp cleared by authorities with defiant protestors arrested.)
  • Standing Rock vision: Big Native American headdress, soldiers in riot gear, guns, weapons, locking people up. The rest of the nation stands back and gasps. Men on horses standing before men in tanks. (Jeanne)
  • Black Lives Matter (Julia)  (Man drives to NYC and  randomly kill a black man).
  • People trying to have hope.
  • Groups gathering and organizing to effect change. (New grassroots efforts to effect change. See here and here.)
  • Energy in the collective feels weak and anxious. A crocodile, a dark beast, waiting to pounce from the corner; a lot of stress but it’s mainly just fear and worry.  (Jeanne)
  • The rise of guns. (Why U.S. liberals are buying guns too.)
  • Explosion and a big fire.
  • A black out, an electrical problem, in Sacramento area. (Not Sacramento, but in March the Statue of Liberty had a blackout due to electrical problem.)
  • Baseball legend upset.
  • Oil well breaks, there is an evacuation.
  • WW II soldiers, marching band.  (The marching band vision has already made news because Trump was having difficulty finding a championship high school marching band that is willing to play for his Inauguration.)
  • Football scandal. (Bill) (Baylor University in multiple lawsuits for sexual violence, drugging and other offenses involving the football teams).
  • Bottle rockets going up like 4th of July.
  • Library, gunman, lady wearing pearl necklace.


  • Medical breakthrough with ALS.  (In August 2016, Harvard scientists  identified key instigator of nerve damage that may lead to treatment of this incurable disease, rendering this prediction more likely to happen by March 2017

APRIL 2017


  • Spring flowers blooming, water rising, unusually warm. (Jeanne)
  • Bees on cherry blossoms
  • Important medical advances.(Jeanne)
  • Healing and medicine is in the limelight. I saw the symbol of Cadeucius – glyph of healing (snake wrapped around a staff ) and associated with medicine and health care. Those medical practitioners and local governments who are committed to healing the sick, will not abandon people even though the Congress and President will abandon them. (Jeanne)
  • Bare feet moving and dancing on the earth. Latin American workers in Texas expressing hope. (Jeanne)
  • Migrant Workers raising an American flag reminds me of the famous photograph of soldiers in Okinawa. Sense of respect and love. Feels like a statement of the value of workers. (Jeanne)
  • Small white flower coming out of the dirt,  hope or an early spring. (Yaeko)
  • Vision of Native Americans standing by a river, big jaws threaten to attack mercilessly. But Natives stand tall, sun glinting off their clothing, long black hair blowing in the breeze. True goodness. It is clear to all who is right and who is wrong. (Jeanne)


  • So much reframing of reality going on (government lie machine busy around the clock.  (Jeanne) (This was going on even before the the election but has taken on a whole new meaning under Trump)
  • People gathered in front of the Capitol Building – a protest gathering.
  • Interference, Democratic Party is fractured (Julia)
  • The Republican elephant on a street sign.
  • Republicans trying to amend the Constitution, take away rights. Laws to squash dissent. (Jeanne) (in January several states trying to pass laws to prohibit peaceful protest)
  • A camp fire sending smoke high into the sky. A helicopter and a feeling of Standing Rock. Not good.
  • President’s plans to expand his use of National Guard to stop protestors who they will categorize as “terrorists. ” (Jeanne)
  • Congress in shambles.(Ilysa)
  • Confronting a harsh reality, lines of conflict are drawn.
  • All good things must come to an end.(Andrea)
  • World leaders getting together in a summit. (Naghmeh)
  • Capitol (Congress) has a big dollar sign on it (focused on budget), and it’s turned upside down (sign of dysfunction) (Jeanne) (A Government Shut-down threat is looming over budget.)
  • Rainbow, peace (gay rights). (Bill)
  • Elderly people’s bill.  (Congress tries to gut Medicare & Social Security).
  • Some calm in White House but only temporarily. (Yaeko


  • Missiles, rockets launched.
  • Rescue Tent village (lost girls of Africa?)
  • Vatican speaks, upset with America.
  • Roman soldiers lined up in uniform. Ready for battle. This is about Europe. (Jeanne)
  • Injured people; waves made of rocks.
  • Russian tanks, feels like a cold war. (Yaeko)
  • Germany crisis with refugees. (Naghmeh)
  • Talk of war.
  • Arrow pointing to a location in a village, angel rising, earthquake? (Jeanne)
  • Grave, mummy or body, grave diggers.  (Holocaust graves looted in February 2017)
  • Church leaders coming together to make a statement. (Jeanne)


  • Markets still volatile,
  • Markets roiling over a map of the U.S.  (U.S. government causing market instability). (Jeanne)
  • Market numbers /housing down.  (The non affordability of mortgages, may forecast this development we see in April.)
  • Stock market correction and later a rebound. (image of square root sign).(Jeanne)
  • Media reporting that economy is sinking.
  • Lightening strikes the housing market.
  • Undergrads with no jobs. (when Obama left office, we had the lowest unemployment rate in a decade)


U.S. (April)

  • March-April-or May: Something will happen that will shock everyone; the U.S. has entered into a new era. People asking, “What’s happening? What’s going on?
  • Heard the rallying cry: Texas, Texas, Texas. (Jeanne) Might involve Trump’s Mexican border brigade) (a reader was suggesting I was really hearing “Taxes, Taxes, Taxes.”- and could involve the Tax March planned for April 15.))
  • Violence in involving an American city, perhaps Detroit, involving packs of people like hunting packs.(Graham)
  • Problem with drinking water, saw a pitcher turned upside down, was empty. Looks like a city, town houses, San Francisco? (Jeanne)
  • Airplane landing with a bump, mountains in the background, rugged terrain. A train goes by. Maybe it’s landing on a highway or small airfield (Jeanne)
  • People dressed in white cleaning up a spill.
  • Mouth of the Hudson River as seen from sky. The Veranzano narrows, no bridge.(Bill)
  • I feel a lot of fear. (Andrew)
  • Abrupt endings, starvation (not in U.S.), sad children, but new beginnings are germinating below the surface. (Lynn T.)
  • A swimmer making the news. (Jeanne) (Stanford athlete Brock Turner gets out of prison after spending a light sentence in a low security facility for raping a 23 year old woman)
  • Shocking celebrity death, an American male, played a cowboy. (Lisa)
  • Worst nightmare (Andrea)
  • Fire, smoke, American flag, U.S. soldiers. (Bill)
  • Homelessness on the rise. (Yaeko)
  • Robotics.
  • Half of Americans are happy, half are so disappointed.(Yaeko)

MAY 2017


  • World stops.(Something happens which stops everyone) (Yaeko)
  • Crisis but Washington (Congress) is distant and unhelpful while crisis ensues. (Jeanne)
  • Trump gaining confidence, moves with a swagger, meeting with more people than before, more relaxed. But underneath he’s in trouble.
  • Calendar page for May is red. Then in July the color is blue (political colors)
  • Two empty executive style office chairs, indicates two of Trumps team are removed from positions.
  • Heavy rain /pipeline and drilling on sacred lands.(Julia)
  • Pipeline in May laid over sacred land. (Hopi prophecy implies that laying pipeline (that they call the “black snake”) on sacred land will bring the end of a civilization).
  • More of the same solutions to the puzzle.
  • Welfare benefits for children & families are in the news (under threat)  (Trump’s proposed budget slashes welfare benefits to families).

