Each morning draw a card randomly from the deck. That will become your “Card for the Day.” This practice invites higher guidance into your life, increases your intuition, and deepens your understanding of the cards.

  •  Imagine that you draw the Ace of Cups for your “Card for the Day.”   This marvelous and powerful card indicates there is a new heart opening for you.   You say goodbye to your partner in the morning and suddenly remember the Ace of Cups.   You follow him to the door and give him a hug, feeling your heart opening. At the grocery store, the cashier gives you a smile, and you feel a heart connection. Your heart opens some more and something expands in love for others.   Back home, you think of your grown son away at college, and again, your heart opens.   The phone rings and it is your son saying he was just thinking of you and wanted to connect!

When you pick a card each morning before beginning your day, your life will become richer, (and you”ll learn those cards very quickly).

P.S. I pulled this card in the picture, the Prince of Cups, this morning as I’m about to depart for a meditation retreat.  The Prince of Cups is reaching for the Holy Grail.  He’s riding on a white horse and he’s got wings.  Okay!  Sounds like I’m going to be doing what I set out to do –  find a higher connection to the divine. I’ll take it!