• The trick is to quiet the mind, be in the moment, and allow awareness to come to the surface.
  • Research shows that everyone is intuitive, including you. Your intuition is in your body, accessible through your senses. You just have to feel what’s going on with you below the surface because what’s going on is intuitive information about the person you are reading, whether that person is you or someone else.
  • So get some cards, find a friend to read and try these steps (if you are reading for yourself, follow these same steps with you as both reader and subject):
  1. Close your eyes & breathe. Repeat this throughout the reading to stay in touch with your senses. Ask your friend to close her eyes too, so you can both focus together. Now ask her while still in meditation to make an intention that she will get just what she needs from the reading. Meanwhile, you should also make an intention — that you will be guided to deliver what is needed.
  2. Think of this exercise as brain storming.   Stay positive in your outlook. Above all, do no harm. Think of your reading as creative suggestion rather than dictating to another person.
  3. Begin with a simple three-card spread with a card each for the past, present, and future. Pull the cards randomly from the deck and lay them out from left to right.
  4. Now comes the big moment. Look at the cards, and, without thinking, talk about the first thing you notice, or the first thought you get. Begin with the card that jumps out at you because it will be the most important. Note colors, movement, characters” expressions and body language. Take more breaths to maintain focus. Ask yourself: what is going on in this picture? Talk about it even if you don”t know what it means. Let the recipient of the reading figure out what it means.
  5. Look for images emerging from any abstract designs in the cards. What do they remind you of?  If you find your eyes glued to a part of the image, read it! Say what you’re seeing.
  6. After you”ve described what you see, step back, breathe, and allow it to all come together. Sum up what you are thinking even if it seems silly. Always stay positive in your tone and message. Remember you are giving insight and ideas, not telling someone what to do.

Over time, if you like, you can learn the Tarot’s symbols, archetypes, and hieroglyphs. You can become acquainted with the ancient myths handed down in these cards–Greek, Roman, Celtic, and Egyptian gods and goddesses whose stories contain the wisdom of the ages. Your readings will become wiser and richer for it. Most important, however, is to practice listening to your intuition.