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Why do our visions of the future sometimes change?  

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11/22/2018 6:45 am  

Amazon recommended for me a book that is relevant to this whole topic: "Time loops" by Eric Wargo. I read the bits that Amazon lets you read, and I gather that the theory it has of precognition is that people tune into the knowledge they themselves will have of something in the future, and that many, or maybe all, cases of telepathy are in fact precognition.

I'm not sure if I find this theory convincing... for once, it doesn't explain long-term prophecy, like Nostradamus. Also, it doesn't explain alternative timelines... I certainly get a couple of possible timelines at the same time quite often. What do other people here think about it?

I don't want to get into the whole quantum mechanics debate because I know a lot of physicists get quite annoyed at people spreading the wrong ideas about quantum physics when they misunderstand them. And I'm not sure the ideas are very helpful to people that aren't already familiar with quantum physics, anyway.

The way I see fate vs free will is that fate is something like inertia, and free will can push against it, sort of at right angles. I'm a pretty visual person, so I see fate as something like the force of gravity, making things fall down. And free will as something like a wind that goes sideways, and can make the future not fall straight down, but to the side from where it was going. That's why, if you don't like where things seem to be going, it's important to put your intentions and efforts towards the direction you want to go, and not get demoralized.

When it comes to things like elections, of course there are usually several winds blowing from several directions. Which is why they are hard to predict, and at different points in time you may get different readings. The readings may be perfectly accurate, from the point in the timeline when you were making them. But then the winds started blowing harder in another direction, so on election day, it could change.


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11/22/2018 12:34 pm  

Maria, wonderful provocative post with several parts to it.  Here are my experiences: 

I've been reading the future and tracking it on this website for ten years now, along with posting other people's readings so my insights are based on experience.  My insights, however, are only for the kind of timeline readings that I have done with people on this site.  I also get glimpses of the future that don't come from the timeline reading method, and they might be a different mechanism.  

1. One theory of precognition is that people tune into the experiences  they themselves will have in the future. 

Agree to a certain extent: I have observed repeatedly that people's visions of the future, using the timeline method show that people are tuning into their own future experiences.  

Dean Radon of the Institute for Noetic Sciences, and Daryl Bem, emeritus professor at Cornell University, have been experimenting with precognition for two decades. They too conclude that we have the capacity to see our own future experience.  However they have focused their experiences on seeing a few minutes ahead  rather than a few months or  years ahead. Bem calls the phenomenon he has observed  pre-sentience or feeling the future.  

Precognition, which is,  by definition, a cognitive knowing of the future, is different from pre-sentience or a feeling that something is going to happen in the future.  But they are related.

When I read the future using the timeline method, I notice that I'm feeling shifts in my nervous system as I focus on a particular time in the future. Then I ask myself for an explanation of what I'm feeling.  That's when the cognitive part comes in.  It's also where the mistakes are made because my brain has to find a match in memory to interpret what this new energy I'm feeling might be. 

We can't see what we don't already have a concept for.  That's a fact of cognition and it limits our ability to interpret the feelings we get about the future when we are meditating on it.  

Children learn about the world by taking in experiences and organizing an elaborate grid of experiences.  So a child at first thinks that all four legged creatures are dogs or cows until it can refine the categories into various mammals.  

When we read the future, we get a feeling and try to apply it to something we already know (cognition).  No one, not Nostradamus or Edgar Cayce, predicted the Internet.  Science fiction writer Ray Bradbury came closest in Fahrenheit 451. Television had just begun to appear in homes when he was writing that short story. He saw that in the future, people would install huge television screens on their homes and would interact with the characters on the screens. 

I notice when tracking my students' predictions that they fit the students' future experiences.  

For example, a Fox news-watching republican student of mine never ever sees the political developments that the rest of us see.    He instead sees occasional weather news, and a lot of science and technology discoveries. Another student of mine who is a progressive political activist sees long-term political developments that you would read about in the main stream progressive press.  The Fox News-watching student never sees progressive news because in his future he never watches progressive news.  My own predictions have included the issues I read about daily and care about -- first and foremost the state of global warming and the natural world, second U.S. political developments, and third the MeToo movement.  

