Would like a "save draft" button or extended editing time.  


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01/28/2018 9:31 pm  

...A "save draft" button in our commenting screen in the forum? I type on a cell phone most of the time and switching between screens is complex. To copy a quote for example I have to  cut and paste from a document online into a text message box and send it to myself..then I copy that and paste into forum comment edit box..for whatever reason that's the only way it will accept my text when it's a copy off a web site. Other  similar odd challenges has me keeping multiple tiny windows open and one glitch of opening windows... and another 15 minutes of work redone over and over like 3 times disappears before I ever get it saved and posted. Then I see my topic title is misspelled..but even though it says I'm still online , the edit button has already disappeared.  ha ha. Small challenges in a complex world where its a blessing to have any of this. But a save draft function like i have in blogger would  be awesome!!! Thank you no matter what. LOVE the fixes,  changes and recent additions  ???

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02/09/2018 4:41 pm  

Hi  Michele, I have changed the settings to allow subscribers to edit their posts longer.  I've been advised not to allow subscribers to be able to edit their posts  for more than a few minutes because of security problems. My wish would be to provide more liberal editing  privileges to people who've been posting for a certain amount of time. But there is no option in the forum application for differentiating.  I still haven't solved this issue but I haven't forgotten about it. 

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