Donald Trump extends his hand to Vladimir Putin at the G-20 conference.

Posted August 6, 2017

Back in 2015, our group saw that impeachment would be a major issue in the U.S. President’s first term. We did not know who the president would be, although most of us, including me, assumed it was Hilary Clinton.  (In a meditation, I had seen a fascistic image of Donald Trump standing on the Inaugural Platform in January, 2017 , but I assumed he was just there in spirit. It was too horrible for me to believe it was real).

Nevertheless, we saw that in December of 2017, the Congress would be roiling over what to do about the president. Many months later we’d seen the president retreating from the public because of so much scandal.  We thought he’d last about two years  before retreating.

These predictions have so far been coming true, although the time when Donald Trump will fade away or become quiet is still in question.

The Trump Presidency 2017 to 2020

If our visions are correct, the Trump presidency ends, not with a bang, but with a whimper, sometime near the end of 2018 or early 2019; however it could be delayed and never end officially the first term.  He just might take a back seat, as Reagan did (due to dementia) near the end.

There will not be an impeachment.  I also don’t think he will resign. He seems to fade. It’s unclear whether he has a mental break with reality, or goes into a depressive mode, or just knows that he is done, and retreats quietly.

Late 2017  A Fall Begins, but it is below the surface

  • The decline begins, although subtly and below the surface, in fall 2017 when Mueller’s investigation intensifies.  Natalie had a vision of a net closing in on Trump. Although he evades impeachment as the GOP closes ranks around him, the constant criticism, and the steady march of justice towards him via Mueller, is working on his mental stability.
  • So much of what he has done wrong in his life has evaded his self awareness.  His mentors are despots who have achieved wealth and power, so he doesn’t feel he’s done anything wrong.  But his mental stability depends upon public approval.  His breakdown will only come when he believes he has lost all hope of public approval.
  •  None of us has actually seen a moment when it is all over, but in the fall of 2017 I saw a vision of Trump go sideways. It’s a symbol of his paranoia working on his psyche.  In another vision, I saw a haggardly lion roaring and crying. Still he continues.
  • In November, two readers, Lorie and Judy,  saw him take a fall.   In Judy’s vision, which is symbolic, he is leaving an event and twists his right ankle while walking down some steps. His entourage catches him before falling and puts him in a wheel chair.  We found out later that Trump is actually deathly afraid of falling.  I saw a clip of him grabbing Angela Mercel’s arm as they are walking down some steps. Another reader, in a totally separate vision, saw him in a wheel chair. These are symbols of the supports that keep him going, primarily the GOP leadership, the right wing press, and Russian bots.
  • The precipitating factor in Trump’s fall is Mueller’s investigation.

December 2017 free-fall of someone close to Trump.   I had a vision that in December 2017, a young man falling fast and hard. He was desperately trying to grab onto anything that would stop his fall, but gravity overtakes him. His body language was of a nervous insecure person like Don Jr.  or his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.  It also could be someone else, since I was not told who it was. Our group also got visions of a scapegoat who would take most of the heat for his crimes.

Other visions show Trump with hidden documents.

  • In another reading,  I had seen a closet boarded up in one of his residences. Another one of our readers, Judy,  saw Trump with dollars stuffed in his coat.  He couldn’t bend over or the dollars would spill out. It’s an indication that the evidence of his pay-offs is close to his person.
  • We don’t know how it will be discovered, but if we are seeing it, then it will be discovered.  Mueller is following the money.  Cohen has tapes that will show many of those dollars.

When does Trump go away?

During the early months of 2018, Americans are expecting an announcement that Trump is exposed. But it doesn’t come.  At one point, I felt he would get quiet.  [Update: That quiet period turned out to be a short stretch following the Stormy Daniels televised interview in which she said he was an unspectacular lover. Trump was uncharacteristically quiet about Daniels.  But his silence was not the permanent silence I’d hoped it would be. ]

One thing I had predicted that has come true is that he continues in office long after anyone else would have been forced out.

