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04/11/2019 5:24 pm  

Coyote, you asked what I meant about forced  vaccines.   The word flew out of me as I was writing in an automatic writing way.  I wasn’t thinking it though but it is common knowledge that the  pharmaceutical industry has a strong influence  on the universities and the mainstream press. They are all about profit even it it means sacrificing lives.     They have infiltrated the medical schools by paying  professors and researchers  lucrative honorariums and research grants,  and the medical societies like the IDSA (the Infectious Disease  Society of  America)  as wells the CDC, the  National Institute of health, and the national Institute of mental health. 



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04/11/2019 6:04 pm  

Thanks Jeanne. I agree that the pharma infiltration of  media, academia, and, our health care network is problematic and  parallels many other instances of corporate overreach in American civic life (the closest example I can think of is how beholden state/university agriculture programs are to the pesticide and agribusiness industries). But I'm still wondering what bearing that state of affairs has on vaccines. 

Are vaccines overused? Are we too aggressive in delivering vaccines to infants and children with developing immune systems? Are the current pharmaceutical methods of developing vaccines suspect? These are the questions I have, and right now there doesn't seem to be any middle ground where one can air these ponderings without being branded an anti-science, anti-vax nut job. Stances on this issue are just so inflamed, partly because what's at stake is so personal and primal; the health and well-being of our children.


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04/12/2019 4:43 pm  

Regardless of what may or may not be going on with development of vaccines, regardless of Big Pharma, regardless of lobbying to CDC, NIH, etc., the idea of NOT getting vaccinations at all is a selfish one. One cannot claim to be altruistic or enlightened and be anti-vax. I say this as a person with a compromised immune system (who gets every vaccination anyway), who is also from a science/medical family. Yes, there is a tiny risk, but bear in mind that any links to autism have been well disproven, and the original research papers on that have not only been debunked, they have been completely withdrawn, which is a rarity in the science world.  And despite the risk, much like voting, it is a civic duty to get vaccinated.

As for those who are against it for whatever reason, that's fine as long as you don't send your unvaccinated kids to public schools, and don't go out in public when you come down with whatever disease - if you're willing to quarantine the entire family til it passes, I'm ok with that. But don't come to my local ER and spread it around. Don't go to the pharmacy to buy aspirin or to the market to buy herbal teas - STAY HOME, preferably off the grid somewhere. And by all means, please homeschool your kids.

Do vaccines increase risk of other things like cancer? I don't know, but even if so, we as a society have to continue to protect as many of us as possible given the science so far.

This may seem harsh, but I have known victims of the "old" diseases in my life. Kids who were partially paralyzed due to polio. Boys who got mumps who could never have kids as a result. My husband and other family members who get shingles (because we all had chicken pox as kids). And a few here and there who died. My father had a baby brother, who died of meningitis as an infant. My grandmother never really got over it. Today, this is something we can vaccinate against. Not vaccinating children against the big diseases amounts to abuse IMHO.  I still remember family members who traveled having to get different booster shots depending on the country - sometimes it was required to get a visa. When I traveled to Southeast Asia, I made sure to get Hep A and B done in plenty of time.

For those of you becoming parents, I can share the compromise I did:  I refused to let our pediatrician do more than 2 vaccines at a time, for not more than 3 diseases at a time. This meant more frequent trips, but I do think it's reasonable to give an infant's immune system a little space between the provocations of the vaccines. So let's say on June 1 we'd do a Meningitis vaccine plus a HIB vaccine. Then I'd return on June 14 or so for the MMR, and maybe on June 30 for polio and chicken pox. Just space things out. No reasonable pediatrician will refuse this if they see you are being compliant overall.

Look, I remember that the swine flu vaccine of a long time ago caused many people to develop Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a serious and life threatening disease. Some died. As a result many, many people still refuse to get the flu shot. When swine flu came around again in 2009, I didn't hesitate, I got the shot and was grateful for it, and this time around no one got GBS from it. I knew it was a risk, but I didn't want to die from swine flu either, and I was working with frail elderly people who I didn't want to carry such a disease to, so I did it.


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04/14/2019 5:45 pm  

Often I have prophetic dreams or guidance from my spirit guide during the hynopompic state between deep sleep and awakening.  This morning as I toggled between sleep and wakefulness, I asked my spirit guide what is going to happen to our democracy.  It has, after all, been a deeply disillusioning week as we've watched our emboldened president (lower case and I'm leaving it) encourage government employees to break the law and assuring them of presidential pardons if they do.  We've seen the Attorney General refuse to release the full, unredacted Mueller report to Congress and call legal investigations by the FBI "spying."   We've seen the Secretary of the Treasury act as if he doesn't have to obey the law in turning over tax records to the House.  It's been hard not to despair as we watch our government institutions threatened by authoritarianism and our downward slide continue. 

Yes, this is what I'm thinking about all the time.  So, when I asked my spirit guide for guidance, I saw a paper city map with a main  road heading straight to authoritarianism.  It looked pretty clear as to where we are heading.  Then I heard a voice say, "turn the map over.  What's on the back of the map?"  On the back of the map was a list of hundreds of street names.  "Look at the map again."  So, I looked at the map and this time I noticed the multitude of city streets surrounding the authoritarianism destination.  "There are multiple ways to avoid the disastrous destination.  It can be bypassed.  There can be roadblocks on the main road."  So the message to me is that it's not yet set that the destruction of our democracy will happen.

I do hope readers will be joining us for the Full Moon Meditation on April 18th.  It will be a chance to  meditate together and direct our energy towards protecting our country and our future.  We can find alternative routes to a brighter future.  

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04/15/2019 10:43 pm  

Bluebelle I find your dream both encouraging and sort of frightening.  If the way we are pointed is presently straight toward authoritarianism I am worried those side streets won't get used in time!  It is unfortunate that Trump has been such a master at marketing his brand of presidency to people who seem attracted to his brand of authoritarianism which pushes back against freedoms and civil rights of non-whites and foreigners of non-Christian religions.  I feel that the civil rights of women is also under attack. 

I’ve been struggling with one scene from my dream with the people strung on the line.  There was a close up on one person already strung on the line to show me that these people willingly choose this situation.  It was a very young woman with her hair in a long single braid.  She is wearing a dress and has her mouth clamped firmly on the string.  I see the close up of her mouth so that there is no doubt in my mind that she is purposely clamping down on the string to keep it in place.  This close up was upsetting in a different way than the close up of the sharp needle.  It was so upsetting I didn’t describe it in detail before.  I have been thinking about why I am so upset and what I should say about it.  The woman is giving up her voice and her freedom willingly for the illusion of security.  She is the one part of the dream that I thought was symbolic of the religious conservative voters.  She embodies their need for women to willingly shut up and submit and allow others to control their bodies and their behavior.  If mothers willingly submit to the religious traditions which are imposed on them then they teach the next generation of girls to submit and do the same.  Another generation of women get to learn to be quiet and do what is expected.   Add to this the republican’s resistance to providing birth control or other reproductive health care and preventing a woman from having control over her own body.  It does sound a lot like The Handmaids Tale to me also--Thanks Jeanne for mentioning it earlier.

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