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Bernie Sanders  

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04/08/2020 9:46 pm  

@laura-f thank you Laura. I am from Ontario, my mother still lives there. My best friend lives in Vancouver. This is a conversation we’ve been having today. I won’t lie, it’s not going well. I’ll wait until November and see what can be done in the interim to help him see the light. I can watch that show but I’m not sure if he will watch it. Thank you!!

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04/08/2020 10:17 pm  


Hey if you're thinking about convincing your husband heading North would be a great adventure, and if Vancouver is the area you're thinking, I am more than willing to help that cause as it's my home town as well.  I've had friends from the US who have lived here and when they've returned to the US they've ended up moving nearby on the other side of the border.

There is another option... depending on what you guys do, that is sort of unique.  Google Point Roberts. This is actually right beside where I live.  You'd still be in the US, but kind of separated by water and Canada.  Maybe the best of both worlds?  You'd be really close to your best friend, 20 mins from direct flights to Ontario, etc. 

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04/08/2020 11:59 pm  


I saw Pt. Roberts in the distance from the ferry we took to Victoria. I LOVE Victoria, but don't know about being able to work there.  Natalie has family there, I don't so I may take you up on  your offer! We'll make our decision by mid-November, for sure.

For now I'm about as far south as you can be in the US - 20 minutes to Tijuana from my house!

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04/13/2020 4:47 pm  

Bernie Sanders has endorsed Joe Biden 

I am asking all Americans, I’m asking every Democrat, I’m asking every independent, I’m asking a lot of Republicans, to come together in this campaign to support your candidacy, which I endorse,” Sanders said.

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