Timeline of Trump Predictions

August 2017

  • Mueller laying a trap, hiding and securing documents.(Bluebelle)  On August 4th, this vision began to come true when news emerged of Mueller forming a Grand Jury on Don, Jr. and Jared Kushner’s Russian collusion. Forming a Grand Jury makes it hard for Trump to stop the process.
  • I see a vision of a boarded up closet in a residence that is concealing secret documents. I felt the documents pertained to Trump and were in one of his residences.  On August 1 the news emerged that the FBI had made a pre-dawn raid on Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. The FBI had a search warrant on the grounds that Manafort was hiding documents in his home. The vision may still be about Trump’s residence or it may be about the Manafort raid.
  • Movement in FBI; men talking, preparing, a lot going on behind the scenes. (Susan) Manafort pre-dawn FBI raid July 26.
  • Trump appears as a big baby. His back hurts. (Jeanne) The Chinese actually depict him as an oversized baby. When the White Nationalists took a lot of heat for their July violent attack in Charlottesville, and Trump tried to protect them, their collective image hurt, and they are his “back.”
  • People are going to be leaving the Administration. Say goodbye to them, they will leave quickly. (Jeanne)  The Trump Administration has by far the greatest number of departures of any president.
  • Heard the words, “Tillerson will leave. He’s getting ready.” (Maryellen) This turned out to be correct, i.e., that he was planning to leave in July, but it was kept a secret until October. He was talked out of leaving.
  • There will not be an impeachment. (Sue) (Jeanne) By December 2017, the GOP showed that it had no intention of impeaching Trump. On the contrary, a GOP congressional committee began a smear campaign against the FBI Special Investigator, Robert Mueller.
  • Trump feeling distressed. He is worried about his financial dealings being exposed. This would be too much for his ego to bear. (Susan)
  • Trump makes a hasty decision that slices or cuts something off instantly. A decision that affects millions. (Heather)   This was the decision to cut trans gender soldiers from the military.
  • Jeff Sessions is cornered and scared. (Natalie) Trump yells at Sessions in large group meeting for recusing himself from FBI Investigation.
  • Chaos ensues from White house threats against enemies. (Natalie) Trump’s threats against North Korea causing chaos all over the world.
  • White House is imploding. (MaryellenSee this article: The White House is Imploding.
  • Ivanka losing control of situation in influence over her father and her own affairs. (Maryellen)
  • Closing doors in the White house. (Natalie)
  • White House fear and panic; they are scared. (Natalie)
  • Heard the words, “Mentally crazy.” I think this refers to Trump’s mind. (Natalie) Although mental health experts around the country are stating their belief that Trump is mentally ill, a former New Hampshire republican senator has called for a Congressional action to remove Trump based on mental illness.
  • Ivanka also going crazy, unsure, scared, panicking, and losing ground. (Natalie) Ivanka attacked by Breitbart for remarks against Alabama senate candidate Moore. Then she’s implicated in two international money laundering operations, in Panama Trump Hotel and Dubai bank.
  • I heard Mnuchin’s name and saw an organ grinder monkey and heard the words, “monkey shines,” which is a reference to monkey business.  Treasury Secretary Mnuchin may be mixed up in the Russian Trump money laundering scheme. (Michele)  Senate Finance Committee woman Waters questions Mnuchin. over Trump financing.
  • Representative Maxine Waters in the news more over Mnuchin/Trump money laundering issue. (Michele)

