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What you can do to put progressives in office for this critical election  


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05/27/2020 9:48 am  

People have asked me about efforts to turn around voter suppression:

Check your local democratic National Committee group. The leader of my local group sent this information to me:

1. In Massachusetts, they are connected with this group

2. Nationally  they are connected with Indivisible  the umbrella org. Scroll down and there's a way to "find your local group". Or you can go directly to the orgs

1 - Reclaim Our Vote -
This is the org that contacted our group in Indivisible for the urgent
request of 4000 postcards. They have other options too such as phonebanking,
texting ... there's a volunteer tab -

I don't know much about these two other than someone I know mentioned them
to me and has done work for them.
2 - Vote Save America -

3 - Postcards to Voters -

If anyone here has better ideas or wants to correct what I've posted, please feel free. We need to get moving to win the 2020 election.   

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05/27/2020 11:42 am  

@jeanne-mayell  I think started the postcard campaign which was effective in 2016, if memory serves.  I'm sure it's been picked up by others and are individualized for different areas.

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05/27/2020 11:22 pm  

Everyone please consider going to VoteSaveAmerica and sign up to adopt a state and/or make a donation to one of their excellent campaigns. You can see a better description of what they're doing on my post under the thread "How the Dems Can Win".

Thank you!