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05/02/2019 9:12 pm  

Jeanne, a couple weeks ago I had a brief but insistent dream that was much like your recent Tarot-Kentucky experience.  In the dream, the focus was on the word Kentucky, sort of like I was supposed to go there.  I was confused.  I have no particular personal connection with that state, don't know anyone who lives there, and thought whomever in the dream was insisting on Kentucky might have actually been meaning to say Florida. I really appreciate your explanation re McConnell--it perfectly fits with the overall feeling of my dream.  While Florida has too predictably been at the center of devious political controversies/screw-ups, a very current and very colossal screw-up is from smack dab in Kentucky, serving as senior United States Senator and as Senate Majority Leader.

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05/02/2019 9:45 pm  

Coyote, I appreciate your apology but it really isn't necessary, you are giving me your viewpoints and I know I am not able to view things as a millennial because I am a different generation.  So I pondered what you said for a while.  I also spent a lot of the time reading about financial things which is not my specialty and I think I was a little mentally tired by the time I wrote my response to you but in reality I greatly appreciate feedback to get me outside my own biases.  Still, we all have biases whether we think we do or not and I could be wrong in any of my interpretations in general...

I did talk to two people at work I have known for years about their retirement funds and one listened to me with a smile and twinkling in his eye but wasn't concerned and let me know he wasn't worried and the other person said, "You are the second person who told me I shouldn't wait for 2020 to pull most of my funds out of the stock market!"  He is an intuitive and smart scientist--probably the most intuitive scientist I know--and he told me his gut instinct has been telling him to do this sooner than later but he was hesitating.  He said,"You saying this was the push I needed, I wanted to do this anyway..."  He knows me well, he was kind enough to get me some special cottonwood leaves for a dream pillow a year ago.

I also had a dream this morning which also suggested to me economic woes.  The scene had me on the street carrying many shopping bags and then a woman who was scoping me out earlier in a restaurant comes running up and steals one of my bags.  I realize she saw I had electronics in it and she waited until I was alone to come steal my bag.  She runs away and I chase her and she trips and things spill out of the bag.  Meanwhile her accomplice comes speeding up in a red car and opens the door so she can escape.  We both scramble to grab a small round electronic thing which I don't recognize.  I don't know what it is but she feels desperate to grab it, it must be worth money.  I fight her, maybe I hit her I can't remember, and then I wake up.  I felt bad after I woke up and I couldn't fall back asleep.  The desperation she had to steal the item troubled me greatly.



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05/03/2019 10:45 am  

In case this reply shows up in a strange place-it's in reference to Ghandigirl's dream of Feb 19 about being in France in a famous building. Any chance this could have been about Notre Dame Cathedral? (I'm just now reading the whole section on dreams. Apologies for being so far behind.)

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05/05/2019 2:33 pm  

I saw a news article yesterday about a Trump administration draft of an executive order which will make it easier to deport legal immigrants who use any public assistance within 5 years of becoming legally documented citizens.  I was a shocked.  Here is another article explaining it better:


 It seemed to trigger a dream this morning.  My dream was about a male Hispanic at work in an industrial facility with large equipment.  I wondered if he was some kind of middle manager there.  He was talking to a man who was there to fix one of the pieces of equipment and the man was not being very helpful, in fact he was telling him how he could fix or maintain the equipment himself.  The repair man didn’t want to help and in the end the equipment wasn’t fixed.  In the dream the equipment we were talking about kept morphing into slightly different versions of the same equipment. It was weird to watch all the different yet similar shapes form, with different colors or surfaces and different configurations.

Then this man leaves and another man comes up to him and tells him there is a meeting with someone and that he had better come quickly.  He follows the man into another room where the other man is standing.  I couldn’t hear the conversation but everyone seemed very serious.  The man who summoned him seems to do the most talking.  The facial expression of this man show a huge effort to explain something to him because it is important.  The mouth looks to be enunciating carefully while his eyebrows keep going up at certain points to emphasize something.