September 2017

  • Collapsing of a ventriloquist’s dummy, Trump. (Jeanne)  I believe this is the downfall of Shawn Spicier, Trump’s spokesperson.
  • Donald Trump stressed; his voice sounds repressed. (Jeanne)
  • An old haggardly lion is roaring and crying. It is Trump at the end of his game. (Jeanne)
  • A man tries to retrieve something that was hidden. He has longish black or dark brown hair, he’s young and handsome. He’s hidden these things in the closet shelf. This is about Trump and his family and team who have been hiding evidence in a boarded or locked closet. (Jeanne) Note: in an earlier reading posted in May, I’d seen a closet boarded off where Trump has hidden documents.  This event came true when NY Times reporter overheard the President’s lawyers talking about Trump documents locked and hidden in a safe that should be turned over to the Mueller investigation.
  • I see a bank vault and Trump. He is closing the doors of the bank vault and he’s inside it. I hear the words “whatever” and “That’s all folks!” Then I hear a sizzling sound like an egg or piece of meat burning. (Alex)  Came true with NYTimes story about documents hidden in a safe.
  • Ivanka and some dark cloaked women sitting in a row against a wall. The women feel like the three fates of Greek mythology that controlled people’s life lines, including their deaths. This is an ominous image for Ivanka who may be the Marie Antoinette of this age. (Jeanne)
  • Trump feeling pressure due to people closing in on him.  Trump’s paranoia is exacerbated from the pressure. (Susan)
  • Trump making announcement. (Natalie)  Trump referred to the calm before the storm at a meeting of military staff. He refused to say what he meant but his statement frightened millions that he might be planning a North Korea attack.
  • Scared and lashing out at the population. (Natalie)  White House staff leaked that Trump yelled that he hated everyone at the White House.
  • I’m hearing the songs by Madonna, Live to Tell the TaleTrue Blue. (Michele)  I hear the lyrics:   I have a tale to tale; Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well; A man can tell a thousand lies;… Hope I live to tell; The secret I have learned, ’till then; It will burn inside of me.  This is the feeling of people around the Trump collusion, the keepers of the secrets. The leaks are from people who see the lies and need to tell the truth.  There are those who long to tell the truth. This vision may also be about what it means to be “true blue.”  (Michele) This auditory vision is about those who have turned states evidence for Mueller.
  • I see a game of marbles being played. My focus is on the big marble, sometimes called the Godfather.  The big marble’s job is  to knock the other marbles out of the circle. The Godfather or big marble is Putin and also to some extent, Trump. In this game they are asking, “Whom do we knock out next?” (Michele)
  • I see images from a cowboy movie – cowboy, mustache, and sheriff’s badge.  I see that the sheriff is Mueller who Trump wants to take down in order to save himself. He gets advice from someone in the news who said not to fire any more people so that he can save it for Mueller. I see a roll of the dice and heard, “It’s all a crap shoot,” a risky move whether he can get the badge off Mueller. These are the odds Trump and his advisors are weighing in trying to decide if he should fire Mueller. (Michele)
  • Trump poster in style of Russian racist art (Andrew) This came true when German artist used Trump images in place of Nazi posters.

October 2017

  • Orange light at end of month. “Shakedown” by Bob Seeger. (Meghan)  10/27/17: Mueller gets some indictments. Names withheld.
  • Trump’s hair blew off. (Lauren)  [note: hair is a sign of strength. This vision could be a sign of mental breakdown and/or lost power].
  • I see Trump wearing a finely woven black suit, in an underground garage, the ceiling low above his head. A black car, maybe a Lincoln Towncar, comes in from the back left. A man gets out of the car and hands him a bundle of manila folders and papers in a large envelope with clasp. Trump walks back into the elevator to take him back upstairs, wiping his brow, as if to say, “Phew! That was hard, but maybe not, because I got away with it.”  (Svetlana) This turned out to surface as an SNL skit of Donald Jr and Eric Trump receiving Wikileaks documents.
  • Trump has hands to head. He is raging. (Frannie)
  • Substance problems Trump medication. (Natalie)
  • Trump and Pence holding people down. (Lisa)
  • Donald Trump is still swaggering but in big trouble. (Jeanne)

November 2017

  • Mueller: I see a wrist watch. Timing is important. (Jeanne)  Mueller gets his indictments right on schedule.
  • I saw Daedalus’ wings melting and he looks like an aircraft that is falling out of the sky. This could be about Trump’s undoing, as well as the Trump family undoing. (Jeanne) This feels like Michael Flynn, Trump’s disgraced chief of National Intelligence. It just as easily be Paul Manafort.
  • I see Trump closing his vest and jacket, like he’s going inside of himself; becoming less public. He has a defiant look on his face. (Alex)
  • Trump losing, the net closing. (Natalie)
  • Trump takes a fall. (Lori)
  • I saw a vision of Trump going sideways, a symbol of mental breakdown. (Jeanne Mayell)