U.S. (May)

  • Jewish place of worship burning (Jeanne)
  • Tower records lights going out – bankrupt?
  • Steinbeck feeling like Grapes of Wrath. Heard the word: Dustbowl.
  • Hard times, fear, depression. (Yaeko)
  • Christian church peaceful, not burning. (Gerti)
  • On the horizon there was a fire or explosion, it was dark.
  • Plane crash in the U.S
  • A dark funnel or cave collapsing. Worm tunnel.
  • Someone being wheeled in a gurney. Standing Rock injured?
  • Capitol Great Lakes (May-June vision)
  • Homelessness, problems getting food. (not like Venezuela)
  • A veterans’ parade, but it’s empty.   (Yaeko)
  • Gondolas
  • Big explosion, Southwest U.S.
  • People are afraid. (Yaeko)
  • Barbeques, wheel barrows.  (Bill)
  • Massive fire, people burned alive. (Andrea)
  • Standing Rock- spikes coming up out of the ground. The people’s heads were bowed down in defeat. (Jeanne)


  • U.K. ruckus (Jeanne)
  • China in inner political strife. (Naghmeh)
  • Nuclear missiles, North Korea intimidating South Korea?
  • A massive international protest.
  • China, inner political strife
  • Many Americans disillusioned.
  • Prince marriage.


  • Economy wavering (Yaeko)
  • Consumer products in disarray. There was nothing to buy. Canned goods, Inflation, consumer demand down. Prices up. (This appears to be a temporary condition that hits the news and is later resolved.)
  • Markets upset – volatility.


  • Problems with marine life.
  • Heavy rains, sacred lands under threat – pipelines, drilling.
  • Farmers upside down–agriculture in trouble. (Jeanne)
  • Earth burning, agriculture and trees in the news.

June 2017


  • Washington D.C. seen as the new Gotham.(Jeanne)
  • A tool that looks like a wrench might be a symbol of Trump. [note: could be the same symbol of Roman fasces – fascism– seen for January Inaurgation] (Yaeko)
  • Veterans march, cannons and cannonballs, benefit for veterans.
  • Standing Rock: Water rushing under pipeline, tank fire. March through June efforts made to prevent protesters from coming. Close down the airport. No one allowed in. (Jeanne)
  • Doing it like Lincoln (probably about governing with country so split).
  • Sacred cow (Social Security) in the news as Republicans try to begin to dismantle it. (Kirsten)
  • The strongest will win.
  • Marijuana legislation milestone. (Lisa)


  • The Dalai Lama, the Pope, and Middle Eastern holy men in white praying around the world. There is a sense of shared prayer and solidarity. These hold men are turning up the power of prayer that is felt worldwide.
  • An important international council takes place, probably U.N.
  • Roman soldiers hunkering down behind their shields, symbol of Europe taking a defensive posture. (Jeanne)
  • Focus on Europe problems
  • Military attacks, air strikes, western world attacks adversaries.
  • People in pain, begging to be helped, crowded at a platform. (Jeanne)
  • New baby for royal family  (Nov. 2016 British royals announce new baby expected for late Spring 2017).
  • Propeller driven airplane (Amelia Earnhardt?) (Bill)
  • Israel protecting (Marilyn).

U.S. (June)

  • Flowers everywhere – an uplifting landscape.
  • Lovers, meditators falling into grand canyon.
  • Loss of famous actress/performer.
  • Talk of depression in America on the increase. (Yaeko)
  • Vacation down – not a lot of people taking time to vacation and go away.
  • Space stars, new discovery. May be connected to worm tunnel. Space travel.
  • Harvard University in the news.(Julia)
  • Map of U.S. with pioneers traveling in covered wagons. (Jeanne)


A small cactus. Smaller than in past visions. This might mean there is some progress in dealing with drought.

  • Doesn’t feel like summer, people cold walking down the street.
  • Image of hungry baby birds, dying, parched. (Jeanne)
  • Water rising; whales at risk  (Dozens of whales found dead off New Zealand, thought to be indication of earthquake).
  • Ocean, Cape Cod, calm
  • Weather a significant issue, terrorist activity here and abroad. Political fallout over security with mass transit.
  • Statue of Liberty – water going over the top, (could be about seas rising in NYC or about erosion of liberty in the U.S.) (Jeanne)
  • Forest fires (June-July) West coast
  • Fireman’s hat looms large due to issue surrounding their situation; appealing to Congress for funds.  (Jeanne)


  • Economy dips, housing goes down (see similar vision for April)
  • Struggle in U.S. economy, including stock market.
  • Real estate slowing down (Yaeko)
  • Stock market down, dip in economy. (Jeanne)
  • Layoffs/slow summer economically, people are cautious. (Yaeko)

July 2017

U.S. (July)

  • A bear in the night sky roaring (California in defiance of Trump).
  • Standing Rock: Vision of a Native American dream catcher, prayers, a vigil, helicopters overhead.
  • Something happens during a cavern exploration near the ocean.
  • Anxiety in the collective. (Jeanne)
  • Abraham Lincoln in the news. (Bill)


  • Confederate flag over the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. (I had this vision in August 2016 but just discovered it among my notes.) (Jeanne) (Head of Justice Department Jeff Sessions  is named after Jefferson Davis, rise of slave state attitude towards African Americans, and denounced as racist by Loretta Scott King).
  • Not everyone engaged with national purpose. Large numbers of people want to move in an opposite direction.
  • In light of government abandonment there’s a greater focus in the private sector on caring for others –  people and animals. (Jeanne)
  • The museums in the news – Republicans trying to reduce government contributions
  • Trouble in the Capitol, ruling party’s opponents deciding to wreak havoc, bringing down the house.
  • Celebrations are canceled or carefully monitored. (Yaeko)
  • A middle aged woman coming undone. She’s in a white suit and she’s on the ground facing out, clothes, dignity coming undone. (Jeanne) (In July and August, the Trump campaign began flooding the internet with claims that HIllary Clinton was ill, had tripped while coming off a plane and off a podium. Then at a 911 ceremony, she fainted and much was made of it. Although she was never wearing a white suite, Clinton often wore white to honor the Suffragettes who wore white.


  • Submarine armed and ready, torpedos, (Could this be due to coming close to nuclear war? Submarines are armed with nuclear warheads to fire at a moment’s notice)
  • Fighting in Europe, in Germany?
  • An army and and fat leader–sounds like Kim Jong-un is close to war. (Jeanne)
  • Pitch forks in the Capitol .