Then the scene changes and the Hispanic man is at some abandoned building and he is carrying a bag of groceries.  He starts calling for someone to come out, telling them don’t worry he brought food…he knows they are hungry.  No one comes out.  He goes to a pile of crates and lifts off the top crate and a little girl comes out of hiding.  She is very skinny and although she is hungry she was too scared to come out.  He tells her, “Don’t worry, I will keep bringing you food.”

That last scene is really choking me up with emotion right now.

 I think the first scene means the people who have some power in the Trump administration to fix the immigration system don’t want to fix it...  They don’t care if the complex system ever gets fixed, it is too complex and ever-changing and they would rather the immigrants go away (fix it yourself by going away).

The second scene was a little bit of a mystery to me, but I now think it is the other people in charge at the industrial factory (which I guess represents the US) telling him that they agree with the repair guy, he has to fix it himself and they are trying to explain it like it is a reasonable thing to expect of him (you'd better just fix it yourself, no one knows how to fix such a complex system).  All three of the other men are white, he is the only minority.  Maybe these two white men represent some republicans in congress.

The third scene makes me want to cry.  I think it is those legal immigrants who are secure and financially able to help seeking out the more vulnerable immigrants and trying to help them directly.  They know the other immigrants are too scared to get public assistance for fear of this administration’s increasingly aggressive stance toward all immigrants.  So they are “fixing” that situation themselves and bypassing government assistance.  The little girl is a representation of all immigrants who feel vulnerable and too weak and scared to get help from the government programs.

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05/05/2019 8:18 pm  

I was driving around town today and sometimes if I'm very relaxed when driving I get psychic information, but it is hard to tell if it is my thought or a thought sent by Spirit oftentimes...  I had a thought pop in my head that the dream with the possible recession warning was also highlighting the Easter to Halloween time frame as being very important.   Something could happen during this time frame to make a recession more likely.  Perhaps what the Trump administration does during this time frame is the key to how bad or how long the recession will be.  It probably won't be as bad as my dream seemed to portray it, but it is coming.  The stock market dropped a lot today just in response to Trump threatening 25% tariffs on Chinese goods.  Negotiations are supposed to take place soon and Trump thought this threat was a good way to make the Chinese think they better be willing to give concessions.  Now China is threatening to not come to the table.  There is fear now that China may retaliate with higher tariffs on US goods:


There may be a continued decline in stock prices tomorrow unless Trump calms the markets down.  He can't resist these kind of overly aggressive threats and he doesn't sense how really delicate these matters can be.  He is the bull in the china shop for real!  However, if his advisors get him to listen to reason and calm things down everything may still turn out fine.  This is a time when his emotional volatility may be a huge detriment.

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05/06/2019 12:53 am  

I feel I need to add a disclaimer to my comments about the economy, stock market and people's retirement fund decisions:  I could be mistaken in any of my posts, regard them as entertainment only.  I think wise people will use many sources of information for important decisions regarding their money or their retirement funds.  Go and do some research for yourself, talk to people you trust and keep calm.  I am a newbie in the psychic arena--keep that in mind.  I am still learning the ropes, so don't take what I say as gospel, use your own mind and intuition also!!!!  Thanks.

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05/07/2019 1:46 am  

I had another dream/message early this morning which is sadly fitting to the times. I heard: “Seven words that are trying to defeat justice” and then “No collusion, no obstruction. Stop the witch-hunt.”  I think we can all guess where that little number came from. There isn’t much to be interpreted in it subconsciously since that is the propaganda that we are currently experience in our waking lives. Sadly, there was no insight in the dream as to how to make it stop. I am sending as much light to the people who are trying to protect and serve justice as I can, to the people in general so that they understand what is really happening and what is at stake and to those who have not come forward or told the truth that they may feel compelled to do so for the good of all. 

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05/14/2019 12:52 am  

Two nights ago I had a dream unlike any other in my nearly 68 years.

so difficult to describe, though. I remember standing somewhere, but if I wished it, I could be swept into space.....not far, yet so far, and get my questions answered. It was so beautiful where I’d go and I could go at will. There was someone like Santa Claus

in the sky or space. I loved how I felt when up there..... I’ve had a cold, but I don’t think I took anything that strong....



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05/14/2019 9:14 am  

I’ve been debating with myself wether or not to share this dream. I tend to sit back and take things in, but here goes.

