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The Purpose of Prophecy and Tracking Our Hits Right Now  


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05/27/2020 9:26 am  

What I am learning about why this site exists.  We are here to wake people up to what is happening to our world.  People wake up when they are warned about what is coming, then it happens, and they then start to listen more closely to spirit's warnings. They also listen to the hits themselves and think more carefully about what those hits are telling us about our world. 

I was told in 1985 that our world was coming to a crashing point and that our civilization would have to evolve quickly to adapt.  I was told that light workers from other dimensions would join me and learn who they were, i.e., helpers, and what they were supposed to do -- wake up people and support people in the mandate to evolve. 

Now we are here.  This is THE year, a critical year in which we must wake people up to what has happened and how we need to change. We can't let the Republicans win in November.

@Anita got me thinking about why I saw this crash coming but couldn't see it would be a pandemic.  Yes, we have over a hundred visions of the pandemic including some very graphic views that we got months, even years earlier.

But it is in the tracking of hits that we are getting a message from spirit. What is that message? Here's my view:

Wake up everyone.  Wake up.  We do not want to get back to business as usual. We are destroying the earth and she cannot protect us any longer. 

Covid is a dress rehearsal for climate change, a prelude. 

The value of doing visions and then tracking them is the message that we see when those visions come true.  The message is about what is coming and how we need to evolve to a much higher level. 

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05/27/2020 9:38 am  

I am suggesting to make this site do what it is meant to do: 

HELP STOP DISINFORMATION:If you have a rumor you picked up somewhere, from FB or elsewhere, please google it for facts before posting it on this site, and always include a link to a reputable news source.  

SEEK HELP FOR HEALING AND/OR EMOTIONAL STRENGTH If you are upset and need healing, ask for it in the appropriate threads.  Practice active hope (Joanna Macy's concept)  not pink clouding but informed active hope. And when you can't be hopeful, go to one of the I Need Help threads and tell people you are despairing and ask them for hope.

HELP US FIND WAYS TO TAKE ACTION TO WIN THIS ELECTION  We need to bring progressive woke people into office now if we are to save ourselves.  There are people here who want to help turn the tide against Voter Suppression and  to help boost progressive candidates.  I am not telling anyone how to vote, but we need to help get  people to the polls. 

KEEP POSTING your dreams, readings, intuitions IN THE APPROPRIATE THREADS. 

PLEASE KEEP THE HITS THREADS JUST HITS: Save me the work of moving whole series of posts out of the hits threads so we can keep them as hits rather than discussions  about something. If you want to discuss the subject of the hits, take it to another thread. Thanks! 

SEARCH THROUGH OUR PREDICTIONS FOR HITS AND POST THEM WHEN YOU SEE THEM.  THEY ARE MESSAGES ABOUT OUR WORLD.   There is a reason why we get certain visions. Find the messages from the hits that come true but help finding the hits.  




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