  • Stock market downward arrow.
  • Vacations are down -not a lot of people taking time to vacation or go away. (Yaeko)
  • NYC business’s booming in Manhattan. (Naghmeh)
  • Bail-out (Andrea)
  • Shaky economy
  • Employment suffering, waitresses, cab drivers etc. making less money.
  • Boston is okay but rest of country is shaky economically. (Yaeko)


  • Strong winds on the beach, storms and danger – like the Caribbean islands.(Julia)
  • Image of a trident, the triple-spear. Could be a symbol of the power and strength of the sea. Time for everyone to respect the sea. A sacred weapon to fight negativity. It also signifies the highest authority of Heaven. It also might represent new understanding of the seas’ role in weather.
  • Zika hybrid, mosquitos worsening.(Julia)
  • Texas drought, gun shells upside down.
  • West coast forest fires all June and July.
  • Fish in trouble. (Jeanne)
  • Trees blown over in rows as if from a blast.(Jeanne)
  • Judas Priest concert. A farewell. (Andrea)
  • Laurel and Hardy in the news.(Bill)

August 2017


  • The rise of kindness and giving.(Jeanne)
  • In Massachusetts, symbols of hearts, love and caring.
  • Stars coming down from heavens to help,
  • In a vision, I keep seeing the sign of infinity.  Not sure what it means or whether positive or negative. Something spiritual going on, reminded me of the Tarot Magician, who is symbolized by Mercury, the messenger of the gods. (Jeanne)  (One suggestion from a reader involves the Mohawk Prophecy.)

U.S. (August)

  • Strong female brewing, like a witch. (In March, media reported that witches of America prayed to topple Trump)
  • A teepee under the night sky, empty but peaceful.
  • People gathered as far as the eye can see. Looks like Woodstock revisited. Hearts coming up from the crowd. Very beautiful feeling.
  • Standing Rock: Hordes of people coming down the road, stampeding. Shades of WW II, small artillery. Men with white mustaches, longish hair, old hippies, they look like army veterans.
  • Dark gathering of people, could be in Massachusetts, soldiers, crowds saying “down with the elephant.” (might be August or September).
  • People looking for hope.
  • Streets filled with protesters, a big march. (Julia)
  • Soldiers rebel.
  • Symbol of the frog (Pepe the Frog has become an Alt Right (White Supremacist symbol.  See here and here) (Jeanne)


  • Large elephant (Republican Party) facing off with Native American, Goliath compared to Native. Standing Rock.(Jeanne)
  • New resentment against immigrants. A new conservative  movement forming.
  • Uber in the news (Yaeko)  (Uber’s revenues plummeted during Muslim Ban)
  • Tax issues – Trump making tax policy to lower taxes on the ultra rich, formalized.
  • The Capitol under so much stress, fighting, no agreement, just a bunch of selfish rich bickering people who make a lot of money and do nothing to lead a country, let alone a world in trouble. (Jeanne)

ECONOMY (August)

  • Economy down (Yaeko)
  • Cape cod tourism is down. (Yaeko)
  • Extreme market volatility
  • Market drop. This may start in August, but worse in September.
  • Uh oh (reference to the market) (Yaeko)
  • Economy down
  • More stock market volatility – down, then back up (Jeanne)
  • Fear of another recession.
  • Rental market slow. (Yaeko)


  • A beautiful landscape, climate is heating up but they aren’t paying attention.
  • Fish hanging upside down- symbol of fish in trouble
  • Continued drought
  • Heat now an issue in the middle of the country.
  • Seismic readings high in the countryside.(JeanneWaves crashing, problems with whales
  • Crabs in the news.
  • American fields/farmland in the news


  • Americans and Brits united, Brits walking away (Brexit).
  • Famous leader lying in state.
  • British Isles in the spotlight due to Brexit activity
  • Arab men with staffs gathering in the mountains.
  • The International Monetary Fund in the news
  • Nuclear bomb explodes somewhere. (Bill)


  • Nuclear power plants in the news.
  • New DNA advances
  • Scientific breakthrough. But a moral controversy. (Lisa)
  • Folk festival extravaganza. (Vicky)
  • Bones found by an excavator in D.C.
  • Black astronaut. (Bill)
  • Vacation accident, murder famous family.

September 2017


  • Inner light shining as people are turning inward. (Jeanne)
  • An increase in the practice of meditation. People turn to eastern contemplative traditions as a refuge. More meditation to heal the world. (Jeanne)
  • Buddhist leader Thich Nhat Hahn is embodying happiness and blessing others.
  • Engaged Buddhism rises in prominence as a model for social activism and service.

U.S. (September)

  • Kids going back to school with the weight of the world on their shoulders.
  • DAPL(Standing Rock S.D., pipeline protests still in the news.

POLITICS (September)

  • A beautiful young Native woman, black hair, raised fist, a rallying cry, feathers, leadership position.
  • The Christian Right dominates with their religious policy demands.
  • Feeling of Nepoleon, all just a show. Trump and his family  act like they are royalty. (Jeanne)
  • Some states have become more generous to their people, in light of federal cut backs.(Jeanne)
  • In the Capitol, bags of money are changing hands. Capitol for sale. (This is not new but now it is over the top, shameless, rampant, Babylon) (Jeanne)
  • Womens’ issues on the table.
  • Education, student rights an issue in the population.
  • Something going on at Camp David or other presidential retreat – president retreating or holding secret meetings there away from White House. (After only a week in office, president starts going away every weekend to his Florida hotel, staff leaks indicate he dislikes being president).


ECONOMY (September)

  • Market volatility – not good.
  • Real estate slow (Yaeko)
  • Markets tremble, jobs lost, fear, anger. Government unable to help.   The world seems to be reeling from a tragic event.
  • Hurricanes an issue.
  • Market drop then rebound. (Jeanne)
  • Recession, market drop
  • Landlords lowering rents.  (In March– In NYC some rents dropping due to vacancies. In many American cities rents dropping 10%)
  • Housing sales down, American flag down (meaning crisis in government and U.S. standing in the world) (Yaeko)
  • Financial markets wild, image of capitol building in the background not doing anything to help. (Jeanne)


  • A peace agreement
  • France in the headlines.
  • Major disaster, people hurt.
  • Stability, U.S. and West getting control of Iraq/Eqypt’s middle eastern areas where ISIS is. (Naghmeh)
  • Somewhere on Eastern Europe Santa Domingo escape (what could this possibly mean lol?)
  • Many men with guns lined up, soldiers, women waving – not the U.S.


  • Somebody golfing finds gruesome dead bodies. (Andrea)
  • New t.v. coming out – new way of broadcasting.



  • Angels are everywhere at work, touching people’s lives, helping to give them hope. Hence there is a new rise in Angel consciousness. (Jeanne)

U.S./CULTURE (October)

  • Depression hits in the U.S. (I don’t think this is true economic depression, although a recession is coming), but it’s how people are feeling).(Yaeko)
  • Heroin use epidemic continues.
  • People are depressed
  • Hawaii restaurant fire.
  • Improvement of food problems
  • Halloween murders
  • It seems our reality is being shaken. Fear and loathing are commonplace. Hope seems to be fading for a better outcome.
  • Batman to the rescue. (We need him for moral support). (Jeanne)
  • Children’s entertainment in America, amusement projects in the media. (Naghmeh)
  • Athlete being wheeled in a gurney – injury at an athletic event?

