Trump: I keep hearing the name Beelzebub, the Devil  

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08/26/2019 7:20 am  

I recently saw a reference from a medium who said she got that Rumpus was the reincarnation of Caligula. There are many similarities in waste, narcissism, etc. What was eerie was that Caligula was married to someone named Milonia.

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08/26/2019 11:51 am  

I don’t comment much here but I needed to retell my experience of when Trump was elected . I live in Australia and we already had a horrible conservative government like Trumps under the then leader Tony Abbott so to me there was nothing shocking about trump as his style of alt right leadership was already happening in my country . During Bernie Sanders campaign I really had this sense of great light and hope around him that perhaps the world could move humanity away from the encroaching darkness . This was summed up in a meme where birds flocked around him counteracting the bird attacking trump I saw this as a sign . The day of the election and I was at work checking the results On the internet at a shop I worked in . I was so shocked at what I saw happening. I was the only woman among some really misogynistic men in this workplace and they all supported trump . Even one of my oldest friends came in to the shop and quite strangely he too told me I was being irrational and Trump was fine. It was like I’d entered some nightmare. Normally I couldn’t wait to leave the shop but that night I stayed until everyone left and started hysterically crying behind the counter. A really extreme visceral reaction to something that was not unexpected. I had this feeling that Pluto was rising from the underworld , the pit was opening . At the time Pluto was exact conjunct my sun and I felt this darkness very close . I felt a great time of darkness for humanity that was so overwhelming I started shaking. I don’t doubt he is connected to something evil. I feel he is an instrument and the octopus is the beast controlling him and others of the elite . After seeing this post I needed to share this experience with others I hope will understand 💖

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08/28/2019 12:33 am  


You were not alone with your dread weeping. I couldn’t stop for over a week. Others had a similar experience. 

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