December 2017 

  • Someone is falling, grabbing on to things to save himself but he is in free fall. Not Trump. A lot of expensively-suited people fighting with each other, angry, name-calling. I feel this could be Kushner, who  lost his intelligence ranking, but also Don Jr., or someone else like  Michael Cohen or Paul Manafort, who Mueller has targeted for the Russian scandal. (Jeanne)
  • Getting stomach jitters at the thought of December. Nail biting, head ache situation. People are so worried that they will be disappointed with the Trump situation. They want him gone, but it’s not happening. (Jeanne)  Trump survived many revelations in December.
  • Melania Trump living with the new, family issues. (Toni)
  • Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin in the news related to Russia Trump and money laundering investigation. (Michele)
  • People are waiting for an announcement, probably about Trump. (Michele)
  • I see a jeweled ring which is an issue.  I see Ivanka.  Then I see a naked white woman, which probably stands for vulnerability.  There is a scandal involving a blond woman and a man. Wondering if this is about Ivanka and Jared. (Jeanne)
  • Someone hanging upside down, a man with long white hair, my heart is pounding. The upside down image is a symbol from the Tarot of the Hanged Man, which stands for being out of control.  It calls for surrender to that which one cannot control. This image fits an earlier image I had of a man in free fall, grasping onto anything he can to stop his fall, but he cannot stop it.  I had sensed this was someone in the Trump Administration who will take the first fall from the Muller investigation. (Jeanne)
  • Tillerson gone? Not yet, but in early 2018. (Maryellen)
  • Coming for Trump. This won’t be his undoing, this is actually where I feel the liberal rage the strongest, it will be people on the ground vowing revenge, the energy feels violent, I’m not sure that it actually gets violent though. His undoing will come later, this is just the prelude. (Natalie)
  • Capitol building on its side along with a map of the U.S. (A Congress that doesn’t function at a time when it is sorely needed). (Jeanne)
  • Capitol building glowing red hot with conflict, rage, asserting itself. (Jeanne)
  • Lawyer corruption.
  • People asking, “What now?”
  • Congress roiling in conflict  and controversy. Issue is what to do about the president. (This prediction was made in 2015 for this time period.)

January 2018 

  • A symbolic vision: Feverish in their activity, people throwing rocks at members of Congress from the balcony. (Jeanne)
  • Image of a hammer. It is a symbol of Russia’s influence. (Bar)
  • Fight back establishment. This feels like it’s a fight for normalcy – being tugged on all sides – trying to maintain composure in insane situations. I think it’s about the Democratic Party having to fight Trump as well as its own base which has turned against them. (Natalie)
  • Saw Trump in this heavy coat and was trying to keep money hidden inside his coat, and it kept falling outside of his coat, He couldn’t bend over and get it or more would fall out. (Judy)
  • Tillerson getting ready to leave. (MaryEllen)
  • Paul Ryan prominent. (Susan)  Ryan gets to decide whether Congress will demand Mueller turn over his findings to Trump loyalist Devin Nunes.

February 2018 

  • Hidden files in the closet. (Toni)  (editor: this is one of three visions different readers have had about hidden files in a closet, related to Trump/Russia collusion)
  • The Capitol (Congress) appears now to be an iron fortress. Impenetrable. Not good. (Jeanne)
  • Image of men in suits. Someone from the U.S. government is standing in from of a podium. Solidarity from this group. Almost as if they needed each other for support because what they were announcing or telling the world was not what the world wanted to hear and they knew it. Their audience would not approve and they needed the security in numbers for the announcement. Feels like the subject involves the Constitution or some change in the law that everyone takes for granted. Significant controversial announcement. (Doris)
  • Scared elites – I got the sense that this was when the oligarchs would first begin to think they could lose. It may be that this is when they get scared and so to protect themselves they up the repression. In the long-term, this repression hastens their end. (Natalie)
  • A lot of black, and it is spreading, becoming bigger. (Meghan and Laura)

