World Psychic Predictions 2016-2060


Crocus in early spring (photo by Jeanne Mayell a.r.r.)



These visions come from a meditation I did  in February 2015. They are consistent with visions I’ve been having for years about the long-term economic, political and environmental future of our world — only they add more detail. To see my other  long-term visions to mid century and beyond, check here.  To see the latest detailed short-term visions (2016 to 2022) check here. The short-term visions by month were done with my group.

Warning: these visions are not for the faint at heart.  Do NOT read if negative visions of the future cause you great distress.  DO read below the following paragraph (or this article) so you can get perspective on how psychic visions tend to unfold in reality, which is much less awful than they seem when you read about them as predictions or in the media.

For those who find these visions frightening:  

  • Visions are not of reality but our subjective view of reality.  I’ve noticed that many, if not most, of the more grim visions we’ve had in the past end out surfacing later in media stories but don’t usually affect you directly. Does this mean that we are really seeing media stories that will happen in the future?  Yes, in part, since the media  influences how we perceive our world, even if we are not individually experiencing our lives that way.
  • So do not expect from reading these predictions that you and your family will be living a dystopian life in the future even though the media will be telling the most negative stories.
  • I believe these visions are warnings of future events that will happen if we don’t change our behavior.  Intuitives have always seen further down the road than most people. Their visions help society to adjust and prepare so that the path will not be so difficult.
  • Finally, psychic visions do not all come true.


  • There will be a growing cultural and political upheaval in our world. An old way of life is going down the drain just as a new way is emerging like new shoots from the ground.
  • During the 20’s people will increasingly view the U.S. government as decadent, out of touch, and unresponsive to the plight of the American people.   You might think that many people already feel that way, but this is nothing compared to what I’m seeing in the 20’s and 30’s. Everyone– the poor, the middle class, and even the upper middle class will view our lawmakers as decadent, out of touch, and unresponsive to the needs of the people.
  • During the 2030’s sea level rise begins to overwhelm low lying coastal areas including New York City. The outcome of these developments is that people will let go of an old way of life that emphasized financial success and market growth. I am projecting  20 feet global average sea level rise by 2100 and much higher (up to 80 feet sea level rise) on the U.S. eastern seaboard by 2100. Florida will be covered in water by 2100. New York City, Boston, Baltimore, and Miami will be gone. A new study by the world’s top climate scientist now agrees with the 20 foot S.L.R. figure for 2100.  The main different between the study and my visions is that I feel it could all happen sooner.
  • Like new shoots poking up through the decay, a  green movement will rise. Life becomes more rural and the race to get ahead financially finally slows down.
  • Continued migration to the Great Lakes region.
  • The Republican Party will fade out, and significant numbers of young people will live off the grid.

2016  For detailed visions by month with regular updates of 2016 to 2021 go here.

  • The year ends with a positive feeling, a dove of peace and the rise of women.


  • An epic storm, 100,000 dead; palm trees blowing sideways.
  • The frog (in trouble) – this is an environmental indicator of degradation;
  • Extreme stock market volatility
  • Reality sets in, unemployment lines, hunger, mass destruction, Detroit fires.
  • Guns, shooting still an issue.
  • Water rising in NYC.
  • Serious flooding of a U.S. airport.


  • Major stock market volatility, market is like a roller coaster
  • Statue of Liberty, can only see top half, not so tall. (probably this is symbolic not literal).
  • Europe: lightening strikes.  Thoughts of  war.
  • Deals made, hands shake, Capitol building in distance, Pontiff is involved.

2019 – 2020

  • Markets continued volatility, wild, downward.
  • Trees in trouble
  • Statue of Liberty is small in the distance.
  • Stress in the markets, serious volatility
  • Spain – in for a big surprise – Bull Fight
  • New technological discoveries bridging quantum physics
  • Lighthouse tragedy in Scotland
  • More peace in Middle East; U.S. is safe from attacks
  • People disappointed in Hillary, she feels the need to prove herself
  • Everyone’s talking about Texas, not good.
  • Market moving
  • People know the world cannot survive like this, new ideas, new concepts, must take place
  • People living on the streets, stray dogs, people looking for food in trash
  • “I told you so,” repetition of history, not learning from our mistakes (sounds like another market crash for same reasons as 2008 crash).
  • Western part of U.S. under great stress due to drought.
  • Elephants and other beloved exotic animals disappearing. Build an ark!
  • Women called upon to lead us out of so much trouble.

2021:War, a scene from a war movie with thousands of soldiers jammed together.

  • Hoards at borders clambering to get through.


  • Stress in the Capital, decadence, parties, drinking, they are out of touch.
  • Tears shed everywhere, is it because of the market crash?

2023 Markets slowly moving up but not enough, have hit bottom.

2024 Sheiks all with scarves on heads, altogether, unclear of what is going on.


  • Hundreds of Muslim men chieftains, sheiks, gathered together, concerned, praying, making a stand, trying to save the right to their religion?
  • Markets have become the nervous system of capitalism.

2026: Europe upended, tilted, Chicken (France) sideways


  • An elephant is crying (Republican Party losing)
  • The fish is scaled and hanging upside down.  A symbol of the end of abundance, depletion.


  • Capital is tiny, irrelevant and out of touch with life in most of America
  • Shift in attention from Europe and Middle East to U.S. Heartland and Western U.S. where the land looks parched.
  • Rockets ready to seed clouds
  • People migrating, filling roads, people waiting in line for food


  • Concern over animals, cows need water
  • Property is cheap

2030 Elephants sweating bullets (Republican Party stressed)

2031 Panels of white men talking, but they are irrelevant, no one is listening to them

2032 Statue of Liberty, Capitol Building, and elephant (Republican Party) have shrunk. Lost power. No one cares about them.

2033 Capitol is censored (is this a kind of quiet revolution?)

2034: Baja Pennisula under water. Stress coming up from land.

2036 Robin Hoods – bands of green-dressed young men, bows and arrows, guns raised

2037 Statue of Liberty much under water – to her upper thighs

2038 Fish swimming past NYC airport signs under water, large fish swimming past sunken cars

2040 Drought and Floods

2041 Bands of people, ragged animals, wandering hungry

2059: Man in robes and beard looms over Capitol in rage. Brings fire and brimstone down on it. Capitol burns.

2060 Bow hunting

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