It hit me years ago that we are just seeing our own future when we read the future of the world when one of my students could only see her own life unfolding.  I'm still in touch with her and notice that she seems impervious to the news.  She is mainly focused on her own personal and professional issues. That was the moment that I realized we may all just be seeing our own future experiences.  If we are interested in what is going on in the world, we will see those issues we are interested in.  

2.  If we are seeing only our own experiences, how do we explain predictions that go beyond our own lifetimes?   

Before anyone cites Nostradamus's ability to accurately predict our present-day events, please provide an exact prediction in the original language he used, along with a credible translation.  I'm not a Nostradamus scholar, and am open to hearing more about him, but I am skeptical of all claims out there about  his accuracy. What I have read about some of his predictions is that they could be applied to many earlier events, so not convinced yet that Nostradamus saw beyond his own lifetime. 

I've seen visions going beyond my lifetime, but there's no way to know if they are accurate. 

3. Does the Future Change?  

When we do a reading of the future, we focus on our present moment awareness using mediation on our senses.  Then, holding that sensory awareness,  keeping our senses sharp, we begin to focus on dates in the future.  We are I believe psychically time traveling, keeping our senses sharp for changes in the energy. 

And  my experience is that the energy does change as we move our target forward. 

When we focus on the future, if we stay in meditation, then we feel what is truly going on in the future.  We feel the feelings of the collective.

But if instead we just use our heads, and not our senses, which includes all the news we read and the opinions we have, then we are not reading the future.  We are just conjecturing based on the current world and the past.  It's like taking a graph of past developments and drawing a straight line to forecast the future.  It's not psychic. It's not feeling energy in the future. It's feeling energy right now and assuming the same will happen later. 

If we actually stay in our senses, in meditation, and just move the target of our attention to the future, then can that future change when we do the same kind of reading later? 

I don't know the answer because of how flawed our ability to stay in meditation is when we read. I will say that many of the predictions we made years ago of this time period have come true.  Does that mean the future doesn't change?  

4. Using quantum physics to determine if there are multiple times lines, like superposition of particles.  

Quantum physics describes the behavior of the tiniest waves and particles.  Lay people assume that what is true for the particles that make up the world, must be true for the aggregate, i.e., a collection of particles, that, for example, make up our bodies and the planet, and the human collective. So the concept of superposition has been used as a metaphor for alternate possible futures.  

The great quantum physicists saw the truth  of tiny particles as unknowable. Edwin Schrodinger referred to them only knowable as metaphors.  He sounded more like a philosopher than a Nobel prize winning physicist.  

Fiction writer Jospeh Conrad expressed this same sentiment in his 19th century masterpiece Heart of Darkness when he wrote that the truth was hidden in a kernel that was shrouded in a haze, and we could only see the truth as one sees light cast upon a haze around that kernel.

I agree, Maria, that it takes more understanding of quantum physics than I have to discuss it accurately, or to even discuss what Edwin Schrodinger thought.   Dean Radin at the institute for Noetic Sciences (IONS) in Petaluma, California and Stuart Hameroff of  the University of Arizona, though not physicists, have for decades  been studying the science behind psychic phenomonon.  Radin addresses the subject in his book Supernormal.    I haven't read His latest book, Real Magic, but he is a good source for connecting quantum physics with precognition.

Do we have free will or are we subject to fate? 

This is one of the greatest mysteries. I love hearing theories, but I shy away from people who think they know the answers to this question.

I'd like to hear people's suggestions for ideas generated by the great thinkers old and new.

 Sophocles' Oedipus Rex (first century B.C. Greek play) indicated  that fate ruled our lives as long as we were blind to it.  The protagonist, Oedipus, didn't "see" the truth of his life that had been predicted at his birth until most of the damage was done, whereupon he he plucked out his eyes.  The person in the play who did see the truth was a blind man, Teresias.  The blind man saw the truth inwardly. While the sighted me was blind. 