 I was sitting with my Mother who passed away in September, at her favorite restaurant.  We were discussing my daughter who suffers from extreme stress & anxiety that has led to Trichotillomania.  We were talking about all the losses she’s had in her life and I said I really want her to have a better life in the future than she’s had so far.  My nephew who passed away from a drunk driver appeared beside my Mother said come with me I have something to show you.

Then we were sitting in the gallery of Congress where a vote was going on for term limits for Congress. All of the sudden there was cheering, it passed Congress will have a 10 year term limit. I said to my nephew I hope it last. Then we were flying and landed on top of a mountain with thousands of others watching a bright light spread across the country then branch out in all directions, north,  south,  east and west. Not sure what this has to do with my daughter but I got the feeling this would be a good thing for our country. 

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05/14/2019 10:01 am  

These dreams are remarkable—all of them. Starpath, your dream and interpretation of the Hispanic engineer/mechanic feels right.  

I also saw the dream as showing us that this administration’s policy of restricting immigration means a damaging loss of skills that will render our industrial infructure out of date.  The scene of the boss telling the immigrant worker that he will have to fix it himself is one that is being repeated throughout American industry as GOP policies restrict immigration. 

MAGA will take our our country back to an inferior status in the world.  We already have —due to GOP policies, an inferior health care system that is at the same time  the most expensive in the world.   

When I think of your dream,  I see their policies based in bigotry, ignorance and greed, if allowed to continue, dropping us to a backward system in industry and science as well. 

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05/17/2019 12:55 am  

It seems like everyday since I posted the dream about the Hispanic man at the industrial plant I keep getting messages from Spirit that suggest to me that they want me to either keep posting or thinking about the subject.  They send me the Immigration Man song by Graham Nash everyday...


I get teary eyed about this everytime I let myself think on it too long so I don't want to really think about it as much as I have lately.  I have one close friend who is from Peru.  She and her brother immigrated here legally quite a few years ago and are both educated and talented people.  I feel for those who don't have the money or means to get here legally.  I just feel like there will be a lot of suffering because of the continued mistreatment of people and the misguided policies of the current people in power.  I don't feel there will be any real immigration reform that is humane with the present administration and I guess my empathic side has a strong sense of more pain and suffering for these people.

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05/17/2019 2:16 am  

Robin, I believe your dream was letting you know that a better tomorrow will indeed becoming, for your daughter and for all of us.  The message was shared with  you to give you needed hope and to share that light of hope with others.  

Voting for  term limits would be a brave and potentially a very positive new course for our country.  I like your vision.

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05/24/2019 10:30 am  

Yesterday I took a nap and had a strange dream.  I dreamed that someone was telling me to go to the Lincoln to see a play or go to a play named Lincoln.    Then they mentioned the playwright, Ionesco, whose comedy of the absurd plays I've never read.

I awoke wondering  how something about Lincoln and Ionesco would help me deal with a struggle I've been having. 

I looked up Ionesco and The Rhinosoros, his most famous play, and realized the dream's message.  Ionesco was writing during the rise of fascism in Europe.  He was Romanian living in France, and watched ruthless antisemitism and anti immigrant sentiment even among friends. The fascists were constantly raving about how they had to stop immigration and root out the immigrants that lived there. They blamed the immigrants for all their ills.

In the play, the central character, who was often late, and always drinking, a kind of artist personality, was living in a small town when people starting turning into rhinoceroses.  Pretty soon, it became vogue to be a rhinoceros, and the main character watched astonished as friends and neighbors turned into these obtuse, belligerent beasts.  I realize it is not fair to rhinoceroses to equate certain people with them in this way. I’m going for the way they look, okay, as a metaphor   

I don't drink or take drugs like the main character, but I do live in a bit of a dream world and yes, I have to use all kinds of techniques to be on time.  I haven't read the play but I can identify with a person who lives his life outside the box, and sees reality differently from the rest.  

I am continually surprised to meet people I like who don't see climate change or get the horror of Donald Trump and the insurgent Right. And like in the play, I see more and more people turning into Rhinoceroses.  I read that 56% of the country believes Trump was exonerated by the Mueller Report. I can't believe there are that many seriously obtuse people here. 

