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02/13/2020 9:31 am  

@leona  Putting your dream down as a hit.  See Hits section of forum. Predicted 2/6, three days before mass power outages in San Francisco due to wind.

It is a mystery as to why some of us see events that happen in places we don't feel we've ever been. Some possible explanations:

(1) we are seeing our own future and you saw your discovery of that event in the news.  

(2) you have a connection to San Francisco that you are not aware of, or

(3)  your nervous system simply picked up the event like a radio station picks up a broadcast when we turn to the right channel.  You might have some interest in weather or the natural world or San Francisco which is why the radio receiver in your brain picked up the event.  

(4) We are fourth dimensional beings.  Humans and all living beings exist in not just three but four dimensions.  That fourth dimension can see across time and space. It has been proven in math and in some experiments but we can't cognitively see it.  


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02/13/2020 4:09 pm  

@jeanne-mayell thank you so much for this wonderful input. it's has been very helpful


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02/14/2020 12:27 pm  

@leona I live in Southern CA, so no outages here. If the Universe wants you to inform us of what's ahead, please do keep posting! We appreciate it regardless of where you are located.


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02/16/2020 9:03 am  

I just woke up from a rather odd dream. I dreamed I had six cats and a rabbit. Part of the dream involved kitty litter and the rabbit's beat up litter box.  One was a black and white kitten who had info on her collar and semed to be missing from Arkansas. I kept trying to dial the number on the phone to report this but couldn't do it. Kept dialing wrong and dialing the numbers out of order. The numbers 0 and 1 stood out, and were out of order, switching places when I looked again to try to dial the cat chelter listed on the info. I made two attempts. It was afrustrating feeling dream segment.

Another part of the dream was a bunch of grey haired seniors, men and women, arguing about politics on "my" lawn, the lawn from my childhood house. I peaked out through the curtain on the window and one lady began shushing them. It was a very heated argument.

In the last part of the dream I layed on the floor with a mighty fever, sweating, hot, thinking I caught the virus my boyfriend actually has. I had just seen him lower himself into a bath tub fully clothed and giving me an unwelcome look. That part is from real life, he's been sick for days. 

The rest felt like a political commentary. I am wondering if there is anything going on in Arkansas that is political? I am wondering if there are seven candidates still, with Bernie being the old rabbit?






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02/16/2020 10:11 am  


The Clintons are from Arkansas.


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