April 19, 2014

This past week, we experienced the first  in a series of four full lunar eclipses, known as Blood Moons, that will occur in rapid succession over the next two years.    They”re called Blood Moons because the sunset red glow that rings the Earth as it blocks the sun is cast upon the moon, giving it an eerie red hue.

People have long thought of the moon as a harbinger  of change, while eclipses are thought to portend change that will accelerate over the ensuing  six months. Since the four eclipses, called a Blood Moon tetrad, will happen six months apart, it could signal  rapid change over the next two years.

Not only is this planetary event extremely rare, but it will only be visible over the United States, as if the universe has a message  it wants Americans to see.

On April 15th, the day of the first Blood moon, I felt a  foreboding about climate change, that we’d crossed a line;  burst through the  warning gates.

I was on my way home when it grabbed my attention.  Looming large on the horizon, pulsing orange  and brooding over the landscape, I was taken aback when I saw it.  Finding a clearing where I could observe, I looked up at the enormous face  and asked, “What are you saying?”

Before you read on, know that visions  of the future are not cast in concrete.  They are glimpses of the path we are on at the moment we have the vision, showing what will happen if we don’t change. The visions are  guidance to help us navigate.     Although I’ve had visions of climate change for over thirty years, I’ve never allowed myself to feel them with my whole being because they were too frightening.

So what was the moon’s message to me?   The moon has only reflected light from the sun, so it’s message is really from the  sun.   It’s expression was fiery, like an enormous blister in the sky.  I felt our insignificance, and saw that most of us are unaware of whom we are messing with.  Like Pan, the horned god of nature, the moon hung  on the horizon, looking down at us deadpan, and said, “Nature is a force that is all encompassing. You who are tiny and insignificant must deal with it on ITS terms, not your own.” There was more in the message:

  • It portends unimaginable heat and fire.
  • A  clock is ticking, and the changes are accelerating.
  • Don’t look away. Ignore it at your peril.
  • Your scientists’ predictions are underestimates. Events will happen sooner than predicted and once they hit a critical   level of acceleration, the effects may occur too rapidly for humans to adjust.
  • Avoid hubris and hubristic solutions that try to dominate nature.  They will worsen our situation.
  • Celestial beings will be guiding us, but we must be listening.

What  to do with such messages?

  • Waking up is the first step towards change.
  • Don’t be like the frog who has been placed in hot water whose temperature continues to rise.  The frog gets used to each increasing temperature in the water and does not hop out.  Eventually the frog is boiled alive.
  • Precognition is part of our body’s warning system that has enabled our species to survive.  Research shows that women are better able to detect future danger, while men are better at predicting sexual opportunities (lol). So listen to women’s  intuition, and beware of those  who think they can solve the problem by tampering with nature.
  • Also know that the visions we get are not cast in concrete,  but indicate a path we are on in the present moment, if nothing else changes.  The future changes when your consciousness changes, as it will now, unless you choose  to put your head in the sand.
  • A healthy  response to this kind of message is not prolonged anxiety or depression, but mindfulness or  wakefulness, doing your own research, and taking steps to change it, what eco-philosopher Joanna Macy calls “active hope.”