March 2018

  • A boy is sitting and facing forward. Not talking. Might be Kushner. (Jeanne)
  • Quiet – people hiding keeping their mouths shut. (Natalie)
  • Ivanka in the news. Not good for her. (Jeanne)
  • Pence not looking happy. (Frannie)
  • Kushner also not looking happy. (Ann) (Frannie)

April 2018

  • The FBI operations are in the news. I am looking from above, down across office cubicles. They continue to work in spite of firings and replacements at the top. (Jeanne)
  • Ivanka I see her reflection in a mirror that shatters – her psyche and controlled self-image crashes – she has a breakdown. (Natalie)
  • Trump quiet. (Susan) This happened after Stormy Daniels interview.
  • Line of people walking out of the White House. (Toni)
  • Ivanka Trump looking distressed, walking near White House, flashbulbs going off. Increasingly in spotlight but definitely doesn’t want this particular attention. The situation may involve her husband. She can’t escape this mess, there is no turning back now. (Traci)

May 2018 

  • People depressed. (Jeanne)
  • Giant iron pressing down on the backs of the population. (Melissa F.)
  • All eyes on White house. (Natalie)
  • People protesting. (Natalie)
  • GOP panicking. (Natalie)

June 2018

  • Black, ink-like, smoke covering floor at White House with Trump coming down the stairs into the smoke. (Danielle)
  • Something unknown becomes known; feeling of being duped. disillusionment, eyes now wide open, general mood of revolt. (KB)
  • Election process has GOP on the defensive.  (David)
  • Calls for impeachment grow louder. (Toni)
  • Anxiety, information comes out about Trump, in trouble big time. (Heather)
  • I hear the words, “twilight and Trump.” I see the famous photograph of the American soldiers raising the flag on Iwo Jima during WWII. (Alex)

July 2018

  • I hear chants, almost like silly alliterations, “Trunk, Bump, Dump, Trump.” It reminds me of a people chanting, like you might see at a political rally, but there is no formal rally; more like growing public unrest in the masses and disdain of Trump and the economic travails. (Alex)  July 14; 100,000 Londoners protest Trump visit with British queen and prime minister.

August. 2018

  • Steve Mnuchin in the news again regarding Jared, Don. Jr., and the Trump-Russia money laundering.   (Michele)

September 2018

  • Struggling to lead. Much competition for power.
  • Trump afraid. (Melissa)
  • Mike Pence outside by his helicopter, shaking someone’s hand. (Meghan)
  • Trump casinos in trouble in the news. (Michele)

October 2018

  • Tension in the Collective. Someone shouting, “Liar, liar!” (Jeanne)
  • Light at the end of the tunnel (time of struggle, darkness and uncertainty) but uphill battle as US tries to re-emerge as a world power. Still in the shadow of Trump. (Maryellen)

November 2018

  • Trump ousted. (Ann) [Note: he wasn’t exactly ousted, but the Midterms showed he had fallen out of favor}

2019 (whole year)

  • Trump dementia in the news. (Gerti)
  • Leadership is pushing and shoving. It’s chaos and there’s no clear leader. Who is the grown up? (Frannie)
  • Underneath the leadership vacuum, I keep seeing a man with a top hat. He is Uncle Sam, but he is an oligarch, not of the people. He actually wants the economy to crash and has been trying to make it crash. He is counting on the price of gold increasing and the value of stocks decreasing. Then he can get cheap labor and buy up depressed properties. He is actually symbolic of several oligarchs. (Jeanne)
  • Mike Pence in prominent in the news. (Barry)
  • August 2019: Paul Ryan: he looks like he is wearing a top hat and a suit that was too big for him, and he’s smiling grimace a forced smile. Then I saw his face melt away and I could see his skeleton and he was standing there with a skeleton face. (Judy)
  • Paul Ryan speaking outside at a podium, wearing a white button down shirt, and no jacket or tie. (Meghan)


  • Dark haired man appears when I look at the election. This means it wouldn’t be Trump. Could be Paul Ryan or another person we don’t yet know. (Jeanne)