Violence on the Border?  


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06/01/2019 10:36 pm  

I live in the Midwest and many of you may recall the massive protests over the Trans Canada Pipeline. 

Is anyone seeing something similar on a far larger scale ahead if Trump somehow manages to force building of his wall? I could easily envision protesters being shot. Trump would wallow in that. So would his 'base'. 

This is not a vision, nothing like that. Just a foreboding. Hopefully it is nothing more. 

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07/01/2019 7:25 pm  

I live within walking distance of the Mexican border.  I literally can see Mexico from my back porch.   When they built the existing barrier along the California, Arizona, and NM borders, there were no real protests over it being built that I can recall.  (We did have some peaceful protests  last summer when migrant children were being separated from their parents at the border).

Of course, when the existing barrier was being built, private land wasn't seized by the Federal government through eminent domain like Trump is talking about doing in Texas.  If that happens, that *may* get some land owners upset enough to protest.   We'll see.

Since you're from the midwest, might I ask about the data released today from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) that far more suspected terrorists came across the Northern border last year than across the southern border?   According to CBP data, 6 suspected terrorists were caught along the Southern Border while 91 were caught along the Northern Border.   

Are people in the midwest concerned about this news?  Are some demanding that a wall also be built along the Canadian border now too?  


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