 Maria, I like your explanation of fate as inertia and free will pushing against it, like cross winds.  I've seen some remarkable changes to the path people are on when they exert free will, including in my own life.  And I feel the inertia too. 

I believe in the power of intention to change our path of least resistance but it comes late in life when our eyes are more open.  I've wondered also whether self determination is built into people's character, so in that sense, all might be fated. Character is destiny.

Open to hearing from others on all these subjects. 



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01/02/2019 4:18 pm  

Regarding whether we can see the future beyond our own lifetimes. We can try an experiment whereby we pick a past date that we know nothing about (someone who knows what happened at that time and place will give us the date) and we meditate on it, afterwards we compare what we get to the history. This will tell us if we can accurately glimpse things that are not within our lifetimes. I have done this on my own a few times. Some years ago I read a fictional novel by Philippa Gregory where she writes that Richard III did not kill the princes in the tower. Well I meditated on it and I got an extremely dark and evil feeling around him, it really surprised me with it's intensity. Of course this is a mystery we cannot solve, but overall past readings can shed light on what we are able to do.

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01/02/2019 11:49 pm  

I love that you bumped this topic.  I find no problem reading a time in the past even it is way before I was born.  Those things happened. Those people lived and their consciousness remains among our collective conscience.  

I feel that is why you picked up on Richard III’s dark energy.  You may also have picked up on the feelings of many who have passed his dark story down to us.  

I enjoy focusing on someone from the distant past. 

I teach a class where everyone brings heirlooms and without knowing whose is what, we pass them around and meditate on them. I’ve seen intimate details of the lives of people who passed when I read these objects. It is thrilling and uncanny.

But the future is another matter.  It hasn’t happened yet and if I’m not going to be around to experience it in living form then I may not be able to feel it   

We have meditated on timelines to the end of the century.  And each time I get a feeling Around the same year of a shift in my awareness which would mean I’ve left the earth.  I wonder if I’m seeing ideas after that instead of actual events.  

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01/03/2019 1:52 pm  

I wish there was a way to know for sure if we can see past our own lifetimes. However past, present and future are also interesting, isn't there some physicists who claim time is happening all at once instead of in a linear way. (I could be wrong on this one). Are there psychics from centuries ago that made correct predictions about our own time. Nostradamus is unclear, so are there others?

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01/27/2019 12:30 am  

When Kavenaugh was up as a nominee for the Supreme Court, every psychic and tarot reader I followed said he wasn't getting in. Even my own tarot cards said it. But yet...there he now is - in the Supreme Court. The only one who got it close a YouTube psychic who said if he got in, it would be a squeeker (narrow margin).

The morning the committee Senators were to vote on whether to move forward his nomination to the whole Senate, my cards were trying to tell me that a woman had changed her mind. She was going to speak about a new decision. I thought it was going to be one of the accusers who was going to step forward, but as you know, it was Senator Collins explaining why she was going to vote to push his nomination forward. Her doing that meant Jeff Flake would do the same, and they would have the votes they needed to put him on the Senate floor for a full vote.

As to why this happened, it comes down to Free Will. It really is a thing. Now, I've bumped into some people who've had NDEs where they went away with the idea that everything is fated, we are only here to experience, everything was already decided, there are no lessons to learn. But people who come away from NDEs don't normally have that message. Most of them are told they always have a choice, we are here to learn, and we are always learning.

An NDEr said that he actually saw the foundation of the "future" and how it forms itself. It does so with the decisions we make. From the point of "now," there are many branches, and not all of them are solid. It goes hand-in-hand with quantum physics and the difference between possibilities and probabilities. The possibility is, you could be anywhere on planet Earth or even anywhere in the space-time of the physical universe right now, but the probability is you are sitting at home or at work on your computer or device reading this based on the decisions you've made to exist in this body at this time, to have chosen that place to be, etc.

