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What we are all about (the members of this site) by Graham - Zoron  


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04/21/2017 7:44 pm  

This is by Zoron:

I was away was large amounts of illness and personal stress.I have only recently recovered from a very bad chest infection, plus other bugs. Am feeling a bit wobbly, but back on my feet. (it happens with age).

So in the meantime, I have been reading everything posted on here, and keeping up with things. World events have been going on, and growing more surreal by the week.

In my entire life, I have not seen anything like the present political/social/economic crisis that is now happening, not just in USA, but world wide. it is unique. It is also the beginnings of what has been written on here, by a number of us, who peer through the mist and murk, and see what is coming.

Certainly, we are all in for a rough time, but also a time of transformation.
America is only part of this transformation. It is Global. In less than a hundred years, We have globalised, become one single Global culture, and unified our economies on a scale never seen before. In all the turmoil, now happening, we overlook the fact that this has happened. It has. Whereas previously, every country was isolated from each other, to a greater or lesser extent, we are now in a very new ballgame.

In this new Global society, America is totally plugged in, whether people like it or not. This applies to all the other large countries. In the meantime, events move on, and something new is being created, at great speed, and almost uncontrolled. There is a transformation of our Global society into something else, a super-society, a Global nervous system of the internet, trade, idea swapping, etc….It really is the almost science fiction society of the future I saw as a child. It is more like “BladeRunner”, than paradise. But there it is. We are here, we are in it.

This is why so much of what is posted on here has an amazing awareness of international events, global change, climate, etc. Just as many people in other countries, are doing the same. So what we are doing on here has global sharing, and impact. I am not located in the USA. I am in Europe. But everything I say resonates in America, and elsewhere. also vice versa. The problem is that this creates, in the higher educated class, an awareness everywhere of what is happening everywhere, and everything that the ruling elites do is now mercilessly exposed. What is also exposed is the general levels of incompetence, stupidity, and lack of principle under which many of the elite operate. Everywhere. it is called the “Online”. So the system has the potential in it for feed-back, and change. It is going to need it. Interestingly, we are part of this change.

What we are doing is rather different though.

Three hundred years after the Witches of Salem, its street legal now in America!. Also, the “Online” gives us a reach unimaginable previously. This site, I discover, is now hovering in the “Ratings” at number 2 or 3 in the list of online psychic sites. We are getting around 2000 plus hits a day, (thats nudging three-quarters of a million a year) but we expect to double that over this year. (I suspect that is probably a conservative estimate). We also have a unique take: We are non-profit, public service, not interested in celebrity schmaltz, etc, and Hollywood gossip. We are also amazingly accurate. if we were a think tank, we would be on a Washington contract!. No Drek!. 

All this has happened, spontaneously, (with liberal sprinklings of fairy dust) and not even in a particularly organised way. It was the people on here who did this, flying on intuition. We have Jeanne to thank for all this.

What is now interesting is the way it is growing:

We have all seen the movie: “Minority report”. Well, we are now a sort of “Majority Report”. (LOL). We really are predicting the future. Our numbers of hits are amazing. We are massively above chance. Also, the threads on here are evolving, responding to the vibe, and close to the point. 

It is a given now, that the World Climate issue we are reporting on here is in general outline, accurate. In the day job, I am a scientist, who works part time on climate change, (so is in the loop) plus green energy, organic food and permaculture, etc….so it is strange for me to see on here, accurate reports on future climate change that are from the “Aether”, not science journals. Kinda interesting though. So I hope that this is going to increase on here, because what we are actually doing is something new: “Psychic Journalism.”.

We are “Majority report”. Amazing.