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[Closed] Updates on inauguration day in 2021  


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08/13/2019 6:26 pm  

hello all- 

so I wanted to create this is if anyone was interested. i didnt want to overwhelm the other threads as this is a bit off topic. 

I occasionally pull cards on the democratic candidates for 2020 and ask “who will be inaugurated as president in January 2021?” (I do this because technically someone could win the popular vote, but not the presidency- a la hillary in 2016, and want to be absolutely clear to the tarot) 

i have been looking at what a lot of youtube psychics say on this topic, as well as voices here for predictions and look into a number of people running (even some republicans that could be running like John Kasich/ Bill weld). Up until today its been very vague and confusing. No biden, no bernie, no warren, luke warm on buttigieg and people like jay inslee and michael bennet. i either get all negative or unclear results for most of the recognizable democratic nominees. i’ll see potential positive impacts but an overall “no”, or just pretty unclear cards like the chariot- which to me is either a “we have a long way to go” answer, or a “maybe in the future/ not yet/ you’ll see”. 

However, today i was learning about a man running for president named Joe Sestak. He is pretty unknown but is a retired US navy officer (democrat). He was a congressman for pennsylvania and also ran for senate a few years ago. 

For those following predictions on here or elsewhere for presidency/ campaign results/ inauguration predictions—- he has dark hair that also is kindof going grey- sorta “in-between” , and light blue eyes. 

He would definitely be a “dark horse” type, since I'm pretty sure most people have not even heard of him. i haven’t researched him too much, but I believe he leans more moderate than the sanders/warren/de blasio direction. I can see some people in our party not believing he is trustworthy in that he is 67 and been in politics for a while, even though he is a dem. (This is related to a number of predictions from this forum, if anyone is confused).

Well today I was curious about him so I pulled some cards. Low and behold, they were very positive... at least more consistently positive than for any other candidate I've pulled for. Many of the other candidates I've gotten semi-positive where it looked more like a potential VP or cabinet position.

For sestak, i pulled the star, 3 of cups, ace of cups, and hermit reversed (not entirely sure how to interpret that). But it looked better than anyone else so far, comparatively speaking.


As far as predictions on here go, he does have that dark hair/ military/ dark horse quality (there hasn't been much talk of him at all let alone on the debate stage...) 


Thoughts?? Anyone else know about this guy? 

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08/13/2019 8:59 pm  

I always liked Joe Sestak.  He's a decent guy. So far he hasn't made any of the debates, but it's possible he could at some point.  I too don't get any particular feeling about any of the dems, and I also feel that the winner is still either not certain or not on the scene yet. Maybe Sestak? We could do worse.

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08/13/2019 10:21 pm  


Nice! Glad to hear. I hadn’t heard of him at all before so seeing those kind of cards was news to me. Seeing him gain traction would still be quite an unexpected turn though, nonetheless. !


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