I had also asked my first physical tarot deck (previously I'd only used online or digital tarots) about itself, and it explained to me that he was new at this sort of thing. He'd never entered into this dimensional plane before. I asked him how could he possibly tell me what is going to happen, then, if he doesn't know that much about this place. The deck answered, "Mathematics." The energy speaking to me through the deck knew that I knew about the probability theory. It also knew I had recently watched several videos about fourth-dimensional objects as seen through three-dimensional space.

If you know about Carl Sagan, you might know about his demonstration of what it would be like to view something from another dimension intersecting with our dimension. He demonstrated this in something called "Flatlandia." This was a two-dimensional being who found itself interacting with a three-dimensional being. As up/down didn't exist in Flatlandia, the only thing the two-dimensional being could see was the thin slice of our body intersecting through his. (Imagine layer by layer of an MRI and what that looks like, basically.)

Thus scientists have imagined what a fourth-dimensional object would look like if we had the ability to manipulate it in our dimensional space. Pulling apart a cube, for instance, you would see boxes inside of other boxes intersecting each other like a psychedelic accordion of a sort.

Now, some VR programmers have created spaces in VR for people to explore what that would be like to manipulate such an object. And one VR player, who apparently is also a dance instructor, saw the potential for using the program as a way to demonstrate things involving dance. So he manipulated the program to do something a bit different and did a demonstration on YouTube about it. His demo was to throw a chair up in the air.

With the 4D object manipulation VR program, the chair was seen to replicate itself on its way up and then down through the entire movement of having been picked up, tossed, and falling back down. You might say, "So what?" That doesn't seem like that big of a deal.

You forget that the fourth dimension is TIME.

If you want to see into the future, you need to see into the fourth dimension. The chair's trajectory was based on its location through several moments of TIME. Where it would land was based on where it would be in the air at any moment. The possibility was it could land anywhere or nowhere. But the probability was that it would land within a certain area based on how much force was applied in tossing it, etc.

In other words, "Mathematics."

So based on decisions which are being made by people at any point in time (Stay at home or go to the market? Trudge to work, or call in sick?), the future will change. And whether a prediction comes to pass or not is based entirely on a decision. Do I continue to walk this path, or head in a new direction?

There's another component to all this (having to do with who we really are, what this place is, and the decision to experience this physical dimension in the first place), but this post is already way too long.

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01/27/2019 11:12 am  

Likesdninjas - I very much appreciate your discussion of free will and the task of our entering the dimension of time in order to read the future.  You are helping us understand better the task we are engaged in when we try to see another dimension.  

That scene you described of the people from Flatland trying to understand a third dimension that they are not capable of perceiving is animated nicely in this youtube from the movie What the Bleep do we Know. 

Probably because time and space are interchangeable in math, I have noticed that I have had some success predicting the future when I see it as a place I can go to in my imagination. I see the future as a place ahead of me down the road and I just go there.  When I need to something in the past that is unknown to everyone, for example, if I'm trying to solve the mystery of what happened to someone who went missing, I walk myself backwards on that road  to the date they went missing. I've had some success with this method.

Because we do keep track of our predictions on this website, I want to point out that your statement that every psychic you follow had thought Kavanaugh would be confirmed got my attention since I had predicted that Kavanaugh would be confirmed.  I wasn't happy about it and hoped I'd bewrong, but it's a documented prediction: I hear "confirmed" in my head. Posted 9/17/18.  I am sure if we checked it out there were a lot of psychics who predicted that he was going to be confirmed since the GOP Judiciary chairman was resolute from the beginning.

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01/27/2019 9:29 pm  

Dear Jeanne Mayell and Likesdninjas

Please allow me a different take on this one . I believe probability is not compatible with predicting the future . A small change in any variable in the present would entail an infinity of futures therefore making prediction impossible . I believe there is only one future set in stone as much as the past . And because free will is so important for mental health, the people one day we were, and one day we'll be, when we take responsibility, won't allow for very accurate predictions.  

Nevertheless prediction can have a positive impact on many lives by conforting people and making them more self-confident . So steer away your visions from the big plan, and your fears, and allow yourself to shine a good ray of light into the lives of those in need .

