Psychic Predictions 2015-2100 how Climate Change plays out in America

psychic predictions and climate change and world economy

Everyone wants to know how climate change will play out. The science predicting climate change is solid, but off in the timing.   Our own visions have always shown events happening faster.

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[For latest predictions covering a variety of areas in month by month detail from 2016 to 2020, go here.]

[Warning: these visions are not for the faint at heart.  Do NOT read if seeing negative visions of the future disturbs you.]

Intuition tells  us where we are headed given our current trajectory. It’s one of the  tools we have to survive.   In the case of climate change,  leaders may not wake up to what is coming until much has been lost. You, however, can use these visions to help you navigate your path and hopefully to help you do all you can to change this awful future.

Summary: A Great Unraveling Followed by a Great Turning

In spite of scientists’ warnings, the U.S. government continues full speed with business-as-usual though 2025, and becomes increasingly disconnected from its people.   Financial markets become volatile in 2017, show more unsteadiness in 2018, and major volatility in 2019 followed by crash in 2020.  The climate crisis surges in 2025 with severe irreversible and cataclysmic drought in the U.S. Heartland together with a surge in temperatures.  These adverse events cause a political power shift with Republican Party losing power, the U.S. Congress becoming irrelevant to the citizens, and women at the helm in 2028.   Although the financial markets rally in 2028, the climate does not.

As the climate worsens, people migrate north and inland, with the Great Lakes region becoming a mecca of commerce and habitability. American life slows down and becomes more rural. By 2075, the U.S. east coast, which will have unusually high sea level rise compared to other parts of the country, has flooded significantly inland with up to eighty foot sea level rise by end of century.  Florida is largely under water by 2100. This Great Unraveling will be difficult for everyone, but especially those who have invested themselves fully in the old system and have difficulty letting go. It will over time bring on a more heart-centered world that flowers just as the most difficult shifts begin.

Scroll down for highlights and further below for detailed year by year visions.

[For month-by-month psychic predictions for 2015 &16, skip to here.]

Highlights of 2015 to end of century:  

  • Financial markets continue to move up in 2015, although they dip mid year. In 2018 the market becomes unstable and volatile, culminating in a downturn in 2020. The market rallies in 2028.
  • The Arctic completely melts by summer of 2018.  U.S. Southwest drought worsening in 2016.
  • From 2026-32, an epic long-term drought occurs in the Central U.S. Plains and the Southwest. In several different meditations over the last three years, I’ve seen  a somber cactus appear over the Heartland of the U.S. with no water coming through pipes. [Since writing this post, NASA, Cornell and Columbia University released a large study predicting the worst drought here in 1000 years.
  • An island nation nearly flooded over in 2018
  • An epic tropical storm in 2018
  • While the public continues to deal with the climate crisis, the U.S. Congress remains  out of touch through to the mid 2020’s.  It does try geo-engineering projects launching chemicals into the earth’s atmosphere to block the sun but the substances just rain down upon us.
  • Fossil fuel companies continue exploring for more fossil fuels in the melted Arctic, causing ill effects on larger sea life such as whales, sharks, dolphins. Greenhouse gas emissions continue full force.
  • More tree death, and fish and bird migrations throughout the 20’s.
  • During the late 20’s, there is a power shift from men to women, with Republican Party losing control.
  • Emergence of world spiritual leader or leaders especially felt in 2030-2033 who people look to for guidance.
  • Railroads see a revival.
  • In the U.S., populations migrate towards rural areas. I saw lazy bucolic scenes resembling the U.S. in the 1930’s.
  • The Great Lakes region becomes a center of commerce and prosperity.
  • By 2026 there is a new caring attitude in the collective. People helping each other.
  • In the 2030’s there are more mass migrations all over the world. I saw vision of small boats of people headed for better lands. Images of soldiers patrolling the roads hints that the surge has created domestic security issues.
  • Heat, polar melt, drought and sea level rise begin to surge (steep incline) around 2037.
  • Small family farms are revived, especially in cooler, northern latitudes.
  • By 2072,  the U.S. east coast is flooded 20-30 miles inland. By 2090, I saw a tropical lower eastern seaboard, surprisingly beautiful and orderly, and dotted with palm trees.
  • By 2100 large parts of  Florida flooded; in a vision, I saw it as a playground for sailboat enthusiasts.

