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06/06/2019 12:04 pm  

I've been meditating on the US military lately, in general, because my husband and I have an ongoing discussion. He (no intuitive ability) insists that the center will hold, that the military will not follow illegal orders from Drumpster, but I keep getting visions of things changing.

The covering up of the USS McCain triggered me into a vision. In it, I saw that the military had been successfully infiltrated by right-wing fascists, all low key. I saw members of the rank and file wearing MAGA hats with their uniforms at a rally for 45, and exchanging secret handshakes when going about their day to day business. I saw some of the generals discussing what to do about the "problem" of resistance among members of the military, and how they could make the military more "pure" to advance a hidden agenda.

Once again, sorry my visions lean towards dark... this is why I don't share them as much as I used to. And as always, I sincerely hope I'm 100% wrong.


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06/06/2019 1:06 pm  

I hope you're wrong also.  But you know there has to be a faction of the ult-right in the military.  I believe the majority of the alt-right faction are pro miliatary but unable to serve due to physicallity or that dreaded yellow streak down the back disease.  Did you see Moron stated at the ceremony for D-day that he didn't join up because he didn't approve of the viet nam war.  He didn't feel like it was a good war.  And yet thousands of vets think he is the greatest even as he cuts their benefits and tries to privatise the VA.  Sad situation.  Another psychic I follow sees Moron being taken out of office by the military.  Either way we have a mess on our hands.

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