Good light to all.


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01/27/2019 10:05 pm  


Well said! We talk about the power of the colletive subconscious here a lot.

The more we think, share, create and the faster our understandings grow, change, and evolves, the more everything changes and in ways we might not be able to understand when we bring in multi-verses and multiple dimensions stacked on top of one another, merging in and out of one another and appearing and disappearing instantly.

We live in interesting times. I just continue to believe that absolutely anything is possible.

I do love the variety of thoughts, people, concepts and possibilities we create here in our own microcosm. Everyone,  everything and every thought and post adds to it all.

Thank you.


Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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01/28/2019 1:11 pm  

I don't see the variables that can change the future quite as simple as, say, the movie Sliding Doors. Go through the doors, and you have one life, don't go through the doors and have another life.

Many people who have had NDEs have said that we have worked out contracts of things we came to fulfill in our physical life. For instance, in my past life, my contract was to learn forgiveness. I agreed to learn this from my interaction with my father in that life. How I went about it was my own free will.

Note: I didn't learn it; instead I committed suicide, which meant I had to come back to this life to fulfill my contract. So my "fate" wasn't fixed at all. I chose a different path in that life altogether than what I had contracted (which basically delayed my spiritual development, but since we're eternal, that isn't such a big deal).

I have since done the lesson with my father in this life, but they were two different souls. The reasons for someone else to be my father for the lesson in this life is linked to the healing which must take place between myself and the other soul who was my father in the past life. We have an opportunity to start that in this life, but only if the other soul chooses to do so. I have already said yes. So, again, what I have foreseen happening in my life IF that other person agrees to it may not unfold, depending on his decision in this life. Indeed, I asked my cards about this last night, and they said that he must make the decision. He hasn't made it yet. Thus a certain portion of my future is still up in the air, no matter how I might predict it now in this moment.

So, yes, there are some things which seem to be "fixed" that we don't have a choice about (because in reality we chose certain things to happen to us or for us to be a part of before incarnating in this dimension), yet we still have the choice regardless, especially for the "big issues" for which we may have agreed to do or work on.

Kavanaugh's confirmation may have been part of a "big issue" for the US, and decisions were made to give him confirmation. Prior to his confirmation, many mediums (not all, but the ones I'd been following, including my own tarot cards) said he would NOT be confirmed. However, my cards told me hours before the committee put forward his nomination to the floor that someone had changed their mind, and it changed the outcome that had been predicted previously.

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01/30/2019 10:09 am  

It might be that there are no probabilities in these variables, and the sliding door is only the longing to know what might have been in the face of a shut door. 

If there is a set world, you might be able to model the sequence of events, the flow of energy, and know where the tiny pieces that make our soul in the brain are, after they were scattered by death . Find a way to reassemble them in a brand new body and you can reincarnate people . 

I believe NDEs bring people closer to the life they'll live after they die and are brought back, but also anxious about their failings and about living in a place of justice, filled with empaths that sympathize with the victims and have means to know everything that was ever done to anyone .

A fully deterministic world where everything gets destroid in a big crunch, only to be recreated in a big bang, only to be followed by the same big crunch brings the unending repetion of the same life . 

Everyone gets to repeat the same life forever . Reincarnation ? Yes, but to live the exact same life, with the same events . Unless you are talking about reassembling people after we fix the world . 

And because after each big bang we need to start from scratch, we make a lot of mistakes, we endure a lot of pain . We are not ourselves . So please, likesdninjas consider that you might be wrong about that contract . Please consider a world where you can do what you want and you have something good within yourself that will pull you to do the right thing . Please forgive yourself when you need to . I believe with all my heart that your fate is to achieve what you are looking for .

About the Kavanough confirmation : It is very difficult to predict what you're passionate about . You might reach the truth and refuse it with all your heart . We all heard and saw the Christine Blasey Ford testimony . How could you accept a prediction that a great injustice would further itself ?

Thanks Michele for your kind words .


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