Below are year-by-year visions: 

2015:  [Click here for even more detailed month by month visions for 2015]

  • Image of highway warning sign for heavily loaded trucks that they are approaching a steep hill. (symbolic that our society is approaching abrupt changes).
  • Trees subtly failing; fish, boats, forest fires in mountains, feeling that things are bad, bad, bad.
  • Lightning striking the capitol (figuratively meaning strife and pain), greed and money rules, phones off the hook (lawmakers not responding to public)
  • Elephant is in charge – throwing its weight around (Republican Party)
  • Pollution, smoke continual burning
  • January: new higher market
  • February and March : Markets excited
  • April: Markets down, jobless rate up
  • May: Markets rally
  • August: Severe market drop followed by rebound to higher levels, forming a hook shape.
  • December: More market volatility ultimately slightly down
  • October: Bad news about the weather and birds, especially larger birds, raptors.
  • Reflective year, angry mobs at the beginning
  • “No escape from reality” – Queen song
  • Italian peninsula an issue.

2016:  [Click here for more detailed and updated month by month visions for 2016 through 2020]

  • Map of U.S. trembling with anxiety and stress. Can’t let go of market system that is driving climate change, symbol of crab (sign of Cancer) means we can’t let go of current system.
  • Military industrial complex driving the system into the ground.
  • Six rockets fired into the sky to release chemicals to block the sun, but they coagulate and just rain back to earth.
  • Melted poles, jagged landscape after melted poles, mountains exposed.
  • January: some strong seismic activity, stormy clouds, people staring at the clouds.
  • April: Capitol Building and a big gun (NRA), new gun laws.
  • June: Oil wells and problems with fish in the Arctic
  • August: Sonic waves and fish, especially dolphins, shales and sharks, as well as birds affected.
  • December: Big ship clashing with seagulls
  • Bad drought in the American southwest; huge cyclone Texas panhandle;  Great Lakes region gets positive attention. (Jeanne)
  • Sideways landscape with trees (means trees are in trouble)
  • Sunshine, optimism, the star, belief in new ideals
  • Light – sunrise as more people embrace change.


  • Serious flooding of an airport, flood barriers overflow
  • Statue of Liberty in the fog (a metaphor for lost vision of democracy)
  • Water rising in NYC
  • An epic storm, many dead; palm trees blowing sideways.
  • The frog endangered;
  • Stock market volatility: August and September market drops then rebounds and then goes even higher.
  • Reality sets in, unemployment lines, hunger, mass destruction, Detroit fires.
  • Guns, shooting
  • August/September drought severe in U.S. heartland.


  • Chemicals raining into the ocean from a U.S. geo engineering project.
  • An island country swamped, barely alive
  • Stars and lights over the Great Lakes region– a promising part of the U.S.
  • War, genocide – (not in the U.S.).
  • Many storms in the U.S.


  • Severe volatility in financial markets followed by downward slide.
  • “I told you so,” repetition of history with markets, not learning from our mistake
  • Bad storm on U.S. east coast
  • People living on the streets, stray dogs, people looking for food in trash
  • Western part of U.S. under great stress.


  • Financial markets spiral down, month of March 2020 is indicated but could begin earlier.
  • In the U.S., a lot of wild fires, but mostly western half.
  • People selling objects for cash, gold, diamonds not meaning much, fires, drought.
  • Tsunami, hurricane, natural disaster


  • Washington D.C. no longer relevant, a tiny factor in all that’s going on, separated from the rest of the country and out of touch.
  • More market upset.
  • Boys walking along road, like refugees in a war movie.
  • State of Texas in crisis.
  • Heavy rains, mudslides, floods, tornadoes.
  • Barbed wire fences, borders, people thrown jail who aren’t legal.
  • Cars that drive themselves.


