1. PRACTICING GRATITUDE”“ Grace is found in the chalice of gratitude.  Think of five things for which you are grateful each day, and your brain will rewire to start noticing the gifts of your life. Then you will feel truly graced.
  2. SAVERING THE GOOD – When you think of good things, take a moment to saver them. Imagine them, soak them in, you are creating new happiness pathways in your brain. The effect is cumulative.
  3. DEVELOPING MINDFULNESS:   Peace and happiness are found in the present moment. Just 10 minutes of meditation a day, according to a Mass General Hospital study, turned on over 200 genes in the areas of immunity and longevity. You also feel more purposeful, focused, less A.D.D. and well, happier.
  4. LEANING ON SIGNATURE STRENGTHS: Psychologist Martin Seligman from the University of Pennsylvania has shown in studies that happy people are aware of their strengths, and use them to spring back from troubles.  Everyone has signature strengths. Do you know yours?  Find a list here  and think of how you can use them whenever you are stressed.
  5. FINDING MEANING IN YOUR SITUATION: Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl found that people thrive when they can find meaning in their situation, no matter how dire their situations.  He wrote about it in Man’s Search for Meaning, one of the best selling books of all time.  In it, he described how he survived to the most depraved of human conditions, the Nazi camps. No matter your situation, try asking if there is meaning in it for you.
  6. FINDING YOUR CHOIR: Who are the people who support you? To thrive, find your choir, the group that has your back. Could be a friend, you, a pet, someone who has passed, even a hero you’ve never met.
  7. DEVELOPING COMPASSION — FOR SELF AND OTHERS: Millions practice loving kindness affirmations every day. The Buddhists call it “metta.” Try my audio tape on the left column of my homepage and you will begin to notice positive effects almost immediately.  You’ll fee like you’ve been whisked away on a magic carpet ride and return refreshed and open hearted. Practicing compassion nourishes your heart, and opens your whole  being. One University of Wisconsin study found that the brain scans of monks meditating on compassion showed the highest levels of happiness ever recorded.
  8. DEVELOPING  INTUITION: Intuition is our  gift of guidance. We all have it, and you can learn to listen to it with practice. Begin by mindfully paying more attention to signals from your body. Your gut is often the loudest intuitive voice in your body, but your low back,  neck, and head can speak just as loudly. I once read about a successful Japanese businessman always eats a big meal before signing a contract. If he gets indigestion, he doesn’t sign. You can expand your intuition even more by learning to read the tarot– picture cards rich in ancient myth and symbols. When you learn the tarot, you will experience an extraordinary knowing you never thought possible. (See my classes and blogs  on the tarot and blogs on expanding intuition).