SCIENCE (October)

  • A medical breakthrough or procedure in the treatment of a condition that affects children. Could be related to a part of the brain- back of the head.
  • DNA discovery
  • New science appears, cure for cancer?

POLITICS (October)

  • The prison system expanding and the latino illegal immigrants being pursued. This is big business for prison corporations. (Jeanne)
  • Candidate announced (JuliaPolitical disappointment, “business as usual” in President and Congress in spite of election mandate for change – Trump did not deliver on promises. (Julla
  • Scandal in White House.
  • Death penalty abolished, many reforms.


  • Panama, the tropics in the media
  • Norway in the news. Could be military issue. (AndreHumanitarian aid to Africa


  • Water issues and the Miami high life. (Marilyn)
  • NASA makes great discovery. (Bill)

ECONOMY (October)

  • Stock market goes crazy in a bad way.
  • Market rebounds.
  • Housing market down. (Yaeko)
  • More drought in U.S.
  • Real estate assessments down for the year.

November 2017


  • Holy figure bowing in prayer. (Jeanne)
  • Image of a beautiful woman who is leading others to practice compassionate prayer. (Jeanne)
  • Vision of a unicorn, symbol of purity, belief, infinite possibility and success .(Jeanne)

U.S. (November)

  • The present federal government is symbolized by the Roman fasces (ax), symbol of central state harsh rule. (Jeanne)
  • Tanks to keep law and order, people putting flowers in the guns of the tanks.(Jeanne)
  • An angel stands over the land, sending hope and compassion to the downtrodden and dispirited.(Jeanne)
  • Tired calm (Jill)
  • People can’t control sadness. (Marilyn)
  • Heroin epidemic.
  • Religious breakdown, people are suffering
  •  Not enough giving thanks. Confusion, anger.
  • Black cars, funeral of a public figure.

ECONOMY (November)

  • Economy weak.
  • Housing market down.

POLITICS (November)

  • Government has a major change. (Andrea)
  • New tax law proposed, not passed.


  • Windmills/Holland in the news – not the new turbines but the Dutch variety. (Jeanne)
  • Toilets and teapots. Jeanne (Chinese government building public toilets to boost tourism).
  • Image of windmill, the traditional Dutch kind. Probably about the rise of wind power. (JeanneUnited Nations human rights issues emphasized.
  • Crowds with arms, patriotism, not the U.S.
  • Middle Eastern men in robes meeting, discussing what to do.


  • Ghost towns out west (due to running out of water?) (Bill)
  • Trouble with fish due to climate changes –  with deep ocean waters floating upwards are too warm for some fish to breathe.
  • Early winter in many places. Cold reaches southward (an effect of climate change).


  • Oscar Myers, hot dogs, etc. industry in the headlines.(Naghmeh)

December 2017


  • An angel stands over the land. It’s a new age of giving. (Jeanne)
  • Star of David (Jewish) and lotus (Buddha) together.  (Kirsten)

U.S. (December)

  • Big explosion – a huge facility/industrial plant.
  • A gasp for help. A descent, a spiral downward. Little respite during the holidays. Our world seems to be spinning beyond our control. No relief in sight.  A dismal finish to the year.
  • Oil rig on fire. (Bill)
  • Image of an alligator with a woman inside.  (Jeanne) Sadly this came true when the remains of a missing Australia woman were discovered inside a 14 foot alligator. I got this vision  in early 2016 and thought it was going to happen in late 2017, so either my timing was way off or there’s going to be another one.
  • Washington helping the homeless.
  • Families huddled together. (Jeanne)

POLITICS (December)

  • Capitol building on its side along with a map of the U.S. (A Congress that doesn’t function at a time when it is sorely needed).
  • Big fat bloated elephants (Republicans) meeting. So obese they can barely fit in a room to meet. (Jeanne)
  • Capitol building glowing red hot with conflict, rage, asserting itself. (Jeanne)
  • Lawyer corruption.
  • People asking, “What now?”
  • Congress roiling in conflict  and controversy. Issue is what to do about the president.

ECONOMY  (December)

  • Real estate is down, home sales values lost. (Note: Unsure if this is just New England. or more widespread). (Yaeko)
  • Significant rift in the stock market. (Andrea)
  • Not a good Christmas financially. (Yaeko)


  • Brexit issues coming to the forefront. (Jeanne)
  • Political strife in Europe. (Naghmeh)
  • Norsemen crossing. Probably related to war.(Andrea)
  • Fighting– invasion of one place from another. (Lisa)


2018 THE WHOLE YEAR — (See further below for visions by month)


  • Spiritual consciousness shift happening in the midst of so many problems. (Jeanne)
  • Beautiful woman wearing head scarves in support of Muslim women, the society’s most gorgeous women are turning head scarves.
    nto a fashion statement to support their Muslim sisters. (Jeanne) (Vogue Magazine doing a Muslim women fashion issue).
  • Stars and lights over the Great Lakes region– a promising part of the U.S. for the future (probably due to drought elsewhere and abundance of fresh water). (Jeanne)


  • Image of Capitol Building larger – Congress playing much larger role.
  • War with U.S. overseas.
  • Elephants very fat, restless,
  • I just see night. (Jeanne)
  • Power – the idea of a rigid controlling order in charge.
  • A retro style in automobiles, back to the fifties look.
  • Elephants everywhere (Jeanne) (China bans all ivory commerce beginning in 2018, thus sparing elephant killing in Africa).
  • Feverish in their activity, people.throwing rocks at them from the balcony. (Jeanne)
  • Collective resolve to take action and get things done.
  • Hunger on various fronts . (Vicky)


  • Upheaval around the world.
  • Protesting crowds gathered but fenced off, people reaching over the fence for food. Probably refugees trying to get into new country. (Jeanne)
  • Lots of people standing behind a fence with blank looking faces; hands reaching out; then same picture with winter coats on.   A heavy dark feeling surrounding the areas between India and Australia–dark looking in mind map. (Lucy)
  • Chaos, wars, terrorism, America unsteady, Europe unsteady, worldwide turmoil.
  • A heavy dark feeling surrounding the areas between India and Australia.(Lucy)

January 2018



  • Market volatile, much movement.
  • Many super storms in the U.S.
  • Chemicals raining into the ocean from a U.S. geo engineering project. (Jeanne)
  • An island country swamped, barely alive.


  • Attention on North Pole: ice is gone.(Jeanne)
  • Animal extinction at the North Pole especially polar bears.



