Question from a student:   When I am learning about the tarot, consciousness and synchronicity, something wonderful ignites in me. I want to learn everything about everything! My difficulty, however, is that as I am becoming more intuitive, I”m more sensitive and react stronger to things that previously didn”t bother me. I can”t watch the news anymore.   How does one stay sensitive and aware and yet maintain a sense of equanimity?

It”s wonderful that you are opening so readily.   It is so true that once you open intuitively, it’s hard to turn it off. You are now a more sensitive person.  So now you have to balance your new openness with a mindfulness practice that enables you to stay psychic and connected to the whole universe, yet maintain equilibrium. Yoga, meditation or some kind of quiet time each day will bring you into healthy balance.

Right now, you”ve got an overactive left brain, like most post industrialized, educated people.  The left brain thinks dualistically, e.g., right/wrong and good/bad. It gives us the information we need to survive, and creates separateness, so we know where our body stops and someone else”s begins. It is about analysis, discreet details, and organization. The right brain is about oneness, connection, creative insights, and putting it altogether.

So meditate ten to twenty minutes a day, and you”ll be turning up the right brain, turning down the overactive left brain, and you”ll feel much better, while staying aware.   You”ll be more intuitive as well, but most of all, you”ll begin to see the true universe, the whole picture, not just the discreet bits of negative information broadcast daily in the news.