  • War-like period, soldiers, guns.
  • Market volatility.
  • Silence, flooding has ceased, people in awe of devastation
  • People breaking down borders in other continents.
  • India subcontinent under great stress, connected to U.S. issues.
  • Jan and Feb: more floods and scenes of devastation


  • Europe upset
  • Survival, disparities more extreme than ever.
  • U.S. getting smaller, Massachusetts map of state in the shape of a strong arm – not going along with federal authority.


  • Sun blazing like never before.
  • Crying, hungry babies, food rations
  • Wind gusts, rain, eruptions, Mother Nature rebelling.


  • Something that brightens everyone and opens hearts.
  • Railroads revived.
  • Government controlling masses.
  • No electricity, finding light.


  • Great Lakes region is the soft landing for many (saw trampoline that firemen use to save people).
  • Guns, shooting, lawlessness
  • Lazy in the yard, rakes, rural scene, migration to farming areas
  • Drought more severe
  • Refugees all over the place.


  • Market extremes
  • Peace pigeon
  • Mustaches in fashion.
  • Restructuring


  • Market rallies up, up, up.
  • Awakening from bad dream
  • Men in life vests doing work.  Is this a scene from a flood?
  • Power shifts flip.
  • Two women running for president.
  • Women in power.
  • Migration in U.S. northward and westerly (from eastern cities).


  • U.S. map with image of FDR – a New Deal.
  • Stock market goes up, up, up
  • War breaks out.
  • Arguing about new structures, people resistant to new way
  • Women continue to dominate.

2030 Image of a gun or rifle – stress of lawlessness and vigilantism.


  • Trees dying, huge forests appear swamped.
  • Map of U.S.,  a Continental Congress meets. (symbolic of new grass roots take over of U.S. Congress).

2032 Image U.S. overlaid with an axel and the wheel. Symbolic of efforts to move economy forward without fossil fuels.

2033 Batman to the rescue (likely a Hollywood movie to raise people’s spirits)


  • Man and dog by big river – that rural wilderness feeling.
  • Purple flags swaying, Tibet
  • Fragmentation


  • New generation of technology
  • Importance of China
  • Women recaps from 2029


  • Pacific Rim the focus of attention
  • Tom Sawyer images – return to rural living in America

2039 Women in lead


  • Mountain range exposed in poles, massive fish death
  • Problem with trees, need for trees that can survive
  • Chance to recover.

2048 Largescale bird and fish migrations

2050: Greenland turning green

2051: Cloud around the U.S. Capitol, as if the U.S. central government is disconnected from the rest of the country.

2058: Small boat filled with people, some armed, crossing body of water

2068: Mushroom shaped cloud – (nuclear explosion to block heat from sun?)

2072 Coast of U.S. flooded 20-30 miles inland, mudflats

2070-80: Peaceful scene of village in forested mountain region. Homes high in the mountains. Look like tree houses.  Looks like ancient Japan

2080’s to 90’s: Atlantic seaboard feels and looks tropical and surprisingly beautiful and orderly, palm trees way north, wind mills on the landscape – the old fashioned kind. U.S. becoming more rural again.  Very peaceful feeling.

2100 Large parts of Florida covered in water and has become a sailboat playground.


One thought on “Psychic Predictions 2015-2100 how Climate Change plays out in America

  1. As a child I hsd visions. I usually kept them to myself. When many came true I didn’t really know what to think. I an a woman in my sixties now. The only vision I have had concerning this election for 2016 is one that leaves me with more questions than answers. I saw a frowning Trump with blood on his face, in his mouth and on his hands. What do you make of this?

    REPLY: Cherly, thank you for sharing this. He has made inflammatory statements. Violence will erupt because of his statements of intolerance and blood will be shed. If he wins, he could spark a Civil War, although I don’t think it will happen, I do feel there will be blood shed.

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