  • Korea: Health issues with Kim Jong-un.
  • Kim Jong-un: sometime this year he will be removed from power and North Korea and South Korea will become one.
  • War, genocide happening. (Report that As many as 13,000 people have been hanged  in Saydnaya between September 2011 and December 2015.)
  • Town with tall steeples, then big fissure, earthquake.(see vision below that later in the year the fault line of the western U.S. is accentuated with the name San Bernardino).
  • Farms struggle.
  • Middle East problem and peace
  • Hunger on various fronts.
  • Big agreement signed.
  • Hunger, poverty
  • Symbol of elongated V. (Jeanne)  (one  reader suggested it may refer to Vril & Donald Marshall and a sci-fi book about a subterranean race of angels.)

February 2018

  • Hummingbirds in the news, probably related to climate change migration issues. (Jeanne)
  • Concern about new insect infestation in Latin America.

March 2018

April 2018

  • Plague of yellow caterpillars in North America.(Bill)
  • Baseball slow ticket sales at Fenway. (Yaeko)
  • Fool on a Hill (the song) is in the news.(Jill)

May 2018

  • Map of U.S. western fault line accentuated, San Bernardino accentuated.
  • Gorillas/chimpanzees, or orangutans in trouble as well as small mammals . (Jeanne)
  • Old fire engines with very shiny fireman’s hats on hood (have no idea what this is about lol) (Bill)

2019 to 2020

  • 2019: Feeling anxiety, even heart palpitations as we entered the energy of 2019, a sign of difficulty and fear. Then I saw a third eye and realized that the third eye was opening in those people who are politically and socially engaged around the world. A large number of people were becoming visionaries. Then an owl appeared that symbolized the wisdom that is borne out of difficulty, and the ability and courage to look for truth and light in the darkness. During this period, it felt like some of us really were entering the dark night of the soul. To cope with the darkness, we collectively held up our lanterns to SEE, revealing an inner path we would take to a new, happier world. (Jeanne)2019: Donald Trump has become retreated. Still president but inaccessible  except as an address for people to write to. (Jeanne) (One reader pointed out after seeing this vision, that Trump’s new hotel is housed in “The Old Post Office” on Pennsylvania Ave in D.C., near the White House). Could those visions possibly mean he is living in his hotel instead of in the WH at that point in time?)
  • Donkey down and bound up. Republicans have taken control of everything.
  • 2019: Large scale terrorist attack, has opponents of political party in power very afraid. (could be a state-run staged attack to spread fear and quell dissent).
  • Stress in the markets, serious volatility
  • Markets moving.
  • Line going upward (market?) (Jeanne)
  • Drought (Yaeko)
  • “I told you so,” repetition of history, not learning from our mistakes (sounds like another market crash for same reasons as 1929 and 2008 crashes).
  • Women called upon to lead us out of so much trouble.
  • Spain – in for a big surprise involving the bull fight. (Andrea)
  • New technolgocial discoveries bridging quantum physics. (Julia)
  • Lighthouse tragedy in Scotland. (Vicky)
  • More peace in Middle East; U.S. is safe from attacks.
  • Everyone’s talking about Texas, not good. (Jeanne)
  • People know the world cannot survive like this, new ideas, new concepts, must take over.
  • In some places — , people living on the streets, stray dogs, people looking for food in trash.
  • Western part of U.S. under stress due to drought. (Jeanne)
  • Elephants and other beloved exotic animals disappearing. Build an ark!
  • Big oil fire on an ocean rig.(Jeanne)
  • Too much water – flooding; huge storm with highway signs sideways.(Jeanne)
  • Statutes falling, lions in charge (fascists). (MaryAnn)
  • Huge fire (Suzana)
  • More peaceful protests. Business people quitting jobs in realization of awakening (Shannon)
  • Masses pushing forward in V formation (Carissa)
  • Shopping box in the sky  (Stuart) (Could be referring to the use of drones to deliver packages.)  Articles appearing that Amazon has applied for patten to use drone warehouses in the future).
  • White heart-centered compassion spreading.


  • Crossing the Rubicon, past a point of no return. (Brian)
  • This may be the darkest hour or lowest point of the path that started in 2017, although it really started decades ago. Here I saw a yellow butterfly– a sign of hope, light, and transformation to freedom. Finally, I saw an image of a Native American man with a very large feathered headdress that cascaded down his back and was blowing in the wind. The image inspired. He seemed to be a spirit guide helping people to find their way to a better life.
  • More focus on weather problems.
  • Congress takes over or overshadows the executive branch.
  • Weather becoming a major concern everywhere in the world as it moves in the forefront of affecting the economy and many aspects of life.
  • Things more hopeful in the U.S
  • So many displaced people.
  • Rubble from storm devastation, elevated temperatures, sea rising, floods.
  • The top of a large golden ball showing above the muck. Mud that is like glue. (These appear to be the aftermath of very high water flooding).
  • So much fire in the forests.
  • Change in US and the world, ready to become stronger, leave turmoil behind, tired of fighting, young people demanding change, young people making change.
  • Green movement increasing due to rising negative impact of climate.
  • Among the wealthy, taxes are down, but among some people, charitable giving is up. People are using charitable giving as a way to redirect their tax dollars away from the federal government.
  • Focus on small sea creatures – crustaceans, scientific findings about them that are relevant to the direction of our world. (Jeanne)
  • Year covered with black mark, like redacted text not wanting to be seen. (Brian)
  • Big  political change afoot — a broom sweeping (Ilysa)
  • A problem with holding elections. They try to cancel them. (Natalie)
  • No real election this year.
  • A flat grey sea.(Andrew)
  • The genie from Aladdin.  Wishes abound in the culture. (Anais)
  • Focus on Batman, the need for super heroes to inspire people.
  • Grizzly bear  (California or Russia)  (Cesca)
  • Trump: a giant mouse on two hooves (This vision matches a creature called the Chevrotain –a cute little mouse-eyed creature with “fangs that are fiercer than Draculas”. Check this out.)
  • Support for Muslim culture.
  • Vision of redacted images or text. It’s a cover up.(Brian)
  • Economy picking up and feeling hope. (Yaeko)


  • Weather becoming a big focus.
  • Washington D.C. no longer relevant, a tiny factor in all that’s going on, separated from the rest of the country and out of touch. A Gotham. (Jeanne)
  • Trump inaugurated again, another rigged election. (Will check again on this question to see if it still holds in the future).(Jeanne)
  • More market upset.(Jeanne)
  • Boys walking along road in rural America, like homeless in a war movie. (Jeanne)
  • State of Texas in crisis.(Jeanne)
  • Heavy rains, mudslides, floods, tornadoes.(Jeanne)
  • Barbed wire fences, borders, people thrown into jail who aren’t legal – harsh response to illegal aliens.  (Jeanne) (On 2/17/17,  Associated Press  reported that a draft White House memo surfaced proposing to use 100,000 National Guard troops to detain and deport unauthorized aliens. White House denies proposal)
  • Cars that drive themselves. (Jeanne)
  • U.S. elections totally rigged and everyone knows it but they can’t do anything about it. (Jeanne)
  • People becoming politically greener, as in a rising movement. More being put into legislation and action.(Jeanne)
  • New paradigm pendulum swinging. (Jeanne)
  • Back on our feet. (Yaeko)

2022-2023 (these visions were made in 2015 & 2016)

