One night many years ago while sitting in a circle with students, I had an extraordinary  experience.  We’d using our intuition to help each other, then decided to meditate together. We turned out the lights, lit candles, and closed our eyes.  Softly and unexpectedly, I felt an immense benign presence flowing into me.  I was still myself, but a gentle yet powerful energy had arisen in me.  The students were new to me and I barely knew their names, but each woman’s name came readily to mind as I went around the circle addressing each one.

I could feel each woman’s vibration like a trembling, as if she were a baby bird in my hand. The thoughts that filled me were warm and loving beyond anything I’d ever felt; the messages flowed in waves of kindness.  We were all filled with wonder that night, myself most of all.

If you would like to open yourself to these wonderful energies, here is how. There are no guarantees that you will have the same experience, but there is a way to invite benign energy into your consciousness and allow it to express itself.

  1. Begin with the highest intention.  Picture the most beautiful, wise, and kind being you can imagine.
  2. What matters is that you are tapping into the finest, most loving energy you can, and once you get going, you’ll feel the flow of love coming through you.
  3. Try it with others who are open to the experience, rather than alone, even if just one friend. The group energy intensifies your focus and the meditation.
  4. Create a sacred mood.  Light candles, turn off lights and devices and close the doors.  Channeling works especially well late at night, and most powerfully at the crack of dawn when the world around you is still.
  5. Bring yourself into meditation, turning down the left brain noise so you can hear the  the divine.  If you’re not accustomed to meditating, warm up with either of the guided meditations in the left column of the home page.
  6. Get your ego out of the way.  You might feel silly or presumptuous. Who am I to channel a divine spirit?   Remind yourself that this is not about your ego.  It’s about tapping into divine love.
  7. Then jump in.  Remember that your brain is a powerful device that follows your intentions.  Imagine what a loving divine being would say, and just start talking in her voice. Keep going. You’ll  find that the process takes on a life of its own.
  8. You might begin to hear words in your head, and you might think those are your own thoughts.  In a way, they are your own thoughts; in another way, they are coming  from a higher consciousness.
  9. Above all, stay loving and positive, and enjoy the experience. For more instruction, read an older post on this subject.