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Why do our predictions differ? What are we really seeing? What should we believe?  


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10/15/2019 3:32 pm  

Prophecy is one of the great mysteries. It's poorly understood and because psychic stuff has been taboo in science and academia, few have studied it. It's one of those subjects that studies show the vast majority of people believe in, but only a tiny group of scientists will study it.  

Here are some thoughts to provoke your own: 

  • If more students were allowed to explore psychic phenomenon in psychology and in science class, there would be a greater interest in science itself. The founders of modern psychology, William James, Sigmund Freud, and a few others absolutely believed in psychic phenomena as coming from the unconscious mind. But as they passed away, a hard headed (and weak headed) view took place that shunned the study of psychic phenomena. 


  • I am studying it by running a site that teaches people to predict the future, and tracks all of our predictions.  I learn more from mistakes than successes. But some of the astonishing successful visions add to the wonder of just what is going on when we read the future. 


  • There are different types of prediction that we use when we predict the future, some of which are not prediction at all but a deep form of mindful awareness or telepathy, i.e., we are reading the seeds of the present moment. Other methods are truly prediction or remote viewing. of a specific time in the future. All are important and help us better "see" our world. 
  • Predictions of different people are like the story of the blind man and the elephant -- there is only each person's perception! The best approach is to take all of the predictions together as a fabric of our collective conscience in the future. See what resonates with you when you read them. 


  • I encourage you to post your own thoughts here about prediction, especially if you'd participated in Read the Future nights and can comment on what you think you were seeing when it came true and when it did not.  


  • The value of prediction is for all of us to become more aware of our world, more sensitive to it, to use our senses more fully, and to learn more about just what all these intuitive visions really are!   

If you've done your own predicting and/or come to Read the Future nights, I'd be interested to know how you view the prediction process from inside your own personal predicting experience.