  • Elephants (Republicans) fill the field in politics. (Jeanne)
  • Coastal properties condemned at massive rates due to rising seas. (Jeanne)
  • Seals in trouble.
  • War-like period, soldiers, guns in America. (Jeanne)
  • Market volatility.
  • Silence, a scene from after a storm: flooding has ceased, people in awe of devastation. (Jeanne)
  • Image of German coat of arms bird, tilted at an angle.
  • People breaking down borders in other continents. They have to get away from their climate-devastated homelands in order to survive. (Jeanne)
  • India subcontinent under stress, connected to U.S. issues.
  • Europe upset.
  • Survival, income disparities more extreme than ever.
  • U.S. getting smaller in its standing in the world. Are we becoming a third world country due to income disparity, recession, and neglect of education and health care?
  • Massachusetts: map of state in the shape of a strong arm – not going along with federal authority, revolutionary spirit abounds. (Jeanne)
  • 2023 – Matriarchal woman winking. Attitude of “We’ve got this now”

2024 (Jeanne)

  • Markets continued distress
  • Nuclear power plants by the sea in trouble.
  • Sun blazing like never before.
  • Crying, hungry babies, food rations.
  • Wind gusts, rain, eruptions, Mother Nature rebelling.
  • Settling in- a new groove.


  • I saw a pair of young lovers wading in a river in a peaceful countryside scene. Then I saw a flower and realized it was the end of winter. Percephone, the goddess of springtime whom Pluto had abducted back in 2016, was being returned to the land. People found happiness in the simple joys of living. I saw people who were living in the country, growing food and finding a comfortable way of life. It would still be some time before the majority felt this alive and free, but many people will have left an old life and found a happier one. Eventually others will follow. I heard the word “enlightenment.” I believe the movement begins in 2021 and picks up momentum after that, culminating in a power shift in 2028. (Jeanne)

2025: (Jeanne)

  • Something that brightens everyone and opens hearts.
  • Railroads revived.
  • Government controlling masses.
  • No electricity, finding light.
  • Vision of Che Guevara on horseback, symbolizing the rise of revolutionaries.
  • This is the future now. Coming to understanding of what is and what needs to be done.

2026 (Jeanne)

  • Great Lakes region is the soft landing for many (saw a vision of a trampoline that firemen use to save people).
  • Guns, shooting, lawlessness.
  • Lazy in the yard, rakes, rural scene, migration to farming areas.
  • Drought more severe (U.S.)
  • Refugees all over the place.

2027 (Jeanne)

  • Market extremes
  • Peace pigeon
  • Mustaches in fashion.
  • Restructuring

2028  (Jeanne)

  • Market rallies,  up, up, up.
  • Awakening from bad dream
  • Men in life vests doing work, a scene from a flood.
  • Power shifts flip.  (two years after making these prediction of a new beginning from the prior twenty years, we are finding articles (see here, here, and here) by sociologists and mathematicians that seek to explain why the late 2020’s will see a reversal of direction and new beginning).
  • Two women running for president.
  • Women in power.
  • Migration in U.S. northwesterly (from southern and eastern cities).
  • Build up. Structure for new way being put into place.


  • U.S. map with image of FDR – a New Deal. (This is a very good sign that the country is now taking care of people). (Jeanne)
  • Stock market goes up, up, up (Jeanne)
  • War breaks out. (Jeanne)
  • Arguing about new structures, people resistant to new ways. (Jeanne)
  • Women dominate. (Jeanne)

2030: (Jeanne)

  • So many animals going extinct. Fires affecting koala bears 🙁  (Jeanne)
  • Image of a gun or rifle, representing lawlessness, vigilantes abound.(Jeanne)


  • The rise of rail travel around the globe. Jeanne)
  • Oil and gas-fueled travel banned in many places. (Jeanne)
  • Trees dying, huge forests appear swamped. (Jeanne)
  • Map of U.S., a Continental Congress meets (symbolic of new grass roots legislative body that is an alternative to Congress.)


 Image U.S. overlaid with an axel and the wheel. Symbolic of efforts to move economy forward without fossil fuel. (Jeanne)

2034: (Jeanne)

  • Man and dog by big river – that rural wilderness feeling.
  • Purple flags swaying, reminds me of Tibet
  • Fragmentation (not centralization) in the economy and government.


  • New generation of technology. (Jeanne)
  • Importance of China. (Jeanne)


  • Pacific Rim the focus of attention. (Jeanne)
  • Tom Sawyer images – return to rural living in America. (Jeanne)


Women in leadership. (Jeanne)

2040 (Jeanne)

  • Mountain range exposed under melted ice,  massive fish death
  • Problem with trees, need for trees that can survive these harsh conditions.
  • Hoping for a chance to recover.

2048 Largescale bird and fish migrations. (Jeanne)

2050: Greenland turning green. (Jeanne)

2051: Cloud around the U.S. Capitol, it is disconnected from the rest of the country. (Jeanne)

2058: Small boat filled with people, some armed, crossing body of water. (Jeanne)

2068: Mushroom shaped cloud – (nuclear explosion to block heat from sun?). (Jeanne)

2072 Coast of eastern U.S. flooded 20-30 miles inland, mudflats. (Jeanne)

2070-80: Peaceful scene of village in forested mountain region. Homes high in the mountains. Look like tree houses.  Looks like ancient Japan. (Jeanne)

2080’s to 90’s: Atlantic seaboard feels and looks tropical and surprisingly beautiful and orderly, palm trees far north of where they used to grow, wind mills on the landscape – the old fashioned kind. U.S. becoming more rural again.  Very peaceful feeling. (Jeanne)

2100 Most of Florida covered in water and has become a sailboat playground. (Jeanne)

For articles about long-term visions, check here, here, and here.


This section contains hundreds comments from readers on the future of our world, as well as questions about the future posed to Jeanne and Graham, and their responses.  For postings prior to February 1, 2017, go here.

DISCLAIMER:  The comments, visions and dreams expressed on this site can be wrong,  and are meant for interest and inspiration only.  Do not plan your life expecting these visions to come true. As the Buddha said to his followers: Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. 

78 thoughts on “World Psychic Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

  1. Does it matter to the [future] timeline that Trump has so far met with defeat? His “Muslim Ban” is still held up in court and last night the Republicans failed to repeal and replace Obamacare. Is it possible that these ‘little moments’ could matter, leading eventually to a way to stop Trump & the Republicans. There are progressive groups, many connected to Bernie Sanders, that are trying to influence 2018, possibly take the Senate which would make further extremist legislation almost impossible the way the Republican Congress made Obama’s last six years fruitless. Does it change at all, the potential future? Thanks.

  2. FROM: Graham
    SUBJECT: Nazi issues in the US Government.
    Outcome: See Below.
    I am reposting my post of the 22nd March: (Due to popular demand).

