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Most people are unaware that the scientific evidence for psychic phenomena has already been presented in repeated rigorous studies.

Few people realize that humans are hard wired with the ability to sense the future and sense each others feelings and thoughts consciously and unconsciously.  

 In this class, Jeanne will discuss the most exciting findings in psi (psychic) research. For example,  it’s been shown that we pull knowledge from the future, that there truly is a global mind, and that our nervous systems communicate with each other across the globe.

Learn about the new reality that combines quantum physics with psychology and neuroscience and challenges the old notions of who and what we are.

 We will conclude with a chance to experience telepathy first hand by reading each other. And of course, there will be a Q&A where you can bring up your most pressing questions.

This class will change the way you understand the universe and your place in it. For those who are already intuitively skilled,  this class will give you a boost of confidence in your own abilities.

 Open to all who come with an open and curious mind.


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