I also read that Ionesco himself had some intense spiritual experiences that remind me of the experiences I've had and some of the thoughts I've pondered.  As a child, he saw intense light one day and felt transported into the sky.  According to a biographer, Deborah B. Gaensbauer in Eugène Ionesco Revisited, "He was struck very suddenly with a feeling of intense luminosity, the feeling of floating off the ground and an overwhelming feeling of well-being. When he "floated" back to the ground and the "light" left him, he saw that the real world in comparison was full of decay, corruption." 

I see more light in this world than Ionesco, but I definitely relate to his view about people turning into rhinos. 

I still don't understand the part of the dream about Lincoln. Except that he grew up poor, was an empath like many of us here who cared more about others than himself. Lincoln, a Republican, was the opposite of what we have in power these days.  Lincoln was not only an abolitionist, but he performed an almost impossible feat of getting  a divided Congress to go along with outlawing slavery. 

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05/24/2019 10:52 am  

That was certainly an interesting dream! I’m just spitballing here, but could the Rhinos in your dream have something to do with the current group of people who are being called RINOs (Republican In Name  Only)? It would somehow fit with Lincoln since he is considered an early Republican. The theme of populism and vilification of the other is definitely present, even within their own party. 

‘I came up with this after putting both names into a search engine to see if there were any obvious connections. The only thing that I found was an amazon review of the play that you mentioned. See link below: 


I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I thought I would put it out there.

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05/24/2019 11:35 am  

I love the play's theme of the outsider watching in horror as neighbors, friends and family turn into or reveal themselves to be "rhinos". Completely pertinent with what many of us have experienced over the last three years. It also reminds me of the 1950's sci-fi classic allegory "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". 

Here's a long-shot connection to your dream, Jeanne: a couple of days ago, a very rare "critically endangered" Eastern Black Rhinoceros was born at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. These magnificent creatures are nearly extinct because of human folly, something that is never in danger of extinction.

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05/24/2019 11:49 am  

Thank you both. Wow the Lincoln Park zoo.  

Also I don’t mean to equate the animal who is innocent of all charges with the behavior of the certain people.  I’m going with Ionesco’s  metaphor About the way they look and grunt and scoot around. 

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05/24/2019 6:39 pm  

Jeanne, have you read Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders? That's one article of Lincoln-centric media that's been getting attention lately. I read it and very much enjoyed it - timely for the period we're in right now.

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05/24/2019 7:01 pm  

Hmm. I haven't read it but am interested in the idea of how it would be for Abraham Lincoln in the bardo state. I have wondered about myself in the bardo state too. I did feel in the dream that I was supposed to explore some penetrating work of art about Lincoln.   

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05/24/2019 8:44 pm  

Thank you for sharing your dream.

The wonderful rhinoceros is famously short-sighted, and therefore prone to being spooked through unusual scents or sounds. In that sense, I  think it is a wonderful metaphor, perhaps for living in a  small bubble, not seeing clearly what is outside that bubble, and fearing things that are not really as they see them.

@Jeanne, my eye was also immediately drawn to the 'Soros' in 'The Rhinosoros'. It doesn't make immediate sense to me as a connection, but is that the original spelling of the play's title?

I also found the following on wikipedia: The term Rhinoceroization (התקרנפות, hitkarnefut) became colloquial in Israel for getting swayed in a nationalistic fervor, or any other general sentiment. It was originally coined by theatre critic Asher Nahor in his review of the play in 1962.

Just a few immediate, random thoughts.

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05/25/2019 2:24 am  

Last night I had restless sleep after an explosion near our hotel.  I dreamed about souls between death and rebirth.  At 1:30 a.m. in a time zone about five or six? hours ahead of you Jeanne, I woke from a dream where I saw souls swaddled in a translucent, light-as-air gossamer fabric, waiting to be born again.  You were in my dream, too, Jeanne, and we talked about using that theme of souls in transition in a series of paintings as my next art project.  So, near the time you posted your comments about the bardo state, I was dreaming about it.  I didn’t even know until this morning  what a bardo state means.  We must be in sync.  

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