    From: Graham
    Subject: Nazi’s in Washington
    Probability: 90%
    outcome: Bad 60%
    Expansion :
    Re the posting of Michele, about Nazi’s. These vermin are deeply embedded in the Republican Right wing. Many came, initially, from germany, after 1945, when top Nazi scientists, spies, and military experts arrived under official protection, as part of “Operation Paperclip”. > Prominent among them was the German Scientist Werner Vob Braun, who headed up the American Moon program. Many others also. Thats how the Nazi Virus was innoculated into the Republican party. It has been there ever since. Very few traditional Republican voters are aware of how deeply the Party was influenced. So the Fascists that you mentioned, like Bannon, Gorka, Miller, are fairly typical of those who have long hidden in the inner recesses of the Party. Now they are out in broad daylight. This causes considerable worry in the more rational socially conservative wing of the Party. But the die is cast. More important, is the network of fascists inside the Pentagon, who are now in the ascendance there. They really are a great danger. They are like something out of a tom Clancy novel. What I am getting, via scanning, is that they have their own “Deep State” plans, for an organizational network that is opposed to some parts of the existing “Deep State”. Bannon is the Nazi thereotician, at the core, and is closely connected to the Oligarch Roberty Mercer, an ex-Ibm computer scientist.. Mercer is really like a real life “Dr Strangelove”. His thinking is deeply fascist, and racist. However, my scans indicate that he will fall, when Trump falls. Bannon will eventually be absent from America and with a warrant out for his arrest. Likewise the Trump Junior creature..Gorka I sense is deeply connected to the international Nazi network. he does not have a high profile, but we should concentrate on him. he is a powerful link in the chain. I have been very outspoken in this post, as I usually am fairly careful about what I say, but the White House “Nazi-Cell” needs to be relentlessly scanned.

  3. Graham left this comment:

    From: Graham
    Subject: Spring Events:
    Outcome: Bad
    Probability: 60% (at moment).
    I have been scanning and pondering. Not good. The new secretary of State, is causing large problems. He is unskilled and inexperienced in Diplomacy,. and is headed for a debacle. . His own limited world view, and right wing extremism, are preventing him from functioning in the job properly. There is gathering International concern. The Chinese in particular are worried.

    Events are brewing that will be seen to be a turning point, in the future, but are not yet clearly here at the moment, to onlookers. The Chinese are faced with difficulties in dealing with America, caused by the inexperience, suspicion, and narrow mind set of the Secretary of State. He is an experienced international business man, but out of his depth in diplomacy and external relations.

    His advisers in the State department are also very worried. Foreign Governments are also worried. All is concealed, most of the time, by a mask of diplomatic politeness. The Secretary of State will eventually fail in his tasks. The Chinese, for the moment, have decided on a policy of engagement, involvement, and negotiation, and will offer cooperation on various key matters. Ji, the Chinese paramount Leader, is well versed in American ways, and is a college grad from an American University. he despairs. He in turn is under pressure from the Chinese “Military Industrial Complex”, who have taken a hard line with the Americans, internally. Ji wishes to find a way of securing relations with America, but is being met with ignorance.

    The Russians are concerned. It will have repercussions for them, as well. The Russians are deeply connected to Trump. They backed him, and helped him, not to destroy America, but to prevent the American Deep State from planning and executing a war against Russia, that Clinton had already agreed to. It would have been a disaster for Russia, internationally, and would have split the European Union.

    So for now, the Chinese will endeavour to fix things, internationally. They want at least a working relationship, that will preserve the peace. At the moment, they will not get what they want, which is a continuation of the pragmatic, behind the scenes relationship they have had with America more or less ever since the time of Nixon.

    So we have the scene set for a replay of the events leading up to World War One.

    Trump will mishandle events with China. The Chinese will then become cautious, and make pragmatic attempts to prepare for the worst. North Korea is the key. Outcome on this undecided. So the curious situation: Russia supports Trump, is anti-democratic. party. Chinese are dismayed and horrified with Trump, are supporting the Democratic leadership discreetly and carefully, to try and neutralise him.

    Washington inside the Beltway is still in a state of shock, as far as the permanent Government is concerned, not the elected one, and trying to do damage limitation. Official Washington is split. I am getting all this from high level scanning, etc.

    What I am getting is that the Republicans have been infiltrated by external international fascist elements and links, almost openly, and that the President and his inner core are running things like a Latin American Junta. As I said, the outcome is damn near finely balanced, at the moment.

    Only looking back, will the American people see what happened. I do sense that inside the Beltway, a “Silent Coup” of opposition to trump is underway, and that events may tip deeply against Trump this Spring. The revelations from the FBI and the leaks from the intelligence agencies, are embedded in this. But remember, it took two years to dethrone Nixon, after the scandals were exposed.

    I do see Trump effectively “Neutralised”, in his first term. certainly no later than Spring 2019. Trump is now aware that he was set up as a Patsy. The Republican “Inner Party” want Pence, as they think he is controllable. He is, but only partly. He too, if he is placed in power, will find to his horror, that events have developed beyond his control or influence. The power controls have been dis-connected. Something like Watergate is attempting to surface, and take place. As I said, the probability index of this one is at the moment, still 60%. It could still zig zag, through various loops and forks….as events unfold. Hold onto your seats, everyone. Sorry for the very long post. I thought it was important. Can others think about this, and do feed back for Me. I think We should. Lets try a sort of “Majority report”. (Eventually).

    In the meantime, any more comments on Bigfoot?…..

  4. Jeanne and Graham – There have been predictions of Trump both being re-elected and him not lasting a full term. What is the currently likelihood that Trump will be re-elected in 2020?

    • From: Graham
      Subject: Trumps reelection
      Outcome: 30% for, 70% against.
      It is still in a balance, but He will fall. Eventually.
      he will fall like no other American president.

  5. Comedy relief from twitter:
    ^^ DJT: “Trust me I’m *like* a smart person” – – – Well sh*t Don, I’m ‘like’ a freaking whale, we both have eyes & we’re both mammals. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • Hi Karen,
        I looked for it, but cannot find it!. lol.
        I think it was a week or so back. The flow of things is becoming a blur. If anybody else can get the date, I would appreciate it!. Thanks Graham

    • Thank you Graham for your through response although it’s all a bit scary. Seems there’s more than one scenario playing out in all this.

      It will be interesting (actually terrifying) if LePen wins if she is still behind in the polls before the election. She was in Russia today meeting w Putin. I read Cambridge Analytica is being investigated in the UK for Brexit bots/trolls playing into that vote and everyone is looking to France hoping they don’t pull it off there, too.

      • Re Cambridge Analytica:
        It is a huge can of worms, that will lead straight to Bannon, and to Robert Mercer, the Oligarch, who financed the entire thing. They may be required to submit to investigation by the Uk police, as they seem to have broken numerous electoral laws in the UK. Such investigations are ongoing, right now. People here are outraged. UK was treated like a Banana Republic, in the BREXIT Referendum.

          • From: Graham
            Subject: Brexit fraud.
            The UK newspapers are giving detailed accounts of what has been discovered so far. It is damning. As a politically aware person here, I follow the news closely.This is a sort of huge scandal that is developing. There are official investigations, by the electoral commission, that supervises elections,and the Information commissioner, who runs the laws on data protection. The investigations so far all point to a “Co-intel-Pro” style American intelligence operation to influence the vote. This was backed by the mainstream media of the Right, It was a typical operation, just like the ones in Latin America. People asre furious. I wish it were not true. Graham.

  6. Hi Graham, and Jeanne, I have one other question I wanted to bug you all with when you have the time. I had a few mysterious dreams that to this day I could never figure them out, and I’m wondering from a spiritual point of view can finally give me some answers I’m seeking.

    The First Dream:
    One day during the daytime I took a nap on the couch, and soon I felt like I was actually moving around in my room back, and forth from the couch, and next thing I knew I was looking at the bright blue sky, and saw a huge black hole open up, I could of sworn something was coming out of it, but I couldn’t make it out. Next thing I knew I slowly woke up, and heard this incredibly strange noise in my ears, and I never had that experience before, but the strange occurrences didn’t end there.

    The Second Dream:
    The next dream I had was not too long after the first one, and once again I was up in the sky, but this time dark clouds, and lightning, but it soon parted away to reveal this incredible looking silver metallic ship (It had a really cool design!), and I even saw the back energy engines rev up before it left!

    The Third Dream:
    This time it was really weird, I was a unknown house with somebody, and inside a unknown neighborhood. Apparently the next thing I know there is a commotion outside, and I saw these flying cargo like ships landing, and I was greeted by these alien-like beings. I do believe one of them shook my hand too.

    The Fourth Dream (the last dream I remember):
    This time I was in outer space looking at the Earth, and I was also inside a ship. I had this odd looking being next to me, and he was talking about something, but I no longer remember what he said, but I felt no hostility.

    To this day I never had those weird dreams again, and I never could figure them out. I was wondering if my mind was just having a imagination override or I was actually experiencing something, and trying to contact me on a spiritual level.

    • From: Graham
      Re Dreams:
      I think it is sort of sharing someone elses dreams, actually. They get distorted, in the process. But very interesting!. Perhaps people on here might want to share UFO dreams?…

      • I’ve called this dream “The Gathering”.
        I was on a hill. I came across a man with yellow eyes. In the dream, he was not a stranger to me. We greeted each other and he pointed to the sky and said “The Gathering” is taking place. I looked up and saw a cloud formation in the shape of a swan. In between the feathers of the wings were space ships. He asked if I would go with him. I declined, fearing I wouldn’t get back home.

        In other dreams, I was in the spacecraft being shown how to work the controls.

        I will also say, at the time of these dreams, I lived in the same town as Whitley Strieber, who later wrote the book, “Communion”. My dreams were so intense then, I couldn’t wait for sleep. I travelled worlds and galaxies.

    • I think you should read the works of Dr. David Jacobs. It’s terrifying, but he has good explanations for your dreams.

  7. My comment flew away with the page again when trying to post. Captcha code didn’t work at all & away it went.:) Testing…testing again… “Humpty Trumpty sat on a Wall Humpty Trumpty had a great fall All the King’s horses And all the King’s men Couldn’t put Trumpty together again.”

    • Jeanne, I see that my goofy test posted after-all early yesterday (above this) lol. It’s acting up right now. Must be allergic to the site or something? Taking too long technically, again & page is jumpy. Let’s see..

      • Laura, this page gets top heavy every few days, so I moved 150 comments to the World Predictions Forum and hopefully it should be working now. Let me know.

  8. Jeanne,
    I was listening today’s White House press briefing. What got my attention when Spicer announce April 19 The Battle Lexington and Concord and The New England Patriots are visiting the White House. I got this feeling Trump will try to make another move. I believe it will be another move that will be dramatic important for further events. Even though Trump seems to be all over the place with what he says and does, special dates is important and stand to him to create chaos. I been feeling the important dates parts for Trump for weeks. Does anyone else see anything happen on April 19 besides The Battle Lexington and Concord and The New England Patriots are visiting the White House.

      • From Graham:
        Hi, re Jeanne, and April:
        Yes, something will happen in the Spring. Not sure what, but feel a strong signal. Also several smaller things. It is heating up, as Jeanne says. I did post a long post about the fact that this Spring would be a point that future people would look back at and see as a very significant fork in the road. But it is as if the people are sleeping, at the moment. I think we are headed for another Watergate. The destinies of a tiny hand-full of people, in positions of power, decide events. This is one for the history books. Wait, and it will develop. Expect unexpected events and turns in the path. please reread this in the Summer!

  9. Hi Jeanne and Graham
    So, I’ve never shared this experience with anyone, and I’ve often questioned it’s authenticity, but it’s extremely relevant to your predictions regarding a rise in angel consciousness (plus it’s a spot of brightness in the gloom).

    After the election, I was extremely distressed, and found myself really taking seriously what had previously been casual spiritual beliefs. I was having a lot of bad dreams, a lot of racing thoughts, so I started to pray regularly. Then in early December I underwent a fairly low-key brain surgery (this was my sixth inpatient surgery, so nothing really novel). When I woke up afterwards in post-op, I saw dark shadows, like silhouettes, in the shape of humans hovering over all of the sleeping patients and the nurses attending to them (one silhouette for each person). I then realized in a matter-of-fact way, almost as if someone were infusing my brain with knowledge, that I was seeing guardian angels. I couldn’t make out any details or movement other than a sort of protective hovering, and after a few minutes I could no longer see the shadows, but I was left feeling extremely peaceful and calm, not even bored about lying awake in a hospital bed with nothing to do. I spent several hours just watching all of the nurses and visitors come and go, and simply appreciating their delicate maneuvering and the overwhelming atmosphere of caring I was surrounded by.

    A note: this was before I found this site and before “angel consciousness” was even a concept for me. Also, nothing like this has ever happened to me after surgery, nor have I ever had unusual reactions to anaesthesia, so I don’t think what I saw was caused by something chemical going on in my brain. Trying to make sense of the experience, I think I was being shown a brief glimpse of the type of goodwill being imparted on the world beyond the human realm, as a way of allaying my fears a bit.

    Make of it what you will.

    • John,
      What a magnificent gift. I think the “realm beyond the human realm” as you describe it is actually very much a part of the human realm – it’s just a rare brain that has the capacity to receive on that frequency if you get my meaning. In that moment, whether because of your vulnerable state or because Spirit willed it (or both) the veil was lifted for you and you could see a fuller picture of reality. And that’s amazing. 🙂


    • John, Thanks for your experience. Hoping also that your surgery was successful and you are healed. John, I have been feeling the presence of angels and guides like never before. Everyday. And had posted that vision of angels appearing to people. So I’m happy and reassured when I hear of your experience. 🙂

    • I had a similar dream once, only it was not in a hospital. It was in heaven or some similar place and it was where all the people had died were received, kind of like a hospital, a healing place and there were people going from person to person (or soul to soul) and doing some kind of energy healing to release the trauma and damage done while they were on earth. Some were more intensive than others– those who had mental illness, addiction, violence done. There were teams of healers.

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